Neo-Nazis in the Lithuanian army - the threat of fascization of the country

Neo-Nazis in the Lithuanian army - the threat of fascization of the country

In Lithuania, the scandal around radical nationalists, who serve in the Lithuanian army and learn martial art for possible use against non-Lithuanian citizens of Lithuania, is gaining momentum. One of the participants of the anti-fascist movement in Lithuania, who, in his own words, wished to remain anonymous, for the sake of his own safety, told about the threat of the “fascization of the country” of REGNUM today, on August 2. The interlocutor noted that the leaders of Lithuania only verbally condemn manifestations of radicalism in the country, but in fact they are financed by radical organizations. This, according to him, is confirmed by the Lithuanian media, which last week replicated information that nationalist youth are financed by the structures of the Lithuanian government. In this regard, according to the interlocutor, only sarcastically can you refer to the words of Lithuanian Minister of Defense Rasa Juknevičienė, which says that any attempts to incite ethnic hatred are strictly suppressed in the Lithuanian army. It should be noted that this is confirmed by the photographs of neo-Nazis in the Lithuanian army, which are published on the Internet page of the anti-fascist movement REGNUM also publishes these images proving neo-Nazi tendencies in the modern Lithuanian army.

As REGNUM reported earlier, Lithuanian Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius on July 29 condemned the slogans of the nationalists gathered in a summer camp in the Salcininkai region. Especially Kubilius condemned the skinheads' slogan that “with household soap you need to wash the throat” to those speaking Slavic and Germanic languages. “As soon as the government began to take steps to expand the dialogue with the Polish national minority, offered a package of solutions for the development of the economic and social situation of Vilnius residents, someone immediately begins to destroy mutual understanding and spur national discord,” the words of Kubilius are quoted in the press. Government services of Lithuania.

Recall the current slogan of the skinheads summer camp in Lithuania is “Ačiū Dievui, kad gimiau BALTAS!”, Which can be translated in two ways: “Thank God that I was born white” or “Thank God that I was born Baltic”. The Lithuanian People’s Youth Union became famous for the fact that every year on Independence Day a process of skinheads is organized in the center of Vilnius, shouting "Lithuania to Lithuanians", and a few years ago with the slogans "Good Lithuania without Russians", "Kill this liquid" and common "Juden raus "(" Jews out ").

Recall also that Poles historically residing in Lithuania struggle for the right to re-privatize land in the Vilnius region, the right to use bilingual - along with Lithuanian Polish - to write surnames and names on street signs and in personal documents. Lithuanian legislation prohibits it, while European law, which Lithuania adopted when joining the EU, guarantees respect for the rights of national minorities.

Lithuanian authorities have begun an education reform, as a result of which schooling for national minorities should be translated into Lithuanian.
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