“As I told you, it was so. Do not trust anyone!"

A cellmate of Budanov told “MK” why the colonel killed Elsa Kungayeva

“I need to meet you,” a male voice rang in the receiver. - Colonel Budanov was a close person to me. And I know why he killed Kungayev.

“Killed and raped, you mean?” - I corrected.

- There was no violence ... However, come to Rostov, let's talk about everything ...

A thought flashed through - another acquaintance of Budanov, who was trying to shield the colonel. But inner intuition told me that this person can really know a lot.

At the airport in Rostov-on-Don, I was met by a pleasant man on a posh Mercedes.

- My name is Oleg Margolin, a former millionaire, a businessman, Budanov's cellmate, - the interlocutor introduced himself. - I'm not going to draw any conclusions, just want to tell you history, which I did not have time to convey to the children of Dmitrich. And he asked so ...

We had three hours for the interview. Oleg put the clock in front of him and began:

- June 10 I lost a true friend, which you rarely see ...

“As I told you, it was so. Do not trust anyone!"

Place of death of the disgraced colonel

Twelve years ago, Oleg Margolin from Rostov was tried for fraud on an especially large scale. However, at the end of 90's almost every second entrepreneur fell under this article. Far from everyone turned out behind bars.

The case of Oleg Margolin fit in 39 volumes. The judge read out the verdict for three days. The accused was given 8 years. Went off businessman 4 of the year.

Grievances, memories of that time are all in the past. Only one episode of prison life was bumped into Oleg's memory for a long time - a meeting with a disgraced colonel Yuri Budanov.

“My business was under the control of the Prosecutor General’s Office,” Margolin began the conversation. - I was transferred to Rostov from the Butyrskaya prison in May 2000. The administration of the detention facility immediately had a dilemma - with whom to put me in prison so that there were no consequences. “We don’t know what to do with you,” the prison staff shrugged. - From Moscow it was instructed to protect you, God forbid, what will happen. Straight second Budanov ... ”. And then it dawned on them: “Listen, why are we going to search for a separate camera for you? Will you go to Budanov? He has a commercial hut with privileges, even a TV set ”. I waved my hand: "Well, since there is a TV, then there can be no doubt - with Budanov, so with Budanov."

- Do you remember well the first meeting with the ex-colonel?

- It was late at night, hours 11, when I was taken into a huge camera. In addition to Budanov, there was still a young paratrooper - he was sitting on Chechen affairs. I said hello. Things thrown into the corner. In the center was a table - in the prison jargon it was called "oak". He sat on the edge of the couch to the table, waited for the inmates to point me to my cot. “Young man, what did you sit down at the table? We haven't laid the table yet, ”Budanov quipped. I grinned: "Inexpressibly somehow you meet." The colonel rose from the bed: “I am Budanov! Heard about this? ”. “I was watching TV, I was leafing through the press,” I wondered. “So you came from a place where there are TVs? Here, after all, only I have the luxury, - Dmitrich boasted and held out his hand. - Budanov - the murderer, the tyrant, the colonel. Looks like? ” - “Time will tell, we will understand ...”. That day we talked to him until 4 in the morning.

“Colonel Norm - 330 grams”

- Apparently, you were sitting in a special chamber?

- In the detention center there were two corps - the old and the new. Our Budanov, unofficially called “commercial”, the camera was in a new building, next to the hospital and the women's ward. We sat like a lord: food, drink - everything was there. They even came to us for advice from the SIZO administration - they asked for our consent to share a new person. So with us was a young traffic cop who fell for a bribe. Budanov then asked me: “Well, Oleg, will we take on the upbringing of a son?”.

- Once the alcohol was, then often drank?

- The first time Budanov offered me to drink 9 May. “What is what?” I wondered. “Yes, everything is there!” - the colonel smiled and whispered something to the guards. A few minutes later we had a bottle of vodka in front of us. Budanov often joked about this: “We have our own office with you, or rather, an improved hotel with personal security. So it’s not we who are sitting - it’s them who are sitting, ”nodded in the direction of the SIZO workers. It was forbidden to keep alcohol in the cell. Therefore, if we were given a bottle, it was necessary to finish it in a day. Budanov had a strict dose - 300 — 330 grams. He said: “We should drink 300 grams - no more. This dose relaxes me, but I do not lose control and is completely adequate. ” Vodka we poured into mugs. Climbed, raised toasts - for iron, for tanks. The remaining alcohol - whether it be 100 grams or more - we gave the soldier who sat with us. By the way, Budanov said that in the war he also consumed no more than 330 grams. It was impossible to fight sober in Chechnya. True, I note, on the eve of the court hearings, we did not allow ourselves a gram - we always came to court with a clear head.

“Was the food delivered to you not from the general prison“ menu ”?”

- Of those dishes that were offered in the SIZO, we took only bread. Food, tea, coffee - everything we had. The fact is that Ivan Fedorov, a loan officer, was in charge of feeding in the SIZO. The same chief of staff, who also undertook the Budanov case, was conditionally given to him, then pardoned. So Fedorov went to the bazaar almost every day, bought us groceries. Also Rostov Cossacks wore gears for Budanov. Our camera was littered with bags of cucumbers, tomatoes, sausage. Not a camera, but a grocery store! Sorry, there was no refrigerator. We all could not eat, so the remaining products were distributed. The milk went to pregnant women who were kept on the floor above. Sugar packs were given to the peasants in the neighboring cells. The duty sergeants implicitly executed our teams. When I went to the courts and the convicts found out in which cell I was sitting, they did not hide the envy: “Yes, you and Budanov? That was lucky! There is food there. ”

- How did the prison staff treat the colonel?

- The staff of the SIZO addressed him exclusively by name or Dmitrich. Opera, sledaki talked with him on “you”. From the very first day Budanov himself said: “I am a military man and I don’t intend to live according to prison laws - I don’t intend to obey the administration”. He did not welcome all these prison pieces — “roads,” little notes, connections. Authorities did not recognize. Even the thief in the law who was sitting under us once said: "I have to put upon you, I have my own laws." I'll tell you this moment. In prison, there is a rule - when a convict is taken out of his cell for interrogation - a person must bend into three deaths, put his hands behind his back, give his full name, year of birth, and under which article he is convicted. So, Budanov ignored these requirements, and moreover, he never called himself: “Condemned Budanov”. And he told the escorts: “You don’t know me, read the newspapers.” Those, in turn, literally persuaded him: "It is supposed, Yuri Dmitrievich, at least to keep our hands behind our back, otherwise we will get it from the authorities."

- The administration turned a blind eye to the whims of Budanov?

- Budanov had one enemy - the head of the SIZO. Once he looked into our cell and turned to Yuri: “Former colonel Budanov!”. Dmitrich could not resist: “Ah, the former? I'll give you - the former! ”- well, I broke it in full so that he flew down the corridor with shouts:“ That's it! Close, brew this camera! ”. For a while we were kept on a starvation ration. Then everything returned to normal. But Budanov did not bend.

And what Dmitrich actions arranged in prison! Here is just one case. From the SIZO, people were taken to the courts every day. It happened this way: in 6 in the morning, everyone was gathered in one stuffy basement chamber - in the “glass”. Then the autobucks arrived - and until 11 hours, everyone was quietly transported. Back from the trial, the defendants returned to 7 — 8 PM. Moreover, no dry rations were given - although it is necessary by law. Budanov knew about these riots. And when journalists addressed him before the next meeting, he gave them: “What can I tell you, if I have not eaten in the morning, have not drunk, have not gone to the toilet! What do you want from me?". The next day, officers of the SIZO administration ran to Budanov: “Yuri Dmitrievich, here you have dry rations, a loaf of bread, gulls”. He said to them: “As long as everyone who goes to the courts does not distribute rations, I will not accept anything either.” And what do you think - began to give everything. Over time, of course, everything was again lowered on the brakes, but when Budanov the rations were issued regularly.

Oleg Margolin: “The colonel thought that I was a misleading Cossack, whom the investigators had thrust information into the cell”

“Budanov forbade killing flies - every cotton shuddered”

- Oleg, are you a military man?

- I am the rank of captain. They still call me that in Rostov - Captain. Has served in the army 12 years. He quit in 1990 year. So at the time of my acquaintance with Budanov, I had nothing to do with the army. True, my father was a military man, a veteran of a special risk unit. As it turned out, Yuri knew him well.

- Budanov was interested in your business?

- At the very beginning of his acquaintance, he only asked: “What article are you using?”. Upon learning that I was sitting for economic crimes, I sighed with relief: “Well, thank God.” But still, for some time, he behaved wary. He was asking everything: “Why did they transfer you to me?”. I suspected that I was a misleading Cossack, whom the investigators had tucked into his cell to get information. Although no extra questions, I did not ask him. I thought, if Dmitrich wants it, he will tell. But he did not soon touched on the topic of Kungaeva.

- They say that Budanov was a rude, harsh, unrestrained person?

- It took me three days to understand what Budanov is. In prison, a man is revealed as nowhere else. People from the outside might have thought that Budanov was not just harsh and rude, but nervous. Because I always talked in a raised voice. But he is a military man, so he is used to screaming. With nerves he really had trouble, his mind was undermined. For example, when our cellmate, a young soldier, started beating flies, Budanov started: “I beg you, don't touch these flies! Dont kill! In my head, your clicks, like shots, are given away. Give me a break from the war even here. ”

- He talked about the war?

- He talked a lot about the war, about the fighting, as he was substituted. Told that there was some kind of powerful secret weaponbut without the command from above it could not be used. He said this: “We could end this war in four months - there would be neither the first nor the second campaign. But we were not given, I was forced to obey the orders of the leadership - not to intercept, not to take, to let everyone out. We had to “open the corridor”, and the militants went to the mountains. But when I had losses in the regiment, I spat on all the orders and went to that village ”...

- You did not ask Budanov, why did he even go to the second war, if the psyche was broken?

- I asked him a question: “For what did you sit in Chechnya so much - did you pay a lot?”. He replied: “Good money paid. But he did not want to go to the second war. Especially since my daughter was born, everything worked out well. But it did not depend on me. They said: it is necessary, but not for long. I then set the condition: “Make sure that there are no losses in my regiment - I will not survive it”. Initially, I was not even sent to fight, but simply to close positions, not to let anyone. I thought it would be a different scenario. ”

- He was worried when he was deprived of his title?

- As for the title, he said: “It doesn't matter that the titles were deprived, time will tell who the colonel is and who the ex is.” It hurts me that the Order of Courage was taken away. ”

- Well, what did he say about Kungayev?

- Once he told me about his family - about his daughter, son, spouse. And suddenly he could not stand it: “Oleg, well, ask me about my case, are you really not interested? Anyone interested, and you do not? ". I interrupted the conversation: “I do not want!”. Just noticed - at that moment he was still not ready for revelations.

- But while you were sitting, Budanov was being tried. Did he tell how the meetings went?

- After the ships, he returned excited, shouting at the emotions: “Here is a beast, this Kungaev! The Chechens gave a performance. They are completely stupid - they sit in the hall and drive a finger over my throat, looking in my direction. ” He broke into his lawyer Dulimov: “What kind of lawyer do I have, mummy!”. Then, however, he calmed down: “No, a normal lawyer, he knows what he says ...”. When they brought us newspapers to the camera, he put them aside without reading: “They write about Budanov again.” I switched the TV when there were stories about him. I once even asked: “Are you afraid that I will find out what you were talking about at the meeting? Do you think attitudes will change? ”-“ Yes, I myself can already tell everything, ”sighed Budanov. And soon told ...

“I will find your daughter and kill her”

- Budanov should have been sent to the Serbian Institute for a psychiatric examination. He was interested in me how to behave there. I explained to him that this is an ordinary clinic, there are morons, but mostly normal ones - those who “work out” the diagnosis. But honestly he warned: "You can not work out." I, in turn, have already ended the trial. I was waiting for a sentence. Then he gave Budanov his blanket, sweater, T-shirt. By the way, then I saw on television that Dmitrich in my things came to meetings. And before leaving for Serbian, he turned to me: “Oleg, if something happens to me, on the way through the stage or in the colony, you will find my loved ones. Suddenly it will turn out that I will not see them again. Where is the guarantee that I will reach the zone? Look at what kind of hype raised, a demonstration process staged. My colleagues were warned: if you want to live a normal life, be silent. So, go to your sister in Khartsyzsk, you don’t need to go to your parents - this is a trauma for them. If you do not believe that you are from Budanov, give the password - and my family will accept you. And be sure to find my son Valerka, he will already be an adult by that time ... ”Then Dmitrich wrote the address in Khartsizsk and the phone number of his sister on a piece of paper. I hid the note in the amulet where I kept the icon. Then I did not understand why I should look for his relatives ...

The next day he sat down in front of me, we poured tea. Alcohol did not ask. And Budanov began: “I am not going to convince you of anything. Just want to tell you how it all was. And then you tell this story to my children. It is important to me that they believe me. Understand, I am a normal person and always give an account of their actions. If I wanted a woman that day, I could find it — no problem. But I did not need it. I wanted to come back from the war unspotted. For me, everything that happened is a shock. Because I did not rape her ... ”

Then Dmitrich had a long pause. And he continued: “We drank that day. You now know how much I waved - 330 grams. My mood was shitty - I could not move away from the death of my guys. Yes, there was a conflict with the head of the intelligence company ... ”

- Budanov was referring to a scandalous story, when he and his deputy, Fedorov, threw the head of the reconnaissance company into the pit and beat him up?

- Budanov explained it simply: “In war, the carrot and the carrot did not act! Only whip! I had to be tough, otherwise all of my guys would have been shot like chickens. Yes, I beat my subordinates, but many later thanked me. I passed the first war with minimal losses. The second is worse. But I simply did not touch anyone with my finger ”... And then he began to recall the events of that fateful night:“ In my village where the Kungayevs lived, there were my informants. The Kungaev family was in development for a long time; we constantly monitored their home. They knew that the Kungayevs kept weapons in their possession - some people brought them several boxes of weapons, others took them and carried them to the mountains. I have sent Fedorov and other children there more than once; they talked with the Kungaevs: “Do not do these things!”. Personally, I have repeatedly talked with Elsa - we were well acquainted. This 18-year-old girl was already impudent then - her communication with the militants affected. I came to her, persuaded her: "Elsa, stop doing this." She was silent, and then went back to the mountains ... ”Suddenly Budanov darted off, took out a photocopy with a photo, where Elsa was embraced with two Chechens. Next - automatic. Dmitrich showed me and tore the card ...

According to Yury Budanov, Elsa Kungaeva threatened to kill his daughter.

- But Budanov said that Kungaeva not only kept the weapon, but was a sniper?

- The informants told Budanov that Elsa was a sniper. That's what he told me further: “When we descended into their house, the Kungayevs, like mice, fled. Father first jumped out the window. Why was he hiding if he was not guilty? Elsa communicated with the militants more than others and was not afraid of anything — she remained in the house. I to her: “One for all you will answer?”. She blatantly blurted out: “I don’t understand Russian”. We took her to the unit. The soldiers greeted us with shouts: “Oh, the sniper commander brought!”. There were rumors before Budanov that our military men were snatching “without trial” with snipers.

- In a part of Budanov, was it similar?

“Dmitrich didn’t say anything about his part, he just added:“ This is war, anything could be there. ” I continue the story of Budanov: “Kungaeva sat down at the table. It was very hot - I stripped to the waist, removed the armor, put the gun on the nightstand. I asked her: “I know that you are a sniper! Tell me where the weapons are hidden, who came to you. ” She started her own record: “I have killed you and will kill everyone in a row”. I realized that talking to her was useless. He has already given up his hand, he thought to give it to Fedorov — let him interrogate her, then take him to Mozdok. Turned away. And suddenly I hear her mumble: “I know everything for you. I know where your family is. I’ll find your daughter and her guts on the machine. ” I did not immediately understand what she was whispering, I thought - it was heard. And at this moment Kungaeva rushed to the pistol. I grabbed her neck: “What did you say?”. And she again: “I will wind up your daughter's guts”. I immediately have a picture of a child in front of my eyes - and here Kungayeva jerks her legs, my daughter - Kungayeva ... I didn’t even understand how I squeezed my hands and broke her spine. Then he threw it aside. I ran out into the street and threw the soldiers: “Take the sniper!”. The guys looked at each other: “Sniper?” I told them: “Sniper, sniper ...” Kungayeva was still showing signs of life at that moment, she was twitching. The soldiers took her away. Apparently, then they scoffed at her ... Later, when the body was exhumed, they found traces of a demining shovel. I haven’t even left the house ... ”

- Oleg, did you believe Budanov that there was no rape?

“Do you believe me?” Asked Budanov. I replied: “Even if you were wrong, I will try to convey to your son that this was a war ...” And we broke up. I was given a deadline and sent to the stage. But fate decreed that we met again ...

“May I call you my friend?”

- I changed many colonies and everywhere knew that I was sitting with Budanov. In March, 2002, I was transferred to another zone, where the local administration was instructed to find out about what we communicated with the colonel for six months. I was placed in a separate insulator - where I just spent the night. In the afternoon, I was stripped to the waist and exposed to the cold. Then they began to beat, to threaten that they would shove me into the “cocky-hat”, if I didn’t tell what Dmitrich was talking about. A few days later the head of the colony talked with me. The conversation did not work out - and soon they fell behind me.

- When was the last time you saw Budanov?

- My term was coming to an end, when I was again in a prison in Rostov, in a transit cell. I knew that Budanov was still sitting there. Appealed to the hawkers of food: “Give Budanov greetings from the Captain!”. Day passes — no answer, no greeting. I again to the attendant: “I passed?”. He hesitated: "I wanted to tell him, but he does not listen to anyone." - "Yes, you just shout to him:" The captain is here! ". The next day, Yura was brought to me. He entered the camera, we embraced. “How long will you be here?” Asked Dmitrich. “Not more than a month.” “Then come to me right now.” Give 500 rubles for the transfer ... ”. His companion was in shock: “Yuri Dmitrievich, it will not work. You are now under such pressure. A team from Moscow arrived - to put you separately, so that you would not communicate with anyone. Better we will bring you here. ” We were taken to some sort of sump where we spent hours of 4. Then Dmitrich asked: “Do you remember our conversation? I forgot nothing? ”I reassured him:“ I didn’t forget anything, and the medallion with your sister’s address is in the storage chamber ”. I offered him my data to write, he waved his hand: “Dear you are my man, I will not even write down your phone, I will find you anyway. I have familiar authorities in Rostov, I have enough connections. Are you a captain? We will find ". But I still dictated my phone - it was an easy number, and Budanov remembered it.

- What are you talking about?

- I instructed Dmitrich how to behave in the zone. He advised him not to lie on the bunk, not to watch TV, but to find a job. He offered to get a gym. By the way, he did this when he was sent to the colony of the Ulyanovsk region. We dreamed with him what we would do in freedom. “Here I am free, what shall we do, Captain? - argued Budanov. “I can only command and fight.” Teach me business? Is there enough for life? ”. “There’s always enough for us to live, Dmitrich,” I encouraged. We hugged again and he said: “Do not forget to tell my story to the children. As I told you, it was so. Do not trust anyone!". I promised to fulfill his request.

“When were you free?”

- 5 September 2003 of the year. I thought about getting to the last court hearing of Budanov, I wanted to support him at the trial. Did not have time. He has already been sent to the stage. After being released, they called me to the prosecutor's office, warned me to finish my business and leave the city. In Rostov nothing kept me — while I was sitting, my parents did not become, I did not have money, took the apartment. And I went to Smolensk. Difficult were the times. Returned to Rostov only in 2009 year. And soon Budanov was released.

“Have you tried to find him?”

- When Dmitrich was released, I decided not to disturb him for a year. I thought, let the person settle down, fix life. And if you need me - he will find me. Through 8 months, a movie about him was shown on TV. Well, I think everything is fine with Budanov - and began to look for him. I applied to various authorities in Moscow - they told me that it was still difficult to contact him: he was under cover. I spent the whole year searching for him. And he was looking for me in parallel. By that time, other people lived in my former apartment, from whom I quite accidentally found out that “some Dmitrich” had called me many times. He did not leave his contacts, he asked for my phone. This was the beginning of 2011 of the year. 1 June I found the phone of his lawyer Dulimov. And just now I should have received the Budanov telephone. I was waiting. I went on a business trip for a couple of days, where I found out about his death.

- Your version - why was he killed?

- Dmitrich always said to me: “They will not give me life on the loose. Czechs will not order me. It will be completely different people. After all, I know a lot of things that happened in that war. But I'm not going to hide too much. ” Whom he had in mind then, I do not know.

- Did you go to the funeral of Budanov?

- I did not have time for the funeral. Arrived after 9 days. First I went to the yard where they shot him. He sat there for an hour on the bench, put flowers. Then he went to the cemetery. Dmitrich, in the six months we spent behind bars, became more than a friend to me. And he once confessed to me: “I have many good friends, acquaintances, real friends - not enough. May I call you my friend? ”
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