Military Review

Reports from the militia of New Russia for 15 September 2014 of the year

Yesterday at 9: 41

Nicola Perovic, a former French Special Forces soldier, a volunteer in the Donbass and one of the founders of the French-Serb brigade in Novorossia, called on all Serbs to mobilize and come to the aid of the Russian brothers

"Brothers Serbs!
Today, September 14, I urge you to respond to the general mobilization and join the continental forces of the French-Serbian brigade in New Russia. This is a decisive struggle and we must do everything possible to stop once and for all the crimes of the Ukrainian pro-NATO puppet NATO troops against the peaceful Russian population of Donbass. If we lose this war, we will again allow American imperialism to dictate the rules. We, the Serbs, have already once felt in our own skin what it means, American aggression was committed against our people, and an unprecedented crime was committed against our people in the former Yugoslavia, which is still continuing in the open spaces of Kosovo and Metohija, the holy Serbian land, for which we will fight to end!
Forcing us to join the European Union, they want us to accept such things as gay parades, they want us to reconcile with mass immigration, the division of our people, so that we completely forget our traditions!
Slavic brother, what kind of life do you want?
We need our brothers from the Donbass, now is the moment when we need to speak together and loudly tell the world, what kind of life we ​​want, life in the world of European decadence under American imperialism, or we will support our Russian brothers fighting to preserve their tradition and their identity.

Nicola Perovic. "

Yesterday at 13: 19

Summary of the Information Bureau of the Army of the Southeast for the night of September 15: fighting and shelling, an OSCE car hit by a punitive

20.00 14 September in the area of ​​Konstantinovka made an exchange of prisoners (73 militiamen on the 69 Ukrainian military).

The Ukrainian side charged with artillery shelling by militias of the Donetsk airport, punitive positions near the settlements of Pesky, Zolotoe, Avdiivka and Nizhnyaya Krynka. None of the charges were confirmed. At the same time, there were cases of violation of agreements reached at the talks of the contact group in Minsk, by separate divisions of the junta troops.

At Donetsk, the enemy continued the regrouping of troops, as well as engineering equipment of the occupied lines to the north and south-west of Donetsk.

Intensified activity of enemy sabotage groups. In 19.10, an automobile bridge was blown up in n. p. Granite. Firing from small weapons underwent Krinichnoe. During the clashes with saboteurs who shelled the village, an 2 fascist was killed.

At Severnaya Mine, 19.25 was shelled. Damaged administrative building. Wounded employee who was there.

In 20.20, an artillery strike was delivered by multiple rocket launchers to positions of the DPR army division west of Yelenovka.

In 21.30, residential areas of the Khanzhenkovo ​​settlement were subjected to mortar shelling. Damaged 3 at home. Wounded by a local resident.

In 22.45 in the area n. The village of Maloorlovka fired small arms from an OSCE mission vehicle en route to Kirovskoye, where 11 was killed and 4 were injured as a result of repeated shelling of militia positions. The shooting was carried out by a fortified stronghold of punitive, located on the outskirts of Novoorlovka under their control. As a result of the attack, mission personnel were not injured.

In 01.00, mortar shelling of a militia checkpoint in the area of ​​Dokuchaevsk was made.

In 01.45, from firing positions in the Novoignatovka area using the Grad MLRS, Petrovskoe was fired at. Destroyed 4 residential buildings. One killed and three civilians injured.

In the Lugansk and Mariupol sectors, the junta forces do not undertake active hostilities. The build-up of the grouping of troops and the engineering equipment of the occupied positions continues.

Yesterday at 13: 20

Message from the "Bad Soldier"
(Deputy Minister of Defense of the DPR Intelligence)

"Our regiment arrived. Igor Nikolayevich Bezler was given the military rank of major general.
It’s hard at the airport, there is a sweep. Too much tanks ukrov. They practically closed the environment of the next APU group in the gut between Gorlovka and Makeevka in the village of Krasniy Partizan and Zhdanovka. "

Yesterday at 14: 34

A fresh overview of the map of the fighting

Yesterday at 14: 41

Comment from Dmitry Dzygovbrodsky

“There is a number of first-hand information from participants in today's events. Antyufeev worked for the“ party of peace ”, it is also the“ party of the plum. ”That is, it is very likely that he had a furry animal that initiated Minsk and visited Kiev, and forces Apparently, the assessment of Antyufeev as a personal person of GDP was exaggerated based on his past achievements and track record. People change. Especially fast people change under the influence of a lot of money. According to the latest data, overwhelmingly large militia forces reported to the DPR government that, according to the results of the Minsk agreements, they are considered to be traitors. As a result, there is extremely reliable evidence that Antyufeev unexpectedly briskly left for Moscow - because of his activities the Militia had a lot of unpleasant questions. The forces in Moscow and Kiev who thought that you can continue to play with the people, like the last 23 years, did not understand that you had earned historical processes as in 1917, as in 1789. And no “fur animals”, no “pets” can control these forces. Never. New Russia to be! "

Yesterday at 14: 49

Message from the militia

"The air forces of Novorossiya practically closed the entourage of the next grouping of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the gut between Gorlovka and Makeyevka. If the assault militia groups have time to build up enough forces to hold the punishers, and even mine the main directions along the perimeter of the boiler, then it will be the biggest boiler since the beginning of the confrontation . "

Yesterday at 16: 05

Message from journalists

Donetsk militia destroyed a mortar battery, which came under fire from OSCE observers, said the Prime Minister of the DPR, Alexander Zakharchenko. On the eve of the OSCE representative said that a group of observers came under fire. Later in the organization clarified that 19 mortar shells exploded at the mission vehicle. “Observers did not warn anyone about where they were going, and when mortar fire was opened in Donetsk, naturally, the return fire was fired to stop shelling the city,” Zakharchenko told reporters on Monday. At the same time, he stressed that the shelling that had damaged the OSCE car was made by Ukrainian security forces. He noted that the mortars that fired at the city and the observers were destroyed. “We destroyed a 120-mm battery in the Avdiivka area,” said Zakharchenko.

Yesterday at 19: 13

Comments and answers to questions from the militia Prokhorov

On the situation with the Donetsk airport at the moment.
Ukry surrounded, at the battalion "Dnepr" - 9 dead, at the Volunteer Corps of the Right Sector and the battalion of the OUN sanitary losses - about half of the composition, at the 93 a couple of dozen "200".
The pauses are connected with the absence of ammunition - during the night all reserves were devastated. And for skeptics, no car has yet worked in a complete package. In the attack on the airport participated less than ten tanks with incomplete ammunition and without DZ against more than 3-x dozens of enemy combat vehicles.
There are parallel surrender negotiations.
How to replenish stocks - will be the continuation of the concert, and at the airport (minutes through 20).
Now the ukram reinforcement in the Avdiivka area is multiplying to zero.

- Militia satisfied with the version of the current "fierce" truce? It seems like day by day it becomes more and more fierce, and peacemaker perishes more. Or wait, what steps will the junta take?

“The huntyats themselves are not yet ready to attack (so to the twitter-storms,“ aaaa! The junta will attack in the morning morning 4! ”Should be treated as misinformation. The failure of the third wave and the absence of armaments is the reason.
Now the combat readiness of the troops is just being restored - I think that ukry will be prepared for another week. "

- If they do not have enough people and weapons, what is the preparation? Gather strength to strike in certain places?

“Yes, now the units that have left Hell of the Border Arc and Ilovaisk are filled with people and equipment. And with the latter, the greatest difficulties are being carried out in combat coordination of the units. Armor vehicles are being urgently repaired (I post that I have already resuscitated more than 90 armored vehicles after the battles) .

Plus - in the rear they are preparing the second echelon - in the regions new terbats are being created, or the existing ones are increasing to the regiment (more than 800 person / s + armored vehicles).

Carry out the transfer of parts that were on the Russian border, first of all - in the Crimea. The latter has no one - a couple of dudes. But their task is to create the appearance of troops on the border, so that there will soon be provocations.

In reality, the Ukrainians do everything formally correctly, but they are clearly late in their implementation. In general, the ukropskaya army is an eerily armed, but awkward machine. Militia wins solely on (class) tactics. At the same time, we should not forget that the intelligence of dill is very numerous, but either it is just as cumbersome, or from the center the instructions do not reach in time.

Also, the morale of dill is clearly lower than that of the militia. It is the latter that helps somewhat compensate for the wild difference in armaments and even in numbers. In particular, now at the Donetsk airport ukry are superior to the militia on armored vehicles by 5 times, by personnel - by 3 times, but they are finished there.

In principle, the militia of the DPR and the LPR roughly corresponds in size and armament to the Moldovan army (reinforced by a pair of dozens of tanks). This is so that the potential difference is clear. "

“The militia is unlikely to succeed in defeating the Ukrainian army in direct combat, even in spite of Russia's latent assistance.

"Comrade! You probably stayed in a lethargic dream since July! Since mid-July, the militia has been fighting dill with an open visor - starting with the fights on the Border Arc (this is me about fights in the" gut "- now it doesn't sound very," fire gut "causes quite other associations, "fire arc" is better).
Your rating would be correct for May-June. Then yes, it was mostly partisan.
About the help of Russia. Open me forever (v) vii. Gogol.
Well, show me this help to Russia. I'll go and take a little for the guys! Ukry are strange people, for example - first they ride in the T-72 parade, then they see a T-72B1 in the photo shown and they say that it is from Russia!
There are volunteers, there is help from the citizens of Russia. I did not see the other. "

- The point is precisely in the "potential", that is, in human resources. By hook or by crook, ukry under the gun can put as much cannon fodder as the militia never dreamed of.

“Where are we going to bury them all? (C)”
Long gone are the days when everything was decided solely by the number (still probably in the Stone Age). What will arm this break through the people.
And about NATO assistance. Well, this assistance has been going since the beginning of September — Geletey yesterday (the Minister of Defense of Dill admitted) - so what? On loud victories do not hear something. For dill forget the main thing - not a weapon is fighting, people are fighting.
Back in June, I said that by September all available reserves will run out of ukrov. So it happened. Now the dill feverishly trying to regain the fighting ability of the shabby parts and arrange at least some supplies.
About the fact that the Ukrainian army is not trained even once.
Of course, I am not a big specialist in pre-war ZSU, but I still know something. Ukropii has experience in maintaining a database in Macedonia (Ukrainian pilots Su-25 and Mi-24 participated there, African missions Mi-8 and Mi-24, only last-last year actually fought in the Ivory Coast and Congo), Iraq - missions land forces, Afghanistan (headquarters, medical personnel, sappers and helicopter pilots), Georgia (air defense and DRG) ".
They don’t have any iron anymore - they planted densely steppes of Donbass. And what is left is only suitable for scrap. And the dill of the dill is now foreign planners are planning - then they are poured into the press about the terrible corruption in the ZSU, because they can’t find anything else for the thieves. "

- “In the forehead” they can win almost surreally, ukry will always be able to collect those same Kampf groups, at least 1-2-3, who will break through any defense, they will have terrible losses - but they will be able to break through wherever they want, regardless of "collateral damage".

“Oh, come on! Never did the dill break through the defense prepared by the militia. Even Saur-Grave was not prepared - they used what they had. And how many dill were lost there! In Stanitsa-Luganskaya ukry, they couldn't take Snake Mountain (Prince Igor’s height) despite the fact that threw "1-2-3! "camphor".

- Here, I think, we need some kind of asymmetric tactics: terror, "rail" or "bridge" war.

"And this is the way to defeat. The terror of New Russia is not needed, it is already winning."

Yesterday at 19: 57

Message from the militia

By the decree of Prime Minister A.V. Zakharchenko, Guards, Lieutenant Colonel Igor Nikolayevich Bezler, the commander of the brigade, was given the extraordinary military rank of major general. He was awarded for his participation in the liberation struggle in the DPR by a St. George cross of the fourth degree.

Reports from the militia of New Russia for 15 September 2014 of the year

Yesterday at 20: 24

Message from the Prime Minister of the DPR Alexander Zakharchenko

“Every day, Ukrainian militiamen are captured by the militia. 15 Ukrainian security officials have recently been captured. Recently, the armed forces themselves began to surrender to the militia. Punitive troops surrender to stay alive and get on the exchange list for our soldiers, enemy fighters come themselves, or even unit commanders themselves bring their subordinates to us. The next exchange of prisoners according to plan will occur in three days. "

Yesterday at 20: 54

Video from the militia

"The militia took a rare trophy.
The crew threw the tank after hitting the shell in the side and turret. Damage to the combat capability of the machine did not affect. Electronic filling of foreign manufacture. Allows you to track the movement of tanks ally in the group. This is the so-called commander tank. Very soon, he will be up in the Armed Forces of the DPR. "

Yesterday at 21: 32

Message from the militia

“On the T1303 highway, the Orekhovo and Novotoshkovo RVG detachment of the militia destroyed a convicts convoy - around 10 units of various vehicles. It is also reported that today in Novorossia, about 10 bridges were blown up. In 18: 00 the militia prevented an attempt to blow up the bridge in r. not in the village of Sokolniki. The withdrawal paths of the Ukrainian gangs from the village of Severodonetsk and Lysychansk are actively cut off. The engineer groups mine sites in the area where the punishers move. punishers to build new ones. "

Yesterday at 21: 34

Messages from bloggers

"As a result of successful combat operations in the area of ​​the Patneleymonovsky bridge (near the village of Panteleimonovka), units of the DPR army were able to unite with the Gorlovsky garrison under the command of Igor Bezler. The right flank of the advancing militia forces covered the Motorola militia unit."

"Ukrainian security forces around 18: 30 Moscow time. They tried to carry out an armored breakthrough in the area of ​​the city of Stakhanov. The equipment was destroyed, the Ukrainian units retreated."

Yesterday at 21: 38

Map of the fighting

"In general, the junta concentrated up to 15 large military groups, which with varying degrees of success can go on the offensive, by 5. Today, the junta has already tried reconnaissance in the area of ​​Stakhanov (it’s not quite clear where it was, but apparently the strike was done south of Pervomaisk ), but having lost several cars, was forced to retreat. "

Yesterday at 21: 48

Photo from the militia

The defender of Novorossiya and punisher face to face. Photos from the exchange of prisoners.

Yesterday at 22: 11
15.09.14. Video from the Kalmius battalion.

The Kalmius battalion acquired the Grad missile defense systems. Debut rocket artillery battalion during the attack on the airport in Donetsk.

Yesterday at 23: 24

Message from the militia

“Participants in the storming of the Donetsk airport report that stripping this area of ​​punitives is proceeding with great difficulty, primarily because of the enemy’s possession of a significant number of tanks. At the same time there are reports that units of the People’s Army of the DPR complete the encirclement of another significant group of punishers between Horlivka and Makeyevka, near the village of Krasny Partizan and Zhdanovka. Thus, the hopes of the invaders, entrenched at the airport for a breakthrough for help, turn out to be untenable, and the final elimination of them grouping becomes a matter of near time. "

Today in 0: 06

Message from the militia of the battalion "Vostok"

"Hardly took the checkpoint dill on the Sand-Merry route. Mortar and 64-ki works periodically. A bunch of three hundred, hard. We drove in the same bus with the guys" 300-mi. Mostly light, but they are Heroes! Looked at them, strangers , but as relatives. I see different chevrons ... - and the victory is the same for everyone!
In the hospital in Donetsk take the guys now. Anxious waiting, we try not to catch each other's eyes - in a couple of hours the battle is back. In the photo - trophy t-72! "gift" from ukrofashistov ".

Today in 0: 18

The Southeast Army Review for 15 September: the enemy concentrates in the Sands area

“The cease-fire regime was generally respected by the warring parties, but the Ukrainian units violated it seven times in one day. The objects of the city of Donetsk and its suburbs were subjected to blows.

From 10.00 to 11.00 from Yenakiyevo (50 km southeast of Donetsk), punitive armored artillery bombarded the people's militia positions and residential areas near the village of Kirovskoye (45 km north-east of Donetsk) three times. In the same village a corrective labor colony was shelled.

At noon, the enemy's self-propelled artillery mounts twice fired at the Putilov district of Donetsk.

From 12.20 to 13.00, from the direction of Donetsk airport, the Nazis conducted twice a massive artillery bombardment of residential areas of the village of Water (6 km north-west of Donetsk). Then the punishers made an unsuccessful attempt to attack the positions of the militias. In the course of the clash, the junta forces lost three armored vehicles.

The junta continues to regroup in all directions, while grossly violating international law, providing support for its units, using vehicles with red crosses on the sides.

Intelligence of the DPR army detected the junta’s troops for active hostilities. With 17.00 in the area Zhdanovki punitive build columns of military equipment in the pre-battle order. A build-up of Ukrainian troops was noted in the area of ​​the Peski settlement, where the transfer of barreled artillery and infantry fighting vehicles of punitive units is carried out. "

Today in 0: 32

Message from the militia Prokhorov

"Krinichnaya and the truth have been released. Like Miusinsk.
By the way, Chernukhino destroyed 2 dill roadblock.
Ukry fired at Kirovsk, in response mobile art groups attacked the positions of dill in Popasna and Debaltseve.

From dill:
Quote: "On Monday, they fired at the positions of the units of the Ukrainian army in the areas of Yuzhnokommunarsk, Stanitsa Luganskaya, Zhdanovka, Nizh.Krynka, Verkhnetoretskaya, Chernukhino, Maloorlovka, Marinka, Kolodez ', Granitee, Debaltseve, Zolotoe, and Donetsk airport."

As for the fact that ukry have somehow learned to fight. There are no such. They learned to kill, but not to fight.

By captured technology. Of the 200 captured from the junta, the BBM is more than fifty recovered. The rest is in different stages of repair.

According to the situation in Lugansk. It was reported that the light appeared in the center and Kamenny Brod (several hours a day). Gas is, water - under low pressure. Sewerage works (began to work if someone did not understand).
Traffic lights started to work, patrols of the Luhansk Golden Eagle patrol the city, public utilities clean the streets. Earned supermarkets.
Regarding gas and electricity transmission lines - most likely, the truth is, the people are very inspired. "

Today in 0: 37

Message from Semen Pegova

Journalist Semyon Pegov tells the latest information about the Donetsk airport at the moment from the scene.

Today in 1: 39

Message from blogger "colonelcassad"

"Interesting material on the situation in Mariupol at the enterprises owned by the oligarch Akhmetov.

A letter from Mariupol.
I would like to say out loud what is very much hushed up by all media and the Internet. Now ukrosmi strongly advocate the city of Mariupol, as pro-Ukrainian. Like the locals are intimidated and want to live only in a single Ruin. This is not true. This is very much wrong.
Thank you so much for the fact that the city on 90 percent became pro-Russian, I must say Akhmetov R.L. His personnel policy at the city-forming enterprises has done everything so that the people with all their heart hated the oligarch and his servants. You ask, what did Akhmetov do? I will answer.

Previously, the plant was associated in people with stability and confidence in the future. The last three years, this confidence has been destroyed by Akhmetov’s lackeys. A new general director with a real Ukrainian last name, Tskitishvili, came to the Azovstal plant.

What did this senior manager say about his leadership period?

1. Complete ignorance of production technology.

2. Absolute spit on people as individuals.

3. The final destruction of the trade union of the plant.

4. Persecution of dissidents and blind service to the owner, Akhmetov.

During the first year and a half of work, Enver Omarevich dismissed more of the heads of workshops, chiefs of services, sections and subdivisions than was dismissed during the entire existence of the plant. The personnel of the plant will be indignant: "we all quit on our own, or by agreement of the parties, blah blah blah." And the facts are very unsightly. During the 2 of the year, the Azovstal plant was dismissed (they quit on their own accord and by agreement of the parties “by order of the general”):

- in the coke workshop - EIGHT shop foremen, 14 deputies, 7 masters, 14 workers;

- in the covertor shop - 3 shop manager, 4 deputy, 4 site manager, 2 service director, 132 workers (steelmakers, ladles, converter trucks, electricians, crane drivers, etc.);

- in the blast furnace shop - 4 shop manager, 3 deputy, 5 service managers, 56 workers;

- in the large-section 5 workshop of shop foremen, 8 deputies, 6 site managers, 38 workers (there are no workers out of the workers and there is already a terrible routine);

- rail and beam shop 2 workshop manager, 4 deputy, 7 site managers, 45 workers; blooming workshop 2 deputy, 3 site manager, 14 workers (small shop, total 200 people according to the staffing table);

- the shop of unloading trucks was completely destroyed, outsourced to contractors, now Azovstal loaders are happy to receive salaries in envelopes and have unpaid leave and other Ahmetka charms.

Of the 898 of the above listed dismissed 89% percent - technologists who know their business and production process, more than half are top-class professionals. 898 multiply by 10 (the average number of relatives for each dismissed), we get 8980 city residents who at a close level knew the "charms" of oligarchic life, and tens of thousands of those who watched it all.

This is for the 1 and 2 clause above. According to 3, the union’s duties reduced the distribution of gifts for the New Year and summer holidays. And so they sit like mice and are afraid of a fart. Well, on the 4 point, I congratulate all the “Azovstalians”. The list of 4 000 recruits to the ukropovskie ranks of the armed forces in Mariupol, of which 800 are Azovastals, has been approved. Good luck to everyone on the battlefield.

And in fact the following, after the liberation of Mariupol from ukrofashistskih "zaschitnichkov" I guarantee a serious surprise-the battalion of Novorossia from among the residents of Mariupol will be the most numerous and most ruthless. Only the absence of "iron", unity of command and organization + drain of "ideological leaders" prevented initially the situation in the city from the right angle.

And do not believe in provocations ukroSMI - Mariupol did not jump, and will not ride, and “zhovtnoblackytna” rag flies over the city as long as residents are kept in fear of Bandera-oligarchic creatures with guns in their hands. "

Today in 2: 53

15 September Seat Briefs

The night was relatively calm, around 8 in the morning (MSK) a cannonade was heard near the airport. The day passed relatively quietly, after the 12 hours the tension began to increase again. In the afternoon, in the area of ​​Debaltseve there was artduel. In 15: 00 (MSC) in the area of ​​the airport cannonade, shooting. Also, the Nazis opened fire with mortars on Putilovka, and was heard on Kalinovka.
16: 00 (ISC) The Nazis opened fire on the Petrovsky district (Trudovskie).
17: 05 (MSC) On Textile workers not calm.
South of Yelenovka the Nazis opened mortar shelling. In the area of ​​Kramatorsk, a missile launch of an unknown OTRK was recorded in the direction of Konstantinovka. In Donetsk, the tension is increasing, in the city there are enemy DRGs, armed with mortars.
19: 00 (ISC) The Nazis of Kuybyshevsky district, black smoke rises in the Doc area, several ambulances were sent to the area of ​​fire.
20: 15 (MSC) In the area of ​​Torez is not calm, the Nazis are periodical artillery on communications. In the area of ​​the Putilov Bridge there is smoke, the sounds of small-arms combat are heard.
21: 30 (MSC) Airport - still restless, cannon sound. The work of artillery and MLRS.
22: 10 (ISC) In the region of Lidiyevka, howitzer gaps are heard, the Nazis are firing medium intensity, on Putilovka is still not calm.
23: 20 (MSK) A drone is seen over Donetsk. Fighting continues in the airport area. On the outskirts of Gorlovka heard the sounds of small combat.
00: 05 (ISC) A cannonade is heard in the Makeevka area. Well, yes - Panteleimonovka from noon under our control.

Today in 3: 30

Appeal of the deputies of Novorossia to the chairman of the Supreme Soviet of Novorossia Tsarev Oleg Anatolyevich

Chairman of the Supreme Council of New Russia
Tsarev Oleg Anatolyevich


Dear Oleg Anatolyevich!
The deputies of Novorossia are concerned about the escalation of aggression of the Ukrainian military against our Republic, the lack of coordination of the actions of the armed forces of the LPR and the DPR, the lack of centralization of material and technical support for the army, the illegitimate actions of certain militias and civilians.
In order to normalize the situation, we consider it expedient and ask you to make a decision on the creation of the united Armed Forces of Novorossia with a single command to reassign all military formations, industry and public services to it for the period of wartime.

The initiative group of deputies of Novorossia

Press Center DNR ©

Today in 3: 35

The message of the Political Department MO DPR. "HOW UKRAINIAN ARMY FOLLOWS TRAFFIC"

“On September 15, our military officers visited Eremenko Street in the Kievsky district of Donetsk. The consequences of the next shelling. The Kiev authorities see the armistice signed by them in Minsk (see the video report).
Another mortar shelling on the street. Kuybyshev, Donetsk, Ukrainian invaders.
To the address: Kuybyshev Street, 172-b, a mine has been hit, allegedly from an 120-mm mortar. As a result of the shelling, two civilians were killed, about a dozen cars were damaged, significant damage was caused to surrounding buildings, and power lines were torn. It was possible to fix the drop points for at least two more minutes - in the garage and in a residential building at an impasse on Frunze Street. "

Today in 3: 57


15 September:
00: 02 - The shelling of the city from the airport of Donetsk on the street. 50 anniversary of the Red Army.
01: 00 - A checkpoint in the town of Dokuchaevsk was shot at. There is no loss.
01: 45 - The village of Petrovskoye was fired from the city. There is no loss.
02: 18 - Art.configuration from the airport of Donetsk region Donbass-Arena.
03: 10 - Shelling from VARIOUS positions "Vargan".
04: 18 - Mortar shelling of the “Oktyabrsky” mn from the side of the village. Sands.
10: 50 - Artilled by Kirovsk.
10: 55 - The shelling of an ITK in Kirovskoye.
11: 00 - Artillery bombardment of a checkpoint in Kirovskoye from the side of the settlement. Wide.
11: 10 - The shelling of the positions of the DNI from the village. Prokhorovka from ACS.
11: 55 - Artillery fire on the Putilov checkpoint in Donetsk.
12: 25 - Shelling village. Water from the airport in Donetsk.
12: 55 - Attack of the DPR units by superior enemy forces: 4 tank, 9 BTR from the direction of the village. Experienced - the airport.
13: 30 - Opened fire from tanks from the village. Experienced. Two wounded.
13: 40 - The shelling of the Putilov checkpoint in Donetsk continues.
14: 10 - Shelling positions from the airport in Donetsk.
14: 50 - Shelling positions from the village. Experienced.
14: 55 - Shelling positions from the airport in Donetsk.
15: 05 - Continued shelling of positions from the village. Experienced.
15: 10 - Shelling positions under the village. Granite.
15: 15 - Mortar shelling from the airport of Donetsk to the area of ​​the road junction Kolkhozny avenue / st. Stratonauts.
15: 30 - Artilled by Kirovsk.
15: 30 - Attempt to break from Zhdanovka to Kirovskoye.
16: 10 - The shelling of the positions of the DPR from the airport in Donetsk. Three wounded.
16: 20 - Shelling of tanks and armored personnel carriers from the side of the village. Spartak positions DNI.
16: 20 - From the side of pos. Water attack of the enemy.
16: 45 - The shelling of Makeevka from Point-U.
16: 50 - Shelling of Shakhtersk and Khartsyzsk with heavy artillery.
17: 35 - Mortar shelling of the Yelenovsky roadblock.
17: 40 - A strong fight in the village. Elenovka.
17: 45 - Tank attack with the support of infantry on Dokuchaevsk.
17: 55 - Mortar shelling from the airport of Smolyanka district.
18: 00 - Mortar shelling of one hundred airport side DNR positions.
18: 15 - The bombardment of the positions of the DPR from the airport continues.
18: 20 - Mortar shelling of the Oktyabrsky municipality from the side of the village. Sands.
18: 25 - The shelling of the city from the airport of Donetsk on the street. 50 anniversary of the Red Army.
18: 30 - The shelling of the Putilov Bridge, the Chamber of Commerce of Donetsk.
18: 35 - Art.configuration from the airport of Donetsk region Donbass-Arena.
18: 40 - The shelling of the positions of the DPR in the region of the Panfilovsky bridge from the city.
18: 45 - The shelling of the Kalininsky district of Donetsk from barreled artillery from the airport.
18: 50 - The shelling of the residential sector in the airport area.
19: 00 - The shelling of the positions of the DPR in the area of ​​the village. Sands of tanks.
19: 15 - The shelling of the positions of the DPR in the village. Grave Acute of mortar.
General observation - despite the fact that the enemy completely ignores the armistice agreement, the DPR army executes the order and does not fire back.

Today in 4: 03

Photo report from Gennady Duboviy

Motorola fighters in Komsomolskoe.

Today in 4: 13

Letter from Mariupol

"And in fact the following, after the liberation of Mariupol from ukrofashistskih" zaschitnichkov "I guarantee a serious surprise - a battalion of Novorossia from among the residents of Mariupol will be the most numerous and most ruthless.
Only the absence of “iron”, unity of command and organization + drain of the “ideological leaders” prevented initially developing the situation in Ruin at the right angle, because Mariupol is 20 percent of GDP of the whole country.
And do not believe in provocations ukroSMI - Mariupol did not jump, and will not ride, and "zhovtnoblackytna" rag flies over the city as long as residents are kept in fear of the creature with guns in their hands. "

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  1. belovur
    belovur 16 September 2014 07: 53
    What to expect! Why did they give the junta to regroup and build up strength! Now to drive them out of the DNI and LC will be very problematic!
    1. Balbes_I
      Balbes_I 16 September 2014 08: 00
      Ours also needed a respite and then to drive an enemy whose stupidly 3 times more, leaving the mass of boilers in the rear, is dangerous.

      And special thanks to the Dragon for continuing the mapping of the Cat!
      1. subbtin.725
        subbtin.725 16 September 2014 08: 12
        In Mariupol, local residents spontaneously dismantle and damage existing checkpoints and prevent the punishers from building new ones. "

        the battalion of Novorossia from among the inhabitants of Mariupol will be the largest and most merciless.

        Mariupol did not ride, and will not ride,

        And that already says a lot.. The fall of Mariupol is predetermined.New Russia to be!
        1. dimamalina
          dimamalina 16 September 2014 10: 23
          Is it a T-72B3? here is an article about this tank on topwar))
          1. Sid.74
            Sid.74 17 September 2014 06: 39
            Quote: dimamalina
            Is it T-72B3?

            This is T-72! The walkie-talkie has never been Russian at all! Stop looking for the Shoigu cat in a dark room!
      2. Owl27
        Owl27 16 September 2014 08: 14
        The "truce" is holding on with its last bit of strength and will soon explode unambiguously. It strains that ours do not have enough ammunition, fuel. And everyone pretends that everything is fine, "satisfied with the peace agreements," and P. Arashenko is also promoting his delirium about special statuses, for what? The Serbs should be heard, they have experienced all the "peace initiatives" in their own skin. Or is it a cool political move on our part, or the devil knows what ?????
      3. Sid.74
        Sid.74 16 September 2014 08: 21
        Glory to the Donbass! soldier

        For the sake of humor! The product of a gloomy svidomy technical genius, this time from "Aydar". Peremogomobil ala Aydar!

        1. The Art of War
          The Art of War 16 September 2014 08: 25
          Soon all the manhole covers will be welded in inventors laughing
      4. viktorrymar
        viktorrymar 16 September 2014 10: 20
        leaving the mass of boilers in the rear is dangerous

        That's for sure, now at least it was time to clean the rear
    2. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 16 September 2014 08: 56
      Quote: belovur
      Why did they give the junta to regroup and build up strength!

      Yesterday, the article was an answer to this question. Http://
  2. parusnik
    parusnik 16 September 2014 08: 01
    dill, settled in Mariupol, do not understand yet that to stay alive, the city must be surrendered ..
  3. Drunya
    Drunya 16 September 2014 08: 01
    Kharkov is ready for war against fascism

    Motherland asks !!! Motherland is calling !!!
    Having children, a beloved wife is a great happiness. Living with your family in your hometown, which still remembers the horrors of the Great War of the last century, is pride. To put up with the fact that neo-Nazis are establishing a new order on your land, trying to teach your children a terrifying, bloody and unprincipled ideology, silently watching what is happening is a sin. Kharkov, get up! Shake off a heavy dream, wake up from the nonsense that Ukrainian TV channels drive into your head. The time has come to answer for humiliation, to repulse the Bandera invaders. Your time has come.

    1. skeptic2999
      skeptic2999 16 September 2014 08: 31
      I have been wearing this St. George ribbon without taking off since May 9 ...
      Hammer. You can fight for freedom and Truth in this way.
  4. zao74
    zao74 16 September 2014 08: 03
    what historical processes have earned, both in 1917, as in 1789.
    You guys have a chance to build something that Russia has not been able to for 70 years !!! Give USSR 2.0!
  5. shishakova
    shishakova 16 September 2014 08: 04
    Serbs are great and absolutely right, thank you!
    Poroshenko is a player, and with a cunning, to put it mildly))
    Dear militias! Very soon the victory will be yours, this is our joy!
    God bless you.
  6. Boris55
    Boris55 16 September 2014 08: 06
    ... The deputies of New Russia are concerned ... the uncoordinated actions of the armed forces of the LPR and the DPR ... we ask you to decide on the creation of the combined Armed Forces of New Russia with a single command ...

    Strelkov's work came to an end, and again they began to divide the "skin of a bear not killed" ... sadly.
    It is sad that, hiding behind high ideas, they solve their selfish questions ...
    So after all, and to "a packet of cookies and a jar of jam" a stone's throw ...
  7. The Art of War
    The Art of War 16 September 2014 08: 08
    3 m 54s ala trophy tank is the T-72B3
    1. The Art of War
      The Art of War 16 September 2014 08: 10
      To the militia to interrogate dill how the tank got to them!
      1. dimamalina
        dimamalina 16 September 2014 10: 11
        look here)
    2. Kair501
      Kair501 16 September 2014 08: 39
      people and really seventy two then ours seems to be a photo for comparison
      1. The Art of War
        The Art of War 16 September 2014 08: 49
        Militia tanks already lit up in full glory negative
        1. The Art of War
          The Art of War 16 September 2014 08: 52
          With such reconnaissance, I wouldn’t go worse than spies. Okay, I’ve highlighted the video at the top. I could have said that we’ve set dynamic protection. Well, on the second, straight psaki gift fie negative
      2. dimamalina
        dimamalina 16 September 2014 10: 13
        This is T-72B3, here is an article about this tank on the topvar))
    3. Themi30
      Themi30 16 September 2014 10: 03
      This is not a bz, dial the T-72AG and on the manufacturer’s website the latest photos, on the tower change the dynamic protection and OH GOD !!! experts.
    4. The comment was deleted.
  8. Coconut Tima
    Coconut Tima 16 September 2014 08: 12
    By hook or by crook, Ukrainians can put as much cannon fodder under arms as the militia never dreamed of. What will they arm?
    1. mark_rod
      mark_rod 16 September 2014 11: 35
      machine guns .... this shit they like a fool wrappers ... for cannon fat and it will do.
  9. meriem1
    meriem1 16 September 2014 08: 13
    Give the Mariupol brigade !!! The truth cannot be driven underground; it all crawled out one thing. Hold on, Brothers!
    1. alone
      alone 16 September 2014 18: 50
      Even when Mariupol was in the hands of the DPR, the militia consisted of 50 people there. What prevented the creation of this brigade then? what
  10. Vitaly Anisimov
    Vitaly Anisimov 16 September 2014 08: 16
    Slavyansk has already begun to clean ..
    Unknown sniper shoots soldiers of the occupying forces in Slavyansk

    In the vicinity of Slavyansk, an unknown sniper professionally and calmly destroys the Ukrainian invaders in broad daylight.

    This was reported by the DPR press center with reference to information from reports to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov and the head of the SBU, Valentin Nalyvaichenko.

    Reportedly, an unknown shooter (or arrows) appear at the locations of the units of the Prokiev punitive, opens fire and immediately disappears without a trace.

    In a few days, several dozen Ukrainian soldiers were killed and seriously wounded.

    Rumors are circulating in Izum and Slavyansk that a mysterious shooter is taking revenge on the Nazis for the bloody massacre in Odessa on May 2.
    1. dimamalina
      dimamalina 16 September 2014 10: 21
      enlighten about the tank in the video T-72B3? here is an article about this tank on topwar))
  11. Drunya
    Drunya 16 September 2014 08: 16
    we wrote a letter
    1. asar
      asar 16 September 2014 08: 32
      What about the parade of the army of New Russia in kuev, banderlogs ?!
      We don’t need your s.rannaya Lviv beer, we have our own good one!
      As for the burning tires on Red Square - the tires burn well only on the Maidan, our climate is not the same!
      To the Serbs - Thank you brothers!
    2. Salavatsky Ministry of Emergency Situations
      Quote: Dryuya
      we wrote a letter

      And the Enti fools do not think about the fact that they may soon come to other times, and they are identified by this video. After all, that fool in embroidery can and otperdolit on the quiet a few dozen uncles to Bandera relationship not having.
      1. Owl27
        Owl27 16 September 2014 08: 49
        She is asexual !!!! Scary just! Have pity on the men!
    3. muhomor
      muhomor 16 September 2014 08: 58
      Oh ladies, oh beauties! How will you sing, about a cold mind, when fragments of militia mines screech across the cobblestones of Lviv? And they have something to say to free "brothers"!
    4. sichevik
      sichevik 16 September 2014 09: 02
      And the navel of these Bandera is not untied? And, by the way, about beer ... Lviv beer is a rare urine. I never drank it and do not advise anyone. Chernigov when it was still nothing, Obolon - it was no less there before, now it is the same urine as Lviv, Slavutich has been spoiled for 15 years already. So we don’t need their beer here for nothing. A tire let Svidomo wretched for themselves to protect. Winter is just around the corner ...
      It will be easier for these girls - they will go somewhere in Europe on the highway to stand. And the garrison lads-galitsai caches will need to be drowned by something.
    5. STALGRAD76
      STALGRAD76 16 September 2014 10: 31
      I was still waiting for the reading woman to start jumping "hto doesn’t jump that .....!" with 6m size would be something to see good
  12. SAM 5
    SAM 5 16 September 2014 08: 26
    Respect to you and respect, Nikola Perovich, and to all patriots of New Russia!
  13. delorian
    delorian 16 September 2014 08: 32
    need to be given the opportunity to prepare for the winter Lugansk and Donetsk, it is interesting that everyone is modestly silent about where the gas comes from in the apartments!
  14. borisov1
    borisov1 16 September 2014 08: 35
    The weak link of New Russia, in my opinion, is the disunity of the DPR and LPR. The Armed Forces, yesterday, had to be united under a single command with a single center for planning and control. It was time to create fronts - the North, West and South-West, at the head of which to put competent and experienced commanders, capable of conducting not only defensive battles, but seeing perspectives offensive battles. It is time to end partisanism and slowly take the initiative into our own hands. We must intensify sabotage work in the rear of the enemy, commit sabotage in the areas of transportation of manpower and equipment, and debug the intelligence system so that every step of the enemy is under control.
  15. Dragon-y
    Dragon-y 16 September 2014 08: 36
    According to Mariupol: "Cartridges for machine guns run out, but for knives - no ..."
    Just as it is written - "there are no leaders", and the retired special forces are most likely - too ...
  16. slizhov
    slizhov 16 September 2014 08: 39
  17. skeptic2999
    skeptic2999 16 September 2014 08: 43
    Quote: SAM 5
    Respect to you and respect, Nikola Perovich, and to all patriots of New Russia!

    The Americans and NATO air strikes in support of the Kosovo separatists on the infrastructure of Yugoslavia forced the Serbs to retreat from Kosovo and Metohija. Now the Serbs in New Russia are fighting for their homeland against the United States, NATO and the dill that betrayed their grandfather’s graves. The blood of the warriors of the princes Lazarus (Kosovo) and Roman Kivsky (Kalka) beats in the hearts of the fighters with the new forces of world Evil. The years 1223 and 1389 continue in 1998 and 2014. Victory to you brothers!

    Two feelings are marvelously close to us
    They find food in the heart,
    Love for fatherly tombs,
    Love for the native ashes ...

    Victory to you brothers!
  18. mamont5
    mamont5 16 September 2014 08: 49
    "Nikola Perovich, a former French special forces soldier, a volunteer in Donbass and one of the founders of the French-Serbian brigade in Novorossiya, called on all Serbs to mobilize and come to the aid of the Russian brothers."

    The French were very active in inter-brigades in Spain at 36.
  19. kotev19
    kotev19 16 September 2014 09: 09
    I rejoice for the Yugoslav brothers! They have vast experience in the fight against German Nazism and Italian fascism during the Second World War!
    Pictured are Yugoslav partisans after the Battle of Sutjesk. June 9, 1943.
  20. stayer
    stayer 16 September 2014 09: 14
    The second humcon convoy again brought about 150 tons of fuel. The army (equipment) of New Russia is ready for further attacks. Good luck guys! Victory will be ours!
  21. kartalovkolya
    kartalovkolya 16 September 2014 09: 38
    I wish you success, the defenders of Novorossiya and military happiness: "God is not with those who have strength, but with those who have the truth!" Your business is just-VICTORY will be yours! Glory to Donbass!
  22. Tyrant
    Tyrant 16 September 2014 09: 39
    There is one parable, I do not remember it literally, but in general terms:
    once, in ancient times, the troops surrounded the city. it was impossible to take him by storm, so they took him to death. but through the main gate, ordinary people were still allowed to walk back and forth, on business in vegetable gardens located outside the city and so on (like good invaders ...) and so there was one soldier at the checkpoint, the senior checkpoint, who noticed that every day, the same Jew entered the city with a train. everybody understood perfectly well that the old Jew was carrying contraband. but what exactly he was lucky - no one knew. meticulous searches were constantly carried out. but couldn't find anything. well, nothing illegal at all! so this Jew went every day to and from the city. and some years later, after the war, this soldier once met this very old Jew and questioned him. What did you, grandfather, take to the city, and where did you hide? to which the old man laughed and replied that he had not hidden anything and everything was in the most conspicuous place. he supplied HORSES to the city, on which he imported unnecessary convoys into the city. This is what I remembered everything for - GUM help is not an easy thing. The truce is generally some kind of strange ... the behavior of the "fur-bearing animal" is also "not at all simple". But both Our President and Strelok are not ordinary chess players either. I sincerely hope that the end result will be the same as it was originally intended!
  23. Zomanus
    Zomanus 16 September 2014 09: 59
    An interesting summary. Apparently soon ukrovoyaki will go into battle again. At the expense of the letter from deputies to Tsarev, a muddy story. Repeat Strelkov’s resignation? At the expense of documentation of violations of the ceasefire, to be honest, it’s funny. No one was going to stick to it.
  24. granula1010
    granula1010 16 September 2014 10: 01
    I liked the photo "Defender of Novorossiya and the Punisher face to face. Photos from the exchange of prisoners", look at the face of the militia and the dill, it will immediately become clear who is the leader and who is the defender.
  25. dimamalina
    dimamalina 16 September 2014 10: 18
    Dear specialists, Express your opinion on how the Newest Russian tank got to them? This is T-72B3, here is an article about this tank on the topwar))
    1. gor530
      gor530 16 September 2014 11: 19
      Dima, never mind. if you process the T64 with a file, you get such a charm. I hope he is not alone there.
  26. Seraphimamur
    Seraphimamur 16 September 2014 10: 33
    I mean the Azovstal plant in Mariupol. With such a personnel leapfrog there in general
    something is being produced, and if so, what quality? What is this owner Akhmetov
    if it gives to steer morons. Do not be surprised that he is already bankrupt. In New Russia, enterprises need to be nationalized.
  27. siberalt
    siberalt 16 September 2014 10: 51
    And the scribe will come to the marmots. Give me time. hi
  28. Ze Kot
    Ze Kot 16 September 2014 12: 25
    Serbs well done!

    And the tank really looks like a B3. At least the configuration of the remote sensing. But the B3, like more than any crap on the tower was.
  29. Appius
    Appius 16 September 2014 12: 46
    The situation in Novorossia is complicated and tense, there are successes and it is expensive. Mariupol must be taken and this is obvious. Good luck to the militias!
  30. I think so
    I think so 16 September 2014 15: 00
    So whose idea for a "truce"? Putkin! And to whom he helped - UKROPAM! Few of the soldiers of the Ukropovskys feeds, heals and rescues them from the cauldrons, and he was able to fool the militia commanders ...