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Voenprom Azerbaijan: Only Forward!

Last headings Newson the topic of the Azerbaijani military industry speak for themselves: "Azerbaijan presented about 170 exhibits at the ADEX-2014 defense industry exhibition in Baku", "The defense industry is ready to provide the Azerbaijani armed forces with optical devices and systems", "It is no secret that Israeli companies are actively participation in the construction of the Azerbaijani military industry ”, etc., etc. The Azerbaijani Minister of Defense Industry Yaver Jamalov said that his country is focused on increasing the volume of production uu military.

As the correspondent writes "Caucasian Knot" Faik Mejid, at the First Azerbaijan International Exhibition of Defense Industry ADEX-2014 in Baku 168 products of local military and civilian products were presented. The exhibition ran from 11 to 13 September; it displayed products of two hundred companies from 34 countries.

According to the Deputy Minister of Defense Industry of Azerbaijan, Y. Musayev, this exhibition is the first event of this format. The deputy minister also noted that Azerbaijan now produces 900 items of various products, including armored vehicles, small weapon, ammunition, unmanned aerial vehicles Aerostar and Orbiter 2M.

The exhibition featured modernized Soviet armored vehicles: the BTR-70, BRDM, BRDM-2, tracked reconnaissance and patrol vehicles. The machines can run on diesel fuel, and the BTR, instead of a machine gun, is equipped with a gun. The Matador armored personnel carrier, manufactured using the Paramount Group technology (South Africa), was also presented. Azerbaijani armored patrol cars “Gurza” are equipped with machine guns and an automatic grenade launcher.

“At this exhibition, apart from Azerbaijan, practically no country presented ammunition. Arsenals of weapons have many states. But the products of Azerbaijan were produced in recent years and made with the latest modifications. This creates the advantages of Azerbaijani products in the arms market and may interest potential buyers, ”the specialist of the defense industry of Azerbaijan notes.

September 11, on the first day of the exhibition, on the portal "" material appeared on the visit of Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon to the Republic of Azerbaijan, which coincided with the date of the ADEX-2014. The visit to the international exposition was originally planned by a high-ranking guest. The fact is that the products of Israeli companies were presented at the exhibition.

An expert in the field of international relations, commentator of the Israeli radio and television Arie Gut, noted that the first visit of the Israeli Defense Minister to Azerbaijan proves the fact of strengthening the strategic relations between the two states. Gut said: “Azerbaijani-Israeli relations are very important strategic for both countries and peoples. The visit of the Israeli Minister of Defense to Azerbaijan is a new stage in the development and strengthening of relations between Israel and Azerbaijan. Today it is no secret that Israeli companies are actively and effectively participating in the construction of the Azerbaijani military industry. Israel is one of the main buyers of Azerbaijani oil in the world market. The State of Israel is an important strategic partner of Azerbaijan in the supply of the most advanced technologies in the oil and gas, telecommunications and agricultural fields. ”

Add to this that Mr. Yaalon held talks not only with Ilham Aliyev, but also with his Azerbaijani counterpart Zakir Hasanov and foreign minister Elmar Mamedyarov. At the meetings, issues of bilateral cooperation were discussed.

Military cooperation is being strengthened with Turkey.

The general director of the Alov plant of the Optical-Mechanical Production Association of the Ministry of Defense Industry of Azerbaijan, Kemal Askerov, said that the plant produces fourteen defense products. This was reported by 16 September agency "Trend".

“These are daytime optical sights, night vision sights, thermal sights. The plant produces three types of riflescopes for customers, ”said Kyamal Askerov.

In addition, the plant produces two types of optical sights for sniper rifles: “These are optical sights for firing at close and long distances. Similar rifles “Istiqlal”, which is in service with the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, are equipped with similar optical sights. These sights allow firing at targets at a distance of 2000-2400 meters. ”

He also informed the agency that the plant produced three types of collimator sights for small arms melee. On the "Alove" and day-night optical sights for grenade launchers. According to the CEO, the plant also has customers abroad: the enterprise has orders from the Turkish company ASELSAN, and also cooperates with Russia, Romania, Belarus, Iran, Israel and other countries.

It clarifies "", Kyamal Askerov said that the plant received orders from several structures for the production of thermal imagers. Thermal imagers will be manufactured with the assistance of the Turkish company ASELSAN mentioned above.

“Production of thermal imagers will be organized as soon as possible. They are mounted on small arms, including sniper rifles, ”noted Mr. Askerov.

Analyst "Military Industrial Courier" Nikolai Novichkov writes that Azerbaijan is focused on increasing the production of military products. This was announced at the ADEX-2014 exhibition by Minister Yavar Jamalov.

According to him, the volume of exports of Azerbaijani military products last year amounted to about 96 million manat (123 million). It is planned to increase the value of this indicator. The minister said that 2013 million manat (254 million) was allocated for the development of the national defense industry in 325,12.

“In 2009, at one of the expositions in Istanbul, we presented 27 defense products,” the analyst quotes the minister. - The last time, at the April DSA-2014 exhibition in Malaysia, is already 132 names. The range of our products is increasing from year to year. ”

Yavar Jamalov noted that Turkey, Belarus and Russia were the main buyers of military products in 2013.

According to the minister, companies from Singapore and Malaysia will carry out marketing of Azerbaijani products in Southeast Asia.

As for the new product, then, as the journalist points out, Azerbaijan is implementing several projects: serial production of 4 types of jet grenades for the RPG-7B2; production of artillery shells caliber 85-155 mm; the production of grenades VOG-17 and VOG-25 (respectively for AGS-17 and under-rifle GP-25). Jamalov also said that he was preparing to put into operation the plant for the production of AGS. In addition, by the end of this year, Azerbaijan plans to put into operation a plant for the production of barrels for small-arms guns of caliber 5,45-30 mm. The technology of production of barrels with increased durability purchased from Serbia.

In 2014, the completion of tests and the adoption of their sniper rifles are expected: the Mubariz semi-automatic rifle for the Russian cartridge 12,7х108 mm; rifle "Yalguzag" chambered for 7,62x51 mm NATO.

Azerbaijan has established a licensed production of three pistols developed by the Turkish company Tisas and a revolving grenade launcher caliber 40 mm produced by the Serbian company Zastava Arms.

Also in Azerbaijan, the Kalashnikov machine gun, called UP-7,62, was upgraded (a shortened version for special forces units - HP-7,62).

As for the UAV, Novices indicates that Azerbaijan has achieved some success in this area.

“In 2014, we export 100 kits to one of the NATO member countries. The contract includes UAVs of the Orbiter-2M type (Orbiter-2M) and Aerostar-BP (Aerostar-BP), ”says Minister Jamalov.

The publication notes that both of these drone are the development of the Israeli company "Aeronautics Defense Systems, Ltd.". They are produced under a license by the AZAD Systems joint venture created by the Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense and an Israeli company in Baku.

In the future, international cooperation is expected to expand, including with Turkey. It is planned to start production of 107 and 122 mm caliber missiles in cooperation with the Roketsan company. The decision of the government of Azerbaijan on this issue is expected.

“Through our activities we will demonstrate that Azerbaijan is a country that will have its say not only in the oil industry, but also in the defense industry,” said Yavar Jamalov.

Thus, Azerbaijan not only expands international cooperation in the field of military products and promotes new products to international markets, starting in Southeast Asia, but also organizes production of its own products, announcing the opening of new enterprises and the construction of factories.

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  1. ramin_serg
    ramin_serg 24 September 2014 09: 18
    Any self-respecting country must provide itself with weapons.
    article +
  2. aszzz888
    aszzz888 24 September 2014 09: 21
    So, in a quiet way, they will come out on the world market.
    1. Masyu
      Masyu 5 June 2015 00: 46
      I pravilno, a chego kogo-to jdat nujno?
  3. Bayonet
    Bayonet 24 September 2014 09: 25
    A positive example of mutually beneficial cooperation. Do it right.
  4. ramin_serg
    ramin_serg 24 September 2014 09: 48
    believe me, if Russia would sell what we want, then no one but Russia would buy, maybe it would not even produce
    1. Ascetic
      Ascetic 24 September 2014 10: 23
      Quote: ramin_serg
      believe me, if Russia would sell what we want, then no one but Russia would buy, maybe it would not even produce

      In Russia, you do not want to sell what you want .. politics, many take offense request why them and not us ... The vector for the development of their own military-industrial complex is correct, the main thing is to raise our personnel, and not only to buy ... I have an acquaintance in this area, he served as a soldier in subordination in Soviet times ... The "Khazri" automatic I was engaged in a couple of years ago, crossed in the corridors of one enterprise, I will not give my last name, otherwise they will be accused of defamatory connections laughing after all, we are foreigners now. So constantly praise. We do it. Helicopters will be collected soon ... I was called. Come to work with me, I say. When you start collecting your missiles, then I’ll think about it winked but I feel like I won’t live ... Although you know. the world is changing very quickly now ... In general, there will be more engineers, skilled workers and just educated people both here and here. It will be easier to communicate without misunderstanding and prevailing stereotypes. ..
      1. ramin_serg
        ramin_serg 24 September 2014 10: 42
        we ask to sell not all, for example, ballistic missiles and aircraft carriers we don’t need, but we wouldn’t refuse modern aviation but don’t sell it and we are forced to look on the side
        1. Ascetic
          Ascetic 24 September 2014 10: 56
          Quote: ramin_serg
          but we wouldn’t refuse especially modern aviation but don’t sell it and we are forced to look on the side

          Well, do not rush, look. That Su-30MK2, MiG-29M and MiG-29M2, Su-35 fighters on Mi-28NE, Ka-52 helicopters, anti-submarine Ka-28, multi-purpose Ka-226T negotiations are already at the medium level link. There is a high probability that one of the above will be delivered in the future ... We are also not interested in losing the market and service chain ... So there is no need to rush to conclusions
          1. ramin_serg
            ramin_serg 24 September 2014 10: 58
            God forbid not to wait for a debt
        2. cosmos111
          cosmos111 24 September 2014 11: 00
          so far, only the modernization and licensed release of BM South Africa ...

          but in terms of the number of new armored vehicles, Azerbaijan has already surpassed the army of the Russian Federation ...
          what are in service: UAVs and jointly with Israel production (((

          MBT T-90, ZSZO-T-122, ACS "Vienna" BMP-3

      2. dimasialyt
        dimasialyt 24 September 2014 15: 24
        and the prevailing stereotypes ... ... And what do you think, are stereotypes formed from scratch? There is a bearded anecdote about the "tendency" ...
  5. samoletil18
    samoletil18 24 September 2014 11: 00
    If that happens, you can safely think about cooperation and the division of labor.
  6. cosmos111
    cosmos111 24 September 2014 12: 02
    and the tactics of warfare, advisers from Israel, passed on to Azerbaijani colleagues ....

    and question No.2 ... when will we see the Mk3,4 tanks in service with the Azerbaijani army ...

    1. ramin_serg
      ramin_serg 24 September 2014 12: 07
      As soon as the inshallah (in the sense of God willing) is offered so immediately, there will be
      1. Aaron Zawi
        Aaron Zawi 24 September 2014 15: 36
        Quote: ramin_serg
        As soon as the inshallah (in the sense of God willing) is offered so immediately, there will be
        I doubt it, however. Azerbaijan is now fully packaged by T-90. So why does he need a hemorrhoid with unification?
  7. teron
    teron 24 September 2014 12: 36
    Azerbaijan is doing everything right. Apparently the Caspian region is gradually heating up. Plus confrontation with Armenia. A strong and stable Azerbaijan, even if neutral, is a plus for Russia, with a competent approach, of course. It will also be interesting what our Israeli partners will do there.
    1. ramin_serg
      ramin_serg 24 September 2014 12: 52
      and what region is not prickling now
    2. dimasialyt
      dimasialyt 24 September 2014 13: 26
      Azerbaijan for Russia as a log-boat in the river Limpompo. Which lies at the bottom and thinks where they feed better. And when the poplar pops up, it turns out that it is a big green crocodile.
      1. ramin_serg
        ramin_serg 24 September 2014 13: 30
        And when the poplar pops up, it turns out that it is a big green crocodile.

        better to have it in allies
        1. dimasialyt
          dimasialyt 24 September 2014 17: 32
          NO !!! It’s better not to have such allies! For it’s soft on all sides ...
  8. dimasialyt
    dimasialyt 24 September 2014 14: 16
    By the way, where did the Azerbaijani gop-stop team disappear, it’s one in three persons, which didn’t stop everyone by skill, but by the number of all?
  9. dimasialyt
    dimasialyt 24 September 2014 17: 35
    What a wonderful filter! I think filtered out the best of me !!!
  10. biglow
    biglow 24 September 2014 17: 36
    a gun hanging on the wall ever shoots. Nowadays, it’s not weapons that strengthen countries, but the right policies .. And all this flicking of arms for local countries can end badly .. Everyone should remember the experience of Georgia and Ukraine ...
    1. Masyu
      Masyu 5 June 2015 00: 49
      Razgovor perexodit na politiku. Che predlagaete, zemli otdat?
  11. kotdavin4i
    kotdavin4i 24 September 2014 20: 15
    Continuing the topic. During the exhibition, our president also visited it, examined the Ka-52 as well, and gave the command to consider the option of purchasing this machine.
  12. Zobov85
    Zobov85 24 September 2014 21: 09
    Really learned how to do the technique themselves. When he left Baku, everything was depressing in this regard.
  13. velikoros-xnumx
    velikoros-xnumx 25 September 2014 00: 42
    The stakes have been made, gentlemen. To my sincere deepest regret we are slowly but surely losing Azerbaijan. There is also our "contribution", but it seems to me to wave checkers too late. But once Baku was a Russian city, not in terms of the prevailing nationality, but in terms of the prevailing culture and peace. And not only Baku ... Karabakh played an important role here. To be honest, our role as a peacemaker in this conflict with the Armenian dominant has given a little positive in relation to all sides. I worked with Azerbaijanis (I had a team of monoliths from Azerbaijan). Those 35 and older spoke Russian perfectly with a slight accent, the youth practically did not speak, the foreman was a copy of the young Kikabidze in the movie "Mimino" with the speaking surname Aliev. We discussed a lot of political and life topics. Though not aggressive, there was always resentment towards the Russians. More or less like this:
    "Having supported the Armenians in Karabakh, you did not become their friends, but you lost your friends in Azerbaijan. But Baku was a Russian city, I will tell you as a native Bakuvian. Conversations in Azeri in Baku are very rare." By the way, in support of what was said - Vusal spoke Russian excellently, shining with graceful literary turns, which I have repeatedly noted to myself.
    It is a pity that today it is this way, but I am a stubborn optimist and on the verge of idiocy - I believe that Russia will be able to reconcile Armenia with Azerbaijan and help solve the Karabakh problem on the basis of the principles of judo "Jita Kuei; Hiki-wake" in Russian speaking with a mutually acceptable result based on mutual respect.
    Hang on hi !!!
  14. Martikyan
    Martikyan 25 September 2014 11: 57
    Why is there an article about ADEX 2014, and a photo from DSA 2014? at the bottom it says only "Photos used: Igor Korotchenko".,
    Moreover, with ADEX 2014 there are enough photos of exhibits of AR
    1. alone
      alone 26 September 2014 17: 34
      this is a mistake of the author and the editors. Here it happens all the time. You can write an article about Ukraine, and put photos from the Syrian conflict.

      By the way, I advise you to view an article about Armenia on the same site. Now I will give a link

      An article about the security guarantees of Armenia from Russia. A photo on an article from the military parade of the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan)) laughing . So get used to it.))))
  15. Scoris
    Scoris 26 September 2014 08: 35
    Quote: Martikyan
    Why an article about ADEX 2014, and a photo from DSA 2014?

    Because for the pathos agitation it is absolutely not important that it is also reliable.
    1. Masyu
      Masyu 5 June 2015 00: 51
      Zavidovat toje nujno umet, postovetuyu delat eto dostoyno. I opyat zatragivaete politiku.
  16. Scoris
    Scoris 30 September 2014 00: 28
    Quote: lonely
    this is a mistake of the author and the editors. Here it happens all the time. You can write an article about Ukraine, and put photos from the Syrian conflict.

    By the way, is the author’s name somewhere indicated? The site is new for me, could not be found.
  17. Beiderlei
    Beiderlei 1 December 2014 15: 36
    Let them strive!