The draft of the General Staff does not converge with the information from the troops and military registration and enlistment offices

The draft of the General Staff does not converge with the information from the troops and military registration and enlistment offices

At the end of last week, the regular campaign of the spring conscription of Russian citizens, suitable for health reasons and having reached military age, was completed. Its initial results were immediately published by Colonel-General V. Smirnov, deputy. Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, head of the Main Organizational-Mobilization Directorate. The zeal of the general as soon as possible to report on the work done is understandable, it was the first history In modern Russia, the call that went through without any scandals and the plan for the number of those called up for military service has been fulfilled according to the plan. This time, the Ministry of Defense was able to meet all the requirements of the public, and to prevent the violations that accompanied the draft campaigns in previous years.

If we summarize the data recorded in the official reports of the officials of the Ministry of Defense responsible for the conscription campaign, the number of conscripts called up for military service in the 4-m military districts, it turns out that the number of conscripts is much more than his decree determined by the president D. Medvedev.

A simple calculation shows that between April 1 and July 15 2011. Russian military enlistment offices called on 238 thousands of young people. Taking into account the fact that in his decree, Dmitry Medvedev determined the number at the level of 210 thousand, the military registration and enlistment offices exceeded the “plan” for 28 thousand, it is still unknown how it will affect the troops.

But in this situation there is another side to the coin. When the Ministry of Defense reported that there were no scandals, for an unknown reason, she forgot to point out that the statistical data of the General Staff, the main body summarizing the incoming information for all the Armed Forces and other Ministries of power structures, as it turns out, differ from the information that comes from the troops and military enlistment offices. Obviously, in the very near future, the Ministry of Defense will be forced to provide explanations to the government of the state and society, what is the reason for the existence of such a discrepancy. This was stated by the official representative of the military.

“If the number of recruits in the total figure is public information, given the fact that it is indicated in a decree issued by the President of the Russian Federation, then the figures directly for each individual military district are classified information. In the event that they are voiced during press conferences in the districts, then only in a limited, generalized form, rounded up, as a rule, upwards, because of this, then some discrepancies arise. After scrupulous checks and calculations, the Ministry of Defense displays the final and exact figures, ”the military official commented on the reports that appeared in some media that, based on data provided by each of the 4-x military districts, the number of conscripts called up for urgent military service amounted to 20 thousand people.

According to data published in the media, in the Southern Military District, 25 thousand people were called in, in the Central - 102 thousands, in the Western - 93 thousands, in the East - 18 thousands. That is the total number - 238 thousands.

The military very much hope that the changes that have occurred in the structure and organization of conscription for urgent military service will have a positive influence on the mood among young people, on the attitude of young men towards the army. In particular, as stated by the head of GOMU, General Smirnov, more than 60 percent of young people this time went into the army "with positive motivation." And among those citizens who are called up for service today, no one openly declares that there is no desire to enter military service. At the same time, according to the recognition of the head of GOMU, as long as there is an unresolved and the most chronic problem associated with the recruitment of the Armed Forces is the draft dodgers. No way to reduce the number of young people who evade service. There are fewer of them than the same in the autumn of 2010, but not by much. Today there are almost as many draft dodgers as there are called up for military service — about 200 thousands. In most cases, these are guys who deliberately, for a certain time before being drafted, are removed from military registration at their place of residence and disappear in an unknown direction, while nowhere else do they become temporary registration, and accordingly it is not possible to hand them a subpoena. Particularly different is the capital of Russia, Moscow. Almost 15 percent of all draft dodgers are residents of the metropolis.
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