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Russian Rust: Soviet-style drone


28 May 1987 of the year on Red Square landed a light aircraft, piloted by athlete Matias Rust. It was a shock, a severe blow to the prestige of the country, its army and air defense. However, few people know that just a couple of years later история repeated, but on the other side. The NATO air defense forces “let through” is no longer a light-engined aircraft, but a full-fledged Soviet fighter that reached distant Belgium.

Timeline: 4 July 1989

11: 21 (the time hereafter is Moscow time). The MiG-23M fighter, piloted by an 1 class pilot of Colonel Nikolai Skuridin, took off from the military airfield of the 871 fighter Pomeranian Red Banner Aviation Regiment. Taking off in the area of ​​Kołobrzeg in Poland, the aircraft is in full combat readiness, with the “friend-foe” identification system, with an 260 round of ammunition rounds for the on-board 23-mm cannon. However, there were no additional fuel tanks, bombs, or missiles on it.

After 41 a second, Skuridin fixes a decrease in engine speed and cotton in the left air intake. As a result - a sharp drop in thrust and decline. The situation is critical: he turns the car towards the sea, and he catapults himself. The fighters sent in pursuit of the aircraft do not find him, and the MiG is considered to have crashed. But...

After 6 seconds after the ejection (according to the flight recorder, found later at the scene of the accident), the engine began to gain momentum again. The plane slowly gains altitude until it reaches the ceiling in 12 km. Everything works automatically, according to the signals of the on-board electronic system.

11: 44. The air defense radars in West Germany record the violation of the air border by an airplane moving at a speed of 740 km / h.

11: 46. Two F-15 Eagle 32 tactical fighter squadrons of the USAF are raised into the air.

12:00 p.m. Commanding aviation The Northern Group of Forces Major General Ognev reports to the Air Force command about what happened. He reports that the plane "crashed into the sea and did not cause any damage."

12: 05. The “needles” successfully intercept the intruder and enter into visual contact with him. The pilots report to the dispatcher that they see a fighter with Soviet identification marks, without a pilot and with a torn canopy. They are not recommended to shoot it down, since it is impossible to predict where the plane will fall from such a great height. They continue to accompany.

MiG continued its automatic flight until the full development of fuel, flying a total of about 900 km. After that, the engine stopped him, and the plane began a smooth decline.

12: 37. MiG falls on the territory of Belgium, near the border with France on a residential building of a farm in the village of Belleg. At this time, the house is 19-year-old Wim Delare (Wim Delaere), who died. (Subsequently, the Soviet government would pay his family almost 700 thousand dollars of compensation.) After circling the crash site for some time, F-15 returned to base.

Russian Rust: Soviet-style drone


Of course, the most thorough investigation was carried out. It was found that the pilot was not guilty of what had happened - and it is difficult to imagine that during an ordinary flight, an ace who had flown more than 1700 hours by that time could make some kind of incredible mistake. Although there is an opinion that a spontaneous afterburner disconnection occurred, which led to a sharp drop in thrust, which the pilot took for engine failure. The rest of the distance fighter flew in the form of non-propulsion.

Against the background of the “missed” aircraft of Matthias Rust, a lightweight “plywood” Cessna 172B Skyhawk, which was also intercepted by Soviet fighters several times, the MiG incident looks much more serious. However, he did not receive wide publicity either from us or in the West. Soviet specialists were admitted to the crash site, and the wreckage was even taken to the USSR. However, the official reason was not named - although it was established that the engine of this fighter over the last year 5 was sent for repair.

Air Marshal Shaposhnikov subsequently commented on this event: “The incident, according to our data, is unique in the history of military aviation. At least, I do not recall that the car, abandoned by the pilot, made such a far uncontrolled flight. Such a plane is a MiG-23. ” Let us see briefly what kind of aircraft it is.


In short, this is a single multipurpose fighter. For the first time, a variable sweep of the wing was used on it (as in the famous Tu-160 bombers, the heroes of our cult article "White Swans"). According to the same Shaposhnikov, “during takeoff or at low speeds, its wing is almost straight in terms of, with minimal sweep, a decent span. The plane, so to speak, does not break through the air, but really flies. ”

Armament: 23-mm air gun, capable of making up to 3200 rounds per minute (260 ammunition ammunition); medium-range guided missiles (suspended on 2 underwing nodes) and up to 4 melee guided missiles (on 2 sub-body nodes). Equipment and bombs are possible, the total mass of weapons is up to 2 t.

The fighter was put into service in 1969 and served in the domestic Air Force until the middle of the 1990-s, becoming one of the most popular in our military aviation. It was supplied to other countries and participated in the mass of local conflicts.

Modification of the MiG-23M, which made the ill-fated flight, was a significant refinement of the main aircraft. She had increased wing area, improved aerodynamics, enhanced engines, improved on-board radar.

Lost fighter

In the USSR Ministry of Defense

July 4 in one of the aviation units of the Northern Group of Forces during a training flight over the territory of the Polish People's Republic due to a malfunction of aircraft at low altitude, the Soviet military pilot was forced to eject from the MiG-23 fighter aircraft. The pilot is alive. The aircraft continued an uncontrolled flight in a westerly direction and fell on Belgian territory. The Soviet side comes into contact with the governments of the states through which this aircraft passed.

("Red Star" 5 July 1989 of the year)

What happened to MIG-23?

In this regard, the Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Air Force, Colonel-General Aviation A. Borsuk told the TASS correspondent: "The plane was piloted by a military pilot of the 1 class Col. N. Skuridin. I spoke with him on the phone. He had already undergone a medical examination after the ejection, recognized as healthy. Pilot experienced. For Colonel Skuridin it was the first flying day after the holidays. As it should be, in order to restore the skills of piloting technology, he first made a test flight on a combat training aircraft In the 11.18 flew independently to work out exercises for aerobatics. On board there was an ammunition load of shells for the 28-millimeter cannon. There was no other ammunition. According to the pilot report, after taking off when the engine was running in the afterburner at 130 meters, he heard in the area of ​​the air intake, I felt a drop in the engine thrust, a drop in the aircraft. I also determined a decrease in engine speed and speed. The pilot reported to the flight manager about engine failure and at an altitude of about 100 meters he ejected.

After the pilot's report, Lieutenant Colonel Balykin observed the afterburner extinguishing and engine smoke, as well as the sinking of the aircraft. After the ejection, the plane stopped descending and disappeared from its field of vision at the extremely low altitude at a distance of 4-6 kilometers. The development of an emergency to take off presumably can be explained as follows: the spontaneous shutdown of the afterburner led to a sharp decrease in thrust, speed, and altitude, and was perceived by the pilot as an engine failure. In the future, the aircraft, being in the “stabilization” position on the engine-free mode of operation of the engine, continued flight until full development of fuel, flying about 900 kilometers. ”

("Red Star" 6 July 1989 of the year)

Thunder out of the blue

In 12.00, the acting commander of the aviation of the Northern Group of Forces, Major General Aviation V. Ognev, reported to Moscow on the command of the Air Force about a flight incident, that the pilot had been ejected and that measures were being taken to investigate the incident. "And where did the plane fall?" - asked Moscow. "I fell into the sea, but I did not cause any damage." It was meant that he did not please, they say, neither to the ship, nor to the fishing boat.

And after some time, like a bolt from the clear clear sky, the news came about the fall of the Soviet military aircraft in Belgium. According to our correspondent Y. Kharlanov from Brussels, at 10.55 local time, residents of the village of Coygem, located between the Belgian cities of Kortrijk and Tournai, heard the roar of the explosion, and then several more detonations. The witnesses who came running to the place with amazement saw that a plane had crashed onto the farm belonging to the Delare family. From the ruins protruded his tail with the identifying mark of the Soviet air force. At that moment, 18, the owner’s son, Weed Delare, was in the house. He died.

And one more detail. Two American fighters, taking off from Susterberg base in Holland, found and accompanied our MiG at an altitude of more than 10 thousand meters. Seeing that the cockpit is empty, the lantern is reset, both F-15 have retired ...

(“True”, 6 July 1989 of the year)

MiG: another MIG?

4 July at 9 hour. 44 min. American observation services spotted the migrating airspace between East and West Germany MiG-23. In 10.05, it was intercepted by two aircraft of the US Air Force, and then the American pilots found that the MiG was flying without a pilot. In such cases, usually give the order to bring down the aircraft, but the flight went over densely populated areas. In the end, at 10.37, the plane crashed into the village of Belleghem near Kortrijk (Belgium), slightly flying to the Belgian-French border, beyond which Lille lay in the immediate vicinity along the course. The big city did not suffer, the whole village did not flare up - a single house was destroyed. But the parents of the young man, whose burnt corpse was found under the ruins of his native home, are no better because there are no more victims. The governments of Belgium and Holland sent a note of protest to the USSR: the Soviet command was obliged to notify about this flight all countries for which the plane could be dangerous.

Despite the tragedy of the incident, the MiG, for the first time "escaping" to the West without a pilot, of course, became for the French the subject of wit. We, in turn, do not rule out that the real MiG was chased at the forefront of propaganda MIGs - Gorbachev’s peace initiatives. And if you stick to the popular concept of conservative forces that threaten Gorbachev, in particular, in the army (where, indeed, they hardly forgot to clean up after another flight, Matthias Rust’s Sesna), then you can also put forward such a semi-fantastic version, according to which the marshals fired MIGs at MIGs, timing the blow at the "pan-European home" to the day when the French Republic met the author of countless peace initiatives.

("Russian Thought" 7 July 1989 of the Year)
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  1. borisjdin1957
    borisjdin1957 19 October 2013 08: 05
    from the Don.
    Thanks to the author! I did not know about this case. A MIG-23 is good!
    1. xetai9977
      xetai9977 19 October 2013 09: 18
      As today I remember this case .... A unique situation ....
    2. stoqn477
      stoqn477 19 October 2013 10: 51
      In our country, until 1989, in this case, it was written in the magazine "Wings". He wrote that the absence of the pilot's ejection seat and brightens the nose and nasal plane automatically raises and flies. I wonder why the aviation commander of the Northern group of troops was deceived and he gave the wrong information above. And if the service in the air defense in NATO were nervous and see the attack? The plane is beautiful! Many people could not understand why our Air Force command decided and decommissioned and left the grandfather of the MiG-21! The MiG-21 was cheaper! Yes, but the MiG-23 does a much better job! Quality always comes at a price
  2. vladstro
    vladstro 19 October 2013 08: 10
    the interceptors were probably stunned for a moment without a pilot with a torn flashlight, and suddenly a new Russian weapon and there is a nuclear bomb smile
    1. olegkrava
      olegkrava 18 November 2014 06: 22
      It was the world's first combat drone or drone.
  3. Su-9
    Su-9 19 October 2013 08: 22
    Yes, the case was such that it rattled and was discussed throughout the Union. In our division (maybe two regiments were in the 23rd) then we even held a seminar.
    Evil rumors circulated among the pilots and, of course, the majority did not believe in the official version. Basically, everything was attributed to unpreparedness and fear of "an ace and a pilot of the 1st class Skuridin". he was the head of the political department of the division, it seems, but had to dial hours before the exercises. And of course, "in the common people" it was believed that such people cannot be normal pilots, especially in the SGV, but they get a touch and class for. True, it was or it was just youthful friction and perestroika spirit that spoke in us - it was difficult to disassemble and now it is impossible.
    But I still do not understand how it was possible to take the supposedly shutdown of the afterburner to stop the engine (I personally had both incidents) and how to eject so quickly during a controlled flight. Again - how did he turn on the autopilot?
    By the way, so that everyone understands - catapult satisfaction is something else! About 5 percent in the 80s didn’t end with anything good for the pilot. So at least Skuridin was very scared to catapult. Hence the version of his unpreparedness.
    But in the long run, the theory that it was rigged, that he took off, directed the plane, turned on the autopilot, and after that it cannot be ruled out. There was no normal investigation, and by the way, there was nothing to Skuridin either, and remained in the unit in my opinion.
    Maybe someday it will clear up.
    1. VAF
      VAF 19 October 2013 12: 08
      Quote: Su-9
      And of course, "in the common people" it was believed that such people cannot be normal pilots, especially in the SGV, but they get a touch and class for. True, it was or it was just youthful friction and perestroika spirit that spoke in us - it was difficult to disassemble and now it is impossible.

      No, it’s not fronting (I won’t say about perestroika, then it wasn’t yet ...).
      But the political leaders .. they are ... political ones, as the chiefs of political departments wassat

      I know "cases" just SEA ... wink

      Here ... for a snap ... Poltava (185 Guards. Tbb) then Poltava was used for flying.
      Well, the familiar sea, once closely communicated. Night flights .. the deputy political regiment of the p / p-to M. comes in for landing, reports - "on the 4th, the landing gear is released", and the P / E 217 (training flight in a circle with an approach along the RSP with an OSS) double circle and single, and this was the first circle and the first approach.
      RP on KDP did not ask a question .. zampolit all the same, pravak did not pay attention, because. on assignment the first lap with a passage.
      Well, they "saw" further ... range 10, the entrance to the glide path, then along the glide path, on the distant report ... "Call sign, Far landing gear released, green ones burn with landing." VSCP-lane is free, PRP-landing is allowed .... "The call sign is understood, they are allowed," and they go to the neighbor.
      When passing in front of the neighbor, the chassis and headlights are removed and ... on the second circle ... that Pravak is safely and ... made ... a chassis crane ... for cleaning.
      And the political commander went distant and equalizes ...
      And now the "oil painting" on alignment at a height of 5-7 meters on the strip "falls out Tu-22M3" .. which has no .. chassis belay and continues to "bridge" with a very good calculation of 300-350 meters.
      We are in the parking lot .. 2 are frozen ".. because what would happen then .. not hard to imagine.
      Pravak "came to his senses" when the plane was already hovering over the runway in about 3 meters .. screamed at the landing gear and thrust the thrusters into full afterburner and began to lift the corner. Well, what happened next in the cockpit ... what a dialogue ... it was not very interesting, but the picture was still the same visually ... the car was rolling from wing to wing, having a headroom in height ... well ... it was less than a meter above the strip with an angle so .. at least 25 degrees .. it should have fallen under all the laws, but .... after 7 seconds (after that, as the Right "shoved the ore", the left and then the right burned up .. the flame was hitting directly into the concrete and went under angle up and carcass .. like a duck, gradually decreasing the angle, began to move away from the runway and went to the second round.
      Then they sat down immediately and taxied. The first time I saw that a person can be so white .. even at night it was noticeable.
      Naturally, no prerequisites were formed.
      I saw everything that happened with my own eyes, so 100% non-flight bike soldier
      1. POCC
        POCC 19 October 2013 17: 30
        soldier No yes no words
      2. Normal
        Normal 19 October 2013 18: 20
        Quote: vaf
        I know "cases" just SEA ...

        I then worked at the Znamya Truda plant, which produced the MiG-29. On the eve of the case described in the article, in the smoking room, when discussing the poster "Brakodel - the enemy of the pilot", they said that pilots fly with one hand on "eggs", that is, on the handle of a catapult, with a minimum period until retirement. Like, in figs everything is necessary, and at the slightest signs of engine failure, the handle is "torn".
        The next day, the one who claimed it ran around the shop and pestered everyone with the question "Well? What did I say?"
        (I won’t say anything about perestroika, then it wasn’t there yet ...).

        If I'm not mistaken, "Perestroika" began in 88, and before that there was "Intensification and Acceleration"
        1. VAF
          VAF 20 October 2013 14: 02
          Quote: Normal
          If I'm not mistaken, "Perestroika" began in 88, and before that there was "Intensification and Acceleration"

          Well, it was in the early spring of 1983, just the mass development of 3s, and the deuces were "transferred" to Shaikovka soldier
          We just finished the Warsaw "Shield-82", so .. "experience" was .. mom do not cry!
          P \ Tmk that everything was ... as it should. And the political officers ... the squadron all flew at 5, but the regimental, who came from the "Akamedi" .. it was .. something fool
      3. old man54
        old man54 20 October 2013 05: 28
        Quote: vaf
        I know "cases" just SEA ...

        hello, Sergey! drinks
        Do you know this case? wink
        1. VAF
          VAF 20 October 2013 14: 14
          Quote: old man54
          Do you know this case?

          But what about ... it's a classic .. "Second Chkalov" fellow Valentin Privalov.

          Photo of course ... installation .. but the case really had a place to be.
          On June 4, 1965, the 712-iap. Link of the Mig-17 was transferred to Tolmachevo, to check the "operation" of the MZA motorized rifle division. One of the pilots was the senior pilot, Captain V. Privalov.
          Privalov then transferred to Savastleyka, rose to the post from where and quit in 1977 for health reasons soldier

          The case was "sounded" because there were too many witnesses, and the center of a big city, and so ... in the career of each pilot of the IA and IBA there is something ... similar bully
          "Spas" him himself Malinovsky wink
          1. old man54
            old man54 21 October 2013 01: 03
            Quote: vaf
            But what about ... it's a classic .. "Second Chkalov"

            Quote: vaf
            Photo of course ... installation .. but the case really had a place to be.

            Well, I also realized that the editing photo, although it’s a pity, could have been hooked on a real movie-photo chronicle, comrades-in-arms, he must have flown under a bridge then? wink Tell me the prelude to flight, you probably already studied at the school then, do you know more?

            But the bridge in the photo is real, I answer. The position of the plane immediately after flying the bridge arch (sharp pitching) and the "wall" of water from the jet from the engine are somehow very unrealistic, although ... if you do not go sharply into the set, then downstream through 500/700 meters it is already d bridge, with classic chick farms, so ... bully

            I will not say for the 65th, but in the 90s in June (on relatively high water) the height under the navigable (!) Arches of the bridges there (then, in parallel with the communal bridge, a metro bridge was built 50 meters higher) was about 12 meters, no less. Is this a problem for the MiG-17 and a good "gasket" in the cockpit? By the way, on the Neva, in St. Petersburg, the height under the bridge spans is very small, significantly less than 10 meters, maybe 5/7, so it was much more difficult for Chkalov then, although his aircraft was not reactive. wink

            Well, how to hide this span then? Almost the center of the city, a day, on the left bank (and along Privalov’s flight, too) right immediately behind the bridge, with the stream, there was always a city beach, June, a crowd of people ie .. Surely he did a circle above the bridge, looked at the presence of ships under him and on the approaches to him, i.e. all in advance paid attention to him. wink
            1. Alex 241
              Alex 241 21 October 2013 01: 17
              1. Alex 241
                Alex 241 21 October 2013 01: 18
                1. old man54
                  old man54 21 October 2013 01: 28
                  Quote: Alex 241

                  Greetings, Sasha! drinks
                  Midnight? What is this photo? 2 is yours? Explain.

                  I disagree with your link (above)! there are no 30 meters under the bridge. In spring, when the water is higher, there are 11 / 12 meters, if my memory serves me, and after June and autumn, it’s closer to 15 meters, and this is even on the ship, i.e. on 2 central spans and not the fact that on adjacent spans the bridge does not slightly lower down. wink
                  1. Alex 241
                    Alex 241 21 October 2013 01: 42
                    The flight over Tissa under the bridge, pilot Major Monus, after the incident was demoted to captain.
                  2. old man54
                    old man54 21 October 2013 04: 03
                    Quote: old man54
                    I disagree with your link (above)!

                    Listen, Sanya, it’s not a communal bridge at all! lol The landscape is different and the structure of the bridge ... it looks like an old Krasnoyarsk bridge, and the part of it that looks like over the Yenisei canal. So trust the Internet ... they write and publish all sorts of crap!
              2. Alex 241
                Alex 241 21 October 2013 01: 21
                Desperate turn. Almost half a century ago, military pilot Valentin Privalov flew under the Oktyabrsky bridge in Novosibirsk on the MiG-17. To whom and what did he try to prove?
                Alexander Klemyatenko, a resident of Novosibirsk, an eyewitness: "They reacted to the sound. We couldn't see it because of the bridge. And then we flew out from under the bridge, we saw it. I personally saw the bottom of the Ob, but there is probably 6 meters depth. many were wearing their clothes. "

                Who sat at the helm of the fighter and why he sent his plane under the bridge - then, in June of the 65th, eyewitnesses of the event could only guess. The state of emergency was not made public. The first scarce information in newspapers appeared in the 80s.

                Then the journalist Alexander Kamanov and began the search for a desperate pilot. I heard firsthand the story a decade later. And he made a film about the fearless captain.

                Alexander Kamanov, co-author of the script for the film "A Case in the City of N": "An island flashed, turned the control knob, aimed at the central arch. He began to take it lower, lower, lower, and already a meter away from the water, he left with a candle so as not to touch the railway bridge".

                29-year-old captain Valentin Privalov arrived in Novosibirsk from Kansk for 4 days to participate in demonstration exercises.

                Valentin Privalov, pilot of the MiG-17 fighter: "When we were relaxing on the beach, I was looking at this bridge all the time, and it enticed me. Sailing to the middle of the Ob, I visually measured the height of the span and the width between the supports."

                Valentin Privalov, pilot of the MiG-17 fighter: "Having broken through the clouds, I saw my bridge and could not resist. All attention was on whether there was anyone there, and no one could hold me back."

                Stayed in the captains, argued with friends, decided to conquer the girl - what pushed the ace pilot to take this step?

                Valentin Privalov, pilot of the MiG-17 fighter: “The MiG-17, which I flew in, I had studied it before, I felt it exclusively, and I wanted to improve further. It's not that there is some kind of dispute - that's all nonsense".

                The desperate turn did not record the equipment on board - it failed. And if it were not for the vigilant dispatcher, who recorded the deviation of the jet fighter from the course, this case would have gone unnoticed. The command considered the action of Captain Privalov to be rude air hooliganism. A week on his lip, he expected his fate.

                Valentin Privalov, pilot of the MiG-17 fighter: "Soon a telegram came from the Minister of Defense Malinovsky with the following content: Pilot Privalov should not be punished, he will be limited to the measures that have already been taken."

                And again he flew, taught young people. In 42 for health reasons, he retired to the reserve. Now lives in the suburbs. Privalov’s trick has not yet been repeated by any pilot in the world. Enthusiasts insist - an event worthy of the Guinness Book of Records should be immortalized. But there is still not even a commemorative plaque on the Oktyabrsky Bridge stating that in June of the 65th, the ace pilot made his desperate turn here.
            2. Black Colonel
              Black Colonel 21 October 2013 15: 11
              Good day to all!
              I read Privalov’s memoirs (quite a while ago). It is clear that with the necessary notes, BUT. Something like that.
              He was not given rest by Chkalov’s laurels over the passage under the bridges and he looked after (!) Himself this very bridge - the height of the flights seems to be suitable. Flying within the limits of visual visibility evaluated how the passage should be, but somehow everything was postponed FOR THEN.
              They were called, in my opinion, by four, pilots. Everyone got a flight mission. Privalov was to fly nearby “his bridge”. And then he decided - now or never! And if not now, then in the future I did not have the right to consider myself a brave pilot. No sooner said than done. I went under the bridge without preliminary passages. And, contrary to all ideas, the distance from the surface of the water to the bridge span became smaller and smaller as I got closer to the bridge itself (I remember this expression most). He still managed to notice a couple walking on the bridge (it was early morning). Immediately behind the bridge was another one, which had already to jump. It all happened in a few seconds. Then there was a call to the headquarters of all four pilots flying at that time. Naturally, no one THERE flew, much less flew under the bridge. And when it was said that the whole four would be fired from the Air Force, Privalov confessed.
          2. Beech
            Beech 21 October 2013 23: 35
            it’s not necessary to fly under bridges ... sad
      4. Andrey Yuryevich
        Andrey Yuryevich 20 October 2013 17: 06
        and in our GSVG a bike went like one AC in the center of the fountain descended on a turntable! in which town I don’t remember, more than thirty years have passed ...))))))) and there really was a fact: our pilot was somehow lured to the western airfield, he saw the crosses on the "phantoms" made a "conveyor" and left! I don't remember the details either ... so really, there are a lot of incidents laughing
  4. kavkaz8888
    kavkaz8888 19 October 2013 08: 28
    "The theory that it was rigged, that he took off, directed the plane, turned on the autopilot and then ejected could not be ruled out. There was no normal investigation, and, by the way, Skuridin also had nothing, and remained in the unit in my opinion."
    I read and thought for it. Such a flight is very similar to a decree.
  5. Gregazov
    Gregazov 19 October 2013 08: 36
    Amendment. All planes of the USSR Air Force were parked with a fully equipped cannon and filled tanks. So, what to say about "full combat readiness, with the included" friend or foe "identification system, with 260 rounds of ammunition for the side 23-mm cannon" is too exaggerated. Even a lot was lacking to full combat readiness.
    1. VAF
      VAF 19 October 2013 12: 11
      Quote: GregAzov
      Correction All aircraft of the USSR Air Force in the parking lot stood with a fully equipped cannon and filled tanks.

      Amendment ... to amendment wink drinks In this state, the aircraft were only in the remote sensing.

      And in the parking lot only operational refueling and shell tapes in the cartridge boxes, but not failed, and subsequently began to be removed from the plane and charged only for tasks. soldier
  6. olegff68
    olegff68 19 October 2013 08: 45
    A light aircraft, piloted by athlete Matthias Rust, landed. It was a shock, a severe blow to the country's prestige,

    The blow was delivered not by Rust, but by Humpback with a gang, first giving the air defense order not to touch this pepilats, and then dumping everything on them. The goal is to discredit the military leadership and purge it, thereby weakening its influence on the political processes in the country.
    1. clidon
      clidon 19 October 2013 09: 14
      Gorbachev in front of his eyes becomes a sort of mythological creature that simply harmed everything good together with everything bad. )
      Rust was not shot down by air defense workers who simply could not find a person who would take responsibility for the destruction of the civilian machine. Moreover, the decision had to be taken quickly, and the generals remembered what turned out to be the destruction of the 747th Boeing in the 1983m.
      The Secretary General then used this trump card in political rearrangements.
      1. APASUS
        APASUS 19 October 2013 10: 17
        Quote: clidon
        The Secretary General then used this trump card in political rearrangements.

        Used to discredit the Armed Forces of the USSR, for their complete destruction through endless reforms in the Armed Forces
      2. kavkaz8888
        kavkaz8888 19 October 2013 12: 23
        Once upon a time, fairy tales were told to children about the miracle-UDO three-headed, and now about the miracle-UDO, hunchbacked one must tell.
        ... and the miracle-UDO sent a hunchbacked sleep-nap to the heroic outposts. And goblins and other foreign creatures crawled into the very heart of the Russian Earth ...
      3. Lone wolf
        Lone wolf 26 October 2014 03: 48
        But it was impossible to force Rust to land even after crossing the border? For some reason, Hunchback didn’t even give such an order. And it wasn’t necessary to say that there wasn’t a decisive person in the Soviet air defense, he simply labeled such an atmosphere that without his order neither the sun was setting nor the moon was rising and it’s stupid to blame it for the commander and all the blame on him not on the designated switchmen
    2. VAF
      VAF 19 October 2013 12: 31
      Quote: olegff68
      The blow was delivered not by Rust, but by Humpback with a gang, first giving the air defense order not to touch this pepilats, and then dumping everything on them. The goal is to discredit the military leadership and purge it, thereby weakening its influence on the political processes in the country.

      I agree to all 100%! +! drinks Rust, for a trained pilot, and in those days the training was still very, very level good was an ordinary simple target and would be "overwhelmed" at times soldier

      Here, by the way, from the latest news on the topic .. fighters and light aircraft wassat

      According to the head of the Venezuelan Air Force Strategic Operations Command, Vladimir Lopez Padrino, on Saturday, October 12, 2013, the F-16 Air Force of the Bolivarian Republic

      shot down two drug traffickers near the Colombian border.
      For nefig wassat
  7. pamero
    pamero 19 October 2013 08: 48
    In 1989, we sent a drone into space and received it without loss, "Buran". Our fighters have long been able to fly without pilots, the only question is in the performance of aerobatics and their operational control within the globe. Over the territory of the country for a long time already we can.
  8. Strashila
    Strashila 19 October 2013 08: 50
    And we insist that we do not have experience in creating an impact UAV ... what accuracy, over a distance of several hundred kilometers, can hit a separate building.
  9. clidon
    clidon 19 October 2013 09: 24
    By the way, the Americans had an even more curious (and no casualties) case now called the "corn bomber". In 1970, the F-106 Delta Dart interceptor went into a flat tailspin. The pilot tried to regain control of the machine, even opened the aircraft's brake parachute, but this did not work. Then, at an altitude of about 4600 meters, the pilot ejected, and the car, due to the displacement of the center of mass, leveled off and continued its flight with a smooth descent, after which it landed on a snow-covered corn field, frightening the farmer. The engine continued to run on the ground, the snow melted and the interceptor jerked forward until it ran out of fuel. It was returned to the military and the plane returned to service after minor repairs.
    1. Rider
      Rider 19 October 2013 12: 56
      but it’s possible in more detail, otherwise Google is silent as a fish about a pan.
      1. Alex 241
        Alex 241 19 October 2013 18: 32
        Initially, February 2, 1970 was a normal day of service for the pilots of the 71st Fighter-Interceptor Squadron of the United States Air Force serving at Malmstrom AFB in Montana. Pilot Gary Faust was on a routine 2 x 2 air combat training mission when the Convair F-12,5 Delta Dart interceptor, piloted by him, entered a flat spin at an altitude of 106 km. Gary tried to regain control of the car, even in despair opened the airplane's brake parachute, but to no avail. The fighter fell inexorably to the ground, and at an altitude of about 4600 meters, the pilot ejected.

        After the ejection, the pressure of the catapult jet, a sharp decrease in weight, a shift in the center of gravity and a change in the aerodynamic characteristics of the aircraft lowered the nose of the aircraft, which led to the fact that it came out of the spin by itself and, as if nothing had happened, continued the flight at low thrust. They say that one of the pilots who also flew on that mission even transmitted to Faust, who was parachuting under a parachute, via radio communication: "Hey, you'd better get back into the car!" But Gary, for obvious reasons, continued his slow descent. The rest of the participants in the maneuvers reported to the base about the place of landing of the unlucky colleague and flew away. Gary Faust threatened to freeze somewhere in the vastness of snow-covered Montana on a frosty February day. Fortunately, he was quickly discovered and rescued by the Indians in a snowmobile.
        1. Alex 241
          Alex 241 19 October 2013 18: 33
          But the fighter did not even think to stop. At 175 knots, he headed towards the endless plains and farm fields. After a while, the car descended at about the same speed and, slightly lifting its nose, landed perfectly on a snow-covered alfalfa field. And, as if someone invisible was controlling it, the fighter even unexpectedly turned 20 degrees to the right, ideally entering the gap of the stone wall that was there. Finally, the plane stopped. The farmer, overwhelmed by the "gift", called the sheriff and said that military planes had taken to his field. When the sheriff arrived, the plane's engine was still running. The cockpit lantern, like the pilot himself with the seat, was not there. The instruments in the cockpit worked, winking merrily with lights. Radar scanned the area in front of the plane. The sheriff really didn't know what to do. And when the plane suddenly made a leap forward and again got bogged down in deep snow, the sheriff could not resist and began to call the authorities or whoever knows about airplanes. Quite quickly, a call with a request for further action was redirected to the air base, and while they were sorting it out, the crowd gathered in the field did not dare to approach the plane: every time they mustered up courage and took steps to the car, the snow under the plane melted enough to so that he leaps forward again. In the end, the crowd of farmers and law enforcement officers decided not to do anything until the plane ran out of fuel and it was calmed down. An hour and forty-five minutes later, it happened. The "corn bomber" (as the hero was later nicknamed) completed its mission.

          When the fighter-interceptor was disassembled and delivered to the air base, it turned out that the damage it received was minimal - the skin of the lower part of the fuselage was deformed and slightly peeled. The rest of the aircraft was in perfect condition. Soon he was repaired and returned to duty.
          1. sedoj
            sedoj 19 October 2013 19: 00
            This always happens when the car feels that the pilot is a burden for her.
            1. SlavaP
              SlavaP 21 October 2013 00: 08
              But the plane - the car also understands what's what. Try to say loudly while driving your car - "I want to sell it and buy a new one ..." - the breakdown will follow very quickly ...
  10. VADEL
    VADEL 19 October 2013 09: 32
    The Belgian is sorry. Probably sat peacefully on the toilet ...
    1. Mikado
      Mikado 19 October 2013 11: 07
      I heard a bike that in his childhood a gypsy guessed that he would crash on a plane, so he has not flown a plane since then, but fate is a villain ...
    2. Serg 122
      Serg 122 20 October 2013 09: 23
      ... didn’t touch anyone ... wassat
    3. Denis
      Denis 20 October 2013 09: 37
      And these
      they see a fighter with Soviet identification marks, without a pilot and with a torn cockpit light
      They probably immediately thought about their democratic squirrel, although that they were sorry ...
  11. UVB
    UVB 19 October 2013 09: 53
    Regarding the fact that the case was not widely publicized, I do not agree. Personally, I learned about this from television news, and there were publications in the press. They simply did not inflate the incident.
    1. Passer
      Passer 19 October 2013 20: 07
      I agree, I learned it myself from an article in Komsomolskaya Pravda.
    2. sub307
      sub307 20 October 2013 11: 03
      That's right - "... they didn't stir up the incident." Yes, in fact, there was nothing to inflate: just a "technical overlap" that led to an "incident", not a planned action, in contrast to the variant with Rust. And the air defense worked for them, well, they did not shoot down, because it was a deliberate decision, if they wanted to, they would have shot down. The analogy with Rust's "feat" is too far-fetched.
      1. kunstkammer
        kunstkammer 6 January 2015 17: 36
        And their air defense worked

        why didn’t our air defense work? Not spotted? Did not pass the information to the authorities?
  12. ICT
    ICT 19 October 2013 10: 25
    Quote: Su-9
    and remained in the unit in my opinion.

    a little later he was transferred to seems to be in AchinskataVATU, where he successfully taught in the specialty lol
    1. Akuzenka
      Akuzenka 19 October 2013 16: 07
      What specialty? By boltological?
      1. ICT
        ICT 19 October 2013 16: 24
        Quote: AKuzenka
        By boltological

        Well, not for the operation of the REO complex, of course.
      2. 19 October 2013 19: 12
        It was a political officer of the division. Restored after a break.
  13. Turkestan
    Turkestan 19 October 2013 10: 30
    In all parts of the Air Force in the lessons on the premises, this case was studied in detail; it was no secret.
    1. e3tozy
      e3tozy 19 October 2013 16: 59
      Right! I remember it well, I thought: it’s not a matter for ourselves that we have airplanes. Without a pilot, accidentally dismiss a thing!
  14. major071
    major071 19 October 2013 10: 52
    I remember this incident, and everyone who served or studied at military schools at that time should remember. We were informed about him on political information, even though I am a tankman. Our political officer then pushed the whole speech. He began with the incident with the plane, and ended with the leading role of the CPSU in the life of the USSR army and a call to join the party.
    1. Vasek
      Vasek 16 January 2014 01: 58
      Quote: major071
      Our political officer then pushed the whole speech. He began with the incident with the plane, and ended with the leading role of the CPSU in the life of the USSR army and a call to join the party.

      ... and the need for an institute of political workers to maintain alertness! laughing laughing laughing
  15. Technologist
    Technologist 19 October 2013 10: 56
    I remember how they blew on the TV.
  16. Witold
    Witold 19 October 2013 11: 16
    -12 qualifying.
    Awesome plane. 5 times a year the engine is under repair.
    1. loisop
      loisop 19 October 2013 12: 07
      But my brother-in-law (cousin) in 2010 drove an Audi A4 from West Germany. I repaired the suspension 20 times already. What a shit, German cars!

      Well, the truth drives both mountains and rails. And fishing. But the car is shit, yes.
    2. jjj
      jjj 20 October 2013 15: 34
      Form-100, Form-200, Form-100, Form-200, Form-500
      Good raid of the year
    3. The comment was deleted.
  17. andrei332809
    andrei332809 19 October 2013 11: 21
    that somehow I didn’t like this story. request
  18. fzr1000
    fzr1000 19 October 2013 11: 22
    I just did not understand from the article what is the NATO air defense "pass" of our aircraft? Spotted, flew to intercept, found, reported, escorted.
    1. Serg 122
      Serg 122 20 October 2013 09: 29
      But nothing was done. AND! No - done! Mochkanuli poor man, a Belgian. Sitting quietly in the toilet ... laughing
      1. Denis
        Denis 20 October 2013 09: 40
        Quote: Serg 122
        But did nothing
        Surely done ...
        Himself in overalls. Where is the pilot!?!?!?
  19. jandjella
    jandjella 19 October 2013 11: 36
    A funny incident happened with the Yak 38 test. March 4, 1976 military test pilot, Hero of the Soviet Union, Colonel V. Khomyakov was to perform an acceptance flight on a serial Yak-38 from the factory airfield. In the transient mode, when the PMD nozzle was turned, the pilot was unexpectedly ejected in a horizontal position of the aircraft at an altitude of about 70 m.He landed on a parachute not far from the take-off site and became, so to speak, interested in where, in fact, his aircraft was. continued flying with autopilot, gaining altitude in a transient mode. The local air defense service raised a fuss about the appearance of an unidentified object in the airspace, which did not respond to requests from the ground. The leadership was informed, and a decision was made to shoot down the unknown. By this time, the plane had run out of fuel, and the "unmanned" Yak-38 landed almost vertically on a snow-covered field. His cabin was inspected by two collective farmers, who were smart enough to steal a number of parts from the cabin. The rest of the plane was in good condition.
    1. stranik72
      stranik72 19 October 2013 19: 24
      Yes, there was such a thing, I’ll say more, the plane was looking for 2 days, and he glided so well into the ravine through the snow crust, and buried himself in the snow. The truth about the local air defense to say something great, I can’t warned the dispatcher, called the RP of the factory airfield and said that their plane flew away without a pilot like, be more attentive, as it seems that it is not high for 100 meters and more than 1 ... 3 km will not last, but he "bastard" almost 50 and held out. We even raised the MSS board to see where he is, but we did not find him. The grunts were for a week. And then other cases "piled up" a lot of humor in aviation.
    2. Denis
      Denis 20 October 2013 09: 43
      Quote: jandjella
      The plane meanwhile continued to fly with autopilot
      I heard that heading for Moscow
      Is that true?
    3. Polovec
      Polovec 20 October 2013 21: 17
      The Yak38 has a k36vm seat, which, with a certain roll (19 degrees, it seems) in the vertical take-off-landing mode, itself throws the pilot out. At that time, it went awry.
  20. Ram chandra
    Ram chandra 19 October 2013 11: 50
    Found something to brag about. Even an ordinary autopilot was called a drone.
  21. igor67
    igor67 19 October 2013 11: 53
    . I remember the news reported
  22. Ivanovich47
    Ivanovich47 19 October 2013 12: 19
    Phenomenal controllability and stability of flight. Still, our aircraft designers are brilliant specialists.
  23. Rider
    Rider 19 October 2013 13: 19
    to familiarize the comrades, as well as to cheer up (all the same day off), I want to tell you about another flight accident that happened in America.
    and so meet, Carlson’s symbiosis without a motor and Winnie the Pooh crawling behind honey - Larry Walters - Darwin Award Winner

    In 1982, Larry Walters, a retiree from Los Angeles, decided to fulfill his old dream - to fly, but not by plane. He invented his own way of traveling through the air. Walters tied forty-five meteorological balls filled with helium to a comfortable chair, each of which was a meter in diameter. He sat down in a chair, taking a stock of sandwiches, beer and a shotgun. At the signal, his friends untied the rope holding the chair. Larry Walters was about to smoothly climb only thirty meters, but the chair, like a cannon, took off five kilometers.

    The neighbors are discussing. Should I call 911? What for? The man flew away. Flying is not prohibited. The law is not broken. There was no violence. America is a free country. Do you want to fly - and fly to hell.

    ... Four hours later, the near airport dispatcher hears a pilot report from a landing ship:
    “Yes, by the way, guys, do you know that you have some kind of f ** k flying in the garden chair here in the landing level?”
    - I'm sorry, what? - the manager asks again, hallucinating from overwork.
    - Flies, I say. I grabbed onto my chair. Still, the airport, I thought, you never know ...
    “Commander,” the dispatcher gives in to the metal, “do you have a problem?”
    - I have? None, everything is fine.
    - You do not want to transfer control to the second pilot?
    - What for? - the commander is amazed. “I didn't understand you.”
    - Board 1419, repeat the report to the dispatcher!
    “I said that in your boarding echelon, mu ** k flies in the garden chair.” It does not bother me. But the wind, you know ...

    Dispatcher cuts loud broadcast. The older shift has square eyes. Firefighters and an ambulance rush to the front of the lane. Lane cleared, traffic suspended: emergency. The liner lands normally. A phoeberovets and a psychiatrist run up the ladder.

    Report from the following side:
    - But what the hell is your path blocking you with balloons! ... do you watch the air at all?
    There is a quiet panic in the control room. Unknown psychotropic gas over the airport.
    “Calm down, captain.” And besides you, does anyone see him?
    - Do I need to drop the helm and go to the salon to interview passengers, which of them was blind?
    “Why do you think they can go blind?” What other symptoms of the disorder can you name?
    - Earth, I don’t think anything, I just said that this creepy bird on the ropes works as an air choke. A disorder I can call work with your airport.
    The dispatcher shakes his head and pours a glass of water on it and, having mixed his hands, a cup of coffee: he lost his self-control.
    Third plane:
    - Yes, and I want to share with you that observation, gentlemen, that a man without an airplane looks amazingly ridiculous and lonely at this height.
    - In what sense are you ?? !!
    - O. And in direct, and in philosophical ... and in aerodynamic.

    The control room smells like a cool April Fools ’draw, but the calendar doesn’t confirm the date. The fourth board is icy polite:

    “Earth, I report that just some guy almost got into my left engine, creating a threat of an emergency.” I do not want to clog the air when landing. Upon completion of the flight is required to draw up a written report.

    extension should
    1. Rider
      Rider 19 October 2013 13: 21
      The dispatcher looks into the airspace with the eyes of the Gorgon Medusa, killing everything that moves.
      - ... And tell students that if these celebrate Halloween next to the landing glide path, then this will not end in good! - asks the next.
      - How many of them?
      “How much do I know?”
      - Calm down, board. Report in order. What do you see?
      - I see the landing strip well.
      - To hell with the strip!
      - Do not understand? In the sense?
      - Keep on landing !!
      “What am I doing?” Earth, are you all right there?
      “Report - are you observing an unidentified flying object?”
      “Why don’t you recognize it?” Very identified.
      - What is it?
      - Person.
      - Is he some kind of super yog that flies there?
      “And how much do I know who he is.”
      - So. In order. Where do you see him?
      - I don’t see it yet.
      - Why not?
      - Because he flew away. -Who?
      - I.
      - Where?
      - Earth, are you crazy? Do you turn on your brains? I come to your landing!
      “Where is the man?”
      - Which the?
      - which flies !!!
      “Is that ... you launched it?” What the hell? I don’t get it!
      - He was?
      - Flying man? -Yes!!!
      - Of course you were? What am I crazy.
      - And now?
      “I have no time to follow him!” How do I know where he is! Damn those who were in the landing echelon, and still demand to follow them! I don't give a damn where he hangs out now!
      “Calm down, captain.” Can you describe him?
      - mu ** k in the garden chair!
      “Why is he flying?”
      - But because he is a mu ** k! Well, catch and ask why he, aphid, flies!
      “What keeps him in the air?” - in despair, the dispatcher tears. - What is etitsky strength? What flying tool ??? He can’t fly on a chair !!!
      - So he has balls attached to a chair.

      This is followed by an untranslatable pun, for the dispatcher realized that the balloonist had tied the eggs to a chair, and he was demanding to explain to him the reason for the lifting force of this sex masazism.
      - What is it, the Lord holds the eggs in the air, or what ?!
      “Sir, I adhere to the traditional sexual orientation, and I don’t quite understand you, sir,” the board answers politically correct. “He tied balloons to a chair, sir.” Apparently, they are inflated with light gas.
      - Where did he get the balls from?
      - Are you talking to me?
      - Sorry, captain. We just want to check. Can you describe him?
      - Well, boy. Old man. In shorts and a shirt.
      - So. Is it white or black?
      - He's blue.
      - Captain? What does blue mean? ...
      “Do you know what temperature is overboard here?” Try flying without a plane yourself.

      extension should
      1. Rider
        Rider 19 October 2013 13: 24
        ending:This radio exchange in a madhouse goes to the rhythm of rap. The traffic is heavy. Dispatcher asks for a pill for schizophrenia. Arrivals are addressed to alternate airports. Departures are delayed.

        ... And on the radars - nothing! The man is small and undesirable, the balls are small and rubber.
        Contact the air base. They explain and swear: the doctor confirms the tube.

        Raise a fighter.

        ... Our balloonist in the underworld over the abyss, in a prostration of horror, overwhelmed and stiff, breathing frantically with icy rarefied air, his deathbed gaze passes nearby airliners roaring to decline. He stuck together and froze together with his tiny armchair, he shakes and drags him, and consciousness began to crouch.

        The next roar rolls louder and nearby - a fighter flies in a hundred meters. The head of the pilot in a spacious flashlight with curiosity spins in his direction. In the distance, the fighter lays a U-turn, and on the return flight, the pilot twists his finger at the temple.

        Our former cadet pilot cannot tolerate this, the visual center in the frozen brain sends a command to inject adrenaline, the heart pushes blood, and he shows the pilot the middle finger.

        “Alive,” the fighter reports disapprovingly to the base.

        Well. Raise a police helicopter.

        And it's getting dark ... It's getting dark! It is getting cold. And in the evening breeze, according to the laws of meteorology, slowly blows balls to the sea. He is already drifting over the shore.

        They are yelling and waving from a helicopter! Behind the noise, of course, nothing is heard. They try to hook it from above with a hook on the cable, but a powerful jet from the screw blows the balls to the side, the armchair dangles outright, no matter how it falls out! ...

        And the rescue operation is completed according to his own recipe, which is somewhat offensive ... The helicopter returns with a sniper, blinds with a spotlight from a hundred meters, and a sniper shoots through the upper probe. And the second one. They look with doubt ... Decreasing?

        All coastal boats are already dangling below. A free audience on arbitrary boats enjoys the sight and interferes with the coast guard. The heads were lifted, and someone had already fallen into the water.
        The third ball bursts with a bang, and the reduction of the cluster becomes apparent.
        On the fifth shot ball our guy with a lump and splashes splashes into the waves.

        But the ropes on which the deflated balls hung were entangled in high-voltage wires, which caused a short circuit. The whole Long Beach area was left without electricity.
        Lights shine, breakers whiten, boats rush! They pour it out of the water and begin to tear it away from the chair.

        The doctor feels the pulse on his neck, looks into the pupils, puts ammonia in his nose, injects caffeine with glucose and relaxants into a vein. As soon as the doctor turns away, the victim is poured a glass of whiskey into his throat, rub his ears, beat in the face ... and only then with the help of four sailors unclench his fingers and unclench his legs, twisted by a screw around the legs of the chair.

        Under torture, he began to recover, in the sense of massage. Self-banging teeth. He smiles when pins are driven into muscle muscles from cramps. And finally he utters the first swear word. That is, life is getting better.

        And when on the embankment he is loaded into an ambulance, and press flashlights blind the crowd, the nosy correspondent manages to slip a microphone between the orderlies and shout:
        “Tell me, why did you do all this?”
        He replied: "Well, you can't sit around all the time."

        quarrel over copy-paste. but my mood is cheerful, I can laugh too.
        1. POCC
          POCC 19 October 2013 17: 39
          laughing laughing wassat Midsection tore Nda damn hochmachi they laughing
        2. sedoj
          sedoj 19 October 2013 18: 54
          Thanks, have fun!
        3. Yura
          Yura 19 October 2013 21: 05
          Quote: Rider
          but my mood is cheerful, I can laugh too.

          Thanks for reading, I laughed for a long time at this case, as well as at the case in my life associated with it. I have a friend, he is now 85 years old, at one time (the Korean War) he served as a mechanic in an aviation regiment and they were based in China, hence his dislike of the United States is almost inborn. A worthy person, but he has one quirk, due to the hardening received in those days about order and disorder, he is a bore, and constantly preoccupied with the mess around he rarely smiled, and what would I laugh I have not seen such in all twenty years that we they are familiar. This summer, he was going to leave for good to live with his son in Omsk and went to say goodbye, the conversation was not very good, it was clear that he was not comfortable, at his age to drop everything and leave the habitable place, this is not a pound of raisins for you, I opened a bookmark with an article about In this case, he began to read, tried to read loudly because he hears poorly even in headphones. The first time I turned to him when he began to laugh out loud, and more and more he did not stop laughing, only three times I turned around to sob with a gurgle, at that time he waved one hand, saying wait, and with the other picked up the fallen hearing aid from the floor and inserted it into my ear, after which I continued to read, in the middle of the article my frightened wife ran into the room (then she said that she was very worried about our well-being, well, just think one yells the other laughs and both are on the verge of hysteria). He laughed so that tears flowed. After the article was read, we sat for another hour, chatted with him, cheered up and went out into the street, he went home and I saw off, they hugged goodbye at the gate and he said to me smiling: "I am ready to forgive them a lot for this laugh" and walked, after a few steps turned around and already very seriously: "But not all." This is how I remember him.
        4. ded10041948
          ded10041948 20 October 2013 08: 12
          Are you suggesting "laughing"? Whinnying like a horse and rolling on the couch until he fell to the floor. One thing is bad: The relatives decided that the grandfather was crazy. Had to re-read aloud again for them. The men understood, the female part - no. The grandchildren had the greatest fun.
        5. Rinat 1
          Rinat 1 21 October 2013 12: 09
          The story killed me !!! I ride with a laugh !!! Respect to you !!! Cheered up !!!
        6. samoletil18
          samoletil18 22 October 2013 20: 48
          It seems to have erupted ... fellow laughing lol wassat good
    2. VAF
      VAF 19 October 2013 16: 25
      Quote: Rider
      - Yes, and I want to share with you that observation, gentlemen, that a man without an airplane looks amazingly ridiculous and lonely at this height.
      - In what sense are you ?? !!
      - O. And in direct, and in philosophical ... and in aerodynamic.

      laughing laughing laughing +! good 5 minutes .. under the table drinks

      Only a lot of "embellishments" - 5 meters without an oxygen mask belay "the horses would be pushed" stopudovo, + to this 100% would be frozen wink
      Maybe 5000 feet? wink Then it’s very similar .. since the landing echelons just start from this height limit drinks
      1. Denis
        Denis 20 October 2013 09: 49
        Quote: vaf
        many "embellishments"
        What about it?
        Quote: vaf
        finally pronounces the first swear word
        they do not know how
      2. Vadivak
        Vadivak 20 October 2013 19: 53
        Quote: vaf
        Only a lot of "embellishments" - at 5 meters without an oxygen mask belay "horses would push" stopudovo

        Serega hello dear. Elbrus 5, I don’t take oxygen there including, it’s hard but nothing, tolerant, Mesnner didn’t take oxygen on Everest, as Volodya Balyberdin depends on a person here. Yours faithfully
        1. old man54
          old man54 22 October 2013 01: 40
          Quote: Vadivak
          Elbrus 5 200, I don’t take oxygen there either, it’s hard but nothing, tolerant, Mesnner didn’t take oxygen on Everest, like Volodya Balyberdin depends on a person here

          good 5+ hi
      3. old man54
        old man54 22 October 2013 01: 37
        Quote: vaf
        Only a lot of "embellishments" - at 5 meters without an oxygen mask "horses would push" stopudovo

        well, not necessarily Sergei. People in the Mountains and higher climb much, without any "MASOK" and oxygen.
        In the photo: The top of Mount Chogori (best known as K2 to everyone), the Karakorum mountain system, the height is 8850 meters! (photo clickable)
  24. vlad0
    vlad0 19 October 2013 13: 22
    I remember, then in the flight safety bulletins every month they unraveled. Who said Soviet planes are bad? Belgians don’t think so for 24 years!
  25. Chukcha
    Chukcha 19 October 2013 13: 40
    I remember this case well. Everyone was quite surprised by our technology.
  26. Vittt
    Vittt 19 October 2013 14: 29
    Quote: fzr1000
    I just did not understand from the article what is the NATO air defense "pass" of our aircraft? Spotted, flew to intercept, found, reported, escorted.

    We decided to act according to plan B: let's see where it falls.
    1. clidon
      clidon 19 October 2013 14: 58
      They hoped that he would fly to great water and fall there without causing harm.
  27. Tyumen
    Tyumen 19 October 2013 14: 53
    And why compare with Rust, it was an emergency, and not a provocation, as if it had landed in Brussels.
  28. ran nearby
    ran nearby 19 October 2013 15: 37
    Gentlemen, let me insert my "five cents" At that time, I was serving as an urgent in the GSVG. And it so happened that he served as a flatbed player at the Group's air defense command post, in the reconnaissance and information center. Well, and the funniest thing is that it was at this time that he was at the tablet, changing the database.
    So, the whole "banality" of this situation was that it was on this day, exactly at this time, and almost along the same route to France, on an official visit flew, guess who? Right. Our Secretary General - M.S. Gorbachev. Accordingly, even in the morning, before entering the database on divorce, everyone was warned about "Liternoy", and God forbid, let it pass and somehow display the track in a wrong way. All attention to "letter". Our gallant locators stopped in time for both the "letter" of the humpback and the MIG. transferred to the brigade, that to us at the command post. And at first they gave the index "52" (literal, quantity - 2 pieces). I was still then pinned up and showed my neighbor a tablet computer from a 110 radio network - look, I say, the humpback flies with security :) Then, after a couple of serifs, the index was changed to "51". Well, I safely "dragged" the hunchback to the end of my zone of responsibility. Then Seryoga from the 110th was given a couple of serifs of our "fugitive" somewhere on the border of France, and that was all. And at the change shift we were already in full question - sho for our plane spotted on the border with France. In the evening on TV in the program "Time" was broadcast for the incident :).
    And after a short time a bunch of people came to us and let's find out all the details. In the materials of the investigation, for sure, my explanatory is still gathering dust in the archives :)
    From such garbage, little ones. For those who doubt, I can name the full part number, telephone call sign and give Google the location coordinates of the CP and our part. hi
  29. ran nearby
    ran nearby 19 October 2013 15: 47
    Yes, the title of the article absolutely does not correspond to the content. At that time, NATO's air defense worked perfectly. But, according to the materials of the magazine "Aviation and Time" in the history of 23 of them there are a couple of unique cases of overcoming a strong air defense completely unnoticed. The first is the overcoming of Israel's air defenses from Syria. Then the Syrian defector pilot unscrewed to Israel in his MIG. The Jews missed him and were very, oh, oh ... uh, surprised when the pilot asked to land at Ben Gurion airport.
    The second case is similar - the defector pilot on the MIG-23 escaped from Cuba. Good Yankees successfully passed ... uh, they didn’t notice the MIG, which, by the way, can carry a small nuclear charge. In general, they found him, again only when the pilot began to request permission to land at the Miami airport.
    That's about these cases and it was necessary to write in an article with that name :)
  30. Jrvin
    Jrvin 19 October 2013 15: 49
    In this whole situation, I feel sorry for the guy who died ... an absurd death.
  31. [comment-show]
    crambol 19 October 2013 16: 20
    Hell! Combine all these memories and stories in one little book!

    PS. Colleague stoqn477 ! And how to understand your phrase:
    In our country, until 1989, in this case, it was written in the magazine "Wings". Wrote that the lack of a pilot's ejection seat and brightens the nose and nose plane automatically raises and flies.
    [/ comment-show] [comment-deleted]
    The comment was deleted.
    [/ comment-deleted]
  1. ivanovbg
    ivanovbg 19 October 2013 17: 46
    The nose of the aircraft became lighter and slightly raised, which led to a climb up to the ceiling height for this model.
    1. crambol
      crambol 19 October 2013 19: 49
      Yes, I know everything. But what does the flies have to do with it, and why should they be automatically raised?
  • malikszh
    malikszh 19 October 2013 17: 53
    Our Rus did not notice and the NATO troops escorted.
    1. Sour
      Sour 19 October 2013 19: 12
      You are just not in the subject.
      Just at that time I served in the air defense forces.
      Rust was spotted even over the Baltic, then over the territorial waters of the USSR. He was led all the way, and the operational duty officer of the air defense command post constantly reported on his movement.
      At first they didn’t shoot him down because the plane was clearly not military. Who knows, maybe the defector is flying? And the memory of the downed KAL-007 was fresh, the scandal was strong.
      And then it was too late to shoot him down. He flew at low altitude above the busy Leningrad-Moscow highway, guided by it. Its liquidation was fraught with victims. Well, when he flew over Moscow, it was all the more late to shoot him down.
      From this, the story was fanned, and it continues to be fanned. A tiny plastic airplane flew to Russia, and the noise was as if it were a B-52 with a full bomb load.
      1. Passer
        Passer 19 October 2013 20: 16
        The Leningrad air defense definitely carried it out, even ours were raised on alarm, everything was as if the B-52 had really broken through, the interceptors were raised, but no command was given. Then they told Moscow what they decided - I don’t know.
      2. Turkestan
        Turkestan 20 October 2013 11: 13
        Because of this bastard, good people have suffered.
    2. Contrpropaganda
      Contrpropaganda 5 November 2013 08: 32
      Quote: malikszh
      and NATO escorted.

      Yes really chtol? Is there anything to confirm, besides the Wikipedia articles?
  • 19 October 2013 19: 45
    What happened next? The 23rd regiment was quickly removed from Kolobrzeg and in August 1989 they were put into taxiing 12 Mi-24V, 6 Mi-8T, 2 Mi-24K and 2 Mi24RKhR. It was military unit 32937! Plus RAO. Plus the Borno-Sulinovsky squad, in my opinion, 8 Mi-2? All this huge power was spaciously located on one taxiway. On the site in front of the power plant lay a pile of scrap. According to the stories of freedoms from that very side. A razor-knife was made from a compressor blade with minimal curvature. I did not have time to straighten it. Fighters dragged. A year later, by August 1990, we were dispersed from there.
  • 123_123
    123_123 20 October 2013 08: 08
    I was more attracted to something else. And once our fighter jets took off from bases in Poland ... where there are bases now on the Indian subcontinent. Need to come back.
  • ded10041948
    ded10041948 20 October 2013 08: 31
    As an officer of the Air Defense Forces of the country, I fully confirm everything described in the article and comments (I mean what concerns the history of the Union). On the "Delta" - scant information slipped, as well as on "Carlson", but without such colorful details (I find it difficult to name the sources, so many years have passed)
  • drop
    drop 20 October 2013 08: 45
    No one described the case of the flight of our TU-22, as an unmanned aerial vehicle, to Madrid. I saw its fragments of the fuselage at the training ground in Saldus in 1989, when I conducted tests on a special topic there. The incident caused a great uproar in military circles.
    1. ded10041948
      ded10041948 20 October 2013 09: 44
      The first time I've heard! From this place in more detail, if possible!
  • svp67
    svp67 20 October 2013 09: 45
    Soviet drone

    "NATO Air Defense Nightmare", "Shadows over the Sea ..."

  • Agent 008
    Agent 008 20 October 2013 09: 55
    Still, I think the pilot had a panic, the self-preservation instinct outweighed the realization that the plane could fall on the apartment building, and much more people could die ... Therefore, the pilots who are trying to save the plane and people on earth, and sometimes and perish - real heroes ...
  • stranik72
    stranik72 20 October 2013 10: 06
    Quote: Agent 008
    Nevertheless, I think the pilot had a panic, the self-preservation instinct outweighed the realization that the plane could fall on the apartment building, and much more people could die.

    There were more than 10 km to the nearest houses. Yes, and did not fly with a failed engine from such a height, so far MiG-23. It’s just that the pilot was only recovering from the break (and the break was apparently solid) and his 5th point let him down, and apparently he didn’t like the plane, for something, so he dropped it.
  • Fitter65
    Fitter65 20 October 2013 14: 43
    Quote: Su-9
    Evil rumors circulated among the pilots and, of course, the majority did not believe in the official version. Basically, everything was attributed to unpreparedness and fear of "an ace and a pilot of the 1st class Skuridin". he was the head of the political department of the division, it seems, but had to dial hours before the exercises. And of course, "in the common people" it was believed that such people cannot be normal pilots, especially in the SGV, but they get a touch and class for. True, it was or it was just youthful friction and perestroika spirit that spoke in us - it was difficult to disassemble and now it is impossible.

    Yes, at that time he was the head of the political department of the 239th Baranovichi IAD, until December 1988 I served in the 347th OBS (military unit p62545), which provided the IAD headquarters with communications in Klyuchevo (a suburb of Stargard-Shchetsinsky). Therefore, I crossed paths with this person periodically I don’t know where how, but in our division there was a rule on the first Tuesday of the month - commander flights, the divisional control flew. Well, among other things, the leadership often flew, so leave it to yourself about the fact that he was a bad pilot. This happened more than once, it was agreed, and investigated. The actions of the pilot were recognized as correct, then that the technique "worked" not as described in the manual is not the pilot's fault. And if you are wondering how and what happened in reality. Go to the site of the GFS veterans there it is the event was laid out on the shelves, those who on that day let the plane into the sky, prepared for flight, provided, etc., etc. And then one "found" a sensation 29 years ago, and let's suck the rest, and not knowing what as...
  • Fitter65
    Fitter65 20 October 2013 16: 05
    Yes, and such a question. What does the MiG-23MLD from Domna, which is given in the first photo, have a relation to the MiG-23M from SGV?
  • Polovec
    Polovec 20 October 2013 21: 07
    He served there at that time and heard a version of what happened in a slightly different interpretation. When taking off, the air conditioning system seemed to be cut off. Those who know what they are talking about understand that at that moment there was a sharp silence in the cockpit. The pilot decided that the engine pulled the handles. MIG reduced to the horizon and went to the full production of fuel. He fell in Belgium almost reaching France, where Gorbachev was on a visit at that time. MIG fell to the farm and killed a guy 19 years old.
    I do not really believe in the reliability of this version. if it was a Conder, then how did the afterburner turn off? MIG then went on take-off7 Another thing is if the air conditioner failed after take-off, then everything could very well be.
    But Ognev was removed for the report that the plane crashed into the sea. Our stupidly lost him.
    In SGV and without this MIG there were enough jokes of both sad and dreary.
  • Bad_gr
    Bad_gr 20 October 2013 23: 22
    Here (on someone told how the dispatcher wanted to return to the track
    - xxx, dodge to the right ...
    - Got it ...
    - xxx to the right of 10 ...
    - understood ...
    - xxx, turn left forty ...
    - I understand ... I'm doing it ...
    - And where would I be with the same course?
    - an order ... and I would be with you ...


    Factory airfield, 4 o’clock in the morning, equipment works on the strip.
    An-12 enters, the dispatcher is a female.
    Board. - 11xxx on a straight line, landing gear ready for landing.
    Disp. - I allow landing 11xxx.
    Board. - Got it, they allowed it.
    Disp. - Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh
    Board. - I stand. Clean up the equipment.


    Here is another radio conversation. There are no main flights; annual flights are performed
    parachuting l / s of the local regiment. RP himself a former pilot, and the attitude of
    him for this event, like most of his colleagues, sympathetic.
    Some flying board (An-24 or 26) asks for permission to fly
    over the point.
    RP answers: I allow. Will you be fine at 4500? And then we have PEOPLE here
    now dumped.
    On board: I understood you, 4500, I will not wedge myself. Mine until the final paid.


    Large port lanes are simultaneously used by airlines and National
    The dispatcher "handles" the departing aircraft.
    D: F-15 <Rafrider>, I allow taxiing, follow the second number after 767
    Pilot <fifties>: (with languid interest) Where is 767 going?
    D: (dreamily) In Hawaii .... (gloatingly) But YOU follow him only until

    George Petrov:
    - <Accurate>, I trysta semety sadma, which one?>
    - I am <Exact>, landing course 0 degrees.
    - How is zero? Sovsam net?

    Somewhere over the vast expanses of the Krasnoyarsk Territory ...
    The navigator, confusing the buttons, broadcasts: "Who slept ... or my ruler!?"
    A few seconds later: <65615 did not take a ruler!> <85672 did not take a ruler!>

    Big Muzzy:
    An old joke. Mi-8 follows Berezovo - Hulimsunt. In Hulum stands
    Repeater, usually problems with TIR communication (local control room -
    KB) no, but here, apparently, did not work. Trying to contact through the RC
    (regional center - KB).
    Subject: Borty, who works with "Beryozovo-Kontrol", answer 22559!
    E: Say what to convey.
    V / p: Onboard, please tell me, 22559 arrived in Hulimsunt, one hour parking.
    E: Where has it arrived ???
    V / p: In Hulimsunt.
    E: Where ???
    V / p: HU-LIM-SUNT !!!!!
    E: Berezovo, here the board passes ... 22559, arrived somewhere, uh ... curses
    terrible, one hour parking ...

    At 21 o'clock. Chkalovsky was closed for the weather. After 22 hours. board is going to land
    RP: <Greetings to the commander! Will you leave us right away?>
    847: <If you will allow us, we will leave>.
    RP: <Come faster - leave faster!>
    847: <We'll try>.
    RP: <We are glad to see you. (pause) On this dark, deaf night. "
    1. NC1982
      NC1982 21 October 2013 08: 04
      About Hulimsunt smiled))) just today from there smoked ides were sent, on Saturday will be drinks Sam flew there on the Mi-8 more than once.
  • reguai
    reguai 21 October 2013 08: 09
    In this situation I was an observer, on our shift happened ..)) The negotiations of the "needles" in the next room were listened to and painted. Golden time soldier
  • samoletil18
    samoletil18 22 October 2013 20: 52
    I then urgently served. They told us before the ranks that Soviet equipment was the best on this example.
  • Sergei75
    Sergei75 April 9 2014 01: 46
    Well, after the flight of this MiG, the guys arrived at the Salyut plant and thanked for a long time for their good work.
    Rust was not shot down immediately because there was some kind of agreement not to shoot down light aircraft.
    And here's another, TU-22M3
    The endurance of the "troika" was confirmed by an unusual incident. what happened in September 1986. The flaps and slats were unexpectedly removed from the landing bomber. The plane immediately "failed" and literally fell from a thirty-meter height in the vicinity of the close drive, but B. G. Podchinenov, who piloted it (by this time already a lieutenant colonel) managed to give the engines afterburner, and the car, leaving a hundred-meter track in the ground, again went into the sky ... After replacing the wing console, half of the stabilizer and landing gear, which was crumpled on impact on the ground, the machine returned to service.
  • doxtop
    doxtop 30 July 2014 16: 03
    wassat On the issue of spans under bridges:
    Repost from the site ( The story is real and took place during the "letunstvo" B-47.

    "Captain John Lappo, American Chkalov".
    In the middle of the night, April 24, 1959, he took off on a regular training flight, the purpose of which was to practice exercises in astonavigation and bombing. Having successfully completed the mission, the plane returned to base early in the morning. Flying over Lake Michigan, Lappo descended to 23m and flew in his RB-47E under the famous McKinach Bridge. The tip of the keel passed at a distance of two dozen meters from the bridge span.
    The co-pilot, who had known his commander for a long time, bravely endured the shock. The same cannot be said about the new navigator. At first, he used the SPU to persuade Lappo not to do the "feat", and then, as the crew members said, went into a state of stupor. Flying under the bridge, John turned on the gas and went almost to the height with a candle.
    The command was informed about the incident immediately after landing. Lappo was "tapped" by his new navigator, who turned out to be the general's son.
    The details of the air hooliganism became known to the press from one of the officers who served at the Elmendorf airbase. The man who flew under the longest suspension bridge in a strategic bomber became a national hero. In his interviews, he admitted that his original dream was to fly under the Golden Gate Bridge.
    The enraged superiors brought him to trial by a military tribunal. On August 10, Captain Lappo was charged under Article 92 of the US Military Justice Code, and all American aircraft were forbidden to descend below 153 meters. Lappo was saved by his old merits. 28 sorties in Korea on a B-29 bomber, four combat awards, the "Flight Cross" for several flights over the territory of the USSR, and personal thanks to Curtis Le-Mei, who said: "I am sorry that I do not have a squadron of such pilots as You". By the verdict of the court, Lappo was reprimanded and he had to pay a large fine. The most painful blow for Captain Lappo was his suspension from flights. He no longer flew military aircraft.

    ps flying a 100-ton bomber under the bridge was probably fun :)
  • Beiderlei
    Beiderlei 17 January 2015 16: 02
    A great achievement!