Reports from the militia of New Russia for 17 September 2014 of the year

Yesterday at 7: 20

Message from an eyewitness from Mariupol

“Since yesterday evening, new checkpoints and barricades have begun to appear in the city like mushrooms. The most unpleasant that they arise in residential areas, near homes, schools, shops. Naturally, the people could not like it, because in the case of the shelling of these fortifications, civilians will definitely suffer. In some places, people even struggled to take away sandbags, to protest. Our local revolution’s horn immediately responded to the legitimate indignation of the citizens by squeezing an article with the headline “Do not be afraid! New checkpoints are built for the safety of Mariupol residents,” and explained in detail that everything that is being done now in the city is done solely for the benefit of the Mariupol residents. There is no need to convince, we have long been aware that they never shoot at roadblocks. In general, a roadblock is the most reliable place from a security point of view. Therefore, they are built in residential areas. "

Yesterday at 10: 10

Message from journalists

“The militia broke through the Ukrainian line of defense, eliminating the checkpoint near Yasinovataya. Militias continue to advance and break through the line of defense. According to the fighters of the 93rd brigade, today they have lost control of the checkpoint near Yasinovataya. The Ukrainian military was forced to retreat several kilometers as a result of the shelling of the Grads, a strike tank groups and a significant preponderance of enemy manpower. ”

Yesterday at 10: 12

Summary from the militia headquarters

“The Armed Forces of Novorossia occupied settlements in the rear of the Debaltsev group of the Ukrainian army. The Artyomovsk-Debaltsevo route is under fire from artillery of the republics (including the DRG), therefore the use of this route to supply the Ukrainian troops is fraught with difficulties. In fact, we can talk about the operational environment of this group.
According to the intelligence of the militia, the Ukrainian side is forming a unit of the National Guard, staffed by prisoners of corrective labor institutions serving a sentence in the central regions of Ukraine. Prisoners for participation in the so-called ATO promised amnesty.
There is an increase in the mode of conducting reconnaissance along the line of contact. In the cities of Donetsk and Lugansk, measures are being taken to uncover the sabotage and reconnaissance groups of the Ukrainian security forces arriving in the capital cities of the republics under the guise of returned civilians to commit terrorist acts on the city's life facilities. ”

Yesterday at 10: 30

Message from the Deputy Prime Minister of the DPR, Andrey Purgin

“I believe that the truce is gone. Used intensively heavy weapons. Bomb cities. Four of the eight districts of Donetsk are bombed constantly. Recently, a shell hit a bus with people. Ukrainian security forces began to use heavy weapons: two days ago something huge fell on the bus station, which resulted in a six-meter funnel and two and a half in depth. ”

Yesterday at 12: 07

Message from the militia headquarters

“In Svatovo, Ukrainian punishers outraged the memorial to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War. In Donetsk, two hours ago, the shelling of the Ukrainian military Putilovka began. There was a hit in a residential 9-storey building, there is destruction, all the windows are broken, the victims are being clarified. Also: the artillery of the militia has worked on the positions of punitive in the area Zhdanovki-Kommunar. There was a lull in Gorlovka, the utility workers restored the damaged communications all night long after yesterday’s shelling. ”

Yesterday at 12: 20

Overview of the combat situation from the military analyst

“I’ll say right away that there is still silence in the LC, which means that the entire review will be devoted to the DPR.

During the evening of September 16, it becomes obvious that the junta chose to play without risk. That is, she will not try to change the course of battles with a counteroffensive. Reserves have been thrown to support groups found themselves surrounded. Breakthrough of two tank companies in the Donetsk airport (most likely removed from under Volnovakhi). Attempts to break through Panteleymonovka to Zhdanovka (I think some of the forces were withdrawn from near Debaltseve). All this suggests that the junta is trying to first stabilize the northern front that was beginning to fall apart.

Now briefly by directions.

Mariupol. A few days ago, the junta here troops. Now hastily throws them to the north. This indicates. that the offensive VSN has reached its goals. Junta plans seriously violated. This also shows the situation in other areas.

South and southwest of Donetsk. The fighting almost subsided. The junta is moving forces north to help the airport.

North of Donetsk. 15-th to the night the rout of the junta grouping around the airport was complete. Knocked out all the armored vehicles. But it was reported that two tank companies were breaking through to the area (most likely from the Ugledar-Volnovakha region), which stabilized the front line for a while and the defeat of the junta’s troops did not turn into a catastrophe.

Panteleymonovka. Fierce battles. Junta pulling up reserves trying to turn the tide in their favor. So far unsuccessfully.

Debalcevo. The junta is still conducting reconnaissance in various directions. But the offensive is not yet moving. Yesterday’s search for Stakhanov “cooled down” hotheads. Now they are looking for weak spots in the defense of the BCH.

Results In general, there is reason to believe that the strike by the BCH on the northern front confused the enemy’s cards and forced them to save their surrounded troops instead of the preparing offensive. Do they have strength beyond? I think there is, but they are clearly not enough for the general offensive. Hence, it is not a fact that the junta will be able to begin this week. If at all able. The BCH is likely to focus on the destruction of the surrounded groups of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (Zhdanovka, Debaltseve, Airport). There is no sense anymore to advance further in the light of the transfer of the junta’s reserves in this direction. ”

Yesterday at 14: 13

Message from the militia

"Military enlistment office in n. The village of Lozovaya, Kharkiv region, local partisans threw 17 September grenades into 1: 50 nights. About the victims and the damage caused by the shells, information has not yet been reported. In the Kharkiv region, this is the 6 case of an attack by local partisans against military registration and enlistment offices. ”

Yesterday at 14: 17

Video from Gram Phillips

Graeme Phillips visited the site of the death of 6 civilians with the Cossacks yesterday.

Yesterday at 14: 19

Message from Strelkov Igor Ivanovich

"... thence [in Kiev] (especially those who were in clubs on 3-th Reich) were always very inadequate, which I was convinced of, in particular, at the last“ Give Kyiv! ”, Where almost the one“ Gansu ”face stuff right during the event. As for the rest, in Nazi Germany, too, up until April 1945, many believed in “peremog” and broadcast “pearls” of Goebbels propaganda with frenzy. Whoever does not know how to think with his head, cannot be helped, others will think of him. ”

Yesterday at 14: 26

message from the press center DNI

“In Donetsk, over the past few days, 3 has been eliminated by the reconnaissance and sabotage groups of the Ukrainian security forces. On the territory of the city of Donetsk alone, there were six large subversive groups, each of which has several dozen people. These people are engaged in the exploration of the infrastructure of the city, correct the fire of Ukrainian artillery and themselves produce provocative shelling of residential areas, hospitals, school and preschool institutions, life support objects. Often, such groups include either civilians or representatives of law enforcement agencies who live or lived in the city of Donetsk. This is explained by the fact that the terrain on which they carry out their inhuman actions is familiar to them, and they can quickly carry out the orders put by the enemy. ”

Yesterday at 14: 58

Overview of the combat situation from the militia Prokhorov

The extraordinary status truce continued at night - after 23.00 periodically at the Donetsk airport, as well - intensively using Gradov in the Kirovsk-Zhdanovka area.

Well, still at Yasinovataya, the militia beat off another checkpoint at the 93 th mehbrigade, and ukry fled several kilometers.
From Bochkaly: “According to the information of the 93 brigade fighters, today they have lost control of the checkpoint near Yasinovataya. The Ukrainian military were forced to retreat several kilometers as a result of the shelling of Gradami, the strike of a tank group and a significant superiority of enemy manpower. "

9: 50 The truce at the Donetsk airport was renewed - Ukrainian illegal armed formations with the support of the 3 special forces regiment and the 93 mekhbrigad opened an artillery fire on residential buildings in Donetsk (a dormitory and a five-story building are on fire).
In response, the militia artillery strikes at the airport.

By the way, at night Dill fired at Enakievo, in turn, the positions of dill were also attacked in Kurakhovo, Upper Krynka and Orlovka. Now they wrinkle the 25-th aero-grave in Kommunar.

Zhdanovka also flew, under Akhdar Happiness pinched - in general, the ongoing truce.

Reported - in Lozovoy (Kharkiv region) undermined the military enlistment office.

The militia did not take Uglegorsk - they only pushed Ukrov away from their positions. They moved to the city - did not enter there. Now in Uglegorsk neither light nor water.

Now skirmishes have resumed in the Popasnaya and Debaltseve areas.

About the truce.
Still, living people - no one wants to die. And during a massive assault, losses (from the militia) are inevitable. Ukry agreed to negotiations, asked for a reprieve in order to clean up, to evacuate the wounded, to eat in the end. It went on, but ukry, as always, showed themselves to be unsaid.
- It seems they said that they did not have the equipment, and now suddenly appeared? From where If you brought up, why not bombed them into dust, while they did not have the equipment and they were defenseless?

“Part of the equipment was knocked out, but the part that was dug in was not, and the forces of the people's militia of Donetsk and the militia are several times smaller than those of the dill at the airport. It's like two against seven. Well, the couple are buried - and still they are Nemer.
Artel and mortars mostly remained combat-ready.
Yes, and the militia’s ammunition just ended up (this is me to talk about spending, like, ammunition by trainloads - even if it would be so!). ”
- These bastards are constantly killing civilians in Donetsk, what ultimatums to them can be except for complete destruction?

“The enemy is superior in numbers and weaponry, he has built a long-term defense - not everything is so simple”
“Then why not transfer the combat-ready units to Donetsk and not to knock them out once and for all from there, instead of sitting senselessly under Mariupol?”

“And because ukry were also concentrated on the South-Western Front (Mariupol-Volnovakha) (the group is more numerous than that of Donetsk), and the withdrawal of at least some number of combat-capable compounds puts the entire south of the DPR under attack (Novoazovsk-Telmanovo- Amvrosievka).
And then there Gorlovsky boiler requires troops. And it can not be thrown under any circumstances. Something must be sacrificed.
As for the fact that dill transfer part of their forces from under Mariupol to the airport of Donetsk. No, under Donetsk there is reinforcement directly from Ukraine (through Melitopol-Rozovka). The Mariupol group, on the contrary, is growing stronger. ”
- Why parts of the LC do not help?

“Because in the LC of their concerns - above the head. One threat to Pervomaisk is worth something, not to mention the Stanitsa-Luganskaya or the immediate danger to Lugansk in the area of ​​the city of Happiness. And the strength of dill, I repeat, there is no less. "
“You know, this is the same as in the Great Patriotic War to launch an offensive against Berlin, leaving behind Siege Leningrad and Paulus in the rear with a gop company in Stalingrad.

“When they took Berlin, the most powerful Kurland grouping was blocked — they didn’t finish it, because they knew that sooner or later they would surrender after taking the capital of the Reich. They called local prisoners "armed prisoners of war."
This is a trap for ukrov - it depends on how you look “.
“Well, then we are seeing the consequences of the August offensive with swords in the South direction.” The forces stretched out, a bunch of "boilers" were created, but they didn’t have enough for the finishing, and now it all turned into sluggish post-darks, from which civilians are constantly dying. And as a result, along the whole front there is no place from where you can safely remove the reserves and throw in the right place.

“The offensive of the Southern Front was not an adventure. He was prepared for a long time, it is a pity that the implementation of all plans did not happen (there are a lot of questions for the former command), and the dill, revealing part of the plan, began a hasty withdrawal of troops.
The fact that not enough forces to finish off - because of the difference between the forces of the militia and dill. But all the same - they bit off even more than they had planned.
And there is no positional war - there is already a new cauldron, the group at the Donetsk airport is seeking, the defense of dill in the Volnovakhi region is being tried on the tooth, and a lot of dill are blocked near Debaltseve (threatened by the environment).
The lack of deep raids is due to the geography of the theater of operations - continuous agglomerations (unlike the rural south of the DPR) and a huge number of concentrated dill forces (which was not in the south). ”
- What you call an environment can be called an environment with a very big stretch. How many times it was possible to read about the environment and the finishing of dill, but the feeling is that they have a factory somewhere, where cannon fodder is riveted on a continuous conveyor. It would seem, surrounded and beaten in one cauldron, suddenly appear in another, and again surrounded and beaten again, and so on to infinity. And after the truce, there was such a feeling that there was no southern offensive, again dill climb from all the cracks.

“There was no positional war even in Slavyansk (with the exception of unsuccessful attempts to return Karachun).
And the environment of dill has always been not tactical, but fire. And a significant part escaped, losing people and equipment. Too much difference in capabilities and weapons. It is impossible to destroy tank columns with the help of five to six 82-mm mortars.
Just a lot of dill, and the militias-at times less. Dill more often pulled out when the militia ran out of ammunition.
Do not project on the militia the power and capabilities of the Russian Army. "
- Take at least the same long-suffering Aidar. Since the beginning of the war, I have already lost count of how many times he has been “smashed”, and they are very much alive.

And how many compositions did he change? From the original left at best 10 percent.
Won the Fritz 6-I army in 1944, in southern Ukraine acted. And this does not mean at all that it was not destroyed in Stalingrad - Even when the southern offensive began, one of the leaders of Novorossia said that the militia is replenishing. Lied? Plus, fennel seems to be exterminated by almost hundreds and thousands, and the balance of power does not change?

“Replenishment is on, but it is also declining. In Slavyansk, seven of those who came from 10 left on the very first day, and two more - within a week. And this is not counting the dead, the prisoners, the missing and the wounded.
Dill is exterminated by hundreds during major operations. which go a few days. Further, the dill replenishes its parts, for it now has at least 400 thousands of armed people, and in the Donbas it holds no more than 60 thousands. ”

Yesterday at 15: 12

Message from the militia from Gorlovka

"Briefly about the situation ...
Well, we sat in an environment - tapericha neh dill and sit. Makeevka-Gorlovka-Yenakiyevo ring is closed. The number of fascists - up to 2500 people, with technology and everything that is necessary. True - every day decreases, yes. Whom we have time - we plunder those who do not - well, no, so not. Debaltsevo is also in the ring - and the local dill also do not have a sweet life.
There is light, water, internet, mobile communication. In certain areas, there are difficulties with the MTS network, there were difficulties with the Life network. Kyivstar both worked in full - and it works. Wired Internet stopped working only when the electricity was turned off for a period of more than a day.
There are products for sale. Although there are difficulties with some socially significant, yes. Not that horror, but there is a little bit. For example, with vegetable oil.
The route to Donetsk under the control of the Armed Forces of New Russia. Although shot through, but stripping work is underway.
With regards to the scraps of the so-called "split warlords" ...
Major General Bezler - not a fool, once put the signature on the document, and even the very first. I think that the Brain will not be a fool in his Luhansk region.
Well and, if in general - on the territory of Novorossia a fierce truce continues, with the use of armored vehicles, as well as barreled and rocket artillery. True, dill, as always, fight exclusively with women, children and the elderly. "

Yesterday at 15: 39

Message from eyewitnesses

“The consequences of the shelling of Kirovskoe. 16-17.09: The store was destroyed, two men died, the woman was taken to hospital. The shelling continues. ”

Yesterday at 16: 22

Interview with Vladislav Brig: Donbass in Ukraine will never be

The head of the international information service department of the political department of the Ministry of Defense of the DPR, Vladislav Brig, told what is happening in the Donbas.
According to Vladislav, the people's militia waits until the Ukrainian army leaves the borders of Donbass. Punishers are still firing on the positions of the Army Novorosii and residential areas. What we came to the Verkhovna Rada yesterday should have been discussed in March. During this time, too much blood has been shed, and the people of Donbass will never want to be part of Ukraine.
The Ukrainian army is a threat only in the vein that it attacks residential areas and kills civilians. As a military force, they are nothing. A truce is necessary in order to exchange prisoners. Militias captured have been suffering for several months. They are tortured, bullied, turned into animals. What can we say when children and women in terrible condition are handed over to us, and the punishers disguise them as FSB agents.
Potroshenko is gradually beginning to be considered as an enemy of the people. The opposition Ukrainian authorities want chaos, blood of the Russian-speaking population, genocide and famine to be shed. The West needs war to get closer to Russia and further dismantle it, seize resources and continue to control the world.
Sooner or later we will break the information blockade. In the near future, people will know the truth, and they will be able to come to their senses. It is necessary to prevent further bloodshed. It is necessary to give a good kick to the brown plague so that it flew to its western host and never returned.

Yesterday at 17: 03

Message from Dmitry Dzygovbrodsky

“Yesterday, in violation of all agreements on the exchange, the vice-rector of the International Slavic University, associate professor, father of three children, grandfather and head of the numerous family Samoilov Alexey Nikolaevich was returned to the Kharkiv prison.

Yesterday at 17: 19

Message from Alexander Geller

“The truce is very soon over, there will be an offensive, and on several fronts at the same time. Those who decide to leave the city of Mariupol are advised not to hesitate and leave not to the Zaporizhia region, but to Novoazovsk. In Novoazovsk, refugees should immediately contact the commandant's office of the militia, after which they will immediately be resettled in boarding houses and dispensaries. In Sakhanka and its environs a large concentration of armored vehicles. My friend has not yet learned to distinguish her, so for her all armored vehicles are tanks. True, there are variations: tanks on wheels, tanks with doors, tanks larger, mini tanks, etc. Oh yes! There is such a moment: she never reached Novoazovsk, because she was given a condition: either there or back, but not to go to Novoazovsk, and then return to Mariupol - it is impossible. And she chose to go back home. ”

Yesterday at 17: 30

Message from the blogger El Murid

“Concerning events with incomprehensible movements, the commanders of the Strelkov informed the following.
The first. In Donetsk, according to his data, everything is calm. Who is Lieutenant-General Korsun, who has been fighting since April, is unknown to him. Therefore, he asks middle and lower commanders not to pay attention to what the senior commanders share there, and to prepare for military operations, which are inevitable anyway. After they start, all disagreements and dragging the blanket over will become irrelevant.
The second. According to him, the coup has not been connected with Moscow. It is possible that there are some people on whom the signatories are oriented, but in general there is no special solution that radically changes the situation and the workings. We are talking about independent actions of individual commanders of individual detachments, and the number of these detachments is clearly insufficient to bear the proud name of the “United Armed Forces”.
Third. Strelkov said that the incident does not and will not have any effect on the current supply of the troops. ”

Yesterday at 18: 38

Message from residents of Kirovskoe

“Kirovskoye now. Again on the 18 quarter hit the high-rise building in an apartment. I look out the window: the old grandmother moves to the sounds of the bombing that there are strengths and how quickly she can, and she crosses with her right hand.
According to Torez, someone let out a misinformation that Aydar's battalion broke into Kirovskoye. That's nonsense!
In Kirovskoye hospital, corpses and wounded residents began to arrive, who came under fire in the morning. One man was torn apart, a woman was seriously injured. In Kirovskoe only one surgeon. No doctors. Every day the wounded. Send doctors to the city to SAVE civilians. Again today, the shell hit the city, on the 16 block flew glass. Destroyed shop "Kramnitsya". Near the shop "Kramnitsya" again a huge funnel. Apparently, they again fired rockets at Kirovskoe.
Yesterday with 10 evenings 3 hours of fighting went, after 2's nights again. K 4 subsided, but after 6 periodically beats the gun. The people are suffering.
Our city is simply destroyed every day of God. Nobody saves him !!!
On Shirokoy (the village of Maloorlovka), ukry dismantled the plates of a pig farm and built a bunker. The months did not go in vain. Donetsk airport is resting.
In Zhdanovka, the Communard stands ukroarmiya, there people even have no food. The checkpoints of the ukrarmiya do not even let their relatives take them food. People are starving. ”

Yesterday at 18: 45

Message from eyewitnesses

“In the west of Donetsk, where the airport is located, powerful explosions and gunfire do not stop, Grad and mortars are working between the departure of the projectile and the landing of the entire 3 with.
Two pockets of black smoke were visible near the airport. A pillar of smoke from Spartak and a field between Metro and Spartak. Further, the runway at the Jolly, the entire horizon in the faint smoke.
A hit in school number 58, marked, also reported that the projectile hit the pipeline. "

Yesterday at 19: 47

Photo report from Graham Phillips from Pervomaisk

Reports from the militia of New Russia for 17 September 2014 of the year

Yesterday at 20: 29

Message from journalists

“Around 16: 15 under the Happiness in the area of ​​the checkpoint began active shooting. Shoot from heavy weapons.
Near the happiness TPP thundered two explosions. There is no light, from the state district power station, more precisely from the pipes the smoke does not go, they say, got on transformers. Also reported on a pillar of black smoke in the area of ​​the power plant. In many areas, lost electricity. Earlier, Ukrainian volunteer battalions said they mined TPPs. ”

Yesterday at 21: 47

Video from the militia of 5.09.14

The battalion "Aydar" was ambushed.

Yesterday at 21: 58

Message from bloggers

"17 September in 17: 00 (ukr.) Luhansk TPP was blown up. It provided with electricity about 98 percent of the Luhansk region. Combat Aydar kept his word.
In the Luhansk region, panic began among people. Light disappeared almost everywhere - even where there was no war. As of 18.30, transformers are burning at TPPs. Because of the fighting to get there is impossible. Experts say: fire may soon spread to power units that are most likely mined (commander Aydar Sergei Melnichuk told about this in advance). In this case, no one can predict the consequences. Now the station, as they say energy, completely "went to 0". This means that the entire Lugansk region, which only the TPP has been feeding recently, has remained without electricity. ”

Yesterday at 22: 24

Overview of the map of the fighting ..

Yesterday at 22: 31

Message from eyewitnesses

“A man called Popasna and called that the ukrov equipment had left the city in the direction of Pervomaisk, then stopped at a fork, turned around and shot Popasna. Then the OSCE dragged into the city to record how the "evil separatists" shoot civilians. By news ukrSMI showed a video from Popasnaya and the host said that for some reason the locals believe that the Ukrainian troops themselves are firing at the city occupied by Ukrainian troops. Ukry told the truth ?! ”

Yesterday at 22: 34

Summary of the Army of the Southeast for September 17: punitive continues to kill civilians in Donbass

During the day, the situation did not change significantly and remained tense. Subdivisions of the Ukrainian troops violated the agreements reached on maintaining the cease-fire regime ten times.

From 10.00 to 11.00 from the direction of the Lower Krynka, the fascists were shelling residential buildings in Khanzhenkov.

In 10.35, houses in the area of ​​the Putilov Bridge were shelled in Donetsk. Wounded 2 person. And after repeated shelling by punishers on Chapaev Street, the apartment building was partially destroyed, 3 people died.

From 10.10 to 11.30 from the Novomarievka area in Zuevka, massacred twice with Grad and barreled artillery. 4 apartment building burned. Killed three civilians. Wounded child.

From Marinka from 13.20 to 14.00, fascist units fired mortar fire on the outskirts of Donetsk, during which 8 civilians were injured.

As a result of today's shelling n. Kirovskoye village 5 killed by local residents, 4 houses and shop destroyed.

In the area of ​​Debaltseve, the punishers attacked the positions of the people's militia twice to no avail.

In the area of ​​Donetsk airport, junta troops were indiscriminately firing small arms at each other.

Over the past 2 of the day, Novorussia’s counterintelligence has identified and destroyed Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance 3.

Intelligence of the militia informs about the actions taken by the ukrofashist command to build up military groups.

Yesterday at 22: 57

Message from the militia

“The armed forces of Novorossia continue blocking two large groups of punishers in the boilers near Zhdanovka and Debaltseve. Caught under Zhdanovka Bandera continue to deliver artillery strikes on residential buildings settlements Olkhovka and Zuevka. The fire is haphazard, and is probably being conducted solely to raise the morale of the surrounded punishers. In Debaltsevo, the Ukrainian Armed Forces on the eve attempted to escape from the boiler, attacking the positions of the Army of New Russia, but were beaten off, suffering heavy losses. It can be stated that the shock groups collected by the junta under the cover of a truce are securely blocked by the troops of Novorossia. And about any counterattack Bandera talk now is not necessary. That is, the punitive failed to reach any advantage due to the truce. ”

Yesterday at 23: 09

Message from eyewitnesses

“A Nazi armored personnel carrier with speakers and music plays in Slavyansk, every ten minutes the Nazi voice to the radio corps calls for complicity with the junta and surrender everyone who helped the militia, then plays the anthem. Just like German propaganda during the Great Patriotic War. ”

Yesterday at 23: 11

DTEK's message

“The fire at the Luhansk TPP is extinguished. Without light - the northern part of the Luhansk region, this is Severodonetsk, Lysychansk, Rubezhnoye, Novoaydar, Starobelsk, in total more than one and a half million people. But the worst thing - the miners under the ground. Due to the blackout, they cannot rise to the surface. The situation is aggravated by the fact that the station is mined. The threat of an explosion remains. DTEK staff is doing everything possible to restore the electricity supply so that the miners can rise to the surface. From the Lugansk TPP is powered 21 mine ".

Yesterday at 23: 21

Comment on the situation in the Donbass by the evening of September 17 from a blogger and military analyst "colonelcassad"

1. Strategically, the situation as a whole has changed little. The intercepted communications of junta groups that tried to encircle Gorlovka create a solid groundwork for major purely military successes in the event of a transition to a more active stage. It is still impossible to talk about the complete environment, but if current trends continue, during the 2-3 days at least one of the groups may end up in a full-fledged boiler. In general, the enemy, having gone to the formation of shock kulaks, due to lack of forces cannot maintain the proper front density throughout, therefore even surpassing the army of Novorossia in numbers and the number of armored vehicles, the junta has significant weaknesses in the front - the area between Mariupol and Volnovakha, the front north of Lugansk, the gaps between the groups of attackers Yasinovatuyu and retaining ledge Debaltsevo-Soledarsk. Significant forces of the junta are drawn into the retention of obviously unprofitable protrusions. The current statements by the army of Novorossia that the largest boiler for the entire war is supposedly "created" are certainly an exaggeration, cutting off communications from the group in the 2000-2500 soldiers, which is clearly inferior to both the South Cauldron 1.0 and Ilovaisko-Amvrosievsky boiler. Nevertheless, this is an indicator that the junta, as it regularly gets into the boilers, continues.

2. In terms of concentration, the junta’s main forces are already tied up on the Donbass, it’s not yet possible to significantly increase the junta’s grouping — given the planned rotation of the units and the combat-ready units tied to the front, it can only replenish the junta’s grouping by deploying the reconstructed battalion-tactical groups of previously divided units their fighting qualities are very doubtful due to large losses in men and mate parts. In fact, without the 4 wave of mobilization, the junta will not be able to significantly increase the size of its grouping, which remains at about the same level as early July 2014. Considering the failed 3's mobilization waves, the effectiveness of 4 also causes a certain skepticism. All this is aggravated by the problem with the equipment - according to different estimates, the junta lost about 60-70% of the equipment available in the Donbas (moreover, what is the most terrible for the junta, more than 220 units of armored vehicles of different degrees of combat capability went to the army of New Russia, which had already been commissioned from a quarter up to a third of captured trophies). Of course, in the warehouses and repair bases there are still a lot of tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers, SAU and MLRS, but in August and September the replenishment could not compensate for the huge losses. Attempts to get equipment from NATO countries and attempts to buy equipment on foreign trade defense contracts are an attempt to close the hole in the material.

3. The situation with Donetsk airport remains the same. The junta is holding him, despite the fact that the army of New Russia has once again blocked it. The junta systematically bombards the positions of the militia from tanks and guns, the militia in response to the bombardment of the airport with shells. The lack of large calibers here does not allow the enemy to smoke out of an extensive system of underground and concrete structures that allow the enemy to maintain his living strength. However, losses in technology and supply problems lead to attempts to unlock the airport and push new forces into it. Some attempts lead to heavy casualties when those who break through fall under the concentrated artillery fire of the army of Novorossiya, on the other hand, there are also facts of a breakthrough during the “strange cease-fire” that Strelkov reported the other day.
To a reasonable question, from where Strelkov is aware of these events, I remind you that his field commanders are still fighting there, starting with General Petrovsky, so that Strelkov is well aware of what is happening there at the front.
Regarding the airport, it is also worth mentioning the statements of the junta media, which pointed to a certain fact of negotiations, in which the junta allegedly offered to hand over the airport of the New Russia army in exchange for the withdrawal of the Novorossia troops from Mariupol to 5 km. A somewhat strange proposal, given the persistence with which the junta clings to the airport. But perhaps recently, the expediency of keeping it has become questionable and they have tried to exchange it for some operational benefits at other sites. In general, while this option remained only at the level of conversations.

4. To the north of Lugansk, due to the organizational weakness of the military units of the LPR, who do not have a single coordination, the enemy is slowly moving away in a number of sectors, although nothing significant is actually happening - the battles were fought in the area of ​​Happiness, Stanitsa Luhansk, Slavyanoserbsk and Veselaya Gora, and are coming. The junta’s broad coverage and surroundings north of Lugansk did not work, the junta’s blow to Stanitsa Luhanskaya in the second half of August disrupted the junta’s ambitious ideas to intercept communications on the Novoaydar-Happiness line, as a result of which everything was reduced to pushing the enemy away and protracted battles for Happiness. Of the significant worth mentioning explosions at the Luhansk TPP, resulting in a large part of the region was left without light. Judging by the fact that the commander of the punitive battalion "Aydar" recently threatened to blow up a thermal power plant at the camera if the army of Novorossiya attacked Happiness, the punishers still put their threat into reality. In general, while from Russia in the LPR, power lines are being pulled to “power up” the rebellious republic, on the other hand the junta continues the targeted destruction of the social infrastructure.

5. The shelling of cities and towns of Novorossia did not actually stop for a day since the signing of the so-called "truce". Especially goes to Donetsk and the surrounding cities, which are subjected to shelling every day, with a fairly large-scale destruction and civilian casualties. Oriented, from 6 to 17 September, approximately 55-60 civilians died on the territory of the NPT. Since the junta’s position around Donetsk was not completely cleared (which it hoped for on the wave of a victorious offensive interrupted by the “truce”), it still has enough suitable sites that allow covering almost all districts of Donetsk and its suburbs. They still have no military sense and are associated exclusively with the objectives of the destruction of the civilian population and social infrastructure. In general, until the enemy is pushed back west of Karlovka, he is thrown out of Yasinovataya and cleared out of Zhdanovka - one cannot count on the cessation of shelling.

6. On the situation with the "single command of Novorossia". Apparently, no “single command” was ever formed, because the signatories decided to declare some rights to power and humanitarian aid, without consulting the others. Strelkov already commented today that this act of arbitrariness does not bear any serious threat to current layouts. Apparently, what is happening is a continuation of the clashes associated with Transnistrians and Antyufeev, the fall of which aggravated the internal contradictions associated besides attempts to clear out the “revolutionaries of the first wave”, with the struggle to control the supplies of humanitarian aid, which to a large extent determine the strength of certain militias. If you look closely at the list of signatories, it is not difficult to see that there are people there who are not spoiled by supplies or who have fallen out of the circle of those who controlled them. The largest deliveries are closed to the “Oplot” of Zakharchenko, hence the simple fact that the substantial forces of the “Oplot” are now concentrated in Donetsk itself, in order to prevent attempts at a forceful coup in the light of Zakharchenko’s accusations of treason and attempts to force a redistribution of control over humanitarian supplies .
Of course, this whole squabble has nothing to do with the “united command”, and therefore this initiative did not meet with a broad response among the media people of Novorossia and looks like an initiative of a group of individuals that is not coordinated with the military or the political leadership of the people's republics none of the well-known persons of the LC in this "united command" was not noticed and did not support him in any way. The threats from the Varyag DRG with demands to obey the incomprehensible Korsun are, of course, of very dubious nature, since there are simply no power possibilities to subordinate to this command the "riflemen", "Oplot" or "Ghost". Actually, the language of such ultimatums from not the strongest detachments is clearly not the way to consolidate the detachments of Novorossia. It is noteworthy that Mozgova, who was also released cargo very metered, understands this and disowns from such initiatives. However, as rightly pointed out to Strelkov, during the transition of military operations to a more active stage, signatories simply will not have time to do the nonsense they are currently engaged in. “

Yesterday at 23: 42

Message from the militia Prokhorov

Meanwhile, the truce is in full swing - both at the Donetsk airport and Enakievo (ukry at the Poltava mine and in the village of Shyrokyne are beaten around the city, in response - according to them), the artel and Grada are used as arguments of the truce.

On the southern front, dill were thrown away from Dokuchaevsk and Novotroitsky, now the Ukrainian illegal armed formations and army units are building fortifications in Volnovakha.

Again the truce came to Chernukhino (there ukry). And in Makeevka in general, hell began.

Well still gets to Pervomaisk again.

In the occupied territory of the LPR - at the famous Red Talovka, frontier fenders were blown up on a mine - 2 "200".

The intensive truce continues at Debaltsev-periodically shelling and fighting are taking place in Sofiyivka, Central, Komissarovka, Chernukhino. South Chernukhino closer to Fashchevka attacked the position of dill in s. Redkodub.

On the situation in the Lower Krynka / Kommunarsk - everyone says that the position of dill - in the meat.
The positions of dill and Novoorlovka are attacked near Kirovsky.

In addition to the Donetsk airport truce is in the sand (which does not give reinforcements dill to get into the airport). Why are there-ukrov position attacked at Kurakhovo (west of Donetsk).

Regarding gorlovskogo boiler - now ukrov attack at with. Noises (in 10 km from Dzerjinsk).

On the Southern Front - the route Donetsk-Mariupol is blocked. The militia attacked dill in with. Granite (a few kilometers north of Mariupol).

About Krynychna from eyewitnesses: “I saw abandoned dugouts there, the last 7 ukrovs were laid yesterday in the Korsun district of the village of Korsun”.

Ukry continue to fire Kirovsk.

And this - Tymchuk saw the light. He proposes to leave the airport, which he correctly assesses as a trap for ukro troops.
And even - Debaltseve, to prevent a new boiler.

Near Happiness is a battle for the bridge.

In Chuguev (Kharkiv region - or is it still occupied by the KhNR?), A military unit was attacked, explosions and a firefight were heard. No, this time it is Aydarovtsy stoned or bukhie.
“According to ATN, the incident occurred on the outskirts of Kharkov in the direction of Chuguev, in the area of ​​the Horizon microdistrict, at the traffic police checkpoint.
On checking the queue was opened from the machine. According to eyewitnesses, there were three of them.
One of the officers on duty at the checkpoint was injured. On the dead are not reported.
According to the preliminary version, the fighters of the volunteer battalion "Aydar" opened fire when their car was stopped for inspection. One of the fighters allegedly was in inadequate condition, he began shooting.
Now the victim is hospitalized, the police are investigating the circumstances of the incident. ”

How ukry fear the militia-they already say that the Donetsk airport is storming the Russian special forces.
From UkroSMI: “In Donetsk, the airport is assaulted by special forces of the Main Intelligence Directorate of Russia, reports 5 channel, citing a source in the SBU.”

Dill quality has fallen, but this is no better. If you previously met face to face and everything was decided by personal qualities and training, and the artillery shots were relatively rare, and the dill even tried to get somewhere where there was militia (I remember their hunt for Nona - they always smeared me, you can justify).
But now ukraine enter into a close battle, but the power of the artillery blows and their unsystematic nature have increased by orders — they simply don’t stupidly beat squares — by peace, to intimidate, to revenge, it is not known why.

In general, they used to be angry fools, now they are stupid cannibals.

What losses must be inflicted in order to defeat Dill? Yes, the same number - such a defeat of equipment and losses in ukry personnel will no longer suffer.

Why dill did not learn to fight. They learn when they fight with the enemy, and not when they press peacekeepers. And now ZSu - punitive. And the punisher (the one who kills the peaceful world on purpose, for some reason, doesn’t happen in case of accidental killings) just physically cannot be a good soldier. Something breaks inside, and often on the other side of the turn.

Mercenary baht, in addition, clearly abused combat (often self-made) and simply pharmacology and alcohol. Then they sound strange without a dupe, and many of them sin in the ZSU (yesterday, the whole Volnovakh caught the lieutenant, the commander of the reconnaissance unit 72 of the brigade’s mech, who caught up with such a parish and started firing at its own and myrniyak).

Wonderful they often. It was a summer trick to yell into a megaphone (exclusively in front of the local militia, shooters were not kept): “Russian soldiers! You fought bravely, but now resistance is useless! Hand over the weapon! Hot food, tea and our hospitality await you! ” Some were fought (especially after shelling) - they went to surrender. And on them from machine guns, while shouting: “Katsapy! You still do not understand! we are not fascists! ”

Understood already. Dill - worse than the Nazis.

Regarding the lower level, the dill did not have people similar to the Slavs - Lynx, Balu and especially Motorola, who already entered the local epic as successful commanders and legendary fighters (and now - a whole series).

There was Doberman from the baht Donbass - he promised to cut the Chechens, and then on his knees he asked for forgiveness for his foul language. There is a schmuck - valera ananyev from 25, who created a fake photo report about his heroic behavior in captivity, and then promised the Arrow to kill the veterans of the Great Patriotic War.

And all - they have no heroes. For he cannot be heroes among the punishers.

Today in 0: 28

Message press center DNR

Hot line.
If you have witnessed provocations, preparation and conduct of a terrorist attack, movement of manpower or enemy vehicles, please call the DNR hotline at: (099) 458-71-34 around the clock, (099) 536-87-28 around the clock, (095) 660- 75-85 from 8: 00 to 18: 00, (093) 388-71-51 from 8: 00 to 18: 00, (067) 183-99-53 from XNXX
If you witnessed looting, kidnapping, terrorism and provocations - call the DNR hotline numbers: (099) 458-71-34, (099) 536-87-28
Public reception of the DPR on social issues and personal reception of citizens (from 10: 00 to 17: 00 on weekdays) tel: (066) 207-61-32, (066) 207-63-48

Press Center DNR ©

Today in 0: 36

Summary from Jan militia

“Communication began to appear in Lugansk, but because of the Nazi's shelling of the thermal power station, electricity was lost for several hours in Happiness, and the Nazis damaged the distribution transformer. Work is underway to restore the power supply. In Lugansk, it is still difficult to provide the city with necessary things, but despite the difficult situation, the city is slowly preparing for winter. Shelling there are, on the outskirts there are clashes with the DRG of the enemy.
In Donetsk, during the day, battles continued in the area of ​​the airport, our artillery repeatedly struck the enemy's deployment areas. The Nazis repeatedly opened fire on the city and the Putilovka area. The fighting went on in the area of ​​Yasinovataya and Gorlovka. In Avdiivka serious disruptions in communication.
During the morning shelling of the Kiev Nazis of the Putilovka district, the house on ul. Chapaeva, and partly offended apartment building - three civilians were killed; as a result of the shelling of Kievsky district, high-rise buildings were destroyed, one person died in the fire, ten apartments were damaged at Partizansky Prospect; near the airport, the Nazis destroyed the main gas pipeline, the 58 College, there was destruction on Spartak and Oktyabrsky during the battle; from Marinka, the Nazis killed eight civilians from mortars on the outskirts of Donetsk; they fired at Zuevka with the RSZO twice, as a result of which four private houses were destroyed, three civilians were killed and one child was injured; In Kirov, Nazis killed five civilians during shelling, destroyed several houses in the private sector.
Bandera schismatics do not forget to destroy Orthodox monasteries, for several days now the Nazis have opened mortar fire on the St. Iversky Women's Monastery.
Gorlovsko-Makeevsko-Enakievsky cauldron closed, will now be boiled down to ukropovsky soap. There are also serious problems for the Kiev fascists under Debaltseve. ”

Today in 0: 59

Message from bloggers

“A military unit was attacked in Chuguev, explosions and a shootout were heard. Artillery of the army of Novorossia continues to work on ukrov positions in the area of ​​the Donetsk Airport. In the suburb of Debaltsevo heard gunfire. In Svatovo, Ukrainian punishers outraged the memorial to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War. At the moment, electricity began to appear in Lugansk, and the northern part of the LC is still de-energized. ”

Today in 1: 38

Statement A. Purgina: DND intends to enter into all post-Soviet blocs, which include the Russian Federation

Donetsk People’s Republic intends to enter all the post-Soviet blocs, which include Russia, the First Deputy Prime Minister of the DPR Andrei Purgin told RIA Novosti.

“The revolution in the Donbass took place under the slogans of the Russian world and the movement towards Russia. This should be understood and perceived as a given. This is the unshakable vector that we have ... The near-by results, which should be, are the implementation of all laws and the entry into all the economic and other blocks that the Russian Federation creates in the post-Soviet space. This is both the Customs Union and the EEU, the Eurasian economic space being created now, ”Purgin said.

“We have no possibility of direct accession to Russia, and we will build an independent state, which will be included in all integration associations with the Russian Federation,” he explained.

Today in 3: 27

Message from the militia of the brigade "Vostok"

“We are alive! - somehow got out. I will say how Tymchuk - there are almost no losses. But I will not lie, we have lost our mineral. Leonid, bright memory to you. We are not responsible for the airport. The troops of the National Guard under retreat, firing from the tanks.
A few days for their support from Avdeevka Ukrami fire from heavy artillery. This group was surrounded. Retreating to the north towards the village. Spartak - Experienced, trying to shoot ukry rn Kiev and Kuibyshev Donetsk - we are not there! Suffer the peaceful.
A couple of days ago there was an attempt to support transport and 24-koi. Broken off. The most important thing! - we sit in the "eyepieces", we look, and they - hammering somewhere. Bulat and BMK mostly. We answer!
We work. The operator RT removes. Donetsk Airport (see video) ”.

Today in 3: 54

Message from the "Bad Soldier" (Deputy Minister of Defense of the DPR Intelligence)

"And hello again. If it is short, I. I. must recall the so-called General Korsun, who first appeared in Kramatorsk just before my arrival in early May as a mythical representative of the GRU and dramatically faded as soon as I became interested in this figure. The most ordinary adventurer, but able to charm some unstable. Yesterday night he was detained as a result of a successful and carefully planned special operation jointly carried out by Major General I. Bezler and some military intelligence officers. I am sick and tired of the dew in tanks. I dictate them in large letters - I considered them in 22.20 PERSONALLY, unlike some doubters. Most of them left the airport with the wounded the next morning.
It's hard for us at the airport, but let's take it and Marinka - they will not be able to fire at Donetsk. We try our best ... "

Today in 4: 31

The Public Chamber of the Russian Federation sent 180 applications to the courts for war crimes in Ukraine

The Public Chamber of the Russian Federation filed about 180 applications to the courts of Ukraine and the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) on war crimes in Ukraine. This was announced by a member of the Public Pay RF Georgy Fedorov. He explained that the Public Chamber gathered numerous "video evidence and photo evidence of the massacre of civilians in Donetsk and Lugansk - women, old people, children killed by" Grad ", shelling residential areas." “We filed applications with the Ukrainian courts and around 150 about the 30, however, in the 10 cases we were denied,” Fedorov said. “By the end of the year, we will file several hundred allegations of human rights violations in Ukraine at the ECHR,” he added. A member of the CP RF clarified that applications to the courts are filed with the help of Ukrainian lawyers.

Today in 4: 43

Summary report from the 1 Interbrigade of the South-East for September 17

The past 24 hours of militant truce on the fronts of New Russia brought death and destruction to the residents of Donbass again.

Donetsk People's Republic.

Donetsk - at night, Putylovka and Gladkovka were fired upon by punishers, in the morning - the fighting at the airport intensified (the militia artillery attacked the positions of the national militaries in response to the shelling of residential areas). It is reported that in addition to mercenaries, the 3-th regiment of the Special Forces and the 93-I OMBR conduct military operations at the airport. During the day, recorded three attempts punitive escape from the environment, all repulsed. There is also a high level of sabotage and terrorist threat in the city - the Fascist mobile DRGs make a sudden bombardment of the residential area with mortars, after which they move; saboteurs are also engaged in reconnaissance activities and artillery adjustments (6 reports on such groups of several dozen punishers, 3 are eliminated). Also reported about the targeted shelling from the standpoint of ukrovermaht St. Iversky nunnery, where there is a particularly valuable icon.

Suburbs - the militia confirms that between the villages of Makeyevka, Gorlovka and Enakievo are surrounded by 2500 punishers, as well as armored vehicles and heavy weapons.

Gorlovka - calm, restoration of damaged infrastructure.

Makeyevka - in the morning, the village of Khanzhenkovo ​​was again fired upon (from the standpoint of punishers in the village of Nizhnyaya Krynka). The militias, in turn, are firing at the punishers in the village of Verkhnyaya Krynka.

Enakievo - at night was unmarked by artillery punishers.

Marinka - the artillery of the militia struck the punishers entrenched in the villages of Kurakhovo and Orlovka.

Other settlements

Khartsyzk - again militia forces attacked the positions of the ukrovermht (25-I AeMBr) in the area of ​​the village of Kommunar (in the city itself, the national guards repress civilians).

Zhdanovka - remains a place where large groups of punishers are concentrated, from where shelling is conducted. Makeevka, Yenakiyevo, Kirovskoe, and others. In response, the militia organizes the national guilds of art-pressing.

Uglegorsk - not fully taken by the militia; Ukrovermaht partially pushed back from their positions. Active clashes were not observed.

Torez - shelling from a punitive position was carried out at night; damaged infrastructure.

Debaltseve - the ring around the dill that languishes in the cauldron continues to shrink (several small settlements are occupied in the rear of the ukrovermht group surrounded here). The only way to retreat and supply supplies left over from the national security forces is the Debaltseve-Artyomovsk highway. It is not yet possible to assert that it is fully controlled by the forces of the militia, there are several “shot” sites, and the rest are controlled by the DRG. In general, the operational environment of parts of the ukrovermaht (in the city - 25-I AEMBR, on the outskirts - the national guard) this place took place, but the cleaning of such a large-scale boiler will be no less long than it was near Ilovaisk.

Yasinovataya - do not subside battles in the vicinity. Part of the 93 th OMBr after the hardest battle (the militia struck a massive strike from the MLRS Grad, organized a tank attack and skillfully used the advantage in numbers) recognize the loss of control over the strategically important roadblock at the entrance to the city and retreat by several kilometers.

Kirovskoye - again the punishers cruelly fired at the city, deliberately firing from the MLRS "Grad" at residential areas (the shelling was carried out from under Zhdanovka). 2 civilians died, 1 injured. In the evening and at night there were fights.

Aleksandrovsky district - the day the shelling of the settlement was recorded. Green (who shot, not specified).

Lugansk People's Republic.

Lugansk - there is no information about armed clashes.

Svatovo - reported vandalism ukronatsistskih bastards over the memorial to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War.

Happiness - local clashes with the punitive battalion "Aydar".

Popasnaya - there are no data on shelling, it is reported about collisions with the use of small arms.

Starobelsk - during the battles captured 9 natsgadov.

Rubezhnoye - ukrovermaht concentrates artillery (5 MLRS "Grad").

Occupied Territory

N.P. Lozovaya (Kharkiv region) - movement of a large column (up to 20 units) within the MLRS Smerch (or “Grad”) and trucks in the direction of the settlement was recorded. Pavlograd (Dnipropetrovsk region).

Mariupol - the strengthening of the military infrastructure of the natsgad continues, new roadblocks in residential areas of the city are being built (9, the fighters are preparing to hide behind the population).

Fresh psaki

Svidomye can not calm down: they have little civil war, which killed more than 3000 people, and a ruined economy. In the zone of so-called. ATO ukroarii no longer tear - it is not on the Maidan against the unarmed "Berkut" crowd to fight. By the way, punitive and 70 years ago did not differ in military skill - who can recall at least one glorious victory of “Galicia”? In the Third Reich, no fools were sitting, so their Galician serfs were not trusted with serious operations - a coward punisher in a fair fight. And in the management of the state, Svidomo is stupid - how else can the idea of ​​the Maidan "Vlady" explain the idea of ​​forming a division of the National Guard from prisoners in the central regions of the former Ukraine? Arming criminals is a masterpiece of svidotupizm.

But in general, ukroarii - this is a great nation, and quilted jackets envy them. What kind of people, what kind of persons: Stepan Bandera, Roman Shukhevych, Sashko Bily, Oleg Lyashko. But now the line of heroes who definitely need fat, will become denser - Andrei Chikatilo, according to his son Yuri (by the way, active maydaun) “as a Ukrainian, was a nationalist, although 30 was a member of the CPSU for years”. Obviously, 30 years of the brave Svidomo A. Chikatilo, faithful to the ideas of Stepan Bandera, in spite of the klyatym Muscovites and personally bloody tyrant Leonid Brezhnev, and from the inside destroyed the totalitarian monster, tormented Ridnu nenku. And the Katsaps were shot in the basements of the bloody KGB to break the free spirit of Great Ukrii! In fact, an intelligent follower of European values ​​(believed that “if Ukraine had separated, then it would have lived at least like Poland”), Andrei Chikatilo became the first in the “Heavenly Hundred”. By the way, isn’t the Chekist Putin personally from the portable pocket “Buka” interrupted his rapid flight?

Without leaving the alcoholic delirium, the mouthpiece of Goebbels - the National Security and Defense Council - reports that the fighting was going on in the area Lower Krynka, Sands,, Redkodub, Granite, Kurakhovo, Novoorlovka, Debaltseve, Shumi, Popasna, Stanitsa Luganskaya, Novoselovka, Central, Mius, Chernukhino. I did not find the loss of ukrovermaht (by the way, honor and conscience, too). Together with them, tearfully delirious and Dima Tymchuk - “we could very well erase the militants in fine dust (which is what happened), do not throw Putin on the Donbass hordes of his regular army. You can, of course, put hundreds of thousands of citizens under arms, and donbass blood, but this is hardly the best option. ” What a terrible drug grown on garlic beds Maidan, that citizen so pins ?!

For losses:
Civilians (killed / wounded) - 5 / 1
Militiamen (killed / wounded) - 2 / 7
Punishers - the militias do not specify; according to the National Security and Defense Council, one look at each punisher killed hundreds of millions of special forces of the GRU, 5 combat bears and 1 submarine, among the natsgad "no losses".

In general, the usual combat day has passed. truce - European-style ukry are ready to repeal the law “on special status” (Yaytsenyukh blinked militantly from under the glasses), Dogs again maydanit in the center of Kiev. What will bring us the next day - we will see.
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  1. ImPerts 18 September 2014 07: 24 New
    • 6
    • 0
    a fierce truce continues, with the use of armored vehicles, as well as the receiver and rocket artillery.

    Better not say.
    And Strelkov unequivocally spoke about the truce.
    1. MSA
      MSA 18 September 2014 07: 32 New
      • 1
      • 0
      Essentially described the existing world in real words.
    2. VICTOR-61
      VICTOR-61 18 September 2014 07: 34 New
      • 0
      • 0
      Maybe, of course, the hope that dill will go cold on the 3 Maidan may for this reason the truce will delay the preconditions, there is a lot of dissatisfaction with the parashen government
  2. VICTOR-61
    VICTOR-61 18 September 2014 07: 25 New
    • 2
    • 0
    Yes, the truce for New Russia is bad for dill; fights are strengthening; fighting continues; they are pulling up troops; this is not for peaceful purposes; then the militias will have to smoke them miserably for the dead civilians who died during the armistice
    TECHNOLOGY 18 September 2014 07: 28 New
    • 1
    • 0
    Did the united command take over the reins? It would be great. The main thing is that there should be no squabbles for power. And then something is wrong there.
  4. shishakova 18 September 2014 07: 36 New
    • 2
    • 0
    Igor Ivanovich correctly said: - He who does not think with his own head is doomed, others will think for him.
    Poroshenko does not care about victory, he needs chaos in which you can relax under the protection of the guard.
    Militias need Victory, and it will be very soon! God bless you.
  5. bronik 18 September 2014 07: 43 New
    • 0
    • 0
    With such a truce, there is no need for war; the people who believed in Kiev are destroyed.
  6. mamont5 18 September 2014 07: 50 New
    • 0
    • 0
    "Military enlistment office in n. The village of Lozovaya, Kharkiv region, local partisans threw 17 September grenades into 1: 50 nights. About the victims and the damage caused by the shells, information has not yet been reported. In the Kharkiv region, this is the 6 case of an attack by local partisans against military registration and enlistment offices. ”

    And what's the point of these attacks? Pure demonstration?
  7. saag 18 September 2014 07: 54 New
    • 0
    • 0
    Quote: TECHNAR
    Did the united command take the reins?

    "..."Hello again. In short - I.I. must remember the so-called. General Korsun, who first appeared in Kramatorsk just before my arrival in early May as a mythical representative of the GRU and drastically faded as soon as I became interested in this figure. The most ordinary adventurer, but is able to charm some unstable. He was detained last night as a result of a successful and carefully planned special operation jointly conducted by Major General I. Bezler and some military intelligence officers. Testifies. "

    Such a command, yeah ...
    1. nvv
      nvv 18 September 2014 08: 00 New
      • 1
      • 0
      Or maybe here is the reason for dousing the general with mud? Http: //
      1. pahom54
        pahom54 18 September 2014 12: 44 New
        • 1
        • 0
        Or maybe here is the reason for dousing the general with mud? Http: //

        Hello Victor.
        Today in VO a message flashed about the arrest of General Korssun by Bezler and the head of counterintelligence of the DPR as a "con man" ...
        What is it??? And with what they eat it ??? !!! I mean - what's going on there?
        And then - if there is no smoke without fire, then it’s not a swindler, but a “mishandled Cossack”, a provocateur ...
        In general, a big divide and squabble have begun, and they, unfortunately, can lead to very harmful consequences ...
  8. kush62 18 September 2014 07: 56 New
    • 1
    • 0
    And all - they have no heroes. For he cannot be heroes among the punishers.

    They can only be fascists, and worse than fascists i.e. Bandera.
  9. Drunya
    Drunya 18 September 2014 08: 06 New
    • 1
    • 0
    Quote: shishakova
    Poroshenko does not care about victory, he needs chaos

    I think he would be glad that the world was, but DO NOT GIVE !!!!
  10. kartalovkolya 18 September 2014 08: 14 New
    • 0
    • 0
    Everything suggests that not far off is the new offensive of the national bastards against the people of Novorossia (although in principle it did not stop). There is only one conclusion from what is happening: Novorossiya will never, under any circumstances, be part of Ukraine, the blood shed by punishers will never be forgiven. Glory to the people of Novorossia and its Armed Forces! Victory is inevitable as a change of seasons (and the junta understands this), the cause of the Kiev "authorities" was lost initially, people cannot be defeated!
  11. Mefodi5124 18 September 2014 08: 24 New
    • 0
    • 0
    All this was to be expected, it is impossible to agree with all sorts of madmen ...
  12. Znayka 18 September 2014 08: 30 New
    • 0
    • 0
    I can’t understand something at all ... How did 24 APU tanks get to the airport of Donetsk ??? Did they calmly drive through half of the DPR ??? "Truce" does not mean free movement of enemy forces in the rear of the militia ... What something very strange going on there ... negative
  13. Drunya
    Drunya 18 September 2014 08: 50 New
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    • 0
    "Death is not terrible, life in captivity is terrible"
    Another video from a friend of the Motorola division. Thank!! Video author: Rizvan Kurmanaliev
    "25/17, Winner's Mainsail", Sound Recorder copyright: 0:07
    Believe music

  14. The comment was deleted.
  15. pahom54
    pahom54 18 September 2014 08: 56 New
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    Yokarnye foreign journalists ...
    Eyewitnesses explain to him that 6 people were killed by a direct hit on a Ukrainian mine, they show traces of human brains on the wall, a witness, a video of “collecting brains” ...
    And he, a foreign journalist, is all trying to put his questions in a "wild perspective" in order to somehow bring to coverage, in the sense that it was "the militias themselves" who did all this ...
    Well, like, like in Odessa, people "burned themselves" ...
    Militias say: come, shoot, talk with people, bring the truth to the world community ...
    But who will come and for what purpose, and what he will cover there in the West, is in question ...
  16. muhomor 18 September 2014 09: 04 New
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    I am very alarmed by the approaching winter. Militias are trying to wage a maneuvering, semi-partisan war. In winter it’s hard. And cities without gas, light and water will become the second Leningrad. If the juntas aren’t pushed away from Lugansk and Donetsk by the onset of cold weather, the fate of the DPR and LPR will not be easy.
  17. BOB48 18 September 2014 09: 59 New
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    I didn’t understand what was going on with that ha ..... m Doberman - did you find no?
  18. Dragon-y 18 September 2014 10: 16 New
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    Quote: mamont5
    "Military enlistment office in n. The village of Lozovaya, Kharkiv region, local partisans threw 17 September grenades into 1: 50 nights. About the victims and the damage caused by the shells, information has not yet been reported. In the Kharkiv region, this is the 6 case of an attack by local partisans against military registration and enlistment offices. ”

    And what's the point of these attacks? Pure demonstration?

    Have you read the "Young Guard" of Fadeev? There, a German labor exchange was set on fire.
  19. ISKANDER25
    ISKANDER25 18 September 2014 11: 36 New
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    Punitives: leave Mariupol! Do not kill People!
  20. Appius 18 September 2014 12: 33 New
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    There is a confrontation. Sorry for civilians.
  21. Viktor Kudinov
    Viktor Kudinov 18 September 2014 16: 00 New
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    One of the monuments of this war may be a monument to the ceasefire with a non-human face. I seem to know: with whom this face will be sculpted.
  22. Ze Kot 18 September 2014 17: 18 New
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    Maybe it’s time to work at the Donetsk airport with chemistry or gases? All the same, they are not going to take the living from there ...