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"O-Be" dual-use?

"O-Be" dual-use?In fact, the very existence of the “Opposition bloc” (OB), which recently presented the first ten of its electoral list, is already an attempt to answer the question: “Is there life in the future for the former ones personifying the past?”. Or it could turn out just as they sang recently at the KVN Summer Cup in Sochi, “Faith stole the hope of sex from Love.” This is when a more lustful and stubborn girl named Vera discourages the coveted sex partner from a girl named Love, who has already dreamily and complacently rolled her lip into a close orgasm. And here again - and a bummer!

The whole problem - in the very, I repeat, ABOUT and in all its dozens, where, by rolling a lip on the parliamentary mandate, those who were really closely integrated into the regime of President Viktor Yanukovych, who fell so ignominiously during the coup d'etat, missed. And everyone betrayed everyone: Yanukovych and his associates, and they already run him.

However, on the other hand, all, well, almost all, concentrated in the OB, are quite good managers, specialists, successful businessmen, mobile reorganized officials who know how to work. Each in his own place, but at different times they always achieved certain success in accomplishing their tasks. Here are just a few of the top ten names: political managers Nestor Shufrich, Sergey Larin, Mikhail Dobkin, ex-general director of Azovstal Alexey Bely, chairman of the Verkhovna Rada committee on health issues Tatyana Bakhteeva, etc. Not to mention the first issue - Yuriy Boyko, who, according to his fans, can do a lot.

And this duality is inherent in the members of the OO in almost everything with which they go to the voter and that can somehow characterize this political force, distinguish it from others. In ideology, they allegedly support the “Ukrainian Ukraine”, do not accept separatism and support the territorial integrity of the country at any cost. However, at the same time, they deliberately and defiantly distanced themselves from the most fashionable political trend of the day - militarization of politics, merging political parties with illegal military armed groups, which, from the point of view of the Criminal Code, are almost all kinds of “volunteer battalions” that are now punitive ATO and warming hysterical ersatz-patriotic sentiments. On these sentiments, other applicants for mandates actually arranged socialist competition — who, more than the well-known and popular military garbage, would pick up their lists.

In the same way, members of the OJ are trying to prove to everyone that they do not need to be identified with the “Donetsk”, who under Yanukovych allegedly squeezed the rest of Ukraine. But at the same time they are trying to position themselves as the only representatives of the southeast who will be believed by it, the southeast, the inhabitants. In the first place - the risen Donbass. This is understandable: the new president Petro Poroshenko once said that he would conduct negotiations with the new representatives of Donbass after the election of October 26. Here are the members of the OB and want to become these people. This, of course, if the leaders of the DPR and the LPR do not overtake them.

ON actively wants to show that he is not the Party of Regions (PR), sprinkling without its host leader, as waste products from the circles behind a devoured ram. Moreover, “obashniki”, as the patriots now say, “ridiculed” fool their rival in the same field - the party “Strong Ukraine” by Sergei Tigipko, who wants to occupy the same niche in the southeast and become a soft opposition to the current regime. And such a niche after the collapse of the PR is really empty. And AB has specialists who have repeatedly passed the long or short path from the opposition to the government. From different opposition parties, but definitely in power. So there is such an experience, how to develop programs skillfully and how then to either embody them, or to knock them off, but to skillfully explain why they fooled. And in politics, such experience is priceless. As well as this practice.

And that's because the most important thing: the ON speaks of its opposition to the current government. But it is precisely in this capacity that he is needed by the authorities. And with its constructive oppositional softness - one can always agree with such oppositionists. Allegedly (or not supposedly) for the benefit of the state. And the fact that the government wants to look democratic, and not neo-Nazi and neo-fascist, which has actually effectively cleared the political field of Ukraine from opponents and even from dissidents. Neo-Nazis and neo-Nazis need not opponents, but enemies, in the fight against which it is easy to mobilize supporters, intimidating them with "enemy intrigues." The current regime in Ukraine does not want such “glory,” and therefore, OB — as a sparring partner, but only in opposition — is needed, like air. Or as Yulia Tymoshenko - hysterical lie, and Oleg Lyashko - pitchfork in the ass. It does not matter whose - his or someone else, just to tickle ...

There is such a moment: Donbass now needs not only peace and peaceful restoration, but also promising plans for further development. Whether as part of Ukraine, or in independent navigation. And in ABOUT there are wealthy people who can accumulate their own and other people's funds to personally help the recovery. Albeit in exchange for mandates. But if OB specialists are able to create rational and effective programs for the economic recovery of Donbass in the heat of the election campaign, they will be in demand anyway. According to the Committee of Voters of Ukraine, 40% of Donbass residents are ready to vote and participate in parliamentary elections. Even if this is a habitual propaganda lie in half, there is still potential.

Besides - this is also very important! - Many members of the Association are immigrants from the Donbass, and therefore, objectively, they are from the “peace party”, acting for their own and others' benefit, calling for millions of citizens to unite and preserve the unity of the country and the lives of people. Well, if only because, it is possible that they will have to live there too. No, of course, part of the “obeshnikov” in case of failure and when it becomes very hot, sdrysnet, jumps off the topic - and the means and opportunities allow them to do so. But some of them will not be able, or they will not be received anywhere else, except for their native land ...

... Well, and since we started out with a sexy allegory, then we’ll finish it. The great Woody Allen once remarked that bisexuality doubles your chances for a date on a Saturday night. How about this political bisex ... sorry, the duality of the Opposition bloc said, by God. The "obeshnikov" seems to have no competitors in the opposition, not the nationalist field, but they do not want to quarrel with the authorities either. They offer her constructive cooperation where it goes for the benefit of all. Or, as it seems to them, they will still benefit. And this, perhaps, is also justified, when the native country is already burning on all sides. But, as in sex, it all depends on the skill. And then you can easily become, in spite of “political bisexuality,” an object, not a subject. And all popolzuyut, not at all sorry. Here is a double dual purpose so it turns out ...

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  1. parusnik
    parusnik 23 September 2014 07: 42
    You can’t sit on two horses, the seats aren’t enough ....
  2. Loner_53
    Loner_53 23 September 2014 07: 44
    Or, as it seems to them, it will still be good.This is the whole crap what seemsAnd when it seems necessary to be baptized winked
  3. Ilotan
    Ilotan 23 September 2014 07: 58
    In Ukraine, unfortunately, there is no political force capable of adequately confronting the current government. Therefore, any opposition opposing the current regime is extremely important. You can become cancerless.
    1. vlad-58
      vlad-58 23 September 2014 08: 21
      and the DNI? and LPR? Is that not a force? ...
      1. mazhnikof.Niko
        mazhnikof.Niko 23 September 2014 11: 10
        Quote: vlad-58
        and the DNI? and LPR? Is that not a force? ...

        Strength! ... But this, as a well-known phrase: - "I am for the Soviets, but without the Bolsheviks!"

        They do not order to choose an attractive platform, and a truncated one will not work.
    2. Fin
      Fin 23 September 2014 10: 47
      Quote: Ilotan
      In Ukraine, unfortunately, there is no political force capable of adequately confronting the current government. Therefore, any opposition opposing the current regime is extremely important. You can become cancerless.

      The meaning of being elected to BP in a crumbling country. Who will go there will be responsible for the entire mess. I would go to my cities in the place of the Donbass from the former PR and begin restoration at the expense of my (stolen) money. Only in this way will they be able to win the trust of the people. Elections in the Verkhovna Rada in the Donbass will not take place. After a while there will be their own elections, which will have a chance. Do not want to - nah from the beach, others will work.
  4. Barakuda
    Barakuda 23 September 2014 08: 01
    Completed stage. The founder of the "Alisa" stock exchange, who remembers the millionaire, Herman Lvovich, Now in the village, making furniture, children galloping on horses. But everyone in the family knows what Kalash is. For instance.
  5. MIV999
    MIV999 23 September 2014 08: 03
    Still, the most amazing transformations take place in a fabulous, and in the light of recent events - already almost semi-mythical, country called Ukraine ...
    Stealing businesses, gangsters, murderers, spies of foreign countries, prostitutes of both sexes not only do not hide from the wrath of justice, but even vice versa - they climb into power !!! ...
    And, what is most sad, this does not upset the electorate ... On the contrary, residents of the center and the west of the country are actively discussing something, supporting some programs, blocks, platforms, all this shusher-musher ...
    This is truly: Who owns the media - owns the minds ... And the idea of ​​"food" and "CeEuroposity" turned out to be so contagious that it completely turned off the concepts of "morality", "kindness", "honesty" ... Replacing them with "tolerance" , "liberalism", "Svidomo" ... Bad in essence, but extremely simple as a gum idea ... But when the citizens of the country are transformed into an aggressive herd - they are rolling just such "ideas" ...
    It is precisely because of this that yesterday, a slightly strange country, Ukraine, right before our eyes, turns into some kind of scary fairy tale ... with an obviously terrible end ...
    1. pvv113
      pvv113 23 September 2014 08: 15
      Quote: MIV999
      Right before our eyes, Ukraine is turning into some kind of terrible tale ...

      This is no longer a fairy tale, but a terrible reality hi
  6. VICTOR-61
    VICTOR-61 23 September 2014 08: 17
    Yes, this government expelled the entire opposition thoroughly and there remains hope for Novorossia which should grow and then restore order in Kiev
    1. vlad-58
      vlad-58 23 September 2014 08: 32
      with such power ALWAYS (!!!) there is a powerful opposition!
      it also exists in Ukraine, but so far under the wraps, underground, due to abundant and stupid, indiscriminate repressions. this country has already ended its existence, no matter how they puffed up and did not hope for "the West will help us" ... it NEVER helped anyone!
      and history teaches (those who want to learn) that repressions every minute give rise to resistance, opposition, and lead the repressive regime to collapse! in modern history, examples of how you like ... even despite the fact that repressive regimes are created and supported by Great Britain and the United States ... never helped anywhere ... and in the newly emerging (initiated by them) dictatorial, repressive regimes - Islamist whether fascist or "liberal-democratic" - everything is the same: it starts with Maidan, Ferguson, Scotland there or some Catalonia ... and - crap! ...
  7. little thing
    little thing 23 September 2014 08: 20
    OB is even worse than the right sector (the right sector is immediately visible) and any other party and strength, because this scum always feels good under any regime, unprincipled, with rat adaptability, jellyfish, which, due to their mentality, lead to the power of such like Yushchenko, Yatsenyuk, Turchinov, parashenka and other evil spirits! In short, this is the final! Drive them all!
  8. Dobrov
    Dobrov 23 September 2014 08: 32
    Russian again forced to feed this s_ranuyu Ukraine. How long can you endure international chaos?
  9. Signature
    Signature 23 September 2014 09: 30
    Always an interesting topic: if a thief is successful, that is, he is clearly at the height of professional skill (and can even teach others), so to speak, he is a true specialist in his field, to close his way exactly where specialists and wise mentors are required, well, that is, to the Duma / Verkhovna Rada / parliament or some other related body? Or should he (maybe) be invited to such socially responsible places - "exactly the opposite" (!) - in every possible way?
  10. Egoza
    23 September 2014 10: 49
    "For interest"
    Surprises of party lists:
    “Popular Front” Arseniy Yatsenyuk
    journalist Tatyana Chernovol (No. 3),
    peacekeeper battalion commander Andrei Teteruk (No. 5),
    battalion commander "Dnepr-1" Yuri Bereza (No. 10),
    "Cossack" Mikhail Gavrilyuk (majority district).
    "The block of Petro Poroshenko":
    Colonel Julius Mamchur (No. 6),
    journalist Sergey Leshchenko (No. 19),
    Journalist Mustafa Nayyem (No. 20),
    David Zhvania (majority district),
    Victor Baloga (majority district).
    "Fatherland" of Yulia Tymoshenko:
    Senior Lieutenant Nadezhda Savchenko (No. 1),
    Kyiv City Council deputy Igor Lutsenko (No. 3),
    public activist Elena Shkrum (No. 5).
    The Radical Party by Oleg Lyashko:
    battalion commander “Aydara” Sergey Melnichuk (No. 3),
    singer Zlata Ognevich (No. 4),
    swimmer Denis Silantiev (No. 8),
    Kyiv Council deputy Igor Mosiychuk (No. 9).
    "Strong Ukraine" by Sergey Tigipko:
    ex-vice-premier Sergey Khoroshkovsky (No. 2),
    Honorary President of UkrAvto Tariel Vasadze (No. 11),
    ex-governor of the Vinnitsa region Nikolai Dzhiga (No. 14),
    former Prosecutor General Svyatoslav Piskun (No. 16).
    "Opposition bloc":
    President of the All-Ukrainian Jewish Congress Vadim Rabinovich,
    ex-minister of social policy Natalia Korolevskaya.
    "Samopomich" by Andrei Sadovoy:
    Donbass battalion commander Semen Semenchenko (No. 2),
    Leader of the Lustration Committee Egor Sobolev (No. 6).
    Right Sector by Dmitry Yarosh:
    blogger Elena Belozerskaya (No. 2),
    brigade commander of the 93-th brigade Oleg Mikats (No. 3),
    Volunteer Ukrainian Corps commander Oleg Stempitsky (No. 4).
    "Ukraine - United Ukraine":
    TV presenter Daniil Yanevsky (No. 2),
    TV presenter Alexey Mochanov (No. 4),
    Mufti Sergey Ismagilov (No. 5).