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Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine: a man accused of TFR in murders, never served in the battalion "Dnepr"

An adviser to the head of the Ukrainian Interior Ministry, Anton Gerashchenko, said that as part of the Dnipro-1 battalion, there was never a serviceman, Sergei Litvinov, who was charged by Russian investigators with numerous murders of civilians in eastern Ukraine, particularly in the Luhansk region, reports RIA News.

“Of course, all this is a blatant lie. Maybe this Sergey Litvinov exists in reality, but bad luck — there has never been such a fighter in the Dnipro battalion! The battalion "Dnepr-1" never performed any tasks on the territory of the Luhansk region. He acted in the Western Donbass - Kurakhovo, Marinka, Krasnoarmeisk, near Mariupol, Ilovaisk, but never in the territory of Lugansk region ", - wrote Gerashchenko on Facebook.

Recall, on the eve of the representative of the RF IC Vladimir Markin reported the arrest of a fighter of the Dnipro battalion Litvinov, who is accused of killing civilians in Novorossia and who will be transferred to Moscow the other day for a medical examination.

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  1. Vladimirets
    Vladimirets 2 October 2014 09: 11
    Interestingly, the new "authorities" of the ruins generally know who served and is serving in the so-called volunteer battalions?
    1. mist4
      mist4 2 October 2014 09: 22
      And for example, in Russia, hackneyed cops are retroactively dismissed.
    2. Balbes_I
      Balbes_I 2 October 2014 09: 26
      The fact of the matter is that they do not have data not only on the Terbats, but also on the National Guard and on the units of the Armed Forces, moreover, according to the documents, many units did not leave their permanent locations, since it is easier to hide losses from the population, yes and compensation for death and injury may not be paid.
      1. g1v2
        g1v2 2 October 2014 11: 53
        This is true, but however, all reports of Dnieper 1 were from the DPR and were not seen in the LPR. Toli was a separate unit from him in the LPR, they are all the same for our roofing felts, the detained crap is carrying the roofing felts. Or is it from the subsidiary bats - Dnieper 3 or 2.
    3. jaguar
      jaguar 2 October 2014 09: 28
      Who?? DO NOT KNOW SUCH !!!
      1. KUOLEMA
        KUOLEMA 2 October 2014 09: 58
        Vernyak’s position is not at that, we are not shooting residents at the club (suicide club) they tied themselves up and shot themselves
        1. from punk
          from punk 2 October 2014 11: 48
          Quote: KUOLEMA
          Vernyak’s position is not at that, we are not shooting residents at the club (suicide club) they tied themselves up and shot themselves

          Well, the same person stated that the Russian journalist was detained by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine as a deversant and could not name his name correctly. And then it turned out that the journalist was killed and he went into a confusion, I know nothing, I saw nothing !!! so whether he served or not and he himself doesn’t know for sure, but it’s better to disown him. Yes, and according to him, a man in Kharkov accidentally fell on the fence of the temple and died grabbing a bare wire. Where are the wires on the fence? and why? And how he "himself" strapped with tape does not matter
  2. Balamyt
    Balamyt 2 October 2014 09: 13
    ...... in the battalion "Dnepr" has never been!

    But I was in the Dnipr battalion! Most likely so! sad
    1. kit-kat
      kit-kat 2 October 2014 09: 23
      Quote: Balamyt
      ...... in the battalion "Dnepr" has never been!

      But I was in the Dnipr battalion! Most likely so! sad

      Well then Dnipro.
  3. dmitrii35
    dmitrii35 2 October 2014 09: 13
    Of course, the Ukrainian authorities will deny everything! So they confessed to the crimes. Like kittens by the scruff of their neck and poke ...
    FACKtoREAL 2 October 2014 09: 13
    For some reason, I immediately want to believe this "honest" UKRAINIAN official! crying
  5. cerbuk6155
    cerbuk6155 2 October 2014 09: 15
    Ukrainians immediately disowned their own. We don’t know this and that’s it. And these idiots still go to war and kill people at their request. Their complete idiocy is in the heads, in the country. soldier
  6. Loner_53
    Loner_53 2 October 2014 09: 19
    there has never been a fighter in the "Dnepr" battalion!
    Look at the mug, it’s immediately obvious (honest man) angry
  7. Dazdranagon
    Dazdranagon 2 October 2014 09: 19
    How can this person lie? .. laughing
    1. Styx
      Styx 2 October 2014 09: 31
      Are you talking about that fat booth? laughing
  8. Egoza
    Egoza 2 October 2014 09: 20
    there has never been such a fighter in the "Dnepr" battalion! The Dnepr-1 battalion has never performed any missions in the Luhansk region.

    What a "neat" slip of the tongue! Battalion "Dnepr" and Battalion "Dnepr-1". But there was also "Dnepr-2" and "Dnepr-3". Pan scoundrel looked at the wrong lists !!!
    By the way, the killing of civilians themselves, the pan does not deny!
    1. APASUS
      APASUS 2 October 2014 21: 57
      Quote: Egoza
      By the way, the killing of civilians themselves, the pan does not deny!

      It is surprising that he does not deny the presence of such a battalion, because it is quite logical
  9. sgr291158
    sgr291158 2 October 2014 09: 23
    And now what else can I say, you need to cover your ass as quickly as possible. Now they will begin to compose new tales, as a result, Russia will be to blame for everything.
  10. raid14
    raid14 2 October 2014 09: 24
    Was there a boy? Maybe the boy wasn’t there. Dill in its repertoire, liars and cowards, will still have to be responsible for war crimes.
  11. Styx
    Styx 2 October 2014 09: 28
    Yesterday, a little through Monique, Svidomo did not grab at the throat, when that stinky ch.m.o. began to fool around about the atrocities of their fellow monsters! This is something with something! I have already run out of words about everything, even mats. am
  12. ISKANDER25
    ISKANDER25 2 October 2014 09: 31
    Hello! Well, this was expected! Trying to get away! My brother from Krasnoarmeysk has a pancake in the Russian Federation wearing only sneakers from "Dnepr" he managed to knock down the house, they burned the house!
  13. sever.56
    sever.56 2 October 2014 09: 35
    Well, what else can Arsen Avakov's "beloved wife" - Anton Gerashchenko say? In the family - the husband, everything is the head.
  14. RUSS
    RUSS 2 October 2014 09: 49
    Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine: a man accused of TFR in murders, never served in the battalion "Dnepr"

    It seems to me that people going to "serve" in punitive battalions should understand that they will not have any privileges or any special allowances and pensions, and that the state of Ruin will disown them on occasion, and even better if many thugs generally perish in Donbass, what would do not get dirty like with Muzychko.
    1. VadimSt
      VadimSt 2 October 2014 10: 43
      They will seek pensions and benefits later and will achieve, and now, they have enough unofficially issued carte blanche for impunity for murders, robberies and other violence.
  15. Signature
    Signature 2 October 2014 09: 54
    They ("true patriots") also have many thousands involved in the ATO - they have never been in Donbass.
    But how and why did these corpses never be there - did they end up there? Probably, again, these nasty and ubiquitous Russian special services planted?
    And after all, how well-fed this human figure is Monsieur Gerashchenko: it is obvious that he sleeps and drinks with pleasure and with a dead calm.
    Does anyone believe that it is possible to "plant a grain" of conscience in this individual? Or, say, to wake her up, sleeping somewhere in the depths of this plump mastodontal body (in my opinion, she does not sleep there and does not even sleep in a deadly sleep - she simply was never there).
  16. Mercenary
    Mercenary 2 October 2014 10: 08
    Found someone to look for the truth. And he is still the same beetle, he wrote on Facebook. Definitely "document"
  17. DPZ
    DPZ 2 October 2014 10: 36
    they have such a mess that they themselves do not know who served where, is serving, died. and everyone will disown such cadres by hook or by crook, and it will soon become clear that this "Rostov paratrooper" entered from the territory of the Russian Federation and went about doing his deeds at the behest of Putin personally!
  18. Vend
    Vend 2 October 2014 10: 54
    They now will not have anyone in the battalions at all, no one is serving there and there is no such battalion. It is only on paper. They will disown the Nazis as soon as they can laughing Hit punishers in full laughing
  19. xan
    xan 2 October 2014 11: 25
    There are dofiga prisoners from these same battalions, and ours only took one. It was necessary to interrogate a hundred from different gangs and everything would become clear.
    Although I think that they actually did, but on the spot in the Donbass. Just Donbass specialists at the world level will not listen.
  20. Prutkov
    Prutkov 2 October 2014 12: 32
    It seems that in these terbats only battalions are listed. And the rest so ... "went out for beer."
  21. kelevra
    kelevra 2 October 2014 15: 00
    Yeah, and soon it turns out that such a person is not that there was no dill in the citizens, but in the whole world! DEATH DROPS, EVERYTHING FOR ONE!
  22. natakor1949
    natakor1949 2 October 2014 17: 18
    The lies hopeless, arrogant, shameful sound from the gulp of the entire leadership of dill at all levels, concerning everything: Odessa, Boeing, mercenaries, murders of children and women, violence, etc. etc. the end is no longer visible. But I’m very interested in one question, and how are they going to bring up worthy citizens of their homeland, because someone needs to create, develop a power holder. After all, children look at their parents and this is for them a measure of upbringing, a measure of their future life principles. And when everything is around murderers and bandits, then what will happen next with this damned, apparently, a piece of land God?
  23. Evilcat
    Evilcat 2 October 2014 22: 11
    Advisor to the head of the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs, Anton Gerashchenko, said that the Dnepr-1 battalion never had a serviceman Sergei Litvinov, who was charged by Russian investigators with numerous killings of civilians in eastern Ukraine
    Here is a stupid person! This must be so crap! To lie, so in full - there is no such person at all in the Armed Forces of Ukraine!

    PS In the robot pinned. Instead of a stupid person, I wrote something completely different.