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Analytical program "However" with Mikhail Leontiev 23 September 2014


However, hello! The Americans are bombing Syria. Bombed without a resolution of the UN Security Council and without the consent of the Syrian government. It would seem that the goal is universal evil, "radical Islamists", fanatics and thugs.

What is there to flirt ?! And right there, under this case, the US Congress approves of the arming of the so-called "Free Syrian Army", under the flag of which these same fanatics and thugs had fought with the Syrian government all these years.

A new caliphate appeared like the hell out of a snuff box three months ago, when militants such as the small group of ISIL - the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant - within a week captured vast territories of Iraq, in an instant dispersed the Iraqi army, absorbing its soldiers and seizing warehouses hammered by american weapons. The most surprising was that this ISIS somehow turned out to be not a gang of wild “jihadists”, but a modern army with civilian administrators who could instantly take control of the territory, including oil production and marketing, as part of thanks to which the Islamists have immediately and as much as possible glorified themselves by the atrocities against the Gentiles and Hollywood-executed executions of Western journalists. That, naturally, caused a shock in the impressionable world community. A new US-led military coalition is urgently coming together, and, you will laugh, Saudi Arabia. Such fighters against Islamism fit: Qatar, Turkey, even Kosovo. Strange, where did these guys come from caliphate? Not otherwise, devil !?

In January, 2014, at a closed session of the US Congress, funding, armament and training for the Free Syrian Army, Al-Nusra Front and ISIL was approved for up to September 30. At the same time, from the very beginning, the arming and coordination of the actions of Islamist groups that fought against the Assad government in Syria was directly supervised by US intelligence agencies and politicians.

In the photo, Senator McCain, at a meeting with leaders of the Free Syrian Army, is talking to a member of its main headquarters, Ibrahim al-Badri, in May 2013. Moreover, since October 2011, he is listed among the five most dangerous terrorists wanted by the United States. This man is Caliph Ibrahim, the current leader of the Islamic Caliphate, against whom the United States is gathering a world coalition. Wo gives McCain! This is the real opposition! Not that Nemtsov with Shenderovich.

But seriously - no "Syrian free army" does not exist. In the sense that it is a kind of supposedly “moderate” shell for supplying money, weapons, militants from all over the world to Islamists of ISIL and Al Qaeda. The "Islamic state" is a universal opener for opening and dividing various countries in the region and beyond. By the way, three months ago, ISIS militants entered Iraq, armed with brand new Ukrainian weapons. Surely now the moderate Syrian opposition will not share with Ukraine? New American? Will McCain fail?

"Iran-Contra" - a political scandal in the United States that broke out at the end of 1986, when it became known that some members of the US administration, bypassing the existing sanctions, organized arms shipments to Iran to finance Nicaraguan rebels bypassing the Congress ban.

The analogy suggests: "ISIS-Contra". Under the pretext of fighting the Islamists in Iraq, supply them with weapons and people in Syria. It is not clear just why such a conspiracy at the current stage of shamelessness.

"I will not hesitate to strike at ISIS in Iraq and Syria. If you threaten America, you will not be able to find a safe place," said US President Barack Obama.

Question. But when McCain threatens America, is Washington a safe place? Or, is it time?

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  1. Akvadra
    Akvadra 24 September 2014 07: 02
    Soon there will be no safe place in America! Do not buy off these "moderate" cookies! (confused with the video)
  2. Oleg NSK
    Oleg NSK 24 September 2014 07: 02
    Image ... does not match text
    1. mad
      mad 24 September 2014 07: 10
      The VO editors have not really woken up yet) In a previous article they wrote that Poklonskaya settled in a tweeter from 3014 of the year)
    2. Raskolnik
      Raskolnik 24 September 2014 07: 36
      0 here is the link to the video
    3. bigELDAK
      bigELDAK 24 September 2014 07: 43
      That way:
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  3. raf
    raf 24 September 2014 07: 02
    What nonsense, the text on Syria and the video on Ukraine?
  4. Andrey Yuryevich
    Andrey Yuryevich 24 September 2014 07: 04
    Well, that "Russia saved Syria" ... just a postponement was the sentence. America understands that we will not harness the troops, what for is Syria when it’s close at hand, and maybe they agreed “Syria to us, Ukraine to you” ... what
  5. vitaz
    vitaz 24 September 2014 07: 07
    It's time to start the bombing of the United States, faster to deal with global terrorism
  6. VICTOR-61
    VICTOR-61 24 September 2014 07: 09
    Mattresses under such an excuse just want to destroy and bomb Syria, many are already starting to get in, fighting the igil along with Syria and others whom the Americans have outlined
  7. Temer
    Temer 24 September 2014 07: 16
    In the SGA, the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. Carthage (SGA) must be destroyed.
  8. shishakova
    shishakova 24 September 2014 07: 19
    Thanks to the author!
    I live in Russia, I love my country and do not understand America.
    I will give an example from my life.
    Not so long ago I loved to visit Auchan, coming to him at the opening of the store. As always, temporary friends gradually appear. I met a woman living in the United States. A young woman is dressed terribly - rubber boots, an inconceivable jacket .. She always says: - America is a country of law, not like Russia. For example, a car sprayed you with mud - you sue, and no witnesses are needed, everything is decided automatically.
    - What are you doing in Russia?
    - Like what? Here we have a business with my grandfather, and in America, my business also works without me.
    After talking with a stranger, it seemed to me that she was very unhappy.
    1. sergeybulkin
      sergeybulkin 24 September 2014 08: 15
      No wonder Americans need to be understood as super mercantile people, money at all costs - this is their main motto and their main vulnerability, "Achilles' heel". Go to visit with your treat or pay for the treat if you went to visit them normally. Although of course they are not all and not everywhere.
  9. Monetniy
    Monetniy 24 September 2014 07: 20
    So I can’t understand how I can understand how the United States is going to bomb terrorists and at the same time supply weapons to the opposition despite the fact that they are connected. How do they even logically explain this?
    1. pv1005
      pv1005 24 September 2014 07: 31
      And what psaki has not yet explained everything to you? All that we do (USA & K) is right. All that the rest do wrong. And they have this axiom i.e. evidence is not required.
    2. Junior, I
      Junior, I 24 September 2014 07: 33
      Very simple, laundering babos.
      (You shoot, we will deliver weapons to you, but we will bomb you slowly, since we need to destroy Assad).
    3. saag
      saag 24 September 2014 07: 36
      It’s not so complicated here, they can put up weapons, they can bomb them, but in general it’s an excuse, they need to bomb Syria in order to stretch the Qatari gas pipeline to Europe and squeeze the market out of Gazprom at dumping prices
    4. sherman1506
      sherman1506 24 September 2014 09: 25
      Vague doubts torment me. I think if they finish Syria, then all this trash will be set against us, and they themselves will again restore their economy in this war.
    5. Eaglealex
      Eaglealex 24 September 2014 09: 46
      But what is not clear here is how to extinguish a fire in a house by fitting a fuel truck and filling the fire with gasoline from a hose ... Although, no, this (extinguishing) is safer.
  10. saag
    saag 24 September 2014 07: 34
    "... But really now the moderate Syrian opposition will not share with Ukraine? New American? Will McCain let you down ?!"

    If the toad does not strangle the first, and do not throw off the junk
  11. _DENN_
    _DENN_ 24 September 2014 07: 49
    The main terrorist of the planet is the USA !!!
  12. Karampax
    Karampax 24 September 2014 08: 20
    The whole trouble of Syria is its military weakness !! America does not talk to the weak, she uses them, sucks all the blood, like a vampire, without a trace. Until the last moment I thought that the mattress was completely outplayed by Putin in Syria, but that's how it turns out! Although there were suspicions that everything was just beginning and Syria was not the "final stop" for the abode of evil America !!! In my opinion, after the demonstration of "khamsta in its best manifestation" by America, it is necessary to supply Syria with the latest weapons with which it can restore its state. borders, control over the territory, put things in order, in general, sweep away the scum that the west raised on this land !!! Ie, make Syria stronger militarily. America will not talk to the strong, she will simply be afraid and sharpen her teeth until a convenient moment is the basis of their policy and they cannot do otherwise !!! They do not need equals in the political arena, which means they will not rest until all their opponents, mainly China and Russia, are defeated! The knot of war in the east will be tightened too much .... here the Americans have tried their best .... They're building ukroreykh, only the "foundation" has burst there, but looking at the Syrian events, again, we can say that nothing is finished in Ukraine ....
    1. 00105042
      00105042 24 September 2014 12: 05
      To make Syria militarily strong so that the United States does not dare to intervene in their internal affairs can only be provided with Assad’s regime with nuclear weapons and appropriate carriers. The example of North Korea and Iraq gives a clear idea that no power will provide non-interference if there is no nuclear shield. for some reason, my respected Leontiev was shy for some reason to openly say that the notorious ISIS is nothing but a new CIA project, the same as the Syrian free army and senile Al Qaeda. The participation of external CIA managers is not advertised, but hackneyed shootings of executions and then hysteria unleashed in the media immediately reveal these mediocre amateurs.
  13. Retarg
    Retarg 24 September 2014 08: 47
    Yes, it was immediately clear that ISIS was another US dog. Regarding the "execution" of a journalist from the United States, a photo is circulating on the network where this "journalist" and "militant" are standing on a set with green walls (the walls are green so that the programs for creating special effects and backgrounds work normally.)
  14. Jurkovs
    Jurkovs 24 September 2014 09: 09
    Straight from Schwartz's tale. Killing the dragon (ISIS), he himself becomes a dragon (USA).
  15. mitya24
    mitya24 24 September 2014 09: 33
    The decision of our government to dismantle and dispose of the S-300 systems ready for Syria looks somewhat strange. It was explained to us inhabitants by the presence of UN sanctions prohibiting the sale of such weapons. It turns out that it is possible for Jupiter, then it is impossible for a bull? Americans can bomb anyone and anytime, simultaneously spitting on the UN from a high bell tower.
    PS Yusovskie hawks would fly to bomb Syria now, knowing that favorites were deployed there- A BIG question ???
  16. boomerang.
    boomerang. 24 September 2014 11: 39
    The most surprising thing was that this ISIS somehow turned out to be not a gang of wild "jihadists", but a modern army with civilian administrators capable of instantly taking control of territories, including oil production and sales, and super-specialists in information technology. ...

    The Islamic State is a universal opener for opening and dismembering various countries in the region and beyond. By the way, three months ago ISIS fighters entered Iraq armed with brand new Ukrainian weapons.

    With Ukrainian weapons, it is interesting, but who supplied them with these weapons, is it not the junta that seized power in Ukraine? Then they had to plan to act along with the Ukrainian junta, and they attacked Iraq ...
    From the very beginning of the coup, I assumed a connection between the Islamists and the junta, on the Maidan there were a lot of traces of Arabs, and even Arabs, Chechens, they certainly hid their faces with balaclavas ...
    the question that Osama bin Laden once asked the late one: "Why are the destruction that the Americans are doing - freedom and democracy, and resistance to it - is terrorism and fanatical intolerance?" And the deceased knew what he said: it was the United States that prepared such a scumbag from him ...
  17. parafoiler
    parafoiler 24 September 2014 12: 45
    It's time, Michael! It is high time...