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The Pentagon creates a global network of tactical groups

The Pentagon creates a global network of tactical groups

The Pentagon is creating a tactical group of rapid reaction forces in the Persian Gulf. She will be stationed in Kuwait, will consist of marines and will have 2,3 thousand military personnel. Washington plans to use it, including against the militants of the "Islamic State" (IG). Special purpose mobile units become the basis of the American strategy to respond to world challenges, experts say.

The commander of the US Marine Corps, General James Amos, reported that about half of the planned number of troops arrived in Kuwait. The connection within the US Central Command is planned to be provided with an air component. According to some data, we are talking about shock and military transport aircraft, AV-8B Harrier attack aircraft, MV-22B Osprey tiltroplanes and KC-130J Super Hercules refueling aircraft.

The rapid reaction force in Kuwait is being set up in response to the terrorist attack in the Libyan city of Benghazi on 11 on September 2012, when Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three more American citizens died. There was a need to ensure the possibility of a quick evacuation of the US diplomatic mission in the event of a similar aggravation of the situation in a particular Middle Eastern country.

So, the group was conceived before Washington launched a war against the IG. However, since the task of the rapid reaction forces is to respond promptly to emerging security threats and humanitarian crises in the region, marines, according to Amos, can be used to strengthen the security of the US embassy in Baghdad, rescue pilots shot down during air strikes against jihadists or advisory function to the Iraqi army. Adding fundamentally different tasks is not excluded, because, according to the commander of the 8 regiment of the 2 division of the Marine Corps, Colonel Kenneth Detryu, we need to look at the situation through policy and diplomacy points: “We just need to remain flexible and mobile ".

Similar marines already exist at Moron bases in Spain and Sigonella bases in Italy, and were also created in response to the Benghazi incident, but under the US African command. In a short time, this group was expanded from 500 to 1,4 thousand military personnel, it was reinforced with new units aviation (e.g. C-130 Hercules military transport aircraft). The marines of the African command showed themselves at the time of the last crisis in Libya. On July 26, a group of 80 marines took more than 150 employees of the American embassy through the desert to the Tunisian border. The trip lasted six hours. The group was ready to carry out transportation on convertiplanes, but the head of the diplomatic mission, Deborah Jones, considered this way too risky. However, during the operation, both the MV-22B Osprey and the KC-130J Super Hercules were still involved.

In US military terminology, such units are called special-purpose airborne tactical groups of the Marine Corps (VNTGMSN) and change the traditional understanding of the actions of the marines as military personnel landing from the sea. The number of tactical groups is likely to grow. According to Amos, Washington’s goal is to turn VNTGMSN into a kind of global service “911”. According to Brigadier General John Love, another VNTGMSN should be created under the US Southern Command (Central and South America, the Caribbean), but so far there is a shortage of budget funds. In addition, the Third Marine Expeditionary Division, now consisting of four battalions, has been restored in the Asia-Pacific region, and the presence of the US Marine Corps is increasing in Darwin and on the island of Guam (US territory).

Analyst of the New American Security Center, retired US Navy officer Jerry Hendrix believes: further development of the Marines' rapid response forces should follow the path of reducing the number of groups and placing them on coastal control ships and high-speed ships in order to unite forces at the right moment. On the pages of the Wall Street Journal, Amos answered the expert: “In a perfect world, we would rather create just such sea-based groups. But now we don't have enough ships. ”

Thus, in the light of the experience of the protracted ground campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Pentagon relies mainly on small rapid reaction forces. Pavel Zolotarev, Deputy Director of the Institute of the USA and Canada, RAS, emphasized in an interview with NG that the creation of a tactical group of marines in Kuwait illustrates a general trend that John Kennedy designated after the Caribbean crisis. Opening the special forces training school, he said that there would never be a war between the USSR and the USA, therefore the use of special forces is relevant. After the end of the Cold War, the United States took the path of closing down the bases with a large number of personnel and replacing them with small groups. “The open use of the Armed Forces in modern conditions is very problematic (it is necessary to hide behind semi-legitimate forms such as“ peacekeeping operation ”or“ humanitarian mission ”), unlike using special forces, the expert explained. “Despite the fact that now in the USA the pace of increasing defense spending is slowing down, sequestration forces are the least affected. This is a well-established priority. ”

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  1. Altona
    Altona 4 October 2014 09: 58
    So ours, too, on some similar patterns want to create special operations forces? That is, some small groups that can operate both autonomously and in combination with other units, in which case they quickly build up their shock group by collecting these local units ....
  2. Lelek
    Lelek 4 October 2014 10: 31
    Quote: Altona
    So ours, too, on some similar patterns want to create special operations forces

    The concepts are different. Ours create these units for defense purposes, and the Americans - for quick operational action on foreign territory in order to capture the bridgehead for the main striking forces. IMHO.
  3. iConst
    iConst 4 October 2014 10: 32
    Some crap: "The Pentagon is creating a global network of tactical groups." What does "network" mean, I still do not understand. Always under the "network" is meant some kind of organized system. What in this case?

    Most likely, such groups will be scattered around the bases:
    Quote: Author Daria Tsilyurik
    Similar marines already exist at Moron bases in Spain and Sigonella bases in Italy.
    . It is not said how tactical groups will be armed.

    1. Altona
      Altona 4 October 2014 10: 59
      Quote: iConst
      . It is not said how tactical groups will be armed.

      And what kind of specialists there will be, they will arm them ... If there are no competent artisans there, then they don’t need guns, for example ... In general, what should be the staffing list, and there will also be full-time weapons ...
  4. captain
    captain 4 October 2014 12: 01
    Americans can practically respond to calls to them anywhere in the world using the marines and navy. We missed this moment even during the Soviet era, although we began to revive the marines and increased the number and tonnage of landing ships. But in connection with the collapse of the USSR, everything went to pieces. The events in Syria have shown our leadership that our interests cannot be defended anywhere in the world by airborne troops. And the events in Georgia were the first call about the need for a strong fleet and marines. We must pay tribute, the reaction of our leadership followed, they began to build more ships and bought Mistrals. The marines have increased in number, in Kamchatka a brigade has been formed from the regiment of the marines, in the Northern Fleet instead of the regiment in 2015 there will be a brigade. And it would be better to bring the Airborne Forces and the MP into mobile forces, this will make it possible to respond more quickly to all challenges in the world.
    1. voyaka uh
      voyaka uh 5 October 2014 17: 30
      "they started building more ships and bought Mistrals.
      The Marines have increased in numbers, "////

      It’s completely irrational for Russia to build or
      fly landing ships.
      Cheaper and faster to transfer troops to large
      military transport aircraft. Like Ruslan or IL-76.
      So they need to be built in a massive way. If you need it urgently
      to transfer the army to the Far East - very useful.
      And transport equipment by sea on converted civilian container ships
      (as practical Americans do).
      1. kplayer
        kplayer 5 October 2014 19: 44
        Quote: voyaka uh
        And transport equipment by sea on converted civilian container ships

        If we talk about strategic mobility, then sea transportation has nothing to do with it, the Russian Federation has its own specifics, we are not going to deal with the deployment of troops in the overseas theater. Bet on railway transportation of heavy weapons and equipment, or warehousing in areas of possible operational use, delivery of military aircraft by BTA (+ civil aviation), railway transport, but the article is not about that.
        Highways can be useful precisely for the evacuation of citizens and deep. representative offices, if they are sent in advance to the shores of the state with signs of destabilization of the internal situation, the evacuation of EMERCOM by direct transport is not always possible (sometimes through third countries), and sometimes force support of such missions may be required.
      2. The comment was deleted.
  5. waggish
    waggish 4 October 2014 16: 38
    Correctly do what to sleep!
  6. kplayer
    kplayer 5 October 2014 13: 20
    An article from a past century, in my opinion, the Yankees have long divided the World into regional areas of responsibility of 5 army groups of Special Forces, 2 naval groups of SEAL (ATF and Pacific Fleet, 8 squads) and 7 expeditionary battles of the MP, and also a company of army paratroopers (VDD) and rangers (SPN) with duty on airfields. Rescue and evacuation of citizens too.
  7. studentmati
    studentmati 5 October 2014 23: 17
    The Pentagon creates a global network of tactical groups

    Everything has its time. American mercenaries live in a virtual space created by the Pentagon. An example of this is the Su-24 over the Black Sea in the current 2014. As long as the Islamists have enough manpower, they will follow the path they are following. But this is for the time being. "Quantity grows into quality." (seems so the law of dialectics says?).
  8. Cresta999
    Cresta999 5 October 2014 23: 28
    In a word, they continue to create the institution of world sheriffs. Well, they also have scabies!
  9. Prager
    Prager 3 November 2014 13: 33
    all the same song - the whole world is shrouded in a network of American bases, and this network continues to expand.