Multicultural and mass slaughter in Norway

Multicultural and mass slaughter in Norway

“Norway has not experienced such horror since the Second World War,” said Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg. Yes! Monstrously! The worst thing is that several dozen innocent teenagers were shot at point-blank range. (According to the latest data, an 97 man died as a result of an explosion in Oslo and shooting at a youth camp under the Norwegian capital, BBC reported on Sunday).

The terrorist Anders Breivik became famous overnight. Maybe this was his goal? As a goal of others who organized similar slaughter in America, England, even in quiet Finland?

He himself called his actions "atrocious, but justified": "One person who has faith is equal in strength to one hundred thousand who have only (their) interests." 32-year-old young man, a typical Norwegian - blue-eyed blond. What is his faith?

According to reports, Breivik recently posted his “Credo” on the Internet - “Europe's Declaration of Independence 2083 of the Year” (I won’t lie, did not read, I think the text was also destroyed, like its Facebook page). There on 1518 pages he calls himself an opponent of multiculturalism, social democracy, and also calls for the creation of a "pan-European community based on traditional values."

According to the same reports, Anders Breivik was not directly associated with active groups of the extreme right. However, he was a staunch nationalist and an ardent opponent of the notoriously proven "multiculturalism". He spoke on the Internet on anti-Islamic sites. Again and again he spoke about the danger of Islamization of the European continent. And, according to his lawyer, he strongly called for radical changes in Norwegian society.

It seems that the Crusaders Templar were the ideal of the Norwegian assassins. Nowadays, the Order of the Templars is an organization within the Masonic movement. Anders Breivik himself was a Freemason.

Norway urgently takes tough measures. As they say, better late than never. Norway restores border controls for the Schengen countries. It seems that law enforcement agencies suggest that the attack was carried out by a group with international connections, and not a loner. The authorities of the country take other emergency security measures (which are not specified).

Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg made an appeal on television, stating that the response to the attack would be even greater openness of the Norwegian society. “You will not destroy our democracy and ideals. The response of the people of the country to what happened will be even more democracy. ” By the way, the head of government, who was not in his office during the Oslo bombing, was in a “safe place” for quite a long time (according to the information reported) and only on the day after the terrorist attack appeared in public. With condolences. The royal family, too, took time to think.

Officials are not in a hurry. An hour and a half lasted for the destruction of people on the Norwegian island of Utaya, until, finally, the police deigned to intervene! One can imagine why: until a message arrived - a cry for the help of a teenager who had become distraught with fear, while they were checked, reported until they received the appropriate order ... an hour and a half passed. And the police moved to the island in cars and seemed terribly surprised that there was no bridge! Lost another 15 minutes. Finally, a helicopter appeared. 100 minutes was shot by a criminal of people from an automatic weapons. Killed a few dozen people. There would be even more victims; many teenagers threw themselves into the water in the hope of hiding from shots. In the icy water you will not last long, to the shore far. German vacationer Marcel Gleffe rushed to the rescue. He fished out of the water frightened teenagers, despite the shots. And saved 20 people.

Anders Breivik pleaded guilty to a double terrorist attack. On Monday, 25 July, he is going to make a statement and an explanation of the "reasons" for the massacre he committed. Democracy on the march: The 100 assassin man publicly explains why it was “necessary”! By the way, he will get the biggest 21 year of prison. 21 year - for 100 stolen lives, for three months - for the murder!

So: “You will not destroy our democracy and ideals. The response of the people of the country (highlighted by me. - LB) to the incident will be even more democracy. "

What is meant by this mysterious "even more democracy"? And under the no less mysterious "response of the people"? Is the emergence of so-called populist parties in all of Europe the answer of this very people, rejecting the Islamization of European society? The growing popularity of anti-Islamic parties in the Netherlands, Austria, France, the recently organized Freedom Party in Germany, etc. Anti-Islamic speeches and demonstrations throughout Europe. Ban on the construction of minarets and the wearing of the burqa. Is all this not the “answer of the people”?

Slowly, oh, how slowly and poorly the governments of countries react to any changes! Border closures (temporary) or border controls, when all of Africa decided to move to a cozy Europe. Or reluctantly squeezed out "multiculturalism has not justified itself."

Recall the two signs of a classic (according to Lenin) revolutionary situation? The bosses can not manage in a new way, and the lower classes do not want to live in the old way ... So it seems?

For the time being, populist parties will gain the necessary number of votes, gain weight, will be able to rule the laws ... And the “lone heroes” are already there. This is scary. Breivik for so many can become the personification of the hero. A crusader hero who did not spare his stomach for liberation from Islamic occupation. And the wave of terrorist attacks.

In Europe, preaching "tolerance." They say that Europeans must be tolerant and demolish everything from the crowds of migrants that have come running. And if people already have no strength? If patience is over? Politicians sow "multiculturalism", that they reap? Anti-Islamic terror? To this goes. So, maybe, the governments of the countries of Europe, at last, will move and try to "manage the upper echelon", until the people began to organize mass pogroms? Until the popular movements turned into frantic fascism ...
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