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Set of converting a pistol into a Triarii carbine from the company Hera Arms

The German company Hera Arms develops and produces various accessories, additional devices, butts, guides, holders of various designs and, finally, sets for converting conventional pistols, for example Glock, Walther and others, into a full-fledged carbine. Using such conversion kits as GCC or Triarii (in the army of ancient Rome - the soldiers of the heavy infantry of the Roman legion in the 4th-2nd centuries BC), in four seconds you get a ready-to-fire carbine. The company closely cooperates in this direction with military, paramilitary, private agencies and sports organizations. The attached photos best demonstrate the originality of Hera Arms solutions.

Materials used:

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  1. La-5
    La-5 16 September 2014 09: 51
    Why bother with a pistol when you can take a submachine gun? I think that all this "kit" plus the gun itself will cost as much as a normal PP.
    1. Mooh
      Mooh 16 September 2014 10: 11
      Most likely significantly more expensive than normal PP. These toys are probably made for the civilian market.
      1. La-5
        La-5 16 September 2014 10: 24
        Probably, but for the civilian market they release semi-automatic versions of software.
        1. Mister X
          Mister X 16 September 2014 11: 34
          In ancient Greek mythology, the goddess Hera (Gera) is the patroness of marriage, guarding the mother during childbirth.
          One of the twelve Olympic deities, the supreme goddess, wife of Zeus.

          How combines the name of the goddess with the production of weapons - a purely rhetorical question.
          1. insafufa
            insafufa 16 September 2014 11: 51
            According to the law of the wound, make a good and cheap Gun and a bunch of gadgets and bells and whistles for it for a fee than for more expensive but PP since people are more willing to pay for bells and whistles in the amount of more.
            1. anomalocaris
              anomalocaris 17 September 2014 17: 23
              According to the law of the market - sell it! But he did or did not, and what he did is another question.
    2. Victor-cort
      Victor-cort 17 September 2014 03: 40
      Quote: La-5
      Why bother with a pistol when you can take a submachine gun? I think that all this "kit" plus the gun itself will cost as much as a normal PP.

      This is "pribluda" for the civilian market. In many countries (including Germany itself), the number of weapons that can be legally held is strictly limited. With such a body kit for one "place" in the license you have both a pistol and a carbine.
      And yes, the PP is not just civilian and sometimes not the police, and the military, for whom only a pistol is assigned, is not uncommon. The same device is not regulated by any documents, and the fighting qualities of the pistol at least somehow increase.
    3. StrategBV
      StrategBV 18 September 2014 16: 37
      It seems to me or at 0:50 in the video there is a "Five" in the back left ?! Maybe this is, of course, Fiat, on the basis of which it was maderequest
      By the way, the idea is interesting, in case of failure of the main weapon, you can quickly convert your pistol into such a weapon. Of course, the hinged module will have its own mass and will always carry it in a backpack, not that it is convenient. This development is rather interesting for the private market, having a pistol, it will allow you to get a small-caliber carbine, without spending money on another full-fledged weapon. From a purely tactical point of view, this weapon is very interesting, a rapid-firing submachine gun and a pistol in one bottle, but in fact, carrying these modules separately from the pistol is still not handy. In nature, there has long been an automatic "Glock" with an attachable buttstock, and a tactical grip can be installed on the front rail of the picatinny. This option is more convenient, separate butt and front grip, you can literally carry it in your pocket, and they will significantly increase the effectiveness of fire. A laser sight or flashlight can be mounted on a side rail (which is optionally installed on the pistol stock). The only "jamb", the lack of sighting devices (I think it is clear why they cannot be fixed on a "naked" pistol drinks ).
      It turns out that this device allows you to quickly make a rifle out of a pistol, but is it necessary in the realities of our time and who apart from free shooters really needs such a thing? I think this is another prodigy am .
  2. Denimax
    Denimax 16 September 2014 09: 59
    Now there is such a wide variety of canopies on weapons.
    I think a small hinged mirror placed on the arrester could be useful for urban combat. You can hold the weapon on a vskidka to look around the corner of the building or through the window, without protruding. It is only necessary to place the button on the fore-end, and connect the rod to the mirror with a rod.
    1. muginov2015
      muginov2015 16 September 2014 10: 15
      And to handle a cell phone in the handle, a lighter with a cigarette case in the butt will go with a bang.
      1. Ayujak
        Ayujak 16 September 2014 10: 31
        Already promoting an iPhone in the form of a sight.
        I think this type is designed for those who already have a glock. Glock is one of the most popular pistols. Good market.
        After all, people stubbornly take a new iPhone and tablet every 2 years. If not more often.
  3. mrDimkaP
    mrDimkaP 16 September 2014 10: 32
    So with the help of simple devices you can make a carbine from a pistol ... but why?
    1. schizophrenic
      schizophrenic 16 September 2014 10: 57
      Quote: mrDimkaP
      ... but why

      Increase, accuracy, range, carry only one barrel, well, in general, for an amateur.
      The gun in the cabaret, the rest in the case.
      1. Vladimirets
        Vladimirets 16 September 2014 14: 13
        Quote: schizophrenic
        Increase, accuracy, range,

        And with what fright range will increase? The barrel and cartridge remain pistol.
        1. schizophrenic
          schizophrenic 16 September 2014 19: 04
          Quote: Vladimirets
          The barrel and cartridge remain pistol

          The barrel in the photo lengthens, look carefully, the aiming range increases, from the pistol 30, to 100-150 meters like a submachine gun, the plug is attached to it, take a closer look.
          Yes, and pistol cartridges allow you to shoot up to 500 meters, take a look at the PPSh, and the aiming range is up to 200m, so the accuracy of this assembly is up to 150 meters.
          1. La-5
            La-5 16 September 2014 20: 36
            The trunk lengthens it how? Most likely there is a false trunk.
            1. schizophrenic
              schizophrenic 16 September 2014 21: 06
              Quote: La-5
              there is a false trunk

              Although it should be, to exclude a gas breakthrough, which means powder gases will continue to push the bullet. We saw a revolving scheme in order to exclude a gas breakthrough, what they do.
              1. La-5
                La-5 16 September 2014 22: 04
                I do not quite understand what you mean. They don’t do it on revolvers, the drum chamber becomes symmetrical to the barrel and that’s all, while there is a small gap between the barrel and the chamber, with the exception of the Nagan revolver.
                1. schizophrenic
                  schizophrenic 16 September 2014 22: 19
                  So it is, like a Nagan. The secondary trunk is pushed tightly, after being clamped, to avoid backlash. Everything would be noticeably better if there was a thread on the gun barrel onto which the second barrel was wound.
                  1. schizophrenic
                    schizophrenic 16 September 2014 22: 34
                    Yes, in almost any workshop where normal machines can be made, the only requirement is a pistol with a fixed barrel. But if there is a moving trunk, then only a false trunk will work.
                    1. anomalocaris
                      anomalocaris 17 September 2014 17: 30
                      Yah? Are you serious or joking?
                      It is possible to adjust, MANUALLY, and precisely with a non-movable barrel, but GLOCK, Colt M1911, Zig-Sauer 226 just have automation with a short stroke, with a decrease when unlocking the breech.
                      My advice to you is to teach the mate part.
                  2. La-5
                    La-5 16 September 2014 23: 30
                    I wonder how the rifling in the trunks will coincide? You can increase the length only by replacing the standard barrel pistols with a longer one.
                    1. schizophrenic
                      schizophrenic 17 September 2014 00: 02
                      A smooth barrel, accuracy will slightly deteriorate compared to a conventional barrel and there will be a small breakthrough of gases, which will reduce the speed of the bullet, in general, not a very big fee, for remaking the gun in the PP.
                      1. anomalocaris
                        anomalocaris 17 September 2014 17: 35
                        You are extremely mistaken. Powder gases bursting around the bullet cause its substantial fluctuations. Accordingly, the accuracy decreases.
                      2. schizophrenic
                        schizophrenic 17 September 2014 21: 52
                        Quote: anomalocaris
                        but GLOCK, Colt M1911, Zig-Sauer 226 just have automation with a short barrel

                        So deny, you won’t be about the false trunk to which the muffler is attached. And in any case, the movement along the false trunk will accelerate the bullet.
                        A question for those who posted this article, go to the forum where such bells and whistles are discussed, and ask about improving the performance. Sometimes the lack of TX suffers.
                        In any case, the characteristics of the gun are improving, more on this below.
                      3. schizophrenic
                        schizophrenic 18 September 2014 00: 07
                        Answer the minus.
                        Who will like it if you have to shoot a sight after each assembly-disassembly. So I think that the assembly should keep the hundredths, which means that the extension of the barrel is possible, also concerns Glock.
                        Quote: Vladimirets
                        And with what fright range will increase?

                        I explain why on some automatic pistols a butt is installed and what it serves for.
                      4. anomalocaris
                        anomalocaris 19 September 2014 02: 37
                        And why hell do I wander around the forums, where, basically, "specialists" like you graze? Well, you do not know how the muffler is attached - do not write nonsense.
                  3. wasjasibirjac
                    wasjasibirjac 21 September 2014 15: 28
                    but how will this weapon work, taking into account that ALL of these guns operate according to the principle of short-range barrel movement, but here you propose to attach another barrel, when using low-speed ammunition, there may not be enough energy to roll back the bolt. so there’s just a tube through which a bullet passes. accuracy can be increased by increasing the length of the sighting line and using the shoulder rest.
        2. luiswoo
          luiswoo 16 September 2014 20: 26
          Quote: Vladimirets
          And with what fright range will increase? The barrel and cartridge remain pistol.

          Pens will shake less with fear. Here the policemen cannot get out of the gun from 5 meters, and they pay for it:

          I could not find a more revealing video - there, in general, without any tricks, a patrol was also put in place (the shooter took only one step), from the hip from a double-barreled shot, the police also shot him.
          Although for the price of this kit, you can buy MP-155, more relevant in such cases ...
          1. Mwg
            Mwg 16 September 2014 20: 58
            Informative movie about US cops))) Notice how he screams hysterically, both before and during fire contact? Strong emotions are basically fear. Does this not characterize THEIR professionals in general? Maybe that's why they are starting to supply them with heavy weapons, so they wouldn’t be afraid? )))
            1. luiswoo
              luiswoo 16 September 2014 22: 49
              I suspect that they passed the standards. Only how to cause a surge of adrenaline at a shooting range, what would learn to deal with it? Should I beat with current for seeding, and then add for each oversight? ..
              But I believe that a heavier carbine, but with a butt, would give a better result with a jerk than just a gun in his hand.
          2. Riperbahn
            Riperbahn 17 September 2014 02: 45
            It seemed to me - a veteran from the Garandovsky carbine shot, and not from a double-barreled shotgun. M-1 or 2. They were also supplied by Lend-Lease.
            1. luiswoo
              luiswoo 18 September 2014 00: 27
              Double-barrel - this is about another video:
              I could not find a more revealing video

              Two shots - two corpses, without any dashes. More like execution than shooting ...
      2. Maki Avellevich
        Maki Avellevich 18 September 2014 14: 43
        It is unlikely that a professional will take such a thing with him ...
  4. Syrdon
    Syrdon 16 September 2014 11: 05
    when Russia will allow the free sale of weapons, then these gadgets will make sense. In the meantime, letting drool so)) Personally, I probably would have bought such a kit, it is clearly not only made for Gloki, there is another short-barrel too.
    1. padonok.71
      padonok.71 16 September 2014 11: 40
      Last fota like with 911.

      Joining the previous speakers - NAHUA ??? But what else to expect from a company with that name.

      And by the way, Triarii, not only the base infantryman, from the time of the republic. But the third maniple of the cohort and the old-time legionnaire, and such a man / legate was Guy Triarius, and the appearance of a gladiator. I’m not smart - so for reference.
      1. gross kaput
        gross kaput 16 September 2014 12: 34
        Hi, as far as my insanity allows me to remember, the fashion for such body kits for pistols seems to have come from Israel, and all this was initially created to circumvent the local arms legislation for arming private security guards, and then it was converted into such a booming business project - in the West in general they can prove to anyone just something without this on x. he’s simply not able to continue to use unnecessary crap, and if he can, he will feel completely flawed.
        1. padonok.71
          padonok.71 16 September 2014 12: 57
          Be healthy bolyarins! I was just wondering why I personally, in what situation, might need this "poker" - nothing came to mind. I understand even among the Jews of the Pribluda this was around the corner to shoot, well, this is still understandable (although it is also, well, very doubtful), but THIS is why is a mystery. In one word, PUSH.
  5. Siberia 9444
    Siberia 9444 16 September 2014 11: 09
    Well, probably not a carbine, but a submachine gun that still didn’t go, and the idea is interesting.
    1. padonok.71
      padonok.71 16 September 2014 11: 49
      Yes, a light carbine, in my understanding - Mauser, Parabellum (art. Model) with a "piece of wood". APS - no longer, closer to the PP. But where is this to be attributed - HZ?
  6. atos_kin
    atos_kin 16 September 2014 11: 15
    There are few cup holders
  7. Professor
    Professor 16 September 2014 11: 22
    Got this tuning. angry
    1. adept666
      adept666 16 September 2014 12: 24
      Radar with AFAR is still not enough laughing
      1. abrakadabre
        abrakadabre 16 September 2014 16: 44
        Yeah. And for individual connoisseurs, a three-meter interchangeable barrel for "sniper" shooting and a set of quick-release rings with a spinning reel on it. For quick spinning conversion.
  8. DesToeR
    DesToeR 16 September 2014 12: 21
    The Jewish version with a breaking part for firing from around the corner will be better. And so it’s more profitable to take a pompach in the city.
  9. ramsi
    ramsi 16 September 2014 12: 46
    If the trunk does not lengthen, then it is generally uninteresting, and if it lengthens, then it probably should be completely replaceable, which is not so interesting in terms of a transformer
  10. Massik
    Massik 16 September 2014 16: 39
    Well, the accuracy for 30 meters will increase, since the "full auto" bourgeoisie have forbidden themselves, so they get lost with views of the border crossing point.
    The rigidity of mounting the gun body to this fixture is interesting ...
    1. schizophrenic
      schizophrenic 16 September 2014 19: 13
      Quote: Marssik
      The rigidity of mounting the gun body to this fixture is interesting.

      In 1 photo it is clearly visible, even the plug is screwed on, which means the barrel is lengthening. So it falls into the PP, only in the non-automatic, it may be a little worse. Without lengthening the barrel, why do you need it and can be done easier.
      1. The comment was deleted.
  11. walter vonberg
    walter vonberg 16 September 2014 16: 41
    Yes, the Germans were fucking ... they would have just done it, a specialist for comments.
  12. tracer
    tracer 16 September 2014 17: 14
    These are masterpieces for the civilian teenage market. Such a continuation of the "constructor" of children from the 70-80s. A bunch of beautiful plastic. You can make a cool photo, everyone will be jealous on Facebook. This is terribly fashionable now. A bunch of such shooters ... In all sorts of the coolest costumes with lasers and flashlights, and God knows what else. True, as a rule, it never even hits the target, but it looks menacing (for teenage plankton). So to seriously discuss this "tuning" is simply pointless.
  13. code54
    code54 16 September 2014 17: 30
    All this of course looks fun, and in a normal man rarely a boy dies who loves toys, especially military ones. But in practice ... ???? for me, the more such "separate" sheds, the more likely a mechanical breakdown than the factory version. So I think this is more for a show-off in a shooting gallery somewhere! ))) And I have a bigger barrel ..., but I have such crap, etc.
  14. no matter who i am
    no matter who i am 16 September 2014 17: 54
    There are body kits for a pistol that allow him to fire automatically (with a trigger trigger, of course)
  15. wadim13
    wadim13 16 September 2014 18: 21
    Pants turn ...
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. Riperbahn
      Riperbahn 17 September 2014 02: 47
      With a flick of the wrist - into a gas mower :))))
  16. lexx2038
    lexx2038 16 September 2014 21: 04
    Personally, I do not like such upgrades, it's like a motor from a mower to shove it into a Mercedes. The gun must be a gun, so it’s a gun. And this is some kind of optical illusion, and a wallet.
  17. Bugor
    Bugor 16 September 2014 23: 55
    For a wallet, this is not a hoax. For him, this is a blow to the right, followed by a knockdown. :)
  18. Aydar
    Aydar 17 September 2014 08: 00
    Quote: mrDimkaP
    So with the help of simple devices you can make a carbine from a pistol ... but why?

    Then, from Glock it was possible to conduct accurate automatic fire. try to drop the store from Glock in one burst with one hand, and you won’t get anywhere.
    A good fit, especially for police, patrol services (you can carry such a kit in the car and create a fire advantage in the case of a shootout).
  19. Roland60135.
    Roland60135. 17 September 2014 15: 59
    Confrontation: M16 - AK47 - Trehlineyka (1 photo)
    M16 - Under the magnifying glass, the butt melts
    AK47 - Under the magnifying glass you can see the Vietnamese mud still working instead of grease
    Three-line - Under the magnifying glass you can see the impregnated tree BLOOD

    M16 - Wedges when dirty
    AK47 - Works when dirty
    Three-line - Was not clean from the moment of issuance to the troops in 1932

    M16 - Hundreds of moving parts fastened by dozens of bolts and screws
    AK47 - A pair of dozens of moving parts held by a handful of rivets and ugly seams of a drunk Russian welder
    Three-line - three moving parts, two screws.

    M16 - You would rather die than smash your expensive rifle in hand-to-hand combat
    AK47 - with your assault rifle you can beat off well in hand-to-hand fighting
    Three-ruler - Your rifle is a cool spear with the ability to shoot

    M16 - if the firing pin breaks, you send the rifle to the factory under warranty
    AK47 - if the striker breaks, you buy a new one
    Three-line - If the hammer breaks, you spin it a couple of turns further into the shutter

    M16 - More difficult to manufacture than many aircraft
    AK47 - Used by countries that do not have money for airplanes
    Three-line - Aircraft shot down from it

    Owner's favorite drink
    M16 - Cognac
    AK47 - Vodka
    Three-line - Brake fluid drained from a frozen crowbar

    M16 - Makes a small hole, everything is neat, in accordance with the Geneva Convention
    AK47 - Makes a big hole, sometimes tears off limbs, does not comply with the Geneva Convention
    Three-line - One of the reasons for the creation of the Geneva Convention

    M16 - perfectly shoots small rodents
    AK47 - perfectly shoots the enemies of the revolution
    Trehlineyka - perfectly shoots light equipment

    M16 - once in the river, it stops working
    AK47 - hitting a river, still shoots
    Three-ruler - once in the river, usually used as a paddle

    M16 - Weapons for defense
    AK47 - Assault Weapons
    Three-line - Victory Arms!

    M16 - The grenade launcher is heavy, but can put a grenade in a window 200 meters away
    AK47 - If anything, the grenade from the grenade launcher can be thrown into the window with your hand
    Three-line - Grenade out the window? Hit through the wall, the cartridge pierces almost a meter of brick

    M16 - You can put a silencer, a small cartridge does not give a lot of sound
    AK47 - In principle, you can put a silencer, but it’s better just to press enemies to the ground with continuous fire
    Three-line - Nafig muffler when after the first shot all dear to everyone deaf?
    1. anomalocaris
      anomalocaris 17 September 2014 17: 41
      Boyan. But in many ways fair.
      1. Victor-cort
        Victor-cort 19 September 2014 13: 25
        Quote: anomalocaris
        Boyan. But in many ways fair.

        Boyan, and there is no justice there, Just nonsense.
        1. anomalocaris
          anomalocaris 19 September 2014 13: 41
          Justice is a canine disease.