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Marine force of Russia. Death games

October 28 1962, the submarine B-59, commanded by Valentin Savitsky, launches a nuclear-tipped torpedo on the American aircraft carrier Rendl ....
The explosion destroys about a dozen ships within an 50 radius of miles. US President John F. Kennedy gives the order to strike back at missile positions in Cuba. Several P-12 rocket launchers, which survived the first wave of bombardments, strike back at the United States. American submarine missile carriers produce nuclear ballistic missiles at the largest industrial centers of the USSR. Fighting using weapons mass destruction continues for several months. Many major cities have been wiped off the face of the earth. Hundreds of millions of people died. Much of the territory of Europe and the United States is radioactively contaminated. Today’s world could really become one. If it were not for one coincidence ...... Day of October 28 1962 of the year could be the last day of our era.

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