Military Review

Reports from the militia of New Russia for 23 September 2014 of the year

Yesterday at 10: 26

Summary from Alexey Brain

"An artillery strike was struck on our fortifications in the Lomovatka area. We responded to the enemy with a squall artillery strike from the D-30 Grad System and Partizan single-shot cities. We produced: Grad-40 System pcs. Guerrilla-20 pcs. D- 30- 60 pcs.
The enemy was dealt a serious blow to his positions. Data on the destroyed equipment and manpower of the enemy: vehicles around 9 units. Living force to 40 man. "

Yesterday at 11: 05

Commentary from military analyst "colonelcassad"

"There is no parity, there is a more favorable ratio, conventionally 2 to 1 in favor of the junta. Recovery after losses is very slow, equipment in warehouses is extremely dilapidated, deliveries from Europe do not allow closing huge holes after the losses suffered. Now the parties are equally slowly increasing the number of armored vehicles “The junta is pushing for what can from the reserve, the militiamen are slowly commissioning numerous trophies. Both sides are extremely poorly prepared for a war of attrition. And the further they go, the more they will depend on their" military orgov ". Novorossia will be partly subsidized by the country, at least at the recovery stage. The level of the economy of Novorossia will determine which territories will be included in it, without clarity on this issue, it is difficult to speculate about how they will pay for rehabilitation and development. A significant part of the plants now it is destroyed or damaged. There are surviving enterprises in Mariupol, the same Azovstal, but they are at risk. Again, not knowing that it will remain whole in the end, it is difficult to lay out. Who is to be put in charge of the republics by Moscow, because humanitarian flows provide an opportunity for such influence. Akhmetov agreed with Moscow on the subject of his participation in the project Novorossia. His people are in the structures of the DNI. Of course, he does not hit pots with Kiev either. Just in case."

Yesterday at 11: 42

Message from journalists

"The number of Don Cossacks in 12 will enter the ranks of the army of Novorossia in the coming months. Members of the special monitoring mission of the OSCE in Lugansk after meeting with the head of the Don Cossacks, who arrived from Ukrainian Stakhanov, said that a significant replenishment is expected in the army of the LC. According to the leader of the Don Cossacks , this decision was made on September 14 during a mass event on the main square of Stakhanov, from which he arrived in Lugansk.Also, the interlocutor of the mission members said that the information about the proclamation of "Independent the Republic of Stakhanov "is invented by journalists lie."

Yesterday at 11: 57

Photo from the militia

Militia Ilona Banevich (call sign "Bonya"). Received 2 St. George Cross, one of them in Slavyansk personally from Strelkova, and the second for the battles in Ilovaisk. Now she has reached the rank of commander and is in command of a large militia unit.

Reports from the militia of New Russia for 23 September 2014 of the year

Yesterday at 13: 37

Commentary from political analyst "colonelcassad"

“As I said earlier, Akhmetov has already agreed with Moscow on the subject of his future in Novorossia and is preparing his way out on the stage. The fact that the“ region-forming oligarch ”does not please everyone,” история with the uncovered warehouse of humanitarian aid at the Donbass Arena, from which Akhmetov’s cargo was sent, including the national guard, to Krasnoarmeisk. Beard and Pushilin, when they gave a hint about the nationalization of Akhmetov’s property (and then he openly opposed the DPR), very quickly and substantively explained that they shut up on this account, after which the famous interview of Beard followed, where he began to tell that no communists "and no one will touch the property of the richest oligarch of Ukraine. Khodakovsky, on the other hand, transparently hints that you are ready to eat the continuation of the reign of Akhmetov, who, since the end of 90x, has economically crushed the Donbass for himself. It is quite remarkable how the anti-oligarchic protest in Ukraine ended with the accession of the billionaire Poroshenko, while trying to protest in the Donbas, under the guise of "building a state", they try to whip out all the same ghoul under the guise of "finding a dialogue" .. As Mozgovoy rightly says, the matter is not in individual oligarchs, but in the very system of oligarchic power, which must be broken at the root, otherwise there will be no sense. Khodakovsky both represented and continues to represent Akhmetov’s interests in the DPR. The calculation is clear - in the case of the successful implementation of Akhmetov in the DPR, he can count on returning to power, from where he was knocked off in July. "

Yesterday at 14: 23

Summary of the Army of the South-East: for the evening and night punitive 4 times violated the truce, "Aydar" arrested Ukrainian intelligence officers

During the night, the situation has not changed significantly. Combinations of the armed forces of Novorossia in accordance with the agreements conducted the withdrawal of artillery units from the line of contact between the parties. Marked 4 cases of violation of the ceasefire by the Ukrainian fascists.

In 19.10, from artillery fire positions in the area of ​​the mound Tomb of Ostraya, an artillery attack was made on the positions of the militia in Rassypnoe. Killed 1 and injured 2 person.

In 20.05, from the side of Granite, the fascists fired at Novaya Maryevka. Damaged residential building. A civilian was killed by his shell blasts, his wife was injured.

In 20.35, residential areas of the Leninsky district of Donetsk were shelled from the side of Marinka using the Grad MLRS. As a result of the strike, 4 civilians (one of them children) were injured. Damage to the municipal infrastructure of the city.

From 20.40 to 21.00 from the Maloorlovka area, the Nazis fired intensive artillery and mortar fire at the positions of the militia units in Kirovsky. One militia wounded.

In the Donetsk direction, the forces of the Kiev junta continued to move and regroup units, strengthening their positions.

According to information received from the 74-th separate reconnaissance battalion who had fallen to the militia side of the militia, two Ukrainian servicemen were arrested by militants of the 24-th territorial defense battalion on suspicion of having links with the militias in Maloorlovka. The reason for the arrest was the verbal skirmish that had taken place, during which the soldiers of the 74 battalion expressed dissatisfaction with the food supply of the unit. The detainees were transferred to the command of representatives of the National Guard under. According to the intelligence officer, at best they face a prison, at worst they will be shot.

On the Luhansk direction, the enemy proceeded to partially withdraw military equipment and artillery from previously occupied positions in the direction of Starobelsk and Novoaydar.

In the Mariupol direction, the situation has not changed significantly. The fascists continue to regroup the forces and the fortification equipment of the positions they occupy. According to intelligence, marked the transfer of enemy units from Melitopol in n. n. Smooth.

According to local residents, during the loading of the 30-th mechanized brigade at the Melitopol railway station, a quarrel arose between the servicemen, which turned into a shootout. The cause of the incident, in which one military man was seriously wounded, was the refusal of one of the soldiers to obey the officer’s requirements to throw out household electrical equipment and valuables from civilian troops of the BTR. The composition departed in the direction of Zaporozhye.

Yesterday at 14: 59

Interview with a local woman

"Ukrainian punishers are looting in the Donbass territory. They take all things from home: TV sets, washing machines, refrigerators. The loot is taken away on old trucks, which are also taken away from the civilian population. They threaten people, they ask who has money and wealth to take everything for themselves First they are robbed, and then set on fire at home. "It feels like we lived these 35 days during the occupation by the fascists in hell!", Says a resident of the village of Kommunar, who is near Enakiev. "

Yesterday at 15: 27

Overview of the combat situation from the militia Prokhorov

A little bit about the war.
Dill - extremely boastful and at the same time - pathological liars.
According to all the media of Dill, Porosenko’s wife was interviewed in due time about the fact that their eldest son Alexey was in the Donbas as part of an artillery unit. But the trouble is that the deputies of the Vinnytsia regional council see their colleague (and Oleksiy Poroshenko is a local regional deputy).
Son of Avakov - officially assigned to the Kiev-1 terbat. For a long time, Bat was not allowed to go any further on Slavyansk (full of troops and special services), and then it was changed to the Sich battalion.
In general, there is no bate "Major" yet, but there are military majors.

And so - at night everything was as usual.

The fighting took place in Avdiivka in the area of ​​the crossing and the former military unit, then subsided and resumed in the morning before 7 (local). The Spartak village was shelled with dill at night - in return they received it from Avdiivka and Pesky. In the latter, according to Pravosek, 2 pravosek and 3 were wounded (the losses of other punitive parts of the ZSU with the National Guard are much more)
In Maloorlovka the invaders strongholds are fired.
Debaltseve was under crossfire - from Svetlogorsk the artel of dill beat the squares, and from Bryanka the Cossacks beat the positions of dill. At night there was a lull, but the continuation of the fighting is not far off.

Volnovakhi - there were clashes between Platonovka and Novotroitsky.

In Nikishino (the Mining District of the DPR), the dill station is now multiplying to zero.

For Georgians, the Ground Forces Ground Forces Charter is simply a translation of the statutes of the US Marine Corps.
Regarding the statements of Kostik Semenchenko, this is a stupid PR to justify his stay in the US (Disneyland, Hollywood, etc.) - The Delta in the US is recruited not from yesterday's installation managers of satellite dishes, but from already trained specialists (special forces and rangers).
In addition, the creation of a similarity to the Delta is contrary to the plans of the Ministry of Defense of Dill to convert the Donbass bat into a general regiment.

Why does Moscow want to continue supporting Ukraine with its banking system?
Here are a few points:
1. In Russia, ukrov is still considered to be brothers. Even at the top. At the same time, they turn a blind eye to the fact that ukry consider Russians (long before the war) - orcs. This is such masochism since the times of autocracy and Soviet internationalism. The majority of the population of Russia still does not have adequate information about the situation in the territory of the former Ukraine, considering that the situation arose because of some dark forces (zapadentsev, freemasons. NATO, repoids), and dill are white and fluffy.
2. Dill brings at least some money, the liquidation of its banking sector will not bring money - only losses, and current losses are deferred obligations that will either be paid later or as a means of putting pressure on dill.

Yesterday at 15: 51

Message from the militia headquarters

“In the morgue of Starobelsk of the Luhansk People’s Republic, 27 unidentified bodies of 80 soldiers of the separate airborne brigade and Aydar battalion have been in the fortnight. They lie from September 9. Most of the 80 brigade of the Airborne Forces from Lviv. And some of them are from Aydar battalion ". All the bodies were delivered without documents from the battlefield, it is impossible to identify individuals without relatives.
The morgue workers repeatedly turned to the military for help in installing individuals and transferring them to their home towns, but no response was received.
We ask the Ukrainian command to take the bodies of their fighters. "

Yesterday at 16: 30

Video from the militia

Tonight, positions of Ukrainian punishers near Donetsk were attacked from RZSO.

Yesterday at 18: 01

On the military situation in the LC from the militia Alexander Drobotov

A fighter from one of the units of Pavel Dremov, Alexander Drobotov, expressed his opinion on the military situation in the Lugansk People’s Republic.
“In the LC there is no unification of military units. - Brain leads on one line and does not change the principles, despite good luck and failure, - Alexander told. - The Minsk Agreement was signed by representatives of the LC, who voluntarily went there and acted solely in their own interests, and not in the interests of the people. Unification under their flags is unlikely to take place. There should be a single headquarters with one person at the head, who will be trusted with the fate of the future state.
All the same, we will liberate our cities, where neo-Nazis still stand. Until we expel this brown plague, we will not be able to live peacefully. We have a spirit, and the one who remained in the city will go to the end. The guys work harmoniously, any operation occurs quickly and accurately. I am confident in every fighter. The faster we get the enemy units out of Novorossia, the sooner the borders of our new state will appear. ”

Yesterday at 18: 37

Medical orderly volunteer Simon Verdian released after 1,5 months of captivity

The National Guard under fired on an ambulance and seized doctors near Donetsk in mid-July.

The Russian Simon Verdiyan, who went to Donbass as a volunteer and helped the medical staff there to assist the wounded local people and the militia, spent six weeks in captivity. Together with him in the dungeons of the SBU were three doctors and the driver of the ambulance crew. Simon told LifeNews in detail about what he saw, and how the security forces treated him and other prisoners.

- 22 numbers we went to Stepanovka ambulance to pick up the wounded. Because of the concrete slab suddenly began to shoot at the ambulance. Fired at a sieve, ”says Simon. - We were pushed into a truck and taken to some border guards. There they shook our heads with rags and scotch ... I was brought to the car and put the trunk to my head. Everyone says, from ***, now you will die. Pull the trigger, and there is no cartridge.

Then the doctors were taken to another settlement and there continued the mockery. Threatened with execution, all the prisoners were put in pits, and then left to lie in the sun. In the evening a helicopter arrived and everyone was taken to the headquarters of the ATO in Kramatorsk. There, Simon and his colleagues began to "interrogate."

“They drove off somewhere, they ordered to get out of the car and crawl on the ground ... They began to beat everyone with their feet, trample into the ground. They beat us for about an hour, no less. An automatic machine was attached to the head, the muzzle was inserted into the mouth, the trigger was pressed, and it was set against the wall. There were two women with us and we were threatened that they would be “let in a circle,” says a freed volunteer.

The doctors were not fed for three days and they were not allowed to sleep, constantly beating. They were taken to the Security Service of Kharkov, there Simon Verdiyan was taken to the operatives and they began to knock him out of a password from the email. He said that he did not remember, and one of the security forces took out a pistol and began to beat him on the head with his grip.

“In Kramatorsk, my ribs broke, and in the SBU I got a concussion,” says Simon. - All the people who were with us in the cell together also went through all the tortures in Kramatorsk. They were branded - they burned “sepor” on the chest, burns fester. They were broken to the full, they all came blue.

Simon spoke of two egregious cases of bullying. To one captive, the security forces allowed the foam into the rectum, from which he should have died without medical assistance. His fate is unknown. Four DPR supporters in Kramatorsk were crushed by an excavator bucket.

- People came from Kiev terrified. They say they are tormented there horribly, - continues Simon. - They were not held in the Security Service of Ukraine, not in the SIZO, but in some military unit. They went there "swallow". As the guard heard the tramp - they immediately stood up "swallow", face down ... We sat there for two months, they were given only tea and bread.

Simon Verdiyan was released as part of an exchange of prisoners a month and a half after the capture. Before taking to the militia, the security forces checked the list of whether all had bruises. Simon says that those militiamen and civilians who were stigmatized and who still have scars from torture, the Ukrainian side simply will not exchange.

Yesterday at 20: 07

Message from the militia

"At the Donetsk airport, something similar to Tanks Abrams. According to various estimates, the number of copies of this “similar” is from 1 to 3. Experts in military equipment specify that these are T-64 tanks with the latest “body kit” and active anti-cumulative protection. Apparently, their ukry was seized by foreign trade supplies and handed over to their armed forces. There is information that at the airport, in addition to the remnants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, a significant number of non-Slavic mercenaries remained in the bulk. On the air, distorted English speech is noted. Previously, about a hundred Polish mercenaries left the airport, surrendering, on agreed terms. "

Yesterday at 20: 23

Comment from Strelkov Igor Ivanovich

- Poland and the Baltic countries are so often and loudly yelling that they will give Russia a rebuff in the event of an attack, as if our troops are already at the borders and are waiting for an order to attack.

II.: “It’s just amazing, did the TV finally learn to think? It’s just that the Polish media are pre-preparing the population for the thought that“ it’s not too late - send the volunteers to Ukraine and stop the Russian bear there. ”And they will send it without fail. (so far "volunteers" in the composition of PMCs) ".

Yesterday at 20: 40

Message from a German of Russian descent and militiaman Paul Meier

"Anything can bring you into the militia. Unrequited love, thirst for romance and adventure, debt, a desire to kill time. But you are unlikely to find yourself there without a main motivator - a strong national feeling. That feeling that gives you solidarity with people you are not familiar with another social circle and hobbies, but one with you Russian culture. "

Yesterday at 20: 50

Message from military observer Boris Rozhin ("colonelcassad")

"Military Council field commanders DNR and LC.
The warlords authorized me to make an announcement. Please maximize the spread. By the end of the month, it is planned to hold a Military Council of field commanders of the DPR and LPR. This council should decide on the establishment of the Ministry of Defense of New Russia. The idea is supported by 90% of the field commanders of the LC and most of the field commanders of the DPR - they are for the creation of the Ministry of Defense of Novorossia and for the whole of Novorossia, and not separate DPR and LPR. The idea also supports the Cossacks.
It is clear that the leadership of the DNI and the LC against the creation of a unified Army of New Russia. Most of the field commanders are going to go to the end for the idea of ​​New Russia as a state. Nowhere to retreat. Behind Russia. "

Yesterday at 21: 05

Today's battle map review

Yesterday at 21: 33

Message from "Borisych" from Shakhtersk

Odessa was awarded a medal. If anyone remembers, I already wrote about this boy. So, Odessa - the 23 summer boy from under Odessa was there in the courtyard of a private house, behind a high fence of which the Ukropsky tank turned out to be not in time, and Odessa, he constantly carries "Bumblebee" behind his back, well, this military habit he did not lose his head, climbed a tree and entered the tank tower from the Bumblebee. The tank was in meters 20, and an explosion of such strength that the hero itself was blown to the ground by the blast wave. I remember we laughed at him then, he didn’t hear anything for a couple of days, we had to shout. "

Yesterday at 22: 31

Summary from the headquarters of the 1-th Inter-Brigade of the New Russia Army

"Donetsk People's Republic.
Donetsk - Kiev, Leninsky and Kuibyshev districts were fired at night (a civilian was killed by 1, 4 was injured). At night in the area of ​​the airport - fights with the use of small weapons and "pocket" artillery; later - "connected" and heavy weapons. With n.p. Avdeevka and Sands punitive again fired PGT Spartak (the militia struck back). A new strange information has arrived about the punishers who were surrounded at the airport - if earlier it was claimed that there were mercenaries, including foreign ones, now they are talking about "the military of the best prepared units"; It also clarifies that it is impossible to destroy fortified area of ​​punishers at the airport even from the Grad MLRS (personally, in my eyes it looks like a rationale for the future delivery, because the winning reports about the complete blocking and almost successful assault a week ago contradict the actual state of affairs).

Avdiivka - fierce fighting began last night (1 BTR was destroyed with an unspecified number of punishers). The militiamen launched an assault on the village from the direction of the settlement of Yasinovataya (with the use of tanks and a preliminary artillery attack from the Grad MLRS and SAC). At night, the situation remained tense. Separate shots were heard until the morning (in the area of ​​the move and the former military unit). There is a clarification about 2 destroyed and 3 wounded punitive "Right Sector".
Gorlovka - explosions were heard on the outskirts in the evening.
Enakievo - there is evidence of battles (including with the use of the MLRS “Grad”) between ukrovermaht and natsgadas (!) In the area of ​​the settlement of Olhovatka last night because of the APU’s attempt to retreat. The past punishers deliberately blew up the automobile bridge over the Krynka River (the Enakievo and Zhdanovka-Khartsyzk and Makeevka roads). This morning, the remaining positions of ukrovermaht militia struck from artillery.
Makeevka - reported battles in the Soviet area.

Other settlements
Debaltseve - the withdrawal of parts of ukrovermakht is restless, it is reported about artduels until late evening and, after a night of calm, this morning. In the daytime, mutual strikes were also noted at the positions near Debaltseve from the Grad MLRS (punitive strikes were delivered from the settlement of Svetlogorsk, the militiamen from the settlement of Bryanka (LPR).
Kirovskoye - the punitive attacks on the city with the use of heavy weapons resumed last night. Both residential quarters (at least 6 shells hit the residential sector) and militia positions (1 militia wounded) were subjected to shelling. In the afternoon, it became known that the punitive arrivals on the APC had shot two civilians in the village. Orlov-Ivanovka.
Khartsyzk - in the afternoon in the village of Kommunar (left by the punishers the day before), 2 mass graves were found: civilians (4 corpse, 1 female were found) and militiamen (5 bodies were allegedly shot at a nearby national security checkpoint).
Artyomovsky district - armed clashes in the area of ​​Platonovka.
Volnovakhskiy district - in the morning of an armed clash at Novotroitskoye settlement.
Starobeshevsky district - relatively n. Shirokoe received conflicting information - whether the punitive retreat, or arrive. In the morning, shelling of settlements and industrial enterprises are recorded.
Telmanovsky district - in the evening from the mortars fired at the settlement of Novaya Maryevka (from the standpoint of punishers in the area of ​​the settlement of Granite), a civilian was killed by 1 and 1 was wounded.
Mining district - in the morning the militia attacked punitive outposts in the area of ​​the settlement of Maloorlovka and Nikishino. It is reported that on the eve of the punitive for "communication with the separatists" arrested two soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the village of Yelenovka.
Yasinovatsky area - in the evening combat clashes were recorded in PGT Peski.

In general, the situation is deteriorating. Yesterday's assumption about the "bloodless" retreat of the ukrovermaht is generally confirmed, but the mercenaries from the punitive battalions in this undertaking do not support the military. Also, more and more often there is information about the use of punitive reprisals against military personnel trying to retreat from fear of falling into the boilers. The official authorities of the DPR report strengthening the position of the junta's troops, which is contrary to information from the Russian media.

Lugansk People's Republic
Happiness - in the evening there were battles, in the city sits surprisingly tenacious "Aydar".
Bryanka - for the first time it became known about the deployment here of Cossack units, which also actively use artillery in positions of ukrovermaht. Also report on the morning artduel in the area of ​​the village of Lomovatka (9 units of unspecified armored vehicles and 40 punishers destroyed)
Starobelsk and Novoadar - the National Guardsmen are retreating from their positions, leading off armored vehicles and artillery.

In general, on the Luhansk direction is quieter than on the Donetsk one, but there are places that are fully controlled by the punishers, where the militia acts only in the format of the DRG.

Mariupol-ukrovermaht continues to strengthen its position and bring armored vehicles to the city (according to reports from local residents and the authorities of Novorossia).

Occupied territory - in the Melitopol area, clashes between military men are also recorded (a military man was injured by 1). Seen yesterday a column of armored vehicles, may have gone to n. Rovnoe (Krasnoarmeysky district of the DPR). "

Yesterday at 22: 40

Message from the militia

"Konstantinovskaya reconnaissance group has entered into battle with a convoy of enemy vehicles near Belokamenka. There are no casualties among the militias. There are no casualties from the enemy. There are prisoners."

Today in 0: 58

Message from the militia

"Donetsk. A massive attack of the Armed Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces of Ukraine has just been delivered to the city. Leninsky, Kuybyshevsky districts, the TV-towers were subjected to the most aggressive shelling from the Ukrainian punishers.

Today in 4: 03

Message from journalists

"Activists are demanding that international experts be allowed to go to the mass grave site found today in the Donetsk region. In addition, experts are talking about the need for an independent international investigation of this crime."

Today in 4: 55

Message from journalists

"The corpses of Ukrainian servicemen killed as a result of fierce fighting near Lugansk are eaten by stray dogs. Local residents refused to bury the Ukrainian soldiers and mercenaries from the punitive battalions of the National Guard under.
This was told by the deputy of the Lugansk city council Natalia Maksimets, referring to the data of eyewitnesses living "in Bolshaya Vergunka, closer to Krasny Yar, where the junta tried to break through and was killed by dozens".
“We buried our people in the gardens, because there was no way to go to the cemetery - the Ukrainian reptiles were firing at them. And nobody wanted to touch the damned fascists, as the dogs were taken away,” Maksimets told a local resident. ”

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  1. viktorrymar
    viktorrymar 24 September 2014 07: 17
    If a woman commands a large unit, then this is truly a People’s War !!!
  2. zao74
    zao74 24 September 2014 07: 24
    As Mozgovoy rightly says, the point is not in individual oligarchs, but in the very system of oligarchic power, which must be broken downright, otherwise there will be no sense
    Gold words. Only the restoration of socialism, as the system of state structure closest to human equality, can reconcile everyone. Naturally, taking into account modern realities.
    1. Makosha
      Makosha 24 September 2014 08: 16
      Quote: zao74
      Only the restoration of socialism, as the system of state structure closest to human equality, can reconcile everyone. Naturally, taking into account modern realities.

      Is "realii" an oligarchy? Another is not yet emerging.
  3. VICTOR-61
    VICTOR-61 24 September 2014 07: 28
    Good luck, the brothers of the Novorossiya militia to finish off the fascist dill enemy - it’s just that Akhmetov in power will be very cool again, things will go and it’s not easy to go from scratch and choose a people’s wallet instead of a purse and then dill
  4. saag
    saag 24 September 2014 07: 29
    "... Akhmetov agreed with Moscow regarding his participation in the Novorossiya project."
    Well, what they fought against and ran into, then some journalists and commentators "shed tears" - ah Putin put a candle, ah he said to the camera "Novorossiya", listen less, look more on business

    "... Bearded, where he began to tell that" we are not communists "and no one will touch the property of the richest oligarch in Ukraine."

    It would be better if they were communists, and so spineless slime without any ideals, they are more or less like communists, this is Symonenko and the company, they defended at least something in this very Rada, and received "recognition" - a ban, and the Communist Party of the Russian Federation is swampy
    1. SPACE
      SPACE 24 September 2014 10: 14
      Quote: saag
      ah Putin lit a candle, ah he said on camera "Novorossiya"

      "... Akhmetov agreed with Moscow regarding his participation in the Novorossiya project."

      Quote: saag
      listen less, look more on business

      You yourself should adopt your own advice ...
      You have something in common with zombie maydaunas, you also believe the first time, in all this generated informational production, as in truth, how many were your brother’s moans, fell, surrendered, leaked, did not enter ...))) . It’s funny to observe how the same deaf-blind, mindless, for the umpteenth time, joyfully dreaming of problems in Novorosia, not for the peace and prosperity of Novorosia itself, but for the sake of yet another, mediocre attempt to blame and kick Putin for this and all for the sake of confirming the correctness of their own paranoid - stupid denominations and the search for evidence in the presence of all the same mind ...))) Other goals in your endless masochistic-marasmatic Sisyphean work, to get dirt out of the Internet and admonish them in the form of Comments themselves self-forgetting after a month, do not loom.
  5. Mikhail m
    Mikhail m 24 September 2014 07: 34
    And no one wanted to touch the damned fascists, so the dogs pulled

    I wanted to call it dog death, but I can not offend a faithful and faithful animal. You won’t even wish such an enemy.
  6. shishakova
    shishakova 24 September 2014 07: 42
    Thanks for the review.
    Difficult situation. Of course, this is not the 17th year, but there are common features. The oligarchs around the world, and this can’t be changed, but it is quite possible to make sure that they are not in power, and also pay honest taxes. Once upon a time, rich people built hospitals in Russia and helped the state. I want to believe that honesty and nobility will be revived.
    Good luck to the honest fighters for justice! For New Russia! God help you.
  7. smith7
    smith7 24 September 2014 07: 44
    The impression is that after Strelkov's "excommunication" from the management of military operations in Novorossia, a non-systematic partisan action is taking place and does not contribute to the expulsion of the fascist ukrs. It is stupid to rely on "General Moroz" (if someone hopes), before the onset of real cold weather the oligarchs will agree on something and the Russian people will be embraced. It remains to hope for a just cause, for which the militias and volunteers are fighting. Until they gut ...
    1. Kaskadermike
      Kaskadermike 24 September 2014 10: 57
      And it is, and this is not a sensation, but reality in reality.
  8. pascal309
    pascal309 24 September 2014 07: 49
    If Akhmetov agreed with Moscow, this only means that he will not touch his business, and in return he will help restore the Donbass. After all, he has connections, cadres, a name, established contacts with the West. It will be difficult for Moscow alone to restore all this.
    1. Kaskadermike
      Kaskadermike 24 September 2014 11: 20
      You then understand that this is all extremely vague. When there is a complete outbidding of the top of the DPR by the oligarchy, then the trick is to muddy the waters and more, put your people in big and soft chairs and continue to fill their pockets, at the expense of cheap labor. Akhmetov will help to restore something? It's funny ... I remember how in the 90s he restored a Kalashnikov assault rifle. The hard workers will be restored from the entire salary, which they will be underpaid, saying that the underpayment went to the restoration of the region. Not a single person who "earned" a million will spend it on "slaves" and creating conditions for life for "slaves", and you - Akhmetov will restore ...
      Yes, until the same Novorossia, which is unlikely there will be a tough Russian leadership that will raise social standards for the population, oblige oligarchs and tsars to pay taxes in full, will not establish a minimum pension and salary, and now it will be where it is you won’t get a good salary without relatives, miners and hard workers at stoves pay a penny, and office workers from such offices as Metinvest, APK-Invest, SCM, in other words, Akhmetov-Kolesnikov and Co ...
  9. saag
    saag 24 September 2014 08: 02
    Quote: pascal309
    it only means that they will not touch his business, and in return he will help restore the Donbass.

    And also the fact that his people will be at key posts and they will make all the important decisions, and the people who are fighting now will have something not very good with him, they will be blackmailed, such as illegal participation in armed groups, illegal possession of weapons, resistance to authorities and a bunch of other articles of the Criminal Code if they do not do what they are told
  10. mira. 36
    mira. 36 24 September 2014 08: 16
    From all incoming reports, it can be concluded that a ceasefire does not benefit the militias and the political leadership of the self-proclaimed republics. The problems are still the same - the division of power and, as a result, growing anarchy and strife. If in the near future a decision is not made to unite all armed groups under the flag of New Russia, then nothing good can be expected. Something has to be decided radically with the Donetsk airport, all this fuss and excuses give an occasion to think of the junta about the weakness of the militias and unties the punitive who continue to shell the peaceful city. What kind of double ring of the surroundings of this strategic object and the complete blockade were Kononov and Zakharchenko constantly talking about, if there is a passage yard and the rotation of forces is ongoing?
  11. ermolai
    ermolai 24 September 2014 08: 19
    and Kharkov partisans need to clean the Kolomoy’s banks, the funds will help to ensure a guerrilla war, the dill of Voentorg asks for pennies, and Kolomoyshi damages. and this is no less than just a dozen PSs hang.
  12. Nychego
    Nychego 24 September 2014 08: 33
    Two parallel worlds: the world of the People's Republic and the world of near-power games. In one, the confrontation is growing, in the second, like, the world is "wider and deeper". In one the oligarch is "taken for yay.a" on hot, in the other he is promised a lot of benefits. "Everything is more and more wonderful".

    I think the idea of ​​the council of commanders is correct. They must resolve two main issues: the formation of a unified command (without the participation of those in power) and the interception of control over the flow of "humanitarian aid". The successful solution of both of these issues will save many lives of soldiers and civilians of Novorossiya.
  13. VadimSt
    VadimSt 24 September 2014 09: 06
    The LNR does not unite military units

    Appetite comes with eating! Each of the field commanders, having accumulated bayonets, begins to consider them his own private army. As the number of bayonets grows, self-conceit and ambition grow. Enlightenment will come either when it all ends in tears, or when the bayonets realize that they are being used for personal interests.
    On the other side of the front there is a similar hustle and bustle in private battalions, but on the other side there are also regular troops. It is not difficult to calculate who will have an advantage over time.
    There are political ambitions, get off your horse and rally, and let the militia fight not for your beloved, but for your freedom!

    Apparently the delivery of the "Lisichansk knot" did not teach anything, but it's a pity.
    1. Nychego
      Nychego 24 September 2014 09: 58
      Quote: VadimSt
      but from that side there are also regular troops

      Which are not at all eager to fight. For the most part, they are demoralized, and their command is extremely corrupted by theft. In the absence of success in a punitive operation, the Armed Forces are for the ukrainian authorities more of a bunt (this crowd must be supplied with it after all) than real armed force suitable for participating in military operations.
      Victories that can raise the morale of the Armed Forces of Ukraine until the dill clearly shine.
      1. VadimSt
        VadimSt 24 September 2014 10: 48
        You underestimate the capabilities of state structures and their mobilization capabilities, even in the form in which they are now. This is so far led by the army of drunkards and wedding generals!
  14. The comment was deleted.
  15. fridge
    fridge 24 September 2014 09: 26
    “An artillery strike was struck at our fortifications in the Lomovatka area. We responded to the enemy with a heavy artillery strike from the Grad D-30 system and the Partizan single-shot hailstones.
    In general, an intensive truce continues, it would be nice if it would end at the borders of New Russia.
  16. The comment was deleted.
  17. Explore
    Explore 24 September 2014 10: 25
    About thirty people tried to break through to the apartments of Gennady Kernes, who lives in the National Hotel; they brought with them a letter of resignation for the mayor.
    The mayor of Kharkov Gennady Kernes. Archival photo.
    © RIA Novosti. Sergey Kozlov | Buy illustration
    MOSCOW, September 24 - RIA Novosti. Late in the evening on September 23, Kharkiv activists broke into the National Hotel, where the mayor of the city, Gennady Kernes, lives. They demanded that he immediately sign a letter of resignation, TSN reports.

    About thirty people tried to climb to the fourth floor, where the mayor's apartments are located, their way was blocked by the guards. The activists began to chant: "Lustration!" The hotel director came to them with a request to stop the noise.

    However, the protesters, who brought with them to the mayor a letter of resignation, dispersed only after the arrival of the police, the channel reported.

    RIA Novosti
  18. kit-kat
    kit-kat 24 September 2014 11: 03
    A muddy picture looms with these beards - Khodakovsky - Akhmetov. It turns out people are fighting for them? I do not like it.
  19. Chaika
    Chaika 24 September 2014 11: 58
    Khodakovsky, as represented, and continues to represent the interests of Akhmetov in the DPR. His calculation is understandable - in the event of a successful introduction of Akhmetov into the DPR, he can count on returning to power, from where he was knocked out in July. "
    kit-kat SU Today, 11:03 PM New
    A muddy picture looms with these beards - Khodakovsky - Akhmetov. It turns out people are fighting for them? I do not like it.
    Really Muddy picture and it becomes quite clear to whom Strelkov crossed the road. Article ++++++ Kit-Kat too +
  20. Explore
    Explore 24 September 2014 12: 08
    EMERCOM of Russia and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are preparing to send the fourth humanitarian convoy for the south-east of Ukraine, said Deputy Emergencies Minister Vladimir Stepanov. He recalled that on September 20, another large batch of aid was delivered to Donetsk. According to him, the work on the collection of humanitarian aid in the regions of Russia continues, and collaboration continues with the Russian Foreign Ministry to send it, reports RIA Novosti.
    24.09.2014, 11: 40

    Original article:
  21. Explore
    Explore 24 September 2014 12: 12
    The Ukrainian pilot Savchenko, accused of involvement in the murder of Russian journalists near Lugansk, was transferred from the Voronezh pre-trial detention center, probably to the Moscow remand prison. This was reported to ITAR-TASS by the accused’s lawyer Mark Feigin. The agency RIA Novosti in the FSIN information that Savchenko left the pre-trial detention center was confirmed.
    24.09.2014, 12: 09
    Savchenko served as a spotter of fire during the shelling of VGTRK journalists in Ukraine, who later died. According to official figures, she was detained in Russia, where she moved under the guise of a refugee.

    Savchenko's lawyer Mark Feigin wrote in his microblog on Twitter that Savchenko was taken out of the pre-trial detention center in an unknown direction on September 22.

    Original article:
  22. Rock2
    Rock2 24 September 2014 12: 41
    Every day the situation is getting worse and worse. AI correctly said when you fight dope less in the head climbs. And here they are fighting and sharing power ... Good will not end ... Think about why it all started ?!
  23. Chaika
    Chaika 24 September 2014 12: 49
    “In the LC there is no unification of military units. - Brain leads on one line and does not change the principles, despite good luck and failure, - Alexander told. - The Minsk Agreement was signed by representatives of the LC, who voluntarily went there and acted solely in their own interests, and not in the interests of the people. Unification under their flags is unlikely to take place. There should be a single headquarters with one person at the head, who will be trusted with the fate of the future state.
    The fifth column of Moscow "sang" with Astakhov and crap in Novorossiya, that's why Strelkov made a statement that he should now be in Moscow. Putin is not omnipotent, he needs help too
  24. cloud
    cloud 24 September 2014 20: 19
    Quote: pascal309
    If Akhmetov agreed with Moscow,

    Akhmetov will agree with Moscow, and then V.V. it’s a question, it’s not good for its local oligarchs.