9 myths about the West and Russia through the eyes of a Russian émigré

9 myths about the West and Russia through the eyes of a Russian émigréIt so happened that we 3 a year ago left "Russia, rising from its knees." Three years is a significant time to draw any conclusions.

Since then, strangely enough, I mostly understood what is happening in Russia and why. It is very useful to "look from the side."

In spite of the well-intentioned choice of “knocking down”, I’m like a man born in the USSR and living in the information space “Russia rising from its knees”, had at the subconscious level some old myths about what was happening in Russia and what - in the West.

Most of these myths are still “system-forming” for the Russian Federation - its ideological foundation and even the basis of legitimacy.

These notes do not claim to be a serious study - this is what surprised me. Who cares - the facts and figures can find himself - on the Internet.

Yes, I write “West” and not “Canada” both because of precisely this principle of opposition, adopted in Russian society, and because the countries of the “golden billion” differ from each other to a much lesser extent than any of them - from Russia.

Myth № 1
On the lack of spirituality of the West against the background of the boundless spirituality of Russia.

You just need to understand to begin with - “what is spirituality”. The canonical concept of "spirituality" is not connected with the size of gold crosses on churches, not with the "mysterious and incomprehensible" soul of the population, not with something completely elusive, but, nevertheless, beyond doubt - for what you can "give in the face ".

Spirituality is associated with taking care of children, old people, members of society with disabilities. With a low number of homicides and suicides on the 1000 population. With the maintenance of pure nature around you. With care about little animals, God forgive me. With the absence of aggression at every step and for every reason.

With a large number of “volunteer” organizations - where people in their free time, on their own initiative, express their very “spirituality” - not according to the schedule from “United Russia” - but just like that - from the heart.

So if Russia has some kind of “spirituality”, then obviously - this is not what conventional, “canonical” spirituality is.

About spirituality in Russia is very well said here: http://lurkmore.ru/%D0%94%D1%83%D1%85%D0%BE%D0%B2%D0%BD%XXXUMX%BE%D0XXXD1%BD%XXXXX D81% 1% D82% 1C Especially - about the "8 rule of the spiritual man"

Myth № 2
That the West "sleeps and sees Russia ruin"

Everything is actually much worse and more offensive. Russia is not interested in anyone here. Well, almost none. Unlike Russia itself, where it is customary to put the blame on "the evil plans of the world behind the scenes."

“To carry out evil plans”, arranging “five minutes of hatred”, to rejoice at any failure in Russia and to rub our hands in anticipation of the inevitable collapse in the West is simply no one.

Here, society is more concerned with the problems associated directly with their comfortable living or with various types of humanitarian aid to “disadvantaged segments of the population” - it does not matter in which country.

It's funny that the West does not help anyone in Russia, because, firstly, the authorities do not give, and secondly, the general “degree” of Russian hatred for the “hand abroad” is very high. The Kremlin through power structures absolutely consciously impedes the activities of foreign charitable organizations - so as not to compete with the ROC. For example, the “Salvation Army” was never allowed into Russia. And now, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Koreans are “squeezing” —the Protestants (citizens of Russia, by the way, but “spiritually nurtured” because of the hated mound).

Myth № 3
About the “Kingdom of the Golden Calf”

We were taught in childhood that “in the world of chistogana” we “have to pay” for everything. As it turned out in practice, it is the local social system that allows each person to make a more or less conscious choice - “earn money” or “live a social” or “spiritual” life.

Money is not the only value of Western society - it works in conjunction with other values. And many values ​​are not for sale. Tell me why a simple high school 3 (!!!) of the stadium, each one as central in the Russian regional center? With all that they do not trade clothes, they do not sell beer, and anyone can do it - completely free of charge? And the land there is very expensive.

So be sure - by the number of requisitions and their size, Russia has long surpassed the countries of the West.

Moreover, in the “dirty West”, some categories of citizens generally manage to do their whole lives either completely without money, or without earning them - at least.

If you are not a professional drug addict or an alcoholic, then you can live on a good “average Russian level” - using different social programs - and at the same time without working. If an alcoholic doesn’t work, sorzhaleniyu because the participation in such programs is not "free" - in the sense of "come - gave the money", but you must somehow show their activity in changing their life status. For example, you may be “given money” for a month — two in the form of a scholarship — if you attend some “how to find a job” courses. Agree, the ideological for the lumpen proletarian is just insulting. Therefore, marginals “sit” on other programs - free food, free methadone programs, free shelters, etc. Well, they give money too, but a little - “for cigarettes”. Nobody forces to work and study - good, all with rich diagnoses ... According to statistics, for one homeless person in Vancouver, there are two social workers with good salaries.

Myth № 4
About the big social stratification in the West.

Among large economies in terms of inequality, Russia today is second only to Latin American countries. The Gini coefficient, which characterizes the uneven distribution of income in society, in Russia is 0,42

There are several reasons why the “stratification” in the West is much smaller. It:

- In general, an important background in society is set by “Christian” norms of behavior — haughty luxury is considered the lot of savages - with all that wealth in itself - honestly earned - is not considered a sin;

- the absence of a corrupt distribution of wealth and “administrative rent” that allows for the enrichment of the infinitely “closed” club of oligarchs with the poverty of the rest of the population;
- a large number of “social elevators”;

- “progressive” scale of taxes;

- a competitive economy, not restrained by corruption barriers - it is not possible to get rich here suddenly, but a person who has set himself the task of living with a good level of wealth has every chance to fulfill it without violating the law and moral norms;

- really working antitrust laws;

- effective, not imitative mechanisms of social assistance.

All this leads to a more “even” picture in terms of “equilibrium” between sectors of society.

It is obvious that in Russia there is not a single reason for which social stratification would be reduced, but there are many reasons for which it will continue to increase.

Myth № 5
On the "sweatshop system" as the only basis
motivation to work in the West

There are well-known figures according to which labor productivity in the West is 4 times higher than in Russia. This is usually attributed to some absolutely delusional reasons, offering no less delusional (and in fact - advantageous to the top) solutions to these problems.

In fact, everything is simpler - in the West it makes sense to work a lot and efficiently - as well as “social lifts”, and the possibility of implementing a complete set of “unfulfilled dreams” of an average Russian - such as an ocean yacht or your own new home in 300 square. m. here are fully realizable at the level of a nurse or truck driver. Those. ordinary “average” people, even without higher education, who work hard, responsibly and sometimes take overtime.

In Russia, however, there is a paradoxical (but typical for any slave society) situation. If you are lucky and you are among the “Russian elite”, you can not work at all - just get a rent and “hang out”. If “not lucky” - to work a lot and well - does not make sense. If you will receive not seven hundred, but one and a half thousand dollars a month, you will never buy a house or a yacht in your life. But you have to work a lot more.

In fact, why should the 4 norms be implemented in the “logging area”? To get 4 times more gangs? It is better to get one, but sleep more.

Myth № 6
About the great value of Russian emigrants -
they say, "they themselves would be useful," yes, "the West lured away"

I want to disappoint - there is much more “garbage” among the Russian-speaking population here than in Russia.

Much of the so-called. “Russian” émigrés are the “giving way to” 20 years ago to one degree or another “Russian-speaking” from the “union republics”. Then it was easier to go to the West than to return to Russia. There is a lot of “sausage” emigration - 90's still remaining mentally at the beginning - with an itchiness - an irresistible desire to “throw” and “dissolve”.

“Russian diaspora” is actually an oxymoron. Russians are the only one of relatively large émigré ethnos, where not only there is no support for compatriots and speakers of the same language with you - moreover - you, the “newcomer,” will certainly try to deceive and rob them of their own. It is very common and not motivated - boorish attitude towards new visitors - precisely from the side of “compatriots”. Strangely enough, but in Russia, with an average level of aggressiveness, this attitude is much less common - as people inclined to such things are simply afraid of “getting a severe physical response.” And after all you will not go to the cops - there they will still “add”. Here - the legal state - for the violence against the person provides for serious sanctions.

It is not surprising that in the atmosphere of universal hatred, hostility and contempt “nothing grows”. The other ethnic diasporas of Vancouver - the Chinese, the Sikhs and even the Ukrainians (!!!) generally achieved great success on Canadian soil.

Not a small part of the Russian interrupted on low-skilled jobs, regret the collapse of the USSR, hates the West and lives in constant internal disassembly. But nobody leaves for Russia!

Moreover, the less “Russians” in a given locality - the more obvious these trends are ...

There are, of course, exceptions - but they more only confirm the rule. Unfortunately, the “foam” is always at the top - and “burned” several times, the emigrants just start to avoid compatriots.

Myth № 7
The fact that "we do not need anyone there."

Partly true myth - if we bear in mind the "Russian community" - then the truth is in 100%. And if you ask 100 bucks “to pay” - “for food” of your unfamiliar neighbor - I don’t think it will. In such cases, it is not uncommon for the “donors” to offer you products to buy - to be sure that you just lack food, and not “substances”.

Well, if we talk about numerous social services, then they really need you. You are the main subject of their activity, their “bread”, salary and “benefits”. You just have to not hesitate to use this system - what is being taught here “from a young nail”. Have you got any problems? Domestic violence, offends the boss at work, there is nothing to pay for housing, did the depression overcome? Contact the appropriate service - they will help you. Quality and free. The social security service here is not “imitative” in nature, as in Russia, but is one of the objects of pride of the population.

Myth № 8
The fact that in the West, you can "stupidly die of hunger"

Well, this is the funniest myth. In every area of ​​the city there are “food banks” - usually in the churches. Come, get big groceries. Not top quality, of course - fresh lobsters will not be there, but you can live. And by the standards of the Russian hinterland - you can even live very well and not so badly. In general, food prices are lower than in Russia - with a significantly higher quality.

Myth № 9
On the "decay" of the West and that "soon it will end"

"Do not wait," as they say in the old Odessa joke. The myth of the “soon end of the West” is a favorite song for the citizens of Russia performed by the Kremlin leadership (having a lot of assets in the supposedly “hated” West).

In general, the society of the “golden billion” is much more diverse, more dynamic, more open in discussing its problems. This is not like it was recently in one of the former Asian republics of the USSR - when half the city was smashed to shreds from exploded art warehouses, official propaganda sparingly reported about a "small fire in a fireworks store." Here, the opposite is true (since, according to the Russian standards, “undercut” journalists are sufficiently numerous), they try to dig out any social problem (even a far-fetched one) and suggest its solution.

The transport infrastructure is actively developed, the “three-minute accessibility” program is being implemented - i.e. from any housing to the park with a sports infrastructure - at least 3-minute walking distance.

There is an active transition to "green" technology. The educational system quickly adapts to the changing labor market.

There are problems - but there are solutions. Over the past 3, the area in Vankwer, where we live (and before that is not the most neglected - and by the standards of the Russian Federation - so closed elite settlement) has become more modern and convenient for living. The trip a year ago to Russia simply shocked me - the collapse continues at an accelerated pace ...

Instead of confinement.

Have you decided to leave Russia? Do not believe in Soviet myths - leave. But at the same time:

- learn the language of the host country - preferably in advance;
- integrate, get a specialty in demand in the local market; be active and positive.
- Be wary of former compatriots.

And you will succeed! Perhaps not immediately - and the year through 3-4 - but it will turn out necessarily.
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