Military Review

Reports from the militia of New Russia for 13-14 September 2014 of the year

13 September 2014 to 4: 04

Poroshenko burns Ukrainian soldiers in German crematoria, ATO losses accounted for 8000 fighters - Oleg Lyashko's statement

The leader of the radical party, Oleg Lyashko, addressed the public with a statement accusing the President of Ukraine and the Minister of Defense of crimes against his own soldiers.

“Poroshenko and Geleta brazenly lie, hiding more than 8000 of our losses in the ATO!

These guys gave their lives for them, for the country, for their people. But they and their families received no thanks and respect from our leadership. Moreover, it turns out that Poroshenko burns our heroes, like some dogs, in German crematoriums!

I got a picture from a reconnaissance satellite, where you can clearly see the field crematorium near the military hospital in the ATO area near Novoaydar. As I was told, this crematorium was handed to us by Germany. What for? What is he doing in the ATO zone? How many of our guys went unknown to heaven through this German chimney?

My party and I demand:

1) Immediately stop the work of crematoria and return the bodies of the dead soldiers to their loved ones;

2) The President should immediately explain the situation and apologize to the relatives of the victims;

3) The families of the deceased military should be provided with all compensations, all cash payments. The president should promise to take it under his personal control;

4) The Ministry of Defense should state the real number of our losses. We have the right to know the name of each hero!

5) Resign Minister of Defense V. Geletey.

Oleg Lyashko, MP of Ukraine, Leader of the Radical Party.

Reports from the militia of New Russia for 13-14 September 2014 of the year

The photo shows a field crematorium near a military hospital in the ATO area near Novoaydar.

13 September 2014 to 10: 55

Message from the militia

“According to unconfirmed data, Igor Bezler’s detachment captured light aircraft during the 6 special operation. The 5 Yak-52 and one A-29 were in good condition. The location of this special operation was not reported.”

Information about these aircraft from Wikipedia:

Yak-52 - Soviet sports and training aircraft.
It is a double all-metal monoplane with a low-lying cantilever wing. It was one of the main training aircraft of the USSR for the initial training of flight personnel. Also, is the only Soviet aircraft, which was mass-produced not in the USSR.

A-29 - lightweight multi-purpose aircraft.
Developed by Avantazh company (Russia). The plane made its first flight in the 2002 year. The aerodynamic configuration of the A-29 is a strut-down monoplane. A-29 is equipped with a parachute system to rescue the aircraft in emergency situations. Plane double. The cladding is made of three-layer fiberglass.

13 September 2014 to 12: 03

Message from Anatoly Sharia

According to the project "Wall". They plan to build from the Chernihiv region. There is a clear omission.
It should start right from the border of Kiev. Firstly, we will spend more money, secondly, it’s safer. As long as they reach the ATO zone, the project can be "minimized."
Anyway, nobody will build anything in Lugansk, well, unless there are kamikazes.
Particularly pleased with the wall on the border with the Crimea. With the Crimea, which, as you know, is Ukrainian. Or, according to Yatsenyuk, is this already Russia? Completely, perhaps, crazy.
I personally believe that the first, already allocated 100 million will be spent not in vain, as well as the subsequent ones. Save on the other. Sell ​​a couple of cars Cabinet, Yatsenyuk, again, the budget flight flies. Beat off!
On a pinch, you can take away pensions from citizens whose age exceeds 80 years. Average life expectancy in Ukraine 72? Here you go. Everything is logical.
We will build. This is the source of dough for years. And if you urgently need to pull out a couple of lyams on a new project, then you can shoot from Grad. Destroyed by the separatists, they say.
And most importantly - how many peaceful protesters dumped on the streets, look. Posters in the hands of "no waste of the budget!" Already in the eyes dazzled.
Added *** thought here again. And what to do with dragons that can attack? It is necessary to plant archers on the wall, it seems to me. And if the attack starts on the wall, so dove mail is in this case.

13 September 2014 to 12: 50

Message from the militia headquarters

"All vehicles with Russian humanitarian aid arrived in Lugansk, they are being unloaded, there were no problems along the way. The humanitarian aid points in Lugansk will open on September 15. Residents of the city will be able to get the necessary things early on Monday morning."

13 September 2014 to 13: 40

Overview of the combat situation from the militia Prokhorov

A (war) truce everything goes and goes.

During the night, the dill checkpoint, which they had built the day before, was completely destroyed near Happiness. Shot dill block at Debaltsevo. Now comes (shelling) a truce on Yenakiyevo and Makeyevka. (Fights) The truce at the Donetsk airport went most of the night and is now renewed.

From dill:
- strong point in the area of ​​settlement Marinka. The shelling was made from mortars and small weapons.
- positions near n. P. Yasinovataya. The shelling was made from mortars and barreled artillery.
- positions near n. n. Thin. The shelling was carried out from the MLRS BM-21 “Grad” from the side of Donetsk.
- strong point near n. n. Sands. The shelling was made from mortars and small arms.
- positions near n. p. Zhdanovka. Shelling made from mortars.
- twice - positions and roadblock near n. P. Maloorlovka. The shelling made of mortars and barreled artillery.
- positions near the mine 60 anniversary of the Great October Revolution. The shelling was made from mortars.
- base camp near n. Debaltseve. The shelling was made from grenade launchers. "

Also at night there was a battle in the area of ​​Maiorsk (a suburb of Gorlovka), an art truce continues on Pervomaisk and otvetka on the positions of dill in the suburb Popasnaya (they will not make peace in the city)
At night in Mariupol, near the street. Kirov was a shootout.

Now there are battles in the area of ​​the Red Partisan and Panteleimonovka (to the south of Gorlovka - they enclose the environment of the rat group of dill).

Not all dill are gone.
Activist and journalist Irma Krat wrote in social networks:
"While Savik is talking about the elections, one very old grandmother called me from a landline phone. She says that not everyone came out of the Ilovaisky boiler, in the Olenevka farm in the Starobeshevsky district in the field, in corn, our soldiers are already eating 2 for a week "They are offered to surrender, but they do not surrender, they do not believe that the DNR-LNR will keep their words. There are about two hundred of them. They have forgotten, they have left. Near the field before 150, people are killed."

13 September 2014 to 13: 46

Summary of the Army of the South-East for the night of September 13: punishers violate the truce and get drunk, a column of humanitarian aid from Russia moves to Lugansk

“During the night, the situation did not undergo significant changes and remained tense. There are still cases of its violation by individual enemy units.

The forces of the Kiev junta continued the regrouping and strengthening of subunits, as well as the improvement of the occupied lines in engineering.

A total of six cases of punitive violations of the armistice agreements were noted.

About 21 hours from the side of Zhdanovka units of the Ukrainian troops began shelling Khartsyzsk, at the end of which the Nazis, large-caliber artillery, inflicted fire attack on residential areas of the village of Red Town;

In 21 an hour of 25 minutes from the direction of Avdiivka from small arms punishers fired indiscriminately at residential areas Yasinovataya. At the same time, the houses of civilians were intentionally set on fire.

In 22 hours of 30 minutes, units of the junta's small arms and armored personnel carriers fired on residential buildings in the Kirovskoye village. As a result of the shelling, there are casualties among the civilian population.

In 23 hours of 50 minutes from the side of Granite, fascists fired from militant volley fire systems into positions of militia in the village of Telmanovo.

Over the past night, the positions of the DPR Army fighters in the settlements of Skilled, Spartak, Merry and Peski were subjected to fire at least five times from both small and artillery weapons from the Donetsk airport.

The reconnaissance of the armies of the Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics marked by numerous conflicts between military personnel of the units of the armed forces of Ukraine who are intoxicated, which, as a rule, result in the use of small arms.

In the morning, a column of humanitarian aid from the Russian Federation began to move to Lugansk. In order to ensure the unimpeded passage of the columns, the soldiers of the Army of the Southeast organized a commandant's service along the entire route of the cargo movement. "

13 September 2014 to 13: 47

Message from the militia

“Intense fighting began in the city of Yasinovataya, Donetsk People’s Republic. Ukrainian troops attacked militia positions on the outskirts of the city. Artillery works, explosions and automatic firing sound. According to updated data, the city is firing multiple salvo fire and artillery from Makeevka.”

13 September 2014 to 14: 31

Message from eyewitnesses

"Dnepropetrovsk Railway Station. Missiles under the MLRS are loaded into cars and ready to go in a southeast direction."

13 September 2014 to 14: 33

Message from Vladislav Shurygin

“The prisoner exchange has stalled due to the fact that during the“ registry ”of the basements of the SBU and the“ zindans ”of every kind of“ natsbatov ”no huge number of people were found from the lists handed over by the authorities of Novorossia. “these people are no longer in their hands.” In reality, this means that they died after being taken prisoner from beatings or were shot. Especially in the killings of prisoners, the “natsbaty”, who practice torture and extrajudicial executions of prisoners and suspected of helping the militia, distinguished themselves Now in Kiev They decide how to get out of this situation. According to one “option”, it is proposed to declare the “not found” “escaped from captivity.” Otherwise it is proposed to declare them “repentant and refused to return.” It is said that at least two hundred . "

13 September 2014 to 14: 44

Message from residents of Kirovskoye (DNR)

"Kirovskoye started shelling. Fighting in the vicinity of the city. Machine gunfire was heard, shells exploded.
Tonight there was shelling of the city, the Megacas store suffered. One of the shells landed in front of a residential building. All the windows flew out, the gas was interrupted. Housing of ordinary people on Shakhterskaya St. has suffered again. There were more damage.
Kirov is still in great danger, near in Zhdanovka and s. Maloorlovka (Broad) is a lot of Ukrainian army and mercenaries who fired at the city from these positions. Killed to 30 civilians, including a girl 4-x years. The destruction in Kirov is colossal; nevertheless, there are still many people in the city, including children. There is practically no food in the city, there was no light for half a month, there are also problems with water and gas. At the same time in the city there was never a media to give the problem publicity.
In the city of Kirovsk, about 5 fatal infarcts were officially registered, and all because of the 3's weekly shelling of the city.
A friend came from Shirokaya, where the National Guard under. He says the villagers are asking the soldiers to leave. But the soldiers said no, they have an order. According to a resident of Shirokoy, during the shelling from the DPR towards the National Guard in their village, the entire 1 died in the village, there was little destruction, the DPR regretted them. But in response, the National Guard and the Battalions of Kolomoisky of Shirokaya do not fire the DPR, but the city of Kirovsk, demolish houses, kill civilians and children.

On the photo and video - pits after the bombing of the city of Kirov. "

13 September 2014 to 14: 50

Message from Borisych

“I am now in the village of Khanzhenkovo, on the outskirts of Donetsk. Yesterday, Tochka U flew to the bus station. Right in the center of the bus station Khanzhenkovo ​​is a huge crater gaping. I must say, Khanzhenkovo ​​is under constant shelling of Ukrainian punishers despite the truce. I can hear the rumble of artillery. I constantly ask myself rhetorical questions why they go to kindergartens, to bus stations, to hospitals ... I remember Marinka when I was seven hundred meters away from apartment buildings and they fired upon irnoe people ... you can not call it an ordinary fascism ... Fascism is extraordinary, when they kill people with his blood and faith. "

13 September 2014 to 16: 10

Message from journalists

“The Ukrainian army began shelling of Makeyevka from heavy artillery. Sources in Novorossia report this. The fire is being punished by Avdeevka and the Donetsk airport occupied by them. parts of the city are forced to hide in basements.
On the destruction and the victims of information has not yet been reported. "

13 September 2014 to 23: 11

Video from the militia

13 September 2014 to 23: 44

New videos from "Borisych"

1. The militiaman gives interviews. It is indicative that he speaks Ukrainian in the militia and no one forbids it.

2. The “Engineer” militia speaks about the benefits of separatism for the figure.

13 September 2014 to 23: 59

The Southeast Army Review for 13 September: a humanitarian convoy arrived from Russia, the enemy continues provocations and prepares troops

During the day, the situation has not changed significantly. The units of the national militia were involved in ensuring the unimpeded and safe movement of the convoy with humanitarian aid from the Russian Federation. With 14.00 organized the discharge and distribution of humanitarian assistance among the local population.

The cease-fire by the warring parties was generally respected, but it has traditionally been a violation of the junta’s individual units. In the morning, the positions of the people's militia in the Telmanovo area were shelled three times from installations of the MLRS Grad.

Under the artillery fire of the fascists, which was conducted by Novotroitsky, militia units in the area of ​​Dokuchaevsk fell.

Shelling by punishers in Donetsk and its suburbs continued. The Nazis from mortars fired stalls in the area of ​​Putilovsky Bridge in Donetsk. There are civilian casualties.

The tense situation persists in the Donetsk airport area. The Ukrainian fascists repeatedly fired on the positions of the militias, both from small arms and mortars.

From 14.00 to 15.00, from Debaltsevo, in Kirovskoye and Mikhaylovka settlements, fire was fired from artillery installations and multiple rocket launcher systems twice. Data on victims and destructions are specified.

According to intelligence information from the armies of the Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics, the Kiev junta continues to carry out a set of measures to create offensive offensive groups.

Yesterday at 0: 24

Message from journalists

“The militiamen found a large number of packages of the drug substance Butorphanol at the site of the defeat of the 51 airborne brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Butorphanol is a synthetic opioid analgesic that has a powerful analgesic effect, its effect is stronger than that of morphine.”

Yesterday at 1: 39

Message from the militia Prokhorov

So far a slight lull, a small result of yesterday's truce from dill:
“The artillery bombarded the positions of the Ukrainian army under Yasinovaty. The local military said that with 10: 00 in the morning they suffered from Gradov and mortars. In the afternoon, the infantry went with armored vehicles under the Russian flag. They entered the battle. They currently fought off one position we have wounded. There are a lot of wounded. I don’t yet know the two hundredths. Now we are waiting for help. I think we can be surrounded, ”one of the ukroboytsy from the scene told by telephone.

In Maloorlovka (near Enakievo) notable punishers fired.
Something like this (see video).

Even the rear hospital clogged wounded to the eyeballs.
From UkroSMI: “In the Military Medical Clinical Center of the Southern Region (Odessa), wounded in the ATO fighters of the Ukrainian army are being treated. Since the outbreak of hostilities, the hospital received more than 500 injured. About 3000 people were rescued in a field hospital deployed in the immediate vicinity of the military action ".
In October, a new military hospital opens in Zaporozhye, because in the Dnieper they are already piled up.

Under Ilovaisk, the bodies have not yet been collected. There, volunteers collect and send in dill - no one bothers them. Irrecoverable losses there - more than 400-500. About a couple of hundred more demoralized in basements in the surrounding villages are still hiding. Last week, such a few overgrown and smelling a la homeless passed ukropskim journalists.

If the death of Yarosh, then this is most likely not true. Unfortunately, the work does not allow to be enthusiastic optimist in relation to some of the data, information and messages. Although Yarosh and stopped publicly appear, but there is real information that he will run in the district in Dnepropetrovsk and has already filed documents.

Yesterday at 2: 01

Message press center DNR

MES: no truce.
On September 12, the duty team of the Emergency Situations Ministry carried out 5 firefighting excursions, one of which turned out to be on a false call - the fire alarm system mistakenly triggered in the Kirovsky district.
In 10-55, the Leninsky district was shelled - a one-story house on Shchelgunov street received roof damage.
The Kievskiy district suffered next - at about eight in the evening the shell hit the summer kitchen on Krupskaya street.
The last shelling fell on the Kuibyshev district - in 22-09, the roof of a one-story house on Svetlichnaya street was destroyed.
Another fire occurred in Voroshilovsky district, but the causes of the fire have not yet been established.

The price of truce for Enakievo
An hour ago, Ukrainian punishers fired from tanks suburb of Enakievo, pos. Juncom. The shelling was conducted from the side of the Poltava mine. 2 civilians were injured. One, with severe shrapnel wounds, was taken to hospital. Doctors are now fighting for his life. The second man fell into the epicenter of the shelling, the shell exploded in front of him (Press Service of the commandant Enakievo, Igor Korovyakovsky).

Yesterday at 2: 07

Press conference of Andrei Purgin: A political alliance with Ukraine is impossible

On September 12, a press conference was held in Donetsk by the First Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Donetsk People's Republic, Andrei Purgin, on the exchange of prisoners. Among other things, he spoke about the relationship between the DPR and Ukraine.

“Neither the DPR nor the LNR intend to participate in any political alliance with Ukraine, that is, in any constructions of a federal or other nature (state - ed.). But, nevertheless, we understand the reality, we understand that the independence we build is a product of non-resistance of the parties: the neighbors and the powerful of the world, ”said Andrei Purgin.

“We achieved sovereignty in the May 11 referendum ... This independence is with a bias towards the Russian world, with the desire to conclude possible agreements with the Russian Federation in those integration models that it models, i.e. The Customs Union, the SES, and now it is the Single Eurasian space. With Ukraine, we are not opposed on a contractual basis to maintain economic, socio-cultural and other ties, ”says the First Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers.

Yesterday at 2: 35

Information from the Ukrainian media

“From March to September 2014, around 6 thousand Odessans were called up for three waves of mobilization into the ranks of the armed forces, the National Guard and the Border Service. More than 2,5 thousand evaded service - some of them refused to receive the summons, others did not appear in the military registration and enlistment offices. All of them are trying to bring to justice. ”This was stated by Deputy Military Commissar of the region Valery Ischenko.

Yesterday at 2: 45

Summary report from the 1 Interbrigade of the South-East for September 13

The past 24 hours on the fronts of New Russia have become the most intense since the beginning of the so-called. truce - in my opinion, it frankly ended.

Donetsk People's Republic

Donetsk - almost all the night around the airport there were battles. Also at night, the Kiev district was subjected to mortar fire. This afternoon, the cannonade was heard throughout the city, there are no clarifications on losses and destruction from official sources.


Marinka - militia from mortars and small arms fired at the checkpoint of the national ambitions.
Enakievo - in the morning the city was hit by artillery, losses and destruction are also not specified.
Makeevka - in the morning, the Sovetsky District was fired from the Grad’s MLRS from the positions of Ukrovermht in the villages of Zuevka and Nizhnyaya Krynka. Closer to dinner punitive opened fire from their positions in BC Avdiivka and the airport of Donetsk, also with the use of heavy artillery, in the Kirovsky district (PGT Batman). The information about the launch yesterday late in the evening at the bus station in the settlement of Khanzhenkovo ​​ballistic missile of the Tochka U TRK missile passed, but there are no clarifications on the launch site and the destruction / loss.
Gorlovka - it is reported about night battles of the area of ​​the item of Mayorsk. It is likely that a boiler is being formed — if the militia is strengthened in these positions, the junta grouping in the area of ​​the village of Nizhnyaya Krynka will be surrounded.

Other settlements

In the DPR, fierce battles take place along the strategically important route Donetsk - Gorlovka. This is reported by sources in the DPR.
Uglegorsk - punitive fired at a city from the Grad MLRS, it is reported that several missiles hit the residential sector (due to old age or a missile malfunction did not work).
Debalcevo - presumably, the attack of the DRG militia, because from the side ukrovermahta reported on the shelling of a checkpoint with grenade launchers.
Kirovsk is a “hot spot” of the past days: in the evening the punishers opened indiscriminate firing of armored personnel carriers and small arms at residential buildings (there are casualties). It also reported on clashes on the outskirts of the city. At night, shelling of the residential sector from heavy artillery began (there are data on 30 dead, but not specified - for the past 24 hours or for a longer period). The shelling was carried out from the standpoint of ukrovermaht in the settlements of Zhdanovka and Maloorlovka (Miner's District).
In the evening, Khartsyzsk, in the evening, the city was also shelled by the settlement of Zhdanovka.
Telmanovo - Late in the evening from the Grad MLRS, the punishers bombarded the militia positions.
Yasinovatsky area: in the afternoon fights in the area of ​​the item the Red Partizan are recorded. Yasinovataya herself (residential sector) was fired from small arms from the direction of the punishers in the village of Avdiivka. In response, from the mortars and barreled artillery, the militia fired at ukrovermht positions in the area of ​​n. p.Tonenkoe. This afternoon, the disturbing news came that on the highway Donetsk - Gorlovka on the approaches to Yasinovataya intensive battles began - ukrovermaht began an attack on the militia checkpoints at the junction on Konstantinovka and Gorlovka. All this is accompanied by shelling from the MLRS "Grad" from the direction of the settlement of Makeyevka. It is not yet possible to call this a full-scale offensive, but the place for the cease-fire ceasefire Kiev is obvious. Apparently, Ukrovermaht completed the regrouping, as far as possible, and again tries to break through to the Donets from the north-western direction. If the militia succeeds, the junta grouping at Zhdanovka will be surrounded.
Zhdanovka - at night, the militia inflicted a mortar attack on the positions of ukrovermaht. Also the group of national gadas in the area of ​​the mine of the 60 anniversary of the Great October Revolution was subjected to the mortar fire of the militia.
Artyomovsky district - the village of Opytnoe and Merry are fired upon by the national guards from Donetsk airport (small arms and artillery).
The mining district - the National Guard post near n. P. Maloorlovka was twice fired from mortars and barreled artillery.

Thus, the so-called. truce increasingly ceases in farce. Of course, no political agreements can not exclude local clashes between the warring parties. But the shelling of residential areas clearly indicates a deliberate disruption of the truce by Kiev.

Lugansk People's Republic

Humanitarian aid was again delivered to Lugansk by an elegant and spectacular maneuver. This time, Russia calmly did the entire customs clearance procedure on its side and did not allow Cuev to fix artificial obstacles. Svidomye, naturally, howl that the Muscovites curses did not agree with them. But the opinion of the holy fools should not interfere with the noble cause of the delivery, in the first place, of electric generators to the de-energized and tormented city of the junta on the eve of cold weather.

Other settlements

Happiness - lightning attack of the DRG militia completely destroyed the checkpoint of the national guard (built just the day before).
Popasnaya (and Pervomaisk) - artillery duels continue. Also in Popasnaya, ukrovermht made a clumsy, like all Svidomo, sabotage to destroy the automobile bridge in the direction of Artemovsk - the bridge turned out to be another kamikaze separatist, and with his death from a tank attack he took a tank with him.
In general, the territory of the LC is a suspicious lull.

Mariupol - information is received about one-time shootouts in the city. It is reported that the fighters of the former "Golden Eagle" were sent there - it is absolutely incomprehensible how the "golden eagles" can still serve as the junta. Especially at a time when many of their former colleagues are in the ranks of the militia.

Occupied Territory

Kharkiv - again information about the "tricks" of the partisans: the freight train with fuel and lubricants for ukrovermht was blown up by a land mine.
Odessa - resistance in the city comes to life: 2 reports about burnt empty roadblocks of the national security forces, a car from one of the maydauns and a fire in the Privatbank branch.

Nightly fresh psaki

UkroSMI writes a terrible thing: “in the Olenevka farm in the Starobeshevsky district in the field, in corn, our soldiers have been eating corn for a week, they are offered to surrender, but they do not give up. There are about two hundred of them. ” I assume that this is a secret sabotage punitive battalion “The Ear” is located on a special mission to destroy the harvest of the separatists. According to the principle - sho not zyim, then ponadkusyu.

It also became clear why, together with them, baby Lyashko is not indulging in cobs - into his sweetheart, deputy Andrei Lozovoy, some kind of “practical” threw a grenade. The dove was not injured, the grenade from such an insult scattered into fragments.

Goebbels mouthpiece broadcasts about battles in the village of Nizhnyaya Krynka, Marinka, Petrovskoe, Novoselovka, Mayorskoe, Zhdanovka, Novotroitskoe, Krasnogorovka, Bogdanovka, Maloorlovka, Yasinuvataya, Avdeevka, Pesky, Slender, Debaltsevo, Chernukhiv, Yasinuvataya, Avdiivka, Pesky, Slender, Debaltsevo, Chernukhiv, Yasinuvataya, Avdeevka, Pesky, Slender, Debaltsevo, Chernukh The losses of the “terrorists” over the past 24 hours make up the 3 tank and the 12 individuals. Losses VSU-1 killed, 5 injured.
But the most epic news today - the association with the EU has been postponed.

Yesterday at 3: 38

Message from the press service of the commandant Yenakiyevo

“13.09 in the area of ​​23 watches Ukrainian punishers fired a suburb of Enakievo, pos. Yunkom. The shelling was carried out from the side of the mine of Poltava. Two civilians suffered. One, with severe shrapnel wounds, was taken to hospital. Doctors are now fighting for his life. The second man hit the epicenter, the shell exploded in front of him. ”

Yesterday at 10: 43

Message from journalists

“In the Odessa region, more than a third of the conscripts refused to serve in the Ukrainian army fighting in the Donbass. This was stated in a speech to the deputies of the Odessa regional council on Friday by Deputy Military Commissar of the region Valery Ischenko.”

Yesterday at 10: 49

Message from the militia with the call sign "Alan"

“The Ukrainian army presented us today with“ Nona. ”Thank them very much for that!”

Yesterday at 11: 14

Message from journalists

"More than 200 units of various military equipment are being repaired. In order, 50 units will be repaired over the course of a week and will advance to the defense of New Russia.

Yesterday at 13: 22

Summary of the situation at the most important sites in the DPR

"Debalcevo." Violent truce "allowed parts of the VSN to occupy settlements in the rear of the Debaltsevsky group of the enemy. The Artyomovsk-Debaltsevo route under the fire influence of artillery of the republics (including the RDG). Therefore, using it to supply a group of troops is difficult. In fact, you can talk about the operational environment of this grouping, but for the time being it is not particularly dangerous for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.
North of Donetsk. The last "peacekeeping" operations of the BCH allowed densely surrounding parts of the junta in the Zhdanovka area. The depth of the environment excludes the supply of this group through Panteleimonovka (fighting continues in the area). That is why last night parts of the Armed Forces of Ukraine attempted to break through to Zhdanovka from the Debaltseve district.
As a result of a multi-day truce, the operational environment of the junta grouping was achieved in the area of ​​the Donetsk airport. While this is not critical for her. But now any actions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in this area will be primarily focused on the de-blockade of this group and the resumption of full supply. The convoy trying to get to the airport area was broken that night. "

Yesterday at 13: 24

Summary of the Information Bureau of the headquarters of the army of New Russia for the night of September 14

"During the night, violations of the ceasefire agreement in Minsk by separate units of the junta's troops continued. At the Donetsk direction, the ceasefire was violated 5 times.

In 19.00, Makeyevka came under fire from Zhdanovka. Destroyed 2 residential buildings.

In 20.15, from the side of Krinichnaya, a mortar shelling of Khanzhenkovo ​​was made. 2 civilians injured (one of them is a teenager).

From 21.40 to 22.15, from the firing positions located near the Donetsk airport, residential areas of the Kalininsky district of Donetsk were shelled three times from barreled artillery, AGS and small arms. Damaged 4 at home. Civilian casualties are being clarified.

From 18.00 to 18.40, the Fascists launched 4 tank attacks on the positions of the DPR Army units near the airport. All attacks were repulsed. Destroyed 1 tank.

In 18.15, the militia positions in n. n. Sands were fired from mortars from the airport. One militia wounded.

Punishers continue to regroup units, carry out sabotage and intelligence activities. In the course of carrying out measures to neutralize saboteurs in the Lebyazhevo and Vasilyevo areas, an exchange of fire took place with the militia unit. Destroyed the car of the Nazis. Killed 9 fascists. Wounded 3 militia.

In the Luhansk direction, the punishers, without undertaking active hostilities, continue to build up a grouping of troops and conduct intensified reconnaissance.

In connection with the celebration of the day of the city of Lugansk in the Luhansk People's Republic, a set of measures was taken to strengthen the roadblocks, ensure the protection of public authorities and life support facilities.

In the period from 06: 00 to 20: 05 on September 13, the Russian humanitarian convoy delivered about 2000 tons of humanitarian aid to the LPR. All vehicles from the September 13 humanitarian convoy returned to the territory of the Russian Federation.

At the Mariupol direction, the situation has not changed significantly. Forces of the junta continue to build up the grouping of troops. "

Yesterday at 13: 30

Message from eyewitness bloggers

"Donetsk Airport, a solid wall of fire and smoke, the artillery of the militia worked for glory. From the airport, a column of black smoke was observed."

Yesterday at 13: 38

Video from the attentive viewer channel TSN

"TV channel TSN does not hesitate to show Ukrainian soldiers with SS stripes.
Apparently, in Ukraine it is now the norm. "

Yesterday at 15: 30

Message from journalists

"In the area of ​​the highway Donetsk-Gorlovka is a fierce battle.
Also, the Ukrainian security forces conduct a massive shelling of the villages of Oktyabrsky and the village of Nitrogen. The fire is fought from the airport. People are running in panic from the villages. Many private houses are on fire. The number of victims is still unknown. Information comes by telephone from many people from these villages. "

Yesterday at 16: 36

Fresh map review

Yesterday at 16: 52

Photos from eyewitnesses

"Donetsk is now. The fight near the airport continues, the old terminal and the Putilov market are on fire."

Yesterday at 17: 25

Photos and videos from Donetsk

“Kuibyshev Street, Ukrainian shells exploded right at the bus stop. The first shell debris hit the MLC trolleybus stop. One woman died, one was seriously injured. Also, a blast wave broke windows in a nearby cafe, a shop opposite the bus stop and houses near the shell break. The second shell fell behind a stop, on the territory of a private house, destroying the fence. "

Here is such a "truce."

Yesterday at 18: 26

DPR authorities: about 20 civilians died in Donetsk during shelling

As previously reported, the intensive shelling of Donetsk has been going on for several hours already.

“Since this morning, Donetsk has been bombarded by an order of 38 times. Today, civilians of the order of 20 people killed in Donetsk, six people who are seriously injured, of moderate severity and slightly injured around 18 people have been killed,” said DNR Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Zakharchenko live LifeNews, responding to a question about the observance of the ceasefire.

"Shooting (from the Ukrainian security forces) in residential quarters is only needed for one thing - that we should start firing back. Since we adhere to the Minsk agreements, this is an attempt by the Kiev authorities to make us start shooting at them - this is a provocation. All these attacks are purely provocative in nature, due to which civilians are killed, "said Zakharchenko.

Yesterday at 20: 00

Message from the militia Prokhorov

In the morning there is a truce in Donetsk - ukry opened fire on Putilovka. They are beating at the airport in response - with interruptions, the truce is still going on.

The exchange of prisoners (65 on 65) did not take place - moved to tomorrow. As a goodwill gesture, 5 dill was passed on just like that.

Yesterday evening, night and this afternoon, fighting continues on all fronts - this is the geography of fighting:
in Nizhnyaya Krynka (in the vicinity of the Kommunar), Vasilyevka, Maloorlovka (there is a lot of dill chopped there), Enakievo, in Volnovakhi - near s. Granite and the city itself, the villages of Krinichnoe, Krasnogorovka, the settlements of Marinka, Petrovskoye, Novoselovka, near Gorlovka - in Mayorsk, also in Zhdanovka, Novotroitskoye, Mius, Tsentralny, Bogdanovka, Avdeevka (on the outskirts are fired at the positions of natsgad), Pesky, Thin, I will be at home, I’m at home, I’m at home, I’m not at home, I’m at a hitch, I’m at a hitch. several invaders' checkpoints near the city were destroyed there), Novobakhmutovka, Panteleymonovka (it was cleaned of dill), Debaltseve and Donetsk Airport. This is in the DNI.
In the LPR, battles were and are going on in the areas of Kamyshuvakha, Popasnaya, Gorodishche, Spivakovka, Zolotoi, Chernukhino and around the village Victory (near the place where the 27 Sumy artillery regiment was destroyed, dill staged a new base).

Due to the catastrophic situation, ukry began to be applied Aviation - militia air defense works on it.

The fighting has now also resumed on the outskirts of Avdiivka.

In Zhdanovka everything is quiet. The whole batch on the Communard.

Yesterday at 21: 45

18 + Ukrainian neo-Nazis executed prisoners of the militia from the brigade "Ghost"

The militiamen from the Prizrak brigade who were captured by Ukrainian neo-Nazis were executed. According to local residents, the whole night at the militia brutally mocked. Thanks to local residents found a burial.

Yesterday at 21: 49

14 September Army Southeast Army Information Bureau Summary: Shelling and provocations turn into battles

During the day, the situation has not undergone significant changes and remains tense.

In the area of ​​the city of Mayorsk (DPR), observers from the OSCE mission carried out work.

The Ukrainian side charged with artillery shelling by militias of the Donetsk airport, Pesky, Zolotoe, Avdeevka and Starognatovka settlements. None of the charges were confirmed. At the same time, there were instances of violation of agreements reached at the talks of the contact group in Minsk by separate divisions of the junta troops.

In the Donetsk area, the Ukrainian forces carried out a regrouping of troops, as well as engineering equipment of the occupied lines to the north and south-west of Donetsk. On the outskirts of the city, activities of enemy sabotage and reconnaissance groups that corrected artillery fire were noted.

The cease-fire by the Ukrainian fascists was broken seven times.

In 08.00, residential areas of the village of Krasny Partizan were shelled. Destroyed four houses. A local resident was injured.

In 08.45, Yasinovka was shelled using the Grad MLRS. Destroyed grocery store and six houses. Three civilians wounded.

In 09.30, an artillery strike was made on the outskirts of Starognatka. Three houses are seriously damaged. Wounded teenager.

In 10.05, from a forest belt in the Avdiivka area, mortar shells of the position of a unit of the DPR army in Skilled were subjected to mortar fire. One militia wounded.

In 13.10, the militia positions at the Donetsk airport and the checkpoint in Stepnoy are shelled from mortars.

In 14.00 using the Grad, the MLRS struck an artillery strike at a roadblock in the Panfilov Bridge area. Three militia wounded.

In the middle of the day, the units of the DPR army established control over the enemy, left by Maloorlovka. In the village area, measures are being taken to identify enemy sabotage and reconnaissance groups.

Despite the provocative actions of the Ukrainian security forces, the command of the DPR and LNR armies continues to demonstrate its commitment to the Minsk agreements. So in response to the appeal of V.V. Novoznyak, the mother of a soldier of the Ukrainian Armed Forces who disappeared in late August, the militia command promptly conducted measures to search for him. Using information provided by the soldier’s mother about the possible location of her son, today the militia tracked down Vasily Yurievich Novoznyak (military unit A-1414), as well as to two of his comrades - Yuri Penchuk (military unit A-2452) and Selivanov Vitaly (in / h A-1414), also reported missing. After taking promises from them not to take part in the war in the South-East, all three were handed over to VV Novoznyak. A bus was provided to the mother and the three freed soldiers, who, accompanied by a group of militiamen, took them to the village of Starolasp, from where they continued on their own way.

In the Lugansk and Mariupol sectors, the forces of the junta, without undertaking active hostilities, continued to build up a grouping of troops and strengthen their positions.

Yesterday at 21: 54

14 September Seat Briefs

The night was relatively calm. The morning, one might say, was quiet and calm.
Around 12: 00 (MSC) near the airport (Donetsk) became noisy.
12: 50 (ISC) A thick black smoke rises above the airport, according to information from the field, in the area of ​​the airport 3 a large fire source.
13: 30 (MSC) The old airport area continues to burn, a column of smoke is visible from all districts of Donetsk and its suburbs. Received information about another fire slightly to the side. At the airport, the total number of fires at this point has reached five. In the area of ​​the airport is still not calm.
During the battles and mutual shelling, there is smoke in the city itself: Oktyabrsky, Putilovka (the gas main is broken off by fragments), smoke also presumably comes from Sand.
During the daytime clashes of the regular units of the army of Novorossia with the Kiev Nazis and the shelling in Donetsk, the following areas suffered: Putilovka, Brusnichka (young man was badly injured), Putilovsky market - many victims (number to be determined), 58 school - the girl died (according to preliminary information 2 were injured), a 2 man was killed in the Sofia store, a woman was killed at a trolleybus stop in the area of ​​Kuibyshev Street and another person was seriously injured; Makeevka - in the area of ​​Amstor and Epicenter shops smoke.
17: 45 (ISC) In Donetsk, the Nazis resumed mortar shelling of the Petrovsky district. In the area of ​​the airport is still not calm.
18: 05 (ISC) By the evening the number of dead among the civilian population exceeded 20 people! tense situation persists, fighting continues.
18: 55 (MSC). Artduel is walking in the Kirovsk region.
19: 15 (MSC) In the area of ​​the Skochinsky (Lozovoy) mine, after hitting (presumably from the OTRK BP) in a dynamite warehouse, high white smoke rises.

Yesterday at 23: 08

Message from the witness

"Donetsk airport is burning. Now something is burning to the right of the camera transmitting the airport. The battles have moved. Apparently the National Guard is retreating to the highway.
By broadcasting video from the Donetsk airfield, it is clear that the battles are already taking place outside the airfield. Apparently the technique is retreating and its militia harness. "

Yesterday at 23: 08

Day-TV: Pavel Gubarev on Novorossia, "truces" and Strelkov

The agreement on a truce in Ukraine, reached in Minsk, the leader of the Donbas People’s Militia, Pavel Gubarev, considers a betrayal of Novorossia. And he believes that Igor Strelkov will be back.

Yesterday at 23: 33

Message from the militia Prokhorov

“Well, everybody reports that we entered the Donetsk airport. There is a shootout, but it looks like dill is doomed. If only there is no reinforcement!”

From bloggers:

"Panteleimonovka. Today the Armed Forces of Novorossia entered it. On vehicles, then armored vehicles pulled in. They are going to storm the Red Partisan."

Yesterday at 23: 57

Videotapes from eyewitnesses

"Truce" in action ...

Today in 1: 26

Message from the militia Prokhorov

“For now, ukry are trying to transfer reinforcements to the Donetsk airfield — they blocked and destroyed it (reinforcements). The fact that the dill during the truce almost tripled their garrison at the airport is a reality.

Near Debaltsevo - in Sofiyivka there is a hard fight.

At Gorlovka - Panteleimonovka is completely under control. There is an attack on the village. Red partisan.

Zhdanovka has shelling.

North of Pervomaisk on the highway Р-66 (highway to Lugansk) in the Frunze region, Novotoshovsky destroyed the column of occupants.

The catastrophic situation for ukrov - in the area Avdeevka. Most likely, ukry intelligence officers are clearly preparing a breakthrough of their group or counterstrike.

As for the prisoners. Most Ukrainian prisoners - after the boilers. Most associated with the militia commanders, and surrendered centrally, led by officers, surrendering weapons.
Even mercenaries - so several Donbas mouths surrendered (about a hundred are still captured by the militia) near Ilovaisk.

Therefore, in my opinion, the attitude towards the prisoners is so calm - no one even thinks to use them as hostages or as a human shield. They are fed by reinforced soldering (i.e., better militia). Rarely, very rarely does counterintelligence work with prisoners (from recent successes, they have calculated the scum who have been tortured by a French playwright of Russian origin).

They are practically not looking for basements. But with the transfer of the first prisoners of the militia from dill bitterness grows. All because of the state in which the captive militiamen arrive. "

Today in 2: 26

Summary information for 14.09 about fighting in Novorossia

Leninsky, Petrovsky, Kuibyshev, Oktyabrsky districts were subjected to shelling.
Airport - Militia positions underwent a tank attack. Also, the militia eliminated the attempt of a convoy of armored vehicles of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to unblock the grouping at the airport.
N.P. Sands - militia positions came under mortar attack from the airport.

N.P. Khanzhenkovo ​​- subjected to mortar fire from the direction of the settlement Kryny
N.P. Lower Krynka - fighting.

N.P. October - was shelled from the direction of the airport.
N.P. Nitrogen - was shelled from the direction of the airport.
Rn n.p. Panteleimonovka - reflected an attempt to break through the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the direction of Gorlovka-Konstantinovka. The troops of the APU retreated to their previous positions.
N.P. Lebyazhye - skirmishes marked.

Rn n.p. Marinka and Krasnogorovka - clashes.

Rn n.p. Dokuchaevsk - seen DRG opponent.
Rn n.p. Novotroitskoye - clashes.

The militia reflected an attempt to break through the APU in the direction of the settlement. Waiting for the release of a group surrounded there.
N.P. Chernukhino (LNR) - clashes.
N.P. Settlement (LNR) - fighting.

Rn n.p. Volnovakha - clashes.

Rn n.p. Granite - fighting.

Rn n.p. Yasinovataya - APU checkpoints are eliminated.
Rn n.p. Vasilevka - reflected the attack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the position of the militia.

Front line unchanged: Sakhanka - Talakovka - Sartana.
Local clashes. Militia positions are fired from artillery and MLRS.

N.P. Golden - clash.
N.P. Kamyshevakha - clashes.
Rn n.p. Happiness (under the control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine) - skirmish marked.
N.P. Pervomaisk - under the control of the militia. VSN opened return artillery fire on the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the district of n. Popasna.
N.P. Krinichka - under the control of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Marked build groups.

Confirmed the fact of the exchange of prisoners of war: 73 soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and 73 militia fighters.

Today in 2: 29

Video from eyewitnesses

The consequences of the bombing of the Armed Forces of Ukraine 24 August on the "Independence Day" in the city of Kirov.

Today in 3: 54


13 September:
21: 40 - Shelling of the residential sector near the airport of Donetsk.
22: 00 - Area of ​​the airport in Donetsk, 9-storey building is shelled from a tank.
22: 15 - The shelling of the Kalininsky district of Donetsk from barreled artillery, from the airport.
23: 05 - The shelling of the village United Donetsk from a mortar. No injuries.
23: 10 - A few tank shots were fired at the Red October settlement. No injuries.
23: 55 - Donetsk shelling, dropped 4 mines on the street. Shchorsa trashikon.

14 September:
00: 20 - Shelling of the DNI positions from mortars.
00: 50 - The shelling of the positions of the NRM in the area of ​​Guards (Makeevka), from the airport.
01: 50 - Mortar shelling of the Petrovsky district of Donetsk, repeated shelling of ul. Shchorsa.
02: 25 - The shelling of Dokuchaevsk.
03: 30 - Elenovka Shelling.
03: 50 - Shelling Zuevka.
04: 25 - Shelling village. Spartacus.
04: 40 - Mortar shelling of the outskirts of the village. Kirov.
05: 25 - The shelling of the positions of the DPR in the area of ​​Enakievo.
05: 30 - The shelling of a residential area near the Makeevka stadium.
05: 35 - Shots of guns were made in the village. Lower Krynka.
08: 00 - The shelling of residential areas in the village. Red partisan.
08: 45 - Art. shelling of the village. Yasinovka.
09: 30 - Shelling of the positions of the DPR from the Starognatovka. One fighter wounded.
10: 05 - The shelling of a forest belt adjacent to Avdiivka.
10: 30 - Mortar shelling from Starognatovka on the DNR positions.
13: 10 - DPR units engaged in combat near the airport.
13: 12 - There is a battle in the village. Steppe.
14: 02 - The shelling of positions in the area of ​​the Putilov Bridge from the city hail.
14: 15 - From pos. Umansky in Kiev district of Donetsk worked artillery. Broken 58-I school.
14: 16 - Art. shelling. Getting to the bus stop.
14: 55 - The shelling of the positions of the DPR from the airport.
15: 10 - A sniper was found on Shakhterskaya Square in Donetsk.
15: 15 - Shelling positions in the village. Yasinovka. The firing point was repressed by return fire.
16: 00 - From a quarry in the village of pos. Water on positions near Makeyevka are fired by hail.
16: 55 - The shelling of the Aquilon market by pos. Sands, back fire was opened.
17: 00 - Mortar shelling in the area of ​​the Putilov Bridge.
17: 30 - Mortar shelling in the YKKHZ Makeevka.
17: 50 - Mortar shelling of the positions of the DPR from the airport.
18: 25 - The shelling of the positions of the DPR from the airport.
18: 35 - Shelling village. Khanzhenkovo ​​from the Lower Krynka.
14: 09 - Fight near the railway station.
19: 10 - Ukry blew up the south bridge in the village of pos. Granite.
19: 25 - Art. shelling at the Severskoy mine.
20: 20 - Shelling of positions of the DPR work ACS and mortars.

Today in 4: 57

Video from the event participant

Western Ukraine. Meeting the car with the body of the deceased punisher.

Commentary from the militia: "Sect ..."


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  1. mamont5
    mamont5 15 September 2014 07: 31
    "Poroshenko burns Ukrainian soldiers in German crematoria, ATO losses amounted to 8000 fighters - Oleg Lyashko's statement"

    What did Lyashko do? Issued the MAIN military secret of Ukraine. Now, after all, how many questions will people have. after all, Ukrainians in most were sure that the victory was near, and the losses were small, but here ... such a bummer.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. vitaz
      vitaz 15 September 2014 07: 41
      One pleases soon in dill will be 1 pi.orasa less
      1. Sid.74
        Sid.74 15 September 2014 07: 57
        That’s all, there’s no ceasefire! What kind of sick people are in power in Kiev!

        And in Kharkov, the ranks of non-Muscovites are rapidly thinning! laughing

      2. INVESTOR
        INVESTOR 15 September 2014 10: 09
        I got a photograph from a reconnaissance satellite, which clearly shows a field crematorium near a military hospital in the ATO zone near Novoaydar. As I was informed, Germany gave us this crematorium.

        The Germans have some sort of paranoid craving for crematoria ...
    3. Egoza
      Egoza 15 September 2014 07: 50
      Quote: mamont5
      What did Lyashko do? Issued the MAIN military secret of Ukraine. Now, after all, how many questions will people have.

      Ek will arise! Yesterday it was reported on Ukrainian TV that Putin ordered Russian soldiers to be burnt in crematoriums so that there was no evidence that the Russian army had attacked Ukraine. And finally ... it's all Russian terrorists shooting at civilians! Let’s imagine a woman .... but we have no losses!
      P, S, By the way, an interesting trick - they really show the locals who cry, point to the destruction, but NONE of them say that the Russians or the militias did it. But then it adds the announcer, as a result.
      1. svp67
        svp67 15 September 2014 09: 19
        Quote: Egoza
        P, S, By the way, an interesting trick - they really show the locals who cry, point to the destruction, but NONE of them say that the Russians or the militias did it. But then it adds the announcer, as a result.
        Good day Ma'am hi . There is such an interesting video about this ...
    4. Wolka
      Wolka 15 September 2014 07: 57
      Lyashok is a prostitute by definition and in fact, he himself initiated and actually supported the ATO, and when the Ukrainian army and Natsik were crushed into a salad, now he puts all this on Porosya ... Lyashka to the answer
  2. VICTOR-61
    VICTOR-61 15 September 2014 07: 32
    Good luck, the militia brothers confront the fascist junta, the enemy will be defeated in love, they animals can only bomb civilians and from podcasts
    1. _my opinion
      _my opinion 15 September 2014 12: 17
      I want to talk a little about this famous picture:
      captured on it Alexey Eremenko, a minute before death. The picture was taken on July 12, 1942, by the front-line correspondent of Komsomolskaya Pravda ... and
      a picture was just taken of how a camera lens was shattered by a fragment. The correspondent was afraid that the film was spoiled, but nothing happened.
      And the fighting went on in the vicinity of the villages of Horoshoye and Petrovenky ... there was an order to prevent the Fritz from breaking through to Lugansk and Rostov. The battle was terrible: airplanes, tanks, artillery, infantry. The company commander was injured, and then took command Alexey Eremenko. The Germans gradually began to break through, knock ours out. And how much later did I find out Alexey Eremenko stood up and shouted: “For the Motherland! Behind me!" He only said that, as an enemy bullet slanted it. But the soldiers rose - over three hundred men went on the attack. Of these, only 72 soldiers survived. But still they stood, did not allow the Germans to advance.
      Read more here:
      "Ivan Eremenko, a resident of Zaporozhye: the battalion commander from the legendary military photograph is my father!"
  3. shishakova
    shishakova 15 September 2014 07: 35
    The junta is doomed (Rostislav Ishchenko, today, Russian News Agency)
    Victory to you, defenders of the Russian World! God bless you and help in a noble struggle.
    1. Skif83
      Skif83 15 September 2014 19: 26
      Victory of course!
      But, God is on the side of those battalions that can shoot!

      Here is the above:
      "Dnepropetrovsk Railway Station. Missiles under the MLRS are loaded into cars and ready to go in a southeast direction."

      Why are you calm? Where are the diversions? It's time to tear, and wherever there is something ...
      One thing needs to be understood, there are no more oarains, there are several territories on the part of which the Prague regimes rule, which peaceful coexistence is a nightmare!
      Then you don’t have to wait, you need to work in anticipation, otherwise these MLRS will fly to your house (the house of your neighbor, friend, brother, etc. was pouring).
      If the LPR and the DPR consider themselves as such, the appropriate mechanisms for protecting these republics from external threats should work. And the threat to them is far from localized !!!
  4. Balamyt
    Balamyt 15 September 2014 07: 42
    What a miracle! What's wrong? Looks like not bad "oven" cleaned, if bright and correct thoughts right up to the head!
    1. serega.fedotov
      serega.fedotov 15 September 2014 08: 26
      Quote: Balamyt
      What a miracle! What's wrong? Looks like not bad "oven" cleaned, if bright and correct thoughts right up to the head!

      This is a "helping hand" for a little boy! After all, before the elections, compromising material is a sacred thing!
    2. asar
      asar 15 September 2014 08: 31
      Spiders in the bank, stsuki! The end of the whole junta, I hope one - to be hanged, God forbid!
    3. Vladimir K.
      Vladimir K. 15 September 2014 10: 36
      This is before the elections - it is necessary to stain the opponents (Kiev's) more in mud - here even the "sacred" - the victorious army of the outskirts - can fall under the distribution.
  5. Weigher
    Weigher 15 September 2014 07: 49
    The truce (read - a break or a timeout) will end soon!
  6. Aslan
    Aslan 15 September 2014 07: 54
    German crematoriums ...
    History makes another round.
  7. KsenofoB
    KsenofoB 15 September 2014 07: 58
    they do not believe that DNR-LC will keep words.

    Pot calls the kettle black.
  8. Zomanus
    Zomanus 15 September 2014 08: 00
    In short, the truce was not in fact. For our part, cases of violation have been documented, but this clearly does not matter to everyone.
  9. pexotinec
    pexotinec 15 September 2014 08: 01
    it turns out that Poroshenko burns our heroes, like some dogs, in German crematoriums!
    The fascists are the same fascists.
  10. Nychego
    Nychego 15 September 2014 08: 02
    About the "corn" critters:
    Two hundred digging in the field is some kind of a fairy tale. Can you imagine how much in just 2 weeks they WOULD gnaw and shit there. And yet they seem to enjoy sitting in this heroic cauldron of corn, since they make no attempt to get out. Some nonsense, you see, invented by an idle lady about how "our boys suffer there."
    And if, suddenly, beyond all expectations, the partisan detachment of dill "Corn" really exists, then it is necessary to enclose the field with a thorn and to arrange educational excursions into the reserve for clinical idiots, who are cumbersome to pull up their paws, and try to break through to their own people with more pussies, so they sit in their own shit, drinking (apparently) their own urine mixed with rainwater and crunching ripe corn kernels.
    Nah, anyway, some kind of nonsense in the picture is drawn ...
    1. avt
      avt 15 September 2014 09: 43
      Quote: Nychego
      Two hundred snouts in the field - this is some kind of fairy tale.

      This is the new special forces of greatykrov - battalions "Dill" and "Kukuruznik"
  11. volot-voin
    volot-voin 15 September 2014 08: 12
    The agreement on a truce in Ukraine, reached in Minsk, the leader of the Donbas People’s Militia, Pavel Gubarev, considers a betrayal of Novorossia. And he believes that Igor Strelkov will be back.

    I fully agree in this matter with Gubarev. The truce will only lead to a protracted war and new casualties. The junta must be suppressed, and the criminals convicted. Only then will the war end.
    Gubarev is an unyielding national hero, a true national leader of New Russia.
    1. Vladimir K.
      Vladimir K. 15 September 2014 10: 44
      Tactically, I agree with you - the truce in this form carries a lot of disadvantages to the authorities of Novorossiya, and it was done at the moment of obvious superiority in the initiative from the DPR and LPR troops, but strategically, the truce plays into the hands of the militia: look in Kiev they are again beginning to gnaw each other about the "common enemy in the East", and in the economy of the outskirts every day there are fewer and fewer hopes even for banal survival. They don't talk about it aloud yet, but, as always happens with us, the "unexpected" cold in November-December will put everything in its place. The West is no longer hesitant to supply military equipment to the outskirts - I think ours will soon begin to do the same. It will no longer be possible to crush Novorossia by force and with the support of Russia it has much more chances to survive than in the outskirts with all the "support" (mainly moral and military) of the West.
  12. Grbear
    Grbear 15 September 2014 08: 15
    Video from the event participant
    Western Ukraine. Meeting the car with the body of the deceased punisher.

    Or the SBU behind the back, or the end of Western Ukraine. Not to give Poland, but to arrange a reservation, such as autonomy on full self-sufficiency, with a "wolf passport" until the brain is enlightened.

    About the crematorium. This was reported from the militias about three weeks ago (three to five pieces of mobile crematoriums with a capacity of 1200 kg of biomass in 3 hours Question: How many mothers will not find their children never?
  13. starshina wmf
    starshina wmf 15 September 2014 08: 17
    They’ll stand on their knees until winter until they meet all their dead. They’d better jump.
  14. qQQQ
    qQQQ 15 September 2014 08: 37
    You can’t wish others disgust, but I can’t help myself, I'm waiting for the cold weather. Hope that, like the ice age, it will freeze all this muck.
  15. fridge
    fridge 15 September 2014 08: 40
    This is how the truce ends. I would say in the words of Warrant Officer Dygalo from the movie "9 MOUTH" (It was necessary to finish off, only the dead man does not shoot in the back). Coca could be a conversation with killers? even in a peaceful life they are treated harshly, but here there is complete chaos and they still talk. In the reports, infa sometimes slips that the nazgads are not taken prisoner and they are doing the right thing. THIS IS THE REAL NAZIS.
  16. kartalovkolya
    kartalovkolya 15 September 2014 08: 40
    Yes, in principle, everything that happens in Ukraine is nonsense in the worst possible way! Only finished scum and scoundrels can treat their people like that, although what kind of person is he after all these turks, eggs and other parasites have long become anyone but non-Ukrainians .
  17. Horn
    Horn 15 September 2014 08: 48
    How much have I heard about the Donetsk airport. Can’t anyone sitting there with any kind of ammunition surround the explosion? After all, something special is not necessary, you can release a dozen or more propane cylinders on the territory and after that give a grenade to the mrazota that sits there ...
  18. maxxdesign
    maxxdesign 15 September 2014 08: 48
    It is necessary for all who shoot with Nazi stripes on the spot without trial! no truce to scum!
  19. Karabin
    Karabin 15 September 2014 09: 36
    After everything I saw, heard and read, I have one question: those who came up with a truce and stopped the advance of New Russia, fools or traitors?
  20. Ze Kot
    Ze Kot 15 September 2014 12: 22
    "The fact that dill almost tripled its garrison at the airport during the truce is a reality."

    How can this be? Is the airport surrounded for several months?
    1. pooka
      pooka 15 September 2014 12: 32
      Maybe the militia goes over to the side of dill? O_O
  21. Appius
    Appius 15 September 2014 14: 44
    It is difficult to predict how events will develop further. One thing is clear, the war is not over. Victories to the militias in this confrontation!