Reports from the militia of New Russia for 9 September 2014 of the year

Yesterday at 8: 41

Video from the militia

The militia hit a Ukrainian punitive from the LNG-9 SAU, and it burned down in a few minutes right in front of their video camera.

Yesterday at 8: 47

Video from the militia

Last night Ukrainian punishers shot at Donetsk. If these are incendiary projectiles, then Donetsk must be burning now. If phosphoric, then there will be many people with chemical burns in hospitals. Most likely it is lighting projectiles (chandeliers). But why? This is how cease-fire works, people continue to be intimidated.

Yesterday at 9: 35

Message from the Chairman of the State Fiscal Service, Igor Bilous

“Since the beginning of the" anti-terrorist operation "in the Donbas, about 600 enterprises have been destroyed.
396 companies destroyed in the Donetsk region, about 200 companies - in Lugansk. These are the companies that will not be able to recover quickly. It is about physical destruction.
The material losses inflicted on the infrastructure of enterprises by military operations are significant, since we are talking about a large industrial region, tens of billions of dollars will be needed to repair the damage. ”

Yesterday at 9: 56

Message from Jan militia

“The night was tense, the Nazis didn’t manage to break through from Donetsk airport, having suffered losses, they were forced to sit down in their holes. Angry fascists at night (in 01: 35) fired on Putilovka with incendiary power supplies, the Monolith stadium burned, there were fires on Butovke.
Some areas were covered with smoke, there are victims, there is no information about their quantity yet. ”

Yesterday at 10: 16

Summary yesterday from military analyst "colonelcassad"

“On the Day of the liberation of Donbass from the Nazi invaders in Novorossia, a“ bitter ”truce with the Ukrainian punishers continued. During the day, clashes of varying intensity were observed both in the Luhansk and Donetsk people's republics.

There is an active redeployment of units of the Ukrainian army. It has already become obvious that the Ukrainian side is using the so-called truce to prepare an offensive against the positions of the army of Novorossia. It is assumed that the Ukrainian security forces plan to divide the army of Novorossia into three parts, with the formation of boilers: the Southern - at Mariupol, the Northern - at Lugansk, and the Central - at Donetsk.

Leaving settlements in the depths of Novorossiya, the Ukrainian army concentrates large groups of its units in the vicinity of the cities of Happiness (LPR) and Debaltseve (DPR). Southerly by Ukrainian military tank the attack undermined and partially destroyed the dam of the Pavlopolsky reservoir. The dam bridge is completely destroyed. A possible goal of the Ukrainian sabotage is to prevent an attack on Mariupol, where Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko paid a visit on Monday.

During the visit, Poroshenko announced the release by the army of Novorossia 1,2 thousand Ukrainian prisoners. By the end of the week, 863 Ukrainian troops will be transferred to Ukraine as part of an agreement on the exchange of prisoners. On the part of the militia reported 311 militiamen who are captured by the Ukrainian side.

Luhansk and Donetsk people's republics used the truce to establish a peaceful life in cities, as far as possible in the current conditions.
In Donetsk, work began on the restoration of water and electricity. However, some areas of the city are still being shelled by Ukrainian punishers. Explosions and sounds of battle continue to be heard around the Donetsk airport, from where surrounded by Ukrainian security forces tried to escape during the day.
In Lugansk, the third day of silence. The shelling stopped, but the humanitarian situation remains dire. While not able to establish electricity in the capital of the LC, persist difficulties with the delivery of products and medicines.


The night was relatively calm. K 01-00 (MSC) shelling in the Donetsk region subsided.
At about seven in the morning (IST) a volley towards Donetsk was heard from the airport, then automatic shooting was heard - the Ukrainian security forces unsuccessfully tried to break through from the airport. The fighting was also noted in the area of ​​the suburb Sands.
On Monday afternoon, the sounds of explosions were heard on the western outskirts of Donetsk from the settlement of Marinka. This site is under the control of the Ukrainian military.
Marinka, Donetsk By evening, the tense situation remained. According to reports from the townspeople, in the Kiev, Kuibyshev and Kirov districts, automatic gunfire and volleys from heavy guns are periodically heard.
On September 8, Ukrainian punishers bombarded with the MLRS Makeevka (from Avdeevka) and Enakiyevo (from Artyomovka), the soldiers of the Novorossia army were forced to meet the enemy with counter fire. In Uglegorsk, as a result of a clash, Ukrainian troops left the city in a hurry.
Mariupol today was also attacked by the Ukrainian army: at night a volley was fired from the Gradov, located in a village. Zirka, where previously the Ukrainian military held a strengthening of their positions.
In the area of ​​Volnovakhi, the National Guard was attacked by its own forces, the convoy of which, moving in the direction of Mariupol, were shot by the Ukrainian army from the Grad MLRS. Accurate loss data is not reported, but there is evidence that the column has been burned to the ground.
In the morning, the Ukrainian military opened fire on the bridge; as a result of a tank bombardment, the dam of the Pavlopolskoye reservoir is under threat (the bridge is destroyed), there is a possibility of a dam breaking through.

The Azov district center of Telmanovo, which on the night of September 6 was, in spite of the truce declared, was attacked by the Ukrainian security forces, returned under the control of the militia. As a result of the fighting, the Ukrainian security forces retreated from the district center in the direction of Volnovakhi, leaving a significant amount of armored vehicles on the battlefield. After inspecting the militia found that part of the technology - from the calculations of the Kiev parade on Independence Day 24 August.


During the day, tensions remain in the Red Guerrilla and under Happiness.
An attempt to capture the Red Beam of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was repulsed by the army of LC. Ukrainian punishers were forced to retreat along their own minefields, suffering losses.
About with Toshkovka Pervomaisky district of the LPR during the day there was an active exchange of fire with the participation of artillery and MLRS Grad militia with Ukrainian security forces.
In the direction of the Ukrainian army roadblocks near the city of Kirovsk, the militia opened fire in response to the enemy’s attempt to break through in the direction of the town of Stakhanov.

Fighting continued in Gold, Zhdanovka, Lower Krynka, Fashchevka.

Movement of Ukrainian troops

In Kharkov, in the morning, around 9.30 (ISC), through the intersection of 50-years of the USSR and Gagarin's Avenue (near the airport) from Merefa, turned at the intersection to leave the city (either through Bezlyudovku to Raisin or by district to Chuguev) column of the Ukrainian army. As part of the column: 11 machines (including, two buses and one staff vehicle) with the military, judging by the equipment, the military are part of the volunteer battalions.

According to eyewitnesses in Lozova (150 km from Kharkov) there is a very dense cluster of the Donbass battalion and a large number of armored vehicles.
A long column of enemy forces was in the afternoon between the village of Mironovka, Artyomovsky District, and Debaltseve, supposedly being pulled together to attack Gorlovka. In the southern and northeastern suburbs of Debaltsevo, on the bridges, the work of engineering units and the delivery of goods under security were recorded.
The Ukrainian army removes part of the garrisons in the occupied territories of Novorossia and concentrates them in the city of Happiness.
In the afternoon of September 08 a column of armored vehicles passed through the Kabanye (Krasnorechenskoye) station in the direction of Baranikovka, the estimated number being up to one hundred units.

In the afternoon, 2 “Hercules” landed at the Kharkiv Airport, unloaded 2 installations of LAROM MLRS and one “Teruel-3”, as well as a large amount of ammunition for them. Further, the RSZO moved forward along the bypass road in the direction of Starobelsk.

Other events

Three unexploded projectiles from Smerch multiple rocket launchers, allegedly fired from Ukraine, were found near the state border in the Rostov region, Interfax reported on Monday with reference to the regional department for emergency prevention and response.
In Kharkov, the military registration and enlistment office of the Ordzhonikidze district was shelled. The shot, allegedly, was fired from a grenade launcher "Fly". The wall was damaged, windows in four windows were broken, plaster had collapsed in some places, there were no reports of victims.
On the side of the army of Novorossia, three troopers from the Aydar battalion crossed over. The men told the militia about the plans of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the volunteer battalions. They argue that the antiterrorist operation of the Ukrainian military can continue. The provocative attack on the positions of the Ukrainian security forces, ostensibly as artillery of the militia, can be the reason for its beginning. At the same time, soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces will fire on their own.

Yesterday at 10: 37

Photo from the militia

New photos of the captured tank "Bulat", captured by the militia.
Now this newest combat vehicle will serve the people of Novorossia.

Reports from the militia of New Russia for 9 September 2014 of the year

Yesterday at 10: 55

Overview of districts and human settlements

“In the Kiev, Kuibyshev and Kirov districts of Donetsk, there are occasional audible gunfire and volleys from heavy guns. October district - was subjected to shelling from the airport. N.P. Spartak - came under fire from the direction of the settlement of Avdeevka 3 East M / r - came under fire from the direction of the village of Shining Path The western outskirts of the city - came under fire from the direction of the settlement. Marinka repulsed the attack on the checkpoint militia. 6 of VSU.N fighters taken prisoner Makeevka - Shelled.
N.P. Enakievo - clashes. The direction of Kirovsk-Popasnaya is the use of Grad artillery systems and artillery on both sides. N.P. Khartsyzk - the militia checkpoint under fire N.p. Olkhovka - militia checkpoint under fire N.p. Telmanova - clashes, APU retreats. N.P. Uglegorsk - clashes, APU retreats. Rn n.p. Yasinovataya, Ocheretino - provocations against the militia were recorded. Rn n.p. Merry Mountain - fighting. N.P. Sands - clashes. The build-up of armored vehicles and personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the north-west direction and by sea in Mariupol continues. The block-checkpoint of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has been liquidated. 1 tank was destroyed, 3 punishers were injured. The city itself again came under fire from the Grad artillery rocket launcher of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the Zyrka settlement. ”

Yesterday at 11: 17

Message from military analyst

“In general, the defeat at the end of August and early September for the Ukrainian Armed Forces was not in vain. Those reserves that were spent in the middle of last month in battles, but previously defeated units began to return to the front. True, there is a problem. As a consequence of the demand for their quick return, some brigades are in essence consolidated into battalions, and in the event of their repeated defeat, it will no longer be possible to reanimate these units. The same units that returned to the front or return in the coming weeks have obvious problems with equipping with armored vehicles (according to the comments of the soldiers themselves, the main part of the equipment from conservation, which was carried out in 72 hours, according to Yatsenyuk's idiocy). It is in terrible condition and partly “outdated”. The only thing with which so far there are no problems with the staffing of artillery. What else I noticed. In the battles of July-August, the brigade formed in Galicia fought best (harder). They did not surrender. They did not cross the border from the Russian Federation (by the way, this doesn’t concern the 51 Volyn Brigade at all. That is, not all of Western Ukraine, but Galicia). That is why it is these teams APU and restores in the first place. That is, here the “loyalty” border begins to appear. By the way talking with Galicians heard reproaches. They believe that only in Western Ukraine is the 3-i wave of mobilization, and the rest of the regions are “hoisting”. They are certainly not right, but I already see a certain lurch in this direction. And over time, this roll should only increase. I would especially note the appearance in the BCH of a volunteer regiment formed from former servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Ministry of Internal Affairs. It looks like the "human" approach in prisoners gives results and I think that this regiment will soon be deployed to the brigade.

According to information from the field, a cluster of a shunting arm in the South-West of Donetsk is visible. The second such fist is formed north of Lugansk. I don’t see such a fist on the northern front of the DPR (I don’t know what Bezler’s people saw there), but I don’t yet see. Still, as I intended for all areas of power, the Ukrainian Armed Forces do not have it. The mobile units overlap, first of all, the steppe directions near the borders in the region of which the repetition of past defeats is possible. On the one hand, this is justified, but it carries risks of which I spoke earlier. The need to cover the entire border makes concentration impossible, and therefore can put these parts under a separate rout. This is especially true of the direction north of Lugansk. In the south, the DPR junta gradually stabilizes the situation. There may be an attack by junta troops with limited goals (Novoazovsk-Mariupol). Only in this way can they try to seize the initiative, which is very important. The morale of the junta's troops is lower than ever and further defeats can simply bring down the front even without physically destroying parts of the APU.

VSN, as I wrote earlier, using internal operating lines can strike depending on the concentration of junta forces (several promising areas). Moreover, they need to regroup earlier, and therefore have every chance of being the first to strike. Delaying a truce for several weeks will begin to unfold the situation in favor of the junta (albeit in the short term, before the elections). For this, I expect a ceasefire in the coming week (and most likely this one). Otherwise, the defeat of the parts of the junta will be accompanied with unnecessary losses both in people and time. ”

Yesterday at 11: 22

Analysis of the situation in parts of the APU and punitive battalions

"The 72 Brigade has been reformed. From the remnants and recruiting formed 1 BTG, which is already on the front.

25-I suffered losses and was partially surrounded (with parts of 24-th) in the area of ​​the border of the Russian Federation. Brigade for a long time in battles. Given the peculiarities of the formation of it from the most combat-ready in the APU. In addition to the surrounded parts, it actually has the opportunity to be on the front as part of the 1 BTG (subject to re-formation, replenishment of drugs and equipment).

95-I brigade. It suffered heavy losses in the northern sector of the front. Capacity is high. But losses make themselves felt. The maximum that can be formed without reducing the combat capability is the 1 BTG. If they restore all the battalions (or two), this will drastically reduce their combat capability and saturation with armored vehicles, as well as drag out over time.

80-I brigade. In the last battles suffered significant losses. First of all in the technique. I have a lot of questions about it. For the most part, it is located west of Lugansk, together with units of the 1-th tank and 30-th fettering the troops of the LC.

79-I brigade. The most affected team. The colossal losses in the previous battles almost completely knocked out the officer and personnel of the unit. In fact, it must be re-formed. How much this will be delayed is not clear. Another big problem for the part is the technique. BMD in the warehouses of the APU is no longer. There are reports of the acquisition of the crew of the BN 70 / 60. Moreover, the state of technology for the recognition of the soldiers simply disastrous. Therefore, I do not even know when and in what form the brigade will reappear on the battlefields. Hence, it is quite logical to form on the basis of the remnants of the Phoenix battalion. Apparently this is the only thing that can quickly get to the front.

Both special regiments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs 3 and 8 are deployed in brigades (1-I and 2-I are separate) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Have a good training. But the problem is in the saturation of armored vehicles. In fact, excellent parts for the protection of cities and sweeps, but as a shock can not be used. Parts of one of the brigades are located in the Mariupol area.

28-I brigade. On 17 August was in reserve. Since that time, the units that appeared on the front were completely defeated near Saur and in the area of ​​Ilovaysk, during the VSN counteroffensive. I think as an organized military force for several weeks it will not exist.

The same goes for 1 BTG 92 Brigade. Crushed under Ilovaisk. For the rest of the battalions: there is a problem with equipment. It is possible to use in defense, but the shock capabilities are severely limited.

51-I brigade. How was and remained the weakest link of the APU. The broken morale still in May under Volnovakha still makes itself felt. It was the swift "withdrawal" (or rather, flight) of the 51 unit of the brigade (along with the maintenance battalions) from the flanks that decided the outcome of the Ilovaisky battle in favor of the BCH. This allowed for some time to keep this part as a combat unit, but how much this part is combat-ready. Personally, I have big doubts.

93-I brigade. In the battles from the very first days (starting from Slavyansk). Probably this brigade can still be called "lucky ones". By participating in many battles for several months, the core and combat effectiveness were preserved ... Apart from the airborne troops, not a single unit of the Ukrainian Armed Forces succeeded. Attention should be paid to this unit and its command. On the general background is an example of perseverance and professionalism. Although partly battered in the last battles, but as a combat-ready part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine remained.

30-I brigade. Parts of the brigade along with 80 and 1 were the backbone of the armed forces in the area of ​​the Lugansk airport and Lutugino (1 BTG). Fighting and leaving the encirclement cost the brigade great losses. Especially in technology. Honestly I can’t say which parts are assigned and which are not (I don’t have data), but it can be said with confidence that the brigade units will be used as a mobile reserve in the Luhansk area (together with 80 and 1). Plus, it is possible to form a new BTG on the basis of the previously divided two battalion groups. Moreover, the appearance on the front of the BTG is possible in the very near future (and perhaps already there).

Parts of the 24 Brigade (2 battalion) defeated earlier, quickly get replenishment of drugs and equipment (as they showed themselves from the best side in the Southern boiler) and most likely will not be combined into one BTG, but will be deployed in two. The truth is there is a problem with the "obedience" of veterans. Given the heavy losses in drugs and equipment in previous battles, the deployment of these units will be delayed for some time (several weeks at least). As a result, the combat effectiveness of the newly organized units should also be lower (there are very few veterans in them. Many have been killed, maimed or on the run).

Finally the 128-I brigade. She suffered some losses in the battles north of Lugansk, but so far remains combat capability. Although the network has information about the problems in the part with the "fighting spirit". But let's not rush to conclusions.

The 1-I and 17-I tanks are used to enhance other parts. They suffered losses, but still retain some fighting efficiency.

Separately, two words about the "volunteer" parts. The fighting in the region of Ilovaisk, under which all (except for “Aydar”) volunteer units and their frank “drain” by the leadership of the junta drastically changed the mood of these units. What survived in the Ilovaiskaya meat grinder has become a frank opposition to the regime. And this is a sin not to use. "Aidar" also received its portion of bloodletting in the area south and north of Lugansk. The mood there is similar. A recent statement about the transfer to the side of the BCH of three soldiers of the Aidar battalion is not surprising to me personally. There is a limit to any human patience. ”

Yesterday at 11: 35

Message from the philosopher and publicist Dmitry Galkovsky

“One hundred years ago, residents of eastern Ukraine lived in the Kharkov province and were full-fledged citizens of a great Russian Orthodox country. Westerners lived in the kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria, on the outskirts of Austria-Hungary. And they were pariahs there. How did they communicate with Ukrainians in Russia? No way. There was a fortified border between the two empires, mutual emigration to Russia and Austria-Hungary was microscopic, two people could not interbreed because of different faiths. Marriage between Uniates and Orthodox for the common people was practically impossible.

What was 200 years ago? The same Kharkov province and the same "Lodomeria".

What was 300 years ago? Slobodskaya Orthodox Ukraine and Uniate Catholic Ukraine in the Commonwealth. This is 1714 year.

What about 1614? Stage of ethnogenesis and the formation of the Russian state and the Russian people.

That is, in the foreseeable epoch Galicians and Ukrainians NEVER intersect. For centuries. And each other in the eyes have not seen. Because the attachment to the land, the state border + another faith.

When Galicia joined Russia in 1914, in one hundred years a single people could have been formed, especially since the Galicians themselves are few. But that did not happen. For in 1917, the Russians lost power in their state. But the Galicians never had it. Once received, they began to recoup over the centuries of humiliation. Only Germans, Poles and Hungarians humiliated them, and they began to recoup in Ukrainians and Russians.

But it is not their fault. The Galicians are to blame for the fact that they are Galician to the same extent as the Portuguese are "guilty" for the fact that they are Portuguese. These were born.

But Ukrainians are not. People made a choice. And no need to say that this choice was historical randomness and even happened imperceptibly to the choosers themselves. In such cases, the heart tells people.

Russia, they announced Nerodinoy. The part that was split off from Russia, in which they lived themselves, gave them fatally to those who hate and envy the Galicians. So what's next?

In the words of Gogol Ivan Ivanovich: Well, why are you standing? I don't beat you!


Lost Homeland. ”

Yesterday at 12: 00

Video from the militia

In part of the Cossack militia arrived replenishment. Video with oath recruits.

Yesterday at 13: 11

Message from the militia Prokhorov

“According to armored vehicles. There are no hundreds of tanks in Dill and they are not expected. The failure of the re-equipment and re-equipment program was recognized as early as mid-August, as a result of which the director of the Khryakovsky Plant named after M. Gryakovsky was dismissed. Malysheva (and could not start the production of new tanks) and the director of the hryakosky armored plant (which was supposed to repair and re-open existing tanks). Earlier, the director of the Kiev armored car was dismissed, the remaining factories, Lvivsky and Nikolayevsky, are trying to cope with the flow of damaged equipment and the deactivation of the BBM (armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles). But since there is no stupid ZIP, they are reoriented to the production of various homemade products based on commercial trucks and buses.
In turn, Dill can count on deliveries from Eastern Europe, but these will be dozens, not hundreds of units even more dead than the Dill technique, and it is unlikely to be able to quickly put it into operation. Yes, and the moral technique will be outdated - T-72 first modifications, BMP-1, BTR-60
But do not run into the other extreme - they say, in fennel steam rusty tanks. This is not the case - the dill still have hundreds of combat vehicles in operational units. Which, thank hysterical punitive and terbatov, are now individually distributed among the infantry units.
In view of the current state of the militia Novorossia will be difficult, but much easier than in July and August.
According to the infantry. Now ended the third wave of mobilization. You can already say - it was a failure, and mobilized in August - already in the operating units - they already suffered losses, the September ones will arrive in the coming weeks, but it is unlikely to change the alignment
In the meantime, a new call from men from 18 to 25 years will be launched. Judging by the third wave - this call will also be problematic. The human potential of dill at the limit. But the most important thing is that there is no material basis for these recruits, and their quality will be lower than the plinth. In general, as always, it will be difficult, but Novorossia will win. ”

Yesterday at 13: 49

Overview of the combat situation from the militia Prokhorov

“Well, everything is already up to date - Donetsk with a shudder experienced another night of truce.
Dill otvetku received - a summary of the morning.
Quote: “The positions of the Ukrainian units on the territory of the airport in Donetsk were bombarded with 4 times: 2 times with mortars and 2 times using MLRS BM-21„ Grad “. Also from the MLRS BM-21 “Grad”, the base camp of the Ukrainian troops near the settlement was shelled. Thin. Positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces near the settlement are fired from mortars. Dokuchaevsk. Also the checkpoint of the Ukrainian troops near the settlement was fired from mortars. Debalcevo ".

About the partisans. Yesterday evening a group of scouts attacked the national guard checkpoint near the town of Volnovakha.
Also in Severodonetsk one of the terbats arranged the mopping up of the terrain in search of partisans after a successful sortie of the latter. A panic began in the city, and Sergei Shakun (the occupying commandant of the city) had to sculpt nonsense about the exercises (although it was not mentioned before, it rained in the city, and they also fired RPGs). In fact, in the Severonets direction, despite the difficulties, a very interesting one emerges. Near Happiness and Metalworker ukry retreat (recognized dill).
By the way, more about the arithmetic of this war - for 1 one body of the dead militiaman pass dead dill to 40.

About news about the alleged defeat of Zaporozhye by partisans of an artillery column of punishers of the Kiev junta, which on the night of September 7 left Zaporozhye and headed towards besieged Mariupol. At the entrance to Rozovka, the column was attacked by Zaporozhye partisans, whose leader, known under the call sign Nestor Ivanovich, declared that the partisans acting under his command would not observe the truce, the report on the results of the military operation says.
Do not believe. This is the “Makhno detachment” of the SBU. All their “attacks” were invented, and the Ukrainian Zaporozhye, who are trying to contact them, are caught by the Ukrainian counterintelligence. this week already two such leggivers have closed. Also, the 26 is equipped with ACS Msta-S and towed howitzers. MLRS is not their profile.

Fresh meat.
"The 14-th territorial defense battalion" Cherkasy "of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the end of last week was redeployed from the Odessa region east to the ATO zone.
According to an UNIAN correspondent, Yury Tkachenko, the chairman of the Cherkasy Regional State Administration, said this at a press conference today. According to him, now there are questions about the provision of the Cherkasy battalion with trucks, heavy equipment and weapons.

And the continuation of the heading - When, instead of the brain - fat.

“An additional volunteer battalion will be created in the Zaporizhia region, which will receive heavy weapons.
This was announced by the chairman of Zaporizhzhya Regional State Administration Valery Baranov. According to him, the corresponding order was signed by the Ministry of Defense, reports ZN.UA. The head of the battalion will be appointed Alexander Lobas.
“This will be the first battalion that will have military equipment and tanks in service. Now we are preparing the place of deployment of the battalion, "- said Valery Baranov. The soldiers of this battalion will serve in the new engineering structures in the area. In addition, Valery Baranov announced the creation of a separate headquarters to coordinate the activities of community activists. For the functioning of this body identified three employees of the RSA, who will conduct work on an ongoing basis. Also for the work of the headquarters provided the premises and the necessary office equipment. "

Here one of two things, either these fighters of the Tashkent front will be removed from the advanced armored vehicles for the rear area (which is gut), or all the weapons of this good-tank bat will consist of office equipment transferred by the impaired Baranov. ”

Yesterday at 14: 05

Message from publicist Mikhail Belyaev

“All that this agreement provides for an alleged truce is a temporary order of local self-government in certain regions of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions. And then, subject to the complete elimination of the militia, and the militia are obliged not only to lay down weapon, but also to leave the territory of Ukraine, as well as the release of all Ukrainian prisoners of war. In return, Ukraine promises an amnesty to the participants of this conflict, a national dialogue and some measures to improve the humanitarian situation in the Donbas. Even the LC and the DPR themselves are not mentioned in the text of this treaty, and their representatives have signed without any titles or titles.

Independence and statehood? New Russia? Temporary special order in certain areas of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, here you are the whole independent Novorossia. Here you have all the freedom and sovereignty. You can write these words a thousand times, print them on paper, and then shove them deep into your throat. In any case, death from suffocation will be better than death from shame. Ukraine is not even going to give the status of autonomy to the people's republics. She didn’t even deign to mention those same republics in the agreement. Provisional self-government in individual areas is the pinnacle of Ukrainian generosity for the rebellious Donbass.

Militias? According to this agreement, they are now exiles and must leave the Donbass. Forever and ever. Yes, the gracious Ukrainian side is committed not to prosecute them and pardon them. True, after they lay down their arms and get out of the way. Indeed, according to this treaty, all illegal armed groups (read - the militia) should be immediately withdrawn from Ukraine.

Prisoners of war? Liberate them should only militia. In the text, as it would be said only about hostages and illegally detained persons, and from the point of view of the laws of Ukraine, all the militias are held absolutely legally. Like terrorists. After all, exactly such a label was hung on them by the state of Ukraine.

It is not even New Khasavyurt. In the framework of the Khasavyurt agreements, Russia at least did not promise to immediately join the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria and did not agree to drive its own army out of the country. This agreement is generally something beyond and incomprehensible, and how such a masterpiece of Ukrainian ambition and arrogance could be signed by the representatives of Novorossiya remains a real mystery.

Fulfilling this agreement means sparingly and voluptuously spit in the face of every dead militia or civilian. Spit in the face of all those who burned down in the Odessa House of Trade Unions. Spit in the face of the Gorlovskaya Madonna and her dead child. Spit in the face of all people with disabilities, all those who in the dawn of years were left without arms, without legs or without eyes, all who now will be crippled by the end of their days because of this war. Well, then - spit in the face of the inhabitants bombed by Ukrainian artillery and aviation houses. All those who have lost their jobs have a roof over their heads and their usual lives. All those who lost everything, and for many months buried their friends, relatives and friends, buried husbands and sons. Who did not live, but survived after a war broke into their land.

Yes, peace is necessary. It is necessary and the New Russia and Ukraine. This war has already claimed too many lives and brought too much suffering. But it is precisely the peace treaty and the subsequent divorce into two states. Here are just those papers that were signed in Minsk - this is not a peace treaty. This is an act of unconditional surrender that they have no other world analogues to themselves, except for the treaty on the annexation of the losing party.

So we really hope that this agreement will simply be ignored at the front. They will dismiss him as if from a nightmare, and Novorossia will continue its struggle. Fight to the present World, to the acquisition of real freedom and independence. After all, having fulfilled this contract, Novorossia itself, with its own hands, will commit suicide. ”

Yesterday at 14: 26

Summary of the Army of the South-East for the night of September 9: intensified enemy DRG

There were cases of violations by individual enemy units of the cease-fire regime.

In the Donetsk direction, the junta's troops continue to deploy troops, occupy advantageous areas and lines, and conduct reconnaissance.

The sabotage and intelligence activities of the punishers in the areas of Amvrosievka, Vodyanoi, and Svetlodarsky intensified. There, according to local residents, enemy mobile sabotage and reconnaissance groups were seen. In the course of carrying out measures to neutralize them, an exchange of fire with a militia unit took place in the Water district. Destroyed one vehicle of high cross. One militia wounded. The saboteurs managed to escape.

In the Luhansk direction, the enemy continues to build up a grouping of troops northwest of the capital of the LPR.

In the Stepnoye area, two servicemen of the 51 Mechanized Brigade laid down arms and went over to the side of the militia. They confirmed the information on the enemy's reserves, including armored vehicles and artillery, to continue the punitive operation.

Confirmed information about the mining of fascists CHP facilities in the area of ​​the settlement of Happiness. According to intelligence data, foreign mercenaries operate in the thermal power station area, some of which are snipers.

Under the control of the militia moved the village of Forest.

In the Mariupol direction, the situation has not changed significantly.

After leaving the punitive, the militia units occupied the settlements of Krasnoarmeyskoe, Kulikovo and reached the left bank of the Kalmius River.

Yesterday at 14: 28

Summary of the Political Department of the DPR MO for 8 September 2014

04: 00 - in the areas of mines No.22 and No.3, the Ukrainian side fired small arms and BMP.
11: 20 - when checking the “green” near the checkpoint, two militiamen were wounded by Ukrainian soldiers.
11: 57 - again fire was fired in the area of ​​mines 22 and 3.
15: 40 - shelling by the Ukrainian armed forces of the village of Zugres. From the side of Zhdanovka dense artillery fire on residential buildings. In the village of fires.

Yesterday at 14: 36

The message of the political department of the DPR

“Yesterday, 08.09.2014 was a successful operation by servicemen of the DPR army, during which an enemy convoy was intercepted. The 2 units of the MLRS 9c58 - “Smerch” and 5 trucks with ammunition for the above-mentioned MLRS “became trophies of the DPR army.

Yesterday at 14: 52

Chronicle of the "truce" from the Political Department of the Ministry of Defense of the DPR

“Tonight, in 01: 30, shelling of Novorossiyskaya street in the Putilovka area occurred. A group of our military officers left for the scene. The witness of the incident, an old woman 79 years, says that her house was literally flashed through pieces of metal that fell from the sky. A difficult picture of a ruined, peaceful life appeared in Voenkam: one fragment fell into the refrigerator, the roof was pierced, so that overlaps are visible, a hole in the floor. Other houses suffered no less: the walls went cracked, the plaster collapsed, the rooms were buried under a thick layer of garbage. The locals, despite everything, have high morale, and they are ready to fight the enemy to the end. "

Yesterday at 14: 58

Message from the militia Prokhorov

“Chronicles of the truce. Ukry began shelling Gorlovka half an hour ago-mortars and Grad. In response, there is the destruction of firing points in Dzerzhinsk. ”

Yesterday at 15: 07

Message and photo from journalists

“Kuban Cossack Alexander Mozhayev from Belorechensk, who took part in the battles in the Donbas with the call sign“ Babai ”, came to the Crimea to find replenishment for the possible continuation of hostilities in South-Eastern Ukraine. On Sunday, he took part in the Cossack parade, which was held on the main square in the center of Simferopol. Mozhaev denied his desertion from the Southeast militia. He also expressed the opinion that the truce reached between the Ukrainian troops and the militias is temporary.
“I think that this is a truce so that the Ukrainian troops will redeploy. Then they waited for help from abroad, you see, even the mercenaries will approach, ”said Mozhaev.”

Yesterday at 15: 18

Comment from the First Deputy Prime Minister of the DPR, Andrey Purgin

“We firmly stand on the positions of self-determination in the administrative boundaries of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions.”

Yesterday at 18: 42

Message from bloggers

“As a result of the signing of the agreement on“ truce ”, all the offensive air operations were stopped. The document does not restrict the movement and deployment of troops, that is, Ukraine is given a respite to regroup and the possibility of resuming hostilities at a convenient time for it. The results of the referendum of the DPR and the LPR are completely ignored. ”

Yesterday at 19: 40

Report on the situation in the city of Donetsk

“As of 13.30 in Donetsk, it's quiet. Messages from residents about shootings and any incidents in the areas are not received.
In the first half of the day, the specialists of the power supplying enterprises energized one substation in the Kievsky district and four transformer substations in the Petrovsky district.
In addition to the restoration work on damaged networks in Donetsk, the planned preparation of heat supply sources for operation in the autumn-winter period continues. Currently, 73 boiler houses of the Donetsk Donets Network are working at KKP, which provide residents of the city with hot water. Another 21 boiler is under scheduled maintenance to prepare the boiler equipment for the heating period. All procedural work on the preparation of the heat economy for the next heating period is carried out according to the schedule. ”

Yesterday at 21: 05

Message from residents Khartsyzsk

“100 units of equipment and about 500-800 APU soldiers entered the village near Amvrosiyivka. They settled down outside the village of Elizaveta-Nikolaevka right behind the hills. They will probably be beaten in the rear of Blagodatny, Stepan-Krynka and Ilovaisk. ”

Yesterday at 21: 43

Video from bloggers

The enraged rocket from the Ukrainian ship on the NATO exercises in the Black Sea. The video has already been dubbed "Hunting ukrov for jellyfish, patamushta bite hotstsa."

Yesterday at 21: 51

Message from bloggers

"These are the consequences of a" truce "... During this time, ukry got the MLRS Teruel-3 (Spain) and the MLRS" LAROM "(Romania / Israel). I wonder what Don Quixote and Dracula demanded in return? The militiamen scratched their heads in perplexity:
Where are the charges for these MLRSs when they take the systems away from the fascists? "

Yesterday at 22: 25

Graham Phillips video

Graems Phillips talked with the captive Ukrainian punitive.

Yesterday at 23: 05

Message from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that by all indications it can be concluded that some kind of strike force is being prepared. According to Lavrov, Russia is not interested in anyone trying to prevent the implementation of the Minsk agreements.

"We know that the militia, and we, as a country that witnessed the agreement reached in Minsk on September 5, raise serious concerns about the fact that yesterday there were reports of a concentration of heavy weapons in the Debaltseve region, weapons on the Ukrainian side security officials. By all indications, we can conclude that a certain strike force is being prepared. We brought this concern, as the militia from Luhansk and Donetsk did, to the Kiev authorities. We are assured that there are no plans to break the truce but, as they say, assurances are verified by practice. We will monitor the situation very carefully. "

Yesterday at 23: 13

Video from the militia

Militiamen take oath in Alchevsk.

Yesterday at 23: 28

Message from journalists

A large column of Ukrainian security forces was crushed near Mariupol today. According to operational data near Mariupol, when trying to break through the territory controlled by the militia, a large column of the Ukrainian army was destroyed.
One of the soldiers of Novorossia, the hero of the defense of Saura, reports directly from the battlefield (the vocabulary is preserved):
"In short, the column was defeated by the Ukrainian. 4 T-64, 2 BTR, and about a dozen supply vehicles. The T-64 from RPG or ATGM scatters fly to shreds. The towers fly, I .... Just ... Spectacle ... Our arthur I covered 4 dill tanks. There was also a firework ... "

Today in 0: 10

Message from the press center of the DPR

“The soldiers of the army of the Donetsk People’s Republic successfully conducted a special operation. At a time when Ukrainian security forces continue to provoke the DPR army to open return fire by artillery shelling of residential areas of cities, militia fighters carry out successful special operations behind enemy lines. 8 September another task for the militia ended very successfully Without a single shot, the soldiers of the DPR army managed to capture a convoy of military equipment. Two units of multiple launch rocket systems — Smerch and five cargoes — became trophies of the republic’s army. O vehicles with ammunition to the above settings. "

Today in 0: 12

Message from Ukrainian resources

“The third stage of mobilization to the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is over, all the necessary people are gathered and sent to training centers. This was announced at a briefing by the speaker of the information and analytical center of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Andrei Lysenko.”

Today in 1: 15

Message from Alexander Zhilin

“Grad installations, ammunition for him, other military equipment, soldiers are being delivered to the Melitopol airfield. Obviously, a script of Donetsk and Luhansk is being prepared for Melitopol. If militiamen enter the city, fire will be opened from the aerodrome territory around the city.
As the soldier of the artillery calculation of the installation "Grad", located at the airport, the city has already been divided into sectors for shelling. The station, the bridge to New Melitopol, departures from the city, roadblocks, purification facilities, the central market and large buildings that can serve as shelters turned out to be under the gun.
Melitopol airfield is a strategic military facility. Located in the western part of the city, it is a convenient defensive line. Because of the steppe area a long distance is shot through, it allows you to shoot direct fire.
The city itself serves as a natural barrier from the forces advancing from the east. Aircraft hangars are already adapted for storing projectiles and artillery installations. "

Today in 2: 41

Resolution of the Supreme Council on the outcome of the consultation in Minsk

On the results of consultations in Minsk 5 September 2014

Having heard and discussed the information of the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Donetsk People's Republic A.V. Zakharchenko about the results of consultations in Minsk on September 5 2014, supporting the peace initiatives of the President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin from September 4 on 2014, declaring their openness and readiness to dialogue, consultations and negotiations, reaffirming their commitment to the basic principles and norms of international law, the Supreme Council of the Donetsk People's Republic decides:
1. All public authorities of the Donetsk People's Republic and officials in their work to consult and negotiate with the authorities and officials of other states and international organizations are guided solely by the Declaration on the sovereignty of the Donetsk People's Republic.
2. All government agencies of the Donetsk People’s Republic and officials should consult and negotiate on the basis of international principles:
- the principle of the sovereign equality of states,
- resolving their international disputes by peaceful means in such a way as not to endanger international peace and security and justice,
- abstaining in their international relations from the threat or use of force,
- the principle of equality and self-determination of peoples.
3. This Resolution comes into force from the date of its signing.

Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Donetsk People's Republic B. A. Litvinov

Press Center DNR ©

Today in 2: 50

"Truce in Ukrainian". Report of the military secretary of the Political Department of the DPR

What is the September truce in action? In order to answer this question, Ben Douglas, the military leader of the DPR Defense Ministry, visited the front near Donetsk.

In Donetsk, the mention of a truce will cause a grin at best. It is difficult to believe in a truce, when the noise of a cannonade comes almost every day. From the city center only thunder is heard on the horizon. It is difficult for locals, especially non-military ones, to understand who shoots at whom. One thing is clear: the noise comes from the airport occupied by the Ukrainian troops.

It can be said that the front line begins with the Putilov Bridge, - onward, Vzletnaya Street leads to the airport, which is already 5, controlled by the Ukrainian military. Nevertheless, the DPR checkpoint, after a mandatory inspection, passes private cars through the bridge. Barely moving away from the roadblock, you come across fresh funnels. The truce did not prevent Ukrainian mortars from firing on the 7 bridge of September, on Sunday. Then you move in zigzags: Ukrainian snipers can work here. My guide from the fighters serving on the front line in the area says that there was still glass in the Porsche car service station at the junction after the bridge before the armistice. Now they are not, and next to the gas station burns down the concrete structure.

We go to Spartak, a suburban village east of the airport. It is controlled by the DPR army, and Ukrainian artillery regularly fires at it. I take a photo of the twisted index “Dnepropetrovsk — Avdiivka”, and at this moment we fall under automatic fire from green stuff. You can hear the bullets click on the landing behind his back. We are in a hurry to get out of the fire and get to the nearest DPR checkpoint. In several queues, the DPR fighters are responsible for Zelenka, from where we were greeted. Towards the airport stretched abandoned gardens. Among the unwanted tomato peppers, the fighters show a hail of disc, fired at the September 7 outpost.

Spartak village has shops. Private cars pass through here, and more often you can meet local men on a bicycle. In the dilapidated village still live women and children. A little boy shoots me with a toy gun. At the store, an elderly woman talks about how yesterday shelling the burned down the opposite side of the street. I take photos of broken yards. Near the stele heroes of the Great Patriotic War, less than a day ago, the nearest courtyard was laid out. The stela itself was broken by shrapnel a week ago. In the school just got caught yesterday.

After sunset, the artillery fire begins. Our artillery is hitting the Ukrainian location (the former radar in. / H), Ukrainian - at the village of Spartak. Fragments rustle in the crowns of trees and click on the fences.

The morning of September 9 in Spartak is cool and quiet. At 7 in the morning, the locals are on the streets again: the cyclists go to the store, the women in their robes are standing outside their courtyards.

Who you do not talk to, you will hear one thing: "Guys, when will you chase them away?" No one has any illusions about the peacefulness of "Kiev".

We are returning to Donetsk. On the night of 8 on 9 of September in 1: howitzers and “grads” worked in the city. Stadium "Monolith" in the smoke. The fighters say that several phosphate mines exploded. On some streets (for example, Listoprokatchikov) "grads" flew almost every second house. If the Ukrainian artillerymen wanted to get into the locations of the DPR army, they missed at least a kilometer.

My guide, climbing from house to house in search of unexploded shells, concludes: “Grad” MLRS is not a precision weapon. Grads in the cities does not shoot any army in the world. And these people have neither conscience nor honor. ”

Here it is: a truce in Ukrainian.

Today in 3: 42

Overview of the combat situation from the militia Prokhorov

Thunder truce.
Ukry from the long-range artel shot the center of Zugres - hits of shells are noted near the music and 10 secondary school and store. About the victims is not yet known.

In the area of ​​Mariupol there was a shootout - near Cominternovo.
Also, with 17.00, shootouts began on the outskirts of Donetsk, and there is also shooting on the outskirts of Avdiivka (a section of the railway was destroyed there). And ukry themselves almost got on the train. At Noises destroyed ukrov checkpoint (tank).

The blow was struck around 17.00 Moscow time. on 25 in the area of ​​the Lower Krynka
From the artel they covered the invaders' checkpoint near Verkhny Toretsky.

Traditional shootout in the area of ​​Kirovsk-Zhdanovka.

Cannonade is heard in Dokuchaevka.

In Debaltsevo reinforcements came ukram, struck at their base - in the car-repair shops.

With a. Baranikovka (near Belovodsk - the occupied north of the LC), the partisans blew up Ukrop border guards on a land mine. By interception - 3 "200" and 2 "300".

Yesterday, all ukry worried about the fate of the dill checkpoint near Slavyanoserbsk. They beat a tambourine - it is surrounded on three sides. Now a new pechalka - on the air of snot, which is completely surrounded.

Dill recovers its light - the basis of the punitive baht is dissolved.
"After rotation, the war returns from 50% to 70% of battalion fighters," Avakov said.
The resignations of the Minister of Defense Valery Geletey and the head of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Viktor Muzhenko demanded the commanders of the National Guard under the battalions. They declare that they were encircled in Ilovaysk through the fault of the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Nice to read - yet ukry downs. In reality, their armored forces are being deserted between infantry units.
From UkroSMI: “The Donbass battalion will be expanded into a regiment and equipped with heavy machinery,” commander Semen Semenchenko said at a press conference in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukrinform reports.
“The battalion will now be expanded to a regiment or battalion tactical group. We receive tanks, armored personnel carriers, - said Semenchenko.
He also informed that at the moment the Donbass battalion is awaiting its fighters from captivity. Negotiations on their release are conducted both at the state level and at the level of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration, but it is rather difficult.
At the same time, the battalion commander noted that those fighters who come out of captivity, and those who took part in the fighting for 2,5 months, are subject to rotation. "

Well, after the rotation, half the regiment will simply run away (see Avakov's statements above), and the battalion will again be.

Former President Leonid Kuchma said that during the hostilities in Afghanistan, Ukraine lost less military than in the 3 month of ATO.
UkroSMI: "During 10 years of the war in Afghanistan, we lost less than in the last three months," the ex-president said during a trip to Chernihiv, reports "Unian." At the same time, the politician expressed hope for an early cessation of hostilities. “Every war must end in peace. The sooner this happens, the less casualties we will suffer,” he said. He also said that the exact victims of the war are unknown. By the way, as of the beginning of September, the National Security and Defense Council officially reported 837 dead from the beginning of the ATO and 2626 wounded soldiers.
Recall that the losses of soldiers in Afghanistan were: killed and dead - 13 833 people, including 1979 officers and generals, wounded - 49 985 people. 6669 "Afghans" have become disabled, including the first group of disabled people - 1479 people. "

Even if he had in mind the immigrants from Ukraine who died in Afghanistan - these are more than 2,5 thousands of soldiers.

The remains of 51 are crying - they do not want to fight.
UkroSMI reports: "The fighters of the 51 Brigade and their relatives demanded that the military command be granted demobilized status.
Also, the soldiers offer to return all their brethren, seconded to other parts. A representative of the operational command headquarters, Vitaly Chelbyn, spoke with an outraged crowd. One of the questions asked by the soldiers at the rally was the location of the brigade commander Pivovarenko. It was he who led the fighters into the Ilovaisky cauldron, and then, together with the military, went for a breakthrough. After this information about him there is no. "

Porosenko dismissed the head of intelligence MO Dill.
Well cho - it is logical. After constant failures, the Khokhlov need a scapegoat.

As for who goes to such battalions for slaughter.
Slaughter is now. Just a few weeks ago. And before that - they followed the warriors. Vaughn, the same Dnepr-1 was always behind 93.
And everything was always the same - robbery, rape. What's in Happiness, that in Novosvetlovka (there is a video from the last one, where residents talk about the rape of their daughters and executions of those suspicious behind the monument to Lenin).
Any scum went into the hunt - went to kill the Russian Mirnyak with impunity. The slogan "Moskaliv - on knives" in reality did. It was the best incentive to join.
In addition, a significant part of the composition - convicts. They are reduced for this period.

Kostik "Semenchenko" strikes back - announced a reward for the Georgian mercenary Dobernan, his former fighter. And in the Dnieper, they are caught in military service in gambling establishments (see video).

Today in 4: 10

Message from military analyst

"The current disposition of the parties allows us to make a number of obvious conclusions. The current Truce is fragile and does not suit both parties. Therefore, it will remain only until the regrouping of the Ukrainian army is completed. Considering the replenishment received by the third wave of mobilization, the total number of ATO forces is again brought to 55 - 60 thousand people. Of these, 20 - 30 thousand - in the first line. The total number of militia in both Republics is estimated at 29 - 30 thousand people. But not in the first line, but in total. This means that Kiev’s advantage is alive th force fell to double and continues to decline. Thus, it just needs to attack while the forces are not equal in number. The results of past battles showed that the militia significantly surpasses the Armed Forces of Ukraine in total combat effectiveness with an equal number of units. as a command. So, Kiev doesn’t have much options. If you don’t attack now, then never attack. ”

Today in 4: 42

Message from the militia of the battalion "Vostok"

The weather here is changeable ... somewhere sometimes you can hear explosive shells, somewhere you can hear the characteristic “lash” of a shot from the svd. "Truce", in short.
For three days already we sleep somewhere. Someone on the old tire, and someone on the bare ground. The smell from ours - "Chanel №5". The guys went to town in the morning to shop. We bought delicious canned food, buckwheat, canned meat and some kind of fish.
Talked to the "old" (call sign) - a wise man! Veteran, Afghan. He said it was better for him to die than to be captured by the Nazis.
Saw a girl, "rosary", she is from Serbia ... - 28 years, good girl! And then there is the battle bell, the Cossack!
Tomorrow we will be replaced. A couple of days off can, or back to the fire. We are ready.
In the photo, our platoon.

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  1. VICTOR-61
    VICTOR-61 10 September 2014 07: 45 New
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    YES scum dill phosphorus bombs to shoot and where the UN OSCE are silent creatures venal pity peaceful
    1. Kibalchish 10 September 2014 07: 50 New
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      But if Russia allowed itself to bomb someone like that, then the stench would be up to Cassiopeia.
      But the Ukrainian Nazis are for the West.
      1. GDP
        GDP 10 September 2014 10: 12 New
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        • 0
        If New Russia does not have an ace up its sleeve, then a truce can be expensive, simply because Kiev has much more resources ...
        Field commanders can ultimately simply sweep away the new government of the DPR and LPR, which in itself is also bad, because any disagreement is in the hands of our enemies ...
    2. Reasonable, 2,3
      Reasonable, 2,3 10 September 2014 08: 10 New
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      What kind of billions? Is it a joke? They decided to cut the money from Russia, We’ll help. No question. With the amounts to be careful. Mine restoration is 100 lyam, maximum. I don’t understand? Who am I doing here so that you get warm in my country?
  2. Drunya
    Drunya 10 September 2014 07: 46 New
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    angry (Basketok) with a hard view .
    1. Момент 10 September 2014 07: 53 New
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      What a dirty trick the Ukrainians are still preparing along with the hysterical America and Europe. But the fact that there is a big fight ahead is for sure.
    2. VICTOR-61
      VICTOR-61 10 September 2014 07: 53 New
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      Yes, the truce for Novorossia inappropriately dill intensified thoroughly imported technology and brought it well.
      1. KOH
        KOH 10 September 2014 07: 59 New
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        Maybe it’s time to help us open with technology ...
  3. The comment was deleted.
  4. zao74 10 September 2014 07: 50 New
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    Until we reach Kiev, the junta will not calm down ...
  5. aszzz888 10 September 2014 07: 51 New
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    The struggle to the present World, until gaining real freedom and independence. After fulfilling this agreement, Novorossia itself will commit suicide with its own hands. ”

    Victory, brothers, only Victory! Otherwise, the dead will not forgive that they fell heroically, defending HIS land!
  6. KOH
    KOH 10 September 2014 07: 55 New
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    It was necessary to continue the offensive, this truce could lead to even greater victims ...
    Ukrainians fled !!! what !!!
  7. volot-voin 10 September 2014 07: 57 New
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    For that they say on TV they say: "a truce, a little bit shoot down the little ones .."
    If the truce is not respected, maybe on .... X is a truce. It's time to go further to Zaporozhye, Kharkov, Kiev. Return Slavyansk and Kramatorsk. The junta needs to be squeezed.
    1. Russ69 10 September 2014 09: 43 New
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      Quote: volot-voin
      For that they say on TV they say: "a truce, a little bit shoot down the little ones .."
      If the truce is not respected, maybe on .... X is a truce.

      Slowing ... GDP with Parashka every day on the telephon messing around,
      Do not spill water, steel. Putin, it’s spinning in a frying pan so as not to fall under sanctions and save his oligarchs with officials ...
      Now, if the first dill hits, then this is a completely different matter. Then the GDP will again act as a “peacemaker”, well, or try. Only, it is unlikely that anyone will want to listen to him ...
  8. B.T.V. 10 September 2014 07: 59 New
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    Yes, the Ukrainian-American naval exercises, it’s a song, especially shooting, as they haven’t sunk anyone yet, “jellyfish hunters” ?!
  9. saag 10 September 2014 08: 02 New
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    Yes, these Minsk agreements, as Schwonder would say, “This is some kind of shame,” and as Lavrov said, Moscow is not interested in violating the Minsk agreements, some muck, this is a natural oligarchic conspiracy, people are not talking here, purely financial interests.
  10. shishakova 10 September 2014 08: 09 New
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    "The truce causes a grin."
    No clarity, as with the downed Boeing, the investigation of the Odessa tragedy, etc.
    Perhaps the militia, when they signed the ceasefire, understood that Kiev would violate the ceasefire, demonstrating its aggression.
    There are many questions, we don’t know the answers, and will we find out ?!
    I believe in the victory of Honest militias defending their land. God help you.
  11. smershxnumx 10 September 2014 08: 16 New
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    It would be faster if the flag of Novorossia over Kiev were already. Again, the liberals from the Ministry of Defense and the Government of Russia work out their loot, then Strelkova will be "removed", then the attack will be hindered
  12. fridge 10 September 2014 08: 18 New
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    Time will give an answer to any question.
  13. siberalt 10 September 2014 08: 30 New
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    Someone needs the militia attack to stop. In Russia, the fifth column needs to be eliminated. They are afraid of the Ukrainian GCD, like fire, and in every way they prevent it.
    1. andj61 10 September 2014 08: 56 New
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      In a week, at the maximum, all the benefits of the ceasefire for the army of New Russia will end - the troops are regrouped, the captured equipment is shamanized, the ammunition is brought up, the energy and life-supporting networks of the cities are slightly repaired. For Kiev, it is advisable to extend it until the end of October — to hold elections, to train a lot of people, to re-preserve the old equipment and get something from abroad.
      But in the current state of affairs, one can always find a reason for the cessation of the ceasefire. Now no one believes in the duration of this truce, especially, accompanied by constant shelling. New Russia needs to keep the initiative, and given that its army in ANY case in the West is accused of violating the agreement, then it’s very worthless to look back at the agreement: wait for such a decent shelling, record the shelling by OSCE observers - and calmly break the agreement in a convenient way moment.
      Plus I review - clearly, in detail, comprehensively.
  14. Nychego 10 September 2014 08: 32 New
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    Uh, really. Typical chronicles of the times of truce, which everyone needs, but will not outgrow stopudovo into the world.
  15. kartalovkolya 10 September 2014 08: 36 New
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    The leadership of Novorossia should use the truce to strengthen its army and trust the national gaddas more expensively. As popular wisdom says: Once lied, who will believe you ...? "And you do not need to believe, but you need to prepare for new fights and given the fact that the junta does not fulfill the agreement on the exchange of prisoners, stop returning the captive" pravoseki "and volunteers, but limit only forcibly mobilized and conscripts! And the junta openly announces that its troops have been recruited from the captivity as "derelicts!" Moreover, the junta does not consider militia prisoners of war!
  16. vdtomsk 10 September 2014 08: 39 New
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    Militias are buried alive. VoluntarilySo in young recruits they train resistance to stress and the ability to overcome panic in battle.

    At one of the training bases of the militia near Donetsk, we saw a strange picture - the men were digging three graves on the lawn. Unimaginably dirty guys walked around: grimy faces like those of miners, white circles around his eyes, as if from a swimming mask. When asked what they were doing here, they answered us: “We are digging ourselves in”.
    It turns out that when volunteers are admitted to this unit of the Vostok battalion, everyone passes a scary and difficult test for mental stability. “They learn to love their native land,” as one of the commanders explained to us.

    A person is covered with a half-meter layer of earth for 20 minutes, if he passes the test, he is enrolled in the squad. If not, then provide a second attempt, a third ...

    One of the militias, judging by the call sign "Paramedic" - a man of a once peaceful profession, spoke about the intricacies of the test. Fortunately, he passed it an hour ago:
    - This is called a "lesson in psychophysical training." The technique was still used in the Soviet fleet in the 70s. A person can, in principle, get out by himself, but you feel constrained and at the same time remotely hear what is happening around. There is only a wild desire that it all ends soon. Our commander says that the sensations are very close to what you get in battle. And you have the opportunity to fight with impunity with your inner fears. To be honest, when I first saw this hole, my heart sank.
  17. Tyumen
    Tyumen 10 September 2014 08: 49 New
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    Two * Tornadoes * and five trucks of missiles to them - a good gain.
  18. nstarinsky 10 September 2014 08: 52 New
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    Even before the signing of this "truce", the biggest problem - the universal Ukrainian hatred of Novorossia - not only called into question the junta's desire for peace, but logically crossed it out. West of the LPR and DPR there is NO SINGLE VOICE against war. On the “tops” of the junta, only the desire for the complete destruction of the Southeast is constantly audible. Stoned by Europe and bought at the root of the United States, Ukraine is seen only as a giant psycho-hospital. There is no mention in the world media of the junta's steps towards peace. This pause does not attract attempts to end the war. The next negotiations, if any, should be the signing of the act of surrender by Kiev.
  19. pravednik 10 September 2014 08: 59 New
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    After looking at the appeal of Aleksey Mozgovoy, I concluded. Aleksey is right at 1000% And what he said applies to Russia and the Russian people as well. New oligarchs have already begun to appear in New Russia, behind the back of the militias. They do not care about the war and the people .The same thing happens in Russia, the only difference is that we don’t have a war. But DON'T GIVE GOD to happen, it will turn out the same. AND GIVE GOD to you Alexey health and VICTORY over the external and internal enemy.
  20. Bear in the north 10 September 2014 08: 59 New
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    Apparently, a serious battle will begin. To distract from Mariupol (the port is not a joke to you) Donetsk, Lugansk, etc. will be leveled. A ceasefire is in their hand, but our understanding of this does not sit idly. I was pleased that so many recruits joined the ranks. Good luck to you.
  21. Hort 10 September 2014 09: 05 New
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    unloaded 2 LAROM MLRS and one Teruel-3, as well as a large number of ammunition for them. Further, the MLRS on its own moved along the bypass road in the direction of Starobelsk.

    Now you can throw the Romanians with the Spaniards
    1. alicante11 10 September 2014 09: 38 New
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      What do you show them? Officially, they made deliveries to the legitimate government of an internationally recognized state (including us). The arms embargo, if I understand correctly, has already been lifted.
      In order to present something, it is necessary through the UN to recognize the fact of the coup in Ukraine and Yanukovych as the only legitimate president. But we understand that this will never happen.
      1. Hort 10 September 2014 10: 27 New
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        Well, or additional sanctions are specifically against these two countries to introduce as a response.
        1. alicante11 10 September 2014 13: 57 New
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          Yeah, to send all the gypsies to Romania, and send Strelkov to Spain, so that the Basques would help Novobaskiy organize.
  22. zavesa01
    zavesa01 10 September 2014 09: 33 New
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    Quote: Bear in the North
    "The militias scratch their heads in bewilderment: Where to get the charges for these MLRS when they take the systems from the Nazis?"

    To "LAROM" in my shells from the city fit.

    I wonder how much Ukrainians paid for the RZSO data and what is their condition.
  23. Russ69 10 September 2014 10: 02 New
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    Voentorg, from APU ...

  24. sergant6776
    sergant6776 10 September 2014 10: 05 New
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    What a truce ..... ((((You need to beat so that they themselves ask to separate.
    During the events on Domansky in 1969-1970, after the Chinese received near Daansky, they began to concentrate troops on the border with the USSR / Republic of Kazakhstan. In order to prevent an invasion, the USSR Armed Forces launched a preemptive strike with Grad systems to a depth of 30 km. They buried for 3 months. 3 barrows were poured. The exact number of losses has not yet been disclosed. This is the same pill that is now needed. And it will be a big mistake to do otherwise.
  25. andas 10 September 2014 10: 20 New
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    [media = http: //
    vayskogo-kotla-261532 /]
    Look reports from Ilovaisk from Ukrainians.smi
  26. BIP PS FSB RF 10 September 2014 11: 03 New
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    So, Kiev has no particular options. If you do not attack now, then never attack

    Eh, the second would be better - never! I’m afraid, however, that this will not happen ...
  27. Nina Zima
    Nina Zima 10 September 2014 11: 59 New
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    Sovereignty of your province! THIS IS AN IMMERSIBLE KICK ON
    ON NATO !!!
  28. Appius 10 September 2014 16: 05 New
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    They shoot cool, sorry the American ship was not around. Judging by the reports, an attack of dill is being prepared, I think the guys from the militia provided this and prepared for the meeting.