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Poroshenko disappoints Ukrainian radicals

While the President of Ukraine Poroshenko makes visits to the United States and Canada, another show with a claim to “Maidan” is unfolding on the territory of Ukraine. At the presidential administration building in Kiev, representatives of the Right Sector and other radical organizations hold their rally, at which Poroshenko is urged either not to return from the United States, or after arriving in Ukraine for a long time in the “Square” not to linger and go to Rostov.

The activists are located along the facade of the presidential administration in Kiev and, holding posters in their hands, express their dissatisfaction with the decision Poroshenko made in connection with the “special status” of Donbass. Russia Today gives a photo of what slogans are the protesters:

Today, on a Facebook page, one of the representatives of Ukraine’s radical political “elites” Oleg Lyashko posted the following collage under the post “Happy, brothers, the time has come ...”

Poroshenko disappoints Ukrainian radicals

Lyashko was one of those who voted against Poroshenko’s initiative to grant Donbas “special status” the day before.

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  1. Balbes_I
    Balbes_I 17 September 2014 17: 07
    Whether there will still be oh-oh-oh-oh ..... it’s time for someone to urgently buy Vaseline .....
    1. enot73
      enot73 17 September 2014 17: 52

      Today, on a Facebook page, one of the representatives of Ukraine’s radical political “elites” Oleg Lyashko posted the following collage under the post “Happy, brothers, the time has come ...”
      Quote: Balbes_I
      Whether it will still be oh-oh-oh-oh ..... it’s time for someone to urgently buy Vaseline

      As I understand it, a regular consumer of petroleum jelly is a new potential Lyashko condiment for dill. If Lyashko nevertheless becomes president, then the blue dream of Ukrainians about Europe will come true laughing
      1. MSA
        MSA 17 September 2014 17: 54
        Slowly a new Maidan is brewing.
        1. Roman 1977
          Roman 1977 17 September 2014 18: 01
          I will repeat my post, though in a slightly different way. Lyashko: Poroshenko capitulating before Putіnim. Although on the move, but on 80% it is clear. Lyashko is unhappy with the agreements.

          Well, according to yesterday's creation of the army of New Russia, the opinion of the militias:
          Well then, we sat surrounded - tapericha nehai dill sit. Ring Makeevka-Gorlovka-Enakievo is closed. The number of dill - up to 2500 people, with equipment and all that is necessary. True - every day decreases, yes. Whoever we have in time — we will rob those who are not — well, no, no. Debaltsevo is also in the ring - and the dill there also do not have a sweet life.
          There is light, there is water, there is Internet, there is mobile communication. By the way, laughter with laughter - but dill is sacredly convinced that artillery first of all smashed mobile communication towers. So - no. In certain areas, there are difficulties with the MTS network, there were difficulties with the Life network. Kyivstar as it worked in full - and it works. Wired Internet stopped working only when the electricity was turned off.
          There are products for sale. Although there are difficulties with some socially significant ones, yes. Not that horror-horror-horror is straightforward, but there is little. For example, with vegetable oil. And also with my now favorite mineral water "Mirgorodskaya" and "Truskavetskaya". I am pondering whether to switch to "Perrier", only the price and heartburn stop it :).
          The route to Donetsk under the control of the Armed Forces of New Russia. Although shot through, but stripping work is underway.
          With regards to the sketches about the so-called "split of the field commanders" ...
          Bunnies and squirrels, Major General Bezler - not once, put a signature on the document, and even the very first. I think that even Brain will not be a fool in his Luhansk region.
          With regards to that, Shaw yesterday they took in the supreme castle of Poros with their relatives ... They themselves accepted - they themselves are to blame. The same applies to the statements of the Novorossiysk politota, which, apparently, was pretty awesome from the increase in the FAC.
          Well, and if, in general, a fierce truce continues on the territory of Novorossia, using armored vehicles, as well as barrel and rocket artillery. Basically - ours, which we robbed of dill. But dill is not asleep. True, they are kakfsihda, fighting exclusively with women, children and the elderly.

        2. Duke
          Duke 17 September 2014 19: 30
          Sole fan: only one ticket was sold for Makarevich’s concert in Krasnoyarsk
          17 September 2014
          Only one resident of the millionth Krasnoyarsk purchased a ticket for the concert of Andrei Makarevich in the local restaurant-bar “Clouds”. As a result, the money was returned to the buyer, and the performer was told that there would be no performance “due to low audience demand”.
          The capacity of the institution where the Makarevich concert was planned is 800 people. Ticket prices were quite ordinary - from 1500 rubles. However, in a city of considerable size, overnight, the unpopular performer found only one fan who was ready to pay money for a performance ticket.
          “Yes, there was no point in further selling tickets!” In Krasnoyarsk, not only did not go to his concert, but also ruined the posters! I think the reason is clear. This is a boycott, a spectator boycott, well, but the reason is clear, ”quoted the words of Vladimir Ryzhov, who tried to organize a concert, was the Reedus agency.
          Makarevich himself commented on the breakdown of the speech as follows: “I do not know anything about this! Zabzz *** whether, probably, your comrades. May God grant them health. ”
          Recall that earlier the concerts of the musician in Samara were disrupted, scheduled for the second half of September.
          1. I think so
            I think so 17 September 2014 21: 08
            And where on Russian soil such are derived? All the same, Joseph Vissarionovich apparently did not in vain spread rot against the enemies of the people ... There is one and in large quantities, especially in the "creative environment" ... The bastards were divorced, they were raised and if he wrote any poppies, he thinks that the navel of the earth and something can understand in life ... Bastard ...
          2. hooligan
            hooligan 18 September 2014 00: 13
            class! Makarka got the answer! so they all need. Judah)
            1. kayman4
              kayman4 18 September 2014 07: 40
              He thought that he would spit on the Russian people, and that, as befits a "stupid cattle", he would go to his concerts so that he could continue to live happily ever after in coconut.
          3. zorch
            zorch 18 September 2014 14: 08
            and that the only spectator who bought the ticket just wanted to make a copy of Makarevich.
      ETERNAL DOZZOR 18 September 2014 01: 26
      Quote: Balbes_I
      Whether there will still be oh-oh-oh-oh ..... it’s time for someone to urgently buy Vaseline ....

      better stronger rope, the boar is healthy !!!!
  2. The comment was deleted.
    1. Balbes_I
      Balbes_I 17 September 2014 17: 11
      What was to be expected, such "patriots" are pushing peoples into civil wars, while hiding their asses in warm lobbies ...

      Activists of the “Right Sector”, who hold an action near the building of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine in the center of Kiev, urge Petro Poroshenko to leave the country and follow the example of the previous head of state Viktor Yanukovych to go to Russian Rostov-on-Don.
      1. tilovaykrisa
        tilovaykrisa 17 September 2014 17: 16
        Gomosya negodue that the flow of dough is running out.
      2. VICTOR-61
        VICTOR-61 17 September 2014 17: 47
        This dill mattress is soon awaited by a thrashing such that it can be carried by the fascist's ass
    2. 77bob1973
      77bob1973 17 September 2014 17: 32
      Gunpowder would "not powder the brain", and led the campaign of troops of Novorossiya to Kiev, at the same time all opponents are cleaned up automatically!
  3. Vend
    Vend 17 September 2014 17: 07
    Let's bite. Gnawing each other will become easier to breathe. laughing
  4. Vorlon
    Vorlon 17 September 2014 17: 12
    Continuation "out of topic":

    Regarding the events with incomprehensible movements of the commanders, Strelkov reported the following.

    First. In Donetsk, according to him, everything is calm. Who is "Lieutenant-General Korsun", who has been fighting since April, he does not know. Therefore, he asks the commanders of the middle and lower echelons not to pay attention to what the senior commanders share there, and to prepare for hostilities, which are inevitable anyway. After they begin, all disagreements and pulling the blanket over themselves will become insignificant.

    Second. According to him, the coup that took place is not connected with Moscow. It is possible that there are some people on whom the "signers" are guided, but in general, there is no special decision that radically changes the situation and the alignment. We are talking about the independent actions of individual commanders of individual detachments, and the number of these detachments is clearly insufficient to bear the proud name of the "Joint Armed Forces".

    The third. Strelkov said that the incident does not and will not have any effect on the current supply of units.

    Source: LJ El Murid
  5. Hleb
    Hleb 17 September 2014 17: 12
    again duplicate the comments of dill

    ... At the factories at Petya’s crisis, what sanctions, and traitors should not be ... touched, otherwise the wafer will be angry
    ... It turns out that nobody needs us ... With Russia ... we don’t fundamentally trade, and Europe does not give preferences .... ... PETA, dear, you’ll go to Rotov ...
    ... I don't need such a president
    ... and what do you want from an oligarch whose business depends on Russia?
    ... yeah, compromise! it remains at the request of the hutin to return ... Yanukovych, pshonka, etc. into place.
    ... It smacks of betrayal of the Maidan and the dead for ... independence.
    ... [b] mayge treby new maidan
    ... [b] Gunpowder - it's time for you in Rostoff
    ... Huckster parasenka! Why are you, fooled? With whom did you find ...
    ... it’s time to bring in everything. They again take revenge as Yakubovich in 2006
    ... deliciously harkat Petya Ukraine in the face
    ... the boar also started from this. you stupid man petya.
    ... yes, because, as she said ... that’s what everyone does: both the EU and ... Ukraine! Now everyone understands what is happening?
    ....What to do? They don’t take to NATO, they don’t accept to the EU.
    ... That they must be demolished - zae..ali! There 90% - This is the agent of the Kremlin
    .. There is no Crimea, there is war in the east, there is no association (because of which, in fact, there is no Crimea and up to Mbassa) ....... THERE ARE AT ALL ... ANULIATED ... B..T !?
    ... [b] I congratulate the cattle who voted for Rygov’s huckster [/ b]
  6. Starover_Z
    Starover_Z 17 September 2014 17: 13
    And it became interesting to them
    Poroshenko disappoints Ukrainian radicals
    for what ?!
  7. vsoltan
    vsoltan 17 September 2014 17: 14
    It is unclear whether such passions have disappeared ... the law on Donbass is not worth a hatched egg, like the Minsk protocols themselves ... what kind of "special status"? There is none and never will be, all just grimaces and jumps ... or just hysteria, like "take my hand away?"
    1. Mol
      Mol 17 September 2014 17: 38
      "... the law on Donbass is not worth a hatched egg, like the Minsk protocols themselves ..." I agree with you. And passions are such because the elections to the Rada are approaching. Therefore, the squabble in Ukraine between Bandera for a greater number of places at the trough will only grow.
    2. Alekseev
      Alekseev 17 September 2014 20: 40
      Quote: vsoltan
      the law on Donbass is not worth a hatched egg

      Its maintenance is not expensive, but the very fact of accepting banderlogs as a sickle in ... one place.
      The appearance of this law automatically denies all terrorists - separatists, and introduces a legal entity for further negotiations (and gradual separation wink). Moreover, an amnesty for all militias - i.e. they fought, beat the Banderlog, but they did it not "out of their own robbery", but had every reason for that! The situation, they say, was like that ... yes
  8. mitya24
    mitya24 17 September 2014 17: 20
    "........ At the building of the presidential administration in Kiev, representatives of the" Right Sector "and other radical organizations are holding their rally ........." Judging by the photo from the once formidable, swastika-painted "Right Sector" there was only one old prostitute and a drunken suffocated intellectual
  9. The comment was deleted.
  10. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 17 September 2014 17: 27
    And for dill, any hints of concessions to New Russia are an electric current of 3 thousand volts, brought to the brain.
    1. builder
      builder 17 September 2014 19: 45
      Quote: Mountain Shooter
      summed up to the brain.

      To the brain? - hardly he is there
  11. midashko
    midashko 17 September 2014 17: 28
    Why is Parashka needed in Rostov? Unless in court.
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 17 September 2014 17: 37
      Quote: midashko
      Why is Parashka needed in Rostov?

      So there is fun winked
  12. Seva
    Seva 17 September 2014 17: 32
    Dill is such a supernation, and with your own mate apparently straining. even the mentally retarded americos and their own FA have lol
  13. andrei332809
    andrei332809 17 September 2014 17: 36
    pravoseki not allowed to the feeder, that's peep
    1. vitamin ky
      vitamin ky 17 September 2014 19: 22
      Now this is specifics, plus you good
  14. The comment was deleted.
  15. andrew42
    andrew42 17 September 2014 17: 48
    Fools, they would wind up in Galicia and fenced off in their beds until it's too late. With Kiev, the Westerners will not be lost for a penny. Nazis, not Nazis, but Kiev will follow and will drag them to the underworld. Zombie city. Sorry, adequate people of Kiev, but this is a fact. Kiev became the center of foreign intervention and colonization of the former Ukraine. The Nazis serve the Zionists. Moreover, in contrast to the Reich, explicitly. The apotheosis of idiotism in all its glory. And Piglet will soon "be corrected", that will return from the States and stir up the war again, and will tell the Pravosek - "it was a tactical move." Judging by his face, he is generally calm, he is not particularly nervous that the situation is getting out of control, he is working according to plan.
  16. dchegrinec
    dchegrinec 17 September 2014 17: 48
    And why are they looking at these troublemakers of different kinds, they would put them in a penal colony for 20 years, immediately the crap would come out. Law cuts, cutting areas, damn homosexuals ... and all the like and derivatives ..
    TECHNOLOGY 17 September 2014 17: 56
    "Girl! Are you ready to fall in love with a radical?" ... "Excuse me, for what?"
  18. morpogr
    morpogr 17 September 2014 17: 57
    The third Maidan is not looking forward to the continuation of the series "Ukraine is a ruin a little bit and died".
    1. Miron64
      Miron64 17 September 2014 18: 07
      I even popcorn stuffed. laughing
  19. BOB044
    BOB044 17 September 2014 18: 01
    In Lyashko, the point is itching on the Russian boot. It’s getting cold soon, the dill will be in place for dill.
  20. Miron64
    Miron64 17 September 2014 18: 04
    The paragraph will now say that pravoseki are agents of the Kremlin, the FSB. GRU. And their leader is Putin! Only quiet is a great secret !!!! wassat lol
    1. hooligan
      hooligan 18 September 2014 00: 29
      i'm nikamu ... shhh))))))
  21. biron
    biron 17 September 2014 18: 28
    Spiders moved, soon they will begin to devour each other.
  22. morpogr
    morpogr 17 September 2014 18: 33
    Not in the subject but for information.
    Residents of Mariupol hijacked two tanks APU.
    The Ukrainian servicemen, confident of their own immunity, went to the store, leaving two tanks with running engines at the entrance. And they did not see them anymore. Combat vehicles "attached legs" residents of Mariupol. Tanks handed over to the militia.
    In the area of ​​Sartana, at the roadside shop, the starving soldiers left two tanks without shutting down the engines. How long, they say, buy food. It turned out, 10 minutes - quite enough to hijack combat vehicles.
    Simple Mariupol guys, having got hold of tanks, immediately sent them towards Novoazovsk.
    “Imagine the surprise that the militias experienced when, in full steam at their post, with all the Ukrainian symbols, starting from the yellow-blue flags and ending with the inscriptions“ Fri-PNH ”, two tanks were perl. The only thing that stopped the militia from firing was that the towers were turned back at the tanks, ”says Alena Danilenko, a resident of Mariupol, on social networks.
    By the way, a similar case in Mariupol is not uncommon. A similar episode happened on the eve of Cominternovo, where the security forces settled down to rest. Nimble guys dragged two guns. They were dragged to the militia with the help of tractors.
    “These are the partisans-partisans we have here, so that Mariupol has not jumped and will never ride,” Danilenko writes.
    1. vitamin ky
      vitamin ky 17 September 2014 19: 25
      hahhhaha hung - offset - if it's true - someone's life rolls downhill, and someone else's vice versa, you plus hi for uplifting laughing
      1. builder
        builder 17 September 2014 19: 48
        Normal barter wink
      2. fiodor
        fiodor 17 September 2014 23: 28
        Forgot to put on the signaling laughing laughing laughing Bravo good
    2. African
      African 17 September 2014 20: 06
      Mercy. Pleased. Like in Odessa at the station with 2 suitcases. How have you changed - and people are the same. Note +.
    3. vitamin ky
      vitamin ky 17 September 2014 20: 53
      and you positive
      1. fiodor
        fiodor 17 September 2014 23: 56
        +++++ Listen to where I dug such folk art and folklore, neighing from the heart and my mother liked it laughing , eh, the Russian land does not deplete with talents!
        1. vitamin ky
          vitamin ky 18 September 2014 00: 15
          on anti-Maidan -I already advertised to you -video essno from YouTube -a link to it with anti-Maidan -pot in PM if something for advertising here is executed through a buba laughing
          1. fiodor
            fiodor 18 September 2014 00: 37
            This video has not seen mom swear lol
  23. patriot-rf
    patriot-rf 17 September 2014 19: 16
    Quote: Balbes_I
    Whether there will still be oh-oh-oh-oh ..... it’s time for someone to urgently buy Vaseline .....
    that nooo, he’s been rolling without Vaseline for a long time
  24. Prussian
    Prussian 17 September 2014 19: 44
    "On Tuesday, Odessa public figures announced the creation of the Benny Crick Jewish humanitarian battalion. Its members plan to" bring peace to Ukraine and help the army with everything it needs. "

    The main difference from other volunteer formations, the participants in the gumbat are refusal of violent methods, when asked what the battalion will do if the militants get to Odessa and the world will have to be defended with arms in hand, Dmitry Nudel answered evasively: “I will say in Jewish, we will trust the professionals ". By the way, the gumbat them. Benny Krika is not the first Jewish formation in Odessa. Earlier it was reported about the creation of the "Matilan" battalion, which was supposed to go to the exercises in June and today take part in the ATO. Three months have passed since then, but nothing has been heard about the battalion "
    1. African
      African 17 September 2014 20: 08
      So they are going. Nothing new. By the fall, 2015 will be built in the form of the current government. But what, everything is clear Benya .. tactics
  25. Aandrewsir
    Aandrewsir 17 September 2014 20: 26
    Here again a "big politician" loomed, for a second, perhaps, a lyashka, who "works for the sake of feces." More lyasheki in Ukraine, more feces will be!
  26. ISKANDER25
    ISKANDER25 17 September 2014 20: 47
    A cockerel roosting! Finish as Bily!
    1. hooligan
      hooligan 18 September 2014 00: 38
      I finally can not understand ... Cheyta Lyashka alive? behind his head, a reward seems to have been appointed request
  27. Thompson
    Thompson 18 September 2014 00: 09
    Quote: I think so
    And where on Russian soil such are derived? All the same, Joseph Vissarionovich apparently did not in vain spread rot against the enemies of the people ... There is one and in large quantities, especially in the "creative environment" ... The bastards were divorced, they were raised and if he wrote any poppies, he thinks that the navel of the earth and something can understand in life ... Bastard ...

    We begin to slowly understand Koba! There was no smoke without fire. Of course, I went too far, not without it, but there was a reason, and now we clearly see this. By the way, his descendants, almost Ukrobendnrovites, spread rot in our own way, whose ancestors knowingly saw a balance of spruce and mosquitoes fed.
  28. lockout
    lockout 18 September 2014 00: 35
    For a change, let's think about how you can return Ukraine to a peaceful life and the Russian space without using weapons against people of Russian origin and culture? We need to come up with an alternative ideology and political movement for those who wish to see Ukraine as an independent country. So that they start replacing the garbage with Nazi propaganda in their heads. Something like "Ordinary Ukrainians". Maybe it will be a socialist movement. Since Ukraine is run by oligarchs, and clearly not Ukrainians, it is against them that the common people should be turned up. And Novorossiya could become a good source of a new ideology, like the FRG, opposed at one time to the GDR. Only for this it needs to be the East Ukrainian People's Republic or something like that. Thus, the new state could absorb the old one over time or significantly influence Western Ukraine. Let there be some kind of Ukrainian language in order to preserve the potential for cultural integration of Central and Western Ukraine.
    It may sound like nonsense, but something needs to be done. The blood of our peoples cannot continue to pour.
  29. krivdaSPb
    krivdaSPb 18 September 2014 00: 50
    And, by the way, I would take advantage of the situation - I would rewrite all this mold and with photos. One hell, they're all huddled there. Under the sauce "the country should know heroes". They will also pose, I'm sure one hundred percent.
    The day will come, all these lists will be needed. And then all this scum will shout louder than everyone else that they are all exclusively "deceived investors" and have nothing to do with the bloody mess.