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M. Khazin: "Could there be peace in Ukraine?"

M. Khazin: "Could there be peace in Ukraine?"The devaluation of the ruble and the “Yevtushenkov case” scored all of our information space, which is why I want to step aside from them and return to a more important topic. Namely, under what conditions in Ukraine can there be peace. But only the real world, that is, without genocide, national “purges”, bloody dictatorship, and without disintegrating the country into many small feudal principalities. And to answer this question, first of all, you need to look at Kiev and Donetsk.

They must be in the same state. But the tens of thousands of dead and overt genocide that many political forces in Kiev are propagandizing today (and the phrase: “Get the Russians in Muscovy” aimed at people who have lived in the territories where they live for centuries, from the point of view of international law It is precisely genocide, more precisely, ethnic cleansing) that makes such “cohabitation” in the framework of a normal state impossible. Donetsk and Lugansk (and Odessa, by the way, it will only be expressed somewhat differently) will never give up their right to demand punishment for those responsible for the massacres of civilians, and Kiev nationalists will never stop saying words like “fried Colorado female” or something else Someone as sweet and humane.

Theoretically, Kiev could calm down, but only in one case - if steady economic growth began there. Then nationalist slogans could be swept under the rug and begin to divide the financial flows, but then Kiev got into a trap with its own hands. The fact is that economic growth there can only begin as a result of cooperation with Russia and the Eurasian Economic Union. Just like that. Otherwise there is no chance. There is not even a special chance for the development of agriculture, it is clearly seen in Bulgaria, where the climate is even better than in Ukraine. Anyway, it is impossible to compete with Turkey on equal terms. And when the association with Eurosos comes into force, it will be impossible to limit Turkish agricultural products - and only the own garden will be profitable to process. Just look at the brothers - Moldovans.

But since Kiev adopted a rigidly Russophobic model, it has no chances for economic growth. The EU has no money and, as the crisis develops, there will be less and less, and if you look at the economic future of the world more optimistically (there are no objective reasons for this, but let's assume this option), then they will most likely help Eastern Europe and the Baltic states than any Ukraine. And here, as they say, nothing personal, only business.

And this means that Kiev nationalism is not going anywhere, since otherwise it will not be possible to retain power in the current regime. Moreover, he has already achieved some success, the United States imposed sanctions against Russia and forced it to do its allies in the EU and around the world. There is only one problem - how much time are they willing to keep these sanctions for the sake of Ukraine? Problems in which they will continue, because coping with the growth of democratic sentiment in the South-East (and he is fighting for freedom and democracy, strange as it may sound from the point of view of modern Western propaganda) can only be a military force. And another question is whether it will work.

In general, as destructive economic processes develop, the degree of internal confrontation in Kiev will increase all the time, as those who want to live under his “care” will become less and less, the stability of the Ukrainian state will melt like shagreen. And it will become more and more aggressive. That is, we get a contradiction with the stated at the beginning of the thesis that we want to understand whether peace can prevail in Ukraine.

I note that I did not say nothing about nationalists in general, but about the Kiev nationalists. The fact is that the nationalists in Galicia are very different from Kiev. The latter always had some sources of existence (the USSR budget, the budget of Ukraine, and so on), but the former always had to be much more pragmatic. And in the past tense they could not understand that they could not keep Kiev for themselves. Since any power in Kiev, to the extent that, at the very least, it is settled down, it will, first of all, beat out not Russians in the Donbas, but real ideological nationalists. What today, by the way, Poroshenko is excellent and does. But it was clear before, I wrote it at the beginning of the year.

For Kiev, nationalism is not an idea (which, moreover, will not really please the EU), but an instrument. Ideological nationalists will never be needed there, cynics are needed, ready to pronounce convenient slogans to control budgetary and gas financial flows. And therefore, having looked at the situation in recent months, the ideological nationalists (which we have under the conditional name “Right Sector”) began to more and more consider the issue of separation from Kiev. Moreover, before Kiev threw them budget money (received from the Donbass and other Russian regions), and now there was nothing to throw.

But Galicia itself cannot separate - Kiev, for which the slogan of the “unity of Ukraine” has become basic, will never agree to this. So, besides the militia in the Donbass, in Ukraine, a new force is gradually emerging, interested in the collapse of the country. And thus, from the above, we get the following picture of the future of Ukraine.

If the militia of the Southeast and the nationalists of Galicia agree, they will dump the power in Kiev. In this case, of course, the supporters of the USSR, that is, the friendship of the peoples within the framework of the mini-empire, that is, the militia of the South-East, will finish with nationalism and restore peace in Ukraine. But here Galicia, in gratitude for the help, will receive a relative (within the confederation) or rather full independence. Because it is difficult to imagine a state in which some schools teach that Bandera is a fascist criminal, and in others that he is a hero. But the rest of Ukraine will be a single peaceful state, which, of course, is part of the EEU.

But if an agreement is not reached, and the militia cannot win (circumstances or external forces), then an increase in confrontation in Kiev will inevitably lead to a split of the country into separate feudal principalities. With an appropriate standard of living and management methods. While there are five of them: Novorossia, “Getmanshchina” (with the center in Kiev), the new “Khazaria” (controlled by Kolomoisky, Galicia. Well, separately, a very small piece, Transcarpathia, which is likely to be torn apart by neighboring countries .

But no one said that the process of disintegration will not be continued. Who does not believe - read Bulgakov, the mindset of the people in Ukraine has not changed much since then. How a simple person will live at the same time is scary to even describe.

And we get that if we want a single (relatively, that is, according to the situation of last year, without Crimea and Galicia) Ukraine, peaceful and prosperous, then it is necessary that the militia of the South-East take Kiev. And if this does not happen, the war will continue. There is simply no chance of its termination in this case. As for the preservation of Ukraine. Unfortunately.

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  1. doctor
    doctor 23 September 2014 14: 45
    Kiev will be taken.
    1. smile
      smile 23 September 2014 15: 21
      God grant, God grant .... But for now, there is nobody and nothing to take Kiev. The Armed Forces of Novorossia have insufficient forces and means, there is no normal command, insufficient coordination of actions of various subordinate units that are incomprehensible to anyone .... of course, we will not let them crush them, but so far I see the victory of Novorossia and the expansion of its territory only as a result of the collapse of the Kiev regime, which will bring the population to a pen .... In addition, given the extent that propaganda has fooled the population of Ukraine, Kiev is senseless to take what we will do with the zombie population? ... and imagine, storming such a city .... why it will cost what sacrifices .... and why? to feed a hostile population?
    2. nickname 1 and 2
      nickname 1 and 2 23 September 2014 15: 30
      In a crowded bus a woman's voice: Man! Why did you lie down on me? Do whatever it is! I can not do it any longer!

      Kiev will be taken

      To take something you need to do something!
      1. matross
        matross 23 September 2014 16: 49
        Quote: nick 1 and 2
        To take something you need to do something!

        "Your golden words, ..." (c).
        "Something" is at least to establish control over their own, Luhansk-Donetsk territory, take Mariupol and Slavyansk! Mariupol is almost 20% of the Ukrainian economy, Slavyansk is a symbol, like Stalingrad. Who will explain or have already explained why it was necessary to start a "truce" when there were a couple of steps to such significant results ?! Are the forces out? And ukrov don't? They have already really scattered - panic and collapse! Here, bam, put up! The dill were probably sweating with happiness there! Humanitarian situation? Well, let's look at the world in an adult way! This is not a reason, it is for the media, librarians, and other "world communities". This is for us, in the end, an explanation, simple and kind people who really feel sorry for people.
        In short, questions hang in the air: WHY US started this menopause and WHO are they? Who drives there and where? According to Khazin, with banderlogs on a trip to Kiev agree? I do not believe a fig.
        1. PRN
          PRN 23 September 2014 17: 51
          Peace is certainly possible, but after the self-cleaning of the territory on which Ukraine was located from the enemies of humanity and the formation of two new states - NEW RUSSIA and New Dos
          1. Darek
            Darek 23 September 2014 20: 41
            What kind of J.I.D. ???
    3. The comment was deleted.
    4. Zhekson
      Zhekson 23 September 2014 20: 52
      look at both !!!
  2. ispaniard
    ispaniard 23 September 2014 14: 47
    I agree with Mikhail Leonidovich, now the so-called "Peace" ...
    Such "Mir" which nobody needs on the territory of the former Ukraine (In this form) ... , listen to I.I.Strelkov) will not be able to prevent this, since "On the other side of the Dnieper" want division.
    It looks like all "THEY" are for "Edynu Krajina", and if everyone wants to figure it out, "OWN", and this "Svoe", albeit small, warms much more than the nonsense of the next "Cheburashka" from Kiev ...
  3. bmv04636
    bmv04636 23 September 2014 14: 47
    I agree the upcoming winter will sober up many heads. And it seems to me that the Lviv region will be the first to fall away i.e. the collective farm will voluntarily transfer to euro without waiting for the rest.
  4. USSR 1971
    USSR 1971 23 September 2014 14: 47
    Ukraine will no longer be within the borders of the winter of 2014. What borders it will have next depends on the determination of Russia, the steadfastness of the Donbass militia and the degree of obstinacy of the United States, but by no means on the desire of the Supreme Council.
  5. mackonya
    mackonya 23 September 2014 14: 48
    A nationwide referendum will save Ukraine, the South-East made its choice, as did the Crimea. Let the rest of the regions decide who is in New Russia and who is in Western countries. Ukraine itself will shrink to the borders of the Kiev region, it is necessary for someone to repay debts, because they always wanted to get rid of subsidized areas, so get-sign.
  6. Neighbor
    Neighbor 23 September 2014 14: 48
    Unfortunately, the zombies of the central regions of Ukraine and Kiev inspire doubts about the expediency of their conquest ... It seems that it is more expedient to free the regions supporting New Russia.
    1. aksakal
      aksakal 23 September 2014 19: 17
      Quote: Neighbor
      Unfortunately, the zombies of the central regions of Ukraine and Kiev inspire doubts about the expediency of their conquest ... It seems that it is more expedient to free the regions supporting New Russia.

      - no, guys, the main people have a very big inertia. In an ordinary situation, about 10% of the population is politically active. In Ukraine, these are Bander-logs and their serious opponents from the South-East. The bulk of the population simply decided to sit in the "hut on the edge". I know from myself - 90% can stand up for themselves. But only when you corner them. If the brow has room to retreat, 90% retreat, albeit with a displeased look, but retreat. The situation is the same in Ukraine. The people saw the showdown of the active part of the population and hid in the "huts on the edge". Just in case, the people assure the “active” of their loyalty, assuming by default that little will change in the life of this people from the change of power as a result of the showdown of the active part of the population. We remember that Brezhnev was replaced by Andropov, Andropov by Chernenko, and Chernenko by Gorbachev ... God knows what kind of backstage games this was all accompanied by, but in the life of the people little really changed. But it has changed at Gorbachev, and has changed radically, so I, for example, have to take an active position, because I found out that these seemingly distant, far above events affect my life in the most direct way. But most Ukrainians still believe that "let them fight among themselves there, we crow what the winner asks to crow, only little has changed in our life or changed for the better." But the economic situation, the flow of 200 cargo from the South-East, the approaching winter with a lack of gas and a strong weakening of the positions of lovers of "barbecue from Colorado", which came as a result of their strong thinning near Slavyansk-Ilovaiski, and as a result, the decline in their aggressiveness - all this is quiet encourages people to ask awkward questions to the junta. I am sure that people can move from questions to pressing the junta, but when - it depends on how bad it will be in the coming winter and how much more southeastern "boilers" lovers will dispose of "fried Colorado" lovers. The more severe the winter, the less gas and the more bandero-fascists are utilized, the better.
      My IMHO, I think that about the zombie of the population - after all, an exaggeration, the people are infantile and not mature, I am sure that in their kitchens, when they are sure that they are not heard by the "pravosek" - they say completely different things. They are frightened to death by pravosek.
      1. aksakal
        aksakal 23 September 2014 19: 18
        At our Kazakhstani forum, one from Ukraine started up, so he greatly exaggerated the power of "pravoseks" - how where is the fight between demonstrations in which ukr city, in response to our assumption "is it between Russophiles and pravoseks"? he immediately posted - yes, if the "right-wing" people were fighting there, their opponents would die in exactly 25 seconds, what are you talking about at all! Pravoseki is not a joke to you! It is clear to us that the ability to be infinitely cruel does not at all mean being a good warrior, usually the opposite is usually extremely cruel cowards, but in Ukraine, after Odessa, the people really got scared, and they cannot be blamed for this, but you need to help by grinding these same "pravosek" "in" boilers ". I think that you are still in vain about the people so. Well, the independence of Ukraine is a matter of course, but independence simply must be accompanied by extreme friendliness towards Russia and watchful neutrality towards the West (or even better, light hostility). As for SABZH, I think that the author of SABZH Khazin is right, respect him. There will be two finals - either a single one, but without Galicia and, of course, without the Crimea, Ukraine, or separate principalities fighting among themselves like South and North Sudan with elements of Somalia. It depends on Russia here, the West has already done everything it could to somalize Ukraine, and Russia has not done much yet. It is not clear for what reasons.
        1. matross
          matross 23 September 2014 19: 27
          Quote: aksakal
          Well, the independence of Ukraine - by itself

          I agreed with everything, except this "by itself." It was your complex that broke through. It is necessary to explain which one?
          1. aksakal
            aksakal 1 October 2014 13: 36
            Quote: matRoss
            Quote: aksakal
            Well, the independence of Ukraine - by itself

            I agreed with everything, except this "by itself." It was your complex that broke through. It is necessary to explain which one?

            - Yes, there is no complex, just the absorption of Ukraine will not work in fact, I mean in general the complete disappearance of Ukraine as a subject in favor of Russia. If this goes on, then there will be a division of Ukraine, since not all of Ukraine is native Russian. But there was no such precedent in history that any state would be torn apart by neighbors and everything. And to swallow the whole of Ukraine - and Hungary with its Transcarpathia? And Poland and Galicia? And Romania and Bessararbia? I understand your phrase "they will get by!" Do you seriously think that it is worth barking "all Ukraine is mine!", And the Poles and Romanians fell silent? I'm having a serious conversation here, but with Wishlist in the style of "everything we need - we'll take it stupidly!" - this is to another site. In general, I even keep quiet about the fact that such an impudent and complete annexation is fraught with war, and Russia will forever remain in history as a dangerous predator, capturing foreign territories at an opportunity. This still gives Russia political inconvenience, now, when the Balts are yelling about it, and this is not true, but with such an annexation of Ukraine without returning the neighboring countries to their ancestral territories, this will become true and will cause much greater inconvenience. And the disappearance of Ukraine is, IMHO, a worse option than the whole of Ukraine, friendly and allied to Russia (without Crimea, I repeat).
  7. Giant thought
    Giant thought 23 September 2014 14: 50
    Ukraine is gradually becoming a cesspool of Europe, and if the fascist power in Ukraine does not change, then Ukraine will become this not the best place on the body of Europe.
  8. Chaika
    Chaika 23 September 2014 15: 03
    If the militia of the Southeast and the nationalists of Galicia agree, they will dump the power in Kiev.
    Such an agreement is not possible. Reconciliation of the victim with the executioner! Rather agree with ukrovskami, it is strange why the author does not consider this option
    1. Alec
      Alec 23 September 2014 15: 56
      if you slow down .... they will not negotiate ... then agree in any way inappropriately ... yourself.
  9. SAM 5
    SAM 5 23 September 2014 15: 06
    In any way, the militias need to go all the way. Even if the Kiev authorities change, I don’t think that decent people will come to the leadership there.
  10. Mama_Cholli
    Mama_Cholli 23 September 2014 15: 07
    I think that there will be no negotiations between SE and the Galician region, even if the question of Kiev is at stake.
  11. surovts.valery
    surovts.valery 23 September 2014 15: 11
    And we get that if we want a single (relatively, that is, according to the situation of last year, without Crimea and Galicia) Ukraine, peaceful and prosperous, then it is necessary that the militia of the South-East take Kiev. And if this does not happen, the war will continue. There is simply no chance of its termination in this case. As for the preservation of Ukraine. Unfortunately.

    In my opinion, it is time to bury the idea of ​​a "peaceful, prosperous and united Ukraine". Khazin sees two forces that can still solve the problem of the "one": the Galicians and the militias. The first ones are no longer there, they have disappeared in Kiev. The second - do they need it? Remember Poland. Militant, nationalistic, but torn apart by power internecine strife. When she already got all her neighbors around, she ceased to exist. By the will of fate and the victorious countries in the 1st MV, it appeared again. However, less than 25 years later, it again became the source of a new World War. Ukraine is following the same path. She will not be peaceful and neutral, even if she wants to.
  12. Naum
    Naum 23 September 2014 15: 12
    I will clarify: Donbass militias, with the support of the main population of Ukraine. It will not work to impose "Happiness" on the Maidanuts by force and it is not worth dragging Russia into a new war. They themselves must clean up all their shit, recover from national schizophrenia. I suppose that the eastern regions will one by one fall away from Kiev as the crisis (even humanitarian-catastrophic) phenomena grow. Ukraine is heading towards its death with a confident marching step. Relatively "prosperous" (in the social sense) Galicia will not want to clean up the hot "mess" that it itself brewed. It will disdainfully declare its "independence" and separate from the dying Outskirts. The cynically pragmatic Europa is not her assistant either. There is no question of the States. There will be only "klyata" Russia, we, "poor quilted jackets". The hungry will crawl up to us and will first beg, and then demand "pidmogs". Do we need it? In a geopolitical sense, yes! But on certain conditions. First and foremost - no more "Ukraine"! Only the regions within Russia with the Russian state language and without any wretched "zhovto-blakytchina"! Full de-Ukrainianization is the real price of real support. Everyone should become Russian. The way we were, little, great and Belarusians, a century ago. This is what I say, an ethnic Malorossian Slobozhan whose ancestors came to Russia over 300 years ago!
    1. vsoltan
      vsoltan 23 September 2014 16: 31

      Here I understand your comment more than philosophies and fantasies / yeah, the militias and Galichina, schaz / M. Khazin agree. You are a plus. Khazin - zero, the man tried tongue
  13. Dobrov
    Dobrov 23 September 2014 15: 13
    Some kind of nonsense. So it is not clear how it is those who cut their belly with bayonets to each other will become allies to overthrow some kind of Kiev. The author of the article replayed in computer strategy .... Game ova dear comrade !!! Zapadentsev set a goal - the destruction of Russian civilization with a hot iron. What union, what a joke?
    1. Ronino
      Ronino 23 September 2014 15: 27
      Apparently, this is not about union, but about actions coinciding in time and close in their ultimate goal ...
      It’s like during a run: everyone runs in the same direction, but everyone runs for himself.
  14. RUSS
    RUSS 23 September 2014 15: 22
    Another example for those who are ready to talk about the unity of Ukraine.

    DONETSK September 23 The burial of civilians was discovered near Donetsk, a RIA Novosti correspondent reports. In the area of ​​the village of Kommunar, on the territory of mine No. 22, 60 km east of Donetsk, local militias discovered a grave. At the moment, the bodies of four people are exhumed, including three women.

    Two days ago, units of the National Guard of Ukraine stood in this place.

    According to the militias, there are also burials and in the near future the bodies will be exhumed.

    Not far from this place, in the village of Nizhnyaya Krynka, militiamen showed journalists another burial place, in which five people are located.

    Representatives of the militia believe that the killing of civilians is the work of the soldiers of the National Guard of Ukraine. “Near the graves were found dry rations of the National Guard. We knocked them out of this place only two days ago, ”said one of the militias.

    According to them, the burial was shown by local residents, who said that people were killed by Ukrainian security forces.
    1. Alec
      Alec 23 September 2014 16: 07
      mine. Zhdanovskaya. upon retreating the Ukrainian. the inclined barrel are blown up. the local people say they drove their own wounded there before the explosion. Until now they have been heard from under the rubble.
    2. Constanta
      Constanta 23 September 2014 16: 37
      And what agreements can be with such bandits - not for a day, not for an hour!
  15. Ronino
    Ronino 23 September 2014 15: 24
    The article does not take into account one of the players in geopolitics.
    The United States will not allow such a promising sluggish conflict to fade on the Russian border. The idea of ​​a chronic black hole for the euro and the ruble is very attractive! Having such spending will weaken both Russia and Europe.
  16. Black
    Black 23 September 2014 15: 38
    Could there be peace? -Maybe.
    Gritting their teeth, grasping each other in small skirmishes, they will live peacefully.
    Dill has no opportunity to fight, and New Russia is weak. Till.
    Let's see how Kiev wins .... I'm afraid they will smash ours- and chase the junta gas.
    1. RUSS
      RUSS 23 September 2014 15: 44
      Quote: Chen
      Let's see how Kiev wins .... I'm afraid they will smash ours- and chase the junta gas.

      There is no doubt about this, and they will start as usual something like this - "we cannot allow the brotherly people to freeze in their homes" .......
      1. tolyasik0577
        tolyasik0577 23 September 2014 16: 21
        if the junta succeeds, and the gas goes from Russia, it will be the victory of the junta and strengthening its position in the political arena is not fallow. And another betrayal of New Russia. Failure is another reason for the West to impose new sanctions on Russia.
        1. vsoltan
          vsoltan 23 September 2014 16: 39
          But it is likely that they will drive gas ... and at the dill price. Gazprom is a national treasure - huh - and he doesn’t care about Russia's geopolitics and interests ... Miller, I heard a baa patriot .. look, who is on the board of directors? Who are the major shareholders ... everything will become clear, you are absolutely right ... and to issue it diplomatically, to make a good face ... will be done for the sake of superprofits. History of Cyprus is not remembered? There can only be one recipe - to destroy the snickering oligarchs .... no, I'm not a cannibal, you can not shoot someone, but economically. Everything within the law request
      2. ADK57
        ADK57 23 September 2014 23: 32
        Russian banks have already lost half of their capital in Ukraine. Today, the GDP has demanded that our banks not leave Ukraine. Brotherly people from leaving will be worse.
        But would it be better for us from such generous gifts to an irreversibly decaying country?
        Money as air is needed in our economy.
  17. Bronik
    Bronik 23 September 2014 15: 45
    What kind of peace could there be between a child killer and the mother of a murdered child? Difficult will be the path to the opportunity to live side by side, without even becoming neighbors, in the generally accepted sense of neighbors, to whom both for matches and for help. And there will be a zone of exclusion and only time will be able to heal people. If "well-wishers" do not pour salt on old wounds ...
  18. pevjav2
    pevjav2 23 September 2014 15: 59
    Either the article is ordered, or it is just for the "catch phrase" ... Absolutely everything is cut off from life - we see 95% of fantasies. Galicia, Novorossiya, Tavria, Slobozhanshchina - they do not really rule the situation in dill. And not even Kiev. As for the mood of the people - my advice to the author (if he really has such a burning desire to write on "hot" topics) is to tear the seat off the sofa on Rublevka, and go for a month along the route Chernigov - Cherkassy - Poltava - Kiev - Vinnitsa - Lviv, etc. ... The fantasy in the articles will diminish, realism will appear. The situation is actually bad, the positions and assessments of Russia in the eyes of the bulk of the Ukrainian people (not Bandera) are weak as never before. People have changed dramatically over the past 3 years !!!!! (I know what I'm talking about, I have 15 relatives there). At the same time, weaving Bulgakov's definitions into an article is utter nonsense.
    1. qQQQ
      qQQQ 23 September 2014 17: 51
      Quote: pevjav2
      The situation is actually bad, the position and assessment of Russia in the eyes of the bulk of ukrov (not Bandera) is weak as never before. People have changed dramatically over the past 3 years !!!!!

      I fully confirm with relatives. The majority of people in Ukraine are united as never before in their hatred of Russia. There, it’s necessary to import wagons for good psychiatrists, but where do you get so many of them?
    2. qQQQ
      qQQQ 23 September 2014 17: 51
      Quote: pevjav2
      The situation is actually bad, the position and assessment of Russia in the eyes of the bulk of ukrov (not Bandera) is weak as never before. People have changed dramatically over the past 3 years !!!!!

      I fully confirm with relatives. The majority of people in Ukraine are united as never before in their hatred of Russia. There, it’s necessary to import wagons for good psychiatrists, but where do you get so many of them?
  19. tolyasik0577
    tolyasik0577 23 September 2014 16: 16
    There will be no peace in ruins. Simply because the overseas curator does not want this. He does not need a stable state on the border with Russia. And America has dominance over the minds of the Ukrainian elite. And they still have a lot of cookies. In the near future, everything will more or less calm down in the Donbass, but as soon as the Ukrainian army gains strength, closer to the summer of 2015, a provocation allegedly by "separatists" will follow and another wave of genocide will cover the southeast. And the West, led by the states, will openly assist the country in the fight against terrorists, which is being done with success in Syria and Iraq. And this can only be prevented by a strong personality, pro-Russian, who can rouse the entire Ukrainian people to a "liberation" struggle. In this case, the western part will be separated from Ukraine (or separated).
    1. Constanta
      Constanta 23 September 2014 16: 43
      Closer to the truth.
  20. Explore
    Explore 23 September 2014 16: 28
    Militias cannot take the airport in Donetsk thanks to the efforts of Soviet engineers.

    “On the territory of the airport, not military punishers from among the special battalions are mainly sitting, but the military. And from the most prepared parts. They don’t expect anything good from us (justifiably, by the way), therefore they will keep up to the end, ”the militias are quoted in the group“ Summaries from the militia of New Russia.

    “The airport itself is a masterpiece of the creation of the Stalin era. All communications underground are designed for nuclear strike. Everything that was possible to duplicate - water supply, sewerage, power supply from diesel power plants, ventilation - was duplicated, ”they said.

    “So much has been brought (and not stolen, by the way) that now those who are sitting there are not experiencing problems. When they talk about starving Ukrainian paratroopers, they lie. There are plenty of products and everything else. And we could not interrupt communications, no matter how hard we tried. Unfortunately. All that was possible was to pump the contents of several scavenger machines into the water supply system ... ”said the militia.

    “We do not have the technical capabilities to take. Everything was thought out there by Soviet designers. Bunkers, underground passages. The losses that could have been incurred during the usual assault would have been irreparable there. About the fact that you can "pick" with our means the airport as much as you like. There will be no sense. There is no Grad and no D-30 needed ... ”they admitted.

    According to them, snipers and mortars will work. “The airport is not even a splinter. This is a big headache that can not be solved by a simple swoop. But now it’s not possible to quickly and efficiently solve it, ”said the militias. As PolitNavigator reported, last night there was information in social networks about the battles near Avdeevka. Today, a number of Ukrainian media reported that, thus, the militias are trying to break into the airport.
    Permanent author of KM.RU, a well-known publicist, reserve colonel Andrei Parshev commented on this information as follows:

    - We must clearly understand that the assault on a separate building with equal forces and weapons will never be successful. The defender is covered, and the attacker is defenseless. Even with a significant preponderance of strength - it is doubtful and fraught with heavy losses.

    This has been known since antiquity, and Sun Tzu wrote about this: “The worst thing is to besiege the fortress. According to the rules of the siege of fortresses, such a siege should be carried out only when it is inevitable. The preparation of large shields, siege chariots, the construction of embankments, the preparation of equipment requires three months; however, the commander, not being able to overcome his impatience, sends his soldiers to attack, like ants; in this case, one third of the officers and soldiers are killed, and the fortress is not taken. Such are the disastrous consequences of the siege ... Therefore, he who knows how to wage war conquers an alien army without fighting; it takes foreign fortresses without besieging. ”The Army of Novorossia does not have“ siege chariots, ”that is, heavy flamethrower systems with thermobaric ammunition, and UR-77-type engineering demining vehicles. And the forceful take of airport buildings means their complete destruction.
    Perhaps this can be done - in the mining region you can find enough explosives and figure out how to get it to the facilities - but the Donetsk people still hope to keep the airport, it is a very expensive building, and in peacetime it will be very needed. While he is still in a maintainable condition, in the event of an assault - no longer.

    Of course, the contractual solution will require some mutual concessions, but the leadership of New Russia should try. It is for these military-technical and economic reasons.
  21. I think so
    I think so 23 September 2014 16: 55
    I think the opinion of the respected Khazin stated in this article is WRONGLY WRONG! Where is the mistake? And besides, the respected author believes that the fate of Ukraine and, in general, YOUR fate is determined by a certain people based on certain historical traditions and roots. This is COMPLETE BONUS! The people ALWAYS AND EVERYWHERE PERFORMED ONLY AS AN OBJECT FOR USE and no more. So here ... The fate of Ukraine depends ONLY ON THE DECISION of the current world "elite" AND ANYONE else! Neither Putin, nor Russia, nor the "people" of Ukraine HAVE ANY SMALL INFLUENCE ON THE HAPPENING AND FUTURE of this society ... I will not give arguments - it would have been too long a comment. Based on this, we can assume that these ignoramuses (the world "elite") WILL DO WITH UKRAINE. And most likely it will be like this: Ukraine in such a form as it was for the last 23 years is NOT NEEDED by ANYONE, and even DANGEROUS! Therefore, EVERYONE benefits from its dismemberment. The USA and the EU - because it is easier to manage and bend down incompetent stubs (like the remnants of Yugoslavia). Russia - because it is UNrealistic and senseless to drag such a burden of an HUMAN POPULATION on oneself. Ukrainian thieves (oligarchs) - because it is easier to fight the administration of a small territorial entity seized by a competitor. We are naturally SILENT about the people - because their opinions are NOT INTERESTED to ANYONE and the people do not mean anything to anyone, EVERYONE intends to USE it and will use it without looking back (and the Ukrainian people are especially easy to use).
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. ispaniard
      ispaniard 23 September 2014 17: 23
      A good comment, but the essence (Final) is the same - The separation of Ukraine.
  22. albi77
    albi77 23 September 2014 17: 17
    Michael speaks of ideal conditions when the conflict in Ukraine goes on its own, but since the EU and the Americans are influencing this whole situation ... but unfortunately they will not let us agree there.
    Americans in vain perhaps threw billions into "democracy"? and when the EU abandons the sales market, even if not 40 million, but at least 20?
  23. Hitrovan07
    Hitrovan07 23 September 2014 17: 36
    In general, it is a pity that the offensive of the Novorossiya militia was given a stop command.
    Alas, apparently those who give such teams are thinking about their own future - which is radically different from the future of such a country as Russia.
    This was a personal opinion.
    Fresh news that the West "put" on the elite of Russia (the arrest of Rotenberg's property).
    This is the "training" of the "elite" of Russia.
  24. Explore
    Explore 23 September 2014 18: 14
    Former Prime Minister, leader of the Fatherland party, Yulia Tymoshenko, proposed dismissing the country's defense minister, Valery Geletey, who had previously accused the Russian army of using tactical nuclear weapons at the Lugansk airport. She suggested that President Petro Poroshenko appoint to this post Mykola Petruk, who had previously been elected to the Verkhovna Rada from her bloc.
    23.09.2014, 18: 04
    Nikolai Petruk “for many years led the ground forces, and this is 62% of the army,” Tymoshenko emphasized. According to her, the general took part in the hostilities and can organize "not just defense on the basis of the army, but the defense of the country in all its components." “I want the president to invite Petruk Nikolai Nikolayevich. And I talked seriously with him about how to defend the country, and encouraged him to work, ”Tymoshenko added.

    At the same time, observers point out that Petruk’s official biography does not mean participation in hostilities, he served in Cuba from 1973 to 1991, where he could get due to connections or for a bribe.
    Earlier, Ukrainian media outlets reported that during his return from Poland, Minister of Defense of Ukraine Valery Geletey told one of the journalists who accompanied him that the Russian armed forces had delivered two tactical nuclear munitions from a 2C4 Tulip mortar at a Luhansk airport.

    Original article: