Military Review

Reports from the militia of New Russia for October 2 2014 year

Yesterday at 9: 00

Message from a resident of Slavyansk

"Here we have 37-th year began. Snitching, people disappear in the basements of Slavyansk ... yes, a lot more then. Everyone is silent, afraid. They brought the radicals on the day of the city. Adequate sat at home, because the holiday did not succeed. Also at the airport of Kramatorsk terrible things are happening, everything is worse than 37. I have a lot of friends hurt.

You are standing at the bus stop, the armored personnel carrier is riding, and on top are grimy ukry and keep your fingers on the trigger of the machine gun in your direction ... trembling all over your body. "

Yesterday at 10: 29

Message from journalists

"LNR provided the Donetsk people's militia with guns, with which Lugansk airport was taken a month ago. The militiamen of the LNR transferred self-propelled Hyacinth artillery installations to Donetsk to attack the Ukrainian security forces at the airport, which they still hold. According to the militia headquarters, It was the “Hyacinths" that the LC militia used during the storming of the Lugansk airport and were able to take it under control. According to various estimates, the soldiers from the NNXX to the 500 were based tsgvardii with weapons and armor. In addition, yesterday, on October 2000 learned that for the first time since the prisoner in Minsk truce agreement, the Ukrainian Armed Forces fired Lugansk, presumably with mortars. "

Yesterday at 11: 14

Message from the militia (militia "Zubr")

“The airport cleansing is proceeding as planned, the assault detachments of our special forces confidently squeeze the punishers from the airport, which is currently almost completely free. On our side, a new battle tactic was used: the tank went into combat position, beat two times in direct fire and left. After This left the memory, which led to the shelling of the terminal building, not allowing grenade launchers who could hit the tank to accumulate there. This tactic allowed one of the terminals to be completely destroyed along with the punishers. e the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the National Guard remain only in one building of the terminal. This building will be cleaned up in the coming hours. For all offers of voluntary surrender, the Ukrainian punishers refuse and shoot. Long-range artillery of the Kiev junta was fired at the railway station, there was a fire. Putilovka from the MLRS, as well as the Kuybyshevsky district (the first platform), in the 10 area: 30 Moscow time, the Metro area was subjected to the strongest artillery attack. The assault detachment of the Motorolla militia takes part, whose fighters call the events at the airport “the second Ilovaisk”.

Yesterday at 13: 00

Message from the militia with the call sign "Abkhaz"

“On the Independence Day of Abkhazia, volunteers from South Ossetia came to congratulate the fighters from our republic who help clean up the Donetsk airport. Representatives of fraternal peoples became even closer when they met in the army of Novorossia. The Ossetians said they would always be in the same ranks with The Ossetians arrived at the airport with a motorcade of a dozen cars and several infantry fighting vehicles waving the flags of Abkhazia and Ossetia. The program of the modest holiday included greetings, symbolic gifts, and an incendiary ginka. The fighters do not have the opportunity to listen to music, so traditional tunes were replaced by tins, on which the Abkhaz and Ossetians beat a dance rhythm. A large number of volunteers from different countries fight in the ranks of the New Russia army. Most of them come from the former USSR, a significant part of them are representatives of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. "

Yesterday at 14: 15

Summary of the victims of the shelling from the head of the political department of the DPR Army Eduard Basurin

"Over the past day in Donetsk, 20 people died as a result of the shelling. 27 were injured of varying degrees of severity and are in the hospital. Most of them were civilians. The intersection of the MLRS fell on the intersection of Kievsky Prospekt with Polygraphic Street. One of the powerful shells hit in the passenger bus. In addition, on the first official school day in Donetsk, the security forces fired on school number 57. Five shells from the Smerch plant hit an educational institution right during the first lesson. As a result of the shelling 3 military and 2 civilians, the teacher and the parent of one of the schoolchildren were killed by shrapnel. It is worth noting that the children managed to escape thanks to the good reaction of their teachers: soon after the shelling of the neighborhood where the school was located, the adults helped the students hide in the basement. "

Yesterday at 14: 50

Photo from Gennady Duboviy

"Photo-report from the artillery attack detachment Motorolly on the position of Ukrainian punitive."

Reports from the militia of New Russia for October 2 2014 year

Yesterday at 15: 12

Summary of the Army of the South-East on the morning of October 2

During the night, the situation has not changed significantly and remains tense.
There have been repeated violations of the truce by the Ukrainian side.
Opponent continued massive shelling of residential areas n. DONETSK:
in 00.40 from mortars, in 01.25, in 2.35 and in 4.15 from small weapons, and in 5.15 from artillery shelling of the positions of the DPR Army on the western and north-western outskirts;
in 21.30, residential areas and infrastructure in the Putilkovsky district were subjected to a raid of Grad multiple rocket launchers;
in 23.40, shelling of the Kuibyshev District was fired from barreled artillery;
in 04.30, houses near the train station were subjected to mortar fire.
According to intelligence data, in the Donetsk, Lugansk and Mariupol directions, the enemy continued the hidden regrouping of troops, the strengthening of the occupied lines, as well as the equipment of additional strong points.
The information was confirmed about the mining by subversive groups of the enemy dam on the northern outskirts of the settlement. KURAKHOVO (25 km west of the settlement of DONETSK). A large number of trucks have accumulated in the area of ​​work.
According to local residents, in the settlement of LOZOVO drunken fighters of the 34 Battalion of the Batkivshchyna territorial defense battalion, who arrived in the Donbass from the Kirovograd region, learned that a veteran of World War II lives in the village, went to his house, beat him and took away military awards.

Yesterday at 15: 28

Message from the militia Prokhorov and the actual map of the combat situation

“In Spartak, ukrope artillery doesn’t have them - there are DNRs. Avdeevka, Krasnogrovka and others are fired more often. They make corrections from the airfield. And the old terminal is a Soviet Soviet reinforced concrete cube that holds the CFC as a real dot. Especially, the CFC Rapier. We are waiting” flowers "more powerful.

Until recently, at the airport of the invaders there were over two thousand + units in nearby villages (with a total number of 4,5–5 thousand), a huge amount of armored vehicles and artillery was concentrated, over 5 months the engineering was reinforced and so created by Soviet engineers of the SD (such was the fashion - so as not to they did, it turned out AK - well, in the sense of everything to adapt to defense). Plus - it was not possible to completely block it from July. And until now, punishers relatively freely (on a tank-taxi - a photo post or lonely trucks and UAZs) delivered besieged goods. The maximum number of militias for an instant attack only once reached 700 people (plus five tanks and up to a dozen art.installations). More often - much less.
The occupants had at least yesterday thousands of sanitary losses at the airport - this is really the second Ilovaisk. The invaders yesterday made them nervous - by interceptions, he learned that Balu had died. But thank God. Not ours - this is Ukropsky Balu from 11 terbat Kyivska Rus. Destroyed with another 3 punitive at a roadblock in the Debaltseve area. According to the prisoners, the program has stopped for the time being, some more 500 has not yet been transferred to the Ukrainians. And they will not be transferred until they stop cheating with the exchange. In addition to these 500, the punishers have provided lists of several hundred missing people - most likely buried along the roads and on landings.

Also, the punitive sadness - after checking it turned out that 30 percent of their positions are completely unprepared for winter: no stoves, no fuel, no even blankets for warriors and so on.

In Popasnaya, they shot at the Ukrainian roadblocks a little, mainly the scouts.

Earlier it was reported that detachments of Dremov Cossacks approached Bobrovo, but they did not enter the village itself - only to the borders. Bobrovo on the North Shore of the North Donets.

Nizhnaya and Toshkovka were recently occupied until recently, but the punishers were actively withdrawing garrisons from there - now it is also possible that they are neutral. There is only an exact infa about Novotoshkovka.

In response to the shelling of Lugansk, the invaders received a blow at their checkpoints: "at one of the platoon strongholds near the town of Happiness - 6 injured." But no - seven :) (just the press service of the North command of the ZSU). It is a pity that the natsgadi, cops and mercenary baty operatively do not speak about their losses. It seems that in reality, without "200-x" there was a cost. "

Yesterday at 15: 54

Message from the press center of the DPR

"The active phase of the operation to liberate the Donetsk airport has been completed, most of the punishers have been destroyed. At that moment, some structures are being cleaned up at the airport. Full control over the airport can only be talked about after the Ukrainian military has been dropped at least by 15 km from it, so after complete stripping the militia will begin the process of pushing the Ukrainian troops away from the northern part of Donetsk. In the plans of the Headquarters, the liberation of Avdiivka and other nearby settlements. At the moment, the Ukrainian th artillery continues to randomly attack Donetsk, Tochmash is burning. Probably, the punishers are doing this in retaliation for the airport. "

Yesterday at 16: 18

Photo from militia Alexander Bakhmutsky

"Photos from the road leading to the city of Happiness. The ruins of the Ukrops roadblocks, cleaned by the militia."

Yesterday at 17: 55

Message from bloggers

"The US and the EU demand to stop the assault on the Donetsk airport. The European Union is ready to extend sanctions against Russia if Donbas militias take control of the Donetsk airport or Mariupol, reports Bloomberg, citing a government source. According to the source, this development will have unpredictable consequences." "

Yesterday at 18: 05

Message from "Borisycha" about the fight in Nikishino

“A bit overdue, but interesting information on Nikishino. In the district of 28-30 in September, a rotation took place in Nikishino ... Fashikov“ Kievan Rus ”was changed to the Volyn fascists. And now the 30 of the newly arrived Volyn heroes decided to march along the route almost a foreign land.
An armored personnel carrier with 10-15 natzgadami on armor went into sight within one of the posts of the Biker company. As it should be, the fascists were hospitably received by a warm ATGM. Although the direct hit did not work out, the ATGM broke off a couple of meters in front of the NKGD armored personnel carrier, it burned the wheels, and the infantry flew off the piece of iron.
But the guests of the American-Fascist cut, as I have repeatedly noted, are treated with special trepidation in the Donbass ... with trembling in the spirit of the great Russian "Who will come to us with a sword" ... In short, they added warmth from RPGs and machine guns to the fascists after which over and around the BTR raised a howl and screams.
To help the unfortunate invaders advanced to the Nazi tank, but handsome Dema was already sitting near his ATGM. Three times the tank tried to approach the wrecked BTR, and three times Dema, without a miss, showed him a goat face! After the third hit, the tank snarled and offended offendedly and no longer appeared. You surely remember handsome Demu, I just recently gave his photo, he walks in a Mongolian cap.
And all the shouts did not subside ... and the ukry came out by the BMP and BTR from the right flank ... Hiding behind fire from the APC and BMPshki, the Natsik made their way to the damaged car with another BTR and took out their beaten hussars, and the ukram who had been ragged by the ATGM of the BTR ukram managed to pull out only under cover of night.
Such here news from the fields ... but in general, such a truce, only dub the station Fashchevka mines without ceasing.
Handsome Dema got me all - Brother, and write about me, write ... and I told him: how to match a tank, sure! Although the tank is gone, Dema alone, as it turned out, is worth the battery! We are waiting for accomplishments from a walking installation MLRS - Lelika. His rate of fire from RPGs can only be envied. "

Yesterday at 19: 16

Post military unit of Motorola Gennady Dubovoy

"Throughout the day, at the Donetsk airport, Givi and Motorola units handled the old terminal, where the Ukrainian security forces are located, with all kinds of weapons. As a result of a competent adjustment of the Motorola unit, the DNR tank placed the projectile exactly at the target - in the ukrov ammunition depots. Currently (17: 35) these warehouses explode one of the other - a strong crash is heard in Donetsk. Ukrov's forces that are still at the airport are firing mortar fire. DNR forces continue to compress the ring around the enemy. "

Yesterday at 19: 34

East unit militia 13 with the call sign "Crimea" about the military situation in the Donbass during the "truce"

"Vostok-13 division is engaged in exploration, information gathering, carry out work related to the mine clearance fields.
According to the intelligence of the Army of Novorossia, serious forces are pulled up from Svatovo, they include T-72, T-64 and BTR-80 tanks, which are fully equipped with European technology.

Also, the forces of the so-called Ukrainian army are being dragged to Lysychansk, are digging in and reinforcing artillery positions.

Ukrainian army suppressed, many have gone over to our side. The remaining mercenary troops continue to put pressure on the militia. It is quite difficult to fight with mercenaries, because NATO is engaged in their military training.

They are equipped with American rifles. But the Army of New Russia has a high fighting spirit and morale. We will win, however, for us! "

Yesterday at 20: 06

Message from Gennady Oak

Who is who in the squad Motorola. Photos of the most outstanding fighters of the unit, fighting from the very beginning of the conflict.

Yesterday at 20: 12

Summary from the "East" on October 2: "Ukry" revenge for the airport hard shelling of Donetsk

“Yesterday, October 1, Donetsk was subjected to brutal shelling. By massiveness, shelling was like the time when truce was out of the question. It seems to me that this shelling was "otvetkoy" for the fighting at the airport. Presumably, the people at the airport decided to take revenge on us, ”an employee of the Vostok information center with the call sign Kot told a REGNUM correspondent. - Basically, the territory of Kiev and Kuibyshev districts came under fire.
The village of Oktyabrsky suffered in the Kuibyshev district. During the shelling, one of the shells hit the territory of the market, in the meat department. 9 civilians injured. We know that a large number of people came to morgues and hospitals. The exact number of dead and injured is unknown to us. In the Kuibyshev district there were fires on the streets Pyatnitsky, Kovalko, Novoyasinovskaya. The area of ​​the Abakumov mine was shelled.
Yesterday, the OSCE monitors visited Donetsk school No. XXUMX, which was shelled. In the Kiev district, several shells hit school No. XXUMX. It is known that the teacher died. Two parents were injured. Children and parents spent a long time in a bomb shelter under the school building. The school was visited by the OSCE staff, who recorded everything; they spoke to eyewitnesses. International observers recorded a gross violation of the cease-fire. Another projectile hit the Polygraphicheskaya public transport stop, near which there was a bus from the 57 route. 57 people were killed in the bus itself, 17 at the bus stop. A terrible sight - a fully burned bus, charred human bodies.
In general, the situation on the fronts remains tense. In the area of ​​the village. Sands and Yasinovatoy situation remains anxiously calm. According to unconfirmed information, in a number of our detachments a ban has been imposed on shelling and combat activity. As far as I know, similar prohibitions are given to the APU. But these prohibitions are constantly violated. Minor shelling is no longer taken into account. Ukrainian troops surround Novomikhaylovka. The militia removes large-caliber weapons. But I do not have detailed information on this process. Ukrainians demonstrate a withdrawal, but shelling of Donetsk carried out. Right now, in the morning of October 2, there is a relatively calm atmosphere in Donetsk. ”

Yesterday at 20: 35

Message from journalists

“In the Chuguev area, partisans of the Kharkov People’s Republic destroyed a large reservoir of fuel, civilian journalists reported. About a thousand tons of fuel and lubricants destined for the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the National Guard were burnt down.”

Yesterday at 21: 19

Photo from the militia

"Kindergarten number 220 on Abakumova. Today, ukry covered it with several mines. Considering yesterday’s shelling of the school, the kindergarten’s management yesterday decided to temporarily suspend its work, so there were no children in it today. Yesterday ukry was congratulated on the Day of Knowledge of 220-mm schoolchildren. MLRS, and today from mortars wanted to touch the little ones. "

Yesterday at 21: 53

Report from a journalist Seeds Pegova

Ukrainian punishers tried to counterattack, but their attempts were unsuccessful, all their groups were defeated. The militia "Motorola" and "Givi" give interviews about the situation at the airport right at the time of the battle.

- The airport is almost ours, everything is under our control. There remains only a part of the morons who run around the building and try to shoot at us. From the morning, shelling on the side of Avdiivka is under way on us, and on the private sector, the commander of the Somalia battalion Givi said.

- Our colleagues today occupied the 1-th floor of the building of the old terminal, but the day was approaching in the evening, and fighting in the dark is very difficult and does not make sense. The fighters were forced to move away from the terminal just 15-30 meters. But at the same time fight does not stop, - the commander Motorola reported.

The main task of the militia is to take control of the building of the old airport terminal and a bomb shelter, in which Ukrainian punishers are hiding. The motivation of the fighters of Novorossia is the same - to cross the shelling of the residential sector in Donetsk.

The hotel at the airport has been completely cleaned, but it is impossible to flicker in the window openings, otherwise everyone can be on the sights of the Ukrainian sniper. Militias have to fire at their positions. Shooting on the front does not stop for a minute.

A militiaman with the call sign "Makyts" shows where from the day before the Ukrainian military were throwing grenades at them. According to him, near the administrative building, the soldiers of Ukraine dug trenches and from there fire at the militia with fragmentation ammunition from grenade launchers.

Yesterday at 22: 45

Message from Dmitry Dzygovbrodsky

"The assault of the Donetsk airport smoothly passes into the clearing of the terrain from too arrogant and stubborn ukrovoyak.
There are still underground communications, where for a couple of days the wildest individuals from the population of blue and yellow Nazis will hide.
And then ... Debalcevo.
Debalcevo - is the most important transportation hub. After Debaltsevskogo boiler will begin a mad rollback ukrovoysk to the administrative borders of the DNR and the LC. I am now watching with interest as the Ukrainian troops are getting into the next Kessel. More precisely, they are driven there by the Defense Ministry of Ukraine, with the support of the president of the united Ukraine Poroshenko, who continues to officially declare in periods of enlightenment between hard drinking, that the “truce” is continuing. Why he says so, somehow tell. :)
And this "Zrada!", The real. Poroshenko kills the army of his own country. Specially.
So stop panicking. New Russia to be. The process is unstoppable. "

Yesterday at 23: 14

Battlemap Overview

Commented on everyone's favorite "old" browser.

Yesterday at 23: 25

Message from journalists

"Drunken punitive 34 battalion Batkivshchyna" force took away military awards from the home of a veteran of World War II. According to local residents in Lozovoi drunken punitive 34 th territorial defense battalion, arrived in the Donbass from the Kirovograd region, having found out that he lived in the village in the tank. Great Patriotic War, tumbled into his house and took the military awards.
When a weak old man tried to resist the Banderovites, they knocked him down and severely beat him, and then ruined the veteran’s home appliances and broke all the windows in the house. "

Today in 0: 01

Photos from Gram Phillips

"Phillips Phillips is in the thick of things in Donetsk.
Ukrainian shell fell right outside the office of the International Red Cross, one person died, the number of injured is not reported. The deceased was an employee of the IWC and CITIZEN OF SWITZERLAND (Lauren Entien, born 1976). "

Today in 0: 12

Summary of Southeast Army on October 2 Evening

The situation has not changed significantly and remains tense.
Opponent continued massive shelling of residential areas n. DONETSK:
from 10.45 to 12.30 from firing positions in the area of ​​the settlement NEVELSKOE and the Poltavskaya mines produced artillery and mortar shelling of residential areas and social infrastructure in Kiev, Leninsky and Kirovsky districts. Destroyed and damaged 7 houses. Industrial buildings of the Tochmash plant are burning. 9 killed, more than 20 civilians injured;
in 11.40 from the area of ​​n. AVDEEVKA was attacked by multiple rocket launcher systems in residential areas in the Spartak district. Wounded 3 person;
A mobile sabotage group of the enemy has shot at a checkpoint of the people's militia in the vicinity of the settlement of small arms. FUNNY MOUNTAIN. One militia wounded.
When trying to sell five automatic rifles and ammunition to them in the area of ​​the pumping station on the northern outskirts of the settlement of RED LYMAN detained and captured two militants of the 24 5th Aydar territorial defense battalion stationed in the villages Trekhizbёnka.
According to the intelligence of the DPR Army, in violation of the agreements reached in the region of the settlement of Ilyenko (Lugansk region) discovered a unit of foreign mercenaries (up to 200 people). Information transmitted to OSCE monitors.

Today in 0: 20

Message from the militia

“The front line reports that the floor of the 3 floor collapsed in the old terminal of the Donetsk airport - many punishers were buried alive under the ruins. The militias continue to sweep the remaining un-liberated areas of the airport.”

Today in 0: 28

Report of the press center of the Southeast Army Headquarters

"Under Debaltseve militia stopped Ukrainian punishers.
On the eve, near the town of Bryanka of the Luhansk People's Republic, a heavy fight was developed. The Ukrainian army tried to break through from Debaltseve. Several units of armored vehicles of the National Guard under were stopped and destroyed by the forces of the Cossack militia together with the soldiers from the battalion "Ghost". From the battle zone evacuated several buses with children. During the battle of the militia, one fighter from the Ghost was killed. The attack was repelled. "

Today in 0: 45

Overview of the XBUM Interbrigade of the South-East for the past day

"The past day in Novorossia did not stop the battles for the airport, and finally the victory is as close as ever.
Donetsk - in the evening and at night, the punishers continued to systematically bombard the city from the Grad MLRS (m / r Putilovka, ZhDV, Kuybyshevsky district). In response, the militia fired at the suppression of the firing positions of the nationalgroups, and very successfully. During the fighting for the airport, over 90% of the territory was eventually captured, the supply path was blocked (at PGT Spartak). Clearing is carried out in the liberated territory. On this occasion, I want to say only - hurray!
Nevertheless, this is not a victory yet, but only a big step towards it - the positions of the natsgad in the village of Avdeevka and PGT Pesky (Yasinovatsky district) do not stop the shelling of residential areas.

Mariinsky district - local skirmishes were recorded at night in the area of ​​Marinka. As punitive in the area n. Krasnogorovka (also fire on Donetsk) artillery strikes. It is reported that the DRG ukrovermaht mine the dam in n. Kurakhovo village (northern part).
Avdiivka - at least twice the punishers here were fired from mortars and MLRS "Grad". The national guards are strengthening their positions (they are after the airport), pulling up the armored vehicles from Artemovsk.
Gorlovka - neutralized DRG engaged in looting and repression of the civilian population.

Other settlements
Debalcevo - local attacks are carried out on ukrovermaht positions (1 checkpoint and 3 punisher destroyed).
Artyomovsky district - in the village of Lozovoe, the punitive beat and robbed a veteran of the Great Patriotic War and took awards.
Volnovakha district - at night, the militia from small arms fired on the positions of the national gadgets around the village of Trudovskoye.
Mining district - the militia several times attacked from the Grad MLRS and mortars, and also patched up small arms with the strengthening of the punishers in the area of ​​the settlement. Nikishino (by day), Redkodub and Maloorlovka (at night).
Yasinovatsky area - a similar situation with ukrovermakht in the village of Tonenkoe - attacks on fortifications of punitive forces continue using cannon artillery and large-caliber mortars.

Thus, the long-awaited event happened - the final stage of the storming of the Donetsk airport. The West openly blackmails Russia, threatening a new wave of sanctions in the event of the seizure of the airport and Mariupol by militia forces. Masks reset, is frank bargaining. Judging by the dynamics of the events in Donetsk, at least one of the strategic objects was not leaked. The rest of the situation and the front line, in general, unchanged.

Settlements of the Lugansk People's Republic.
Happiness - reported systematic skirmishes and mortar shelling punitive in response to yesterday's raid on Lugansk.
Severodonetsk - the militia settled down on the approaches to the settlement of Borovoye.
Kirovsk - PGT Novotoshkovka left by the punishers (about the settlement of Toshkovka and Lower - unknown). Information has already been received on these villages about their occupation by the militia - I would venture to suggest that they are moving back and forth without a fight, when the militiamen and punishers must align the front line.
Popasna-the DRG militia at night actively “invigorated” the national guards, they were firing at their checkpoints with small arms and “pocket artillery”.

Thus, in the direction of the front of Lugansk also no significant changes. I am glad that the militia moved close to Severodonetsk and Lysychansk, winning another piece of Novorossia. "

Today in 1: 00

Message from the Cossack Guard

"30.09.2014, by a division of" Uzbek "in the district of Chernukhino, an enemy reconnaissance group consisting of four foot soldiers was found. Fighters of the Cossack National Guard of the Great Don Army took measures to detain the enemy, as a result of which the battle took place. As it turned out, it was 11 reconnaissance group of the Kiev Region territorial defense battalion "Kievan Rus". What their reconnaissance did during the “truce” in the territory controlled by the Cossack National Guard, so to speak. ".

Today in 1: 44

Summary from the militia Prokhorov

Ukry reported that their outfit in the village. Mius (between Nikishino, Fashchevka and Chernukhino) ran into a banner - RGD-5. Minus one dill.
In the city of Happiness from 10 hours goes the artillery truce on the positions of dill on the bridge.
Burning gas station "Marshall" - it is near the airport.
They reported that in Avdiivka the private house heroically rammed the BMP with the natsgadas. The fighting machine has seriously suffered. Transferred - transported from the affected home. They say ,'re coming out warriors were drunk.

And in Donetsk - hell.
After losses at the airport, ukry opened fierce fire in Donetsk. They beat the artel and cassette Grads. First of all from Avdiivka - they are trying to cover the enemy firing points.
The militia is trying to surround the group of ukrov in Pesky (Donetsk) - attacked a stronghold near Nevelsky (between Krasnogorovka and Avdeevka).

There are fights at Debaltseve and at Nikishino.

Ukry inform about the battles in the villages of Redkodub, Nikishino. I am glad that there ukrov schimyat, however, forgot to say something about the shootings around Volnovakhi.
They also reported that they now have 552 unidentified dill bodies and another: “The visiting crews of Ukroboronprom repaired 35 units of armored vehicles in 24 hours. 9 main tanks T-64 (BV), BM“ Bulat ”were restored, as well as infantry fighting vehicles and paratroopers BMP- 1, BMP-2, BRN 17 units, repaired 3 armored personnel carrier BTR-70, -80 and 2 BTR-3, -4 for the National Guard of Ukraine.

Today in 2: 05

Message from journalists

“Some unidentified persons threw grenades at the checkpoint of the local territorial defense battalion near Berdyansk. The fact of the attack is confirmed by the Ukrainian side.
The question is - who did it? Some local rebel formation, the DRG of New Russia or simply outraged "peaceful" citizens - at the moment it is impossible to determine. The fact is, and this is also confirmed by the Ukrainian journalists, that the Ukrainian soldiers who are serving on this block constantly hunted down for extortion from everyone passing through the block. Considering that today “to find where to buy” grenades in the front line is not too big a problem, it could be revenge from local civilians. Although the command of the terbat prefers to focus on the version of "partisans or Donetsk saboteurs". The anti-terrorist operation headquarters considers the threat of expanding the combat zone, in particular, the operation zone of the sabotage or raid groups of the BNU, to Zaporozhye as very high.

Today in 2: 12

Donetsk: the results of today's fierce truce

- A projectile sticks out in the courtyard of the university 94
- University 80 has touched the business center
- st. Shchorsa 69a dropped shell
- territory of trolleybus depot №1, Shchorsa 98 - unbroken projectile
- garages in the district of 1 taxis (near Moidodyr car wash)
- University 100
- University 100b, hit the roof, unexploded shell
- University 80 hitting the asphalt (Amstor in Ukraine)
- tennis court on the Olympic. on 3 Floor Miner Plaza Glass, 10 World
- World 8 glass hit
- White Swan, hit a non-residential height in front of a supermarket BOOM, according to the World, the windows are broken
- the intersection of University + Panfilov - smashed glass
- hit the garages below Shchors, to the right of the 1 taxis

The most interesting thing is that in the area of ​​the shelling a huge hospital is a regional traumatology where all the wounded and injured are brought in, and yes, this is the center of the city.
Two arrivals arrived with a difference of minutes in 10-15. Smoke billows from the side of the Prospectus for Peace.

Today in 2: 46

CRIME JUNTY. Fascist punishers do unthinkable cruelties

The Crimean militiaman Stanislav Stankevich, released from captivity by the National Guard under, spoke about the harassment to which people who are in captivity of Ukrainian punishers are subjected. Punitive militiamen burned a swastika on the body with a hot chain.
Stanislav also spoke about the pits for prisoners in Kramatorsk, where people are sitting, connected by chains. Hundreds of Russians, including women, are held captive, subjected to the wildest torture, humiliation and murder. People, including women, are chained and sit in pits. Not liked expelled to the minefield. Young women are captured and subjected to the wildest torture ... Russians are sitting naked. They even take underwear.

Today in 4: 35

Message from the militia from Gorlovka

"And yes, the airport is taken. Glory is alive and the eternal memory of those who remained there forever. Sleep well, brothers.
When I got a dog called - he said that everything. No more ukrov. Ran out.
I have no information about the punitive losses at the airport. But ukrov there was about half a thousand. And our laid down decently.
Ukry remain in Avdiivka. But now the truth will be much easier. And the school, most likely, was shot from Avdiivka. Because at the airport on the surface everything that was possible was crushed.
And I have Miner in Enakievo. The militia of Gorlovka, which is now the special forces brigade "Berkut".

Today in 5: 30

Message from a local resident

“Yesterday an acquaintance from Lugansk called and avidly told how everything started to get better. Pensions were raised, she received 1800 hrn. Enterprises start to work, people return. Training in all educational institutions is free. They promise scholarships and hostels to students are also free. Thanks to the militia in the city order, drugs and alcoholism - no, I asked, they say, everyone is talking about the militia, but she firmly said - don't believe, everyone is LIE, this is the National Guard under the guise of the militia doing nasty things, and their mongrels are spreading. HERO militia! After talking with no soul singing and joy it was. "
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  1. Same lech
    Same lech 3 October 2014 07: 58
    “Over the past day in Donetsk, as a result of the shelling, 20 people died. Another 27 were injured of varying severity and are in the hospital. Most of the victims were civilians.

    Armistice in European, how much can you endure it.

    I really liked the photos of the militia fighters, calm, balanced people ..... they don’t wave their daggers and weapons, they don’t shout TAKHIR ALLAH AKBAR, but they are engaged in a specific task of destroying the Natsik of UKRAINE .... YOUNG GUYS respect and respect.
    1. Letun
      Letun 3 October 2014 08: 26
      Quote: The same Lech
      Armistice in European, how much can you endure it.

      So it is striking that during the armistice, the LPR and the DPR are negotiating on the status of UNDER CONTROL territories! And the fact that in Slavyansk and Kramatorsk, as it is written here, is 37 years old, is no longer taken into account. This is a cut chunk.
      And yes, I can imagine what TAM burials are. That's where the punishers just walked the rink!
    2. mirag2
      mirag2 3 October 2014 08: 29
      Photos of fighters from here:
      More about the airport:
      "... At the airport, the reports of the capture really turned out to be premature, they almost finished it off, but not to the end, and the fuss will continue. But I think there is not much left there. The impossibility of suppressing the enemy's artillery batteries near Avdiivka, which was once again disrupted by the pressurization of the airport, is quite a serious problem ... "
      ps regarding military assistance to Russia:
      a link to this is taken there:
  2. VICTOR-61
    VICTOR-61 3 October 2014 08: 06
    Yes, I read a lot of victims of violence. Slavyansk punitive atrocities against civilians. All the same, my opinion was that the truce was not timely, the troops were to panic when they were more panicky from New Russia, and so they will recoup civilians for the defeat and I can imagine how many more victims will be. from Bandera punishers in the territories of Donbas and Lugansk occupied by them
    1. zao74
      zao74 3 October 2014 08: 11
      In addition to these 500 punitive, they provided lists of several hundred missing persons - most likely buried along roads and landings.
      And they are "peaceful" only can win.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. Little Lost
      Little Lost 3 October 2014 09: 50
      Mariupol It was necessary to take.
  3. pvv113
    pvv113 3 October 2014 08: 09
    LPR militias transferred Hyacinth self-propelled artillery mounts to Donetsk

    An impressive trump card !!!
    1. Same lech
      Same lech 3 October 2014 08: 11

      Type of tractor: Ural-4320 type
      Ground clearance, mm: 475
      Carriage speed on the highway, km / h: 35..80
      Length, mm: 12 300,, 12 920
      Barrel length, mm: 7562
      Width, mm: 2788
      Height, mm: 2760
      Crew (calculation), people: 8
      Caliber, mm: 152,4
      Carriage: with extendable beds
      Elevation: -2,5 .. + 57
      Rotation angle: -25 .. + 25
      Rate of fire
      rounds / min: 5..6
      starting speed
      projectile, m / s 945
      Sighting range, m: 30 500 (OFS)
      range, m: 40 000 (AR OFS)
      Sight: PG-1M, OP4M-90A
      Images on Wikimedia Commons ?: 2А36 Hyacinth-B

      powerful gun ... as for the destruction of fortified areas.
    2. Landwarrior
      Landwarrior 3 October 2014 08: 38
      Rather, self-propelled
    3. midashko
      midashko 3 October 2014 09: 05
      This is not a self-propelled gun. Self-propelled gun "Hyacinth" is made on a tank chassis.
      1. Nikolaevich I
        Nikolaevich I 3 October 2014 09: 32
        Quote: midashko
        LPR militias transferred Hyacinth self-propelled artillery mounts to Donetsk

        Something I am not "catching up"! As far as I know; during the storming of the Luhansk airport, 240 mm Tulip mortars were used. I remember.
  4. Pro100Igor
    Pro100Igor 3 October 2014 08: 11
    Very relevant for our modern world! And reports from the militia once again testify to the anarchs in ukrovlasti!
  5. Magic archer
    Magic archer 3 October 2014 08: 17
    Cafe Minute, on the menu dill !! good
  6. shishakova
    shishakova 3 October 2014 08: 17
    We were pleased with the photo of the Heroes - how much courage and peace - Victory will be yours! God help you.
  7. grog_bm
    grog_bm 3 October 2014 08: 22
    When will finish this moronic war !!! Zadrli already-tired .... people are ruining from doing nafik .... winter crops need to be sown, but they are fighting ... soon there will be nothing to eat .... and then the Russian brother-help ...
  8. Wolka
    Wolka 3 October 2014 08: 28
    The most difficult thing is yet to come, now that the Nazis have once again been slammed in the face and firmly given the European mongrels to incite the Yankees will once again begin to bark about the violation of human rights near Donetsk and, in general, about Russia's interference in the internal affairs of sovereign dill. Well, nadro will somehow rescue their "geese" captured at the airport. Geese cannot be exchanged, they are subject to trial
  9. Loner_53
    Loner_53 3 October 2014 08: 30
    “Yesterday a friend from Luhansk called and told me excitedly how everything was starting to improve. Pensions were increased, I received 1800 UAH. Enterprises begin to work, people return. Education in all educational institutions is free.Scholarships, hostels for students are also promised for free. Thanks to the militias in the city, there is no order, drugs and alcoholism. I asked, they say everything about the militia, but she firmly said, do not believe it, everyone lies, it is the National Guard under the guise of a militia that makes nasty things, and they mongrel them. MERCEDES-HEROES! After talking with her, the soul sang and it was so joyful. "
  10. Landwarrior
    Landwarrior 3 October 2014 08: 39
    This is five plus! good laughing
  11. Panther45
    Panther45 3 October 2014 08: 47
    After the Airport, you need to prepare for the assault on Mariupol, or else there will be numerous secret burials of local residents. The army of looters and bandits is ramping up in the city.
  12. pascal309
    pascal309 3 October 2014 08: 59
    US and EU demand to stop the assault on Donetsk airport. The European Union is ready to expand sanctions against Russia if Donbass militias establish control over Donetsk or Mariupol airports, Bloomberg reports, citing a government source. According to the source, such a development of the situation will have unpredictable consequences. "
    The USA and the EU are absolutely ... oh !!! The fact that civilians in the city are being shot from there is normal in their concept, that children are dying is OK, but the fact that the militia is trying to knock this scum off is very bad !! They have something in their head that shit floats, One annoying thing is that at one time we hugged and kissed these shitty things and fucked up. I apologize for the rude vocabulary, DARK !!!!
  13. galka
    galka 3 October 2014 09: 07
    Hang on, guys, in UKRAINE many also support you, they are only afraid to talk about it loudly.
    1. Cristall
      Cristall 3 October 2014 10: 12
      Quote: galka
      Hang on, guys, in UKRAINE many also support you, they are only afraid to talk about it loudly.

      as they began to lie, then ceased to support.
      Before that, I was sure that the truth was behind them. After a lie ... there is no truth anywhere.
      1. ispaniard
        ispaniard 3 October 2014 11: 47
        Tell the citizens of Odessa for the truth, both Nikolaev and Kherson and Mariupol and Ilovaites and Slavs and Kramatorsk and Gorlovtsy (I will modestly keep silent about Donchan and Lugantsev ...)
        And the fact that V.V.P. and didn’t say -Cristal I have to say a little here for a number of reasons, do not hold a grudge against him, he is a busy person.

        Are you Odessa Cristal yourself? So tell us for May 2nd ...

        P.S. Again you are not minus, although on the "Censor" you would have been banned a long time ago - THAT IS THE TRUTH.
      2. The comment was deleted.
  14. Valery Siberia
    Valery Siberia 3 October 2014 09: 07
    Very good news in the morning. Words cannot express admiration before these People who perished - Eternal Glory! There is now no force in Europe greater than the Army of the South-East. They would have aviation and the most modern weapons systems - and run off the roads, armor, more than once broken Deutsches, squeamish Frenchmen ... And to Europe, to this: "Europe is concerned about the storming of Donetsk airport, the possibility of applying new sanctions to Russia is being considered" - I would like to say: "Let's go on ... th! Take care of Boeing, killed and buried with cut organs! Scum and reptilians! Inhumans!
  15. Valery Siberia
    Valery Siberia 3 October 2014 09: 09
    The Polish Gazeta Wyborcza wrote that in Volyn a detachment of Belarusian nationalists was formed consisting not only of members of the Belarusian community of Volyn, but also of Belarusian citizens, who went to the conflict zone to fight on the side of Kiev.
    All in the furnace!
  16. Valery Siberia
    Valery Siberia 3 October 2014 09: 12
    I put the pros! To all was well! All health and victory!
  17. Rock2
    Rock2 3 October 2014 09: 12
    About the airport pleased. Well done! Honor and praise! Eternal memory to the fallen!
    There is no information about the air defense near the airport, where the anti-nuclear bunker. They took her, no?
  18. kodxnumx
    kodxnumx 3 October 2014 09: 27
    God sees the Russians not when they don’t want war! But they were forced to take up arms and now they will put it only when there is a victory, it was like that.
  19. Little Lost
    Little Lost 3 October 2014 09: 49
    In the heat would push the front line. Let's look at the events in preparation for the election / election. In the wake of populism, fascists can do a lot of stupid things.
  20. Cristall
    Cristall 3 October 2014 10: 16
    Information is one-sided. The information war by the militia is also waged by the same methods.
    Unverified sea information.
    However, the very selection of news from Ukraine on VO as well as about political news, is selected in the right way. No one thinks why and how certain news are published, and some do not.
    Having the ability to compare - it looks the same tracing paper.
    However, for the Russian resource the normal picture. Another is not worth the wait.
    1. ispaniard
      ispaniard 3 October 2014 12: 06
      Quote: Cristall
      However, for the Russian resource the normal picture. Another is not worth the wait.

      Here, already for hypocrisy, I would have minus you, but I won’t ...
      Tell me dear / dear, but in your Ukraine is this possible?
      - “What does a journalist need to do in order to receive the Freedom of the Press award from the so-called Committee to Protect Journalists?” Mr. Simon, explaining the decision on Zygar’s candidacy, said that it was “Rain” (quote) gives the Russian TV viewer a rare opportunity to learn a point of view that differs from that of pro-Kremlin mass media. (this is from the article - "Rain" washes the American award) ".
      And in Ukraine, who says anything against "SvyatoHunta" ???
      And we also have in Russia: Makarevich, Bykov, Ksyushad, Erofeev, Navalny, etc., etc.
      Oh, I forgot Venediktov with his "Echo of Moscow" ...

      P.S. I didn’t think that I’ll post a photo of these two "cute girls", but if you please, I’m even proud of them now, as they are a REAL MERRY opposition in my country. Do you have an OPPOSITION in the country? ..
    2. The comment was deleted.
  21. mira.36
    mira.36 3 October 2014 10: 20
    With the capture of the airport, the problem of shelling Donetsk has not been completely resolved. Shells fly from Sands and Avdeevka, and these points are thoroughly fortified. If dill continue shelling, then the militia's offensive will continue, which means that you can forget about the so-called truce. Next in line is another abscess, which will have to be opened - the Debaltsevsky "cauldron". Before the elections, the Banderaites will not receive an order to surrender and will persist like at the airport. The Ukrainian army for crimes against its people has long stood on a par with mercenaries and bandits, they are the only ones who carry out all the shelling from the North-West zone, the National Guard does not have such weapons, therefore, the attitude towards it should be appropriate, as to criminals who subjected civilians to genocide ...
  22. aleks700
    aleks700 3 October 2014 10: 30
    Here we have the 37 year began. Squealing, people disappear in the basements of Slavyansk ... and much more. Everyone is silent, afraid. They brought radicals on the day of the city. Adequate sat at home, because the holiday failed. Also terrible things are happening at the Kramatorsk airport, all worse than the 37 year. I have a bunch of friends hurt.

    You stand at a bus stop, an armored personnel carrier is driving, and grimy Ukrainians are sitting on top and holding their fingers on the trigger of a machine gun in your direction ... trembling all over your body. "
    But the militia does not go away. Martyr.
  23. Vovan - prison
    Vovan - prison 3 October 2014 11: 26
    The black-haired mess of deception the whole EU intimidated that if they do not impose sanctions against RUSSIA, then you too will begin Maidan !!! And who wants Maidan to happen at his beloved near? So they impose sanctions diligently !!!
  24. Ze Kot
    Ze Kot 3 October 2014 18: 00
    Cafe minute good
  25. GDV
    GDV 3 October 2014 23: 30
    If you think about genocide on the face, it’s a waste of brain, people who, on the fact of one blood, one faith, with one story with us, five Americans, we have two.
    We cherish each other, and they watch from the side
    Judas on the leash of their masters are spraying with saliva, they used to be hung on Russian birches, now they are fondly called liberals, from where the indulgence is dug, inspired by the beaver who saved the tree.
  26. Kacap0001
    Kacap0001 6 October 2014 14: 38
    Photos "militia" just like on the selection - or non-Russians or some bandyuk.