Horrors of the Black Continent: "Lord’s Resistance Army"

Usually, when people talk about “religious fundamentalists,” an image of a bearded Wahhabi, or Talib, appears. But the Black Continent likes to give surprises - it will be about so-called. “Lord’s Resistance Army” (Lord’s Resistance Army, LRA or LRA), which as Christians, also “became famous” as cruel murderers, cannibals and kidnappers of thousands of people, mainly children, whom they turn into militants, working cattle, or sex slaves. The leaders of this movement are responsible for mass killings, mass abductions, and the conversion of people into slavery.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon described the actions of the “Army of the Lord” as “terrifying atrocities” and called on the states of Central Africa to take concerted action against it.

The conflict involving this organization (or sect) has been going on for a quarter of a century: it was created in 1987 (according to other data in 1986), when representatives of the Acholi tribe revolted against the government of Yoweri Musevini in Uganda. Their official goal is to establish a theocratic regime based on the 10 biblical commandments. Initially, it was called: “the Ugandan People’s Democratic Christian Army,” then “the Ugandan Christian Democratic Army,” from the 1991-1992, has the current name. The main bases and strongholds of the Lord’s Army are located in southern Sudan, as well as in the territories of DR Congo adjacent to Uganda. The organization believes that a new society can only be built from children who are not touched by sins; therefore, with raids, adults are killed without exception, and children are hijacked.

The current leader, a very charismatic personality - Joseph Kony, a former Catholic priest, he declared himself a prophet of the Lord and the voice of the Holy Spirit. Locals believe that they can stop the bullets. In 2005, the International Criminal Court issued a warrant for his arrest, as well as his associates, accusing them of crimes against humanity and war crimes, they are accused of murder, rape, forced hijacking of children, etc.

Horrors of the Black Continent: "Lord’s Resistance Army"

All the killings are committed "in the name of God", although Christian dogmas, militants perfectly combine with the savage traditions that came from the depths of the past, for example: cannibalism. Some analysts believe that the leaders of the “Army of God, are only hiding behind Christianity, with good goals, so the second person in the organization, Vincent Otti (executed Conn in 2007), stated that they intend to: overthrow the dictatorship and stop oppressing the common people; restore multiparty democracy in Uganda; put an end to the violation of human rights and the degradation of the human dignity of the people of the country; to ensure peace and stability in the country; ensure the unity, sovereignty and economic prosperity of the country; Do not allow discrimination of the population. Their main goal is the robbery of the local population, intimidated by constant terror. Plus small-town nationalism - all those who are strangers are subject to destruction, or slavery (given the ideology, only children and young girls can be slaves)

The main methods of the “army of the Lord” are terror, if the militants carry out an action, the population of the chosen village is destroyed, and the children are stolen. Children are turned into sex slaves, working animals or militants. The method of teaching child soldiers is very simple: joining a murder so that it becomes commonplace, children lose their humanity, lose the opportunity to return to normal life. Children have lowered the threshold of fear of death, so they make excellent tools ready to die for the sake of the leader. In addition to murder, another method of "bloody bail" - the introduction of cannibalism. It is believed that the group each year kidnaps up to thousands of children. Thus, in October 1996, militants of the “army” in north-western Uganda attacked a convoy, a police station and a school where schoolgirls were abducted by 150. In January 1997, LRA militants killed more than 400 people in Lamvo in northern Uganda. In May, 2002 of the year they, in one raid in the East Equatorial province in Sudan, exterminated more than 450 people. In November 2003, “Christian” militants destroyed Ayar’s village in northern Uganda, killing more than a hundred of its inhabitants, including a Christian priest. In June, 2006, they committed their most famous and arrogant act - they attacked the suburb of the capital of South Sudan, Juba.

The special hatred of sectarians is caused by other Christians - they are destroyed with special cruelty. So, 28 December 2008, the militants of the Lord’s Resistance Army in the Catholic Church in the northeast of DR Congo killed 45 people, their bodies were dismembered and scattered throughout the neighborhood. Similar acts were committed throughout the county. This event was called - "Christmas carnage."

Military operations against the LRA are not successful, its members dissolve in the jungle, and after the departure of the military they quickly restore the depleted ranks. So in 2002, the operation of the Sudanese and Ugandan military failed. In 2006, the operation developed by the Americans and the UN to neutralize the leaders of the LRA - 8 of Guatemalan Special Forces, prepared for this action, was destroyed by the “fighters of the Lord”. Operation 2008 of the year failed - it was jointly conducted by Uganda, the DRC and South Sudan. The “Army” makes excellent use of remote mountain-wooded areas, without engaging in direct clashes. And the number of "army" is quite small - a few thousand. Coming out from under the impact, the LRA instantly makes up for the loss. After all, back in 1996, the Ugandan government, as a measure of struggle against separatism, acoli, created concentration camps, where they were driven to 1 million people. Therefore, the LRA enjoys the support of fellow tribesmen.

The main cause of this problem, as well as many hundreds of other similar conflicts of the Black Continent, is the colonial heritage. The British and French (and other colonialists are smaller) "having left" from Africa, so redrew its map - just in line, or by eye, which created a mass of artificial formations, placing competing tribes with age-old roots of hostility in them. So, the same acoli were divided between several states. The black continent is simply programmed for constant slaughter, conflict, war. And the Western world has a direct benefit from this - in this “muddy water”, you can still suck the wealth of Africa while the local people cut each other's throats. And there is no way out of this vicious circle ...

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