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Today, in accordance with the order of the Minister of the Interior of the Russian Federation from March 1 of 2002, Russia is celebrating the Day of the Special Police Force (Special Police Unit). Despite the fact that the term “militia”, due to the reform, has become history, while the police turned into policemen, the riot policemen decided not to touch the abbreviation. Only now, instead of the Special Purpose Police Unit, he became the Special Purpose Mobile Unit.


Riot policemen in Russia were involved and involved not only in measures to protect public order and ensure security at various rallies, processions and other mass events, but also to participate in special operations to counter extremism and terrorism.

Now the Ministry of Internal Affairs numbers over 22 thousands of OMON fighters, many of which are combined into separate structures for solving special tasks. Since March of this year, the ranks of the Russian riot police have replenished with the Crimean "Berkut". The fighters of the "Berkut" became one of the first Crimeans who received Russian citizenship during famous historical events.

After radical splashes on Kiev's Maidan and numerous attempts to implement a similar scenario on the territory of the Russian Federation, the attitude of the citizens of the Russian Federation to the riot police has changed significantly. If you believe the statistics, the number of Russians, who believe that the activities of riot policemen goes to the benefit of the country's security, has grown by almost a third in comparison with 2012 year.

“Military Review” congratulates riot policemen on the holiday and wishes these courageous people to work exclusively within the legal field, contributing to the formation of the security system of Russia.

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  1. Kimblee
    Kimblee 3 October 2014 16: 42
    Happy holiday fighters! Good luck in life and in service !!
    1. Civil
      Civil 3 October 2014 16: 46
      Respect to those who fought! The rest are sideways.
      1. ispaniard
        ispaniard 3 October 2014 16: 55
        Happy holiday to you guys! No matter whoever said, we in Ukraine saw the feat of your colleagues "Berkut" after that I always look at our "Cosmonauts" (among which there are "Golden Eagles") with respect.
      2. The comment was deleted.
    2. Giant thought
      Giant thought 3 October 2014 16: 55
      Happy holiday to you, protectors of us from all sorts of villains! Good luck with your service, and all come back after operations alive.
    3. The comment was deleted.
  2. Roman 1977
    Roman 1977 3 October 2014 16: 43
    Happy "goblins". drinks This is loving ...

    1. MIV999
      MIV999 3 October 2014 16: 46
      )) ... laughing Man, you are more careful with such humor. drinks I'm afraid that in real life you would hardly have time to finish your second explanation phrase angry laughing
      1. Roman 1977
        Roman 1977 3 October 2014 16: 54
        Quote: MIV999
        Man, you are more careful with such humor. I'm afraid that in real life you would hardly have time to finish your second explanation phrase

        I worked with the Nizhny Novgorod riot police, it was cool to consider complaints about their actions ... A trader comes from the Central Market, with a statement, they say, riot police took him from him during the passport check and then on the list ... Well, the authorities cheat you and start check in order of Art. 144-145 of the Criminal Procedure Code of the Russian Federation. You call the riot police, and this is how a complaint was made about the actions of your employees, we are conducting a pre-investigation check. Someone from their superiors comes, gets acquainted with the statement, writes a formal explanation, like: "... they worked in full compliance with the" Law on Police ", they did not use special means, the officers who carried out the raid are currently on a business trip to SevKaz etc.". After that, the next day the merchant comes running and begins plaintively asking to stop the check, since he made a mistake and in general they were not riot police, but almost aliens from Nabiru, and everything on the list was taken from him: "... three gold cigarette cases, three domestic suede jackets, 3 movie cameras ... "he himself has long lost, sold, and then everywhere ... And after that, with a clear conscience, write" abandoned ". And so it was ALWAYS ... Well, something like this ...
      2. nvv
        nvv 3 October 2014 16: 57
        If he is not a goblin, he would have succeeded. And he would say, loving.
    2. AndreyS
      AndreyS 3 October 2014 19: 10
      Hmm ... Well, we called goblins a soldier of the emergency service of the SMIS (special motorized police unit). Riot police are incorrectly called so, albeit loving.
      1. Prapor-527
        Prapor-527 3 October 2014 21: 07
        Happy Holidays!
        1. Prapor-527
          Prapor-527 3 October 2014 21: 17
          The history of the special forces began in 1988, when, according to the order of the USSR Ministry of Internal Affairs, a special police detachment was created [b] (OMON) [/ b] Internal Affairs Directorate of the Kiev City Executive Committee. In 1992, the detachment was reorganized by order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine No. 1 into the Berkut quick-response police regiment of the Kyiv city internal affairs department, which eventually turned into the Berkut special-purpose police regiment of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Kiev, "in order to increase the combat readiness of the Berkut special forces "To further improve operational and official activities, increase the efficiency of their work in protecting public order, conducting special operations, localizing and neutralizing criminal groups and armed criminals."
  3. Ruslan67
    Ruslan67 3 October 2014 16: 44
    Good luck and patience colleagues! drinks soldier
    1. ksv1973
      ksv1973 3 October 2014 18: 20
      Quote: Ruslan67
      Good luck and patience colleagues! drinks soldier

      In-in, it is patience. With SUCH service, patience is the highest virtue! Good luck, riot police! And a deep bow to you! hi
    2. The comment was deleted.
  4. zavesa01
    zavesa01 3 October 2014 16: 45
    Happy Holidays. For you. drinks
  5. Jene4ka6012
    Jene4ka6012 3 October 2014 16: 49
    Happy holiday to you our defenders, good health to you and your families!)
    ISKANDER25 3 October 2014 16: 52
    Hello! I congratulate all the fighters of the Arkhangelsk riot police !!! Happiness in families, courage at work, a peaceful sky over your head !!! hi
  7. Stinger
    Stinger 3 October 2014 17: 00
    Yes, OPON doesn’t sound like that. Happy holiday, men!
    1. AndreyS
      AndreyS 3 October 2014 19: 11
      OMON! Special mobile squad - now it sounds like that.
  8. Siberian
    Siberian 3 October 2014 17: 06
    Happy holiday guys. I myself once worked in the Novosibirsk riot police, good luck to everyone
    1. AndreyS
      AndreyS 3 October 2014 19: 12
      Happy holiday! There are no former riot policemen!
  9. Bassoon
    Bassoon 3 October 2014 17: 19
    Happy Holidays!
  10. dimdimich71
    dimdimich71 3 October 2014 17: 20
    Quote: Stinger
    Yes, OPON
    Yes, and the mobile detachment was not very simpler was the detachment of peacekeepers laughing
  11. Appius
    Appius 3 October 2014 17: 20
    Happy holiday guys! Thanks to you, all scum is afraid to climb out.
  12. ksv1973
    ksv1973 3 October 2014 18: 07
    Happy holiday, brothers !!! I believe that you will not allow repeating Ukrainian ugliness in Russia. As long as riot police exist, I personally am calm for myself. To me, a simple law-abiding citizen of my country, our police are not afraid, and those who do not like our laws and our policies should be felled from the country !!!
    Once again - WITH THE HOLIDAY !!! drinks
  13. Akvadra
    Akvadra 3 October 2014 18: 07
    Yes! Desperate guys. Even crazy. Happy holiday, from the heart!
  14. Woolfy
    Woolfy 3 October 2014 21: 36
    Thank you for your congratulations!!! I’ll add from myself. Acting with a holiday and good luck in business !!!! Health veterans !!! Relatives and friends less worries !!!
  15. Prapor-527
    Prapor-527 3 October 2014 21: 41
    All a Happy Holiday! Separate congratulations to the Novosibirsk OMON!
  16. PRO100CCCP
    PRO100CCCP 4 October 2014 00: 16
    Happy Birthday Boys! hi
  17. Lyolik
    Lyolik 4 October 2014 00: 30
    Dear OMON officers, Happy All of You. Be always loved, healthy, happy, more to you, dear strength and luck.
    Let the Angels protect you always, everywhere and in everything !!!
    love love love
  18. Bort radist
    Bort radist 4 October 2014 04: 57
    Happy Holiday! At one time, a friend changed the rest of cabinet-Komsomol work on business trips to Chechnya. Could not live without risk, a fighter for life for the peace of others. drinks
  19. Prager
    Prager 3 November 2014 14: 20
    my militia protects me - at first it will catch, then it guards. laughing fellow drinks