"The death of Western civilization" and Russia

At present, Russia (Russian civilization) is almost under the complete control of the Western world, this is expressed primarily in the worldview of people and the technological sphere. Images rule humanity, and the consciousness of Russian people is filled with images generated by the Western world - from cartoons and children's toys to the names of top officials (presidents, prime ministers). Russia took over the economic structure of the West - almost all of the property passed into the hands of the oligarchy and the bureaucracy merged with the business. Huge fortunes arose, some oligarchs entered the official lists of the richest magnates on the planet, they can buy football clubs, create oceanic and air fleets, participate in the largest deals of world business. They were lucky, they didn’t create their fortunes for centuries, like some clans of the West, they were able to snatch their pieces while dividing the carcass of a huge dead bear. Moreover, the killed Red Empire had such a huge margin of safety that the plundering of its wealth was delayed for decades.

The political model of the Western world, where the presidents and other top managers are just someone’s puppets solving big business issues, has been fully adopted. So, in the United States it does not matter who the president is, even though the white clown, even the black, though illiterate Texas landowner, all questions are decided by completely different people. So the current president of the Russian Federation - can say anything, the essence does not change. All official parties, politicians, and the media “dance to the tune” of those who regulate financial flows. People have been given the illusion of choice: if you want communism, please, here is the CPRF; if you want a liberal democracy — the LDPR, Yabloko, etc., a “centrist” - “United Russia”, a monarchist - there are lots of all kinds of popular popularist movements, and so on.

In the field of foreign policy, Russia has long forgotten what an independent policy is, it is fully in line with the desires of the bosses of the Western project. It is inferior in relations with the countries of the Islamic world, who are still trying to resist the strength of the West (Iran, Libya), indifferently looking at the agony of Serbia. He does not remember the Russians abandoned and turned into "subhumans" in the Baltic States, Central Asia, inferior in the defense sphere, erases from the "face" spitting of all sorts of small-town Nazis (like Saakashvili or Traian Basescu), the level of which is a serf of a great power. All this is reminiscent of the indemnity of the defeated power after the defeat in the World War, like it was not officially, and the results are the same - territorial concessions, foreign policy is controlled by the winners, the army is reduced, the country's wealth has been exported and exported, etc. As a result, we get the effect the defeated country - Russia is often compared with the "Weimar Germany."

There is a danger that Russia is being led to the next stage in the centuries-old confrontation between West and East, further dismemberment, which will lead to the final solution of the “Russian question”, Hitler’s dreams come true.

Western civilization now

Although this civilization is made up of blocks (the Anglo-Saxon project, the Germanic-Romanesque world, the Zion project), which can compete with each other, it has a common policy for other civilizations, its main essence is parasitism (or vampirism), suppression of resistance attempts the victims. Since its establishment, since the emergence of the Vatican and the empire of Charlemagne, Western civilization has pursued a consistent policy of subjugating the world around it, spreading like a virus all over the planet, infecting it with its rot, sucking juice from it.

Since there were no other globalization projects that were so well formulated on the planet — the Islamic was quickly neutralized, the Russian was in its infancy, the West was able to subordinate virtually the entire planet to its authority. The last finally fell Russian civilization - at the end of 20 century. At present, the West dominates in the military sphere, in the technological sphere, in the financial and economic sphere, and most importantly it controls the consciousness of people, since almost all the intelligentsia of the planet professes a completely artificial and paralyzing Will ideology of liberalism and “human rights”. Even dictators carried on these images - the wildest regimes create the illusion of free elections and the struggle of parties.

But at the same time, signs of rotting of the organism affected by the western virus are increasingly visible - the entire planet is under control, there is nowhere to grow, a rush of fresh blood, no new resources, the virus began to kill the affected organism. This rotting is expressed in slogans: “Death of Christian culture of the West”, “Last days of the white world”, “Sunset of the West”, etc. The West has reached the limit of its physical strength and dies, because “man does not live by bread alone”.

The main signs of decomposition and rotting[/B]

“This is a reduction in the white population, in fact, the white race is leaving the planet, giving way to the Mongoloids and Negroids and other subraces. In the long run, this phenomenon may lead to the degradation of all mankind, its creative potential. If in the 1960 year of whites on the planet there were 750 million people and they accounted for 25% of the world's population, over the past decades the planet’s population has more than doubled, but white people have not only grown in number, some have even reduced their ranks - in 2000 year, their entire 1 / 6 population of the planet. And in the 2050 year, according to demographers, whites will make up only 1 / 10 of the population of the planet (with a significant part of them being old men). Most of the “white” countries do not even reach the simple reproduction rate of their population - 2,1 child per family, the birth rate - 1,3 - 1,4. There is actually extinction of white peoples, this process is especially noticeable in Northern Europe - Russia, Belarus, Baltic States, Scandinavia, Germany, etc. Even terrible in the US is terrible, for the future of white America, the fact is that children are mostly non-whites (although the adult population is the white majority). The current system of neoliberalism does not give white peoples a chance of survival. And this is accompanied by a rapid increase in the population of a number of Asian, Arab, African, Latin American countries.

For a long time, this factor has been smoothed out by the massive importation of migrants, as, according to the demography specialist of the University of Rome, Antonio Golini, Italy is entirely dependent on immigrants, who allowed the state to withstand the burden of retirement benefits.

- This is another factor - the factor of migration, of migrant communities. Migrant communities in Europe have already made up a significant percentage of the population: Turks, Kurds in Germany, Arabs and Negroids in France, residents of the former colonies of the British Empire in England, etc. At the current rate of reduction of indigenous peoples and with a constant increase in the number of migrants - already born in Europe or newcomers - they may soon amount to a third or even more of the population of countries. European countries, nations lose their cultural face, eroded. In the United States, “Hispanization” (or Latin Americanization) of the southern states, which Washington captured from Mexico, is taking place. If the growth in the number of Negroids has stabilized, then the number of Latin Americans and Asians is only growing. In a number of cities, schools, the English language has already given way to Spanish. The United States has ceased to be a "melting pot" - in California there is already a minority of whites, in Texas there are a third of litinos and by the middle of the century it will be half. There was a real threat - Latin American separatism, which can be heated by social and economic upheavals that are brewing in the United States.

Moreover, this invasion is actually caused by the colonial policies of the past and the current economic interests of the business elite. The interests of the political and economic oligarchy actually kill the future of the white countries. To suppress the discontent of the indigenous population, special terms such as “political correctness”, “tolerance”, etc. were introduced. The high level of migrant importation is due to the need to maintain economic growth rates, preserve the usual level of well-being, and compensate for the reduction in population. The result is a vicious circle: it is necessary to go to unpopular measures - to reduce the level of consumption, and to direct resources to breakthrough directions in the development of science and technology, or to still bring in cheap labor, but the collapse of everything is inevitable sooner or later.

As a well-known American politician and political scientist P. Buchanan writes absolutely correctly when discussing this issue in the book “Death of the West”: “The death of the West is not a prediction, not a description of what may happen in some future; This is a diagnosis, a statement of what is happening at the moment. The nations of the "first world" are dying out. They were in a deep crisis - not because something happened to the third world, but because something did not happen to themselves, in their own homes. "

- Another sign of the degradation of the West is visible in its economy. The basis of the national economy is production (industry and agriculture), Western countries, corporations have brought out, in order to reduce the cost of production (less you have to pay labor, invest in infrastructure, etc.), a significant part of its production capacity in the third world countries . This gave them the opportunity to accelerate industrialization, and focused on the field of finance, various speculations, the service sector. This led to the degradation of the scientific and technical potential of the same Americans. They import programmers, engineers and other technical personnel from Russia, the countries of the former USSR, China, India, while Americans prefer to be lawyers, economists, managers, etc. The financial sector of the West has turned into a certain monster that brought the planet to the next financial and economic world crisis. A huge speculative money supply was created that was not provided with real assets. The world economy has become a speculative pyramid, and it is only a matter of time when it collapses - this year or in five years. A cancerous tumor kills the entire planet, sucking up real resources, giving in return unsupported (except for the authority of the Fed and other financial institutions) candy wrappers.

- Another sign of the death of the West is striking - the extinction of his spiritual creativity. Bare ass replaced the production of Shakespeare. The civilization that gave the world Bach and Mozart, Shakespeare and Jules Verne, Galileo and Pascal, Raphael and Michelangelo, Newton and Faraday, Wagner and Chopin, actually died. After all, the geniuses of the West have done for it no less than cannons and muskets, in the matter of winning their order over the planet.

On the spiritual plane, Christianity was the basis of civilization, albeit distorted by the ideologists of the Vatican and later Protestant editors. At present, the Christian essence of Europe is also almost dead, and, even more so, an anti-Christian culture has emerged, very aggressive and tough. Any active reminders of the Christian past irritate the liberal public, so when in France in 1998 it was supposed to celebrate the 1500 anniversary of the baptism of the King of Franks Chlodwig, then all left movements and parties of France opposed it. And 200 years of the French Revolution, which led to a significant de-Christianization of the country, were celebrated solemnly. Currently, atheists consider themselves about half the population of France and England. Given the strong Muslim position of the migrant communities, this factor further weakens the peoples of Europe. In a number of countries, the words of the oath are changed in parliaments, are withdrawn from the school library libraries of the Bible, the work of priests, it is forbidden to pray in schools and colleges, at competitions, crosses are removed, etc.

In fact, the institution of the family has been destroyed, in the Christian sense. There was a sharp increase in satanic, occult movements, sects. Everywhere abortions are allowed, in the framework of the struggle for the rights of women, they did not remember about the rights of the child (and according to the latest research - the child is already a man from his conception), legalizing the massacres of children. The Vatican very precisely described this phenomenon - “the victory of the culture of death”.

The people of the West have greatly degraded under the influence of the propaganda of “life for oneself” - these are no longer warriors and creators of the times of the First and Second World Wars. Men were turned into infantile creatures who lost the meaning of life, women into “free personalities” who, until 30-40 years, were looking for “thrills” and only after that they tried to degenerate an only child. Perversions, like pederasty, lesbianism, masochism, became a sign of "elitism." Most sit on the “needle” of anti-stress drugs, the life of Hollywood celestials has turned for many into their own lives.

Do not think that the death of Western civilization is a unique phenomenon. These processes, even in small details, repeat the fate of the destruction of ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. Apparently, it was not for nothing that the Western world experienced such enthusiasm for these cultures - saw its similarity. Save the West can only be a very big shock - surgery, which can cut out the tumor and its metastases.

"The death of Western civilization" and Russia

[b] How does this threaten Russia?

Russia is in complete submission to the West, such a period in the long stories was not yet. The 20 century was terrible for the Russian civilization, it experienced three terrible blows - World War I and the 1917 revolution of the year, after the most cruel slaughter, Russian statehood was partially restored in Stalin’s Red Empire; it withstood the second most powerful blow - the invasion of Hitler's hordes, even managed to bring mankind into space, but the third blow was crushing - the 1991 revolution of the year led to a complete cultural, political dependence on the West.

The new elite adopted the Western path of development, which led to the moral and intellectual degradation of the people. As a result, all the main signs of the degradation of the West became decisive phenomena for Russia - the reduction in the number of a significant part of indigenous peoples, especially the Russian people - the core, the core of all civilization; mass migration of representatives of foreign cultures that do not accept Russian culture; massive spiritual degradation of society. Although there are some differences, so in the West they give birth less, as children lead to a fall in a comfortable standard of living, and in our country because of the present socio-economic, narcotic (tobacco, alcohol, stronger drugs) genocide of the population. In Russia, there are germs of the revival of Russianness, new generations are looking for the truth, trying to find their own.

Therefore, we have a choice: to die under the rubble of Western civilization, which is doomed to agony and death, or to find its own way of development. To offer mankind its own version - globalization, while preserving the identity of races and peoples, without becoming a faceless amorphous mass of “economic people”. To do this, one should gradually distance oneself from the West as his troubles increase. To change the information field of the state - to remember our victories, analyze mistakes, restore Russian culture, force out non-Russian.
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