Military Review

Reports from the militia of New Russia for 4-5 of October 2014 of the year

October 4, 2014 at 9:35 AM

Commentary from a military analyst

“Following Donetsk, it will be logical to defeat the Debaltsevo group of the junta. On the one hand, this operation is much more ambitious in scale. On the other hand, after the defeat of the junta in the area of ​​the Donetsk airport, it became possible to concentrate forces in this direction. Debaltseve is a politically important stronghold. Debaltseve has long ceased to be a convenient springboard for the further offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. But as a communications hub, it is very important for the BCH. Without taking Debaltseve, it is impossible to plan operations to liberate the northern regions of the DPR. That is why immediately after the airport (it takes time to transfer artillery and the supply of the required amount of ammunition), one should expect an increase in military clashes in this area. So far, the main task of the VSN in this area is the destruction of supply columns and thus preparing the Debaltsevo group of the junta for defeat. It is very important for the APU to break through a safe corridor for supply. Moreover, in the coming days (the military forces have not yet been deployed from the airport). If this does not happen, the agony of Debaltsevo will be similar to the agony of Ilovaisk and the Airport. Perhaps longer (due to greater concentration of forces). "

October 4, 2014 at 11:03 AM

Message from the militia with the callsign "Zubr"

“Now in the area of ​​Donetsk airport there is shelling of the new and old terminals and the road between them. A half packet of Ukrov Grad has just crashed on the Metro area. Bandera's raguli are furiously hitting everything that they take for militias from positions from the Pesok area. The positions there are for us like a real splinter, but there are no reserves to suppress them, and no one will allocate them, since everyone was sent to the airport so that they would not break through there anymore. The night passed relatively calmly, except for the fireworks on Lidievka. The motor scooters are great. We owe much of our recent successes to them. "

Reports from the militia of New Russia for 4-5 of October 2014 of the year

October 4, 2014 at 11:19 AM

Message from Militia Jan

“Tensions persisted at night. A number of yesterday's destruction was caused by the use by the Kiev Nazis of cluster BPs with fuel dispensers (Point U).
At about five in the morning (NR) in the area of ​​Krasnogorovka and Maryinka, fighting broke out, regular units of the army of Novorossiya attacked the positions of the Nazis.
The Nazis opened fire with MLRS at the airport area. At about 09:00 (NR), the enemy opened mortar fire on our positions at the airport. Judging by the intensity of the fire, there are no ukrov left at the airport, they are laying very heap, not being afraid to hook their own. "

October 4, 2014 at 12:33 AM

Message from the militia with the callsign "Zubr"

“There is a battle for a forest belt near the airport, where the remnants of ukrov have settled. According to the available information, these are the surviving elite pravosek, so they do not intend to surrender, they know that in any case it will be very bad for them. The shelling does not subside. Ours give the dill otvetka, an artillery duel has begun. "

October 4, 2014 at 15:34 AM

Message from Alexander Boyko (journalist "KP")

“The militias finally managed to take control of all that was left of the Donetsk airport. They managed to knock out units of the Ukrainian army from their positions, in response to this, units of the National Guard again opened fire on the sleeping areas of Donetsk. The fire is conducted from multiple launch rocket systems and self-propelled guns. According to preliminary data, Ukrainian servicemen are firing at residential buildings and city streets from 240 mm Tulip mortars. The Ukrainian military managed to almost completely destroy the infrastructure of the city: public transport does not work, shops and schools were destroyed. One of the rockets hit the kindergarten this morning. Fortunately, before the bombing, the parents managed to pick up the children. They are hidden in basements and garages to hide them from the debris. "

October 4, 2014 at 15:47 AM

Summary of the Army of the South-East on the morning of October 4

“The ceasefire was violated by the Ukrainian side 9 times:
at 14.15, 17.00 and 18.45 from the side of the settlement SANDS, artillery shelling was carried out, at 16.30 - a fire strike from multiple launch rocket systems, and at 15.40 - shelling from small arms weapons positions of the people's militia and residential areas on the northern and northwestern outskirts of the settlement. DONETSK;

at 15.15, a fire raid from multiple launch rocket systems was carried out on residential areas and infrastructure facilities of the settlement. DONETSK;

at 15.20 from the side of the settlement CHERNUKHINO from barreled artillery shelling of settlements KRUGLIK and FASCHEVKA was carried out;

at 15.43 firearms were fired at the positions of the people's militia in the area of ​​the Oktyabrskaya mine;

at 20.00, a fire strike was delivered from multiple launch rocket systems against the positions of the people's militia in the area of ​​the settlement. DANGEROUS.

The shelling damaged two residential buildings. Four civilians were injured. There are no casualties among the militia fighters. "

October 4, 2014 at 16:02 AM

Synopsis from "Vostok": The DPR army took the ground structures of the Donetsk airport and drove the "ukrov" into the underground

“Today, on October 4, in Donetsk, DPR militias have occupied almost all ground structures and terminals of the Donetsk airport, but the“ ukry ”are still in the underground,” an employee of the Information Center “Vostok” with the call sign “Cat” told a REGNUM news agency. - I do not know how many Ukrainian soldiers are in the underground communications of the airport and the details of how they are forced out of there ... But almost all the ground structures at the airport were "cleaned" by the militia.
After all, why did the Ukrainians stay at the airport for so long? There are serious underground communications, which communicate with the city of Avdeevka. And Avdiivka is still under the “ukrami”, so there are problems with underground utilities. The seizure of most of the ground communications indicates the great success of the militia.
I find it difficult to say about the timing of the completion of the operation to clear the Donetsk airport, since the Ukrainian troops receive support from the city of Avdeevka. If Avdeevka is behind us, then the situation may end pretty soon.
Ukraine is not interested in a truce in Donbas. The militias adhere to the terms of the truce. They received an order not to provoke or succumb to provocations from the enemy. Ukrainians are not interested in a truce. In the rest of Ukraine, the economic situation is deteriorating. It can be assumed that there will be riots and unrest. It will not be good there, but even here (on the territory of the DPR) it will not be sweet. But here there is hope for humanitarian aid from Russia, which did not refuse to provide assistance. "

October 4, 2014 at 17:00 AM

Video from the Motorola squad

Fresh footage from Donetsk airport. The ukry holding the ground structures were ordered to retreat and fled from the militia from the airport. Now ukry remained only in remote underground bunkers, the Motorola detachment will have a long and painstaking work to smoke them out of there.

October 4, 2014 at 18:27 AM

Message from the headquarters of the Donetsk militia

“During the shelling of the Kievsky district of Donetsk by the Ukrainian military, one person was killed. A 54-year-old woman was killed by a shell. A woman born in 1942 was also wounded. Two private residential buildings were also damaged from the explosion of ammunition in the Kievsky district of the city. Shelling took place in other areas of Donetsk, in particular, in the area of ​​the TochMash plant. The situation in the city is tense on Saturday afternoon - residents are reporting periodic volleys of guns in the central regions. In the area of ​​the Donetsk airport, militia forces fought an artillery duel with the Ukrainian military in the morning. From 15 to 16 o'clock the Ukrainian Armed Forces opened fire again on the Petrovsky district of Donetsk (the artillery attack was inflicted from the area of ​​the settlement of Krasnogorovka. There is no data on destruction and casualties yet. The militia positions in the airport area are also under fire. "

October 4, 2014 at 18:47 AM

Video from Gennady Dubovoy

“Fresh video about the work of the Motrolly squad.
Motorists in the battles for the airport: the DPR tank, the work of the soldiers and the appeal of the Georgian. "

October 4, 2014 at 19:15 AM

Up-to-date combat map and information about the buffer zone from Boris Rozhin ("colonelcassad")

“An international mission to delimit the boundaries of the buffer zone is starting its work in Mariupol today. According to the source, the mission, which arrived in Mariupol on the evening of October 2, included representatives of Ukraine, Russia and the OSCE. The mission should determine the boundaries of a 30-kilometer buffer zone, which in turn should separate the parties to the conflict in eastern Ukraine in accordance with the agreements reached in Minsk.

The actual contours of this map are much closer to the real situation. The negotiations in Mariupol essentially mean the transition to the second stage of border demarcation with the resolution of controversial issues related to the areas near Donetsk (Avdeevka, Peski), villages around Debaltseve, wedging at Starobeshevo (not shown on the map) Popasna and possibly Stanitsa Luhanska. Pay attention to the prohibited area for armored vehicles, this was done in order to prevent Russia from using the proximity to the border to include the military in the "August" regime. In fact, this withdrawal of anything good to Novorossia does not bear even if the airport is occupied - in fact, Novorossia is forced to weaken the protection of its key cities - Donetsk, Lugansk, Gorlovka, Stakhanov and Pervomaisk. Due to the current problems of the Novorossiya army, it will be difficult for it to insist on radical changes in the imposed state borders (de facto, these are negotiations on creating the border of unrecognized states). "

October 4, 2014 at 19:24 AM

Overview of the combat situation from the militia Prokhorov

“Today they will have such a fierce truce that you already miss the times when there was no truce.

In the morning, the artel worked on dill positions west of Donetsk - Krasnogorka.
In the afternoon, the ukry was thrashed at the airfield from Avdeevka and Peski - in response, the militia artel tried to suppress their firing points. They received notably (see photo).

In the LPR, in the morning and an hour ago, they covered the ukrov checkpoint near the village of Mirnaya Dolina, at lunchtime they covered the checkpoint at the Lisichansky turn - on the highway between Orekhovo and Zolote. T. about. from the south the highway to Lysychansk is blocked by the militia. The ukrov clearly have problems with securing their grouping in Zolote and Popasna. A group of scouts came in last night and did a little misbehavior there;)
But not only there - before lunchtime, a dill checkpoint between Bobrov and Borovsky was attacked :)

In the south of the DPR, a truce is underway - in the west, in the direction of Volnovakha, the DPR troops attacked a company stronghold of dill in the Telmanovsky district near the village. Orlovskoe. Also in the area with. Starognatovka hosted a military clash between ukrov and the DPR deep reconnaissance group, which was trying to break through at the junction between the platoon strongholds of the dill.

About Lysenko's statement about the rotation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the airport and the arrival of a large number of weapons and ammunition.
The rotation was yesterday - units of the 93rd were taken away, and the Pravoseks who were in the rear (to Peski) were transferred to the airport (only during the redeployment they lost 5 militants). In addition, equipment and foreign specialists were taken away yesterday.

Today, by the way, we are celebrating six months of the creation of the DPR. ”

October 4, 2014 at 21:35 AM

Message from journalists

“Two children became victims of a shell explosion in the city of Zugres (DPR). Seven schoolchildren found an unexploded Ukrainian shell that lay on the ground for several weeks after the shelling of Ukrainian punitive forces. When attempting to move, the ammunition exploded. As a result, two children died on the spot, the rest were injured of varying severity. Ukrainian punitive forces continue to kill civilians even after their expulsion from the territories they occupy: throughout the Donbass, Bandera have placed a huge number of antipersonnel mines and left many unexploded shells. The sappers of Novorossiya, whenever possible, carry out the clearance of dangerous objects, but there is so much ammunition that it can take months, if not years, to neutralize them. "

October 4, 2014 at 22:25 AM

Overview report from the 1st Interbrigade of the Army of Novorossiya

“The past day on the fronts of Novorossia, in general, preserved the status quo of the opposing sides and, as in the past few days, were noted with tension in the area of ​​Donetsk airport.

Donetsk People's Republic Donetsk - over the past day, the artillery of the ukrovermacht continued to methodically fire at residential areas of the city (Kievsky, Kuibyshevsky - in the evening, almost everything - in the morning). The main direction from which the shooting is carried out is also invariably - the settlement of Avdeevka and the urban settlement Peski (Yasinovatsky district). Now, when virtually the entire territory of the airport is under the control of the militia, the national guards are furiously using artillery, including the Grad MLRS, at the airport, hoping in this way to destroy the militia. It is known that the punishers themselves have now occupied underground structures on the territory of the airport. The sweep continues and will not end soon. Also, the militia reports that some undeveloped shelters are dispersed in the forest around the airport, where they are also being cleaned.


Maryinsky district - artillery positions of the ukroverrmacht in the area of ​​the settlement of Krasnogorovka in the morning were subjected to a militia artillery. Themselves ukry complain about clashes with the forces of the army of Novorossiya on the outskirts of the settlement of Marinka.
Avdeevka - artillery fire during the day, attempts by the militia to suppress the firing points of the ukrovermacht, leading the shelling of Donetsk.
Other settlements DNR
Debaltseve - except for periodic shelling of each other, neither the militia nor the ukrovermacht report. A certain lull in this sector of the front is sometimes replaced by local skirmishes (and even local artillery attacks), but there are no significant changes in the state of the Debaltsevo boiler. According to operational information, units of the ukroverrmacht are rotating personnel here.
Uglegorsk - the militia periodically fires harassing fire on the positions of the ukroverrmacht.
Volnovakha district - in the area of ​​the settlement of Olenevka, a punitive checkpoint was fired upon, presumably the DRG militia is operating.
Telmanovskiy district - militia forces launched an attack on the checkpoint of the National Guard near the village of Orlovskoye. Also, clashes with punitive forces were recorded in the area of ​​the settlement of Starognatovka (here the positions of the ukrovermacht were subjected to mortar shelling).
Yasinovatsky region - an extremely tense situation in the area of ​​the urban settlement Peski - another stronghold of punitive artillery. The militia inflicted artillery strikes on the fortifications of the ukroverrmacht and several times entered into clashes. In general, it is impossible to assert about a change in the situation on this sector of the front, although it is vital in order to protect Donetsk from punitive artillery attacks. Also, local battles were recorded in the area of ​​the settlement of Nevelskoye.
Mining district - in the area of ​​Nikishno, Maloorlovka and Redkodub there are clashes and shelling, but this is information from the junta (perhaps the NSDC brought a new package from the Chuy valley, and Lysenko forgot to redraw the map). The militias report that the ukrovermacht struck a blow from howitzers at Nikishno.
Thus, there are still no significant changes in the localization of battles, in the front line and the main "hot" spots on the territory of the Donetsk People's Republic.

Lugansk People's Republic Happiness - no active clashes have been reported in this city, only the national guards from "Aydar" complain that they are periodically fired upon by the militia (that's where a tactical nuclear charge from Geletey's erotic fantasies would come in handy).
Severodonetsk - in this sector of the front, the militias also keep the punishers in good shape - during the night, the DRG militia raided a checkpoint of the National Guard in the area of ​​Bobrovo and Borovoe
Popasnyansky district - all the same invariably there are shelling of the settlement Popasnaya by artillery of the national gates. But in general, on the territory of the district, the militias of the ukrovermacht do not allow to relax: two checkpoints of punitive forces were attacked by the militia - in the area of ​​the settlement of Orekhovo and Mirnaya Dolina.
Perevalsky district - the militia forces repeatedly fired at the fortifications of the National Guard in the area of ​​the settlement of Chernukhino.
Thus, on the territory of the LPR, there are also no significant changes in terms of the combat situation, which, of course, cannot but worry. On the one hand, some stability pleases, on the other hand, all strategic objects occupied by punitive forces in this territory remain under their control. Let's hope that the situation will change. "

October 4, 2014 at 23:05 AM

Message from journalists

“Criminal liability for homosexuality has been returned to the LPR. From the beginning of October, offenders in the LPR will receive from two to five years for homosexuality. The punishment for the rape of minors is the death penalty.
International human rights activists have recorded testimony from residents of cities and towns in Donbass that the Ukrainian military is practicing rape of underage children. Human rights activist Einars Graudinsh with a group of OSCE experts visited the sites of mass graves in the Donetsk region. He admitted that he was shocked by the testimonies of women from the village of Nizhnyaya Krynka about the criminal actions of the servicemen of the Ukrainian special battalions "Azov" and "Donbass". According to information from local residents, Ukrainian punishers subjected women, including minors, to gang rape. "

October 4, 2014 at 23:55 AM

Message from Borisych from Shakhtersk

"Hello! Alive and healthy, which is what I wish for you! Only the other day Lelika recalled - a walking MLRS (the most effective militia unit in terms of rate of fire from a grenade launcher), saying that we expect accomplishments in Nikishino from him, as ... information about the accomplishment was not long in coming ... Lelik and Motor, two grenade launchers from the Biker company, killed in Nikishino, the tank of the National Guard. Today I visited the front line in the Kruglik area, where the Mebel company is fighting. The guys are just handsome! As soon as I find myself next to a normal Internet and a computer, I will make a report with photos and videos on the work of the Furniture Company! I have already made a report about how the guys from the Mebeller's company fought in Miussinsk, but then I filmed only the result ... but today the process. "

Yesterday at 0:34

A message from the militia

“The Kiev Nazis fired at our positions in the area of ​​Donetsk airport with prohibited phosphorus ammunition, and some of the shells hit Putilovka. There are fires. As a result of Nazi shelling of Petrovsky and partly on the border with the Kirov region, Putilovka, the following buildings were damaged: st. Saltykov Shchedrin 20 (glazing damaged), 23-24 (gas supply destroyed, houses disconnected from life support systems), st. 10 architects (there are dead and wounded, the number is being specified), the Olympus car market. The Nazis are constantly shelling our positions. "

Yesterday at 0: 48

Operational summary from the militia Prokhorov

"Today, the Coast Guard of the DPR from mortars covered 2 border dill boats (in the area between Shirokino and Besymennoe).
At Debaltseve, a dill checkpoint was set up at Vergunka.
20: 00 MSK In the Sands, the fight has already been going on for a couple of hours, they throw dill from Avdiivka and pour air on it at the airport, and beat them back.
Also there is artduel in Gorlovka.
And yet - dill after a long break raised Aviation - fired at Kirovskoye.
A clear violation of the terms of the truce.
From the airport, 93-I departed, along with the equipment that was not knocked out. Left pravoseki, landing and 3-th regiment of special forces.
Losses have already voiced - only sanitary more than a thousand. Missing - hundreds. Early this morning, the dogs sting that two of the positions had disappeared - either they covered them directly, or they ran away, or they were taken into captivity (naivnyagi - they don’t take pravosek in astronauts).
Under Debaltsevo ambush fallen division of dill. By interception - only wounded more than 20.
It's just a holiday of some kind (c)
A group of private baht Lyashko "Ukraine" was fired upon by scouts on the Severodonetsk-Novoidar highway. On the losses is still unknown.
It was reported that from Kirovograd (PPD 3 of the Special Forces Regiment) urgently sent Donetsk reinforcements - green flyers and mobilized. The old ones are over. Well, another company from 95. "

Yesterday at 0: 54

Summary of Southeast Army on October 4 Evening

"7 truce violations by the Ukrainian side took place today:
in 7.30 and 9.00 by n. HAPPINESS the enemy made an artillery bombardment of the positions of the national militia in the region of the settlement of FUNNY MOUNTAIN;
in 11.25 from positions in the area of ​​n. EXPERIMENTAL shelling from the barrel artillery of the Donetsk airport area, in 12.15, 12.30 from the direction of the settlement AVDEEVKA in the area of ​​the airport made a raid of jet systems of volley fire "Grad";
in 12.25 from artillery positions in the area of ​​n. POLTAVA from self-propelled artillery installations shelling of residential houses in the settlement of NIKISHIN;
in 14.00 from positions in BC SANDS artillery strike on the territory of the airport n. DONETSK using barreled artillery and Grad multiple rocket launchers. Under the artillery fire fell units of the national militia and the National Guard under. After the artillery barrage, the enemy attempted to storm the old airport terminal using heavy armored vehicles. The attack was repelled.
According to the intelligence of the Army of the DPR, the enemy sabotage groups are preparing to conduct provocations during the celebration of Kurban Bayram in mosques located in the villages. ANTHRACITE, SNOW & TOREZ. Law enforcement agencies of New Russia are taking the necessary measures to prevent these provocations.
On the Mariupol direction, a significant build-up of the enemy forces, including heavy artillery weapons, was recorded.

Yesterday at 2: 43

Message from the Cossack Guard

"The Cossack National Guard was detained by the reconnaissance group of the 11 Battalion of Territorial Defense of the Kiev Region" Kievan Rus "in the area of ​​the Chernuhino Settlement. Apparently, reconnaissance operations are another form of respecting the truce" by the Ukrainian side. , which are capable of're coming out warriors? Wrong.
In the photo below, the cartridges seized from the detainees were seized, with which they shoot both the defenders of Donbass and civilians. The peculiarity of these bullets is that due to the cuts made (damage to the hull) when entering the fabric, the metal does not withstand the hydraulic load from the impact, and the bullet is broken, causing heavy injuries to the victims. These bullets are called the colors of death, their use is prohibited by the Hague Convention. Although the Ukrainian army, it does not stop. "

Yesterday at 3: 30

Message from the militia with the call sign "Bison"

“Our positions at the airport covered the whole day with cover from what they could, shells usually flew more often not to us, but to the private sector and the Metro area. They were beating mostly from the Sand side, and tonight Donetsk punitive men were treated with phosphoric ammunition. In the 9 area At midnight we gave otvetku of large caliber, after which the shelling from the punishers verse. The caliber was really very large, colleagues say they were the very Luhansk “Hyacinths”.

Yesterday at 6: 25

Photo from Yegor Zemtsova

"They destroyed the tank of the Supreme Soviet of Ukraine, which tried to break the truce. An interesting trophy, the newest BTR 4-E. Just recently, ukrov was squeezed out during the defeat of the column. Not every detachment has such a unit. And in the Ukrainian Armed Forces themselves they are few, they hide such equipment.
Militiaman "North" made good photos at the airport. "

Yesterday at 12: 07

Summary from the militia Prokhorov

"The night was relatively quiet. Well, there was always shooting in the airport area, almost all night they covered dill in the Avdeevka area (they even entered the city in the morning) and in the village of Tonkoe (in the occupants there is a base camp and artel positions). In 4 in the morning inflicted a powerful artillery strike in the direction of Marinka.The fights are going on in the area of ​​Peski (a suburb of Donetsk) - so that the chastisers do not pull up reinforcements from Nevelskoy (a little to the west) on their rear units fell "sludge." there ur (fortified aion) from the network of roadblocks. Yesterday evening around Volnovakha covered part 72-th (and did not need to bombard Dokuchaevsk).
10: 37 (Moscow time) Now, by the way, there is a heavy shelling in Donetsk - in the Kuybyshevsky district on the industrial site bahs epically. Well, the area of ​​the airport powerful shelling.
In Staromikhailovka (behind the bets) something serious is also possible - an attack on Krasnogorovka is quite possible.
11: 22 (MSK) In Happiness, they covered the "Aydar" checkpoint. In the air of panic - see tightly attached. "

Yesterday at 12: 35

Message from Dmitry Babich

"In the battle for the airport, Alekseich (Motorolly unit) died yesterday. Eternal memory."

Yesterday at 13: 55

Photo from Yegor Zemtsova

"We visited the repair base. The restoration of captured equipment is in full swing. There are Tanks, and BMP, and especially pleased with the large-caliber self-propelled guns, which we so lacked last summer. "

Yesterday at 14: 23

Message from the militia with the call sign "Bison"

"In the morning, ukry fired at the Gornyak area with one volley from the RSZO from its position under the Sands. Then a rather heavy shelling started from Avdeevka. Ukry do not calm down, they revenge for the airport, although they know that they no longer see it as their own ears. Yesterday Motorola went to Donetsk for a rally, he was met there as a hero. The people will not be fooled: in the Donbas heroes don't go to Bandera and Shukhevichi, but Motorola. About an hour ago, in the suburb of Uglegorsk, there was a fight, the reconnaissance guys slightly dimmed dill. today there special changes, collect some trophies, treat the wounded. "

Yesterday at 14: 31

Video from the militia

As the militia "Yalta" died. Shots of the last day of the fighter and his last fight. Yalta was from Crimea. Going to marry the other day.

Yesterday at 15: 20

Analysis of the situation from the military observer "yurasumy"

“The situation on the fronts. The first thing I will note is the complete absence of offensive actions from Kiev. I don’t want to throw stones at the garden, but the“ truce ”(in the plural. These are Minsk-1 and Minsk-2) did not help the latter will recover from the strike at the end of August. It was this that allowed the BCH to move on to further offensive actions (in the absence of a density for building combat order, the initiative is a key factor.) As a result, the Kiev regime received several sensitive blows that are significant but I strengthened the position of the BCH. Here I include the environment and cleaning (through the provision of a corridor) of the boiler in the Zhdanovka area (where, despite media reports, the APU left trophies for the BCH part of heavy equipment. The most important resource for the junta now). The beginning of October can also be called a victory for the BCH (albeit not yet complete). Also, the cleaning of the remaining boilers that were formed as a result of the offensive actions of the BCH in late August and early September went by the media’s attention. Judging by the informational silence, this (sweep) was made through the so-called exchange of prisoners (most likely that is why he did not stop all this time, no matter what). But the fact remains. Many of these boilers are long gone, as there was no information about their cleaning or commissioning.

Situation in the rear

BCH. In general, the supply situation is consistently heavy. Destroyed infrastructure. The instability of the supply of all this was, is and probably will not disappear anywhere. In any case, Novorossia is waiting for a very difficult winter, which can be passed without great human losses only with the help of “war communism”, which has already become part of the life of this territory.

In Kiev, the catastrophe of supply and logistics support is seen on the horizon with all the clarity. According to my data (and in the Ukrainian press they write about it constantly), the bulk of the supply of parts of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and NG comes at the expense of so-called volunteer assistance. Centrally supplied only ammunition, fuel, spare parts (and even then not completely) and partly food and clothing. But September was a turning point in this regard. Volunteer assistance began to weaken due to the general impoverishment of the population, which was immediately felt at the front (according to the data I received first-hand in September, the drop was 50%). Prospects for volunteer assistance in the run-up to the collapse of the economy and possible default are very sad, which means supplying the army with food, clothing, body armor, sleeping mats and everything, everything, everything that is lacking and what the Defense Ministry cannot deliver in principle and will fall very quickly. And by November-December will be reduced to zero. Namely, in anticipation of winter, this help for the APU and NG will be needed most. And it obviously will not. Because I can assume massive desertions and the collapse of the army to NG. "

Yesterday at 15: 40

SUMMARY IN DONETSK on 13: 25 MSK. October 5

According to preliminary data, the shells fell:

- landing near Kronos - on the road.
- fire near young miners
- Kalman street, house fire
- Artema street, 149-funnel in the yard
- Ionina str., 15, funnel near the house, not exploded, there is a wounded, the glazing is damaged
- St. Young miners and St. Tsiolkovsky (intersection) hit
- ul. Raduzhna, landing
- st Zhmury1, hit, fire
- Khimikov St., 44a, ZENIT plant fire, three shells fell
- Khimikov St., 42, a shell, fragments, glazing fell into the courtyard
- Tsiolkovkogo St., 12, a shell hit the roof
- street Tsiolkovkogo, fire, house number is not known
- Artema str., 151a, hit, wounded woman
- ul.Chelyuskintsev, at the end of the street a shell hit the road
- pr.Kievsky, 38, hit, there are injured
- School # XXUMX, secondary hit
- street Sobinova, 142, getting into the barracks
- Sobinova street, 136, damaged glazing
- barrack on Sobinova 142 - the corner of the barrack is demolished
- Sobinova 136 - from the courtyard rendered glazing (entering the house is unknown)
- Sobinova 134 - behind the house from OSH 57 - is burning strongly. what exactly is not known
- Garages for Sobinova 129 - direct hit
- Zvyagilsky str. below 200 meters from Cheluskintsev hit the curb near a private house, no casualties!
-Kotsyubinskogo ul, 20-hit.
-Kotsyubinskogo ul, 14-struck the roof.
-ul Kotsyubinsky, 19-demolished the fence. People are waiting for the sappers, they will neutralize unexploded cassettes

- garages and industrial zone (Miner) fire
- street Grozny 20 (Miner) fragments, glazing
- Slavin street, fragments
- Druzhby St., getting into the yard
- ul.Arbatskaya, 3, fragments
- ul.Arbatskaya, 43, hit near the house, damage by splinters
- ul.Arbatskaya, 46, hit in the summer kitchen

- landing of a projectile in the area of ​​7 mine
- heaps of 11 mine

There are dead and wounded, the exact number is not known.

Yesterday at 15: 49

Message from the militia reconnaissance DNI "Fields"

"In the region of Donetsk, enemy forces are echeloned in the attacking configuration - armored vehicles in the area of ​​Kurakhovo-Marinka and Karlovka-Avdeevka-Peski. Attacks are expected from the south-west and north-west. To 40 tanks and to 10 thousand infantry. In the area Avdiivka - "Grads", "Hurricanes", "D-30" - a few dozen in total. Under Marinka - the battery "Gradov." On the "Jubilee" - 3 "Grad", on the "Miner" - 3 "Grad". Total artillery systems up to 90. Significant stockpiles of ammunition have been accumulated for an offensive. .
Yesterday, the frown artillery and the Kalmius battalion covered the junta’s troop concentration positions - up to 20 tanks were destroyed, Hurricanes 5, several dozen people were killed and wounded. In general, they interfere with the assembly of shock groups. On Volnovakhsky and Mariupol directions reinforced engineering works of a defensive nature. "

Yesterday at 16: 10

Message from military observer Boris Rozhin "colonelcassad")

"Today I talked to an officer of the intelligence company" Fields. "A strong man 59 years with the call sign" Shaman ".
The company stands in Zugress and has an 127 man of personnel who have been constantly involved in hostilities since May. She is commanded by "Paul", therefore the unit is called the "Company of the Field". It is part of the 3 Brigade of the Army of the Donetsk People's Republic, commanded by Lieutenant-Colonel "Trump". Most of the company, veterans of the battle for Slavyansk. During the breakthrough from Slavyansk, all of the 1 people were lost to the wounded, all weapons were taken out. The main specificity of the work is sabotage and reconnaissance and assault activities. It is staffed mainly by former professional soldiers, although there are also young people who are trained. They fought after Slavyansk near Donetsk, under Mospino (with regular troops), in Shakhtersk, near Ilovaisk (against punitive battalions). For all the war in the company of technology has not appeared, there is 3 120-mm mortar.
Once again, they confirmed the information that Voentorg is closed, and there are some serious problems with ammunition. There are anti-tank weapons, but effective against old models of armored vehicles, modernized armored personnel carriers with arrays present very serious problems, complaining about the absence of tandem ammunition. They note that, as during the battles for Slavyansk, the percentage of defective anti-tank weapons is quite high, recently there was a case when the Mucha exploded in the hands of a fighter when fired, he miraculously survived, having received multiple wounds.
Aviation has not been seen in the area of ​​responsibility for a long time, like helicopters (in principle, the data confirms that during the summer battles Ukraine remained practically without aviation), occasionally drones are noted (they fly, as a rule, high, for those that fly lower, hunt, periodically shoot down) . Prisoners do not take. A few days ago destroyed the enemy tank. In general, the "truce" blooms and smells. "

Yesterday at 16: 26

Militiaman from the brigade "Vostok" about the situation in the Donbas

A militiaman from the Vostok brigade, having the call sign Vampire, told about the military-strategic situation in the territory of Donbass.
According to the fighter, he was ready to fight for the independence of Donbass even during the first Maidan. He himself was born in Donetsk, and now he is busy defending his native land.
No truce. Punishers continue to fire on Donetsk, Yasinovataya. The airport is almost cleaned of dill and Polish mercenaries. Now they are hiding in the basement and holding out of the last forces.
The conditional world will not end with anything, since the war went on and did not stop for a second. The Nazis will either go on the offensive, or pull up artillery and continue to fire the Donbass, killing more and more civilians. Understanding the horror that Bandera is doing now comes even to those who were previously loyal to the new Ukrainian government. The country is waiting for the total collapse of the economy, which is experienced by all, without exception, ordinary Ukrainian citizens.
Discipline in the army of New Russia at a high level. It ensures that the soldiers do not drink, do not make pogroms and marauding. For crimes cruelly punished. The militia are in full combat readiness and are ready at any time to give a hard rebuff to the Nazi filth.

Yesterday at 16: 31

Message from Jan militia

“Today in Peski, local residents stumbled upon graves, mutilated corpses with broken eyes in graves. When talking with the Nazis, the locals grinned and said that they would do this to everyone. As a result of the shelling from the MRLS Lenin Street (Donetsk), kindergarten destroyed, there is destruction in the private residential sector. Information about the victims has not yet been reported.
As a result of daytime shelling a lot of damage in md. Vetka, Putilovka, Gladkovka. From 14: 15 (HP) In the area of ​​the railway station is very intense, shelling by the Nazis. "

Message from the militia.

"From the region north of Volnovakhi in Donetsk, 2 Hurricane worked. According to a special wave from 72, they were told that they had nothing to do with (they really don't have such systems) - they asked not to be punished for their fellow freaks (they had already fallen down)."

Yesterday at 17: 25

Message from bloggers

“In Kharkov, banderovka cut a man’s throat due to differences in political views. Today, at about one o'clock in the Churrasco Bar, the conflict occurred after half past midnight the“ patriotic ”young people who were in the restaurant began to loudly chant” Glory to Ukraine "," Putin ... ", and singing the national anthem of Ukraine. Someone from the campers advised to calm down the" patriotic "young people, what a fight started. The girl, who was in the company of" patriotic "students, armed with one hundred she ran out into the street and threw herself on the guy, cut his carotid artery. The young man bled out in a matter of minutes. The ambulance drove 40 minutes, obviously did not hurry. The guy was only 18 years old. He simply said his own against the distraught company " Omaydaneny "idiots."

Yesterday at 17: 52

Summary from the "East" on October 5: Two battalions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in battles with their own trying to surrender to the militia

“Information that most of the ground structures of the Donetsk airport are currently controlled by the militia is confirmed,” an employee of the Information Center "Vostok" with the call sign "The Cat" told a REGNUM correspondent. - Indeed, we seized part of the airport, the enemy forces still remained in some buildings. Therefore, the intensity of the shelling of Donetsk has decreased, but, nevertheless, they are still continuing.
There are destructions in the area of ​​Petrovka (Petrovsky district), there was observed a very long mortar attack. According to local citizens, in the village. Sands (near Donetsk) was a shootout. What happens there, I do not know, because the village is occupied by "dill". Perhaps they had internal disassembly, I do not know. It is known that relations between different parts of the Ukrainian army are rather conflicting. As I already reported, two battalions of the regular Ukrainian army — the Cherkasy and Zhytomyr — tried to get out of Volnovakha and surrender to the militia, now they have taken all-round defense from other Ukrainian troops.
In the Donetsk region, Ukrainian troops continue to strengthen their positions by tightening military equipment and soldiers. Most of all shelling suffered from the village. Aleksandrovka. The settlement was fired with Grad rockets and an allegedly Vasilek mortar. Destroyed a number of houses, there are fires. We do not have information about human victims. This village is shelled quite regularly when I drove through it in a car, saw damaged power lines, destroyed houses, people are slowly moving away from there. Presumably shooting was carried out from the village. Novobakhmutovka (northwest of Donetsk). There is information that the village was occupied by “dill” ... Information from local residents about the accumulation of enemy troops in the Donetsk region is regularly received. The enemy strengthens its strength. It is difficult to imagine what he is preparing for - to attack or defense. Also, the accumulation of enemy troops is observed in the village. Velikoveselovka (southwest of Donetsk).
The “truce” established in the Donbas is very shaky, and intense hostilities can begin at any time. The militia received a strict order not to open fire on the positions of the enemy. But the truce achieved is shaky. Everything is very vague. It is difficult to say whether the opposing sides have begun withdrawing large-caliber weapons. Our artillery is on guard, but the first we do not shoot, that's for sure. We must be ready. Si vis pacem, para bellum (if you want peace, prepare for war). ”

Yesterday at 18: 18

Statement of the Head of the Political Department of the DPR

"Several residential areas of Donetsk were subjected to rocket fire from the grouping of the Ukrainian army located in the Donetsk airport area. This was done despite the peace agreements reached by 20 of September this year in Minsk. The purpose of this punitive action, which resulted in mainly civilians. The city is gradually returning to its usual life, residents are returning to their homes. On this day, schools and other educational institutions were opened. The criminal Ukrainian government cannot he will allow and hopes to intimidate the Donetsk citizens with terrorist attacks on residential and public buildings.

Already familiar are the attempts of the Ukrainian side to dump their crimes on the militia of the DPR. And this time was no exception. Even to Ukrainian punishers, the absurdity of the accusations of the DPR command in shelling their own city is obvious, so the enemy’s propaganda invented a kind of “third force”, that is, imaginary militia units not subordinate to the Commander-in-Chief of the Republic. The absurdity of such statements is obvious. It is difficult to imagine the gunners, who, not having received the coordinates of targets, meteorological conditions, etc., are indiscriminately firing at the city, moreover, in the direction opposite to the enemy's dislocation. In addition, fragments of shells found at the site irrefutably indicate that they belonged to the Ukrainian army. In the armament of our army there are simply no such artillery systems that shoot with similar ammunition.

In response to these ridiculous accusations, I am authorized to state the following.

1. The leadership of the DPR, the Ministry of Defense and all the armed forces of the Republic strictly adhere to the peace accords reached in Minsk.

2. The Ministry of Defense of the DPR has a clear and coherent management vertical. The militia does not have a single unit that operates at its own discretion. There is not a single unit, primarily artillery, no calculation, which would have the authority to open fire without an order from the command.

3. All subunit commanders were informed of the need for strict compliance with the Minsk agreements, as well as the fact that the violation of the cease-fire order entails criminal liability under martial law.

4. Our divisions are allowed to open fire only in response to the shelling of residential and public buildings, industrial enterprises and places of deployment of the DPR forces.

5. We know the coordinates of the location of the enemy. We will strictly adhere to the Minsk agreements, but reserve the right to respond to the terrorist shelling of the peaceful neighborhoods of our cities. And believe me - our answer will be extremely cruel. Armistice violators will be destroyed!

Head of the Political Directorate of the DPR Ministry of Defense Basurin EA "

Press Center DNR ©

Yesterday at 18: 22

Video from the Political Administration of the DPR

Poroshenko's servants. Confessions of the Ukrainian military in their crimes on the orders of the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Yesterday at 18: 37

Message from Alexander Zhilin

"In recent days, a lot of talk about the fact that some of the military units of Kiev do not obey the authorities and arbitrarily violate the truce. Surprisingly, even the authorities in Donetsk and Luhansk speak about it.
This is complete nonsense! The process is completely manageable. The so-called detachments of Kolomoisky, the National Guard and so forth — were specially (!) So positioned that they were allegedly not controllable. In fact, they receive an order from the single control center of the information and sabotage operation in Ukraine at the US embassy. Its branch is located in the Security Service of Ukraine Nalyvaychenko, a staff member of the CIA.
Americans always act according to this scheme. This makes it possible to separate political demagogy and real hostilities. One may chat about peace in Minsk, and at the same time continue shelling and fighting against the militia.
Assess the losses in Lugansk and Donetsk during the "truce" and everything will become clear to you. Minsk is for fools ... "

Yesterday at 19: 33

Commandant of Pervomaisk Yevgeny Ishchenko about the situation in the city

Pervomaisk has long been in a state of siege. Residential areas are subjected to massed artillery shelling punitive. The commandant, as well as, concurrently, the people's mayor of Pervomaisk, Yevgeny Stanislavovich Ischenko told about the situation that has developed in the city.

Yesterday at 19: 46

Exclusive interview with the commander of the militia "Givi": Airport in Donetsk under the control of the DNI

Givi reports that the resistance of the Ukrainian punishers is broken and the airport in Donetsk is under the complete control of the DPR army.

Yesterday at 21: 52

Message from the militia

"At the airport in Donetsk, the assault militia groups destroyed the so-called 1 Special Forces battalion of the National Guard of Ukraine.
This unit, recruited from proven Bandera militants, was considered ideological. The battalion was formed back on March 15 of the “Maidan self-defense fighters”. Bandera had monthly training on the basis of a special-purpose military unit and 15 of April took up combat duty in the Izyum-Slavyansk area.
Punishers distinguished themselves by their particular cruelty during the fighting in the Slavyansk region and by the corresponding attitude towards prisoners and local residents.
At the parade in honor of the "independence of Ukraine" 24 of August this year, the battalion was held in line, having armed with Israeli TAR-21 assault rifles (Tavor Assault Rifle-21). "

Yesterday at 22: 02

Summary of Southeast Army on October 5 Evening

The situation has not changed significantly and remains tense. The ceasefire by the warring parties was generally respected, however, there were 12 truce violations by the Ukrainian side:
in 10.30 from firing positions in the area of ​​n. HAPPINESS produced mortar shelling at the checkpoint of the forces of the national militia in the area of ​​n. FUNNY MOUNTAIN;
in 11.10 artillery shelling from the direction of n. NOVOMIHAILOVA underwent militia positions in the settlement. Reindeer;
in 12.15, residential buildings on the southern outskirts of the village were shelled NOVOLASKA;
in 13.10 from the area of ​​n. PISCHEVIK was fired with machine-gun fire from tanks and infantry fighting vehicles on the positions of the DPR Army unit on the outskirts of the settlement. OCTOBER;
with 11.00, residential quarters and infrastructure in the urban area were shelled from cannon artillery. DONETSK: Zenit plant; mine village №29; Neighborhoods Ivanovka, Gladkovka; Bashkirskaya, Eremenko, Vzlyotnaya, Ershova, Polygraphic streets. Damaged 9 houses.
During the day, the loss of national militia forces amounted to 3 people killed and 7 wounded. Losses among the civilian population are being specified.

Yesterday at 22: 12

The message of the City Council of Donetsk:

The situation in the city as of 19.00: 2 civilians died, 8 injured.

As of 19.00 in Donetsk, the situation remains extremely tense. Throughout the day, the sounds of gunfire and explosions do not stop in the city. Especially restless in Petrovsky, Kievsky and Kuibyshevsky areas.

Today, October 5 as a result of shells falling and the resulting fires damaged residential buildings at the following addresses: Zhmury 1, st. Yeremenko 34, 50 years of Ukraine, st. Kalman 16, 9 Obrucheva in Kievsky district, as well as st. Bashkir 66 in the Kuibyshev district. In addition, the shells hit the shop of a commercial and industrial company for the production of windows Zenit - the roof, equipment and metal-plastic materials were damaged.

As a result of the shelling in the areas, 8 civilians were injured, another 2 man received fragmental wounds incompatible with life.

Despite the tense situation in the city today, work was carried out on the repair of power supply lines. The brigades of DTEK Donetskoblenergo restored the power supply of the residential areas Putilovsky, Shcheglovka, Mayak, Fifth Section, which were de-energized from October 1.

Today in 0: 00

Message from the "Bad Soldier"

"Kalmius is no longer a battalion, but an artillery brigade fighting for the Guards rank. Fire raid according to intelligence destroyed 24 from 43 tanks, and not before 20. 4 from 7 Hurricanes, not 5. And more than 200 killed and wounded. And in general, we have nothing to do with it - they are fighting with each other in Nevelskoy. ”

Today in 0: 07

Message from the Bad Soldier

About "Oplot":

Question: “Until September, everything seemed to be quite good (except for the message of the former chief of the political model of the DPR Ministry of Defense, Ivanov Sergey Borisovich, about the unsuccessful union of Strelkovtsev and Oplot), according to Borisych, participated in the operation in Illovaysk.
And then strange messages came to say the least. First, Chervonets from the Motorola division accuses the Stronghold of evading active participation in Illovaysk and pressing cars at civilians in the rear. And recently, reports of Oplot’s refusal to participate in operations at the airport and the non-subordination of some commanders of Zakharchenko raises very big concerns about the final unification of all militia units. In Kharkov, Evgeny Zhilin stood behind him, in the Donbas he also flashed in the summer. Who is the head of the Stronghold now and who is starting to muddy the water? "

Answer: “Point by point. A real Russian officer, Ivan B. IB, is either deceptive or deliberately misleading — it was after the so-called unsuccessful unification of the MO and Oplot that an effective joint headquarters emerged from which he safely deserted. They stopped dividing ammunition into their strangers. The stronghold NEVER refused to perform a combat mission, including at the airport together with mine from July 8 until today. The stronghold did NOT participate in the database in Ilovaisk, but adequately fought in Shakhtersk and Dmitrovka under the command of Z Aharchenko. ALL of the commanders of the Stronghold, without exception, obey Zakharchenko. I don’t have any facts of disobedience. The personal relationship between AI and Zakharchenko is THEIR personal relationship. Let them comment, but while the AI ​​was here, I did not observe any misunderstanding. "

Today in 0: 22

Message from the "Bad Soldier"

Question: "What is the overall situation with a possible attack on Monday? Will it really start, or will this shelling make ukrov reconsider its plans?"

Answer: “I can’t unfortunately calculate these imbeciles. The blow will significantly weaken their armor-knuckle, but it’s not critical. Tomorrow is Monday, a hard day, so the fatter generals will be expected to give a command to advance on Tuesday morning and will begin to crush and use massively MLRS. We are ready and we have a couple of UrPryzov. "

Today in 0: 25

Message from the militia on the airport with a comment from the Bad Soldier

“I’m still in Donetsk, but I’ve already handed over the weapon, I handed it over to the guys, so I’ll speak as a civilian. What is happening at the airport is a contest of two idiocy.
Ukry sit under the ground. Spotters, sometimes snipers and mortar gunners rise to the surface. Plus through cameras watch the surface. After a thin artillery preparation (for shells are deficient), our forces advance, they start shooting at Sands and Avdeevka with everything they can, they depart. And so every day. Bottom line: 1-3 200-x and 10-20 300-x daily.
And everything would be very bad, but here already comes the ukrokomandovanie, which for some reason always seeks to have tanks and infantry fighting vehicles at the airport. Which it drives there through the territory that ours are shooting through, after which the remaining boxes rush along the takeoff until they are burned.
Well, small teams of tough guys from both sides are playing Counter-Strike offline in the ruins of terminals with a roughly equal score.
So while ours will not take Pesky and Avdeevka (or, at least, they will not suppress ukrov’s artillery there) there will be no sense.
PS In the units storming the airport, there is a serious shortage of ALL, especially anti-tank weapons. "

Bad soldier: “It’s true. It’s strategically necessary to take Peski and Avdiivka, and the airport isn’t stupid to storm, but continue to nightmare, as I did before. Underground communications were blown up by my task force back in August, there you could move around in a car. explosives are business. "

Today in 0: 59

Message from the "Bad Soldier"

Question: "What is the survivability of the boiler near Dyakovo? Is it microscopic, and the oldest in time, what keeps so dill there?"

Answer: "Basically, the inability to get through to the territory of the DPR and the sluggish movements of the LPR, to the territory of which the boiler itself is located."

Today in 2: 33

Message from the militia Prokhorov

"By the way, is it really not in news the tape? - they took Nikishinsky UR, now the battle is in the village - half ours, half - dill.

Dill from the Svetlodarsk region shot at Gorlovka, now the artel of Bezler presses the firing points of the hunt.

For losses ukrov tough position-not to allow the official figure of a thousand dead. This is the psychological limit, when society can safely perceive the numbers of the victims. Despite the fact that newspaper obituary activists have long been mentioning more than a thousand, the official dill has a hard number (voiced by Porosenko) - 946 pieces. All - warriors, cops and volunteers.

By the way, yesterday at Bobrovo (LNR) only a part of the mercenary bata lost 2 to the wounded, but they didn’t get into the official summary, like the natsgada. "

Today in 2: 58

Message from journalists

“An Orthodox school of snipers has opened in Dnepropetrovsk. Anyone can take a free fire training course, even children. First of all, students will be taught how to fight in the city. Many future graduates are planning to go to the Donbass to fight the militia.
A parishioner of an Orthodox church in Dnepropetrovsk, picking up a sniper rifle, renounced its name. Now she has only a call sign - and not a Christian at all - a Witch.
In the military courses, where future saboteurs are trained, she masters the techniques of masking and possession of firearms. The main postulate of the Faith "do not kill" she interprets in her own way, for some reason considering the residents of Donbass, who always lived here as "enemies who came from somewhere."
“When Jesus went to the temple, where the moneylenders were bidding, what did he do with them? He took a stone, wrapped it in a handkerchief and drove them by force. Our enemies came to our house, they needed to be driven out by force,” the Orthodox said Witch.

Her neighbor in shooting shooting with the call sign Owl also does not see people in the inhabitants of Novorossia. With such thoughts it is easier to pull the trigger.
“Demons are fighting against us, as they say, demons, who call themselves that. In Christianity, besides the commandment“ Thou shalt not kill, ”there exists the commandment“ blessed is he who puts the soul for others. ”In this case, our activity does not contradict Christian law.” - Owl justifies his views.

In the school of snipers there are representatives of different faiths: Jews, Muslims, Protestants, Catholics. Their new shepherds are atheists, military instructors do not allow them to hold prayers and serve a mass, all the time given to combat training.
“We are doing three areas: the traditional sniper scout, this is a sniper assault unit, we also deal with antiterror. As this antiterrorist operation showed, no one can do an elementary sweep, so our guys are engaged in the antiterror system, too,” the sniper school instructor said Maestro."

Today in 3: 15

Message from a resident of Kharkov

"Yesterday, it was necessary to leave Kharkov to Donetsk region. What was missing for almost a month was obvious. The whole route was in military equipment, and there was a train with fighters at the Izyum railway station to be sent to the so-called ATO zone. Plus, local residents said that on Friday evening the entire station square was in combat vehicles and moved south at night. "

Today in 4: 00

Message from bloggers

"A leaflet is walking around the Ostrog district of the Rivne region in the west of Ukraine. Teachers and students of the Ostrog Academy are sticking it around the city. The overwhelming majority of the believers here are Orthodox, despite the past activity of such odious characters like Chervoniy. They promise the feast of the Protection of the Most Holy Mother of God "ATO against Moscow drinking".

Today in 4: 40

Appeal of foreign volunteers from the Brigade "Ghost" to fellow citizens

Translation: “Volunteers! To become a volunteer, you must be physically and mentally healthy, have a passport with you and buy a ticket to Moscow.

A battle group of Portuguese speakers is created. Also here is training infantry tactics. No one is going to fight unprepared.

Once here, food, clothing and equipment on us.

We recommend to have with you in addition to the usual comfortable clothing, gloves, warm socks and a balaclava (the maximum possible).

Do not worry about the language, they speak Portuguese here.

But if you have the opportunity, then I recommend to buy a portable translator. I saw a large number of volunteers from all countries who come to help people of Donbass and it is easier for them to communicate with all comrades without relying on translators.

Remember that, despite the fact that you can not get enough financial returns, and sacrifice your comfort, you risk your life, but gain honor and glory, you can help people in their legitimate struggle for their freedom with American imperialism.

Here there is a great political struggle of great people, such as Brainstorming, Shooters, finally, the struggle for a better world, will be for stories and something strange and unequivocal rewarding.

Viva Victoria! Viva Novorossyia! Brasil! "


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  1. SS68SS
    SS68SS 6 October 2014 08: 56
    ... Following Donetsk, the defeat of the Debaltsev junta grouping will be logical ...

    It would be logical to eliminate all "boilers" and clean up to the borders of the republics ....
    1. vvvvv
      vvvvv 6 October 2014 09: 16
      Yeah ... But, in Debaltseve, according to yesterday's reports, the ceasefire observers of the OSCE, Ukraine and Russia have already been deployed. Probably, someone really does not want the Novorossiya boiler to clean the Debaltsevsky boiler ... Or how?! ...
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. ispaniard
        ispaniard 6 October 2014 09: 26
        What a nice photo (not destroyed but Trophy BTR-4E), Svidomity from her probably will write boiling water ...)))
    2. Giant thought
      Giant thought 6 October 2014 09: 44
      The truce continues, people are dying, the Nazis taunt, but they still have no prospect.
    3. The comment was deleted.
  2. Sergg
    Sergg 6 October 2014 09: 01
    It is very important here that Putin stop the shameful negotiations about an imaginary world before the complete liberation of Donbass from the Nazi occupiers, so that people who wish to be able to return home and somehow establish a peaceful life. In any case, a lasting real peace is possible only if the fascist troops are completely withdrawn from the territory of the Donetsk and Lugansk republics. I would very much like for Putin to provide assistance to our soldiers in the Donbass, it is very difficult to achieve a complete victory over the enemy without the help of the Kremlin.
    1. dzau
      dzau 6 October 2014 09: 04
      Negotiations - tinsel to save face. Banderlog both chased and chased.
      1. doctor
        doctor 6 October 2014 09: 24
        Yeah. Dill packs destroy. Also dill dill ruthlessly. Still a lot of prisoners surrenders with weapons. So everything is tip-top. It’s time for the junta to come to terms with the loss of the DPR and LPR.
        1. Alexander Romanov
          Alexander Romanov 6 October 2014 09: 41
          Quote: Doctor
          So everything is tip-top.

          Have you decided to mock?
  3. shishakova
    shishakova 6 October 2014 09: 04
    Heavy war, scary shots ...
    The victory is not money and aggression, but the People’s Spirit in the struggle for their survival, for justice.
    Victory to you, Heroes of New Russia! God bless you.
  4. vdtomsk
    vdtomsk 6 October 2014 09: 13
    Something like this (clickable):
  5. DPZ
    DPZ 6 October 2014 09: 24
    The girl, who was in the company of "patriotic" students, armed with a table knife, ran out into the street and pounced on the guy, cut his carotid artery.
    rabid dogs are not treated - shoot
  6. Vitaly Anisimov
    Vitaly Anisimov 6 October 2014 09: 32
    These are the things .. Where they want to bomb there and deploy troops and all are modestly silent!
    NATO Secretary General promised to deploy troops “anywhere”
  7. tashyl
    tashyl 6 October 2014 09: 58
    "Nishtyaks" in Novorossiya ended exactly at the moment when the seizure of Mariupol by the militia turned out to be a reality. The reins (puppeteers ??) were drastically pulled on both sides and it was said "stop"!
    The plan of truce quickly appeared ridiculously and the Minsk agreements were immediately signed ...
    It’s disgusting to talk about the rest and the attendant! Only insanely sorry for the dead soldiers and the civilian population of New Russia
    1. Sergg
      Sergg 6 October 2014 10: 13
      Everyone drew attention to this.
      Mariupol could be freed with little blood, organize self-defense. That is, a strategic city would be in New Russia. Now it will be harder. From the air would support, then they would take the city quickly enough, but this is from the category of fiction.
      Although perhaps without a truce they would not have attacked Mariupol. The military forces of New Russia are extremely limited. All the same, the primary task is to drive away the Nazis from Donetsk and Lugansk, to enable the two capitals of New Russia to establish a peaceful life.
      Release Avdeevka, close the boiler near Debaltsev and defeat the punitive group. In any case, an unspoken military and monetary support from the Kremlin is needed. Lord, give victory to our soldiers, the kingdom of heaven to the lost. Well, we have patience.
  8. A.Thschukin
    A.Thschukin 6 October 2014 10: 08
    Alekseich, Yalta ... other guys .. earth you rest in peace. Yesterday, only in the video saw Alexeyich, kind eyes. Sleep well.
  9. askort154
    askort154 6 October 2014 11: 43
    Only those who did not know what was happening in Ukraine could blindly believe in sincerity of intentions
    Kiev about the truce. For Kiev, a truce at the time of the threat of complete defeat, when the loss of Moreupol was
    inevitable, became a "breath of oxygen". The militia was given an order not to respond to provocations, to show
    themselves obedient to the Minsk truce, and Kiev brazenly uses this to relocate and strengthen their forces. Kharkov railway line is jammed with trains with military equipment and manpower.
    Kiev, bleeding from its nose, needs to do away with the "separatists" before the start of the elections, or at most before the beginning of winter.
    The actions of the Russian Federation are simply incomprehensible. Have they really decided to merge New Russia, fearing its focus on the nationalization of everything and the change of capital mode to socialist, which is not hidden by Strelkov and Brain ?!
    Somehow everything went wrong.
  10. mgfly
    mgfly 6 October 2014 12: 22
    Something tells me that communication on the demarcation of the borders between HP and dill through the OSCE is such a step in which the novoros will say, "are you crazy?" and "go into the furnace with such demands," and all such correct West will announce that the militia is disrupting negotiations ...
    Here is my vision happened (
  11. padded jacket
    padded jacket 6 October 2014 15: 11
    Message to Kolomoisky from a fighter of the terbatallion.
    Kolomoisky you left us! We are not bombed by drunks, not nariks and not terrorists.
  12. padded jacket
    padded jacket 6 October 2014 15: 15
    Ruined Ilovaisk:
  13. padded jacket
    padded jacket 6 October 2014 15: 21
    Wounded Militia Interview:
  14. padded jacket
    padded jacket 6 October 2014 15: 27
    Donetsk The road to the city is strewn with broken Ukrainian equipment:

    Full interview with militia "Artist":
  15. padded jacket
    padded jacket 6 October 2014 15: 36
    The National Guard violates the truce by shelling the village of Veselaya Gora:
  16. padded jacket
    padded jacket 6 October 2014 16: 34
    Iron man’s nerves:
  17. Ze Kot
    Ze Kot 6 October 2014 18: 12
    Video where Yalta died. Fourth minute - "Now artillery, aircraft and tanks will be working. Ours? Yes, ours." The question is, do the militia have planes that are involved in the raids?
    And why bring groups that do not know the terrain (at least on the maps), the specifics and even the side of the enemy’s presence?
  18. padded jacket
    padded jacket 6 October 2014 21: 32
    Quote: The Cat
    Video where Yalta died. Fourth minute - "Now artillery, aircraft and tanks will be working. Ours? Yes, ours." The question is, do the militia have planes that are involved in the raids?
    And why bring groups that do not know the terrain (at least on the maps), the specifics and even the side of the enemy’s presence?

    To the first question, hardly anyone will answer you, officially our troops, there
    no. Although in Crimea they also said no.
    And why are Motorola groups being brought in, Givi, apparently there are simply no others, they are throwing the most trained into battle.
    Volunteers from Ossetia.
  19. The comment was deleted.
  20. Ze Kot
    Ze Kot 7 October 2014 17: 36
    Quote: quilted jacket
    Quote: The Cat
    Video where Yalta died. Fourth minute - "Now artillery, aircraft and tanks will be working. Ours? Yes, ours." The question is, do the militia have planes that are involved in the raids?
    And why bring groups that do not know the terrain (at least on the maps), the specifics and even the side of the enemy’s presence?

    To the first question, hardly anyone will answer you, officially our troops, there
    no. Although in Crimea they also said no.
    And why are Motorola groups being brought in, Givi, apparently there are simply no others, they are throwing the most trained into battle.
    Volunteers from Ossetia.

    So I did not talk about Russian troops wink There was a point in the militia. Here I asked about their aviation.

    It is clear that the most trained are thrown. But without coordination, reconnaissance ... It's just substitute for bullets ...