About the base platforms of the Northern PKB

Along with the world's leading forums of the market of naval equipment, weapons and equipment placed the International Naval Salon of the city of St. Petersburg. He rightfully earned his rightful place: its participants represent the newest developments in the field of naval armament and equipment, which facilitates the exchange of experience, stimulates the innovative development of the numerical branches of production and science.

Salon this year was held for the fifth time. He does not cease to attract the special attention of foreign specialists and, of course, potential partners of Russia in the field of military-technical cooperation. It is not strange that the Open Joint-Stock Company “Northern Design Bureau” (SPKB) is a regular participant in the showroom.

Over the past ten years, in most countries, especially in the Asia-Pacific region, which purchased ships of large displacement, there has been some reorientation in the fleet construction programs.

Relatively inexpensive corvettes, small in displacement, saturated with professional weapons and radio-electronic means, as well as patrol ships of the open sea can solve many problems. Therefore, they turned out to be the most popular in the current market.

Today, the best-selling naval equipment, which was able to establish itself, standing in service with the exporting country or third countries. One of the numerical OPV projects of the Northern PKB, which relate to them, is the border patrol ship of the 22460 project. In June, 2009 was launched Rubin, the main OPV of this type. Due to the excellent composition of weapons and hardware, this ship has a high export potential. In addition, during the construction process, the ship was equipped with a huge amount of the latest technology.

With the help of stealth technology was developed appearance "Rubin". For the first time, a runway for unmanned aerial vehicles and light helicopters was placed on OPV. In the aft part there is a hangar, as well as an inclined slip, on which you can install a speedboat.

The Ruby is armed with one 30-mm automatic six-barreled artillery installation and two 12,7-mm machine guns.

In the ships of this project, if necessary, you can expand the composition of the strike and anti-submarine weapons. In Rubin, namely, in its wheelhouse, a constant watch is being carried by several crew members and, at the same time, the systems and mechanisms of the ship are controlled, which reduces the number of crews.

SPKB offers two more OPV class ships and a corvette of such projects as 22160 and 22500, in the layout and design of which there is a huge potential, which is achieved through the application of innovative principles in building a ship’s weapon system. In addition, instead of weapons on the ship, you can install special tools that will help find and rescue the distressed at sea, put out the fire, conduct environmental monitoring of the water area, and deliver the cargo to the drilling platforms.

About the base platforms of the Northern PKB

On all projects of the OPV class ships and the corvette, you can install a complex of weapons and foreign-made equipment. The bureau has extensive experience in working with foreign firms, which makes it possible to take into account all the wishes of the customer and quickly provide support in the technical field of building ships at shipyards of Russian and foreign customers.

The Northern PKB also offers a novelty designed on the basis of design and technological innovations - this is a multipurpose frigate of the 22356 project. The novelty was tested on the main ship of the 22350 project “Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union Gorshkov”.

The multi-purpose frigate of the 22356 project provides a solution to a multitude of combat missions, as it is equipped with the newest weapon systems. During the design of the ship, the experts paid special attention to the placement of personnel. The multi-purpose frigates of the 22356 project are capable of reinforcing the groupings of surface ships of the naval forces of each potential buyer.

Open Joint Stock Company "Northern Design Bureau" has a powerful scientific and technical potential, a modern production base, as well as well-established links with advanced scientific and technical centers and companies that are engaged in the construction of ships. All these qualities make it possible to create high-grade, high-tech, science-intensive and competitive naval military equipment, as well as to respond to the current requirements and demands of the Russian Navy and not only at an instantaneous rate! After all, such potential cannot fail to attract the attention of fleets of foreign countries.
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