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Against the frenzied West

37 year saved the country from the "fifth column"

All история humanity is basically war and armed conflict. Scientists have calculated: over fifty centuries, more than 14 500 of large and small wars has been experienced.

The natural state of civilization

For all the years of human existence, only about 300 years have been absolutely peaceful. The twentieth century spawned world wars, in which tens of countries and hundreds of millions of people participated. The first of these (1914 – 1918) involved 38 states, 74 mobilized a million people. In the Second (1939 – 1945) participated 61 country with a population of 1,7 billion (80% of the world's population), 110 million came under the gun. After the victory over fascism, 40 wars were unleashed during 1945 years (1985 – 260), and over the last decade more than 150.

Over time, the number of wars did not decrease. And in the ancient world, and in the Middle Ages, and in our memory there were plenty of them.

In the fundamental work of the Department of Military History and Law of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences “The Military History of Russia” states: “War is an integral part of the history of mankind, because it (the war) has several hypostases as a socio-political phenomenon. It is an armed confrontation, and the state of society, and a way to regulate relations between the state and social forces, and a way to resolve disputes, contradictions between them. ”

Major-General A. I. Vladimirov in his work “The Foundations of the General Theory of War” states: “History [of civilization] is almost one incessant war, which both propelled human progress and hindered it. It can be stated without much exaggeration that wars in many ways formed the modern being of humanity ”.

Their reasons were the struggle for life, the seizure of another’s property or the upholding of one’s own. Stories are known for many dynastic and religious wars. An important role has always been played by economics and finance. One of the factors of the wars of the last century were national liberation and revolutionary movements. The struggle for the redistribution of spheres of influence, territory and colonies was the cause of the First and Second World Wars.

In modern times, there are new occasions. There are clashes not of countries and peoples, as in the past, but of civilizations. “In the foreseeable future, the main source of the most acute socio-political and economic contradictions in the world will be the struggle for sources of raw materials and survival on the planet,” says Army General M. A. Gareev, president of the Academy of Military Sciences of the Russian Federation. “More and more facts show that the continuous intensive expansion of production with unlimited exploitation of the earth’s resources cannot continue indefinitely.” Authoritative international scientific organizations, UN experts are unanimous that the environmental factor will become the main cause of armed conflicts in the future.

The reality is that as long as states exist, many acute political, economic, ethnic conflicts remain that are not always resolved by peaceful means. And so from wars do not get rid of.

Against the frenzied WestAs the English expert Liddell Garth pointed out, “quite often after the end of the war, when the opposing force is eliminated, the obstacles to the contradictions in the views and interests of the former allies also disappear. Very often, disagreements become so acute that friendship, which was necessary during a common danger, turns into enmity after eliminating this danger, so that the allies in one war easily become enemies in another. ”

Thus, peace is nothing but the continuation of war by other means and preparation for new armed clashes.

An analysis of the characteristics of war under modern conditions by Major General Vladimir Vladimirov allowed him to draw the following conclusions: war is a “state of permanent, unceasing, controlled“ turmoil ”imposed by the strongest on the rest of the world and the opposing side. The timing of the war is no longer determined by the official (recognized by the international community) fixation of victory, as happened, for example, after the signing of the Act of the unconditional surrender of Germany in 1945. In today's world war, dates are not determined because the war itself has a permanent (constantly ongoing) character. ”

E.E. Messner, Colonel of the Russian Imperial Army, at one time defined the specifics of the war in such a way: “We must stop thinking that war is when people fight, and peace when they are not fighting. You can be a war, without clearly fighting ... Violence (intimidation and terror) and partisanship are the main "weapons"In this war ... The war by guerrillas, saboteurs, terrorists, pests, saboteurs, propagandists will take on enormous proportions in the future."

But the opinion of the German military theorist Clausewitz: “War exists more for the defender than for the conqueror; after all, only the attack causes the defense and with it the war. The conqueror is always peaceful (as Bonaparte claimed). He would be more willing to peacefully occupy the borders of our state; so that he could not do this, we must want war and, therefore, prepare for it, that is, in other words: it is the weak who are doomed to defense, and must always be fully armed so as not to be subjected to a sudden attack; such is the requirement of military art. "

As you know, the politicians start the war. "I believe that in all countries the vast majority of the population wants peace, but the decision is not for him, but for the parties leading the masses," Field Field Marshal Helmut Moltke said at a meeting of the May 14 Reichstag. . Therefore, neither the peace-loving people, nor the pacifist government is a guarantee against the outbreak of war.

It is necessary to take into account the fact that it brings huge profits. "War is a terrible thing ... But it is a terribly profitable thing," Lenin wrote. In the First World, the US imperialists turned from the debtor of Europe into its creditor and made 35 billions of dollars on the blood of the peoples. In the six years of the second world profit of American corporations reached 116,8 billion dollars. Regardless of anything, they are striving hard for this “profitable thing” and now, especially since they have not yet had the chance to experience the destructive consequences of a modern war.

The US economy is in the hands of monopoly capital. For profit, he constantly needs energy resources, uranium, non-ferrous metals and other types of raw materials. For this reason, the fields and markets are brazenly declared areas of the "vital interests" of the leading capitalist states, and military forces are being sent there. The present war is a commercial enterprise. Therefore, the imperialists invest in it as much as they consider necessary and possible, expecting that if they win, they will return the investment with interest.

It should also be noted, and the new expansive geoeconomics as a strategy of "profit" of transnational (that is, not tied strictly to national or state territories) corporations. For this they create and finance private military companies. Today, according to experts, the number of private security companies and the cost of their maintenance is several times higher than the similar aggregate figures of the official armed forces of all states. In their power, TNCs can be compared with the most developed powers, which allows them to “divide” the world and dictate its conditions to it, including through armed struggle.

The enemy is on the threshold ...

October 25 1995, at a closed meeting of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the United States Armed Forces, Bill Clinton, who was then President of the United States, frankly stated: “In the next decade, the following problems will be resolved: the division of Russia into small states through interregional wars in Yugoslavia; the final collapse of the military-industrial complex of Russia and the army, the establishment in the distant republics of the regimes that we need. Yes, we allowed Russia to be a power, but the empire will be only one country - the United States. ”

The American political scientist Zbigniew Brzezinski proposes to "decentralize" Russia, to dismember it natro - the European part, the Siberian and Far Eastern republics. At the same time, the ideologue of US hegemony proposes to hand over the territory of our country to the Urals under control of Europe, Siberia to China, and the Far East to Japan.

In turn, the well-known political analyst and public figure Alexander Dugin in his work “The Geopolitics of War” described the current situation of the world and Russia in particular: “Humanity and war are synonymous. People have fought and will always fight. Some - voluntarily, because they love this business, others - forcibly, since nothing else remains. Admit it - realism. Trying to avoid it is stupid fear. What war awaits us? One is already coming. This is the establishment of a global order by the West. ”

There are questions: who is to blame and what to do? How to resist Russia in the war with the West?

First of all, it is necessary to abandon the criminal practice of reducing defense spending and constantly increase the military-industrial potential. It is well known that the state spends as much on defense as it evaluates its sovereignty.

The vicious practice of buying weapons abroad from Serdyukov’s feldmebel establishment should be stopped. First of all, Russia should concern itself with equipping its armed forces with promising domestic armament and military equipment. Abandon the imitation of the West and bring the organizational structure of the army into line with the division-regimental system that has justified itself in all wars instead of the existing brigade one. The basic military law says: military art is national. The brigade system does not comply with this law. Major-General Vladimirov notes: “The perception of the Russian army by its peoples created a historically distinctive military system and even such an organizational structure as a“ regiment ”understood and historically specially developed as a military“ regimental family ”, which by definition should be the basis of corporate military ethics , the school of education, the repository of military traditions and the center of military life. ”

Based on the negative domestic experience of leadership of the country and the Armed Forces, in particular by people who are not well-versed in military affairs, when they are appointed to vacant positions in the administrative departments of the government, a certain length of military service must be demanded as compulsory qualifications. In general, government agencies should not be allowed to those who have not fulfilled military duty to the state.

It should also be borne in mind that in wars of a local and, all the more, a larger scale, it is impossible to manage only by the personnel, professional armies of peacetime. Inevitably, mobilization of all the forces and means of the state will be required. Therefore, the position that “wars are fought by the peoples” does not lose its meaning. In accordance with this, there is still a need for mobilization preparation of the population, industry and the entire economy of the country for solving military tasks.

In a large-scale war, a professional peacetime army can last no more than two or three weeks. In the future, a significant role is played by mobilization resources.

... and in the house

In their plans for war with Russia, the United States and its allies have placed great hope in the "fifth column". From the history of many known cases of undermining the inside of the combat power of the warring states. At the same time, it should be noted that during the Great Patriotic War, despite the hardest, catastrophic defeats at the front in its initial period, the “fifth column” in the Soviet rear did not arise. On this occasion, V. M. Molotov, Stalin’s closest ally in an interview with writer F. I. Chuyev, said: “The 1937 year was needed ... remnants of enemies from different directions existed and in the face of imminent danger of fascist aggression could unite. We owe our thirty-seventh year that during the war we did not have a “fifth column”.

The recent history of Russia has confirmed the validity of the words of the former head of the government and the foreign affairs agency of the USSR. The whole country was able to observe how the meetings were held, at which our army, fighting in Chechnya, was covered in mud. How false reports were published about the atrocities of federal servicemen. Like other public and political figures of the Russian Federation spoke at international forums, stigmatizing their homeland, leading a bloody struggle against illegal armed groups. The result is a defeat in the first Chechen campaign, a shame of the Khasavyurt agreements, an attack by Chechen militants on Dagestan in 1999, and the start of a second Chechen war.

For many years now, the “fifth column” has been trying to influence the younger generation, instilling in it the senselessness and inexpediency of the fulfillment of the constitutional duty to defend the Fatherland. Destructive activities are bought by the West representatives of the Russian elites.

“Russia can have as many nuclear suitcases as you like, but since the 500 of billions of dollars of the Russian elite lies in our banks, you have to figure out whose elite it is. Is yours or is it ours? ”Indicates Z. Brzezinski.

The West will never reconcile with the existence of a state that impedes its domination; now and then it voted against unilateral decisions of the UN Security Council.

In 2008, the US State Department solemnly announced that it had completed preparations for a new war with Russia. War of ideas. The main offensive weapon was a computer, and the Internet was chosen as the battlefield.

In waging an ideological war, the main efforts of the United States are aimed at solving the following tasks: supporting the political opposition, dissident structures, carriers of ethnic, religious and other contradictions; undermining confidence in the leadership of the country and the Armed Forces, accusing them of anti-people policies and inability to solve national problems; the destruction of the spiritual and moral foundations of society, the introduction of a split in the friendship of peoples, the incitement of interethnic and inter-religious hatred, and the encouragement of terrorists and separatists; undermining faith in the economic and political stability of the state, introducing apathy and despondency, disbelief and hopelessness into the consciousness of the population; corruption and corruption of the population, cultivation of drunkenness and drug addiction, sexual perversion and licentiousness, cynicism and nihilism; the destruction of the moral and psychological stamina of youth, the promotion of evasion of military service, desertion, high treason; the imposition of doubts about the combat effectiveness of the Russian army and fleet, the reliability of domestic equipment and weapons, an exaggeration of the combat capabilities of foreign troops and weapons.

The same concept is carried out in Russia by political non-profit organizations funded from abroad. They conduct anti-government actions, slander the patriots, distort the history of our country, raise hatred among the younger generation to everything Russian and domestic, advocate for the abolition of conscription in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and their dissolution. Possessing a frank anti-traditionalist, anti-Russian orientation, the liberal-democratic ideology in its essence is nothing more than an ideological weapon for the destruction of our national and religious self-consciousness.

The philosopher Alexander Panarin noted in this connection: “All historical traditions and the history of the people themselves are subject to ridicule, deafening and ironic interpretation.” To combat these phenomena, consolidate society, a national idea is needed, which would be a compass in the development of the country.

Spiritual weapons

Russia's strategy was successful only when it was based on the state idea that faithfully reflected the national interests and mission of Russia, and not on the recommendations and advice of Western countries.

In this regard, the activities of Peter I are indicative. “The profit of Russia is the only criterion that led the first Russian Emperor in his relations with foreign powers,” noted the historian A. A. Kersnovsky. “The Allies more than once rescued the Russians at various periods of the war ... However, only the Tsar saw that they did not pay reciprocation at all and were really only trying to catch the heat with Russian hands — he immediately broke off all relations with them and later waged the war completely separately. Subsequently, this wise tradition of Peter was forgotten. How many misfortunes could Russia have avoided had Russian blood flowed only for Russian interests for two centuries. ”

The national idea, relying on its basic foundations - statehood, culture, freedom, appears in three guises: as an ideal, as a reflection of the historical features of the development of Russia and its prospects, as an organizing and driving force of historical development.

And maybe those are right who say that our people without a social national ideal can lose their historical and cultural identity and become just a population that doesn’t care which state to belong to.

Since the time of Peter the Great, the main motto was “God, the Tsar and the Motherland”, and state patriotism has become above all values ​​and virtues.

What idea underlies the existence and development of Russia? We know the opinion of N. A. Berdyaev: “Russian people put love above justice. Russian religiosity is cathedral in nature. Christians of the West do not know such communitarianism which is peculiar to Russians. The Russian idea is the idea of ​​communism and brotherhood of people and nations ... To be strong in spirit, not to be afraid of the horrors and trials of life, to accept the inevitable and cleansing suffering, to fight against evil - remains an imperative of true Christian consciousness. ”

A characteristic feature of Russian national identity, Russian patriotism is the desire for collectivism. Now, when ideas alien to our mentality are being intensively implanted, when many already perceive with a grin the moral principle once sung in a song: “Think before about the Homeland, and then about yourself”, the struggle to preserve the original Russian national features becomes archiectual.

Russian collectivism has a long history. Reflecting the attacks of the Pechenegs and Polovtsy, fighting the Teutonic knights, saving the country from the invasion of the Tatar hordes, Napoleon's hordes and the German fascist invaders, the Russian people sacred the New Testament commandment: "There is no more that love as if someone laid down his soul for his friends".

Russian idea - absolute justice. At one time, the French president, General de Gaulle, said an amazing phrase: "A Russian person cannot be happy if injustice is happening somewhere."

Russia has always been misunderstood and hated in the West for its power and independence. “We are not loved for our vastness,” said Emperor Alexander III about relations between Russia and the world. Well-known American sociologist and political figure S. Huntington admits: “Only Russian, Japanese and Ethiopian civilizations were able to withstand the frenzied attack of the West and maintain a self-sufficient independent existence. For four hundred years, relations among civilizations have been subordinated to other societies of Western civilization. ”

The reason for the hatred of Russia is its strength. It is only among Russians that “God is not in power, but in truth,” the whole world has God in power. As Napoleon said: "God helps the strong battalions."

In the Western world there are no moral rules, laws. There is only the right to force. He who is strong is right.

Russia is the only power that is destined to fight global evil. So it was during the Tatar-Mongol invasion, in the wars with Napoleon and Hitler. Today, Russia is the only country capable of becoming an impregnable fortress on the path of the spread of an unjust, inhuman, amoral, essentially anti-human Western model of the world. The West has always been afraid of Russia, because it knew: only it can fight back.

According to NATO, only our country has the potential to destroy the United States. “For those who believe that Russia, because of the innumerable problems besieging it, can be written off as a great power, it is necessary to remind an unpleasant but indisputable truth: Russia remains the only country on earth that can destroy America,” the ex US President Richard Nixon.

But not only Russia's military might bring fear to the West. He is afraid of its ideological, cultural, scientific, economic influence, he is afraid of Russia as a new world leader. Our country, by virtue of its striving to help other nations, is destined to become a world empire. This is its cardinal difference from Western civilization, which seeks only to exploit others. “The West bears evil, Russia is good. The West wants to enslave the world. Russia is called upon to be a liberator of nations. This mission is in its special spirit. And the justice of the world tasks of Russia is already predetermined by the spiritual forces of history. ”

In Serbia there is a saying: “Us, Russians, 200 millions”. People in the world began to be proud of their ethnic affinity with the Russians, and in the West they are mortally afraid that the time will come when someone will say: “Us, Russians, five billion”.

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    Roman 1977 10 September 2014 14: 08
    Somehow like this...
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        ... you could remove the woman’s coward and chmyr to leave STRELKOV'S BRAIN BEZELER the Cossacks of mummers removed from this photo ...

        And you shame people on the world ...? Where is it yourself? In the militia ..? If Strelkov can get tired and everyone approved of his vacation, then Babai is iron ..? A man in the militia pulls the strap like thousands of others, and most of them are not boys, people of age. Just think - he left for Crimea ...
        And there are simply "pensions", as the youth jokingly called them ... laughing
        If you are not in the militia, put on your kG harness on 15, pick up the 3,5 kG dumbbell instead of Kalash, and drag it without taking it off for a couple of months. And then you will tell the sensations, if you stand it. fool
        I dragged around in my youth, they didn’t take off their helmets for weeks and slept with Kalash in an embrace ... hi
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    ALABAY45 10 September 2014 14: 10
    Morons! After the Third World Profit there will be no one to count ... Does this only Russia understand ?!
    1. net abortion
      net abortion 10 September 2014 14: 14
      Quote: ALABAY45

      Punishers fired on another Orthodox church

      Despite the truce declared, in the village of Lugansk in the Donbass, another temple was shelled.

      “The trouble didn’t bypass us either ...”four shells hit the territory of St. Nikolayevsky Church of the Village of Lugansk,
      as a result, almost all the windows were taken out in the temple, the walls and cladding of the temple building were cut.

      The gatehouse is also damaged,
      administrative building (windows and doors removed), buildings in the courtyard damaged. ”
    2. Bayonet
      Bayonet 10 September 2014 17: 37
      Quote: ALABAY45
      .This only Russia understands ?!

      No, not only Russia, otherwise there would have been no one ...
  3. Giant thought
    Giant thought 10 September 2014 14: 14
    Russia was, is and will be a barrier to Anglo-Saxon expansion.
  4. wulf66
    wulf66 10 September 2014 14: 17
    Article plus. Everything is pretty well laid out.
  5. ImPerts
    ImPerts 10 September 2014 14: 27
    In the 30s, the "5th Column" selflessly destroyed each other. They found out who is more correct and who is in the forefront of this column. The descendants of the "colonists" still cannot forgive this and do their best to promote de-Stalinization and repentance.
  6. Coconut Tima
    Coconut Tima 10 September 2014 14: 31
    "For four hundred years, the relationship between civilizations has been the subordination of other societies to Western civilization."
  7. Proud.
    Proud. 10 September 2014 14: 37
    In Serbia, there is a proverb: "We, Russians, 200 million."A Serbian folk proverb does not sound like that. Here it is: "We are 200 million from Rusim, and without Rus, there is a floor of kamion" (We are 200 million with the Russians, and without the Russians half a truck).
  8. Naval
    Naval 10 September 2014 14: 48
    In Serbia there is a saying: “Us, Russians, 200 millions”. People in the world began to be proud of their ethnic affinity with the Russians, and in the West they are mortally afraid that the time will come when someone will say: “Us, Russians, five billion”.
    Well said, the article is huge +
    1. andrey56
      andrey56 10 September 2014 16: 16
      Yes, the ending of the article is good. We look at the Scots with hope ...
  9. cnbv
    cnbv 10 September 2014 15: 22
    Everywhere - NEDOSQUE. Everywhere there is a refined DELICIOUS. And even in this article. Read David Duke (USA) and everything will CLEAR IN PLACE. Here, for starters: A. Sevastyanov's afterword to D. Duke's book "The Jewish Question through the Eyes of an American":
    "Russia experienced the fullness and weight of Jewish rule in 1917-1927, having lost its biosocial elite during this period and turned into a chimera: on a huge Russian popular body there is a small Jewish head.
    David Duke is well aware of this and cites in his book remarkable new data gleaned from him in the American archives and book depositories, including secret reports from American intelligence officers and diplomats who served in Russia at that time.
    All the politicians of the major leagues in the world then knew and understood that the “Russian” revolution was in fact a national war against the Russian people, as a result of which the Jews concentrated all their power in their hands in the same way as they did in the USA half a century later.
    Only today they did this, taking into account their past experience and using not the power of weapons, not terror, which has the properties of a boomerang, but "with the help of a wallet and the influence of the press," as Duke correctly points out.
    Russia, however, found the strength in itself to gradually clean out, squeeze out foreign power lovers from the most responsible posts. Especially great was the role of Stalin, whom there is something to remember the good Russian man, although Stalin was not at all a Russophile and our people suffered more from him than others.
    But still, many of those who put the Russian people on the block were themselves there. The Jews were cleared for a couple of decades from the party apparatus, the court, the prosecutor's office and the KGB (now they have again infiltrated there), generally leading cadres, leaving in sight several lured, tamed people who always remember the horror of 1937.
    Nevertheless, there were enough Jews left in Russia (after all the purges and decades of emigration) to plan and carry out Perestroika, the second Russian catastrophe of the XNUMXth century. The paradox is that as a result of "democratic transformations", truthful information about the sinister role of Jews in the Russian tragedy, which was carefully hushed up during the years of Soviet power, became public.
    And today it, multiplied by everyone's visible current role of the Jews in the ruin and destruction of Russia, is actively shaping public opinion in all parts of Russian society, including the highest echelons of power. Russia is clearly ripe for joining the process of struggle unfolding in all countries that have known Jewish rule. "
    I would also add that we are talking about Jewish Zionists, as a special category of Jewry, operating within the strategic framework of world Jewish ultra-fascism. Something like that!
  10. APS
    APS 10 September 2014 15: 25
    USA must be destroyed! They wanted a confrontation, since when have they raised children with their films about evil Russians, they really get it now and will receive even more until they finally calm down ...
  11. s30461
    s30461 10 September 2014 16: 06
    There was a great Byzantine empire. And not her. And before that, Roman. And even earlier there were Egypt, Mesopotamia, etc.
    What is the reason for their death? That's right - the complete moral decline of the ELITE. Selling and cosmopolitan properties which negate any efforts of citizens. Without public administration, nothing will happen. And perhaps it is only with a social and practically communist structure, and even then - with big changes to the existing system of power.
    Even at VO there are quite a few people who will put a minus on the idea of ​​socialism in Russia. What can we say about other citizens, especially those who have become skilled in speculation and have attached children in Switzerland, closer to the bank, where they have placed their "acquired by overwork" in accounts.
    In capitalism, everything is fine, except for the most important thing: love for one's neighbor. We won’t succeed without this. Because it is unbearable for me to love, much less put my life for the property of Abramovich or another oligarch. And he himself will not only die for us, but even for the sake of the Motherland he will not part with money. Homeland - these are my relatives, friends, ordinary people of my country and states close to us in spiritual inclinations. But this concept does not fit Vekselberg and the Company.
    1. Vlad5307
      Vlad5307 10 September 2014 20: 23
      I agree with almost everything, except "Everything is good in capitalism." Outside, yes, it seems to be good, and that was won with the blood of the working people. It's just that now everything is not as obvious as 200 years ago, but the essence remained bestial - eat your neighbor, if he is your competitor in life! No wonder they cover up all their dirty deeds with words: nothing personal, just business. The very message of capitalism is personal enrichment, not the development of everyone! The path leading to the collapse of civilization on planet Earth !!!
  12. TOR2
    TOR2 10 September 2014 16: 34
    “1937 was necessary ... the remnants of enemies of different directions existed and in the face of imminent danger of fascist aggression could unite. We owe thirty-seventh year to the fact that during the war we did not have a “fifth column”

    Dear author, as in 37, you propose to burn down the house along with the "cockroaches"? And maybe all the same not to breed in the house "dirt" and "cockroaches" then definitely will not.
    1. zavesa01
      zavesa01 10 September 2014 16: 50
      And if there are already cockroaches? Sometimes building a new one is cheaper than repairing an old one.
    2. Bayonet
      Bayonet 10 September 2014 17: 48
      Quote: TOR2
      We owe thirty-seventh year to the fact that during the war we did not have a “fifth column”

      Thirty-seventh and subsequent before the war, when the commanding staff of the army (and not only) was destroyed, we owe the fact that the Germans reached the Volga.
      1. Blondy
        Blondy 10 September 2014 22: 45
        Something I doubt, judging by the structure, preparation of the Red Army, charters, etc., which, by the way, were laid before repressions that Tukhachevsky, and those who were repressed with him, would have fought better.
        1. Bayonet
          Bayonet 11 September 2014 05: 42
          Quote: Blondy
          Something I doubt, judging by the structure, preparation of the Red Army, charters, etc., which, by the way, were laid before repressions that Tukhachevsky, and those who were repressed with him, would have fought better.

          You can doubt it, because people were destroyed and it is not known how everything was real.
      2. Wheel
        Wheel 11 September 2014 02: 55
        Quote: Bayonet
        Thirty-seventh and subsequent before the war, when the commanding staff of the army (and not only) was destroyed, we owe the fact that the Germans reached the Volga.

        Look at the number of commanding personnel with a military education before and after purging in the army, look at the state of discipline and training before and after the change of commanding staff. Archives are now available.
        Well, the general "talent" of Blucher in the Khasansky incident, maybe it will tell you something?
        1. Bayonet
          Bayonet 11 September 2014 05: 58
          Quote: Wheel
          Well, the general "talent" of Blucher in the Khasansky incident, maybe it will tell you something?

          The same Blucher was destroyed not for the lack of "leadership talent". And the preparation was carried out mainly political, which was shown by the initial period of the war. Shapkozakidatelskie mood cultivated by propaganda led to complete confusion at the beginning of a real war. And now, on the pages of VO, there are a lot of such caps - sometimes they divide the medals "For the capture of Washington", then they crush Europe with a lightning strike and wash their boots in the English Channel. It is good that now real-minded people are in power.
    3. Vlad5307
      Vlad5307 10 September 2014 20: 32
      but they just didn’t give it to burn the house in the fire of the 2nd MV, here you are essentially wrong. but do not compare the situation in the country of that time and this. Although some parallels are being formed, my father told me that at that time there really was confusion even within the party. And at the everyday level, denouncing scum improved their material well-being, alas! Yes, everything was carried out cruelly, but what were the personnel - mainly with the formation of grades 6-7. And now people, some with more than one higher education, are merging their country for green papers! Well, and how to defend the homeland from the adversary !? It is necessary to clean it - there is no other way. In this sense, I am a separatist !!! hi
      1. warrior1979
        warrior1979 11 September 2014 05: 15
        Rather, the oprichnik, in the normal sense of the word. It remains to hang a broom and a dog's head on your "fighting" horse!
  13. 3vs
    3vs 10 September 2014 16: 55
    Namesake plus, directly conveyed my thoughts.
  14. leond
    leond 10 September 2014 19: 21
    Unfortunately, I have to agree thirty percent with the author. At one time, I wanted to write an article in VO about the main weapon. This is not a nuclear weapon and not a high-precision missile; it is a weapon in the minds of fellow citizens. It is enough to instill in them certain ideas, reinforce them with an emotional impulse, and they will begin to behave en masse in the same manner as you inspired them. In our country, this is quite possible to do, because we have total incompetence among citizens: they are incompetent as educators of their offspring, incompetent as voters, incompetent about the development paths of their society, because universal education did not prepare them for this, they are generally it’s difficult for the masses to call patriots, because they have a very vague idea about this concept, they are also economically incompetent, not because they are stupid or lazy, but because they do not inform them enough, information often costs a lot of money and therefore only the right people get it . To break this vicious circle of incompetence, it takes a lot of effort, often associated with material loss or loss of freedom. Because any changes in society are associated with the loss of influence, position, material well-being of an influential group of society. And this group will never voluntarily refuse to lose its influence.
  15. atamankko
    atamankko 10 September 2014 21: 35
    It is necessary to punish stricter the representatives of the fifth column.
  16. WInovikov
    WInovikov 10 September 2014 22: 00
    I'm not sure, but it seems Zhukov gave Stalin advice: "Open the door and close the door." Why not open the door now - throw out, in the literal sense, all the dissatisfied and close the door. And we play like little children. Closed up NGOs, so what? People stayed. Some other societies will open tomorrow. Throwing the organizers from Russia to hell and there will be no NGOs. And continue to do the same. But...
  17. City58
    City58 11 September 2014 00: 45
    The current education system, undoubtedly introduced by the same fifth column, is preparing the ideal
    soil for their weeds. What do they sow - good, eternal? Some pest (not afraid of the word) came up with a divide
    subjects on obligatory and optional! Stamping system of one-sided nerds?
    Two generations of graduates - and that's it - come whoever you want and take what you want. "You don't need a knife on a fool."
    It is necessary to care for the beds, and this seeder is imported into the trash, along with seeds and agronomists.
    And so that they would not be bored there, fucking piss along with them. The perfect harmony of the audience,
    places and performers.
    The task may not be the most difficult, but among many others, I consider one of the most important. It’s necessary to start somewhere.
  18. onega67
    onega67 11 September 2014 09: 59
    Correctly. everyone needs who doesn't like Russia, everyone needs to go to the station
    1. Bayonet
      Bayonet 13 September 2014 07: 42
      Quote: onega67
      Correctly. everyone needs who doesn't like Russia, everyone needs to go to the station

      You mean everyone who wants to make it better? I don’t like fools and bad roads - to the station?