Developed a recovery plan for the Center. Khrunichev


In early August, the management of the State Space Research and Production Center (GKNPT) them. Mv Khrunichev. The purpose of the appointment of new managers was the restoration of the enterprise, caused by existing problems. New high-ranking officials should solve the existing problems and restore the potential of the enterprise. Last week, a plan for the financial recovery of the Center was presented.

Last Thursday, September 11, the new general director of GKNPTs them. Andrei Kalinovsky Khrunicheva presented to the leadership of the space industry a developed action program aimed at restoring the enterprise. Development Plan of the Center. Khrunicheva was developed in accordance with the April instruction of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. The proposed recovery program was reviewed and approved by the supervisory board of the United Rocket and Space Corporation (URCC). In the near future, a package of documents will be sent for consideration to related departments and the Federal Space Agency. After obtaining all necessary permits, the program must be approved by the government.

The proposed program for restoring the potential of GKNPTs to them. Khrunicheva is important for the domestic space industry, since this enterprise is one of its main “locomotives”. The head of the ORCC, Igor Komarov, noted that the Center’s financial recovery plan will be adopted in less than a month, as the company needs urgent help. In his opinion, the situation is "not easy, but not hopeless." Thus, the implementation of measures developed under the new plan will begin as soon as possible.

Pavel Popov, deputy general director of ORKK, told the press about the current state of the GKNPTs them. Khrunichev, and also touched on the causes of the observed phenomena. In his opinion, the reason for the current deplorable situation of the enterprise is the wrong organization of production. Because of this, since 2007, the Center has been constantly losing money. The accumulated loss from operating activities reached 11,9 billion rubles, and debts to suppliers amount to about 14,7 billion rubles. In addition, there are huge debts to banks. According to P. Popov, the Center. Khrunichev, suffering losses, did not declare them. Corresponding statements appeared only at the end of last year, when the situation became too difficult.

The press provides other details of the provisions of the GKNPTs them. Khrunichev. According to Vzglyad, the company has a negative profit forecast for this year: -27%. Labor productivity is 30% below the industry average. The average salary of employees - 37 thousand rubles. The load of the enterprise does not exceed 40%, equipment depreciation reached 60%. Thus, the state of the Center is constantly deteriorating and requires urgent action.

It is planned to invest over 50 billion rubles into the improvement of the enterprise. It is planned to borrow 38 billions from VEB bank with repayment before 2023. Of this amount, 27 billions will be needed in the 2015 year, and in 2016 and 2017, it is planned to master 4 and 7 billions, respectively. The Deputy Head of the Orkk Program, P. Popov, noted that the possibility of subsidizing the interest rate on a loan at state expense is being considered. It is planned to attract subsidies for 9 billion rubles.

Additional 10 billions will be invested by the Center. Khrunichev independently. From 2016 to 2025, it is planned to conclude several long-term contracts for the construction of Proton and Angara launch vehicles of several modifications, as well as Briz-M booster blocks. Taking into account the company's own investments, investments in the rehabilitation program should exceed 56 billion rubles.

In addition to investing finances, it is planned to carry out a number of organizational and production transformations. Thus, it is planned to organize a full cycle of production of new Angara launch vehicles at the Omsk POolyt plant. The Proton missiles and the upper stages, in turn, will be produced only in Moscow, without the participation of Omsk specialists. In addition, it is necessary to optimize the production areas of the Center in Moscow and Omsk, which will improve their performance. Due to similar transformations and production concentration at two sites, labor productivity will increase almost three times by 2018.

Currently, part of the Moscow production capacity is not used. More than half the area of ​​the Moscow plant of the Center. Khrunichev to 2018 year is planned to transfer to the jurisdiction of state banks. It is assumed that such a move will get rid of unused areas and thus get rid of the costs of their maintenance, as well as get money for the development of other facilities. Currently GKNPTs them. Khrunichev has shops with a total area of ​​341,3 thousand square meters. By the year 2018, this parameter will decrease to 123,1 thousand square meters. m

Financial problems force the company to abandon the production of part of the products. GKNPTs them. Khrunichev will continue to build launch vehicles, but he will refuse to manufacture part of the spacecraft and modules for the ISS. Like some other measures, such steps are designed to streamline the production process.

In addition to production sites, changes will be made to the Salyut design bureau. In the near future it is planned to translate all the documentation of this organization into digital format. Planned transition to modern computing equipment of domestic production, designed to accelerate the work and increase their efficiency. In addition, Salut’s engineers will soon move to a new building. All proposed measures that will be applied to the design office will help to optimize the process of developing new projects, as well as simplify the testing and other work.

New CEO GKNPTs them. Khrunicheva A. Kalinowski believes that the proposed plan will help the company to get out of the crisis situation and return the lost positions. In the future, the renewal and rehabilitation of the Center will allow it to once again become one of the leading rocket and space enterprises in the world. Launch vehicles built by the Center. Khrunichev, used to launch Russian and foreign spacecraft, and similar cooperation with other countries should continue.

The main type of products GKNPTs them. Khrunichev are “Proton” launch vehicles that are of interest to both domestic and foreign organizations. Nevertheless, the Russian rockets had a competitor: the launch vehicle Falcon 9 of the American company SpaceX. According to the Deputy Director General of ORKK P. Popov, in the future, Proton missiles will be able to compete with American development at a price. If SpaceX is able to create a launch vehicle with a launch cost of about 55 million dollars capable of outputting a payload to a geo-transitional orbit, it will become a leader in space launches of spacecraft weighing up to 4,5 tons. However, ORKK and GKNPTs them. Khrunichev with the existing "Protons" will be able to compete with the Falcon 9, albeit with some reservations.

Certain risks for the Russian space industry are borne by the US project of the Falcon Heavy launch vehicle with the stated launch price of 81 million dollars. Due to such missiles, according to P. Popov, a new price format may appear on the market. However, in this case, the Russian space industry will be able to enter the market with profitable offers, but this will require investments in the development of new technology.

The ability of Russian launch vehicles to compete with their foreign counterparts is cause for optimism. However, to restore positions in the international launch market and expand its influence to the Russian space industry, it is necessary to restore the potential of a number of leading enterprises. GKNPTs them. Mv Khrunicheva is currently in an extremely difficult situation and needs urgent financial rehabilitation. The proposed program for the rescue and development of the enterprise should be adopted as soon as possible. Its first results will be noticeable after a few years.

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  1. 0
    16 September 2014 10: 23
    I wish that everything would be fine ...
    1. 0
      17 September 2014 21: 42
      Will be. I bet that in December they will drop the Angara-5.
    2. 0
      17 September 2014 21: 42
      Will be. I bet that in December they will drop the Angara-5.
  2. +4
    16 September 2014 10: 29
    If earlier you took a step forward and became a leader, now you need to take three steps or competitors will devour them.
    Because of such missiles, according to P. Popov, a new price format may appear on the market. Nevertheless, in this case, the Russian space industry will be able to enter the market with favorable offers, however, this will require investments in the development of new technology.
    That is, only when a competitor appears, will investments in the development of new equipment be needed? Will there be time lost?
    In the Soviet Union, they thought ten steps forward, because we still fly on protons and alliances and keep the mark, but the time of these missiles is running out, breakthrough technologies are needed.
  3. +2
    16 September 2014 11: 29
    The news itself is good, of course, but I don’t believe Mr. Komarov, remembering about his leadership at Avtovaz
  4. postoronim V
    16 September 2014 16: 32
    So the crisis manager transforms that all at once in ... the loot will fly away too.
  5. +1
    16 September 2014 16: 32
    To return the country to a leading position in space exploration, it is necessary to do something similar to the first manned flight into space, so that the whole world gasps and looks at Russia with delight, as it was then.
  6. postoronim V
    16 September 2014 16: 34
    Previously, there were people in the leaders who knew rockets and so on, what does this person understand?
  7. Kir
    16 September 2014 16: 50
    Forgive the article, superficial, if only because everything is from open sources, and therefore does not show even most of the open information, I myself have this to some extent But I can only voice a few points
    1) The rumble was already safely transferred to Omsk, now the same hangar
    2) Despite the ambiguity with the production of employees, see the mailing list, see the given one, but try to call, you will get to the answering machine, and in the "private" they will tell you that it is better not to be interested in October
    3) "Wrongs" from among the leading cadres are not at the gate, but in advisers, there is a salary, but in terms of responsibility ........, by the way, I will not be surprised that some of them are on a well-deserved pension, and others bunks will not be attached.
    4) With regards to banks, even now part of the territory is owned by some, then not only is there something from the customs, there are even plans to take part of the territory for development. And all this apart from the fact that right next to the railway train, the commercial residential has already been built !!! The defense industry b .... I.

    If you dig even deeper, then there will be so many things that .......
  8. +3
    16 September 2014 18: 27
    All this is strange. The enterprise seems to be state-owned - see the first letter in its name. "The company needs urgent help", but who will help? State? Nope. The company takes out a loan! 50 billion!

    It invests another 10 billion by itself. Where from? Wait, does he mean he has them? That is, it puts them into itself. Wisely! But where else could it put them? (Unless offshore.)

    It also "plans" to sign contracts. How can this be planned? And if the opposite side does not want to conclude them?

    It also sells land in Moscow! Is this called recovery? To sell land, especially in Moscow, that means it can never be used again for its intended purpose. That is, on the possible expansion of production or research in Moscow, where there are many specialists and scientists, put an end to. Is this called recovery? This is such a recovery, after which there will be nothing. This is if the pimple is on the heel, then cut off the leg, that's all. And the second one too. Then you don’t have to buy shoes anymore - that’s the saving.
    1. Kir
      16 September 2014 18: 40
      Yes, there are more than enough oddities with him, moreover, they (oddities) have been stretching for more than 20 years, so ...... And by the way, with RosKosmos itself there are also oddities at least ......., simply put, if the Authority doesn’t will go to the new 37th to wait for improvement can only be as a joke from the time of the disaster:
      "Can we expect a successful restructuring? Yes, if the Martians help us."
      there is something similar.
      1. -1
        16 September 2014 23: 26
        37? This is when the power transplanted almost all aircraft designers? Is it that year, or a year later, the Queen's jaw was broken in prison? Some nkvdist under interrogation? Which incorrectly (naturally) fused, and because of the complications of this, he subsequently died just when his talent would come in handy in a lunar race. That nkvdist, they say, lived longer.
        1. Kir
          17 September 2014 03: 28
          And then the amiable snot is nothing to chew! And Sergey Pavlovich died, forgive me from another, less shit of the Internet and the speculations of outsiders, if you read, then it’s worth thoroughly filtering !!!
          And with regards to the NKVD, forgive me, but how many who gave their lives We do not know, it is enough to recall the partisan detachments !!!, so those who are now living, if they are certainly not from the breed of relatives, "there is no reason for victims and prisoners of some country of conscience" the memory of these People !!!, and the fact that, as always, with the presence of power, some of the brains are completely blown away, so when did it do without it? Regarding the events that followed after the death of S.P. Korolyov, what can I say ..... learn better history and you will see that those whom He saw as receivers were wiped off by subjects of a certain property !!!
          1. -1
            17 September 2014 14: 42
            I fully support your intentions to abandon bad habits, such as chewing snot and Internet addiction. Picking in the nose also does not color the person!
            I also support your interest in history. The history of the NKVD is also instructive. What did the NKVD suffer more from - from its own internal repressions or from external forces? The first revolutionary romantics were killed by some fools or scum, or people confused because of their low educational level and lack of freedom of information, then others were killed, and so on. A typical story of a Soviet spy is to fail in the late 30s or early 40s because of the new incompetent leadership (and the old one was shot), sit there, then come back and sit here thoroughly. So the history of the land of the Soviets is instructive. I advise you to read something about her. They write about this in books. And books are sold in bookstores. You go out to the center of your city, find your uncle with glasses, and ask: "Hey, my dear, where is the bookstore here?" Good luck.
            1. Kir
              18 September 2014 03: 42
              Unlike you, reading the beleberda and the remake from such "historians" as Svanidze and others like them do not see much sense, but with regards to incompetent leadership, something painfully familiar ........., Oh, yes, all the losses in The Second World War from the leadership and even worse is the personal fault of I.V. Stalin, and the People won the War, yeah, now they believe that without the leadership, every Soldier knows how and what to do. Better keep silent about the romantics, since there is a suspicion that you attribute this to the Trotskyist gang, by the way it looks like yours also touched, won't you wake up from these, by the way, and the comparison of the incomparable STALIN with Hitler from Trotsky went, and at the same time about there some not such employees of the bodies should not be said especially to me.
  9. +1
    17 September 2014 01: 45
    Again, loot carriers attack the space industry.
  10. Kostya pedestrian
    17 September 2014 02: 31
    Wow! And then I look at ukrnosti today, there some gray-haired man is crucifying, and in front of him on the stage the Finns are sitting, pale as blacks, which Belles bleached. And who studied history, Africans themselves say that there are no more racists than blacks, they even caught their own, and they sold them to the Dutch or Portuguese as slaves.

    By the way, our fast food, like Belfast, attacked Swiss cheese from two sides. With South Africa, and Norway, or something. And why put a map of hostilities on display? And if among us the scouts are hostile?

    Yes, bread, in Irish means "delirium", so remove the spoilage of obesity, and chase chiri Do you have mathematics, computer people from the island of aichi?
  11. 0
    17 September 2014 21: 41
    Quote: parusnik
    I wish that everything would be fine ...

    Will be. I bet that in December they will drop the Angara-5.