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"Great Ukrainian Wall"

"Great Ukrainian Wall"

On September 5, the Ukrainian government approved the Wall project. As part of this project, it is planned to equip the border with Russia and isolate itself from it, ostensibly to avoid aggression. Talk about the possible construction of various fences on the Russian-Ukrainian border has been going on for the past few months, but until recently it all remained at the level of discussions. Now, the Ukrainian specialists have completed the elaboration of the project, and the government has approved an action plan. It is noteworthy that, despite the seriousness of Kiev’s intentions, the Wall project immediately became a subject of offensive jokes.

Indeed, in the present conditions, the construction of a wall on the border with Russia does not look like the most important and necessary project. Ukraine's economy is collapsing, the situation of citizens is deteriorating, and battles are taking place in the eastern regions. In such a situation, attention should be paid to many things, but not to equip the border. However, this is not a reason to immediately respond to the “Wall” project as a deliberately disastrous one and without any prospects. Consider the proposal of the new Kiev authorities and try to determine its pros and cons.

The border of Russia and Ukraine has a total length of slightly less than 2300 kilometers. In all land areas it is planned to build a large number of different structures, which will receive special equipment. The scope of the proposed work is so large that the total cost of the project has not yet been determined. The cost of the Wall is estimated to be at least several billion hryvnias — at hundreds of millions of US dollars. It is planned to build all the required facilities in 56 months (a little over 4,5 years).

Part of the border of the two countries is currently controlled by the militia of New Russia. For this reason, in Kiev they propose to build the Wall in two stages. During the first, new structures should appear on sections of the border controlled by the frontier service of Ukraine: on the borders of the Chernihiv, Kharkiv and Sumy regions, as well as the Luhansk region to the village of Melovoe. In addition, the border with the Crimea will be equipped. The second phase of construction is planned to be carried out after the successful completion of the “anti-terrorist operation”. During its implementation, the corresponding structures will stretch from the Cretaceous to the shores of the Sea of ​​Azov.

On land it is supposed to equip the border as follows. Directly along the border, a ditch will be dug up to the width of 4 m and depth to 2 m. There will be an embankment beyond the moat, beyond which the control-trace strip will be plowed. After it, a dirt road will be laid and a metal fence will be installed. Along the border every 20 kilometers it is proposed to build watchtowers with a variety of equipment to monitor the situation.

In this way, the border will be equipped in “quiet” areas. The border with the Crimea will be equipped in a similar way, but there are no plans to dig ditches. In the case of “particularly dangerous areas” in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, infrared cameras will also be installed at the border, which are supposed to help improve the detection of intruders.

In order to avoid "aggression" from the sea in Kiev, they propose to equip the coast accordingly. From Mariupol to the Crimea, a control and trace strip and a complex of motion sensors will appear on the shores of the Azov Sea. In addition, new fortifications will appear on the coast, which will be assigned anti-amphibious defense functions.

The total cost of the Wall project has not yet been determined. However, a few days after the approval of the project, Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk told about the beginning of its financing. The construction of the first structures was allocated 100 million hryvnia. New should follow this first tranche.

Even on the surface it can be seen that the Wall project will be very expensive and complicated. In the current economic situation, Ukraine is unlikely to be able to fully implement it. Probably, in Kiev they understand this, as some statements by officials may indicate. For example, the deputy head of the State Border Service, Pavel Shisholin, said that Ukraine intends to seek help from European states. He called his country the eastern border of the European Union and therefore, as he believes, “they must invest the appropriate money in it”. Indeed, foreign countries are ready to provide all possible assistance. A few days ago it became known that the United States could transfer 2,5 thousand barbed wire coils to Ukraine with a total value of 435 thousand dollars.

It is interesting that the Ukrainian government approved a project to build the most common means of border protection, but President Petro Poroshenko described other plans a few days ago. According to him, a layered defense line with positions for tanks and troops, communications, etc. P. Poroshenko also said that a similar line of defense should pass both along the border with Russia and along the line of “direct resistance to the militants”. A little later, the press service of the headquarters of the so-called ATO disclosed some details of this proposal. In accordance with it, it is planned to equip about 1,5 thousand kilometers of trenches, trenches and communication routes, dig 8 thousand trenches for equipment, build 4 thousand dugouts and install a 60-km “unexploded fence” in one of the sections.

It is not hard to guess that such border equipment will be several times more expensive than the approved project: the construction of fortifications and positions for the troops will require investing up to several tens of billions of hryvnias. The probability of successful implementation of such a project is extremely low - Ukraine may not have enough money even for the “classic” equipment of the border with ditches and control and trace strip.

It should be noted that the project of equipping the Russian-Ukrainian border can have positive consequences. Naturally, this is not a defense of Ukraine against the mythical Russian aggression, but more realistic things. First of all, it should be noted that, thanks to the implementation of the Wall project, the border between the two countries will finally be equipped. A quarter of a century after the collapse of the Soviet Union, part of the border between Russia and Ukraine exists only on paper. Thus, the work of Ukrainian builders will lead to an equipped border. This will complicate the lives of various border trespassers crossing it in both directions, as well as simplify the work of border guards.

The implementation of the Wall project can have positive economic and social consequences, which is given as an argument in its favor. For the construction of a wall of several thousand kilometers will have to mobilize several industrial enterprises. In addition, new jobs will be created for builders. Due to this, it is alleged that the Wall project is useful not only from the point of view of the country's security, but also in terms of the economy.

Nevertheless, the project’s existing drawbacks seem to completely outweigh all its positive aspects. The main problem of the Wall project, as well as the proposals of Poroshenko and the headquarters of ATO, is its cost. Even in peacetime, the construction of such complex structures would have taken a lot of time and would “burn through” a solid hole in the budget. Under current conditions, the construction of the Wall is turning into a completely unhelpful economic plan. In addition, one should not forget about corruption, because of which the total cost of border equipment can increase significantly, if it does not grow several times.

The construction countries may be assisted by European countries, but they are not interested in this. European capitals have their own interests, and support for Ukrainian projects is not included in them. For this reason, overseas aid can be limited to American barbed wire and moral support.

The next problem is the boundary line. Before construction begins, Kiev and Moscow will have to demarcate the border and pinpoint it. Until this difficult and lengthy process is completed, any attempt to build the Wall may give rise to complaints from Russia.

The Wall project can have not only positive social consequences. The fact is that at the present time the border between the two countries literally halves several small settlements. Thus, now they will have fences and other attributes of the equipped border. As a result, either the state will have to build checkpoints, or residents will be forced to make a detour and go to the nearest point, and then return to another part of their village or village. It is unlikely that the locals will be happy about this.

Finally, it is worth considering one interesting feature of P. Poroshenko’s proposal regarding the construction of a full-fledged defense line, such as the “Mannerheim Line” or “Maginot Line” that were built in the past. For all its complexity and high cost, such a defensive complex will not be able to carry out the tasks assigned to it. If you imagine that Russia will still decide to attack Ukraine, then various objects of the defense line will become priority targets for missile systems and aviation. Thus, the resistance of this line will be broken within a few hours. After the destruction of the main enemy targets, ground forces will be able to enter the battle, which, with the support of aviation, will quickly break through the remnants of defense and cross the line. Thus, a full-fledged complex of defensive structures along the border will lead to enormous costs, but by definition will not be able to fulfill its task.

As we see, the proposed border equipment plans have several positive features, but they are not without a whole set of problems. Moreover, the main problem of projects, namely the extremely high cost, can put an end to all existing plans. No less interesting is the fact that the proposed construction of fortifications and positions for the troops, for all its high cost, will bring almost no benefit. Thus, even before the construction began, it became clear that the Wall project has no prospects, but represents a serious threat to the budget of Ukraine. If such projects are beneficial to someone, then only corrupt officials who are directly interested in the "development" of allocated funds.

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  1. Oleg NSK
    Oleg NSK 17 September 2014 09: 20
    The Wall project is an additional tool ... for the ongoing plunder of the territory, code-named Ukraine
    1. chizhik
      chizhik 17 September 2014 10: 11
      "Wall" ... It's like an attempt by the ukrvlast to give a blowjob to itself. I think the ridge will be crushed and she will still reach out.
      1. RUSOIVAN
        RUSOIVAN 17 September 2014 11: 26
        Quote: Chizhik
        "Wall" ... It's like an attempt by the ukrvlast to give a blowjob to itself. I think the ridge will be crushed and she will still reach out.

        They say the 2 lower ribs must be removed, then a physical opportunity will appear!
      2. Shur
        Shur 18 September 2014 00: 34
        Lyashko to help them.
    2. vodolaz
      vodolaz 17 September 2014 11: 02
      They want to beg for another loot from mattress mats, they will give them a dozen or two million, slap them on the shoulder with the words "well done, do" and this is where all the support ends.
      1. DanSabaka
        DanSabaka 17 September 2014 12: 51
        Well, you have to play on their paranoid.
        It is necessary to shoot and launch a video on the Web on overcoming this wall by a military unit. Tank bridgelayer directs the crossing over the moat. Further - high-explosive shells destroy the fence along with the observation tower and the tanks with the image of a "polite man" famously pass over the inscription ...
        for one day in the "network" this video will increase paranoia and turn the idea of ​​wall-building into a complete absurdity. Either they will decide that it is useless, or they will want to build something for which the budget of the entire united gamerope will not be enough ...
        1. lestrigon
          lestrigon 17 September 2014 21: 01
          What for? Let them play. At first everyone jumped, now they are building a wall. Russia from this wall is only good.
          The entire Ukrop leadership understands perfectly well that this is impossible, only the people there are already so duped that they can’t reason logically (they can’t even divide 100.000.000 grams into 2.300.000 meters of border ...).
          And the government needs to occupy this people with something, otherwise God forbid it remembers its hard share and goes to the third Maidan.
        2. Koshak
          Koshak 17 September 2014 22: 16
          Quote: DanSabaka
          Well, you have to play on their paranoid.
          It is necessary to shoot and launch a video on the Web on overcoming this wall by a military unit. Tank bridgelayer directs the crossing over the moat. Further - high-explosive shells destroy the fence along with the observation tower and the tanks with the image of a "polite man" famously pass over the inscription ...
          for one day in the "network" this video will increase paranoia and turn the idea of ​​wall-building into a complete absurdity. Either they will decide that it is useless, or they will want to build something for which the budget of the entire united gamerope will not be enough ...

          Well, suppose you put a wattle fence and dig a ditch at the money level. A sense

      2. AnpeL
        AnpeL 17 September 2014 13: 07
        They want to beg for another loot from mattress mats, they will give them a dozen or two million, slap them on the shoulder with the words "well done, do" and this is where all the support ends.

        Yes, it is unlikely that there will be millions of support there - it says in the article about the cost of coils of wire ... Perhaps millions of "pats on the shoulder"
      ZVEROBOY 17 September 2014 15: 34
      Now ukrpopov new project fence
    4. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 17 September 2014 19: 34
      Quote: Oleg NSK
      Conditionally called Ukraine

      just look, there is something to think about ...
      1. Oleg NSK
        Oleg NSK 18 September 2014 08: 32
        Well yes ... a very prophetic film
        ... thanks ... I saw something completely different this time
        ... especially struck by the fact, the presence of guys symbolizing Britain
        1. Oleg NSK
          Oleg NSK 18 September 2014 09: 03
          ... it turns out in 82nd, when it was released on MTV in the USA, the film was very badly cut ... and after the next album (which was practically a continuation of "The Wall"), Pinky essentially ceased to exist
          ... the creators of the film Roger Waters (script) and Alan Parker (director) ... apparently know a lot ... because many things, explained by simple coincidences, are quite difficult
          1. Oleg NSK
            Oleg NSK 18 September 2014 09: 23
            ... and yes ... apparently in Ukraine, the Wall project has been launched
        2. The comment was deleted.
      2. The comment was deleted.
  2. Stiletto
    Stiletto 17 September 2014 09: 29
    Such "Game of Thrones" will not end well for the ukromancers ... No.
    1. insafufa
      insafufa 17 September 2014 10: 19
      lol maybe a hare to send a mission to Ireland takes on experience in building
      1. inkass_98
        inkass_98 17 September 2014 10: 45
        Quote: insafufa
        hare to Ireland let them take on experience building

        Well, yes, Adrianov shaft can still be remembered laughing . And the sea border can still be strengthened:
        1. insafufa
          insafufa 17 September 2014 11: 01
          Sharks in the Black Sea freeze in winter lol
          1. cumastra1
            cumastra1 17 September 2014 15: 01
            The grand drank the budget! I am sure that the work will begin ...
  3. kolyhalovs
    kolyhalovs 17 September 2014 09: 35
    Whatever the child would entertain ...
    It is interesting if they have not yet demarcated the border with the Russian Federation, where they are going to put up their "wall". In general, this is not any wall, but the usual (well, maybe a little reinforced) for all countries border facilities. The main thing is to serve with fanfare. They will not do one hell.
  4. NKVD
    NKVD 17 September 2014 09: 42
    Great Ukrainian Debility Wall laughing
    1. Egoza
      Egoza 17 September 2014 10: 09
      Quote: NKVD
      Great Ukrainian Debility Wall

      Nothing moronic! It solves so many tasks at once!
      Jobs - once, but it’s best to take students, because there aren’t any potatoes, there’s nothing to dig, and here is a noble work to protect the fatherland!
      Silence all activists - but what about - we do, take, oppose, the government acts!
      Ukroarmiya in the Russian Federation will not run to surrender, we’ll also lay a barbed wire on the wall, let it pass by current - the current has ended, so at least we will plant a burdock from above. And what? And it blooms beautifully, and there are enough thorns!
      But the main thing is how much dough you can cut! And if you also ask for financial help under this brand ... for shovels, for example, ooh ... And you say "moronic" tongue
      1. Bugor
        Bugor 17 September 2014 16: 03
        By the way, exactly you said.
        Above the shaft of the garden beds can be broken. Potato onion there ... Pour water into the moat, run the silver carp. Here you have a fish. There is a pasture between the moat and the wall. Cows, pigs and other animals. Again, let the rabbit go there ...
      2. Shur
        Shur 18 September 2014 00: 38
        They say that during the construction of the videoconferencing, for every meter, 10ku Chinese were dug in, and this is exactly what is needed during the "ATO to the last Ukrainian"
      3. goose
        goose 18 September 2014 14: 00
        And how much dough? Allocated 1000 hryvnia to 23 meters. Even without taking into account the costs of cutting, managing, maintaining and developing the project. In fact, this is a summer fence from a picket fence. Without a moat, electricity, concrete, iron, etc. excesses.
      4. The comment was deleted.
  5. Igor Pushkino
    Igor Pushkino 17 September 2014 09: 47
    Duc on land is supposed to dig 4m wide and 2m deep! Cool! Well, a few hundred kilometers long? Is this the next * turning * of the rivers? At the time, pour water from the Dnieper and fill the border on boats (if they have any) lol !) Bullshit some kind of god.
  6. volot-voin
    volot-voin 17 September 2014 09: 48
    Klitschko distinguished himself, turned to Germany with a request to share the experience of erecting the Berlin Wall laughing He also applied for experience in building concentration camps.
    While fools are jumping and screaming, cunning thieves like Kolomoisky rub their sweaty palms.
    1. Shur
      Shur 18 September 2014 00: 40
      Yes, this one already packs "special soil for the control strip" into bags. Sell ​​at the price of pearls laughing
  7. Turbo rabbit
    Turbo rabbit 17 September 2014 09: 53
    Well, let them build it. The rich country of Ukraine can not afford it. And how many cables, pipes, and other engineering infrastructure will they meet on their way? And what will they do with it? Yes guys over there ...
    1. nachtRitter
      nachtRitter 17 September 2014 10: 23
      Yeah, the color takers are already waiting! 0_o
    2. Shur
      Shur 18 September 2014 00: 41
      For this and the calculation, they will open it and turn it over to metal in Europe.
  8. paul1992
    paul1992 17 September 2014 09: 55
    the author has an amazing endurance, I laughed for a long time when I found out about this project, and the author was able, on a very serious wave, to describe the advantages and disadvantages, definitely, the author is well done good
  9. Standard Oil
    Standard Oil 17 September 2014 09: 59
    You can ask the French, if you are really stupid, if the "Maginot Line" helped them ...
  10. parusnik
    parusnik 17 September 2014 09: 59
    The rich have their own habits ... Dig up the Black Sea, build the Great Wall ...
    1. aleks_29296
      aleks_29296 17 September 2014 10: 27
      It would be better if the rich paid for gas than to plan money for any nonsense. Winter is just around the corner.
  11. True_man
    True_man 17 September 2014 10: 01
    An empty promise not to annoy the radicals. And stay in power longer.
  12. servant.
    servant. 17 September 2014 10: 22
    A joke bearded but angry:

    We built a wall along the Russian border. But, we are used to going to Russia to work, and I want to eat, and in general it is cold in winter. We decided to go to Russia for two ..., went to the wall, but they couldn't climb, it was too high. One says to another: - "Let me stand against the wall, you will climb on my shoulders and give me your hand." - "Come on." Opanas got up, Mykola climbed onto his shoulders, pulled himself up, and on the wall. Opanas shouts from below: - "Mykola, give me your hand." - "What kind of Mykola I am to you, NIKOLAI, I went to .y, ho ... tskaya muzzle" -
    1. Bear13
      Bear13 17 September 2014 10: 37
      +100500 !!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Ilik
    Ilik 17 September 2014 10: 37
    Reminds the movie "District 13" they will build the walls themselves. and will blow up their own nuclear power plants.
  14. Andrew 447
    Andrew 447 17 September 2014 10: 38
    The fact that this is a stupid and expensive undertaking is clear to everyone, especially considering the fact that the border of the Russian Federation-Ukraine is not demarcated.
  15. valentina-makanalina
    valentina-makanalina 17 September 2014 10: 40
    Let them build.
    For the Russian army, it’s just an obstacle course on which they run in the army every day, and for ukrov - so that their own people don’t run away from the joy of European integration.
  16. gormih
    gormih 17 September 2014 10: 40
    Here they are sausage ... They don’t want to be with Russia, they don’t take to Europe - now they want to join China, trying to be like them in terms of walls?
  17. Dezinto
    Dezinto 17 September 2014 10: 45
    Klitschko already wants to learn from Germany, Yaytsenyuk probably gives him tasks. )))
  18. Turbo rabbit
    Turbo rabbit 17 September 2014 10: 50
    The Great Ukrainian Wall will go down in history books and will be older than the Chinese. They love it. In short
    Ukraine will now be studied not by political scientists, economists and sociologists, but ... by zoologists
  19. O. Bender
    O. Bender 17 September 2014 10: 56
    Sea of ​​Azov did not decide to dig?
  20. padded jacket
    padded jacket 17 September 2014 11: 01
    If they build Kolomoisky with Taruta under the control of Poroshenko, it will turn out just like this:
    1. goose
      goose 18 September 2014 14: 08
      I did not understand, but how does the left picture associate with the allocated amount? After all, even the picture on the right is not enough ...
    2. The comment was deleted.
    RUSOIVAN 17 September 2014 11: 20
    and the anthem: pink floyd "Leave the kids alone" Translation: "leave the kids alone": LOWER!
  22. Gomunkul
    Gomunkul 17 September 2014 11: 38
    "Great Ukrainian Wall"
    The next project of Senya "Fierce" should be "Great Ukrainian Pyramids", as they say to walk like that! laughing
  23. padded jacket
    padded jacket 17 September 2014 11: 45
    How is it built, this cyclopean structure smile :
  24. fax66
    fax66 17 September 2014 12: 11
    Too detailed and serious consideration and analysis of the "project")))
    It was enough to write only the last paragraph.

    PS In general, as Dunce said in the movie "Prisoner of the Caucasus": "Voluntarism ..."
  25. Dezinto
    Dezinto 17 September 2014 12: 24

    The whole area is going to be dug in Kharkov.

    The authorities are happy people are working with their hands ..... not with their heads. In the head you need only la la la la.

    ps ... and sorry for the children!
    1. Shur
      Shur 18 September 2014 00: 45
      Who doesn’t dig that one? laughing
      1. atalef
        atalef 18 September 2014 14: 11
        Quote: Shur
        Who doesn’t dig that one? laughing

        I don’t understand what’s so funny. Somehow, among the interviewees, people speak Russian even without a Ukrainian accent, and for this there is no need for penal battalions or detachments from the PS (by the way, where did the PS go?). Why do people all over Ukraine die exclusively where they seem to be protected by militias (mostly Russian)? Why do people in the rest of Ukraine work quietly, speak Russian and PS don't hang them on poles?
        Maybe that's why they dig, so that the saviors would not come - and on the wings, apart from the mess and deaths, they did not bring anything.
        there is something to think about.
        1. lestrigon
          lestrigon 18 September 2014 17: 11
          And did people in the rest of Ukraine "have earned" a lot? -a good life for themselves has already been ensured ...
          Why do people die all over Ukraine exclusively where they seem to be protected by militias
          - because no one is shooting "hail" in Kiev and Lvov yet ...
          people work quietly, speak Russian and PS they do not hang on poles
          - "and hang ... - they will hang later ..."
  26. heretic
    heretic 17 September 2014 12: 35
    Cool nonsense.
    I can offer a cheaper option - to build a wall around the Maidan (including the Rada), it will be 1-2 kilometers, a million times cheaper, but the effect is the same - no one will be able to encroach on it, and "MIR" will not be seen.
  27. Svetovod
    Svetovod 17 September 2014 12: 38
    It is one thing to build such grandiose plans at the end of summer, it is another thing to vip them to the redneck people in mid-December, when the NEW YEAR will no longer bring joy in the devastated and bleached regions, and when the winter has just begun.

    And Poroshenko let him tell M. Gaddafi how good that America is with him.
  28. Simonov
    Simonov 17 September 2014 12: 47
    Klitschko - full down. What other German know-how for building a wall? Just LAY A BRICK ON A BRICK IN A ROW! We must sell him this idea!

    Ancient hoaxes dug up the Black Sea (see the xoxlac history book) and build a wall weakly?
  29. LIS 25
    LIS 25 17 September 2014 12: 51
    let them be fenced. yes
  30. nnz226
    nnz226 17 September 2014 12: 54
    Quote: "After it, a dirt rock road will be laid and a metal fence will be installed." So there will be a concern for the ukroprikordonniki: guard the fence so that the locals do not take it to the metal collection points !!! am
  31. common man
    common man 17 September 2014 13: 11
    Quote "From Mariupol to Crimea, a control strip and a complex of motion sensors will appear on the coast of the Sea of ​​Azov. In addition, new fortifications will appear on the coast, which will be entrusted with the functions of antiamphibious defense."
    Brilliant. The issue of organizing the rest of the workers in the summer period is immediately resolved (all beaches are paid, under the management of ZAO "Right Sector"), and the issues of poaching are removed, fishing supervision can be abolished.
    But in fact, is it not time to close the Kerch Strait for Ukrainian shipping?
    1. sso-xnumx
      sso-xnumx 17 September 2014 13: 25
      Quote: man in the street
      But in fact, is it not time to close the Kerch Strait for Ukrainian shipping?

      Her. Take a fee for entry and exit. At 500 ye per cubic meter of vessel.
  32. Grigorievich
    Grigorievich 17 September 2014 13: 25
    Eh .. how much black soil will be spoiled and have already been spoiled. The Germans stole the idea of ​​employment, but they built roads though, and they dig ditches. wassat The Germans during the Second World War from Ukraine exported this black soil, maybe they are also preparing for sale.
  33. African
    African 17 September 2014 13: 31
    Let your head be covered with a wall. So quickly understand their nonsense. At a minimum, no one has repealed Darwin's laws. An enclosed population or species is a population or species that has taken the path of self-destruction. Build. Then you will break.
  34. Kyrgyz
    Kyrgyz 17 September 2014 14: 51
    Once, the unforgettable Joseph Vissarionovich also established a chain of URs (fortified areas) on the western border of the USSR, it was not cheap, but not only that, it turned out to keep them in decent condition even more expensive, and all this pretty quickly fell into disrepair.
    I dare to assume that the piece of the Wall project, which will even begin to be built, in a year will remain without a ditch (it will wash with water), without a trace strip (it needs to be updated all the time), without metal elements (local ones will sell them for scrap), concrete blocks in places road junctions will also be pulled apart, in other places inaccessible for self-loading, concrete will remain to grow into the ground, then the pathfinders will guess what kind of he ... nya and why they dragged her here laughing
  35. mithridate
    mithridate 17 September 2014 15: 22
    project for stealing money
  36. makarick
    makarick 17 September 2014 15: 41
    or thieves, because. the opportunity to steal in this project the only "iron" +, the second is most likely.
  37. Selevc
    Selevc 17 September 2014 15: 47
    The border between Russia and Ukraine has a total length of slightly less than 2300 kilometers.

    2300 km long wall? History does not teach anyone anything - the Great Wall of China was much larger and still did not save the Chinese !!!
    It’s much cheaper to collect and enclose a wall in the zoo with all the orange Nashists — to show this menagerie to normal people for money !!!
  38. Yarik
    Yarik 17 September 2014 16: 30
    Damn. The Middle Ages inspired. Or a Roman camp. laughing
  39. cap54
    cap54 17 September 2014 19: 00
    the "WALL" project is another opportunity for enrichment ... Slightly thinner than expected, slightly lower in height, almost the same concrete and loot - in your pocket !!! It was exactly the same with the construction of the ring road in Moscow: Luzhkov narrowed it by only 4 cm and 256 billion rubles. turned out to be mastered the pocket of the mayor of Moscow.
    Luzhkov “stole twenty centimeters of the Moscow Ring Road”: supposedly when expanding the road, its asphalt shoulders were made 10 cm narrower on each side, which saved a considerable amount of money allegedly assigned by Luzhkov. In fact, the indicated number was announced by the Deputy Head of the Investigative Committee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, Major General Mikhail Zotov in connection with the initiation of a criminal case on embezzlement of funds during the construction of the Moscow Ring Road. According to preliminary data, from 1992 to 1997, 256 billion rubles were stolen, which is comparable to a 10 cm narrowing of the canvas on both sides. The conclusion about the narrowing was made on the basis of selective measurement, the arithmetic average of control measurements was 4 cm.

    And to overcome it, this wall is like 2 fingers about. piss ... With our technology.
    1. goose
      goose 18 September 2014 14: 03
      And no one bothered to prove the insuperability of the wall, because it is a symbol.
  40. IIIIvanov
    IIIIvanov 17 September 2014 19: 26
    Good afternoon!
    I probably, like everyone else, often ask the same question - well, where did they take and take these idiots who, of all the scenarios for the development of events on the outskirts, choose the worst for her every time. Even if we analyze the actions of the "pravoseks" without paying attention to their statements, it becomes clear that they are no different from the others (the yaytsenyukhs, the Turchins, the Poresenkovskys). And they are united by one thing, they terribly hate, but first of all, not Russia, but the country in which they now live, namely, their own independent Outskirts. As soon as I remember this, everything falls into place. As part of the task of destroying the Outskirts, their actions become logical and understandable, leading to the destruction of their country.
    The current is, in the first place, the meaning of their main speech: who rides the future corpse!
  41. ochakow703
    ochakow703 17 September 2014 20: 13
    I’m always opposed to having any shusher to go to Kolyma, Vorkuta and Magadan, there is a place for honest people there, but since I started talking from high wattle fence (and roosters shout from him) about a high fence, you can rent a couple of zones in those places for half a century. And they won’t last longer. So the most important thing is that no one will touch them ... Dig a country, take the forest ... and no Russian aggression.
  42. crambol
    crambol 17 September 2014 20: 52
    And I offer a budget option. Stakes, between them is a rope on which empty tin cans hang. Ready to share them - two from under pork (!) Stews.
  43. simbeer
    simbeer 17 September 2014 20: 58
    It is necessary to modernize the idea of ​​the wall, so to speak, add buzz.
    We need it for another 3 meters into the ground, and preferably 5 meters. Otherwise, the MOSK.a.s.L. and so they want to attack (or will be envious) that, God forbid, they will begin to undermine. And build in winter, and only in winter.
  44. La-5
    La-5 17 September 2014 22: 05
    For Russia, this is a good idea - Russia itself does not need to make a border demarcation, Ukrainians will do everything with the money of oligarchs. In short, a freebie. :)
  45. Shur
    Shur 18 September 2014 00: 48
    And at the apuple of everything, to build three tombs in advance by surpassing the pyramids of Giza.
  46. Sherlovogor
    Sherlovogor 18 September 2014 07: 41
    There was a demobilization, now they will drive all the dill to the construction of the wall.
  47. ARES623
    ARES623 18 September 2014 09: 41
    I have doubts about the economic usefulness of the construction procedure. Even if the West gives money, then it will be in debt, it must be given back. It is useful to mine coal, build ships, cars for sale if someone buys them. They approved the project, ha! Do they know what this state will be by the end of construction? It's just that "some specific oligarch" decided to master the budget (or help).
    Here demarcation is really needed.