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State Duma ratified the agreement on the creation of the Eurasian Economic Union

Today (September 26 2014) the deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation ratified the treaty on the Eurasian Economic Union. Reports about it Interfax. The agreement itself was signed by the presidents of the three countries (Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan) on May 29 in Astana.

State Duma ratified the agreement on the creation of the Eurasian Economic Union

With the official entry into force of the contract, and this event should occur 1 January 2015, our countries will switch to a single customs tariff. In addition, unrestricted movement of goods, capital and labor will be carried out. The economic processes in the EAEU will take place at a new level of coordination from all member countries of the Eurasian Economic Union.

It is reported that the budget of such an organization as the EAEU will be formed in Russian rubles. This alone can really affect the strengthening of the national currency, if speculative processes do not turn on again, which are accelerated under unprecedented pressure from the political forces of the West. In the countries of the “victorious democracy” the EAEU has already been called the resuscitation of the USSR.

During ratification, the treaty received broad support from all political parties represented in the State Duma.

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  1. Giant thought
    Giant thought 26 September 2014 13: 36
    Really significant event in the modern history of Russia. Good luck Eurasian Union, good luck.
    1. comprochikos
      comprochikos 26 September 2014 13: 53
      At last. It's time to correct the mistakes of those freaks who ruined the state. At least economically unite.
      1. jjj
        jjj 26 September 2014 14: 48
        Everything is progressive and systematic. General words about the need for such an alliance are still fresh in my memory. And here is the ratification. Case for further practical steps.
  2. seregatara1969
    seregatara1969 26 September 2014 13: 37
    Well, finally, the process of unification of peoples
    ISKANDER25 26 September 2014 13: 41
    Hello! Well, Natyuki stock up on diapers!
    1. comprochikos
      comprochikos 26 September 2014 14: 18
      At the expense of diapers, I think it's too early to say (this is only an economic union), but they should think about it. Here, after all, Katai and India can catch up.
      1. Kasym
        Kasym 26 September 2014 18: 04
        I don’t think to scare anyone, why !? But as they promised, let them first think about the pockets of the common people so that we can live well. Good jobs with decent wages, economic growth and stability in it. Then the people will believe and the mountains will turn. hi
        1. Talgat
          Talgat 26 September 2014 23: 55
          as Nursultan Abishevich said - people will receive 4 of freedom: the movement of capital, services, goods and directly themselves

          Translated, this means that an entrepreneur can send goods from Chelyabinsk to Almaty as if inside Russia, people can come to Astana or Minsk and get a job or buy an apartment as if they are citizens of Kazakhstan or Belarus and vice versa

          that is, practically for people it will be as if one country. Let's wait, let's see if everything will be so - but I hope. Unnecessary barriers must be removed
  4. Finches
    Finches 26 September 2014 13: 42
    All payments are only in rubles!
    And the words of the West about the revival of the USSR - to God’s ears!
    1. comprochikos
      comprochikos 26 September 2014 14: 13
      We are not indignant that the creation of the EU is an attempt to create an analogue of the Union.
  5. Horst78
    Horst78 26 September 2014 13: 42
    Just do not retreat and not be afraid. We must go further.
  6. Bronik
    Bronik 26 September 2014 13: 44
    So far this is not CMEA, but only for now. We have already gotten off our knees and shook ourselves off. Not far off is the rejection of the dollar.
  7. oSB
    oSB 26 September 2014 13: 45
    In addition, there will be unhindered movement of goods.

    interesting forbidden goods from the EU, will also be tinkering in the Russian Federation through the BR as now with re-labeling or will not even be spent on it?
  8. aszzz888
    aszzz888 26 September 2014 13: 52
    Only together, otherwise they will crush!
  9. Rokossovsky
    Rokossovsky 26 September 2014 14: 00
    Take a bite of the EU! tongue
    PS And Mrs. Clinton too! laughing
  10. pahom54
    pahom54 26 September 2014 14: 01
    "In the countries of" victorious democracies ", the EAEU has already been called the resuscitation of the USSR" ...

    That's when, God willing, the USSR is reanimated in a new format, then all of you - the EU, the USA and other lahudra - will come to me!
    1. fif21
      fif21 26 September 2014 14: 08
      Quote: pahom54
      That's when, God willing, the USSR is reanimated in a new format, then all of you - the EU, the USA and other lahudra - will come to me!
      This is not a military union, but an economic one. Krandets will not come to partners, but a rich union will be respected.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  11. Alexander
    Alexander 26 September 2014 14: 04
    We are waiting for Israel, Turkey and Finland to the Union.
  12. Wedmak
    Wedmak 26 September 2014 14: 12
    Consider that we have officially entered the war with the West. Economic, political, etc., but not hot yet. Yeah ... an awesome time, but we managed to live during global changes.
  13. Vtel
    Vtel 26 September 2014 14: 17
    However, they should do Taperecha and make their own currency - they have EURO, and let us have RUSES.
    1. Reader
      Reader 26 September 2014 15: 32
      Why such difficulties? There is a ruble.
      1. Talgat
        Talgat 26 September 2014 23: 57
        Altyn is historically a Russian word and suits us. NAS has already proposed to name the currency Altyn
  14. Strezhevsky
    Strezhevsky 26 September 2014 14: 23
    And then I think, what’s the Old Man rinsing the bones all day, from what’s it ....
  15. Reader
    Reader 26 September 2014 15: 31
    Together, others will join later. good
  16. Alexander I
    Alexander I 26 September 2014 15: 53
    Good luck with good luck.
  17. The comment was deleted.
  18. sv68
    sv68 26 September 2014 16: 11
    a start has been made, we will wait for others who wish to join our Eurosian Union.
  19. Zubr
    Zubr 26 September 2014 18: 48
    Well, that's nice.