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Medinsky suggested that history lessons in museums include a mandatory program

Culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky suggested making at least a few lessons mandatory. stories in the year that would be held in local history museums, reports RIA News.

Medinsky suggested that history lessons in museums include a mandatory program

With such a proposal, the head of the ministry spoke at a meeting of Vladimir Putin with the heads of regional museums.

“It is very important that local history museums carry the function of enlightenment, that is, that it is not a place to store old things, but it was an educational center.”- expressed the wish of Medina.

When Vladimir Putin remarked on this occasion that this was always the case, the minister replied that at present everything depends on the private initiative of the teachers.

“That is, the director of the school wants to hold a lesson there (in the museum) - he goes there. Recommendations, standards do not exist. It would be very nice if there was a commitment from the Ministry of Education. Suppose we have two lessons (stories) per year held within the walls of the museum, and where else can we learn history? ”Said Medinsky.

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  1. The comment was deleted.
  2. DRA-88
    DRA-88 2 October 2014 10: 38
    Previously, excursions to museums for students were mandatory.
    1. B.T.V.
      B.T.V. 2 October 2014 10: 59
      Quote: DRA-88
      Previously, excursions to museums for students were mandatory.

      And free.
      1. DMB3000
        DMB3000 2 October 2014 11: 11
        they were never absolutely free. not all were free. class teachers paid from the school fund. Of course, no one took directly from the children. children remained out of financial mechanisms
    2. Civil
      Civil 2 October 2014 12: 06
      an attempt to stop young people from leaving can only be resolved in a comprehensive way;
      1. Do not spread rot their culture.
      2. Pay normal money.
      3. Solve the problem with housing not at the level of apartments but at home.

      But you can’t spread the slogan on bread.
    3. Giant thought
      Giant thought 2 October 2014 13: 42
      A very sensible offer, I am for two hands.
      1. Sirocco
        Sirocco 2 October 2014 15: 02
        Quote: Thought Giant
        A very sensible offer, I am for two hands.

        It is a pity that this was not proposed by the Minister of Education. Or Livanov also Nevkursenko. ???
        1. Bro 3-12
          Bro 3-12 2 October 2014 17: 10
          Vladimir Rostislavovich, well done, respect him!
          An intelligent man, all the latest actions connected with the First World War with the Patriotic War, the work of his hands. More precisely, the ministry’s business, under its supervision!
          Much that is unknown to us, silent at the time, becomes obvious - open.
          sorry people are not very interested in the past of the motherland!
    4. The comment was deleted.
  3. Balamyt
    Balamyt 2 October 2014 10: 39
    Right thoughts! I would have spoken out for a single history textbook!
    1. Severomor
      Severomor 2 October 2014 11: 45
      Quote: Balamyt
      I would have spoken out for a single history textbook!

      They are not ready to be afraid, and money around 100500 textbooks is not small. Yu. Zhukov has long been offering (no less than 5 years) a single history textbook.
  4. DPZ
    DPZ 2 October 2014 10: 40
    it always has been, during the Soviet era. museums prepared programs, and schoolchildren were transported regularly to their and neighboring cities.
  5. ispaniard
    ispaniard 2 October 2014 10: 40
    I really like the idea, as has been impressed by all Medinsky's undertakings lately.
    Given how to rewrite history in a neighboring country, this step is very correct and timely (the only lessons would be more, at least a couple of dozen).
    And "Ivanov not remembering kinship" has no future because they have erased their past ...
    1. DMB3000
      DMB3000 2 October 2014 11: 15
      At Medinsky in a reserved dill, Bandera was brutally killed after the war. hacked into pieces with an ax and scattered in the woods. then his wife looked for it all in shock.
  6. Flinky
    Flinky 2 October 2014 10: 40
    Two lessons per year? It is very, very small. At least two lessons per month are needed, and ideally - weekly.
  7. Federal
    Federal 2 October 2014 10: 42
    It’s a very good idea, I agree to include 100 in the general education program, and where there are no museums to organize field trips from the district municipality, by the way they are most remembered for children and along the way they instill a sense of collectivism.
  8. dmitrii35
    dmitrii35 2 October 2014 10: 47
    A systematic approach to parenting is needed Museums Patriotic cinema Military units Parts of the Ministry of Emergencies Production modern and much much more. All this must be shown and talked about! So that the children’s eyes on the necessary professions light up and a moral and spiritual base is formed!
  9. Barakuda
    Barakuda 2 October 2014 10: 48
    Fans-sponsors would have been even larger, so that the museums restored, replenished.
    I was accepted into the pioneers in the Museum of the Great Patriotic War, somehow I was remembered for a lifetime ...
  10. yana532912
    yana532912 2 October 2014 10: 48
    It is high time! Only here, not everything depends on the school. The main education in the family. If a child is taught to treat his story with respect from childhood, then he will never buy cookies, never.
    1. Barakuda
      Barakuda 2 October 2014 10: 58
      True truth! In my school childhood, there were three maps hanging on the wall - the World, the USSR, Ukraine, and my father still "pressed" how the Congo differs from Zaire, and how many rivers flow into Baikal.
  11. Stanislav 1978
    Stanislav 1978 2 October 2014 10: 51
    Children should know the history of their native land clearly. Plus, parents themselves must take their children to the museum and to the sights of their native city and region, what parents said is better remembered than the compulsory school program.
  12. FC SKIF
    FC SKIF 2 October 2014 10: 53
    I reread all the myths about Medina Russia, and greatly respected him. And his idea about museums is pretty
  13. northern
    northern 2 October 2014 11: 00
    A great idea, even if there is only one local history museum in the city, it will still be of great benefit. Still children from villages / villages should begin to be transported to regional centers. There is nothing to say about large cities, everything is in order with museums, in some places where life is not enough to get around at least a part.

    And it is MANDATORY to bring a program for teaching history to a single image, to make a single textbook for the country, and not a bunch of different programs, as it is now.
  14. ksv1973
    ksv1973 2 October 2014 11: 03
    It is strange, why does the Minister of Culture come forward with a proposal regarding education? Medinsky - standings hi , and where are the constructive proposals and initiatives of the Minister of Education, eh?
  15. Naum
    Naum 2 October 2014 11: 04
    In museums, it is necessary to conduct lessons not only in history, but also in geography (the nature of the native land), drawing - art (art museums). In planetariums - lessons of astronomy, in zoos - biology. I'm quite serious! The closer the children to the source of knowledge - the better. That is the time to see.
  16. Pazifist87
    Pazifist87 2 October 2014 11: 15
    Medina is a rare dolb ... ep, he and "Mikhalkov's Tired Citadel" - a history lesson, and on his order, schoolchildren were driven to this "truth about the war" ...

    “I am not a scientist-historian. My specialization is different - it is consolidated in the academic degree of Doctor of Political Science and a practical specialist in PR and propaganda (...) You naively think that facts in history are the main thing. Open your eyes: no one pays attention to them for a long time! The main thing is their interpretation, angle of view and mass propaganda. " - The Minister of Culture about himself.

    Such a leader will ruin any undertaking.
    There will probably be another obligation, although it all depends on the teacher. One and the same can be told in such a way that it would be interesting for children and they would become interested in the history of their native land, while others can repel any interest in the subject.
    If a history teacher reduces everything to memorizing dates without understanding, then no museum will help.
  17. Svetlana
    Svetlana 2 October 2014 11: 20
    This is a great initiative! Many schoolchildren do not really understand yet whether they need it or not, they think, for sure, that it is not very interesting. But I am sure that after visiting the museums they will have a completely different opinion and impressions will remain vivid for life.
  18. ISKANDER25
    ISKANDER25 2 October 2014 11: 49
    Hello! A very useful suggestion! Indeed, the visualization in practice is better absorbed than the theory in the text! The main thing is that this is free for schoolchildren! hi
  19. argon
    argon 2 October 2014 11: 50
    The article suggests a direction. And, as you know, any idea must be correctly embodied in the "material" sphere. Involving museums in the compulsory educational process of schoolchildren also means raising the financial side. And museums in the outback are not funded like the RM or "at worst" the Hermitage. The instructions of the educational departments in the regions for school principals should not be advisory, but prescriptive in this matter. The Ministry of Education should not be ashamed of its power.
  20. cidr777
    cidr777 2 October 2014 11: 54
    It used to be. And they went with pleasure, not for evaluation or a tick. It was interesting, especially if the teacher taught the lesson with soul.
  21. 3vs
    3vs 2 October 2014 11: 57
    The necessary initiative!
    Especially for rural students.
    It would be nice to take them to such events and free of charge for parents.
  22. Analgin
    Analgin 2 October 2014 12: 16
    The right decision. It’s one thing to indulge in language, and another is to have in front of you a visible confirmation of certain facts of history!
  23. Walk
    Walk 2 October 2014 12: 19
    Medinsky, along with Krasheninnikova and Starikov, are, in my opinion, the best experts in not only visible history, but also in-depth processes and currents that are sometimes invisible, but move and direct historical processes. Moreover, from most others, they are able to reasonably and intelligibly convey to the listener and reader the essence of these processes. These are those people who, at various disputes, regularly poke the representatives of the fifth column with their faces in their own lies and dirt.
    1. Pazifist87
      Pazifist87 2 October 2014 12: 42
      Are you serious?

      Are you serious, you think that falsification of facts and half-truths, and sometimes ignoring facts, are "historical arguments", do you seriously assert that Medinsky has anything to do with objective history? Hope you are kidding.

      Well, or you really confuse cheap propaganda with reality.

      The "historian" himself:

      The facts themselves do not mean very much. I will say even more rudely: in the matter of historical mythology, they do not mean anything at all. It all starts not with facts, but with interpretations. If you love your homeland, your people, then the story you will write will always be positive.

      - Medinsky V.R. War: myths of the USSR. 1939-1945. M .: Olma Media Group, 2011.S. 658.

      Z.Y. Then Suvorov-Rezun is also a historian ... And Mikhalkov makes films about the war according to real documents ...
  24. Seva
    Seva 2 October 2014 13: 24
    and it was an educational center, ”Medinsky said.
    And why is everyone so alarmed? Did he express something new or very smart? This was, is, and should be, in his tenure or without him)) It would be better for him, as a minister, to deal with direct organizational matters. For example, we have already gotten requisitions in schools, and I don’t think that this is a matter for law enforcement agencies, they set up the system in the ministry like that.