Reports from the militia of New Russia for 27-28 September 2014 of the year

27 September 2014 to 9: 34

Message from the resident of the city of Happiness

"It looks like it started.
A few days ago came a new punitive.
Now is the storming of the city. Militiamen LC fiercely shelling the place of accommodation of dill. Entering the police school (commandant's office). For the former hospital, the shell hit the warehouse.
In the city there are wounded and dead as a result of the fighting.
Mine are going to the shelter, they say it has begun seriously.
I hope they throw out these Bandera freaks quickly. "

27 September 2014 to 10: 01

Message from Boris Rozhin

“The famous jihad-mobile sheathed in sheets, which the punishers had boasted in the summer, the militia still wrung out.
It is clear that the military sense in this unit is slightly above zero and it looks more like a prop hijacked from the filming of Mad Max, but as a symbolic act, this change of flag looks good - it reminds history tank "fair crest" in the spirit - it was, it became. "

Reports from the militia of New Russia for 27-28 September 2014 of the year

27 September 2014 to 10: 11

27.09.14. Photo from the militia

The Donetsk family adapted the tail of the "Hurricane" rocket for cooking on the fire.

27 September 2014 to 11: 19

Commentary from the headquarters of the militia

"Despite the agreement on the withdrawal of troops from the contact line of the parties, Ukrainian punitive continues to build up the grouping to the north-west and northeast of Donetsk. Nearly 14 thousand enemy personnel, nearly two hundred tanks, a large number of artillery are already concentrated on these areas All this points to the impending large-scale offensive against the city. In this connection, the enemy is preparing and is already conducting provocations. Despite the excessive concessions of the leadership of the DPR and the LPR, the Ukrainian leadership is not collecting stop punitive operation in Donbas. "

27 September 2014 to 12: 15

Message from the militia

"The 06.36 fascists tried to break through the defense of the VSN from the Donetsk airport. The militia crumbled a lot of fascists. There are dead from the BCH. Of Nikopino, the fascists were driven out. The town of Happiness is another troubled day, shooting and tensions remain. The militia at the moment they are working on the Avdeevka settlement, they are attempting an assault. The army of Novorossia is approaching the settlement of Volnovakha, at the expense of the assault - so far with a stretch, and a "truce", besides. "

27 September 2014 to 13: 15

Message and video from Dmitry Babich

"I came to Saur-Grave. There you have to kneel down and ask for forgiveness for what happened with our guys on this mountain. That's what remains of the monument. The video is attached, look, to feel the atmosphere."

27 September 2014 to 13: 16

Message from a resident of the city of Krasnoarmeysk

“In the area of ​​the Dinas microdistrict (near the Dinzavod), directly behind the five-story buildings, opposite the bridge and next to the church, in the former building of the DOSAAF school are the punishers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. They have already been there for 2 weeks. stand in the afternoon on the road leading to the town of Rodinskoe and stop passing by. Men traveling to work are taken away to dig trenches, some then returned beaten, hungry and exhausted, some are not. In Krasnoarmeysk itself, repressions of citizens loyal to the DPR and New Russia began: families of local militiamen were arrested , but also the organizers of the 6 May Referendum. In Dimitrov and Krasnoarmeysk (DNR) there is no water from the beginning of July. "

27 September 2014 to 14: 49

Morning report of the Army of the Southeast

"The Ukrainian leadership, in words demonstrating the desire to establish peace in the South-East, in fact continues to ignore all possibilities of its establishment. From 19.30 to 23.00, the leadership of Russia’s representation at the OSCE mission in South-East Ukraine was held at the Styrol Hotel (Donetsk) with the leadership of the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics. Despite assurances of participation in the meeting that had been made earlier, the representatives of the OSCE and Ukraine did not make a profit for it for unknown reasons.
With 09.00 27 September, the work of the meeting, with the involvement of top leaders of the DNR and the LC, continues.

Observing the agreements reached, the militia continued to divert the means of destruction from the line of contact between the parties.

The ceasefire was generally respected, but there was a 4 incident when it was violated by Bandera.

In 18.00 from the Krasnogorovka region, residential areas in the north-west of Donetsk came under artillery fire. 2 person injured, 2 home and kindergarten damaged.

In 19.10, the positions of the militia in Rassypnoye were fired from mortars. Wounded 1 fighter.

In 19.45 using the Grad MLRS, an artillery strike was made at Mitkovo-Kochkari and Pervomaiskoe settlements. 5 houses burnt down. 2 killed and 4 local residents injured. In Pervomaisk broken electrical power.

The activity of the Bandera sabotage groups on disabling civilian infrastructure facilities was intensified. As a result of the detonation of two masts of power lines, the power supply of the Starobeshevsky district was disrupted.

Thanks to the information received from the residents, and the timely actions of the engineering and sapper unit of the militia, it was possible to prevent the detonation of bridges across the Kalmius river mined by Ukrainian saboteurs near the settlements of Pridorozhnoye and Menchugovo of the Starobeshevsky district.

According to local residents, the militants of the 15 Battalion of the Terum “Sumy” stationed in Vasilevka robbed a villager. Bandera said to him about 20-ti hours. Realizing that they would not find rich booty from the pensioner, the punishers took away the TV and the microwave. Marauders explained their actions to the permission received from the battalion commander Igor Martynov “to withdraw necessary property for military needs”. When the elderly man tried to prevent the robbery, Bandera, threatening to drown him in "Wet Elanchik", knocked out the glass in the hut. "

27 September 2014 to 15: 21

Commentary from military commentator Boris Rozhin. ("colonelcassad")

"By the end of September, the steps of the parties to the conflict in the Donbas roughly outlined the contours of the future unrecognized state.
1. It is completely obvious that the Donetsk People's Republic and the Lugansk People's Republic, both as part of Novorossia and separately as the Union of People's Republics, will not return to Ukraine. There are no longer any military ways to include the people's republics into Ukraine; after the military defeat in August, the junta’s offensive capabilities were severely undermined. The internal fundamental documents adopted in the DPR and the LPR in a characteristic way indicate that people's republics will exist as independent (to the extent of their dependence on Russia) unrecognized state entities, with a practically complete set of functions of a sovereign state, such as their own economy, own army, own internal affairs bodies, own legal system, etc. All this will not be confined to Kiev, but will exist in parallel with the power of the Kiev gauleiters in the remaining territory of the former Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

2. The ongoing fighting in the areas of Happiness, Debaltsevo, Donetsk Airport, Avdiivka and Mariupol suggests that the line of demarcation of the future border between Ukraine and the “Big Transnistria” is not yet fully defined. The characteristic lull in a number of sectors of the front, with the continuation of incessant activity in other sectors, suggests that the parties are trying to increase the size of the controlled territory under certain periods and take more key points into their hands.
The problem at this stage for a "truce" is that the bulk of the military of the army of Novorossia regards it as a necessary minimum - the liberation of the entire territory of Donetsk and Lugansk regions, therefore attempts to stop the war on a certain line of demarcation that will cut the former regions of Ukraine in half, face opposition military, who despite their dependence on humanitarian aid, successfully break the cease-fire. Humanitarian pressure and attempts to discredit the media leaders demanding the continuation of the war have not been successful. On the other side, the situation is a mirror one, the emergence of a stub of “Big Transnistria” is, although the Great New Russia not buried in the spring, but still does not fit into the picture of the world of the fascist troops, who were in complete confidence that a little more effort and New Russia would be destroyed by war. Now, these units are trying to control the Russian patterns through humanitarian aid, and especially "uporotykh", like Lyashko and Yarosh, are already openly watered in the junta media - the first one is Kolomoisky, the second media Poroshenko. Yarosh, who lost his former popularity with the “Right Sector”, was obviously appointed one of the main switchmen to whom they would try to write off the costs of the civil war in order to shield Poroshenko and other sponsors of the civil war.

3. Since no dividing cards or even the general contours of a possible section have been published, it remains only to guess where the contours of the “Greater Transnistria” will follow the framework of the “Minsk agreement”, but I would assume that during the first and second round of the Minsk negotiations a certain coordinated vision of where these boundaries should pass. The withdrawal of the junta's troops in a number of areas and the suspension of the offensive of the army of Novorossia is, from my point of view, aimed at translating this vision into the de facto (and not de jure recognized) borders of Greater Transnistria.

4. What does the junta pay for it? Junta de facto acknowledges that she cannot physically control the Donbass at the moment and is physically resigned to losing full control over the more 2 areas - not recognizing them as de jure, de facto, the DPR and the LPR (in of certain borders), as well as the Crimea, are withdrawing from Ukraine, although it’s certainly not a question of becoming part of the Russian Federation - it’s rather another Transnistria, Kosovo, Abkhazia and South Ossetia. On the other hand, the junta is actually legitimized by Russia as the legal authority in Ukraine and, in addition to maintaining control over the remaining areas (and some of the former Donetsk and Lugansk regions), will even receive some economic support from Russia that will allow the junta to survive the winter, that winter will come and the junta kayuk will not be justified for reasons of economic assistance for Ukraine from the West and the Russian Federation.

5. What does Russia pay? Russia is forced to agree with the existence of the junta as the legitimate authority in Ukraine, with which we directly negotiate the division of the former Ukraine, where unlike the spring plans with the 7-8 regions, Russia is forced to be content with the Crimea and part of the two regions, yielding the rest of Ukraine to the American puppet . Everything here is not due to the fact that Russia is so eager to negotiate with the junta or is wary of its armed forces (for the Russian army at this stage, the junta’s troops are a minor obstacle). The main nerve of the negotiations is still attempts to avoid direct confrontation with the United States. Hence, various conciliatory statements addressed to the United States that Russia does not want a new Cold War, does not want an arms race, that Russia is a peacemaker and everyone has to come to an agreement, including at the expense of the New Russia project. But the problem here as before in the position of the United States. Obama made it clear that the conciliatory steps on the part of the Russian Federation, such as an agreement to abandon further active struggle for the rest of Ukraine and be satisfied with Greater Transnistria, are not satisfied with the United States. Obama actually announced that Russia is now a cross between the Ebola virus and ISIS. That is, he did about the same thing that Reagan did, declaring the USSR an "evil empire," the Russian Federation is actually writing out a black mark, deleting from the list of "handshaking states" and announcing the terms of surrender - to abandon the policy of recent years and return to the path of complete foreign policy dependence on Washington . At the same time, on the one hand, Putin, as a spokesman for the interests of Russian big capital, offers, as it were, an honorary surrender (you will give up and you will again shake hands); contact with part of the Russian oligarchy and its service personnel who are willing to surrender, and on the other hand pumping the street, which will help to legalize surrender, especially in the case of a forced replacement of Putin with a more loyal US military-political figure That of the Russian Federation, or of a “national leader” who received a label for a reign from Washington - the most obvious figure is Khodorkovsky.

6. In this regard, the “Minsk collusion” does not solve and cannot solve the main problems of Novorossia and Russia, as it does not resolve the key contradictions in relations with the United States, which openly declare that without returning control of the junta of Donbass and Crimea, there can be no reconciliation Russia will not be able to put pressure on all fronts, starting with the sanctions press and ending with the preparation of a "color revolution" against the newly-appointed "main bad guy of world politics." The further fate of Greater Transnistria in this regard will depend on how the confrontation between the United States and the Russian Federation will proceed, and, above all, on how Russia will resist the growing economic and political pressure, and that there will be no special doubts. The war has been declared de facto, and the Russian Federation will have to either fight in it, or capitulate and finally stop the existence of Russia as an actor in global politics. "

27 September 2014 to 15: 39

Message from eyewitnesses

"In the town of Novogrodovka (DPR) across the road from school No. 9, in the building of the former vocational school, the Aydar battalion settled in number of about 300-400 people. They are held up by strong-built guys and men and sent to dig trenches."

27 September 2014 to 15: 55

27.09.14. Map of the fighting

27 September 2014 to 16: 45

Message from political analyst "colonelcassad"

"A small commentary on the post about the Kerch ferry, some began to write that they were saying that they were confronted with Russian reality, that they were not disappointed yet?
Subject clarifies. The separation of Sevastopol and the Crimea from Ukraine was my childhood dream, which this year was successfully realized. Already this fact for me redeems most of the costs accompanying the process. Therefore, I answer - no, I was not disappointed, the results of the Crimean Spring make its costs insignificant for me and by and large insignificant.
If I grumble somewhere on the topic of certain jambs, this does not mean that I will even think in my thoughts that "it would not be better for Crimea to remain part of Ukraine." Here I have a clear answer - Crimea and Sevastopol were obliged to leave Ukraine.

Regarding the costs themselves, I never wrote that everything is good and wonderful, on the contrary - if there are real shoals like the actual collapse of the banking system in Crimea in April-June, problems with water for the Crimean agriculture, problems with crossing Kerch and so on, I’m writing about these issues. I do not have the task to draw false pink pictures, where after joining everything is fine and good, obscuring whole heaps of real problems, some of which are temporary and which will be solved in one way or another and systemic ones that cannot be solved in a short time. But with the understanding of these problems, which sometimes bring me personally certain and often annoying inconveniences, I regard them as a payment for the realization of my dreams. I will endure these inconveniences personally, since they personally are not critical for me.

Speaking of the masses, most of which, up to the Crimean Spring, could hardly boast of systemic separatist convictions, everything is actually even simpler there - all real problems in various spheres of life fade away from what is happening in Ukraine now. Everything is relative, and hardly anyone in their right mind would tell that in Ukraine things are better than in the Crimea. People happily evaded direct participation in the civil war (those who wanted to take part in this civil war took part — who were on the battlefield as part of units from the Sevastopol and Crimean militias, who were in logistic and humanitarian operations). It is clear that for one reason or another open discontent may sound, and justified dissatisfaction (especially from those who harbor pink illusions about joining Russia connected with the fact that milk rivers will immediately start flowing and the banks will grow). But these justified demands and grievances are connected with the improvement of the quality of life already existing and they are not associated with any demands for a return to Ukraine.

By the way, the junta catches and for some time scrolls in its propaganda not only horror films "everything is bad in Crimea, everything is gone, no one is there, nothing is horror-horror", but also a mantra about the need to set up a social and economic component and then the Crimea itself will be convinced that it is better to live in Ukraine and will be asked to return. It is clear that this option is absurd (and in the case of Ukraine all the more), but the appeal to social life is quite a character. There is an objective dissatisfaction with various aspects of the transition period, but the main thing here is not to hush up them, pretending that everything is fine and the “bosses will figure it out”, but to raise these problems in order to speed up their resolution. Pictures, both black and white, here only harm and do not give an understanding of all the complexities of structural changes in the Crimean life.

In general, if someone expects "disappointment" from me, then, as they say, you will not wait. "

27 September 2014 to 17: 14

Message from the press center of the DPR

"The head of the Council of Ministers of the DPR, Alexander Karaman, arrived in Ilovaysk, congratulated the teachers on the upcoming Teacher's Day and the beginning of the school year, which will begin in the Republic of October 1, and also paid the teachers' salaries in September. The head of the Council of Ministers thanked the citizens for their resilience and courage. they survived the hardest days of hostilities on the territory of Ilovaisk. Alexander Karaman said: "Maybe these amounts are slightly rounded and equal for everyone, and this is 3000 hryvnia for teachers and 2000 hryvnia for technical staff, but with the tariff scale will be built and the charges will start to be received taking into account all pedagogical merits ".

27 September 2014 to 17: 38

Photo from the militia

The militia defeated the position of Ukrainian punishers near the village of Victory.

27 September 2014 to 18: 05

Message from journalists

“At the roadblock at the entrance to Mariupol there was an artillery fire. Positions of Donetsk militia fired from Gradov from the roadblock at the entrance to Mariupol, to stop the shelling by the militia, response fire was opened. There are no data on party losses at the moment. The militia reports that that the attack managed to successfully repel and inflict considerable damage on the enemy. "

27 September 2014 to 18: 17

Message and photo from the militia Melnikov

"Who did not believe that NATO helps weapons and mercenaries, here's a capture weapon of French origin! "

27 September 2014 to 19: 20

Message from the headquarters of the militia LC

"According to cumulative data, during the Ukrainian aggression as of 20 of September of this year, more than four hundred civilians were killed only in the city of Lugansk, and about a thousand were seriously injured."

27 September 2014 to 20: 55

New videos from Gram Phillips

In the first video, the militiamen who bury Ukrainian soldiers. On the second - humanitarian aid in Pervomaisk.

27 September 2014 to 20: 56

Message from eyewitnesses

"Ukry multiplied the presence of equipment and manpower in the village of Shirokoe (LNR). Judging by the number, it is possible that an offensive is planned."

7 September 2014 to 21: 39

Photo from militia Oleg Melnikov

"This is a combat helicopter shot down by the militia MI-8 with air-to-ground missiles and machine guns.
This is a very interesting helicopter not only for collective photos, but also because Ukraine violated international obligations and did not mark this car as a military one: there are no three lanes on the tail that can be seen to determine whether they belong to military helicopters, which practically impunity allowed Ukramians to bomb peaceful cities and then declare that there is no Ukrainian military helicopters in this or that region! Interestingly, the OSCE will pay attention to this helicopter? "

27 September 2014 to 22: 20

Message from the militia headquarters

"One of the terminals of the Donetsk airport has been taken under control. The building of the new terminal of the Donetsk airport has just come under the control of the militia, now fighting continues in the airport.
We fully control the new terminal, our detachments have not yet advanced to the building of the old terminal, the reason was the large number of mines and stretch marks installed by the Ukrainian military.
Currently, the militia units continue to sweep the subordinate territory. "

27 September 2014 to 22: 25

Message from the agency "Interfax"

"The militia announced the taking of control of one of the terminals of the Donetsk airport.
The building of the new terminal of the Donetsk airport has passed under the control of the militia, at the moment fighting continues at the airport, the military department of the self-proclaimed Donetsk republic told Interfax.
As previously reported, the Ukrainian military held defenses on the territory of the Donetsk airport for several months. On Saturday, the shelling of the airport began with militias. "

27 September 2014 to 22: 57

In the footsteps of "separatist TV" from the news TSN

Bloggers composed a whole collection of "scary Ukrainian stories":

“To one girl, my mother bought a TV and says:“ But never turn it on without me. ” But the girl did not listen to her mother, turned on the TV, and the TV turned out to be Separatist - and how she would sing:
Nowhere to retreat
It happened more than once.
Fatherland will be reborn!
Donbass will be revived!
Here the doorbell is ringing. The girl opens, and there are Shooters and Bezler. The girl was shot, the cat was taken to the militia, and an unrecognized republic was staged in the apartment. ”

“One girl was listening to the radio. And suddenly, on the radio, they say: “Girl-girl, the separatist on the wheels left Rostov, looking for your street. A swarm of anti-tank ditch! “The girl is terrified, rushing around the apartment, wants to report on the radio to Semyon Semenchenko. And they say to the walkie-talkie: “A girl-girl, a separatist on the wheels has found your street, he is looking for your house! “Well, then you know. Mom comes home, and the girl is dead, and only near the corpse is a piece of St. George ribbon lying ”.

“For one girl, mom and dad bought a piano. The grandmother ordered in no case the Katsapsk piano not to buy, but mom and dad did not listen to her. And the next day everyone leaves, and the girl is left alone and decides to play the piano. And only she pressed the first key, as Putin’s skeleton got out of the piano and demanded to pay for the gas. She froze, in general. To death. Because it was winter, and the loan from the IMF was not enough. "

“One family received a new apartment in Kiev. And there was a white-blue-red stain on the wall. And in the morning the girl sees that her mother left for Voronezh as a migrant worker, and the spot has become even brighter. The next day, the Kremlin's hand popped out of the white-blue-red spot and reached for it. The girl was frightened and died.

Then the pravoseki came and started shooting at the white-blue-red spot, and the spot disappeared. But one of them a week later was found without a head somewhere near Gorlovka. ”

“A new student from the Donbass refugee family entered the Lviv school. He stayed after the lessons, and the teacher told him: “Go, boy, go home, then Putin’s teeth go!” The boy did not listen to her, went into one office and fell asleep, and at midnight Putin’s teeth ate him. They called the Security Service of Ukraine, they began to check all their teeth - no one has such teeth.

We decided to check with the director - and indeed, the director turned out to be Putin. ”

“Lived mother, father, girl and her brother. Once the mother sent the girl to buy curtains and ordered not to buy the St. George's by no means, but the girl did not obey and bought. What to do - hanged. St. George's curtains strangled mother and father. Then the girl called the Azov battalion, the pravoseki arrived and sent St. George's curtains to the filtration camp, and the girl's brother was taken to the army. This brother was later killed at Saur-Grave, but that’s another story. ”

“One boy was very afraid that Russians live in his closet. So his elder brother decided to prove that there were no Russians in the closet: he climbed into the closet and closed the door. A minute later, the youngest heard screams from the closet: “Guys, boys, we got under“ Grads ”, the radio is broken, help, boys,” but he decided that these were such strange jokes of his brother.

Then the screams stopped, the boy opened the door, and there all that remained of the 79-th airmobile (nothing). "

Yesterday at 0: 53

Summary of the South East Army on the evening of September 27

The situation has not changed significantly and remains tense.
Observing the agreements reached, the militia units continued their withdrawal of means of destruction from the contact line of the parties. According to intelligence, mutual actions by the Ukrainian troops were not observed.
Representatives of the OSCE mission in n. n. HAPPINESS was organized work to investigate the incident with artillery shelling by Ukrainian troops of the district hospital.
The ceasefire by the warring parties was generally respected, however, there were 7 truce violations by the Ukrainian side:
in 10.50, from the side of the Enakievskaya mine, an artillery strike was made on the outskirts of the settlement. Loose. There are no casualties among civilians. Warehouse with food supplies destroyed. In 13.00, mortar fire was carried out from the same positions. p. KIROVSKOE. Damaged house, 2 civilians were seriously injured;
in 11.40 from the perspective of the enemy, located in BC CHERNUKHINO, residential areas of the settlement are shelled from artillery shells NIKISHINO. 2 damaged at home, 1 civilian injured;
in 11.50 from the area of ​​n. REDNIKOLOVKA residential areas and infrastructure in DONETSK underwent artillery shelling. 4 damaged at home, 3 civilian injured;
in 12.30, the positions of the people's militia units in the area of ​​the settlement are shelled from small arms. NIKISHINO. There is no loss;
in 13.50 from positions in BC REDKODUB from a self-propelled artillery gun "Nona" and mortars enemy residential areas in the settlement were shelled by the enemy. CIRCLE 2 destroyed at home, 1 civilian killed;
in 14.30 by n. AVDEEVKA from small arms, and in 14.50 from positions of mortars and heavy artillery, the positions of the people's militia units near Donetsk airport were fired. Information about the victims is being specified.
During the day, enemy units continued to carry out provocative actions aimed at accusing the militia of violating the agreements reached on a cease-fire.
In the area of ​​settlement NIKISHINO National Guard Division units repeatedly imitated attacks on the positions of the DPR Army, forcing the militia to engage in open clashes. Exposing the provocative nature of the actions of the enemy, the soldiers of the DPR Army did not enter the battle. After warning shots in the air, the national guardsmen returned to their frontiers.
According to local residents, in the settlement of Severodonetsk The militants of the “Aydar” battalion arrived, who began to carry out punitive measures against the civilian population, explaining their actions by the need to check the trustworthiness of citizens and identify those who took part in hostilities on the side of the people's militia.

Yesterday at 1: 58

Overview of the combat situation from the militia Prokhorov

“Today there was a tin. Under the cover of negotiations in Gorlovka (where the mechanism for the withdrawal of Ukrainian troops from the Donetsk airport and suburbs of Donetsk were to be discussed), ukry staged an attack on the Spartak village (a suburb of Donetsk) and began to fire at Marinka and Makeyevka (civilians suffered).
In response, an artillery strike was inflicted on the upcoming units and the roadblocks in Avdiivka and on the outskirts of the airport (in the latter, especially after the 10 watch) and Krasnogorovka.
Fighting also began in Volnovakha - around 6 in the morning a powerful artillery fire.
Roadblocks in the East Mariupol area were fired.

In the LPR, there is a battle with 8 in the morning in the town of Happiness and in the Debaltseve area - also strikes on dill art in Svetlodarsk.

They handed over - dill fired on the militia positions east of Mariupol - their firing points covered in the Eastern region and Sartan.

Resumed fighting in Avdiivka.

19: 34 MSK. Disco in Donetsk in full swing - ukry beat on Petrovka. receive in response to Krasnogorka.

In the city of Happiness (LNR), the Kharkiv citizens from 92 are now a little outcast, the checkpoint on the outskirts of Lysychansk (Bakhmutka) was also fired, and at Trekhizbenka (north of Slavyanoserbsk) cops from Kremenchug were ambushed.
Dill believe that they are humiliated by the Zarya and Don battalions.

By the way, in Kharkov the cops (personally led by Avakov’s adviser Gerashchenko) dispersed an anti-war rally today. Cho there Makaronych and other Pugachiha - are silent?
Ukrainian armored vehicles took to the streets of Kharkov (see photo).
Kharkiv citizens must understand that the time of the rallies is long past. The fascists will just shut them up. Time - decisive action.
For some reason, the organizers did not come to the rally. Or - in Zindan, or simply scared.
The peace march in Kharkov was to be held under the same slogans (well, the appeal is natural to the authorities of Dill), as in Moscow - and what difference does it make. Two worlds - two Shapiro.
It is said that the soldiers of the local garrison who were sent to disperse a similar march in Zaporizhia adjoined him, and the march passed routinely.
It is strange that comrades have indifference to what is happening in Khryakov. And there a group of young people attacked the Natsik, who came to the Sumy (where the cops broke up the rally) to “wet the Kalardes”. Natsik call for help cops.

The National Security Council informs about the number of repaired military equipment in the east of Ukraine:
“Specialists of the visiting teams of Ukroboronprom only over the past week repaired 148 units of military equipment. Restored battle tanks and vehicles based on the T-64 and its modification “Bulat”, infantry and airborne combat vehicles, armored repair and recovery vehicles, 24 armored personnel carriers 70, 80 armored personnel carriers and the latest 3 BTR and 4 armored personnel carriers that are stationed and repaired, and the latest XNUMX BTR and the newest XNUMX armored personnel carrier and the latest XNUMX BTR and the newest XNUMX armored vehicles that are located there. National Guard, "- said on Saturday at a briefing in Kiev, deputy head of the National Security and Defense Council Information and Analysis Center Vladimir Polevoy."

Yesterday at 2: 35

Summary of the brigade "Vostok" for September 26: The main goal of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is not the militia, but the peaceful population of Donbass

“September 26 in the Donbas remained calm on the fronts. The fighting traditionally took place near the airport Donetsk. The city itself remains tense. During the day, skirmishes and shooting were heard in Kalininsky, Kirovsky, Kuibyshevsky, Petrovsky districts, ”an employee of the Information Center" Vostok "with the call sign" Chekist "told a REGNUM correspondent. - When the war with the Ukrainian army ends, the war against crime will begin. She exists. We do not deny this. Now there are a lot of cases when a weapon gets to the criminals, they take it from the militia. Sometimes the militia escapes from units with weapons, or without weapons. After this war, war will begin with another enemy, who is no less terrible than the Ukrainian army. With trouble, banditry always comes.
In Donbas, the number of civilian casualties will sharply increase if the Ukrainian Armed Forces use weapons from NATO countries. With the Nazis difficult to negotiate. They use a truce to build their own forces. This was the main essence of the negotiation process. I think that after the procurement of weapons from NATO members, the number of casualties among the civilian population of Donbass will only increase, in the case of intensified fighting. Their main goal is not the militia, their main goal is the population of Donbass. They need as much as possible to destroy civilians. Those who can not be destroyed, they will try to drive from the land of Donetsk. For them, "Muscovites" - the main enemy. First, they will destroy us, and then they will fight with Russia. We are at war here not so much with Ukraine, as with the West.
I think that the activity of the working group of the common center for monitoring and coordinating issues of a cease-fire and stage-by-stage stabilization of the line of separation of the parties in Donbas will be effective. We are focused on peace talks. We will negotiate, try to bring a real cease-fire, and not what is happening now. I hope everything will be as planned by Russia. In this sense, we are completely on her side, we fully support her. We do not want our cities to be bombed. But we are against fascism. We also do not intend to remain a part of Ukraine. This is our main position. And the Ukrainian army can not be trusted. We very much doubt that she will withdraw large-caliber weapons. I would like to hope for the best that can be reached peacefully. We had to show that we would fight to the end. I hope Ukraine understood our message and will try to reach an agreement with us. If there is a war, we will fight. ”

Yesterday at 5: 20

Commentary from military commentator Boris Rozhin. ("colonelcassad")

“The ongoing fighting in the areas of Happiness, Debaltseve, Donetsk Airport, Avdiivka and Mariupol suggests that the line of demarcation of the future border between Ukraine and the“ Big Transdniestria ”is not yet fully defined. Characteristic calm in a number of sectors of the front with continuing ongoing activity on others plots, says that the parties are trying to increase the size of the controlled territory under certain terms and take more key points into their hands.
The problem at this stage for a "truce" is that the bulk of the military of the army of Novorossia regards it as a necessary minimum - the liberation of the entire territory of Donetsk and Lugansk regions, therefore attempts to stop the war on a certain line of demarcation that will cut the former regions of Ukraine in half, face opposition military, who despite their dependence on humanitarian aid, successfully break the cease-fire. Humanitarian pressure and attempts to discredit the media leaders demanding the continuation of the war have not been successful. On the other side, the situation is a mirror one, the emergence of a stub of “Big Transnistria” is, although the Great New Russia not buried in the spring, but still does not fit into the picture of the world of the fascist troops, who were in complete confidence that a little more effort and New Russia would be destroyed by war. Now, these units are trying to control the Russian patterns through humanitarian aid, and especially "uporotykh", like Lyashko and Yarosh, are already openly watered in the junta media - the first one is Kolomoisky, the second media Poroshenko. Yarosh, who lost his popularity with the "Right Sector", was obviously appointed one of the main switchmen to whom they would try to write off the costs of the civil war in order to shield Poroshenko and other sponsors of the civil war. "

Yesterday at 11: 02

Message from the militia

“After the militia took the new terminal of the Donetsk airport, the punishers were asked to surrender in order to avoid unnecessary casualties and destruction. As of 09: 30, there was no response. The situation remains tense. In the morning, around the airport, the artillery of the Novorossia army attacked ukrov’s positions: the cluster of enemy equipment and the flight control center. The artillery of the army of Novorossia continues to "work" in the Sand and Metro area. "

Yesterday at 11: 35

Map of the fighting and review of the main events of yesterday

"Events in the DPR

In 06.36, the enemy attempted to break through the defense of the VSN from the Donetsk airport. It is reported about large losses from the Ukrainian side. There are also losses from the militias. The building of the new terminal of the Donetsk airport has passed under the control of the militia, now fighting continues on the territory of the airport. Detachments of the fighters of Novorossiya have not yet advanced to the building of the terminal, the reason was the large number of mines and stretch marks installed by the Ukrainian military. Currently, the militia units continue to sweep the subordinate territory.

Near 15.00, the Kuibyshev district of Donetsk was shelled. As a result of the shells hit, residential building No. XXUMX on Stratonautov Street was damaged, the garage at the intersection of Bashkirskaya Street and Manezhny Avenue was completely destroyed, one civilian was killed. Reported about the shelling of Ukrainian punitive Petrovka.

The army of New Russia is gradually coming to Volnovakha. It is reported about cleaning from VSU settlement of Nikishino. At 9 in the morning, explosions were heard in the Svetlodarsk region.

In the area of ​​Debaltsevo, the militia forces push aside Ukrainian troops, pushing the front borders further north. In this direction, the Ukrainian artillery delivered strikes from the settlements of Maloorlovka and Novoorlovka towards Kirovsky and Yenakiyevo.

Gorlovka hosted a meeting of the military of Ukraine, the DPR, the LPR and Russia. The military command of Ukraine, the DPR, the LPR, as well as representatives of Russia and observers of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe in this format met for the first time.

At a post on an entrance to Mariupol there was an artillery firing. Donetsk militia positions were fired from "Gradov" from the checkpoint at the entrance to Mariupol, to stop the shelling by the militias, back fire was opened. Data on the losses of the parties at the moment no. The militia reports that the attack was able to successfully repel and cause significant damage to the enemy.

Ukrainian units launched an attack on the village of Spartak and began to fire at Marinka and Makeyevka (civilians were injured). In response, an artillery strike was inflicted on the advancing units and roadblocks in Avdiivka, on the outskirts of the airport and Krasnogorovka. Subsequently, the Ukrainian side said that in the morning of September 27, in the area of ​​Avdiivka, there was a very heavy shelling from heavy weapons at the APU checkpoints.

Events in the LC

According to cumulative data, during the Ukrainian aggression as of 20 of September of this year, more than four hundred civilians were killed only in the city of Lugansk, and about a thousand were seriously injured.
In Happiness in 8: 00 started fighting. According to the available information, the battles take place over the domination over the bridge between the city of Happiness, in which there are Ukrainian units and Gay Mountain, where the militia were entrenched.
On the outskirts of Lysychansk (Bakhmutka) a Ukrainian checkpoint was fired upon. At Trekhizbenki (north of Slavyanoserbsk), ambassadors from Kremenchuk were ambushed. In the area of ​​the village of Bold the forces of the Army of the LPR surrounded a group of Ukrainian military, most likely, conducting reconnaissance actions. "

Yesterday at 11: 49

Message from military analyst ("yurasumy"): the junta consciously "merged" its army according to the plan of the United States

“I think many of my readers are already aware that the real war in Donbas and what is shown on the TV picture are at least two differences, and most likely big differences. And they are right. curve the reality to bend to please the customer. This is the rule of all media. It has always been like this and always will be. Once this rule is no longer the rule, the media will disappear (as unnecessary).

To understand the "logic" of the war in the Donbas you have to go very far back. In April 2014 of the year. It's time to open the eyes of readers to why I, despite all the “experts,” wrote that “Novorossiya” will survive even in spite of the absolute superiority of the APU in technology and the overwhelming advantage in drugs. Moreover, the APU is a regular army, and the militia is the militia. Again, I do not beg the heroism of the soldiers of "Novorossiya", I just explain one simple thing. The war against Donbass could not end in victory for Ukraine. Despite everything.

Why this war began. The topic is hackneyed, but not completely understood by many, and therefore the conclusions that I have been reading over the past few months in the “experts” side have been wrong. Recall what the US needs in Ukraine. The maximum plan is that Ukraine should have become a bridgehead against Russia (in due time this bridgehead would have become a front). But the maximum plan failed. And here the performances of anti-fascists throughout Ukraine were very important. The fact that it was Donbass that rose, and in other regions the movement was crushed, does not mean that the Donbass is any special. It’s just that the junta didn’t have enough forces on the Donbass. Trekking east drowned in April. And in this the merit of the whole "Novorossii". No one should forget about it.

And when Strelkov came and it became clear that Russia “fit” into the game in Ukraine to the fullest, then the maximum for the United States was no longer achievable. Say what you like, but analytics in the United States is still up to the mark (albeit for itself). The plan was at least to break the ties between Russia and Europe, embroiling both sides in the war in Ukraine. For this purpose, there were provocations against the population and Russia, the purpose of which was to force the Russian army to enter the territory of Ukraine.

And when it became obvious that this could not be done, an order was given ...... "to merge" the Ukrainian army. Yes, dear readers. Such an order was given at the end of May - the beginning of June of this year. And it is precisely because I “calculated” (after analyzing causal relationships) this order I argued (many believed it was unfounded) that despite any superiority of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, they could not see victory. I didn’t know how then, but I knew for sure that the army would be “cast”, “pour” and “pour” until ...... the combat potential of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the “Novorossiya” would not even out. Because the endless war in Ukraine is the last chance for the United States to get its money on the mountain of the people of this land plot.

This simple fact explains everything. And the betrayal of officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (pass for money convoys with weapons in the besieged Slavyansk. And not only in Slavyansk) and frank connivance of this by the SBU. Moreover, when the Security Service was given the order to act, they worked clearly. I mean the case of the "prisoners" paratroopers. That is why it became possible victory of VSN over the APU in the South and other boilers. The staging of entire units for the shooting by Grads (dozens of soldiers ’evidence has already been collected) has become the reality of this war. And it was not negligence. A cynical betrayal of his soldiers commanders of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It is for this reason that Ukraine is still not officially making claims to Russia about the shelling of its territory (there is a lot of noise in the media, because it is impossible to hide it. I personally heard a dozen such stories in which I have no reason to doubt. I think the military, who read my magazine will confirm that it is not a problem to determine where the shelling of territories is from).

But I do not blame anyone and do not condone. I am simply stating a fact. Officially, the leadership of Ukraine closed its eyes to this. And officially, no complaints anywhere. Because it is this order that it received from the United States. Merge your army and turn Ukraine into a constant headache for Europe and Russia (even if not as a state, but as a “territory.” For the USA, this is not important anymore). That is why in his last interview Poroshenko called Geletey “good” Minister of Defense. The guy is clearly better than others is able to carry out orders. Orders that go against the soldier’s conscience (to betray his subordinates). Ilovaisk is just a sample of Geletey's performance (Shoot for Ilovaisk Geleteya? .... Are you out of your mind. Goeteli did everything perfectly). I have collected enough material to claim that Ilovaysk was a detailed planned operation to destroy the Ukrainian army. Moreover, the leadership of the Supreme Court of Ukraine in this operation was assigned not the most recent role, with which it coped.

Why am I all this? It is to what I hear from hot heads now about the "VSN campaign on Kiev." This is a trap gentlemen. Exactly the same trap as the "invitation" of the Russian army on the territory of Ukraine in May and June. After all, the APU may receive an order to fight for real. And immediately they will have both supply and smart orders. The main mistake - is to consider the enemy a fool. This is what I now observe in the environment of the so-called "experts" on the war in the Donbas.

The fruit must ripen. And this fruit will ripen in autumn and winter. But then the time will come to write a completely different story. "

Yesterday at 12: 35

Message from the militia

"The area of ​​the Donetsk airport, Metro, Putilovka, Spartak - there are incessant shelling, in some shooting battles. There is a fight on the outskirts of Avdiivka."

Yesterday at 12: 44

Report from the journalists of the TV channel "Russia"

“The rumors that Kiev had redeemed the armored vehicles that were stored at the bases in Chernobyl turned out to be true. The militiamen checked the Soviet-made T-64 trophy tank with dosimeters and found out that it strongly fonite: the maximum permissible concentration for radiation on it was exceeded 15 times.”

[media = https: // v = D-FpM84NJSo]

Yesterday at 13: 27

Message from the militia with the call sign "Topol"

"Our sabotage special groups, located in the Mariupol region, armed partisans and anti-Maidan supporters in Kherson and Zaporozhye. Vehicles with rifles, rifles, grenade launchers and body armor arrived in the regions, and the SBU and junta cannot do anything with it do it. We know that there is no sense to fight in one Donbass. We must destroy evil in other cities - not against conscripts, but against the Nazis. Now Kherson and Zaporozhye will be able to defeat the invaders. The commando groups of New Russia are ready to fight against the anti-people regime outside the DPR and the LPR. But the militia will engage in battle ONLY TOGETHER with local activists. We do not impose our struggle on anyone, the people's republics of the South of the former Ukraine must choose it themselves. "

Yesterday at 13: 40

Message from bloggers

“As part of the program of assistance to the injured employee of the Berkut (he asked to call him Berkutyonok Omonovich) we went to buy him a compression kit. And there, on the spot, he took off his clothes and showed that he had made svidomye ukry.
It so happened that Berkutyon served many years in the ranks of the police. And February found in the ranks of the most legendary Golden Eagle. And one of those days, that February - he was on an armored troop-carrier, opposite the barricades. And he rescued his comrades, but at the same time nearly lost his life, having fallen under the Molotov Cocktails.
This alone causes a fright. How did a man with such injuries survive?
But further - stronger.
Four days in the basement of the hospital. In the morgue with the corpses. Screamed, screamed for help. But unsuccessfully.
For several days he fought for his life. Then, after all, he was transferred to treatment. Very relative.
Finally, he was taken to another city. There is a hospital again.
Finally, he was taken to Russia.
It's simple. If only he had stayed there, he would have been killed, as many comrades from his battalion had already been killed by the SBU officers, who, like him, saw what was actually happening there.
The Security Service of Ukraine does not sleep and carefully sweeps tracks. To date, several people have survived from the Golden Eagle battalion. Fingers on one hand may be enough to count. And even get them on our territory, on the territory of the Russian Federation.
It is completely impossible. To look at the person who has been broken all his life, who was put on the threshold of death, and understand that they are looking for him, catch him and try to get him ... "

Yesterday at 14: 00

Commentary from military commentator Boris Rozhin ("colonelcassad")

"Briefly on the topic of the Donetsk airport, the negotiations in Gorlovka and the future border between Ukraine and the DPR / LPR.

1. The airport has not yet been taken, although the detachments of the army of Novorossia have obviously been able to advance into the territory of the airport itself and start fighting there, which, incidentally, have not yet led to the release of the entire facility. Judging by the persistent struggle for the airport, the parties seek to resolve this issue until the front stabilizes and the de facto borders are agreed upon. The junta in every way seeks to prevent the abandonment of the airport. Therefore, fighting on the night from 26 to 27 allowed her to partially strengthen the defense of the object.

2. Negotiations in Gorlovka were in fact not the first negotiations, where between the junta and Novorossia officers were mediated by the Russian security forces. During negotiations on the delivery of parts of the 72-th OMBR near Izvarino, the Russian general frontier service was also present at the negotiations. Despite the fact that both Russia and the United States officially deny their participation in the war in Ukraine, de facto this is certainly not the case. Russia, of course, is trying to take the role of a mediator, while the United States is completely avoiding direct participation in diplomatic manipulations, giving the role to the Europeans, awaiting Russia's reaction to the ultimatum announced.

3. The negotiations in Gorlovka are a logical consequence of the “Minsk collusion” and are aimed at stopping the war with consolidating some (and I think already partially agreed upon) status quo, where changes of control zones around the airport, Debaltseve, Mariupol, Schastya and Stanitsa Luhansk, this in fact, the “hot demarcation” of the future state border. Of course, these ceasefire negotiations are contrary to the openly voiced intentions of the commanders of the Novorossia army to liberate Slavyansk and Mariupol, about which even some politicians speak quite openly. The point is that the military-political leadership of the people's republics did not succeed in completely imposing the conditions of the “Minsk collusion”, which is not surprising, since the majority of the military do not understand why they should refuse from those cities that could well have taken during the continuation of the offensive .

4. Of course, in the logic of the "Minsk agreement", there should be a series of meetings between the military and politicians, with the participation of Russia and the EU (OSCE), where the outlined border contours will begin to take on more and more prominent outlines. But while this situation is in progress, the fighting does not stop. They have not stopped for a single day since the “truce” and the losses of the parties are quite comparable with the losses of the level of the end of May and the beginning of June. Both sides successfully spit on the "ceasefire regime" solving the operational-tactical tasks set at the moment, which translates into a struggle for control over a number of significant points, given the ongoing negotiations, large-scale offensive actions with decisive goals at this stage into the background.

5. These hostilities ultimately complete the intermediate version of the de facto border recognized by part of the parties to the conflict - they are de facto recognized in Donetsk, Kiev and Moscow and partly in Brussels, but they are guaranteed not to be recognized in Washington, who will use this situation for sanctions. manipulations, raising the issue of lifting the sanctions in negotiations with Russia, depending on the refusal to support the DPR and LPR and the return of the Crimea. The United States has never refused such tools; it suffices to recall the notorious Jackson-Vanik amendment, which imposed sanctions on the USSR, but for the "new democratic Russia" the United States did not rush to remove it. Not so long ago, in the framework of the “reset of Obama”, Russia achieved its cancellation, but now, as we see, it has been replaced by a whole package of new sanctions, which under certain scenarios can act for years and even decades (if necessary) and which from the Russian Federation certain concessions in certain issues. But at this stage, the US does not need concessions, they are interested in Russia's surrender, which they openly say, for them the issue of control over the airport and various options for demarcating the border between Ukraine and Novorossia are insignificant details of their general strategic line aimed at inflicting a complete defeat on Russia Ukraine

The Kremlin understands the fatality of the capitulation scenario and continues to try to maneuver, trying to fix some intermediate result, which leads to attempts to put the brakes on the war, but without US participation, this desire is doomed to failure, because neither the junta nor the EU can guarantee peace and compliance with the arrangements, if the United States advocate a completely different scenario. "

Yesterday at 15: 05

Message from Yegor Zemtsova

The fighters of one of the RDG army of Novorossia, who participated in the suppression of the Ilovaysky boiler, were awarded St. George crosses and medals for military merit.

Yesterday at 15: 55

Message from the militia Melnikov:

“My close friend, the vice-speaker of the LNR, yesterday boasted that he was on the official Ukrainian list of separatist terrorists. After that, I started looking for myself on this list, but, unfortunately, I did not find it. In the morning I called the AIM helpline, told them about my separatism and about hundreds of volunteers who I forwarded to Ruin and demanded explanations. After I was promised to correct their mistake, I gave my personal data and said what photo to put with me. They promised that they would put me in this honorable 3 days list of separatists. "

Yesterday at 17: 49

Overview of the combat situation from the militia Prokhorov

"Dill complain that they began to cheat in the vicinity of Gorlovka - there have transferred parts of the national guilds on the Cougars. In Donetsk, the dill continue shelling the city, their positions in Avdiivka and Pesky are periodically covered, cleaning the dill around and inside (MCC) of the Donetsk airport continues, they try to deliver dill besieged at least something. In Smelo, the scouts rammed out the dill staff car. At 3 in the morning, the dill from Debaltseve put artillery strikes where they were looking (in squares), now the battle is taking place at Chernukhino (next to Debalia).
Skirmishes continue Pervomaisk-Gorsk and Mikhailovka-Popasnaya. By the way, yesterday dill transferred 7 prisoners. Of these, 3 combat swimmers (military unit А1594 - 73 th center for marine operations, Ochakov), 1 from 72 brigade, 2 from 40 bata of the tertiary defense, and 1 from 42. Heat in Avdiivka (near Water) - finally (from there reinforcements went to the airport).
It looks like dill at the airport chimes. In Avdiivka there are fights, from there ukry shelling of residential areas of Donetsk), and in Debaltseve fennel again began shelling the territories adjacent to the city in squares. Shells that a fig? They reported that fennel fired at the suburb of Gorlovka Kondratievka - many civilian casualties.

Yesterday at 19: 25

Message from the militia headquarters

"The procedure for the exchange of prisoners between the militia and the Kiev security forces began near Donetsk. At the exchange site about 30 kilometers north of Donetsk, the militia brought 30 Ukrainian prisoners of war. By prior arrangement, the exchange should take place according to the 30 formula on 30."

Yesterday at 20: 05

Evening report of the Army of the South-East: punitive 15 once violated the truce, captured a group of saboteurs of the National Guard from among the prisoners

During the day, the situation did not change significantly, continuing to remain tense. Ukrainian troops 15 once grossly violated the agreement on a cease-fire, including with the use of heavy weapons.

In 10.20, the Kiev junta forces from the Grad MLRS fired on the western outskirts of Donetsk.

In 10.30, from the side of Donetsk airport, punitive workers opened fire from mortars and tanks at the positions of the DPR army, there were losses.

From 11.30 to 12.25, from Bulavinskaya St. Petersburg, on the 4 Petropavlovka, fire was fired from mortars, the Hurricane and Grad MLRS.

In 11.50 from the Orlovo-Ivanovka kurgan during 30 minutes p. Rasipnoye fascists carried out artillery shelling.

In 12.00, the fascist mortar gunners fired at the Tomb of Ostraya in the village of Stozhkovskoe.

In 12.10 from the Krasnogorovka and Thin regions, the Ukrainian Nazis once again attacked the Grad MLRS from the western outskirts of Donetsk.

In 12.30, Redkodub Bandera from mortars fired on the positions of the Armed Forces of the DPR in the area of ​​Nikishino.

In 12.35 from the regions of Krasnogorovka under artillery fire in n. p. Trudovskoye hit militia units.

In 13.07 from Avdiivka, the Fascists attacked residential buildings in Yasinovataya from the Grad MLRS.

In 13.15 from the Granit area, Telmanovo shelling was launched.

In 13.20, a Water artillery strike from the Vetka district of Donetsk was struck, and in 13.45, from the airport, a missile attack was made on the brewery in the Kalininsky district.

In 13.35, from the side of Redkodub, Ukrainian artillery fired at the positions of the militia in Timofeevka, Dimitrov, Kumshatsky.

As a result of sabotage by the fascists, 2 electrical substations exploded. During the search and search activities, one sabotage group of national guardsmen was detained and partially eliminated.

During the interrogation of prisoners, it was revealed that the group consisted of prisoners who were serving a sentence a month ago in ITK-92 (high security). Old Babany, Cherkasy region, and were amnestied in exchange for the consent to participate in the punitive operation in the Donbas.

According to the detainees, the head of ITK-92 is actively working to select candidates for the National Guard and by the middle of September at least 50 prisoners were sent to reinforce the punishers from the colony.

Yesterday at 20: 09

Message from the militia Prokhorov

"Under pressure from the Dremov Cossacks, the Ukrainian army and the national guards ran away and surrendered the Crimean village of the Slavyanoserbsky District of the LPR, without a fight, began evacuating Nizhny and Toshkovka, and in Novotoshkovka a Cossack checkpoint was already located. So Gorki and Zolotoe - the base of the occupants - were in a semi-circle. And the road to Lysychansk was open.
Ukrov in Skilled and Avdiivka shchyat. Good day :)
A battery of dill in Kamenka (east of Avdiivka) was covered — they had been thrashed recently by Grad.
At Nikishino (DPR) - in 40 km from Red Ray, at the roadblocks parts of the 25 terrbat "Kievan Rus" were seriously battered.
It was reported that reinforcements had arrived at the airfield for dill - how true, unknown, but most likely it is. Whatever it was - Donetsk airport became an analogue of Ilovaisk, well, in terms of utilization of dill. From the last morning interception from there - to the hell went komroty 93 th mechanized. Knowing ukro-okhvitserov - rather in the rear was. And ordinary dill do not even mention.
Dill atrocities (see video). "

Yesterday at 20: 50

Message from Jan militia

“In Krasny Liman, and in other areas subjected to the occupation of Kiev, raids continue. In the last days of ukr, many captive militiamen were tortured and killed. Now, in order to barter their punishers for militias, Bandera travel to areas of the occupied cities and track down civilians -Also can be similar to the militia.The composition of the operational teams punitive includes experts in electronic devices, so when you uninstall programs, do not forget to clean the registry through the file manager, etc. The Nazis searches and seizure of computers and smartphones are often arranged .The illegally captured citizens of New Russia are taken to Kharkov.
Fighting continued in the area of ​​Mariupol, Sartana; at the East, the Nazis inflicted at least two strikes from Grad, shooting was often heard at some checkpoints. At the airport in Donetsk is still restless. Old terminal under our control.
The situation in Donetsk remains tense. "

Yesterday at 21: 30

Photos from Alexander Bakhmutsky

We continue to "reconcile" ukrov as we can. Here are some photos from recent battles.

Yesterday at 22: 54

Overview of the 1 Interbrigade of the army of New Russia

"Donetsk People's Republic

Donetsk - the clashes that took place in the last days near the airport reached their apogee in the evening - the militia decided to attack, which was partially successful (around 23: 00 was taken under control of one terminal and MCC). At this time, ukrovermaht twice struck a mortar strike on the militia on the outskirts of the airport from the village of Peski (Yasinovatsky district). Reported night rifle battles in the m / r Putilovka and PGT Spartak. After the capture of the terminal punitive offered to surrender. Until the morning there was no answer, and the militia struck artillery strikes against the buildings of the airport, where the national security forces, and WFP. Punishers do not stop mortar and howitzer attacks on various areas of the city (especially Kiev, October and Kuibyshev). There are data on the application of the city MLRS "Uragan".


Avdiivka - around noon on the outskirts were fighting. Later in the evening, a massive attack of the militia on local positions of the punishers (shelling Donetsk) is reported.
Gorlovka - there is information about local skirmishes. Also reported about the shelling of the station Kondratievka (there are casualties among the civilian population)
Makeevka - during the day, the punishers inflicted an artillery strike on the oil depot (Chervonnogvardeysky District).

Other settlements DNR

Debaltsovo - around 4 in the morning the artillery of the ukrovermakht fired at the militiamen who surrounded the punitive positions. Later from the village Svetlodarsk punitive struck from the Grad MLRS, presumably in the direction of Nikishino (Miner's District of the DPR).
Kirovskoye - late in the evening, twice fired from a punitive position in the area of ​​the settlement Maloorlovka (Miner's district), residential areas were affected.
Novoazovskiy district - in the evening the punishers fired at the Grad, from the RSZO. Sakhanka.
Telmanovsky district - in the evening fighting began, including with the use of heavy weapons in the area of ​​the settlement Granite.
Yasinovatsky area - at noon the militia artillery struck a number of blows at the punitive positions in the village of Peski.

Thus, there has been some change in the situation at the airport, which is good news. Probably, in the near future, the active phase of the battles for Novorossia will, however, be curtailed, so the militia will use the last opportunities to occupy this strategic point. In other areas, in fact, unchanged.

Lugansk People's Republic

Lugansk-ukrovermaht reports on the frequent attacks on its position by the militia on the highway Lugansk-Artemovsk.
Happiness - in the morning the militia stepped up mortar shelling punitive, entrenched in the Lugansk TPP. Towards dinner, violent clashes broke out; also, the army of Novorossiya was hit by artillery on the positions of the punishers (a warehouse with ammunition and ukrovermaht equipment was destroyed; there are dead and wounded punishers, but their number is not specified).
Popasnaya - in the morning the suburbs were fired by ukrovermaht from artillery from the direction of the settlement. Mikhaylovka (Perevalsky district).
Pervomaisk - in the morning the militia used artillery on the positions of the national youths in the direction of the settlement. Stakhanovets and Gorsk.
Alchevsk - on the eve of the outskirts were fired upon by punishers using the Smerch MLRS
Perevalsky district - in the afternoon in the area of ​​the settlement Chernukhino were fighting.
Slavyanoserbsky district - in the area of ​​the settlement Bold militia destroyed KSHM punitive.
Stanichno-Lugansk region - punitive braiders and personnel in the villages Wide.

Thus n.p. Happiness (a kind of analogue of the airport in the DPR, where notorious punishers sat down) also became the scene of major battles. In the rest of the sector, the front line is unchanged, punishers are still conducting artillery provocations, evading direct battles.

Mariupol - ukrovermaht continues the construction of fortifications in the city (it is reported about the involvement of detainees on suspicion of "separatism" of citizens). The raids on dissent are carried out both in Mariupol itself and in the urban-type settlement of the Old Crimea and in the villages Mangush (Pershotravnevyi district).

Occupied Territory

Odessa region - punitive forces of the local population round up their checkpoints on the border with Transnistria (5 units). "

Yesterday at 23: 45

Report of the press secretary of the DPR Vladislav Brig

“As a result of sabotage by the fascists, two electrical substations were blown up. In the course of conducting search and search activities, one sabotage group of national guard men was detained and partially eliminated.
During the interrogation of prisoners, it was revealed that the group consisted of prisoners who were serving a sentence a month ago in ITK-92 (high security). Old Babany, Cherkasy region, and were amnestied in exchange for the consent to participate in the punitive operation in the Donbas.
According to the detainees, the head of ITK-92 is actively working to select candidates for the National Guard and by the middle of September at least 50 prisoners have been sent to reinforce the punishers from the colony.

Yesterday at 23: 55

Message from the militia Alexander Zhuchkovsky

“As I mentioned in one of the latest texts, there are already problems with the border. Suffice to say that we have not been able to transfer a couple of armored vehicles donated to us for a combat unit for a week. The issue is difficult to reconcile even with the mediation of the DPR command.
As a matter of fact, nothing has changed in a month and a half, when I wrote in August that we were recommended from Moscow to "turn down the shop."
Many then snorted, especially with the start of the counter-offensive. Only we knew at what cost this help was given, and what might follow. Actually, already followed.
That is why I was very moderately happy about these military successes and practically curtailed my informational activity, preferring to focus on our internal tasks.
Although, of course, there is hope that everything will change as it has changed many times. "

Today in 0: 26

Shooting special battalion "Leshy" Lugansk. Xnumx

The consequences of the genocide of the civilian population by the fascist occupation regime.

Today in 1: 55

Message from the militia Prokhorov

"Dill powerfully figure out at Avdiivka, they report tank duels on the runway.
In general - a rich life.
Dill recognized before lunch the loss of 2 tanks and 2 BMP at the airport, after lunch - two more BMP.
And the evening disco and night disco started - I told you, Ilovaisk-2.
Yes, even at lunch, the prisoners were changed - dill were given 27 warriors, 2 natsgada and 1 frontier. Dill released 60 people. Most are just random people. The girl and the teenager in front are probably the most terrible separaties (in terms of dill). "

Today in 2: 54

Message from the Bad Soldier

"My people have finally been replaced by the infantry units of Givi and Boni. Now let them gossip and it's time for the special forces to prepare for the implementation of new interesting tasks."

Today in 4: 20

Message from Boris Rozhin about the crime situation in some cities

"On the situation in Khartsyzsk

The city restored the supply of electricity, restored the work of public utilities, public transport. The city has a complete social order. Armed patrols of the DPR have eradicated virtually all crime, not only looting, but also parasitism, drug trafficking, gop-stop, etc. To the notorious criminals, the laws of wartime are applied, to the rest - forced community service to restore the urban economy. There was no such public order in the city almost from the time of the Soviet Power. Refugees are gradually returning to the city. The bakery works, although a week ago the Ukrainians tried to fire it again and missed again.
Factory shops and mines resume work after the repair. Outside the city, continued artillery duels from Debaltseve continue, plus the threat of junta sabotage groups on the outskirts remains.

On the situation in Shakhtersk

Most of the local crime hangs with the punitive battalion "Shakhtersk". The level of crime in the city associated with the coal business has plummeted. A company of the Kalmius battalion standing in the city covered the illegal digging of coal, and despite numerous visits to the commandant’s office with money and threats against the military commander, it doesn’t provide full business deployment. A significant number of locals return to the city. Civilian authorities are formed exclusively from below, on the vacant places of the fleeing Ukrainian officials they appoint initiative members of the public who are able to sort out the mess that is going on. The shooting of the marauders in Shakhtersk stopped in August - several people were shot, the rest atoned for a long dig of trenches. After several shootings, the looting in the city dropped sharply. "

Today in 6: 40

Hero Note

"22 September 2014, the hero Novorosii heroically passed away! Vadim Anatolyevich Morgunov, he served in the 3 Brigade of Strelkovtsev 1 Slavic battalion of the 2 th company of the Armed Forces of Novorosii.
During the liberation of the village of Nikishino, a district of Shakhtersk (DPR), our units were surrounded by a local school. And in order to break out of the environment, several machine-gunners occupied the intersections and began to cover the withdrawal of our units. Having volunteered for cover, and taking a position at the intersection, he restrained the superior forces of the enemy for almost an hour!
Eternal memory and glory to him! "

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