Reports from the militia of New Russia for 20-21 September 2014 of the year

20 September 2014 to 1: 31

Message from the militia Prokhorov

At the Donetsk airport was hell hell.
Around Pervomaisk, in ambush, the dill reconnaissance group was shot.
North of Mariupol near Kominternovo there is a battle using artillery.

In Mariupol, now both sides will be reconciled with the help of artillery. Already, it is reported - in the area of ​​Sartana (a village near Mariupol), such as a dill checkpoint and a village. Orlovsky destroyed (north of Sartana), like pounded with. Unnamed (between Shirokino and Novoazovsk)

They reported on the urban battles in Zhdanovka and at the checkpoint at Rozovka (there ukry). According to Zhdanovka - she is ukropskaya for a long time, well fortified. They shot everything there.

Dill cards, as well as dill themselves - are lying godlessly. Regarding Gorlovka - unblocked already.

Upper Krynka - Grady Khartsyzsk (missed - gone east), received a similar response.

The representative of Dill at the UN voiced the loss of Ukrainians during the truce - more than 100 dead and 138 wounded military (truce violated 480 times). Let me remind you, the official data of dill - less than 10 dead and 6 missing.

For losses ukrov during the ATO is difficult to answer unequivocally. Dill forces are full, and you have to beat on them not with a fist, but with open five. Officially voiced dill losses during the ATO - about 880 people. Wherein:
"In the morgues of Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhia, Kharkiv and Donetsk regions, 1336 forensic medical examinations of the bodies of the dead soldiers of the ATO were conducted, and about 500 bodies are in Donetsk.
This was announced on Friday evening in the live program "Shuster LIVE" at the First National Deputy Chairman of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration Svyatoslav Oleinik, reports Ukrinform.
"We have compiled information from several regional bureau of forensic medical examinations. Today I can give you a fairly accurate number - 1336 forensic medical examinations were conducted in the morgues of Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhia, Kharkiv and Donetsk regions. About 500 bodies are now in Donetsk", - he declared. Kolomoisky Deputy clarified that these are the bodies of the Ukrainian military, volunteers and special forces soldiers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs who participated in the ATO.

At the same time - it is recognized that this is not all:
"He also said that search groups are currently working in the ATO zone within the framework of the coordination of the Volga regional volunteer movement.
"According to the data of these search groups, which collect bodies daily in the area of ​​Starobeshev, Ilovaisk and Saur-Graves and in territories that are not under the control of the Ukrainian authorities, we expect 400-500 phone to be found. Most of these bodies are not subject to identification ", - said Svyatoslav Oleinik.
The official stressed that these numbers are dead for the period from May 9 to today. "
He did not count everyone.

20 September 2014 to 1: 35

Message from the militia

"The DPR army opened the way for life on Gorlovka. For almost a month and a half, the city of Gorlovka was surrounded and constantly subjected to shelling by Ukrainian artillery.
Areas of the settlement are cleared Yasinovka, Krinichnaya, Vasilyevka, Red Partisan. Constantly carried out raids along the highway Yasinovataya - Gorlovka. The enemy entrenched north of Verkhnetoretsky. The militia from Kirovsky is gradually advancing in the direction of Zhdanovka (where the Ukrainian batteries, firing at Kirovsk, are fixed). In the afternoon, Ukrainian artillery again struck Kirovsky and received a retaliatory strike from the militia. The militia is approaching Zhdanovka and is shelling the positions of the Natsiks - from about 11:00 a battle was going on using tanks and armored personnel carrier. "

20 September 2014 to 3: 45

Photo report from the militia

"Village Victory. LC. What is left of the Ukrainian" glory "."

Reports from the militia of New Russia for 20-21 September 2014 of the year

20 September 2014 to 4: 30

In Minsk, agreed on the withdrawal of Ukrainian troops on 30 kilometers

The negotiators of the contact group in Minsk agreed on the main issues of the armistice. About this "Interfax" said the speaker of the parliament of the Lugansk People's Republic Alexei Karjakin.

“We agreed on the main positions regarding the truce and the withdrawal of armaments. The question of the special status of Donbass was not discussed this time, although we had planned,” he said. In particular, an agreement was reached "on the withdrawal of Ukrainian troops in the amount of 30 km," said Karjakin.

“We have reached an agreement on the border that the OSCE will be present on a mandatory basis,” the speaker added. According to him, we are talking about the border of the LC and the DNI with the rest of Ukraine.

The talks of the contact group began on the evening of September 19 in the President Hotel in Minsk. OSCE Special Representative Heidi Tagliavini, the second President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma, the Russian Ambassador to Ukraine Mikhail Zurabov, the Prime Minister of the DPR Alexander Zakharchenko, the Deputy Prime Minister of the DPR Andrei Purgin and the leader of the LPR Igor Plotnitsky came to the meeting.

20 September 2014 to 4: 43

Summary of the Army of the South-East for September 19: attacks and looting by the Ukrainian fascists continue

During the day, the situation has not undergone significant changes and remains tense. The cease-fire was generally respected.

The Ukrainian side was charged with shelling by militia defensive positions in the area n. n. Happiness. The statement of the fascists had a provocative goal. The fact of shelling was not confirmed. At the same time, there were instances of violations of agreements reached at the negotiations of the contact group in Minsk by the punitive units.

In the Donetsk direction, the Ukrainian fascists continued the regrouping of units and their withdrawal to advantageous positions south of Donetsk. The ceasefire on their part violated 3 times.

In 9.00, the Petrovsky district of Donetsk was attacked from the RSZO. Wounded 2 civilians. Damaged 4 Residential Home. Destroyed ambulance station.

In 6.50 from the side of Granite there was an artillery bombardment of the southern suburb of Bogdanovka. One local resident was injured. 2 destroyed and 4 damaged at home.

In 10.10, from the direction of Marinka, the punishers struck an artillery strike against a cluster of vehicles belonging to civilians in the area of ​​the checkpoint on the western outskirts of Staromikhailovka. Wounded one woman. 3 car burned.

In the Luhansk direction, the enemy, without undertaking active hostilities, continued to build up a grouping of troops and implement engineering equipment for the positions they occupied.

From firing positions in the Tomb of Ostraya mound, twice (in 6.00 and in 12.30), the positions of the Southeast Army in the area of ​​Petropavlovka were subjected to mortar fire. One militia wounded.

According to local residents, punitive from a unit located in the Yuganovka area, there was a robbery attack on the household of Vasyl Maistrenko. Criminals who were intoxicated, threatening weapons he, his wife and three children (two of whom are minors) broke into the house on the night of September 19. They took away the TV, warm blankets and winter outerwear. Raised two goats. On the appeal of the victim with a request to return the stolen, the command of the Ukrainian forces accused him of trying to "blacken the honest name of the Ukrainian army and complicity with the terrorists."

In the Mariupol direction, the situation has not changed significantly. The occupants continued to equip additional roadblocks and defensive positions in order to tighten the checkpoint regime primarily on the northern and north-eastern outskirts of Mariupol.

20 September 2014 to 4: 46

Message from the militia Alan Mamiev:

“Our comrades heroically died on Saur’s grave. They caused artillery fire on themselves four times when they were surrounded by enemy armored vehicles. The commander’s call sign was Bear, he and his comrades died the death of heroes. They were buried there, on Saur’s grave. Eternal memory and glory! It is in this sacrifice that the secret of the Russian Spirit is! "

20 September 2014 to 9: 46

Video from the militia

The Motorola unit moves to the position and applies the LNG-9.

20 September 2014 to 10: 21

Summary from the Cossack militia of the LC

"In the period from 17 to 19, September, the Ukrainian army repeatedly violated the so-called truce. From the area of ​​Kruglik village, massive fire was opened in the direction of Central. As a result, civilians, cattle, and also were destroyed houses of citizens. Partially destroyed poultry farm.

Several times Ukrainian units fired at the village of Sofiyivka, the village of Bayrachka. In the area of ​​the settlement of Komissarovka, a mine was fired and an artillery strike was made at the waste heap of the commissary mine.

The Cossack National Guard took the fight, striking back at ukrov positions, as there were several wounded and one killed. During the artillery battle, several armored vehicles, an ammunition depot and 2 mortar crews of the enemy were destroyed.

According to intelligence data, the Ukrainian military is intensively preparing for defense. On the highway Debaltsev-Lugansk - Mironovsky pulled together a large number of equipment, guns, tanks, Urals with personnel and artillery. The Ukrainian army pulls up to the Debaltsevo area ammunition and food in large quantities. Fortified areas are built along the entire front line.

This morning in area Popasna, in the direction to Pervomaisk a fierce fight was started. Many killed and wounded on both sides. The losses of the Cossack militia and the Ukrainian side are currently being specified. "

20 September 2014 to 10: 24

Video from Gram Phillips

English journalist Graham Phillips visited the scene of the fighting in Kalinovo.

20 September 2014 to 10: 44

Message from bloggers

"Near Lugansk, stray dogs eat the corpses of the dead Ukrainian servicemen who refused to bury the locals.
This was reported by the deputy of the Lugansk city council Natalia Maksimets, referring to the data of eyewitnesses living in Bolshaya Vergunka, closer to Krasny Yar, where the junta tried to break through and fell in dozens. “We buried our people in the gardens, because there was no way to go to the cemetery - the Ukrainian reptiles were firing at them. And nobody wanted to touch the damned fascists, as the dogs were taken away,” Maksimets told a local resident. ”

20 September 2014 to 13: 43

Message from the militia

"Enakievo in the morning in 7: 30 from Panteleimonovka, Korsun settlement unblocked, a direct connection with Donetsk appeared. Not that bus routes along the trails, militiamen pass by armor normally pass - checked. Suburban settlements from Nekhoteevka to Olhovatka remain occupied by cartels, but also there is a guerrilla war. A couple of days ago, the "unknown" sniper shot 15 dill overnight in two villages.In Uglegorsk, the enemies retreated to the outskirts from Debaltseve, beams and zelenka in the area of ​​Bulavino and Oktyabrsky sovkhoz, which was filled with enemy equipment, something plan punishers. "

20 September 2014 to 14: 01

Message from Pavel Gubarev

"According to the new Minsk agreements

I think that ukrami they will not be respected. And soon they will initiate a new round of military escalation. This is indicated by military intelligence not only from the front, but also from the rear of the Dill. The next stage of mobilization, negotiations on the procurement of NATO weapons, militaristic election rhetoric, cheating public opinion for war, refusal to exchange "key" political prisoners (replacing them with criminal articles) ... And most importantly: today the 3 battalion flew into Ukriya private military companies ...

I understand that many of the militia and the peaceful are disappointed with these negotiations. Honestly, I, too, am not happy with them. But we don’t need to panic, let alone go home with the thoughts of "politicians have merged us ..." Our struggle has just begun, and we will go to victory a long way ... It is likely that this path will be less bloody ...

The default of Ukrii, the parade of the People’s Republics, the disorganization of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the war on equal terms ... or the peaceful separation of the former Ukraine in popular referendums. Civilized, as in Britain. "

20 September 2014 to 15: 19

Message from the press center of the DPR

"In total, since the beginning of the so-called ATO, Ukrainian punishers have launched 74 9М79 and 9М79М (Point-U) missiles, of which 28 is already in Donetsk and its suburbs."

20 September 2014 to 15: 45

Message from Jan militia

“The night was tense, in the morning (08: 00 MSK) in Donetsk, the Nazis were firing from heavy artillery. About ten (NR) the Nazis launched a missile strike from Novoselovka with OTRK in Donetsk with three complexes, the battle field fell on Lozovoe and the mine Skochinsky 17-17 BIS, 107 plant (DZRHI). White and black smoke rises in the battlefield of both rockets. Glazing of houses is knocked out in the surrounding areas by a shock wave.
This is the first such massive missile strike from the OTRK to Donetsk, but earlier the Kiev Nazis had already delivered strikes from missile systems.
In the area of ​​Khanzhonkovo, heavy breaks are heard, from the direction of Marinka the Nazis are shelling the Miner, and strikes are being struck on Petrovka. In the airport are fighting.
At the airport, our units are fighting on the airport, in some areas have advanced to a hundred meters from the positions of the Nazis.
10: 05 (ISC) A humanitarian convoy entered Donetsk, unloading of the first 35 KAMAZ vehicle began. Kiev Nazis were in the warehouses of the 107 plant.
12: 00 (ISC) From the direction of Mariupol towards the Novoazovsk, the Nazis inflicted an artillery strike with the MLRS. "

20 September 2014 to 16: 09

Overview of the combat situation from the militia Prokhorov

From the morning 5 was heard shooting in the Kiev district of Donetsk. It's quiet now. At night, there was a battle on the outskirts of Avdiivka. In Makiivka - artudary, firing is heard in the area of ​​the highway to Gorlovka.

There are shootouts in the area of ​​Rozovka (there are juntiats).

With Krasnogorovka ukry 2 Lupanul points on the shop of industrial explosives in Donetsk. Here is a cease-fire in ukropski.

At the airport it is not clear now, after the signing of new papers in Minsk. Ukram provided a corridor for the exit, but they have something going for a long time.

Of the good, the terbate of Kievan Rus is surrounded by Debaltseve (an hour ago they had 2 dead and about 20 injured).

By the way, it was reported that at the entrance to Mariupol the checkpoint of fennel was loosed.

At Popasnaya, near the village of Stakhanovets, they doused the fennel technique, and the checkpoint of fennel was also covered (the city itself is not overplayed).

Ukry shelled and Pervomaisk - 3 dead (1 girl)

At Nizhnyaya Krynka they covered the dill technique at the Kommunarskaya mine.

In Makeyevka, dill was beaten out of the village of Monakhovo.

Reported - dill began to withdraw troops from the Communard. We are waiting for confirmation.

Regarding the new memorandum - the Ukrainians do not carry out the first:
"Justice Minister Pavel Petrenko believes that the law on the special status of certain areas in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions needs to be changed. He said this on Shuster LIVE, reports the Left Bank.
“Those provisions that are in the law that the president introduced, they really need to be changed,” the minister said on the First National Channel.
In particular, Petrenko criticized the norms of the law concerning the financing of these regions from the state budget, the formation of the police, the judiciary and prosecutorial corps, and the holding of elections.
He stressed that in the adopted edition the Cabinet of Ministers excludes the implementation of these provisions of the law. "

And clear signs of insanity at the Minister of Defense Dill:
"Russia did use tactical nuclear weapons against the Ukrainian military.
This was confirmed by the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Valery Geletey during the return of the Ukrainian delegation from Poland.
About it reports on his Facebook page Roman Bochkala.
In particular, the Russian forces struck two blows from a self-propelled mortar 2C4 "Tulip" at the Lugansk airport. It is for this reason that our military left it. The blows were so powerful that they “completely destroyed the buildings from the fifth floor to the basement,” the minister said.

20 September 2014 to 19: 07

Message from Alexey Brain

"And again rumors circulate ... about the alleged complete destruction of the" GHOST. "
For the period from the moment of the oath, the brigade did not lose a single person from the personnel and not a single unit in the vehicle! But the ranks of "GHOST" were replenished with volunteers from France and Serbia.
The doors of our unit are open for every honest person! For every fighter for justice!
I want to dispel another rumor. Our unit did not leave the city of Alchevsk. Moreover, we continue to work within the city to provide the population with everything necessary, to the best of our abilities. "

Yesterday at 0: 17

Message press center DNR

The Supreme Council of the DPR adopted a resolution №34-1 “On the attitude to the Minsk Memorandum”
Regarding the resolution adopted at the extraordinary session of the Supreme Council of the DPR 20 of September, its head, Boris Litvinov, said the following:
“Expressing support for the peace initiatives of the President of Russia V.V. Putin’s MPs of the DPR Parliament approved the efforts of the parties in trying to reach agreements on a peaceful resolution of the conflict, and expressed their readiness to continue to form the political position of the Donetsk People’s Republic on the complete liberation of the entire former Donetsk region together with the DPR Council of Ministers.

Yesterday at 0: 36

Summary of the Army of the South-East for 20 September: leaving some settlements, the Nazis destroy others

During the day, the situation did not change significantly and remained tense. The cars of the third Russian humanitarian convoy arrived in Donetsk. Among the delivered goods are bottled water, food, power generators, medicines and warm clothes.

The cease-fire was generally respected. In this case, the Ukrainian side was charged with shelling by militias of the defensive positions of junta troops in the area of ​​Chernukhino, Golden, Central, October, Redkodub, Debaltseve and Pervomaiskoe. Statements by the fascists had a provocative goal - to accuse the militias of violating the cease-fire. The facts of the shelling were not confirmed. At the same time, there were cases of violation of the agreements reached at the negotiations of the contact group in Minsk by the junta forces.

In the Donetsk area, the Ukrainian fascists continued to redeploy and build up groups of troops. Under the pretext of returning fire, the Donbas infrastructure was deliberately destroyed by artillery.

The ceasefire on their part was broken 10 times.

With 10.00, residential districts and industrial facilities in the north-west of Donetsk were subjected to repeated systematic bombardment with the use of heavy guns and multiple launch rocket systems. Artillery fire was fired from firing positions located in the area n. n. Hanzhonkovo. According to reports of city utilities, 2 was destroyed and 5 houses were damaged. Artillery fire destroyed 2 workshops of the Donetsk State Chemical Plant. Civilian casualties are being clarified.

The 10.50 struck a fire MLRS "Grad" on the mines them. "Abakumova" and "Komsomol member of Donbass". During the fire, 3 office buildings burnt out, three employees died.

In 12.00, Belaya Kamenka was fired upon from firing positions by Novognatovka with mortar fire. Damaged residential building. Wounded peaceful resident.

In 12.25 from the Granite region, Novaya Maryevka was subjected to mortar fire. Wounded 2 civilians.

In 14.00 Zuevka suffered a fire defeat from the MLRS "Grad" and mortars. Burned 3 at home. Killed one and injured 4 civilians.

According to intelligence data, the invaders punitive left Krinichnoe. While leaving, they set fire to 3 cars, previously taken from local residents, ostensibly for military needs.

In the Luhansk area, the enemy continued engineering equipment for positions, redeployment of equipment and personnel.

According to local residents during the movement of the column of armored vehicles in n. Frunze, an armored personnel carrier was damaged 2 standing on the side of the car, owned by local residents. When the owner of one of them tried to stop an armored troop carrier that had hit, the Ukrainian military sitting on the armor opened fire with automatic weapons in his direction. The column, without stopping, proceeded further.

At the Mariupol direction, the situation has not changed significantly. The occupants continued to equip additional roadblocks and defensive positions.

Yesterday at 0: 57

Message from the militia Prokhorov

Reported - dill began to withdraw troops from the Communard. There is a place to be - taken to Maloorlovka.

Confirmed the beginning of the withdrawal of dill from Avdiivka, Marinka and Krasnogorovka. Dill still in Sands, Skilled and the airport.

Even as dill comply with the agreement - in the sky they aviation (Mi-8 assault variant in the region of Artemovsk and Su-27 near Ilovaisk). Or is it an OSCE UAV?

Yesterday at 1: 03

Message from residents of Zhdanovka (DNR)

"Zhdanovka included militia.
At the executive committee, the flag was changed to the cheers and cheers of "Hooray." The Ukrainian army went in the direction of Shiroky (Debaltseve). Technique was under the white flags.
During the retreat, Bandera blew up a bridge over the Krynka River in the neighboring village of Nizhnyaya Krynka, which is a remote part of Makeyevka. In addition, they destroyed ammunition and faulty equipment at the checkpoint between Zhdanovka and Enakievo.
Ukry drove today from Kommunar, TV sets with furniture were pulled on armored vehicles, which were stolen from people! Fascists! Saints straight! "

Yesterday at 2: 29

Message from eyewitnesses

"The 22.40 was shelling the center of the city of Donetsk from the MLRS! The shells exploded near the restaurant" Weeping Willow ", which is on the border of Kuybyshevsky and Kievsky districts of the city. As a result of the explosion there was a strong fire.
According to preliminary data, the shells fell:
- st. Urzhumskaya, three houses are burning.
- The garages are burning near the maternity hospital Vishnevsky.
- supposedly lit refueling in the area Lukomorye.
- Lukomorye, fragments.
- In the Kuibyshev region behind the "Topaz" shelling damaged gas pipeline. The gas pipe between Lukomorye and the Weeping Willow restaurant is burning.
- st. Urzhumskaya, Hitting.
- st. Donbass miners, fragments.
- st. Kalinin, burning private houses.
- Truth 115, hit. "

Yesterday at 4: 08

20 September Report from Vostok: Punishers use truce to rob the local population

“19 September did not conduct active hostilities on the Donbass fronts. At the same time, there are local gunfights and artillery exchanges,” an employee of the Information Press Center Vostok with the call sign Chekist told REGNUM correspondent. For example, in the area of ​​Marinka (DPR) “Oplot” fighters destroyed a large-caliber machine gun “The Rock” and the BC to it with dense fire. There is no information about losses from the enemy.

The situation at the Donetsk airport is incomprehensible. According to some reports, he allegedly came under our control, according to others - Kiev mercenaries continue to be there. But battles there go every day.

The National Guard under the volunteer battalions use the cease-fire to rob the local population. The soldiers of the battalion "Oplot" report that in the village. The sands, the town of Marinka and in the town of Krasnogorovka (DPR), the fighters of the Dnieper-1 battalions, the National Guard and foreign mercenaries divided the settlements into zones of influence. Moreover, stretch marks are placed between the control zones. Under the pretext of calling in troops and shelling, they are driving civilians into basements, and they are robbing the population themselves. Take out everything: dishes, underwear, household appliances, tear gates with armored troop-carriers. All loot is exported by containers.
Ukrainian soldiers, fearing to be buried by unidentified, punctured their full names on the body. Employees of the hospitals of the Donetsk region, in which wounded Ukrainian soldiers are being treated, report that soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces expel the name and year of birth on their bodies, "the Chekist said

Yesterday at 5: 11

Summary report from the 1 Interbrigade of the South-East for September 20

Past 24 hours on the fronts of Novorossia, representatives of the Kiev junta continued to carry their perverted Bandera "peace" to the land of Donbass.

Today I will depart from the traditional order of coverage of events and note an important nuance. After the new meeting in Minsk one can hear howl that Novorossia was again merged. Let me remind you - any war ends in peace. Yes, the world is and "Brest". But none of us has all the information to evaluate the activities of the leadership of the LC and the DNI. For Kiev, to recognize that the war is lost is political suicide. Therefore, to set aside panic and remember the main thing - our cause is just and the victory will be ours!

Now a review of the fighting.
Donetsk People's Republic.
Donetsk - in the evening ukrovermaht struck 2 with a strike from the Grad MLRS in Petrovsky District. At midnight, airport punishers fired from the mortars and tank guns the western outskirts of PGT Spartak and PGT Oktyabrsky. In the morning - the shelling of the residential sector of large-caliber guns. During the day (during the unloading of the conservatory), Ukrovermaht launched two missiles from the Tochka U TRC (from the village of Krasnogorovka, Maryinsky District) at military plant No.107 (former ZKHI) - 12 detonation tons of hexogen and huge destruction were reported.


Makeevka - around midnight n. Khanzhenkovo ​​settlement was attacked with national mortars from mortars. The militia managed to oust punitive from n. n. Monakhovo.

Maryinsky district - in n. n. Marinka still remains a punitive position, whence last night a militia checkpoint west of n. p. Staromikhaylovka. In the area of ​​PGT Lower Krynka several units of Ukrovermht armored vehicles were destroyed by artillery strikes.

Enakievo - in the morning there was shelling from the side n. P. Panteleimonovka (Gorlovka). N. p. Korsun has been cleansed of punishers, the road to Donetsk has been cleared. A part of the settlements (from NGP Nekhoteyevka to NGT Olkhovatka) are still controlled by the National Security Guards, and sabotage and reconnaissance and partisan "work" is being conducted in respect of them. There is a concentration of personnel and armored vehicles punitive in the area n. p. Bulavino.

Other settlements

Debaltseve - the presence of the boiler was recognized by the commander of the punitive battalion "Kievan Rus", who reported on the surrounding national guards from the 4-s "tanks, installations" Grad "and artillery" (2 punitive destroyed, 20 injured). In general, there is a pull-up to the city of militia personnel and armored vehicles with the aim of intensifying the stripping of the boiler - the second Ilovaisk ukrovermaht ensured.

Uglegorsk - the concentration of punitive on the outskirts of the city (perhaps it is part of Ukrovermaht, which with fights managed to move away from Debaltseve).

Avdiivka - at night there were battles with the use of small arms on the outskirts of the city.

Khartsyzk - information is received on the retreat of the punishers from n. P. Kommunar (a large column of armored vehicles and personnel was seen walking through the village of N. Zhdanovka)

Miner's district - local fights are still recorded in the area n. P. Rosovka.

Novoazovskiy district - at noon, the punishers fired on Novoazovsk from the Grad MLRS (from the Mariupol direction). Also, the natsgady pull forces to n. Shyrokyne (presumably, a column from Kommunar moved here).

Lugansk - there is no data about battles or shelling. The restoration work is underway.

Popasnaya - destroyed the checkpoint punitive near the city, as well as a significant number of armored vehicles near n. n. Stakhanovets.

Pervomaisk - punitive strikes from artillery in the city (3 civilians were killed).

Perevalsky district - the residential sector in the urban-type settlement Fashchevka was fired from rocket artillery.

Mariupol - on the outskirts at night - artduel. Of n. The village of Pavlopol (Novoazovskiy District) punitive fired upon militia positions, they retaliated with them. Fighting was also noted in the m / r Vostochny and Prosperous (Ukrovermaht fired from howitzers and the Grad MLRS) and at the SGPT, Gnutovo and Ilyich (Konstantinovsky district).

In general, the situation on the front line is unchanged, the activity of the ukrovermaht has become slightly lower. Officials in Novorossia state 7 cases of cease-fire violations.

Occupied Territory:
Dnepropetrovsk - in the monastery of the evil of the name of the oligarch Kolomoisky unidentified, but very good citizens hung the flags of Novorossia at night.

Fresh psaki:

Recently, the ancestor of our column was noted - Jen called the events on the Maidan a coup. The US ambassador to Serbia, citizen Michael Kirby decided not to lag behind. With dignity carrying the burden of a white man in a backward Slavic country (which 15 years ago, the Jedi from the Washington Regional Committee tried to introduce to truly democratic values, humanely inflicting airstrikes on Belgrade), the ambassador reproached Serbian quilted jackets that it was unbecoming for Europeans to host a bloody tyrant from Mordor, even in honor of the 70 anniversary of the liberation of Belgrade from the Nazis. After all, everyone knows that the Americans won World War II, and the evil USSR bombed Hiroshima with atomic bombs directly from the Kremlin. According to the American ambassador, Belgrade liberated the 3-th Ukrainian Front. Immediately visible connoisseur stories Obama's level (in addition, Latvia separated from Russia in the 19 century). In general, the Serbs urgently repent and hold a gay parade!

It could be headed by citizen Geletei - that would be politically correct, given his level of mental development. Once again, this military genius demonstrated its intellectual abysses, stating that Russia had struck a nuclear attack on the Luhansk airport. It is not clear how the backward Katsapa weapons could have knocked out the ukroariysky cyborgs supermen, because we all know that the ukropets are invincible in principle. By the way, I can give Geletei an idea to explain the future delivery of the Donetsk airport - a Russian submarine sailed from the Kuzbass to coal mines that manually connected the repressed opponents of the bloody Putler to the mines of Donbass, surfaced in the very center of the runway and delivered a crushing blow with a psychotronic radiatet.

In general, the supply of hard drugs to the Ministry of Defense and the National Security and Defense Council does not end there. 20 “terrorists”, 1 MLRS “Grad” and 4 mortars destroyed in a day; fights - n. P. Happiness, stanitsa Luganskaya, Lower-warm, Frunze, Mius, Central, Orlovskoe. The whole world is thinking about how to deal with the militants of the Islamic State - I think it is necessary to incite the invincible ukroarii against it, who have already destroyed the stop of millions of terrorists.

For losses:
Civilians (killed / wounded) - 3 /?
National Parks (killed / wounded) - 1 / 7 (NSDC), 2 / 20 (National Parks)

Thus, today's days were a little quieter in terms of the number of clashes than the previous ones. A new humanitarian convoy arrived in Donetsk and has already managed to return to Russia (ukry chirp that we are again exporting equipment from factories). Just like last time, immediately after the negotiations in Minsk, the intensity of hostilities subsided a bit, but this is unlikely to be for long. As they say, we will see.

Yesterday at 9: 22

Comments on the "Minsk Agreements" from political analyst "colonelcassad"

“1. As it was written earlier, the trajectory of the line leading to some kind of“ Greater Transnistria ”is determined by the desire of the Russian Federation to avoid direct confrontation with the West. And it is the main spring of the negotiation process. It is clear that this“ new Transnistria ”will not remain in Ukraine.

2. The future of Novorossia is no more than a piece of change here - they will agree so there will be one future, they will agree on another - another future. Do not agree at all - there will be a third.
Here, in fact, not so much depends on the political leadership of Novorossia, they are subordinate to the current political line of Moscow and are completely dependent on the supply of humanitarian aid. True, there is the factor of "people with weapons", who are strictly negatively related to what is happening, but so far this discontent is purely verbal.

3. Regarding the crying of the Pharisees, "winter will come, it will be bad" - providing the population in the rear lane is possible even in the case of a war going on, since there are more than enough areas completely cleared of junta troops from the DPR and LPR and there is a war somewhere in the Dnieper region , the need for the delivery of food and fuel to Krasnodon or Enakievo does not change. To equip life there and drive the junta further, not mutually exclusive concepts. Therefore, when I hear the argument “well, winter is soon”, one involuntarily doubts the mental health of such a person (well, except for the characters on wages, who are now forced to broadcast this nonsense in the media). If there was a strong desire to save lives (as they say), the possibilities for this were both with the introduction of troops in the spring, and with the broader work of the “voentorg” in the summer. And so it turns out - at first, melancholy observed how thousands of people died, and the infrastructure for the lives of a couple of millions was destroyed, and then they cried - "winter is near, it's time to end." In form it seems to be correct, but in essence - mockery.

4. The fact that the junta’s troops are being withdrawn from the boilers clearly indicates some unlit agreements on the delimitation of the territory controlled by Novorossia and the junta. Of course, the field commanders are strictly against the fact that instead of the desired Novorossia they were left with a bombed and flawed stub of two areas. Therefore, the requirements in the spirit of "expel at least the junta from the territory of Donetsk and Lugansk oblasts." The junta, meanwhile, is forced to leave the boilers in which its troops were sitting, simultaneously continuing to destroy the infrastructure of Donbass. In general, by the 20 of September, favorable opportunities for the defeat of large junta units entrenched in boilers and suspicious protrusions were missed, being exchanged for a "meaningless piece of paper."

5. Contractors of the contract at first told for a long time that the contract was a useless piece of paper, then that Kuchma was nobody, then that none of those who did not sign it, but for those who signed it did not have that status. In fact, we see a phased plan, which, to the best of our ability, is being implemented to create a specific configuration of the Novorossia stub. The role of Kuchma is the role of a damper pad to mitigate the effect of what is happening on the wrongdoer, so that the people would not blow the Roof at all if Yatsenyuk, Turchinov or Poroshenko were sitting opposite Zurabov.
Those who tried to pass this piece of paper for something unimportant, at best, were engaged in self-deception, at worst - they simply serve a certain line, aimed at creating a certain information camouflage around this piece of paper.

6. However, hopes that at the price of such an exchange of Novorossia for a respite in the escalation of relations with the West and the inhibition of the run-up of sanctions already now look illusory. The West has saved the junta de facto from direct military defeat in the Donbass by its pressure on the economic and diplomatic lines, and now occupies dominant positions, pushing its solution to the issue, while not forgetting the Crimea, which is a convenient catch for the introduction of absolutely any packages sanctions that, coupled with a consolidated position in the Donbass, provide the US with convenient and very inexpensive tools to put pressure on Russia, including using the remaining fascist junta in Kiev. Those who hoped that the war will lead to the second Nuremberg can be free, at least for now. If one of the main sponsors of the massacres is now considered in Moscow by the handshaking politician “who needs to be saved”, then most of the main customers and executors of the carnage will disappear from retribution, however, figures like Kolomoisky, Korban, Filatov, Lyashko, Semenchenko, Yarosh and a number of people - may suffer in the process, including physically. Some switchmen, one way or another, will be assigned. Dissatisfaction of the fascists with these or other aspects of collusion is not essential, American puppets have no right to vote in matters of global exchanges - in different conditions they could have lost a number of other areas, and if Washington tried some strings, then how much Lyashko would not write on Facebook then the masses would have dutifully eaten this decision.

7. Will this conspiracy be sold to the end, not yet a fact. And in Novorossia itself and in Russia there is a serious opposition to this line, and therefore it took the launch of an information campaign under the guise of "what a good and beautiful this absolutely meaningless piece of paper." Stupidity or the need to maintain the line on the protection of the commercial interests of the Russian oligarchy under threat, is quite sufficient nutritional ground for the broadcast of such views. However, due to the fact that this line looks quite unpresentable, it is still extremely difficult to carry out in a directive manner - they are too afraid to break the thread, and the frog should be cooked slowly so that people do not have time to understand how instead of New Russia they find themselves in the new depressed Transnistria . It remains to actually wait for the cumulative decision of the military. "

Yesterday at 12: 44

Message from the militia

"Punishers en masse leave without a fight, and the militia occupies abandoned settlements. At the moment, Ukrainian flags have already been lifted over Zhdanovka and Uglegorsk city councils and DPR flags have been raised instead. Part of the Ukrainian army left the cities of Zhdanovka, Yunokomunarsk and Uglegorsk, as well as Rozovka and Maloorlov villages. Reliable information about the reasons for the withdrawal of the junta’s troops has not yet been reported. The most likely version is the fear of “boilers” and the desire to maximize the front line. Punishers remember being surrounded by Izvarino, Lutugino, Dyakovo and Ilovaisky killed several thousand of their twin cities, and, fearing to share their fate, are retreating. "

Yesterday at 13: 23

Summary of the Information Bureau of the Army of the South-East

The enemy left a number of settlements in the DPR, but shelling and excesses continue

Forces of the junta carried out the regrouping of forces and fortification equipment of the positions held. September 20 recorded the flight of the Ukrainian Air Force aircraft over the vicinity of Zhdanovka and an unmanned aerial vehicle - over the western part of Donetsk.

At Donetsk, the enemy continued the regrouping of units and the occupation of profitable areas and positions. They left a number of settlements around Enakievo: Yuzhnokomunarsk, Upper and Lower Krynka, Rozovka and Uglegorsk.

There are six cases of violation by the Ukrainian fascists of the cease-fire regime.

In 18.30, positions of the DPR Army in the Sakhanka region were fired from the Grad MLRS. The loss of the militia amounted to seven wounded and one dead;

In 18.00, the punishers from the 93 th mechanized brigade, leaving the Lower Krynka, blew up a road bridge. They desecrated the obelisk of the Red Guards who fell during the revolution, located at the intersection of Potemkin and Lenin streets.

In 18.45, a checkpoint near the Enakievskaya mine was fired on from firing positions in the Bulavinsky area. A car belonging to a mine worker has been burned.

In 19.15, mortar shelling of the Kirovskoye settlement was carried out from firing positions near Maloorovka.

From 19.30 to 20.30 on the southern outskirts of the village of Sands, sniper fire was fought by punishers. Wounded by a local resident.

Leaving Zhdanovka, the Nazis from the 41 Battalion of Territorial Defense Chernihiv-2, on the orders of the battalion commander Lt. Col. Drozdov AV, attempted to mine the facilities of the Kommunarskaya mine. Thanks to timely information received from local residents, the Special Forces soldiers of the DPR Army managed to prevent the mine from exploding.

In the Luhansk area, the enemy continues the latent regrouping of forces, conducting fortification equipment of the positions held. There are local cases of violation of the cease-fire agreement. The incidents of outrages by the occupiers against the population of the areas under their control have become frequent.

According to local residents, the punitive workers who were stationed in the south-western outskirts of Artem were robbed of a grocery store. In the evening, just before closing, six Ukrainian servicemen on two armored personnel carriers approached the store and, pushing visitors out of the premises, without any explanation began to take out boxes of food. A shop guard and a saleswoman who tried to prevent the marauders from being beaten up. The amount of damage, according to the store owner, was about three and a half thousand hryvnia.

At the Mariupol direction, the situation has not changed significantly. Forces junta continue engineering equipment occupied positions. "

Yesterday at 13: 25

Interview with Alexei Mozgov, commander of the brigade "Ghost"

Interview with Alexey Mozgov from September 20 of 2014.

Yesterday at 13: 32

Photo from the militia

"Actor and People's Artist of the USSR Vasily Lanovoy visited Volgograd, where they opened a monument to the deceased hero of Novorossia Ruslan Kazakov. Vasily Lanovoy blessed the army of Novorossia for feats of arms in the fight against fascism."

Yesterday at 14: 21

Message from bloggers

"Zhdanovsky boiler is no more. It seems that the remnants of the garrison, having received a" corridor "from the BCH, went in the direction of Debaltseve. It is reported that the BCH also occupied Uglegorsk. A source in Svetlodarsk said that the cannonade from Debaltseve was all night and not up to that moment stops. Here’s a cease-fire. By the way, today MTS has earned them. In the city itself there are no units of the APU or parts of the BCH. Formally, the city is still considered a draw. And this is already part of another Debaltsevskiy boiler. It seems that the APU decided to concentrate the troops in one fist For what for now next day. We look at Debaltsevo today. If the same parsley repeats as in Zhdanovka, then the APU under the ceasefire curtain quietly retreats, pulling the surrounded parts out of the boilers. By and large, this is beneficial for both parties. Because now in the Armed Forces of Ukraine this is the most sensitive issue. “Meat” can still be recruited in principle, but with dill technology full of “seams.” Ukrainian warrant officers and generals for 23 have done much more for the victory of the militia, rather than the militia s. "

Yesterday at 19: 46

Message from the militia Prokhorov

"Ukry redeployed to the Uglegorsk detachments of the Right Sector, which should stop the fleeing parts of the ZSU and the National Guard.

In Popasnaya, a 128 baht came under fire (they, along with Vinnytsia terbat, stand there).

There are fights at Debaltsevo, Mariupol and Avdiivka ".

Yesterday at 21: 56

Map of the fighting and the review of the combat situation of the militia

“In the Donetsk area, the Ukrainian fascists continued to redeploy and build up groups of troops. Under the pretext of firing back fire, the Donbass infrastructure was deliberately destroyed by artillery.

Donetsk - in the evening, the Ukrainian security forces struck 2 with a strike from the Grad MLRS of the Petrovsky district. At midnight, airport punishers fired from the mortars and tank guns the western outskirts of Donetsk, the village of Spartak and Oktyabrsky. In the Kuibyshev district shelling damaged a gas pipeline. The gas pipe between Lukomorye and the restaurant "Weeping Yves" is burning. In the morning - the shelling of the residential sector of large-caliber guns. During the day (during the unloading of the conservatory), ukrovermaht launched two rockets from the Tochka U missile of Krasnogorovka, according to military plant No. XXUMX (107 detonation tons of hexogen are reported and huge destruction occurs).

According to a report from the headquarters of the DPR militia, the punishers began to withdraw troops from Kommunar to Maloorlovka. Confirmed the beginning of the departure of the Nazis from Avdiivka, Marinka and Krasnogorovka, but they are still in Sand, Skilled and the airport.

Makeevka - around midnight, the village of Khanzhenkovo ​​was fired upon with mortar punishers. The militia managed to oust the punishers from Monakhovo.

Mariinsky district - punitive positions remain in Marinka, from where an artillery checkpoint west of Staromikhailovka was fired from artillery last night. In the area of ​​PGT Lower Krynka several units of armored vehicles of the Ukrainian army were destroyed by the artillery of the militia.

Yenakiyevo - in the morning there was shelling from the side of Panteleimonovka, the village of Korsun was cleansed of punishers, the road to Donetsk was cleared. Some of the villages from Nekhoteyevka to Olkhovatka are still controlled by the forces of the National Guard under Ukraine. With respect to them, sabotage and reconnaissance and partisan "work" is conducted. There is a concentration of personnel and armored vehicles punitive in the area of ​​the village. Bulavino.

Debaltseve - the presence of the boiler was recognized by the commander of the punitive battalion "Kievan Rus", who reported on the entourage of the National Guard from the 4-s sides "tanks, installations" Grad "and artillery" (2 punitive destroyed, 20 injured). In general, there is a pull-up of militia personnel and armored vehicles to the city in order to intensify the stripping of the boiler - the second Ilovaisk invaders are provided.

Uglegorsk - the concentration of punitive on the outskirts of the city (perhaps it is part of the Ukrainian troops, which with the battles managed to move away from Debaltseve).

Avdiivka - at night there were battles with the use of small arms on the outskirts of the city.

Khartsyzk - information is received on the retreat of the punishers from the village. Kommunar, a large column of armored vehicles and personnel was seen marching through Zhdanovka.

Mining district - local fights in the area of ​​Rozovka are still recorded.

Novoazovskiy district - at noon, the punishers fired on Novoazovsk from the Grad MLRS (from the Mariupol direction). The National Guard also pulls forces to Shyrokyne (presumably, a column from the village of Kommunar moved here).

Mariupol - on the outskirts at night - artduel. From the village of Pavlopol (Novoazovskiy District) the punishers fired on the positions of the militia, they struck them back. Fighting was also noted in the m / r Vostochny and Prosperity (Ukrainian security forces conducted firing from howitzers and the Grad MLRS) and in SGPT, Gnutovo and Ilyich (Konstantinovsky district).

Zhdanovka included the militia of the DNI. At the executive committee, the flag was changed to the cheers and cheers of "Hurray." The Ukrainian army went in the direction of Shiroky (Debaltseve). Technique was under the white flags.

During the retreat, Bandera blew up a bridge over the Krynka River in the neighboring village of Nizhnyaya Krynka, which is a remote part of Makeyevka. In addition, they destroyed ammunition and faulty equipment at the checkpoint between Zhdanovka and Enakievo. "

Yesterday at 22: 15

Summary of the past day from the militia Jan

“In Debaltseve there is a battle, with 05: 30 (HP) between Debaltseve and Ilinka there was artduel, which lasted about an hour. On 10: 00 (HP), the battle continued, the work of small arms was heard, gaps.
At the beginning of the twelfth (MSC), in the area of ​​the airport, battles were re-started, samovars and small arms could be heard.
In 11: 35 (MSC). On Gvardijka, five gaps were heard, after half an hour the gaps were heard already in Petrovka, the Nazis, as always, respond to the residential areas of Donetsk in retaliation.
As a result of yesterday’s evening Nazi artillery strikes, the city suffered the following injuries:
In the Panfilov beam, the gas pipeline was damaged, eight garages of the 3 coalition cooperative were completely destroyed, the service station and the advertising agency located in the vicinity were broken. Red Plowman: st. Tolstoy 182 and 186 (shells hit the courtyards), on the street. Three houses burned in Urzhumskaya, the garages at the Vishnevsky hospital also burned, the gas station at Lukomorya burned, the restaurant itself was slightly damaged, the gas pipe in the area of ​​restaurants was damaged. On the street. Donbass miners shells hit two garages, there are hits on the street. Truth 115, there is also damaged and a gas pipe, damage to the house on the street. Izotov and st. Cossack, on the street. Tolstoy 186 had a fire, and a projectile flew into the 182 courtyard of the house (glazing was damaged); while it is known about two victims of fragmental wounds, they are taken to hospital.
In the area of ​​Mariupol with 10: 50 (MSC) is not calm, from the side of Volonterovka in the direction of the agro-factory the Nazis inflicted an artillery strike with the MLRS. A series of artudars was also in other areas (Sartana, Slag Mountain, Chernovka, Pavlopol). artudar district Sartana in Slag Mountain, an hour later Pavlopol, Chernovka, Sartana.
14: 25 (MSC) On the part of the Old Crimea, the artillery strike with the MLRS
14: 35 (MSC) In the suburbs of Torez, there are gaps.
UPD 2: 14: 50 (ISC) In Mariupol in the area of ​​the East, the airport is not calm.
15: 30 (ISC) Two artillery strikes with MLRS ("hurricane") from the Old Crimea to the area behind Talakovka.
15: 40 (ISC) In the area of ​​the Vostochny checkpoint, battles of medium intensity began, the work of small arms, KPVT, AGS was heard.
16: 15 (MSC) As a result of the fighting, our units destroyed the roadblocks on Vostochny (Mariupol) and on Mirny (Mariupol), both roadblocks are on fire, the Nazis suffered losses in manpower and armored vehicles.
16: 40 (MSC) Mariupol, breaks are heard behind the agricultural plant. "

The Ministry of Defense of the DPR said that the Ukrainian artillery is not going to withdraw in accordance with the latest Minsk agreements. “Ukrainian security forces are still in their positions. We are not fixing artillery withdrawal yet. And judging by the preliminary information, the Ukrainian troops are not even preparing for the withdrawal.
In Donetsk, the Ukrainian army continues to regroup its units and occupy profitable areas and positions. Siloviki left a number of settlements around Yenakiyevo: Yuzhnokommunarsk, Upper and Lower Krynka, Rozovka and Uglegorsk, according to a report from the Army of the South-East. "

Yesterday at 22: 43

Message from the militia Prokhorov

"They reported - in Kharkov, the Nazis and the cops attacked the local anti-Maidan.

Today in Mariupol was the OSCE mission. Dill decided to arrange a provocation and began shelling nearby villages from the airfield. The militia struck at their checkpoint - № 7, the dill in response tried to cover the militia arta, but their Grads with sour missiles spent most of the ammunition on the agrofactory in the city (or for the OSCE - write off the militia).
Now, at this moment, the militia artillery is working again at the Ukropsky check posts №№ 13 and 14.
The OSCE is leaving with concern, and the Ukrainians, instead of a beautiful picture for themselves, are washed with blood.

For his cowardice and surrender, Porosenko ordered the disbanding of the 51 brigade - such an infa.

Also, the 28 prisoners from the 30 and 93 teams, the 40 terbat and the 6 border detachment transferred the ukram. "

- There is a lot of information about the atrocities committed by punitive civilians. Is there any reaction specifically on these events - investigations, interrogations of prisoners, and in general, do they take such prisoners?

“In the liberated territories, the cases are transferred to investigations by the police (in the DPR) or local cops (in the LPR) - the militia does not have the resources to carry out investigative actions. But if the local people know the call signs of the person who specifically committed the crimes, they lean against the wall.
I have already said that I found among the prisoners wounded tormentors of Frenchman of Russian origin. But he (he was changed) well remembered his tormentors - and even those were incontinent. So - it remained only to make a request for the call sign of the prisoners - and there was a result.
From the first day he wrote about repressions against Mirnyak in the city of Happiness — and that they simply grabbed people and raped them. In general, it was precisely this mass that became it. Slavyansk and Kramatorsk - "showcases" of the Ukrope occupation. There, Ukrainians keep themselves in their hands, even repair something.
He also spoke about the work of the Kharkov Security Service of Ukraine in the city and the arrest of posts in social networks after the first week of occupation of the city. There were executions, but not public ones (this is in Novosvetlovka, Aydar was not shy anymore and did it in public).
In Happiness, there was also a concentration camp, where prisoners were given water no more than 1 once a day (in summer!), But after the city became an intermediate OSCE base, it was redeployed to a filtration point (those arrested were transferred to the north and the Kharkiv region).

There are no Abrams at Donetsk airport - profane people are confused with T-64 with body kits. "

Yesterday at 23: 13

Video interview with a volunteer from the United States, Hunter, who is fighting for the New Russia

Today in 4: 43

Overview of the 1 Inter-Brigade of the South-East for September 21

The past day on the fronts of New Russia have become one of the most peaceful, with the exception of some areas.

Donetsk People's Republic.
Donetsk - in the late evening of the city center (the borders of the Kuibyshevsky and Kiev districts) was fired from the Grad MLRS (considering the fact that a number of settlements were left by the Ukrovermht, presumably, they were fired from the airport). At night, fire was fired from mortars, in the morning explosions sounded in Kalininsky and Budyonnovsky districts.

Makeevka - last night a road bridge would be blown up in PGT Lower Krynka
Mariinsky district - from the settlement of Marinka and Krasnogorovka, the organized retreat of the ukrovermht began.
Yenakiyevo - in the evening the natsgady fired at the militia checkpoint in the area of ​​the Yenakiyevskaya mine. In general, the punitive retreat from this direction. Apparently, Ukrovermht finally accepted the militia’s proposal on the humanitarian corridor (which was expressed before the first Minsk talks) - an organized departure of the national guard units from the Zhdanov-Gorlovsko-Yenakiyevo boiler began. A number of settlements have already been abandoned, in particular, Yuzhnokomunarsk. True, with a retreat, the punishers are trying to inflict maximum damage on the property they are leaving — they destroy the BP, set fire to the roadblocks (one at a time burned between Enakievo and Zhdanovka).
Avdiivka - also marked the withdrawal of personnel and the withdrawal of armored vehicles Ukrovermaht. In the evening there was a message about the battles on the outskirts of the city.

Other settlements
Kirovsk - in the evening was again fired from mortars from the standpoint of punishers in the area of ​​the settlement of Maloorlovka.
Khartsyzk - the withdrawal of punitive troops from the settlement of Kommunar is also noted
Ilovaisk - Su-27 was seen in the sky over the city.
Zhdanovka - left ukrovermaht without a fight, raised the flag of the DPR over the City Council. Also, as they retreated through the humanitarian corridor, the punishers showed their squalid Bandera essence (the men of the punitive battalion "Chernigov-2" tried to mine the "Kommunarskaya" mine; VU were neutralized)
Debalcevo - the city itself is not occupied by anyone, militiamen and punishers are on the outskirts and in the suburbs. The artillery of the ukrovermaht here continues shelling. The boiler remains here, although it is also possible to provide a humanitarian corridor for parts of the ukrovermht.
Uglegorsk - punitive also left without a fight, over the administration of the city flag DNR. However, it is reported about the "detachment" of the dogs, which should stop the waste of ukrovermaht.
Artyomovsky District - reported on the atrocities and robberies punitive. In the evening, over the settlement of Artem a Ukroluftwaffe helicopter MI-8 was seen. assault option.
Novoazovskiy district — yesterday evening, the militia positions in the Sakhanka settlement were fired upon the Grad MLRS (presumably from Pervomaisk, the LPR). 1 militia killed, 7 injured.
Mining district - punitive without a fight left from the village Rozovka. Concerning the settlement of Maloorlovka, contradictory information - it is reported both about leaving the village as a ukrovermakht and about the redeployment of punitive units here (in particular, from the settlement of Kommunarsk).
Yasinovatsky area - PGT Sands and np Skilled are controlled by punishers. In the evening, in the village, the punitive sands aimed aimed shooting at a civilian population with a sniper's weapon (a civilian was injured by 1).

Luhansk People's Republic - about the armed clashes or shelling on the Luhansk direction of the front today, data from official sources of Novorossia have not been reported, although according to the latest information, the situation there is extremely tense, in particular in the area n. p. Happiness and Popasna.

Mariupol - on this front line, the situation has not undergone significant changes either. UkroSMI reported evening shelling of the outskirts of Mariupol from the Grad MLRS, but the militia deny this information. Apparently, ukrovermaht here begins to use the tactics of Slavyansk, Donetsk and Lugansk - shelling urban areas, and brings down on the "separatists". It is also reported that the punishers “continue the engineering equipment of the positions they occupy”, setting up roadblocks in the city in densely populated areas, against which civilians are actively protesting.

Occupied Territory
Kramatorsk - ukropeytsy repainted the pedestal of the monument to VI Lenin in the colors of their yellow-blakitnoy rag. Brave fighters with monuments! By the way, the most important monument to V.I. Lenin is the DniproHES named after him, you must immediately abandon the use of electricity from this communist source - the heir of the totalitarian past!

Fresh psaki.
UkroSMI today showed another Krivoruk "masterpiece" of propaganda: a certain Oleg, who was supposedly freed from the captivity of the natsgad, who participated in the "punitive parade" in Donetsk, told in an interview to Gromadsko TV about the inhuman torture of the militia. Tender banderlog, refined ukroarii, almost European man quilted jackets forced ... to work! What a sadism! Of course, the punisher did not forget to mention the hordes of Kadyrovtsy - there are no Chechens left in Chechnya, everything is in the Donbas, and Zakharchenko is Ramzan Kadyrov, a carefully made up person.
Even today, non-living intellectuals, liberals and true Europeans, forced by the will of fate to live in totalitarian Mordor and suffer without oysters, took to the “peace march” today. But they came out without a spark, probably, the Washington Regional Committee didn’t properly sponsor or send the established 30 hryvnias.
While the languid liberasta in Moscow worked out American grants and launched doves into the sky against the war in Ukraine (I hope the apt birds hit the right place), Maydauns in Kharkov approached the case of the “Russian invaders”. Patients with svidomizm of the brain held an action "Horseradish invader will get Ukraine." In this case, the dill themselves (!) Ate horseradish from the basin. Firstly, it was necessary to eat from the trough, for authenticity. Secondly, with this symbolism, the alternatively gifted people, who were actually occupiers, called themselves. The most important thing is that at the same time the Khokhlops did not forget to add that horseradish eating only in spite of VV Putin
Hub Goebbels reports shelling in areas n.p. Redkodub, Zolotoe, Orlovo-Ivanovka, Water, Priovrazhnoe, Stepnoye, Frunze, Mius, Debaltseve, Gorny, Kalinovka, Marinka, Nikolaevka, Makarov, Kurgan Sharp Grave, Mirny, Pokrovskoe, Central, Chornuhin, Lower Krynka, Krasnogorovka, Peski. Also punitive declare the destruction of 40 "terrorists", 1 MLRS "Grad" and 2 guns. His "brave retreat" NSDC coyly covered the need to align the front line (afraid dill boilers!).

For losses:
Civilians - 0 / 3
Militiamen - 1 / 7
National Guards - 2 / 8 (according to the NSDC); the militia of the loss of the enemy does not specify.

Thus, the next day of the "truce" was relatively calm. The situation with the ceasefire is still delayed. Tymchuk on television recognizes the absence of military equipment, and Geletei threatens with a new wave of mobilization - the circus of the ukropitekov continues. What will bring us a new day - we will see.
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  1. Duke 22 September 2014 07: 15 New
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    According to media reports, in Moscow on Lugansk and Donetsk streets will open a cafe with the name "LPR" and "DPR". Anatoly Aronov, president of the First Patent Company, participating in the project as a marketing consultant, said that these would be some kind of clubs where it would be possible to discuss the situation in the republics. The opening is scheduled for the end of the 2014 year.
    22.09.2014, 04: 34
    On Donetsk and Lugansk streets premises have already been found with an area of ​​about 150 square. m. Initial investments are estimated at 400 thousand rubles for each institution, Izvestia writes.

    The respective trademarks “LPR We are in Lugansk” and “DPR We are in Donetsk” are also registered.

    “This will be, above all, a place where you can learn first hand news. There they will show a video about the situation in the Donetsk and Lugansk people's republics, as well as hold meetings with representatives of the LPR and the DPR, ”the newspaper quoted Aronov as saying.

    Cafes will operate on a crowdfunding system. “These will be affordable facilities. People will leave as much as they see fit, a cafe will exist with this money, ”the project initiators said.

    Original article:
    1. Duke 22 September 2014 07: 38 New
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      New sensational information appeared about the crash of the Boeing 777 MH17 in the sky over the Donbass. Moreover, the information came from where no one was expecting it - from the German Bundestag, on the website of which a memorandum was published stating that the MH17 flight was not shot down at all by the Buk missile launched by the “pro-Russian separatists”, as the West had previously claimed, but by the missile C-125 anti-aircraft missile system (according to NATO classification - SA-3). This is an old Soviet complex, which in Russia has long been withdrawn from service and replaced by the C-300.
      But in what connection is this complex mentioned in the Bundestag memorandum? The German Foreign Ministry sent this 8-page document signed by Marcus EDERER, State Secretary (Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs) to the Bundestag on 5 of September, although it was published a bit later. Loud statements to the press on this matter were not made. Apparently, because, says the German political scientist Cret MAYER, so as not to draw too much attention to the document.
      In fact, this memorandum was the compelled response of the German Foreign Ministry to the request of the “left party” - the country's leading opposition force. In connection with the disaster МН17, the "left" in particular was interested in the government: what information does it have about the circumstances of the death of the Boeing in the sky over the Donbass?
      The government responded by saying that it had records of the talks in the air, but could not publish them without the consent of the Netherlands in charge of the investigation, but said: “the federal government has no confirmed evidence that the MH17 was shot down by an anti-aircraft missile” - although, as we know, the West from the very beginning unanimously claimed that the plane destroyed the Buk of the “pro-Russian separatists”.
      Further even more interesting: the document says that on July 17 in the airspace of Poland and Romania there were two NATO AWACS reconnaissance aircraft that tracked everything that happened in Ukraine, including the operation of air defense systems, including their radars. It follows from the document that “both AWACS aircraft recorded signals from the air defense system identified as SA-3 ground-to-air air defense systems, as well as a signal from another radar device that could not be identified.”
      By the way, the Buk and C-125 complexes are completely different from the outside. "Buk" - a self-propelled installation resembling a tank. C-125 - SAM mounted on a stationary carriage (later a modification appeared on a truck), usually with four missiles.
      Western media are trying not to stick out their significant difference. For example, the German television channel n-tv reported that the automatically recognized signal from the C-125 could supposedly be confused with the Buk. True, only in one case: if the Buk’s radar guidance system is not activated. Translating into the language of the layman, this means: if it burns anywhere, indiscriminately.
      However, any military officer will confirm to you that without using a radar, it is absolutely impossible to bring down a target at an altitude of 10 000 m from the ground. From all this, the German political scientist Cret Mayer concludes that the statement of his government actually refutes the accusations against the militias that Buk allegedly shot down МX17.
      Of course, these new data published on the Bundestag website can be considered sensational. The only question is whether they want to “see” them in Washington, or whether they prefer to ignore the absolutely convincing facts of the Russian General Staff presented by our military on the third day after the tragedy.

      Meanwhile, the families of German citizens who died in the fall of the Malaysian Boeing in the Donetsk region decided to sue Ukraine, its president and government for unintentionally killing 298 people by negligence, reports Reuters.

      And [media = http: //]
      1. mamont5 22 September 2014 10: 38 New
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        Quote: Duke
        New sensational information appeared about the crash of the Boeing 777 MH17 in the sky over the Donbass. Moreover, the information came from where no one was expecting it - from the German Bundestag, on the website of which a memorandum was published stating that the MH17 flight was not shot down at all by the Buk missile launched by the “pro-Russian separatists”, as the West had previously claimed, but by the missile C-125 anti-aircraft missile system (according to NATO classification - SA-3). This is an old Soviet complex, which in Russia has long been withdrawn from service and replaced by the C-300.

        I read the analysis of this message. But it said that, it seems, this is another attempt to divert the blame from the Ukrainian Air Force, because the damage clearly indicates that the Boeing that was shot down was an air-to-air missile and finished off from a cannon, therefore, it was INTENTIONALLY shot down by air attack. Transferring arrows to an air defense system is an attempt to declare everything an ACCIDENT.
      2. vyinemeynen 22 September 2014 20: 37 New
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        Excuse me, but did you type or copy and paste all the text with your fingers? Whose nonsense is yours or source? You want to say that the government’s strategic information is simply leaked upon request! it's probably better to use it for your sovereign goals!
    2. vyinemeynen 22 September 2014 20: 28 New
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      cut down on the wave of a grandmother, it’s reasonable, but risky, though only a tip of 400 thousand for Moscow
  2. Revolver 22 September 2014 07: 19 New
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    "Near Lugansk stray dogs eat the bodies of dead Ukrainian soldiers who refused to bury local residents.
    This was reported by the deputy of the Lugansk City Council, Natalia Maksimets, referring to eyewitnesses living in Bolshaya Vergunka, closer to Krasniy Yar, where the junta tried to break through and die in dozens. “We buried our own in the gardens because there was no way to go to the cemetery - Ukrainian bastards fired. And the Nazis didn’t even want to touch the damned fascists, so they dragged the dogs away,” Maximets said the words of a local resident. "

    This is wrong. And it is not a matter of stolen - hell with them. But the fact is that the dogs felt the taste of humanity. Having tried it once, they will now consider people as legal prey, and will attack on occasion. Now they will have to search and shoot, because they are a walking danger to people. So even if the corpses were drowned in a toilet hole - everything would be better.
    1. RUSS 22 September 2014 09: 34 New
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      Quote: Nagan
      This is wrong. And it is not a matter of stolen - hell with them. But the fact is that the dogs felt the taste of humanity.

      This applies to wild animals, and dogs will not prey on people, and the fact that dead Nazis eat dogs so this is the best end to a punitive career!
      1. Revolver 22 September 2014 19: 28 New
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        Quote: RUSS
        This applies to wild animals, and dogs will not prey on humans.

        Why are feral dogs better than wild animals? Do not forget, they are still predators.

        Quote: RUSS
        the fact that dead ukro-fascists are devoured by dogs is the best end to a punitive career!

        The corpse doesn’t care. Families will have to be tight, for missing people it seems like a pension is not supposed to.
  3. Zomanus 22 September 2014 07: 23 New
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    Damn, in such a small territory and such passions are happening ... And this is a very long time, for years and decades. And no winter will fix it.
    1. RUSS 22 September 2014 09: 36 New
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      Quote: Zomanus
      And no winter will fix it.

      Rather, it is, winter is the next change of time of the year and no more, there is nothing to rely on and hopes the conflict will last a long time.
  4. VICTOR-61
    VICTOR-61 22 September 2014 07: 24 New
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    Brothers of New Russia, good luck and victory against the dill fascists
    1. doctor 22 September 2014 07: 32 New
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      Good luck to the army of New Russia and brilliant victories. Kiev will be taken.
  5. Wolka 22 September 2014 07: 36 New
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    dill try to regroup, lick the wounds, but apparently there are still not enough forces and equipment, nevertheless they are preparing several shock groups, targeting positions, they have to wait for the launching doc and start the next dill attack ... I think two attacks will be from the south at the same time the purpose of the liberation of Mariupol and its port, two more from the north-west and north, but these will be to draw back forces, the main ones will still be from the south
  6. RusDV 22 September 2014 07: 37 New
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    the most important monument of V.I. Lenin is the Dnieper hydroelectric power station in his name, it is necessary to immediately abandon the use of electricity from this communist source - the heir to the totalitarian past!
    smile Yeah, wait for it from the dill .... Their motto is: "we hate you .... give money ....."
  7. shishakova 22 September 2014 07: 39 New
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    It seems that in a truce, each side pursues its own goals. We, the townsfolk, not everything is clear))
    For the Kiev authorities, the main task is to save themselves from justice.
    The tragedy continues, unfortunately. Thanks to the patriots of Russia!
    Victory to you, dear defenders of Novorossi, and it will certainly be
  8. seregatara1969 22 September 2014 07: 46 New
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    the truce only on paper, the Nazis will receive their full
  9. Nychego 22 September 2014 08: 03 New
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    Filkin’s letter about a "truce" is simply not read. News from a very parallel reality.

    The Ukrainians seem to use this break in active databases to the maximum: they leave threatened positions, capitally strengthen the main ones and form shock groups. You don’t need to be a wang to predict a major “jolly”.
    1. vyinemeynen 22 September 2014 20: 44 New
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      In general, it’s useful to think, otherwise you can become dill
  10. kartalovkolya 22 September 2014 08: 06 New
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    It seems that the Minsk talks will lead to nothing: Novorossia will never "lie" under Kiev, and the national bastards will never reconcile with the "special status" of Donetsk and Lugansk regions and the war will continue (and it did not stop even for a minute) .
    1. Siberian 22 September 2014 09: 09 New
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      a drop wears away a stone. Recognize the subject is already a matter. Negotiations are conducted and signed with New Russia. It is necessary to say one thing (which everyone does), do another, write as it should.
  11. saag 22 September 2014 08: 21 New
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    Colonelcassad writes correctly - the electorate is accustomed to the idea that everything that was done in Minsk is right and that it was conceived in a "cunning plan", if it goes on like this, then you can expect exculpatory posts soon
  12. Drunya
    Drunya 22 September 2014 08: 22 New
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    Results of the Week. News of New Russia / LPR / DPR /
  13. Dragon-y 22 September 2014 10: 35 New
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    I hope this is not the "pique vests" gathered ...
    Wait and see. Maybe something else "unexpected" will happen.
  14. vyinemeynen 22 September 2014 20: 24 New
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    good selection