White House Corsairs

White House CorsairsThe al-Qaida group has declared Syrian President Bashar al-Assad its enemy. This is another case where the goals of this organization and the United States of America coincide.

It has long been no secret that al-Qaeda was created by Americans to fight the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. The word al-Qaeda itself means Base or Base. The organization was originally a database of payments to specific hired anti-Soviet militants, wrapped in the banner of Islamic radicalism. Base maintenance was entrusted to the scion of the influential Saudi business family, Bin Laden Osama. He was rich enough not to steal out of greed, and fanatic enough to steal from him simply. In fact, his position was accounting. Funds for the activities of the organization came mainly from Saudi Arabia, and the Americans set it off for specific purposes.

After a long and fruitful collaboration, Osama bin Laden fell out with his patron because European and American troops, preparing to expel Saddam Hussein from Kuwait, were based in Saudi Arabia. The holy Islamic land, in his opinion, is not entitled to trample the infidels. In order of revenge, he became the inspiration for several actions against the Americans - for example, attacks of an inflatable boat filled with explosives on the American warship Cole in the port of Aden, as a result of which the ship spent a couple of months in repair.

However, the история The main terrorist attack attributed to al-Qaeda - the attack on the World Trade Center in New York - is littered with such white spots that you can draw almost any version of it. In purely technical terms, the official version is most likely true. The buildings did not seem to collapse from internal explosions, but really from the weakening of the overlap of the upper floors due to overheating. But all the interested persons too diligently turned a blind eye to the flight training of two dozen strange personalities in one aviation school. In any case, Osama bin Laden participated in this business, perhaps, as an advertising symbol, shown by well-trained TV people around the world.

Be that as it may, after deducting several minor conflicts, this terrorist organization strictly chooses as its enemies those whom the Americans consider to be enemies. Let us recall at least that after our departure from Afghanistan, the same militants got into the habit of going first to the Central Asian republics of the Union, and after its collapse - to the North Caucasus.

Relations of the United States of America with a database of their own mercenaries are very little like an irreconcilable contradiction. Rather, they are described by the formula "cute curse - just amuse." Al Qaeda are not pirates attacking anyone. They are more likely corsairs who have received official permission to rob and kill those who are currently at odds with the publisher of permission. With all the tales of an uncompromising fight against terrorists, Americans can still command them "face!" and indicate exactly who "face".
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  1. datur 3 August 2011 13: 58 New
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    Anatoly Wasserman - A SMART MAN. He wrote everything correctly, although he didn’t open America. everyone knows about this, but they pretend that this is not. at least in the west. but in vain these freaks got a taste and soon you won’t stop them.
  2. atheist
    atheist 3 August 2011 15: 23 New
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    let them shoot each other, it will be bad when they understand and begin to destroy together the rest of the world,
  3. jamert
    jamert 4 August 2011 00: 16 New
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    there’s just the topic that they’re not playing each other but more playing the same gates.

    I studied in the States from 2004 to 2006. And local students said that after September 11, 2001, police control was greatly strengthened. Squealing at all levels. the cameras are almost in the outhouse. Maybe for this the towers exploded?