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26 July 1925 of the year, under the control of test pilot Stanislav Kosinsky, for the first time, the K-1 passenger aircraft, designed by K.A. Kalinin and built at the Kharkov Aviation Plant (KhAZ). He successfully passed the tests and in December of the same year he was transferred to Dobrolet Airlines. In 1926, the plant received an order for five serial copies, but subsequently it was canceled, because Dobrolet preferred to purchase foreign equipment.

But in 1928, the Soviet government ceased to allocate currency for the import of passenger aircraft, thanks to which the next development of Kalinin - the K-4 aircraft, made on the basis of the K-1, was still launched at KhAZ, becoming the first serial airliner in Russia and the USSR. In this question, priority is often given to Ilya Murometsu, forgetting that all serial copies of this giant had military purpose and were built as heavy bombers.

K-1 was successfully operated in Dobrolet until the beginning of the 1930-s, until it was written off due to wear. The wooden-framed aircraft and linen-covering aircraft of that time were much less durable than the current all-metal machines, for which 5-6 is considered to be a “childish” age.

K.A. Kalinin (right) near the K-1 aircraft under construction at KhAZ.

K-1 on trial.

Completely stupid and absolutely not similar to the original layout of the K-1, built in 2004 for filming the television series Yesenin. If I were a less intelligent and more emotional person, I would say that it is necessary to beat a face for such a disgraceful hack.

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  1. parusnik
    parusnik 30 September 2014 10: 22
    I would say that you have to beat your face for such a shameful hack.
    I completely agree....
    1. rubin6286
      rubin6286 30 September 2014 11: 26
      I did not understand you. Do you think that for the filming of the film it was necessary to actually build such an aircraft? In my opinion this is stupid. It would be one thing if it was a film about pilots, like "The sky is subdued by them", but here is a film about a poet, and not about the history of aviation.
      1. Bayonet
        Bayonet 1 October 2014 09: 11
        Quote: rubin6286
        Do you think that for the filming of the film you really needed to build such an airplane?

        Than such a miserable parody of an airplane to fence, it is better to do nothing! Just people do not like their story, their work at last! It would be a desire, from plywood and papier mache would make a similar airplane.
    2. Argon
      Argon 30 September 2014 12: 33
      Unfortunately, not a lot of Kalinin's cars saw the series (if I’m not mistaken 4), but these were constructions that corresponded to most of the requirements of that time, and most importantly, the aircraft industry of the young Soviet state was able to master the production of these aircraft, which indicates sufficient simplicity and manufacturability. not implemented projects of this constructor, his experimental machines (which is worth only the giant K-7). This suggests that the repression deprived the USSR of an identity comparable in scale with such designers as Tupolev, Sikorsky.
  2. Normal
    Normal 30 September 2014 22: 15
    Thanks for the note. I have not even heard of this.
  3. Prager
    Prager 3 November 2014 17: 02
    Thank you for the interesting article. I haven’t even heard of such an airplane.