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Lend-Lease for Nazi Germany

Lend-Lease for Nazi Germany

Lend-Lease for Nazi Germany
How American companies supplied Hitler during the war

On October 1, 1941, the first lend-lease protocol was signed between the USA and the USSR, which received assistance from America in tanks, aircraft, fuel, food and other materials. However, American companies generously supplied all of this to their own enemies, Germany. Business and nothing personal.

American accessories for "Fau"

Some American companies, in fact, supplied fuel and weapons to both the Nazis and their own belligerent army. It would seem, why should the fascists be supplied with everything they need? In fact, this demarche is explained very simply: Germany paid a lot more.
Moreover, not a single German shell fell on the territory of America itself. But if this shell is designed for someone else, even for an ally, England, that's okay - this is not the United States. Apparently, it was decided by the International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation (ITT) and they have adjusted the supply of components and even entire ready-made units for Fau missiles. And they, as you know, the Germans bombed London. Such cynicism and greed cannot but amaze.

What cannot be bought for big money can be bought for very big money. Politicians who turned a blind eye were also bought, in particular, on the big contract of the same ITT with the Nazi government at the time when America was already at war with it. According to the contract, ITT faithfully supplied Germany with special communication equipment, high-frequency equipment, selenium rectifiers, fuses for artillery shells (30.000 every month), radar equipment, telephone sets, switches and many, many others.
It is known that the automobile magnate Henry Ford was sympathetic to Hitler and even before the Second World War he invested a huge fortune in the economy of fascist Germany. And already in 1940, his plants began mass production of five-ton trucks for the Nazis. Ford’s factory in Europe also worked at all its capacities, supplying fascists with cars for various purposes, tires, aviation engines, auto parts and much more. At the same time, the production of engines for cars for the British was reduced. And the release of aircraft engines for the English "Spitfire" and "Hurricanes" is generally discontinued.

IBM computers for concentration camps

Not less "moral" people headed the IBM company, which supplied computers and calculating machines, spare parts for them and special paper for ... concentration camps. Apparently, that the contingent of death camps replenished, the Americans increased the supply of vehicles that helped the Nazis quickly calculate the population of those countries where the Wehrmacht’s boots had already set foot, and to identify those under arrest. This was done by cross-sectional and comparative analysis - the method allowed identifying Jews who had concealed their nationality for more than one generation. After the war, Aybiem people for a long time fought off the Holocaust victims in court, demanding compensation. However, there was something to pay: during the war, the company's capital had tripled.

The enormity of the situation lies in the fact that this capital accounted for the profit obtained after the "investment" in this "concentration camp" business. After all, it was precisely the gold extracted from crowns, cigarette cases, watches and other things taken from prisoners that the fascists paid to American suppliers - and the total amount of such “mining” amounted to almost 400 million dollars in gold.

And the Germans paid generously. For example, the company Standard Oil, which supplied Germany with millions of barrels of oil. In the Canary Islands, a refueling base for German submarines was arranged. In addition, this corporation owned a patent for tetraethyl, which was part of the fuel for aircraft. And the payment of, say, the British Air Force patent fees for it actually meant refueling the German aircraft that bombed the capital of Albion.

Moreover, Standard Oil, which supplied the fascists with large quantities of oil than their own army, in the year 1942 generally went to a sharp reduction in methanol supplies to the United States. A scandal broke out. After all, it was about such components as acetic acid (they make explosives based on it), fuel and lubricants, synthetic rubber, etc. At the height of the war, the Rockefellers who owned the company delivered a huge batch of cotton through front companies to the Nazis ) from which the powder is produced. And also 10.000 tons of explosives. But all this is so lacking in both America itself and the Red Army, which was suffocating without Lend-Lease's help.

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  1. zavesa01
    zavesa01 4 October 2014 10: 06
    Is it a secret for someone that Europe itself fed Hitler. Suffice it to recall The Strange War.
    Nut and the fact that the Yankees and yours and ours so this trash has always done so. Outcast Country.
    1. Mister X
      Mister X 4 October 2014 17: 08
      They supplied Germany, the statistical reference books answer, the English traders themselves.
      They sold them to Swedish and Danish merchants fourteen times more.
      tea, nine times more cocoa than before the war.
      They, of course, knew very well where it all goes.
      But they received a huge profit.
      The German government paid well for all products: they were immediately shipped to the front for the German army.

      British warships did not allow a single ship to Germany.
      At the same time, the English merchants transported everything they needed for the war through the Danish and Swedish merchants.
      It was they, the English merchants, who sold lubricating oil to Germany, without which
      German submarines would not be able to go to sea and sink English
      the ships.
      It was they who sold fats, of which in Germany they made liquid for compressor guns.
      They were the ones who sold cotton, from which they made explosives for projectiles in Germany.
      They sold Germany iron and copper, and nickel, and tin, and aluminum, that is, all those metals,
      from which they make guns, build airplanes, cast shells and bullets.

      L. Saveliev "Tales of the World War"
      1. Mister X
        Mister X 4 October 2014 17: 25
        Lend-Lease (from the English. Lend - to lend and lease - to rent, lease) - not quite a good term for the title of this article.

        The Lend-Lease Act provided for the following conditions:
        * materials supplied (vehicles, various military equipment, weapons, raw materials, other items) destroyed, lost and used during the war are not payable;
        * property transferred within the framework of the lend-lease, remaining after the end of the war and suitable for civilian purposes, will be paid in full or in part on the basis of long-term loans granted by the United States;
        * In the case of interest of the American side, intact and uncontaminated machinery and equipment must be returned after the war in the United States.

        So we are talking about pure commerce, most likely by prepayment, or after payment.
    2. siberalt
      siberalt 5 October 2014 15: 59
      Business and nothing personal. And what has changed? Well, they created a "voentorg", and why shouldn't the USSR take advantage of it? Yes, only the Marshall plan did not work for us.
    3. siberalt
      siberalt 5 October 2014 15: 59
      Business and nothing personal. And what has changed? Well, they created a "voentorg", and why shouldn't the USSR take advantage of it? Yes, only the Marshall plan did not work for us.
  2. cesar65
    cesar65 4 October 2014 11: 10
    What can I say if Ford and GM after the war seized millions of dollars in compensation from the US government for the factories that were in Germany and worked for Hitler, which brought profit to Ford and GM, destroyed by the bombing of the US Air Force and England.
  3. kuel
    kuel 4 October 2014 11: 21
    By the way, Japan also supplied America during World War II.
    1. Al_lexx
      Al_lexx 5 October 2014 12: 02
      By the way, Japan, during the Second World War, was supplied with fuel by Russia. wink

      That is why Japan did not invade the Far East.
  4. Internal combustion engine
    Internal combustion engine 4 October 2014 14: 05
    And what only "neutral" Swedes did during WWII was the height of cynicism. Americans, compared to them, are generally God's angels. All of today's fat and "Swedish socialism" stems precisely from those war times.
  5. Wheel
    Wheel 4 October 2014 14: 15
    Such cynicism and greed cannot but amaze.
    Hmm, isn’t it right now?
    Lukoil and Rosneft regularly supply fuel and lubricants to Ukraine, Sberbank lends, Kamaz supplies trucks for the National Guard ...
    The interests of business above all else, however inhumane they are.
    1. Pushkar
      Pushkar 5 October 2014 19: 09
      Not certainly in that way. Lukoil and Rosneft do not carry out state deliveries to Ukraine, Sberbank’s activities in Ukraine are prohibited (sanctions, you see) and not KAMAZ, but MAZA (according to the agreement, Belarus will deliver 40 MAZOV to Ukraine by the end of the year).
  6. Akuzenka
    Akuzenka 5 October 2014 00: 08
    The usual cynicism of the Anglo-Saxons, I do not see anything unbelievable in this. And for themselves, such behavior is considered NORMAL.
  7. Funnels
    Funnels 5 October 2014 13: 43
    Nothing personal just business.
  8. kirgudu
    kirgudu 6 October 2014 09: 40
    Sobsno it is clear who fed Hitler’s bosom and to whom the war was beneficial.
  9. bairat
    bairat 6 October 2014 10: 03
    But the USSR did not trade with Germany? Traded until the last moment of the outbreak of war. And we did not care that the Germans captured half of Europe. Americans are certainly radishes, but they need to be judged on the basis of factual material, and not invent stories. They already have enough skeletons in the closet.
    1. Baloo
      Baloo 6 October 2014 21: 43
      Before the war, Hitler gave the USSR a loan of 100 million marks in gold. This loan was extremely important for the USSR. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why Stalin did not fully believe in the German attack. Moreover, the same sources named different dates. The rear lagged behind and Hitler was forced to postpone the date of the attack. The Abwehr did not doze either: for example, the double agent of Kabulov Jr., the "Lyceumist", lulled Stalin with false information. But the truth of life: Stalin was given the exact date 47 times.
      During World War II, official representative offices of 50 American firms operated in Berlin, and Hitler himself did not keep his stash in the bank, but in the bank of Grandfather Bush Jr.!
      1. bairat
        bairat 7 October 2014 07: 32
        Money is always extremely important. Grandmas literally rule the world. And if Hitler did not attack the USSR, but went to Africa or further to the west, we would trade mothers with the Germans. Everything else, intelligence reported about stash, it's all snot.
  10. Prager
    Prager 3 November 2014 13: 44
    to whom war - to whom mother is dear, the main thing - profit in pockets.