Military Review

Reports from the militia of New Russia for 11 September 2014 of the year

Yesterday at 9: 40

Motorola Note

“Arseny Sergeyevich Pavlov, better known as Motorola. What kind of man is this? For some, he has already become a hero, for someone a comrade. There are also those who hate him, like, for that matter, all the other“ trashy Muscovites "In all the troubles of the human kind of guilty. So how do we understand who he is?
In the eyes of Gennady Dubov, the commander of the anti-tank special forces Motorola is a living legend. As you all well remember, the Motorola unit led the fighting in the suburb of Slavyansk-Semyonovka, one of the most difficult sections of the front. During the retreat of the “People’s Militia” from Slavyansk, the Motorola unit defended positions in the area of ​​the city of Nikolaevka, covering the retreat of the main forces. After the rebels retreated from Slavyansk and relocated to Donetsk, the Minister of Defense of the Donetsk People's Republic, Igor Ivanovich Strelkov, awarded the rebel commander with the highest award of the DPR army - the Cross of St. George. So Motorola and became our hero.
But there is a directly opposite view of the personality of Arseny Pavlov.
In the eyes of the Russophobes Motorola is nothing. After all, the one who is called the hero was an extruder and a marble granulator. And there is nothing to be proud of here. They made, they say, from the work of the "Orthodox Knight".
And how is it really? That lived-was a gray man, wasting his life on making pennies, was a cog in a meaningless and inhuman system. Maybe he would have lived his insignificant life completely unnoticed, if not Maidan. We all fear war. War is tears, fatherlessness, hunger, death. But the paradox is that we were born for war. Slavs have always been brave warriors, only today we do not remember it. Polovtsi, Livonian Order, Horde, Swedes, French, Turks, Germans, God knows who else. We took spears and swords, we died. The war took away guys and men, erased cities and villages from the face of the earth. She took everything from us, but helped us realize who we are. And today the war has put everything in its place. We woke up. We are leaving for war, raising money for the militia, letting refugees into our homes. In the face of war, everyone showed his true face. There are indifferent and caring. War to each one ripped through the chest, took out and bared the heart. So a simple worker Arseny discovered a hero in himself.
Gagarin said that heroes are not born, they become heroes. Not in our case. In every conscious Slav lives this hero. The memory of the victories of our ancestors sleeps in us, war only makes us wake up. This is probably another feature of our mentality. Let us recall, at least, the folklore of the people, the wisdom of our ancestors, where there is a bylina about the Russian bogatyr Ilya of Murom, who slept on the stove until 33 years. Centuries pass, but we are all the same. There is something that distinguishes us from the west: the Slav is not a “mass man” about whom José Ortega y Gasset wrote so much and in detail. We are a mass of people, potentially great personalities. As military practice shows, being a hero, a defender, a warrior is the norm for Russians. So our militia with the call signs Motorola is simply Russian, in which the internal clock is ticking, the personality has woken up.
How simple and how difficult it is to be human. Arseny Pavlov is just a man. So let us be human. "

Yesterday at 10: 09

Review of the 1 Interbrigade for the past day

"The past day on the fronts of New Russia only strengthened the conviction of profanation and provocation, conceived by Kiev, and called the" truce "- the war continues.
Donetsk People's Republic.
Donetsk: the information is somewhat contradictory - according to the Donetsk City Council, the night passed quietly; according to the militia, the Petrovsky district came under fire from punitive positions at the airport. There is no data on the victims.

Suburbs: n.v. Avdiivka - artillery shelling of the outskirts and the railway. N.P. Makeyevka and Lower Krynka - mortar shelling from the standpoint of punishers, firing points of the ukrovermht (25 th AerMBr) destroyed. The Mariinsky District (the settlement of Krasnogorovka) —the punishers showed miracles of accuracy and fired at once for the positions of the militia, and not for the residential massif; There is no loss data.

Other locations.
Dzerzhinsk - under n. Noises destroyed by the checkpoint ukrovermahta.
Debalcevo - mortar shelling of the residential sector. Punitive positions were destroyed by return fire (ammunition depot; there are casualties and armored vehicles, but they are not specified).

N.P. Dokuchaevsk - artillery shelling was recorded.
Khartsyzk - the center of the settlement Zugres was shelled by punishers; Militia positions are fired from mortars.

Volnovakhsky area - the settlement of Volnovakh underwent mortar attacks; marked clashes. Ukrovermaht also once again fired at the DSB repair team (from mortars), 2 workers were injured. There is information about the deployment of the punitive battalion "Cherkasy" under the settlement of Volnovakha as part of 450 (armed with a rifle weapons, has several memories), which almost at full strength is ready to tick from the ranks of the National Guard. The cries that the Great Ukria uber alles end where ukronatsisty meet a fitting rebuff.

Amvrosievsky district - the movement of armored vehicles and occupants' personnel is still recorded (stationed in the area of ​​the settlement of Elizaveto-Nikolaevka); the intended direction of the attack is the rear of the militia near the village of Blagodatnoe, Stepan-Krynka and Ilovaisk

Yasinovatsky area - the checkpoint of ukrovermaht in the area of ​​the settlement of is crushed Verkhnetoretsky.
Miner's district - from the artillery of the punishers the residential sector of the settlement of Maloorlovka was shelled, there are significant destructions.

Novoazovskiy and Telmanovskiy areas - on the part occupied by ukronatsistami, a regime is introduced to limit the constitutional rights of citizens (in general, common for the counter-terrorist operation zone).

In general, the situation on the territory of the DPR is extremely tense. Numerous provocations, the strengthening of punitive positions and difficulties with the exchange of prisoners (obviously, Kuev sabotages this good deed with all his might) all show the deterioration of the overall situation in the Donetsk area.

Lugansk People's Republic
Lugansk - there is still no information about shelling or armed clashes in the city. Gradually carried out repair work to restore the infrastructure.

Other locations.

Village Lugansk - controlled by the militia.
Popasnaya - the place of deployment of punitive units; from here they are firing at the settlement of Pervomaisk (at night the positions of the natsgad were also hit by the militia).

Krasny Luch - an attempt by a Ukovermacht column to advance in the direction of Slavyansk was prevented by artillery strikes; no loss reported.
Lutuginsky district - the settlement of Uspenka under the full control of the militia.

In general, the territory of the LC is calmer. But there is a strange organizational activity inside the militia, perhaps we are witnessing a frantic fuss with sharing power (which, to win, is at least unwise).

Mariupol: attacks of the DRG militia on the roadblocks of the national guard units on the outskirts of the city, shootout. In the area of ​​the airport - shelling from howitzer artillery.
Clashes in the Eastern district. Reflected an attempt to break through reinforcements ukrovermahta to the city (destroyed 2 armored personnel carriers, several tanks and cars). A special regime is also introduced in the city itself, restricting a number of constitutional rights of citizens (freedom of movement, assembly, etc.).

Localities nearby: n.p.Kominternovo - shootout; np Sakhanka - shelling.

Occupied Territory:
Kharkiv: fixed train (tanks with the words "on Gorlovka", armored personnel carriers, trucks), going in a southerly direction.

Kramatorsk: The National Guardsmen during their exercises shelled PJSC NKMZ with automatic weapons of large caliber. At the time of the shooting, there were workers on the territory of the enterprise who were not warned by anyone. People are forced to hide in basements.

Nightly fresh psaki.
Today historical day - the reason for the failure of the ukropovsky blitzkrieg became known! This is not the disgusting command and supply of the ukrovermaht, not the low professional level and morale of the punishers, and not even the billionth tank divisions of the Navy of the Pskov Region with psychotronic raymetry - no.

Thus, the past 24 so-called. truce did not differ in any way from combat days. "

Yesterday at 10: 33

Message from bloggers

"The headquarters of the Novorossia Army is entering the stage of readiness for a counterattack due to the presence of signs of a quick refusal by the Ukrainian side of the truce. Headquarters reported on the completion of the redeployment of Ukrainian punitive troops and the creation of fortified areas in strategically important areas."

Yesterday at 10: 37

Commentary from military analyst and political scientist "colonelcassad"

"Full conservation of the situation is impossible, both sides have mutually exclusive goals. The liberation of the entire territory of Novorossia, one of the priority goals of the military-political leadership of Novorossia, this task can only be a force of arms. Nakat may continue for some personalities, such as Alexei Brain. Some lackeys they are already eating at him, but so far it's quiet, there haven't been any teams to drench yet, so some mongrels run in front of the locomotive. The shooters, if they return, will not be in leadership positions in the DPR. I do not agree, Ukraine is a Temporary State Misunderstanding (VGN), which arose as a result of the collapse of the USSR. Historical miscarriage. I believe that a pre-emptive attack by the army of Novorossiya is unlikely. A scenario is likely to happen when the army of the junta strikes and the army of Novorossia counterattacks. public request for anti-oligarchic power and so to say "capitalism with a human face", and not with the murderer of Akhmetov and Taruta. These are largely idealistic aspirations, but quite a few people want this. In this regard, this part of the inhabitants of Novorossia, where it is better to follow the "anti-oligarchic ideals of euromaidan", than the Maydauns themselves.

Yesterday at 11: 29

Message from the militia headquarters

"The punitive unit of the punitive unit in the area of ​​three o'clock in the morning made at least ten volleys direct fire on residential areas in the south-western outskirts of Donetsk.

At dawn, after the mortar fire, the punishers burned down private buildings on the outskirts of the village of Spartak.

Confirmed information about the activities of sabotage groups punishers disguised as local residents. At about midnight, at the checkpoint of the national militia at Yelenovka, the punishers opened fire with mortars and small arms.

At two o'clock in the morning, according to the statement of local residents, in the settlements of Stepnoye and Novomikhailovka, excesses of the junta’s National Guard units were observed, accompanied by indiscriminate shooting and robbery of two stores. On the north-western outskirts of Lugansk, a group of five people was detained, in which twenty-six kilograms of trotyl were found. "

Yesterday at 12: 34

Message from blogger "colonelcassad"

A source from the occupied territories was pleased with two more interesting stories - about prisoners of war and the sale of weapons.

"One patriot-volunteer with anti-terrorist operation arrived here, wounded — several fingers were shot, he is being treated now, tied up.
A rare citizen of luck - he volunteered for the National Guard, immediately after intensive training sent him to a rotation near Illovaysk, where he immediately got into the cauldron.
For three days they sat there under fire, they could not stick their nose out. Only losses were counted. He says it was a natural hell.
And then their command sent "to the exit" ostensibly through the "green corridor" and when they drove out to them they zhakhnul from everything that happened: from the city, and from mortars, and from grenade launchers, and just from the rifle gunfire. In general, they began to reach that there was no “green corridor”. Little by little, it starts to come to the point that their fathers-commanders sent them instead of the corridor into a breakthrough, only without warning. In short, they killed there almost everyone. During the stampede of surviving remnants of the column they were captured.

Well, he immediately fell on a fool - he mobilized forcibly he, damned ukry from the train was removed, forced to fight. He knocked on his knees, pawed, he smacked his snot — in general, stupid Russians (and they fought with his words strictly with Russian paratroopers, naturally) they believed him and took him prisoner. And who was not so smart and admitted that from the National Guard under the battalions-those were shot on the spot. They are not taken captive from the word at all. In general, he spent a couple of days in captivity with the separatists, and then sent him, in his words, to Russia, along with other prisoners. In Russia, stupid Russians helped him, bandaged him normally, treated him: there were painkillers there, antibiotics, they cleaned the wound, well, they did everything in beauty, he was satisfied with the cursed Russians, in short he was treated there for three days, and then sent back to Nenku, here another day was held, but since the captives are very much, thousands of him, then he and some other salabons were loaded onto cars, taken to the open field and ... expelled from captivity! Somehow they got to the border with the Zaporozhye region, and there they took a taxi and drove home. Here's a tryndets :)

I ask - now did you understand? Or will you?
And he is such - here I will heal and again I will go to fight with sepors!
Grew - so the second time will not be taken prisoner.
And he - no one considers those prisoners there, he says his name is fucked, and they didn’t write it down - there are a lot of prisoners, they don’t cope with everyone.
As I understand it, only officers and those who are older are interrogated meticulously, and they carry puzatuyu back and forth each trifle, which would not only interfere, well, in short, I listened to him and grue - if you’ve got back there, you’ll try for sure from the second time stay there, otherwise you stay there piece by piece.
This is how I fought for three days, and I was held captive for a week. By the way, I looked, it turns out he is a drug addict - I ask him, haven't he been tortured?
And he says - why would it? And not - they brought us directly to the front line ... "

Yesterday at 12: 36

Summary from Jan militia

"At night in Donetsk, tensions increased, about three nights (NR) the Nazis opened fire of medium intensity in the Donetsk regions with howitzer artillery, our artillery inflicted several blows on the enemy firing points. Shortly afterwards, by five in the morning (NR), the Nazis resumed howitzer firing , strikes were mainly inflicted on Lidiyivka, Gladkovka. After a short time, a high-intensity battle began in the area of ​​Putilovka, small arms were actively working, also KPVT, PKT and A-30 work was heard, intermittently and practicing D-68. By seven in the morning (NR) the intensity of the battle decreased, but the battle continues to this day (08: 00 HP). In Kharkiv, there is a total inspection of the male population, arrests of people suspicious for the Nazis are conducted on intercity domestic bus flights.
08: 05 (HP) The fight continues at the airport.
08: 20 (HP) On the north side of Petrovka you can hear the sounds of a small battle. "

Yesterday at 15: 31

Post military unit of Motorola Gennady Dubovoy

“Having taken Komsomolskoye, Motorola and the fighters control the entire Starobeshevsky district. Ukry know about it and intensively evade fighting ...”

Reports from the militia of New Russia for 11 September 2014 of the year

Yesterday at 16: 40

Overview of the combat situation from the militia Prokhorov

At night, the truce did not let many residents of Novorossia fall asleep.
Ukry hours in three nights began the traditional truce of the districts of Donetsk. In response to their positions at the airport, the non-3 point-by-point worked out in series of several volleys, and for the tank shooting of the village of Spartak - Grada covered ukrov positions in Krasnogorovka.
In Upper Krynka, ZSU positions were covered, and in Maloorlovka, a checkpoint of occupants was shot at from mortars.
In the southern districts of Debaltsevo there was a shootout at night.
Everyone says the truce will end on September 12.

Truce victims:
Three militiamen were killed in a day as a result of shelling in the DPR, authorities in the Donetsk People's Republic reported.
"In the village of Berezovoye, militia positions were fired upon, two killed, three wounded. Ukrainian troops attacked a roadblock in Yelenovka, one militiaman was killed, two were wounded," the DPR said. In addition, according to the DPR, indiscriminate shooting was carried out near Donetsk, the militia was shelled in the vicinity of the Donetsk airport.

Everything, Poroshenko signed the secret decree on disbandment of the punitive battalion "Shakhtersk".

It seems laid out newsthat plant them. Malysheva handed over to the punishers the National Guard under the T-64BB-1 tanks. These tanks are from the Congolese contract. So left ukry blacks without tanks. Optional dill contracts already in Africa is a talk in the tongues. In one tank, as it was reported, after the transfer, spontaneous combustion occurred, and it burned out completely.

Makhnovshchina on the march:
UkroSMI reports: "The bloody brawl and shooting took place yesterday in Kiev between the Lyashko radicals and the National Guard soldiers.
Yesterday around 11 in the evening our film crew rushed to the call on the capital Rybatskaya street.
The obtained information (shooting near the house №22) was confirmed completely. According to preliminary data, representatives of the Radical Party of Oleg Lyashko came to this building, allegedly checking information about the work of the underground gambling establishment there. "Radicals" did not find anything like this indoors and had already "put it off", but it was not destined.
Suddenly, the Lanos car drove up to the scene at a breakneck speed, and from its windows began firing towards the “fighters” with illegal casinos. The guys rushed to their heels. At least three of them were injured. They seemed to be shooting with rubber bullets from a traumatic pistol, however, this did not end the incident.
Quite quickly, reinforcements arrived at the Lyashkivites. In "Lanos", from which the shooting was carried out, sat four people. A fierce fight began, during which one of those who was sitting in the car was mercilessly beaten with his own military helmet. From a certain death a man was saved by a GSO patrol, who rushed to the scene of the incident.
Further more. People from the car introduced themselves to the police as officers of the National Guard. They stated that the building at Rybalskaya, 22 was under the protection of their units, and they received a call about an attempt to seize the premises.
The conflict continued in the presence of law enforcement officials. One of the alleged representatives of the National Guard under tried to swing the gun, and he was hardly reassured. In the end, the passion managed to somewhat relieve.

Yesterday at 18: 25

Message from the headquarters of the militia DNI

"In the area of ​​Slavyansk, the occupying troops are importing tanks with poisonous substances, perhaps provocations are being prepared.
According to the DPR Army Intelligence Report, an industrial chemical is being imported into the Slavyansk region by chemical defense units that are part of the junta grouping. Today in 12.30, two 30-ton trucks with tanks arrived at the Nazi concentration area under heavy guard. The containers bear the appropriate markings and warning signs.
According to experts, judging by the labeling, this is a highly toxic substance that can cause severe damage to the respiratory organs, leading to painful death.
The headquarters of the DPR Army suggests that the fascists planned a provocation to imitate a man-made catastrophe in order to later blame the people's militia and justify the need to enter the NATO units. "

Yesterday at 18: 51

Comments military and political analyst "colonelcassad"

“1. Someone, perhaps, was surprised at the obvious opposition of Putin to the evil boyars, but perhaps those who had not listened well to Strelkov before, he had previously held to this position and publicly voiced it, indicating the presence of the fifth column. Strelkov considers Putin to be the author of the revolution “from above,” Strelkov himself spoke back in June. I don’t know where they came from, that Strelkov is an oppositionist. Then he’s rather a consistent supporter of Putin, which he confirmed to those who had not listened to him well before.

2. Similarly, Strelkov, still sitting in Slavyansk, openly said that he was fueled by media fame and by the fact that a cult was being blown out of him. As a person who has worked for many years in the GB system, for him this is a completely natural relation to sudden popularity. And here he only confirmed what he said earlier.

3. And on the need for military assistance to the Donbas, he again repeated what he had said earlier. That without the help of Russia there will be a bleeding abscess. In general, the entire press conference in this regard was marked by the consistent defense of his position, which he expressed in May and July. It's just that now it has already sounded within the framework of a political manifesto.

4. The fact of his forced departure exactly before the big offensive was also confirmed. Actually, Strelkov was removed because he could not shake his fruits and Strelkov, as it was not difficult to see, was hurt by this. The method of pressure, which Strelkov preferred not to talk about, was humanitarian aid, which was essentially blackmailed, forcing him to resign. The fifth column was blackmailed, but didn’t name the shooters, although of course he could, starting with the “great combinator” and his servants.

5. Like most of the other commanders of Novorossia, he rejected the Minsk truce, pointing out the disastrous nature of these negotiations for Novorossia and Russia, and at the same time he covered Zakharchenko with his authority, essentially pointing out that the fifth column that drains New Russia. On the whole, the positive assessment of the actions of the military leadership in the person of Zakharchenko and Kononov reflects the old line of Strelkov to create a cohesive military leadership of Novorossia, when he even dispersed the conspiracy that was being prepared in Donetsk, did not publicly finish off some individuals in public, in order not to provoke an armed conflict in Donetsk.

6. In general, when the version of the “wounding” became finally refuted and the political reason for dismissing Strelkov became obvious to everyone, internal contradictions within the ruling elite spilled out onto the surface. I do not think that the accusations against unnamed persons from the top leadership of the country and Putin’s entourage are the fruit of the initiative of Strelkov himself. Behind him are certain circles who are not interested in the scenario of a "truce plum". And after public figures and field commanders formed public opinion, Strelkov hammered the main nail, translating backstage conflict (for many uninitiated in the intricacies of Novorossiysk politics is not obvious) in the open, finalizing the open protest of the iconic figures of Novorossia against the “Minsk truce”. In this regard, there is also nothing unexpected, as I have been writing since the moment of refusal to introduce troops, the plug for Russia is simple - either an active offensive policy in Ukraine or one or another drain under the same "truce sauce" in an attempt to evade the open conflict with the United States.
It is precisely the uncertainty in this question that allows answering the question "Did Novorossia have merged" - no, not yet merged, the choice has not yet been made. However, the answer to this question will be received in the short term, as the conflict finally moved from the cover-up struggle to the open phase and the political background of the persecution of Strelkov in July-August 2014 has now become more obvious to the public.

In this regard, it is noteworthy that the information received that tomorrow is very likely the beginning of a large-scale offensive by the junta, in addition to the next EU sanctions package affecting the Russian oil and gas sector. At the same time, in the Far East, the troops are brought to full alert, and the inspection of the district and administrative structures in the situation of the outbreak of war begins. So to say, warmed up drama. "

Yesterday at 19: 07

Photo from the militia

Military oath of New Russia. Brigade "Ghost" Alex Brain 9.09.2014g.

Yesterday at 19: 18

Photos from the Motorola squad

The capture of Komsomolsk.

Yesterday at 20: 51

Message from journalists

“There are sounds of explosions in the Donetsk airport area. This is stated in the press service of the Donetsk City Council. As of 18.00 (19: 00 Moscow time), the situation in Donetsk is tense. According to residents, single shots are heard throughout the day from large-caliber weapons, and from the airport came the sounds of volleys and explosions. "

Yesterday at 21: 51

Rare photo

"Those in the truck are the lucky ones."

Yesterday at 21: 56

Exclusive Interview with Strelkov Igor Ivanovich

"In an exclusive interview, the First Minister of Defense of the DPR, Igor Strelkov, spoke about the specifics of the conflict in the east of Ukraine, as well as the difference between the units of the regular Ukrainian army and the punishers from the volunteer battalions."

Yesterday at 22: 25

Message press center DNR

The fierce "cease-fire" in the Donetsk People's Republic continues.

The past day on the fronts of Novorossia only strengthened the conviction of profanation and provocation, conceived by Kiev, and called the “truce” by it - the war continues. Last night, the Petrovsky district of the capital of the Republic was subjected to artillery shelling from the positions of Ukrainian security officials at the airport. No casualties.

In addition, periodic shelling of settlements continues, namely: Avdiivka, Makeyevka, Nizhnyaya Krynka village, Kranogorovka, Debaltseve, Dokuchaevsk, Khartsyzk, Zugres. Thanks to the timely response fire of the militia, all the combat positions from which the fire was fired were completely or partially destroyed. There are serious losses in the living and technical strength of the enemy.

In addition, near Dzerzhinsk, under n. Noise destroyed the checkpoint of the Ukrainian security forces. Another checkpoint destroyed near n. v. Verkhnetoretskoe (Yasinovatsky district).

The city of Volnovakha was subjected to mortar fire, and clashes constantly occur. The security forces once again fired at the railroad repair brigade from mortars, 2 workers were injured.

In general, the situation on the territory of the DPR remains tense, but is completely controlled by the forces of the army of the Republic. Numerous provocations, strengthening of punitive positions and difficulties with the exchange of prisoners - all this indicates that the Ukrainian army is not going to leave the territory of the Donetsk People's Republic without a fight and losses.

Yesterday at 22: 32

Battle situation map

"The militia retained positions in the Gorsky area. Also, the militia forces left positions in Mariupol (due to the arrival of the OSCE) and in the Staroignatka area."

Yesterday at 22: 41

Message from the militia Prokhorov

"In Mayorsk (near Gorlovka), there was a battle (a few hours), a truce at a large national roadblock checkpoint - in the area of ​​the traffic police booth - (no loss (t) tymchyk), fennel was cut notably. Donetsk airport.
Well, Kominternovo (near Mariupol) - dill left their scrap metal and destroyed houses of Mirnyak in the village (see photo) ".

Yesterday at 23: 04

Video from Gennady Duboviy

1. The defeat of the Ukrainian technology unit Motorola near Komsomolsk.

2. The captive punisher (like the rest of ukry) knows that he will not be beaten, tortured or humiliated. Therefore, it behaves calmly and even defiantly. To decide his fate, called the Motorola.

Today in 0: 17

Locals on the situation in Mariupol

"I will try to briefly describe the situation in the city and the mood of the citizens around me.

On the morning of September 10 news number one in the city - the introduction of a special mode of control over the movement of residents. Now, from 20: 00 to 06: 00, you will not appear on the streets without extreme need and it is better to always have your passport with you. Increased control at roadblocks. Prohibited movement in the column (two cars = column), crowds of people, fireworks, making fire on the street. My employee suffered most of all from the new rules, who was given a fishing pole yesterday, because fishing is also prohibited from today.

In Mariupol yesterday was a holiday - the Day of the liberation of the city from the Nazi invaders. A rally was held on this occasion during the day, and a concert by the Mandry group took place on the square where Ilyich used to stand. What a group, I do not know. And I didn’t go to a concert, because I don’t like words for д -dry.

Odessa border guards are normal guys. If I am not mistaken, they control entry into the city from the side of Mangush. We repaired today. We gave someone a cartridge, someone a sleeve. Trifle, but nice: the cartridge in your pocket is not a bullet in the forehead.

We talked with a resident of Novoazovsk. Got to us without problems. The purpose of the visit is to cash out a bank card, because she couldn’t do this in her city - ATMs do not work. He says that in Novoazovsk calmly. There are no outrages and other horrors about which the zomboyaschik speaks, there is no trace. Recommended not to watch it at all.

But the farmer lamented that the National Guard under burned out his field, and he would have a couple of days, and he would have had time to harvest. The fields are now dangerous, they can hide in the enemy. But the farmer has his own pain: he took a loan for the crop, now he doesn’t even know what to pay this loan.

Well, the most burning topic - will they bomb us? According to those who had a chance to talk with the militias, the residents of the city are not in danger if they keep away from the roadblocks, as well as from military equipment.

And the rest, the city is trying to live a familiar life. Enterprises work, children learn, products are available, although their range is no longer the same, drinking water is brought up as usual. Yes, this is not the same peaceful life that was before, there are certain adjustments. But the city was not empty, there was no panic, and the shelling too. So hold on.

About ukropatriot not tell, so as not to kindle. Hint only that he was in a hurry to rally and was afraid to be late, because they threatened to dismiss all who did not appear. "
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      Ukraine is a Temporary State Misunderstanding (VGN)

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        There is clearly not enough video of the Strelkov press conference (except for the interview posted here) - blames the fifth column:
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        With rare exceptions, military operations practically do not stop on all fronts, only with a small intensity. Perhaps agreeing to a truce on the part of the militia was a tactical mistake.
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      Only iron willpower will save the Motherland!
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    A very serious summary, and not only military operations. Part of the action spread to the territory of Russia and I. Strelkov already acting here .... Everything is very serious. Need to help ....
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    Dill underestimates the loss of their soldiers; here the conclusions contradict
  6. zao74
    zao74 12 September 2014 07: 26
    "The headquarters of the Novorossia Army is entering the stage of readiness for a counterattack due to the presence of signs of a quick refusal by the Ukrainian side of the truce. Headquarters reported on the completion of the redeployment of Ukrainian punitive troops and the creation of fortified areas in strategically important areas."
    Damn, only time lost. Already would come to Kharkov ...
  7. Mishanya 84
    Mishanya 84 12 September 2014 07: 26
    The calm before the storm.
  8. Imperial
    Imperial 12 September 2014 07: 28
    from pro-Horror-off In Severodonetsk today, the soldiers of the Kharkov Terrbat on the occasion of the issuance of salaries arranged a salute and a drunken brawl. All this happened in the area of ​​the bus station. local cops detained some of the brawlers

    Ukrainians are really afraid of the PMR - they decided to keep the National Guard brigade in Bolgrad (Odessa region). T.O. Transnistria without firing a shot neutralized the whole brig

    Chronicles of the Truce

    Ukrainians again staged an art truce in Pervomaisk. In response, the militia staged a small but well-aimed truce at their checkpoint in the Cheryomushki region

    In Donetsk, now there is such a truce in the airport area that the devil is sick

    According to the bat of punitive Shakhtersk - confirmation of their elimination by the media went
  9. parafoiler
    parafoiler 12 September 2014 07: 30
    To make nails from these people would not be stronger in the world of nails!
  10. shishakova
    shishakova 12 September 2014 07: 31
    Thanks for the information.
    Motorola is a true Russian Hero. It is perfectly true that the memory of our ancestors lives in us.
    Shooter is right, he is honest and noble.
    As the military says, Victory will be ours, i.e. for Novorossia and Russia!
    Thank you, dear defenders of the Russian Earth! Hang on, courageous militias. God bless you.
  11. soviet skytourist
    soviet skytourist 12 September 2014 07: 35
    .html “No! If he does not stop,
    We will take him for a crest, for a crest lying, sinful! ”
    (Quran 96: 15-16)

    “PTN PNH”, “yak on a dumbbell”, “who doesn’t skip - that’s” - and this is not a complete list of offensive expressions popular in Ukraine addressed to Russians. But the Russians do not cry from these attacks (maybe some cry), they rather remember (and record) in order to later recall. From the point of view of the Russians (civilizationally Russian [1]), Ukrainians are traitors. One of the authors of this text had a grandfather, a front-line soldier who had gone through the whole war, in childhood, his phrase sunk, which he often repeated: “crest is a traitor,” in the days of the USSR it sounded strange [2], the whole meaning of the phrase was revealed as a result of the events of 2014 of the year - crest traitor of the centuries-old ideals of Russian civilization.

    The origins of this betrayal go back to pre-Episcopal Russia, when the worldview of the “shopkeeper-shopkeeper” replaced the worldview of an honest, fair worker. The spread of the anti-Russian matrix began in 988 A.D. then they sold their homeland to “biblical usurers”. Since then, these prostitutes have been sold and resold many times and are unlikely to stop in their venality until the moment comes: “And you will look for someone to sell, but there will be no one buying you ...”

    Of course, we can say that Ukrainians are brainwashed in Ukraine (although such accusations are more popular with Russians), but that is not the point.
    * * *

    People have such a psychological peculiarity - they do not believe in information that is not pleasant to them, even if this is true. For example, a mother will never believe that her son is a murderer, only if the son himself does not admit it (or irrefutable evidence will be presented: a video of the murder, for example), and vice versa - people easily believe that they like, even if it not true. A striking example is a scam: people are given a ticket, asked to check, usually it turns out they won something, and many fall into the trap of scammers.
  12. Imperial
    Imperial 12 September 2014 07: 35
    Punishers in Mariupol, mine bridges
  13. killganoff
    killganoff 12 September 2014 07: 39
    Why is one of the photos in Photoshop covered with a black-yellow-white standard of the Russian empire ?! This flag is already prohibited ???
  14. wanderer
    wanderer 12 September 2014 07: 42
    War broke open for everyone, took out and laid bare a heart. So a simple worker Arseny discovered a hero in himself.

    I personally do not care what they write ukro-media about Motorola.
    MOTOROLA - HERO !!! .... and I think many will agree with me.
  15. _umka_
    _umka_ 12 September 2014 07: 43
    In Ukraine, such a madhouse, that's when the residents of Kiev need to organize the Maidan.
  16. Loner_53
    Loner_53 12 September 2014 07: 49
    . One of the authors of this text had a grandfather, a front-line soldier who had gone through the whole war; in childhood, his phrase sunk, which he often repeated: “crest is a traitor,”There was a place to be, my grandfather, who was clearing zapadensk krajin, said the same thing, although maybe he was talking about banderlogs?
  17. dchegrinec
    dchegrinec 12 September 2014 07: 51
    Westernizers jump, it will hurt to fall ..
  18. kartalovkolya
    kartalovkolya 12 September 2014 07: 52
    From all indications, the day is not far off when the junta begins a new offensive against New Russia! If only the militia had time to prepare!
  19. Egoza
    Egoza 12 September 2014 07: 53
    Soviettourist "Of course, one can say that Ukrainians are brainwashed in Ukraine (although such accusations are more popular against Russians), but that is not the point."
    It also seems to me that the Ukrainians had some kind of genetic failure. A little off topic, but ... the famous chieftain Sirko "in his next campaign, he brought several thousand out of the Crimea (not exactly more than 10) And in the area of ​​Askania Novaya they were overtaken by a horde ... When it became clear that everyone would not leave, Sirko offered to remain willing ... Two-thirds, mostly women with children and old people who have taken root in Crimea and already have families and households there, remained ... Having driven over the hill, Sirko said: Let me fry me chorti at the bake, ale janissaries will not give birth ... And young growth the cossack sent ... They were cut down into a pen ... And that valley is now called the Black ... "
    Like this! Their own Ukrainians - old people, women, children ... So why be surprised at the present? Exactly like a famous and respected historical hero. "If not in my opinion, then I will destroy"
    1. Gomunkul
      Gomunkul 12 September 2014 09: 43
      It also seems to me that the Ukrainians had some kind of genetic malfunction.
      This genetic malfunction is called Pride, on which they were caught, from her "dear" everything went. The result is a fanatical hatred of their own half-brothers, the Slavs. yes
    2. The comment was deleted.
  20. Imperial
    Imperial 12 September 2014 07: 58
    Everything should end like this!
  21. Eugene
    Eugene 12 September 2014 08: 01
    In the last paragraph, the author writes that the border guards gave a cartridge. In the conflict zone, it is better to stay away from such gifts. There may be big trouble.
  22. Drunya
    Drunya 12 September 2014 08: 01
    Map Overview
  23. Alexander67
    Alexander67 12 September 2014 08: 06
    The geyropa and the American abomination forgot that Russia had a lot of wars, but we all had all, all the shocks and respiratory !!!
  24. 31rus
    31rus 12 September 2014 08: 12
    Shooter-hero and the point, the rest of the writings, including this shushara
  25. Gray 43
    Gray 43 12 September 2014 08: 15
    Shooters alive, for traitors a very unpleasant person, and for patriots, a hero of our time!
  26. Drunya
    Drunya 12 September 2014 08: 47
    Motorola works
    Map, interception, two trunks. Video Gennady Dubovoi.

  27. kelevra
    kelevra 12 September 2014 09: 08
    Well done motorola and its fighters!
  28. Victoria 1980
    Victoria 1980 12 September 2014 09: 29
    Igor Ivanovich Strelkov contrasts the fifth column with Putin, emphasizing that the latter is not related to Russia's defeat in the Ukrainian conflict.
    But this is not so! Igor Ivanovich already knows this, but blaming and criticizing Putin is the way to lose.
    He also talks about the inadmissibility of rocking the situation in Russia.
    But, how can one remain calm, seeing how Russia is losing the world battle? With his own hands takes himself by the throat and chokes?
    After all, everyone can see who, in the slightest degree, realizes that Russia could have prevented all this. React back in March. Then the "world community" was still afraid of Russia's reaction. Even Obama admitted in March that Russia has its own interests in Ukraine. And how were the Ukrainians afraid when Russian troops were on the border?

    And now, for example, I'm scared. It is terrible from the raging world community, threats, provocations, and, most importantly, terrible from the silence, weakness and resignation of Russia and Putin.
    When Putin says "we will not close ourselves off from the world" I (and many millions) hear - we will never surrender the interests of capital, but we will close our eyes to fascism, murders in Donbass and our own dignity. "

    1. upsarin
      upsarin 12 September 2014 12: 14
      Sometimes you need to be patient a bit ... Get together, etc.

      Over the past 2 years, the Russian Federation has conducted more exercises and checks than in the last 20 years ...

      In order to play big - you need to have a big bat besides trump cards ... Since when playing big - there are no rules, there is the concept of strength ...
  29. falikreutov
    falikreutov 12 September 2014 10: 29
    The article put a plus, although it smacks of chauvinism. Although I myself am a Slav, I am interested in why the author decided that only Russians are capable of EXPLOSION? I think that the main thing here is not racial grouping, but mentality. RUSSIAN - this is the main accessory !!!
  30. Ze Kot
    Ze Kot 12 September 2014 12: 56
    Quote: kartalovkolya
    From all indications, the day is not far off when the junta begins a new offensive against New Russia! If only the militia had time to prepare!

    Apparently getting ready. From Mariupol forces withdraw. Otherwise, in the event of an ukrami strike in the direction of the border with Russia, they will be cut off ...

    Although, the composition of the forces of the opposing forces is not known. Mb it would be possible to use the militia from near Mariupol to strike at the rear of the armed forces of Ukraine near Donetsk ...
  31. Vladimir-R
    Vladimir-R 12 September 2014 16: 28
    New- Russia! - Stand and Win!