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The ring around Transnistria is compressed

The ring around Transnistria is compressedSoon the fairy tale is felt, but it is not done soon, but nevertheless, Ukraine and Moldova are eager to become full-fledged subjects of the European Union. At the same time, passionate speeches are heard from Bucharest about the upcoming unification of Moldova and Romania by the will of either the Romanian people or the Romanian prime minister. The main person of Transnistria, Yevgeny Shevchuk, visited Moscow and spoke about the great difficulties that the unrecognized republic faced.

It is quite obvious that the dark world forces have chosen the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic as the next object, which turned out to be in the strip of geopolitical confrontation with Russia. On the side of the dark forces are the governments of the European Union states, dancing to the tune of not only bureaucrats from Brussels, but also Washington. The same dance is danced by politicians from Moldova and Ukraine. American music seems to like a lot. But Russian music, unlike the Soviet one, is not very impressive.

The unfortunate Transnistrians are actually in economic blockade. Some of their neighbors, and indeed a significant part of the so-called world community, declared a boycott to them. The non-existent referendum in Kosovo, about which Mr. Obama from the White House recently announced, is the will of the “Kosovo people”, while the real referendum in Transnistria (2006), in which more than 97% of voters voted for joining Russia, - it is as if nothing. Apparently, because Moscow can be seen beyond Tiraspol, and Moscow, as everyone now knows, has fallen out of love with the West. Unlike Chisinau or Kiev, which Brussels shoes are ready to clean.

In the current political conflict between the West and Russia, aggravated by the situation in Ukraine, Europe and the United States use all means to destabilize the regional situation. And Transdniestria, which already does not look like a paradise, can be as good as possible for solving imperialist tasks.

That is why the “international community” is not at all agitated by what is happening on the border of Transnistria (where Ukrainians dig in and where they bring heavy military equipment), as well as inside the unrecognized republic. There are no voices of the OSCE, nor the UN, nor any famous "human rights activists" and fighters for the rights of Homo sapiens. The ventriloquists of the open world economy and liberal preachers of competition are also something not to be heard. All the water in your mouth scored!

Meanwhile, a crisis situation developed in Transnistria. The PMR president even left everything to do and arrived in Moscow. To talk about how and how the republic lives.

Speaking at a press conference at which representatives of the major media asked him questions, Comrade Shevchuk said that Moldova violated obligations under the Moscow memorandum by signing an association agreement with the European Union.

“According to this memorandum concluded at the highest level in the presence of OSCE representatives,” he quotes ITAR-TASS- Moldova had to make a decision in coordination with Transnistria. ”

Shevchuk stated that the association agreement does not take into account the interests of Transnistrian commodity producers. “We are interested in integration with the Customs Union and are trying to build our relations in this direction, although, of course, we are ready to cooperate with all countries and markets,” said the President of the PMR.

Also, Transnistria does not like the lack of publicity in the actions of Moldova and Romania in the field of security. Chisinau and Bucharest recently signed a military cooperation agreement. And the provisions of the document, Shevchuk believes, "allow the participation of the Romanian army in some operations on the territory of Moldova." Of course, this causes “well-founded fears” among Transnistrian authorities.

In addition, there are calls for the withdrawal of Russian peacekeepers from the region. According to Shevchuk, it is necessary to find a political solution to resolving the situation, and only then "it will be possible to talk about it, and now it only destabilizes the situation."

With regard to the difficult economic situation of the PMR, the president noted that the republic would like to increase exports to Russia. However, the PMR lacks investment.

“At present, Russia accounts for 16% of Transnistrian exports,” said Shevchuk. - Within the framework of interdepartmental contacts, agreements were reached on increasing supplies, the volume of which in the first eight months of the current year increased by 24%. We hope to return to the Russian market primarily with our high-quality food products, but the reorientation will require additional investments associated with changes in product groups that would be in demand in Russia. ”

The crisis situation in the regional economy is connected with the decision of the Moldovan authorities. The President recalled that in the 2006 year, Moldova had changed the mode of exporting Transnistrian goods in order to divert the flow of products from east to west. The result for Pridnestrovie turned out to be predictably sad: trade with Russia and the CIS countries was sharply reduced, the Transnistrian economy suffered losses (in total for all the past years - 480 million dollars). Especially this man-made crisis hit the transport enterprises engaged in international cargo transportation. And now the conflict in Ukraine. As a result, cross-border trade in Transnistria has declined, trade has fallen, and budget revenues have decreased.

Because of the actual blockade of the republic, the PMR does not have money to pay for Russian gas at market prices.

“As for gas supplies and settlements, I want to say that because of the economic conditions in which Transnistria is located, because of the policy of constant economic restrictions and pressure on Transnistria, we do not have sufficient economic resources to fully pay for gas supplied at market prices ", - quotes him at the press conference, RIA News".

“We, as proper partners, are ready to switch to the program of transition to settlements at market prices for gas supplied from Russia to Transnistria when releasing the Transnistrian economy. To do this, all participants in the negotiation format, not only the Russian Federation, but also Moldova, Ukraine and the OSCE as a participant in the negotiation process, and the EU need to create for the economy not any preferential, but usual conditions for the transit of our goods, ”said the President of the PMR.

RIA "News»Also cites some data on the state of the economy in the republic. Transnistrian Foreign Minister Nina Shtanski reported earlier that only in 2013, the direct losses of Transnistrian economic agents amounted to 250 million dollars. The announced amount is comparable to the current consolidated budget of Transnistria. The economic blockade affected not only the transport sector, but also the banking system.

Moldova’s signing of the Association Agreement with the EU “without taking into account the interests of Transnistria” coupled with the blockade led to “pressure in the republic, budget revenues are falling, there are problems with the employment of citizens, unemployment,” the PMR said.

In addition, Yevgeny Shevchuk reported that there are difficulties with the movement of men with Russian citizenship across the Transnistrian-Ukrainian border. “The number of people not missed on the border with Ukraine is already from 600 to a thousand people. We have always had good, good-neighborly relations with Ukraine. In Transnistria, the situation in this country is being resolved. We wish our partners in Ukraine to find political consensus ", - Shevchuk quotes IA "News of Transnistria".

October 2 a large exclusive interview with Shevchuk published Parliamentary Newspaper.

If in the Odessa region they spend “digging” on digging trenches, in Transnistria they work on decorating cities. Transnistrians are not digging trenches, the president said, but settling in life.

The head of the Transdniestrian Moldavian Republic also told about the difficult political situation that has developed around Moldova's euro interest.

“As for Moldova, as you know, they now have political events held within the framework of elections. It is obvious that Moldova is following the path of increasing integration with Romania. Many different advisers appear in the power ministries in Moldova, including in the Ministry of Defense, and in the information security service. Advisers from the Romanian Ministry of the Interior are already arriving. I don’t know what they advise there, but lately, for some reason, the interaction between Tiraspol and Chisinau has intensified. As you know, criminal cases are initiated against our officials. Just recently, Moldova blocked the issuance of certificates for our agricultural producers, as well as taking a number of other unfriendly actions regarding Transnistria. But we very much hope that this has nothing to do with the fact that some political forces in Moldova themselves have come up with a paradigm for themselves, within which they want to divert attention from the problems within Moldova to the problems of the worsening situation between Tiraspol and Chisinau. We hope that the elections will be held, and the situation will stabilize. So far Transnistria is not actively responding to provocations.

Shevchyuk's fears about Moldova’s rapprochement with Romania are well-founded. Recall, the Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta 14 September stated that no later than 2018, the “second great unification of Romania” could be accomplished. Ponta is the man who decided to change Traian Basescu as president. Elections in Romania will be held soon - November 2.

At a meeting with an activist of the Romanian Social Democratic Party in the city of Alba Iuli, Mr. Ponta bluntly stated that Moldova would become part of Romanian territory.

In the Russian Foreign Ministry they resented: “From the candid appeals of the candidate for the presidency of Romania to“ make the second great union by 2018, ”it is clear that certain political circles in Bucharest still feed the annexationist plans of the neighboring sovereign neutral country.”

It is, however, highly doubtful that such "annexationist plans" should be realized. If the Romanians are not averse to getting rid of the Moldovan territories, then the Moldovans are not at all eager to become Romanians. Several hundred thousand citizens with Romanian passports are all who have already “voted” for “Greater Romania”. In fact, these people are just looking for work in the EU countries.

As for the blockade of Transnistria, which wants to draw closer to Russia, that is, fresh historical examples. One of the outcomes of the Ukrainian crisis was the return of Crimea to Russia. Infringement, squeezing in the economic grip of Transnistria will sooner or later lead to an adequate reaction, and Transnistria will again raise the issue of Transdniestria as part of the Russian Federation.

Recall that in March of this year, the Supreme Council of the Transdniestrian Moldavian Republic proposed the State Duma of Russia to develop a law that would allow the republic to be accepted into the Russian Federation.

Observed and commented on Oleg Chuvakin
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  1. Dimkin
    Dimkin 6 October 2014 10: 15
    It's time to collect stones!
    1. Denis fj
      Denis fj 6 October 2014 23: 52
      Late. Missed moment (in chess terminology - pace). It was necessary not to stop after the Crimea, and even more so in front of Mariupol. This is either a mistake or - .....
      There is an oriental saying: if you jumped on a running tiger, don’t think about stopping.
    2. edge
      edge 7 October 2014 06: 40
      Quote: Dimkin
      It's time to collect stones!

      well, that men .... begin to roll boulders.
  2. pomegranate
    pomegranate 6 October 2014 10: 16
    Quote: xasharat
    Radishes from the West will not calm down. The more Russia's borders burn, the better, but fortunately no one has yet repealed the Boomerang law, God forbid that their reckoning be as they wish the whole world.


    How comes around .....!
  3. Wiruz
    Wiruz 6 October 2014 10: 24
    Well, if Transdniestria had access to the sea, it would have been possible to recognize the republic long ago and be included in the Russian Federation request
  4. Starover_Z
    Starover_Z 6 October 2014 10: 25
    As you know, criminal cases are being brought against our officials. Just recently, Moldova blocked the issuance of certificates for our agricultural producers, and also takes a number of other unfriendly actions in relation to Transnistria.

    A pale orange revolution is coming.
    The cookie will not be brought here, the scale is not the same, and the hammock will cost cheaper.
    1. a52333
      a52333 6 October 2014 11: 17
      Not a fact.
      Recently I spoke with the Moldavian, the people (in his words) are mostly against the EU.
  5. parusnik
    parusnik 6 October 2014 10: 26
    It’s time, probably, to think, at least about the Odessa People’s Republic ...
    1. Sandov
      Sandov 6 October 2014 19: 07
      Quote: parusnik
      It’s time, probably, to think, at least about the Odessa People’s Republic ...

      Let us hope that the inhabitants of Odessa will not forgive the Odessa Khatyn for the fascists and become part of New Russia.
      1. Kaskadermike
        Kaskadermike 10 October 2014 12: 57
        Hope knowing the mentality of Jews and Greeks. Take the example of Mariupol, when they declared that they would resist the junta peacefully after the destruction of the council, the militias, who were "once, twice, and misplaced" were driven out by punitive detachments. But then their essence manifested itself, when the banking system in Donetsk stopped working, we went to Mariupol to withdraw money, and when we told how we were doing, we were all rotten, grandmothers, grandfathers, young people, they say, "we have everything and money, and food and work, do not fire, and you feed the militias in your Donetsk, and you yourself gnaw the windowsill, you voted in the referendum, "but as the offensive went at full speed, they began to shout" we will surrender, if only we did not bomb, we for the DPR "And you hope for Odessa ...
  6. Kosta07
    Kosta07 6 October 2014 10: 26
    The war has already begun. And we must understand this clearly.
  7. Drmadfisher
    Drmadfisher 6 October 2014 10: 31
    good last name - Ponta
  8. Thunderbolt
    Thunderbolt 6 October 2014 11: 13
    If provocations begin on the border of the PMR, then Russia will need to strengthen its peacekeepers. If the NATO chief believes that his soldiers can walk wherever they want, then God himself told us not to allow a lot of blood in Transnistria, because:
    a referendum in Transnistria (2006), in which more than 97% of voters voted for joining Russia
    these are not numbers, but people. And they must be protected by their military presence and strong political will.
    1. asadov
      asadov 6 October 2014 17: 55
      it is necessary and moreover, as quickly and accurately as possible to increase the grouping of the Peacekeeping Forces in Transnistria.
      1. Hon
        Hon 6 October 2014 19: 35
        it remains only to decide to increase through the territory of Ukraine or Moldova
    2. denis02135
      denis02135 6 October 2014 20: 59
      Dear, look at the map, how will the Russian Federation strengthen peacekeepers through Ukraine or Moldova? After the recent events, Ukraine is unlikely to miss.
      It’s necessary to cut the corridor, but will it work? Sorry for the people suspended in the Pre-Dniester. Russia has not recognized and the whole world has not recognized, but you can say anything.
    3. The comment was deleted.
    4. Ruslan67
      Ruslan67 7 October 2014 00: 16
      Quote: Thunderbolt
      .If the NATO chief believes that his soldiers can walk wherever they want, t

      A cat that walks on its own should shit somewhere request There he is overtaken by the master's slipper wassat
    5. edge
      edge 7 October 2014 06: 47
      Quote: Thunderbolt
      and people. And they must be protected by their military presence and strong political will.

      our president is sober, the army is active, the staffs are working, so everything will be in openwork.
  9. aszzz888
    aszzz888 6 October 2014 12: 34
    Moldova will not be sweet, oh not sweet.
  10. bmv04636
    bmv04636 6 October 2014 12: 43
    Forgot Mishiko vividly recall not one he will eat ties.
  11. sarmisegetuza
    sarmisegetuza 6 October 2014 14: 15
    The logic of staty is understandable, although bias is present ... Actually, these problems have one solution (if the Kremlin allows) - reintegration of the Republic of Moldova. What we get as a result: North of the country for the Customs Union, South (especially Gagauzia) - for an alliance with Russia, in the Central part there are also indifferent people on the basis of the eastern scenario, and finally Transnistria (there are no comments on the vector here). The very solution of the Transnistrian conflict will be a big step in favor of the pro-eastern vector of development of Moldova. And while someone is slowing down something with the solution of this situation, time is showing its truths (the Ukrainian conflict organized according to the Pre-Dniester scenario and where the fraternal peoples find themselves can go against each other, the embargo on Moldovan wines, fruits and vegetables is exclusively political (between others, the author of the article mentions only the blockades of Transnistria, but about the embargo of Moldavian products ...) ... This is just the tip of the iceberg, and unfortunately, there are more and more examples of Moldova’s sustainable development in European principles. and employees of the Transnistrian special services (the latter, according to the press, were armed), and the Moldovan authorities did not take any action (although they were required), so all the complaints about the blockade are just an excuse and hostile rhetoric to escalate the conflict ... like the situation with green men in Crimea (they denied that this was someone’s soldiers, when suddenly a referendum and oops: yes! about our military (whether they are green or lost is a completely different story) ...
    1. smile
      smile 6 October 2014 19: 02
      That is, in your opinion, it turns out that the accumulation of Ukrainian troops on the border with the Transnistrian Republic, the trenches on the border - this is not an escalation of the conflict? In the same way as the increasingly aggressive rhetoric of the Moldovan leadership, the activity of the pro-Romanian European integrators there, right?
      The fact that Transnistria is being pressed economically and politically is also not an escalation? But the fact that the leadership of Transnistria draws attention to hostile actions is an escalation, is it possible? Good. even in the aggression has not yet been blamed ..... :)))
      By the way, tell me, when the leader of Moldova, or any other country, pays a visit to another state, why, he is not accompanied by security guards and special services? And if they do, then are they armed with clubs and water pistols? :))) Why did you even write about the armed guards exposed by the heroic press? :))) Maybe such "revelations" are a sign of an attempt to escalate information war, eh? :)))
  12. Roland60135.
    Roland60135. 6 October 2014 15: 14
    We must not forget that Transnistria is an extremely advantageous bridgehead. in Tiraspol, there is a large airfield, on which no one was based in Soviet times, there are large stockpiles of ammunition and, finally, a compact army ready for war. I don’t want to say anything bad about the young people from New Russia and their willingness to die for their cities and villages, but in Transnistria during the short war in the 90s, everyone, women and men fought and helped as they could. I myself saw women lying on rails, columns of volunteers of all ages on the night when the Romanians tried to take Bender. I mean that if something happens, blood will be shed there no less than in the Donbass. Transnistria is a Russian land, one hundred percent (who knows history). People there wholeheartedly love Russia!
  13. mist4
    mist4 6 October 2014 18: 35
    No, they won’t. Donbass will be offended. so merge all that for the preferences.
    1. Agarkov Vitaliy
      Agarkov Vitaliy 6 October 2014 21: 49
      And that Donbass has already been leaked? Again from the same song about "Putinvsekhslil". Hurry up tovarisch events! This is a very long and persistent geopolitical war.
  14. korjik
    korjik 6 October 2014 19: 00
    There is an exit! But many will not like him. The Transnistrian army can reintegrate the country in one night, without any problems, because it is more numerically, better armed. All other Romanians will wipe away, because de jure Moldova is not divided. Most of the people will support this act, the rest will turn into refugees, that’s where they belong!
  15. Sergey-8848
    Sergey-8848 6 October 2014 19: 42
    To think, think, reflect. And think again. All that we do is bad at first, then completely against us (Well, that’s if you find Kozyrev some stink), but in the end, however, after 15 years, we recover through the stump deck. Where is this Kozyrev? And submit it here! And get it from Albion! (or where he fell for it). And to ask with prejudice - as if repairing trouble and obscurantism? And in short - whose are you? Further - strictly according to the protocol (with the involvement of witness Bakatin from a neighboring cottage).
    Seriously, the war has been smoldering since then, and no one wants to put out this smoldering light once and for all. And already, one would probably need at least one little light, in anticipation of many such similar lights on our sides.
  16. polkovnik manuch
    polkovnik manuch 6 October 2014 20: 20
    Neither Romanians, let alone dill, will dare to climb into Pridnestrovie. Pridnestrovie has already shown its strength and if it were not for the "zaslanets" in the Russian Foreign Ministry, it is not yet known how it would have ended, most likely the Moldavian Republic would have been a part of Russia. , mediocrity, and sometimes outright betrayal of Yeltsin's "managers" made the political map of Moldova the way it is now.
  17. Agarkov Vitaliy
    Agarkov Vitaliy 6 October 2014 21: 45
    No. Transnistria will not leave Russia under any pretext. As for the blockade, some countries still live in blockade and nothing. The same Iran or North Korea. And besides, any blockade ends sooner or later. So now the main thing is to endure these difficulties, and then everything will be fine.
  18. MAX2014
    MAX2014 6 October 2014 23: 13
    It is a pity that about the Russian Federation does not even want to recognize the PMR, not to mention the inclusion in the Russian Federation. I live in the PMR and I have to admit that it is kept only because of subsidies from Russia and the earnings of men in Russia, because it is unrealistic to feed a family on the Transnistrian salary of an ordinary doctor and educator. So even with the adoption of PMR in the Russian Federation, Transnistria will be a parasite.
    We are waiting and hope for Russia. Because the EU and the US are gov-oh. winked
  19. Cristall
    Cristall 6 October 2014 23: 49
    Quote: polkovnik manuch
    Climbing into Transnistria is not a Romanian, and even less the Ukrainians dare.

    Why climb there? * We have enough east. Yes, and there are much more effective measures.
    For example - under the pretext of danger from Transnistria, a large-scale blockade is being prepared in my area. More precisely, PMR is already blocked. And it will only be strengthened. This is for everyone. What if.
    Moldova is also blocking. EU too.
    In general, try to live in such isolation. Economics, you know ..
    I don’t even know - is it possible to go to work from the PMR through Ukraine immediately? Will they pass? In my opinion, no longer. Do not let men. Blockade. Trade economic and almost physical.
    RF declares of course. But how will it affect the blockade? In words? I do not think that the words will solve something. Ukraine too bit a bit.
    The fate of the PMR is unenviable. Tolerate the poor. How many can not know.
    1. studentmati
      studentmati 6 October 2014 23: 54
      Quote: Cristall
      In words?

      First was the word!

      Quote: Cristall
      Ukraine too bit a bit.

      The teeth break off under certain circumstances.
  20. PValery53
    PValery53 7 October 2014 01: 22
    "A rolling stone gathers no moss". We need to do things so that the situation turns in our favor. And it is imperative to support at least our fellow tribesmen abroad, especially since they have a craving for Mother Russia.
  21. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 7 October 2014 06: 44
    That is why the "international community" not at all excited what is happening on the border of Transnistria (where the Ukrainians are dug in and where they bring heavy military equipment), as well as inside the unrecognized republic.

    And when the "international community" was worried about something other than personal interests and the possibility of spoiling Russia. They will also pour kerosene into the fire. The West only understands strength. Therefore, we have nothing to worry about with them. And the "mamalyzhniki", something turned up their nose. I don’t know what kind of trade relations we have with Romania, but if there is, then we also need to cut their wings.
  22. waggish
    waggish 11 October 2014 16: 49
    In 2019, the year of accession of Moldova to the European Union!
  23. Prager
    Prager 3 November 2014 12: 50
    it smells like a complete blockade. with all the ensuing consequences.