What nationalism is Medvedev going to fight with?

What nationalism is Medvedev going to fight with?

During the presidency of Bush Jr., whose intellect became the talk of the town of the whole world, I was amazed at the behavior of President Putin: the constant statements about personal friendship, the increased press media of this issue seemed incompatible with the behavior of a sane person. To call oneself a friend of a frank fool, to allow others to do it, meant public recognition of equality with him, though in behavior this looked more like frank creepy. But horseradish radish is not sweeter, since a friend turned out to be a fool, it is necessary to share a heavy burden with him. True, strange metamorphosis took place: Bush is an alcoholic with astonishing geographical cretinism, Vladimir Vladimirovich is his friend and his dog, and the foolish population of Russia is before the creation of an American missile defense system in Europe. A sort of spitting on top of an older friend, missed down and unnoticed (well, only by age) younger friend.

But not much time passed, and I realized that Bush is a scarlet flower, compared to the current leader of Russia, Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev. Unfortunately, I will have to dwell in more detail on the mournous achievements of citizen Medvedev, so that I would not be accused of “insulting the majesty”. But since we are talking about the dignity of my homeland, I have to separate it from the fact that now, due to some kind of misunderstanding, it takes the chair of the president of Russia.

At the beginning of his presidency, Mr Medvedev traveled around Russia and repeated his favorite phrase “without this we cannot move on.” He uttered the phrase anywhere and for whatever reason, but Russia did not move forward from this spell. I was amazed at the completely stupid aplomb with which he uttered it on issues in which he obviously did not understand anything. For example, traveling around the country's universities, he demanded that the rectors convert libraries into electronic form, without presenting any means of this translation, no valuation, or technical needs. Well, I paused and forgot, the most important thing was noted in the novation speeches. But the sediment remained unpleasant. Not less than what remained after the modestly “Affordable Housing” program, for which the noble innovator was responsible, modestly collapsed into oblivion. There, however, the result was clear in advance, so the masses didn’t feed their hopes, unless they were completely tele-teleported zombies.

But all this was the beginning of inglorious and frankly speaking unintelligent activity of the president. Modest, but loud performances with light bulbs, the transition to the energy-efficient light bulbs, was extremely stupid against the background of the complete absence of its own technical base, cost and unsolved problem of disposal. And even the formidable indication of the abandonment of 100 watt lamps to a certain number was beautifully circumvented by the production of lamps labeled 95 watts. A brilliant response to a brainless statement.

Then there were shortened time zones, which by their death caused unhealthy laughter in Russian society, still having gray matter in their heads. Medvedev's misunderstanding of such a simple thing as the time of sunrise and sunset, broke on the stone conviction of “Caesar” about the undoubted increase in controllability of remote territories. There is a clear attempt to transfer responsibility for their own inability to cope with the management of natural forces, just quietly breathed spirit under the laughter of the population. What are the successes of this event now unknown to anyone. Yes, and where they come from?

Behavior already beginning to enter into the taste of the presidential share of Dmitry Anatolyevich more and more forced to doubt his mental abilities. Loud statements or quietly descended on the brakes of shame, or shivering their delusional. When loud statements about the need to respect democracy, citizen Medvedev literally the next day informs us that it’s not at all terrible to sacrifice this very democracy for the sake of such a holy cause as total control and violation of individual rights by forcing the introduction of a universal e-card and even enormous costs around the country. He is not embarrassed by nothing, to the extent that his favorite all-European model for democratic role models, has refused everywhere from such an odious awusay. Dmitry Anatolyevich had a very strange demeanor of behavior, he was becoming a typical demonic personality, a sort of antidemiurge. He realizes all the efforts of destruction fully, the positive ones are clearly not given to him. And he has a strictly caste approach, to whom are pies and buns, and to whom are bruises and bumps. Say the population a fine in 1000p for ticketless travel, (and they are said to be criminally liable), and a business is a fine for economic crimes. With such a standard, hundreds of drowned people in Bulgaria can easily be written off according to the economic path with the imposition of an insignificant penalty. Yes, the times of the Lame Horse gave a sad experience on the mountain. For merry fellows and lovers of cruises, and not Duma steamboat owners.

Medvedev's wild statements about the need for further privatization can not but alarm anyone. No one has yet cited positive examples of this privatization. No one cited statistics of successful or ruined enterprises, and the country is increasingly sinking in technical degradation. It would seem that the link to the face, the privatization of defective owners who are unable to manage even the toilet bowl handle, leads the country to technical degradation and death, but this does not bother the reformer. The upcoming privatization of the world-famous Lightning, where instead of rockets they bake cakes, causes an aversion to Medvedev, but he is seen very little and worry about the consequences of idiotic decisions and the opinion of the people.

It was a small digression, but I will continue the thought.

Then it got worse. The young reformer (young in the sense of not age, but the performance of official duties) swung higher. I will skip some preliminary actions in this process, and I will immediately get to the point - the Unified State Exam and the Bologna system. Despite the warnings of experts about the destructiveness of the venture, the system was introduced forcibly, under the slogan “we eliminate corruption in universities”, but in fact a campaign against tutoring was launched in the press. It turns out to be just someone else's ruble, earned by the hard work of tutoring on training in the mass of already stupid young people to the state of a qualified entrant, did not give rest to the reformer. Terrible statements about the bribery of the Likhodeans in the selection committees were confirmed by indisputable, although separately extended facts. But economically, the amount of bribes of individuals could not be equal to the earnings of the mass of tutors, so the slogan “Down with Corruption” applied to the latter. For intelligent people it became obvious that the problem of the destruction of qualified university professors was being solved. It was too clear to see through.

The result was not slow. The Caucasian regions massively achieved the highest results in the Unified State Examination and the tanned children of the mountains filled the universities instead of the pale-faced “losers”. The level of mental development and school preparation of fresh honors pupils was such that thunder rolled throughout the country. Moreover, unlike the natural thunder, he had a bad nationalist taint. The main initiator of the process was impossible to get out of the results, but he had already begun to fully mature to the state of Bonapartism and publicly stated “yes, corruption has moved to a level lower in schools, it has become wider, but there is no return to the old system”.

It was obviously bogus! Against the background of a complete failure to spit on everyone’s faces and to take absolutely no decisions to change the situation, it looked utterly stupid. It would have been so if it were not for the same notorious smell from Caucasian entrants. Cases of the inadequacy of their behavior, not to mention the initial preparation, filled many pages of the press.

Thus, the next stage of manhood was recorded, not that stupidity, or something worse in the development of the character of a reforming president.

The next significant milestone for society was the idea of ​​renaming the police to the police. Here, Dmitry Anatolyevich did not condescend at all to explaining to society, he simply said that this would change the essence of the work and increase the responsibility. That certification will pass the best and they will be rewarded with the highest new rates of money. The cretinism of throwing out the budget billions to the wind was evident to the last homeless person who fell into the hands of the police, but not to citizen Medvedev. His proud posture of awareness of his own importance at foreign receptions in Russia and abroad (in a figurative sense, in nature, she is very far from Napoleon) was ridiculously combined with the lack of intelligence on his brow. It is not surprising that the idea did not just fail, but with a bang and a stench it broke with events in different parts of the country, in Kuschevskaya, Zelenokumsk, Sagra. Did citizen Medvedev repent of his wrongdoings? Maybe he punished people who disgraced his “good” presidential name? After all, he publicly vowed to remove the governors after the fires, to bring order to the new police, and instead, he actually drove the only deserving officer out of the army. And no one heard from him an apology to this officer, who showed courage in a difficult moment. Considering that the decision to liquidate the fire forces was made with the direct participation of Medvedev, there was a question about his suitability and responsibility for making ill-considered decisions. But who will put the questions? As the character said the film is known as “he is a monument!”. Himself infallible.

So the process of renaming Millie to Polly was not developed in the form of responsibility for scoundrels, through whose fault blood was shed. And it was already a landmark!

Clearly incurred a repressive stink against the common Russian population, against the background of forgiveness of the frank fascism of the Caucasian republics. Here, the question of Medudyev’s fussiness clearly shifted to the plane of the Russian genocide with the help of the lawlessness of Caucasian banditry.

Another very dirty deal was the creation of the NCFD. It is not clear what constitutional status new territorial districts have in general, their creation raises many questions and misunderstandings. Let's say the thesis of increasing the country's controllability with the help of plenipotentiaries enters into conflict with the fragmentation of the army into 4 independent units. Forgive anyone, it is clear to the fool that in the army the one-on-one was introduced not in vain, but the single fist is stronger than the spreading five.

And then more frank and brazen things went. Creating obvious privileges for the Caucasian population in the form of compensations, budget expenditures almost an order of magnitude higher than expenditures on non-Caucasian regions, outright banditry and bribing law enforcement agencies, the behavior of Caucasians in Russian cities, became the norm of impunity. Recall the events in the camp of Don, where punished for attempting to rape a teenage girl and injury to the camp director? The overgrown gangsters not only left with impunity, but also - the height of insolence - the Chechen ombudsman made the wildest statement, threatening to disrupt the Olympics. And what? Where is our reformer fighter? Not a word about extremism and nationalism, as if nothing had happened.

The events clearly demonstrated that Medvedev is not just a stupid president incapable of leading the country, but an independent figure, a person who promotes negative nationalist qualities. Indeed, how is it that, in spite of all the loud statements about the fight against nationalism and extremism, the interethnic situation in the country is becoming more and more heated? It is no longer a separate Chechnya, but the entire Caucasus is blazing and spreading the infection to other regions. The blatant patronage of the law enforcement agencies led to a speech at the Manezh, the essence of which Medvedev rudely isolated. The result of such events as Kondopoga, Manege, and the defenses of the authorities led to Kuschevka and Sagra. Against the background of these super-noticeable rebuffs of the Russian population to Caucasian gangsters, there were many others hidden by the authorities, this is a festival in the Urals, the silence of Zelenokumsk, unpunished beatings, and even the murders of Russian youth.

But Medvedev already emerged from the role of a lame, illiterate duck and uncovered the unchallenged chauvinistic essence in relation to the Russian population: this appeal to the Jewish organization with a proposal to organize the fight against nationalism and the escalation of tension in the Stavropol Territory by creating a university c with a focus on the study of religious dogma Islam is quite obvious) on the basis of the local old-Polish university. Or rather, it turns out that instead of the state university, technological and several colleges. Do we have a surplus of technical specialists and a shortage of religious ones in Staropole and the Caucasus? The result is predetermined; this is the ousting of Russians by Caucasians. And the repression will have various forms: benefits to the Muslim population, covering up the fascist elements, financial injections "in development". Tell me, which university in Russia receives more than a billion subsidies per year? It is unlikely that Moscow University receives such sums, not to mention the Russian province, but there will be a Muslim university remake with an incomprehensible appointment. A billion from the budget, stolen from impoverished Russia in favor of Caucasian "students" -Muslims.

What is it? Obviously the answer should be sought nearby. Not so long ago, the chairman of the so-called MBHR Brod, made a statement that Moscow needed more mosques. A rather strange statement from a person whose historical homeland is in a strictly antagonistic position with the Muslim world. Citizen Brod has often been distinguished by Russophobic statements and slander about publications that he considers extremist. To a large extent, due to his slander, the newspaper Duel was closed. The Broda bureau itself works exclusively on foreign grants, mostly American, and then Dmitry Anatolyevich promised to contribute, to allow foreign sponsorship of “non-commercial” organizations. You are amazed, for the world's best aircraft engine, Medvedev brazenly says “you need to work and not ask for money,” but to incomprehensible non-profit organizations of dubious origin, working in the field of “democratic transformations”, he doesn’t blink at 900 mln of national ruble people. And then another! Strange innovations of democracy, where the chattering talkers are promised sums, and the workers of aircraft factories are shish.

A strange connection is traced between the actions of our president. Appeal to a small nationalist organization to fight nationalism. Whose and how? Obviously, not with the hottest Caucasus, since Brod is in favor of building mosques in Moscow, and, of course, not Jewish, which Mr. Gusakov clearly demonstrated in an extremely boorish interview. Thus, we are left with only one “nationalism”, which Shvydkoy called fascism and which Medvedev attacked after the Manege — Russian! And it is the protection of their rights by the Russian population, which obviously does not suit citizen Medvedev. He clearly prefers the wording of Mr. Gusakov regarding the population, the majority of which are still Russian. Why would Medvedev be so bold, if not after the blatant application of the American vice-preze Biden, the famous anti-Russian hawk, about the candidacy of the future president of Russia? Does this mean that he already gave a damn about the very democracy about which he so vehemently enters his stories to us and forgot about the election of a post?

Well, we have some chances in the election to remind him of this.
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