According to the expert, the Russian Federation is gradually losing some of its sovereignty in the sphere of military-technical policy.

Not long ago, the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Army, President Dmitry Medvedev, voiced the phrase, which has practically become winged: “You don’t need to buy junk.” She sounded in Gorki, Moscow Region, at a meeting of the head of state with Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov and Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov and concerned products of the Russian defense industry.

You can endlessly listen to or grasp the intonation of this little word - “junk” - which inadvertently fluttered out of the shining lips, and you no longer shove it back. From the context, it turns out that the guarantor does not consider all the products of the domestic defense industry to be a deliberate junk, but assumes the very possibility: they say, look, prices are being bullied, but you don’t yawn, watch carefully ... I quote literally: "The Ministry of Defense should climb inside each order, it is a lot of money ", and then - just this very ungraceful word.

The reaction of the defense, of course, was to be expected. Being by the middle of the year without a state defense order, she was also stung by such an unflattering attitude of the supreme power. The answer was followed by a verbose, rather reminiscent cry of despair and an attempt to get to the president, who almost certainly was doomed to failure, obviously, who is reportedly told that. In a text published on the official website of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions, the collective author recalls everything and makes rather radical demands. Namely, to completely abandon the practice of importing weapons - with rare exceptions, when it is necessary to study an unknown technology.

Moreover, one could even put up with practice, when in some cases priority is given to foreign manufacturers, if against this background there was no infringement of the rights of specific employees of the domestic defense industry. “We have information about targeted lowering of wages of employees of defense enterprises when purchasing defense products. At enterprises, when coordinating salaries in the price of the State Defense Order (GOZ) in 2011, the RF Ministry of Defense proposes to reduce the level of wages compared to 2010 in the year by 15-20%. This does not take into account the average salary at the enterprise under the current collective agreement, the average salary in the region, not fully taken into account the rise in prices for metal, raw materials, components and energy, ”the document says. Such is the interesting savings due to the acquisition, as it were, “not junk”. You can only put yourself in the shoes of ordinary defense workers for a second in order to feel almost physical pain from resentment.

The letter also lists the requirements addressed personally to President Dmitry Medvedev, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation and the Security Council of the Russian Federation: “1. Legally prohibit the purchase by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation of foreign military equipment for the regular supply of the Russian army. 2. The decision on the procurement of foreign military equipment in the absence of the corresponding Russian counterparts should in each case be considered by the Russian Security Council. 3. When concluding contracts on state defense orders, the salaries of employees of defense enterprises should not be lower than the amounts determined by the collective agreement and the industry tariff agreement. ”

And the final accord was signed by Chairman of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia Mikhail Shmakov and Chairman of the Association of Russian Trade Unions of Defense Industries Andrei Chekmenev who demanded “urgent measures to ensure full and timely funding of the State Defense Ministry, stop the economic undermining of the Russian defense industry and prevent the elimination of millions of high-tech jobs” .

An open letter to the Association of Russian Trade Unions of Defense Industries and the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia addressed to the supreme authority, including the president, for KM.RU was commented by the First Vice-President of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, Captain First Rank, Doctor of Military Sciences Konstantin Sivkov:

- To begin with, there is always a point in such statements, since they demonstrate the determination of the representatives of the working class, engineers, and technical staff to fight for the safety of the Russian defense industry and ensure the security of the Russian Federation. Plus, it affects the social interests of citizens working in the defense industry. And the fact that they are now turning to the president is positive, because it will be worse if they go to the streets and start strikes. And this will happen inevitably if the course that Mr. Medvedev is imposing on us continues.

Now for the very topic of procurement of foreign military equipment. This means that the Russian Federation loses part of its sovereignty in the sphere of military-technical policy. Simply put, when acquiring foreign weapons, Russia turns out to be dependent on foreign manufacturers of military equipment in a number of positions, primarily in terms of the supply of components to the acquired weapons. It is necessary to acquire in the same countries specific fuel and lubricants, specific ammunition on which the acquired equipment operates.

Thus, the Russian Federation is forced to comply with the requirements of those countries from which it imports equipment, in terms of its application. Otherwise, the exporting countries will simply stop the supply of components, and the acquired equipment can no longer be applied. And this, in turn, means that the entire units and units that are armed with this equipment will prove to be non-viable.

Adoption of foreign military equipment also implies that the training of personnel on this weapon will be carried out in the countries where it is produced. This is natural and normal, since it is in the countries of production that one can learn from the experience of using this technique. The process of training our military specialists abroad naturally leaves a certain imprint on them. And already in solving the tasks associated with the use of troops, these trained soldiers will not be completely reliable, especially if it comes into collision with the countries where they mastered the new technologies.

It is known that modern military equipment is packed with electronics for various purposes. In this case, the decisive role here is played by computing operating systems. These systems, such as Windows and others, are closed, i.e. it is impossible to get into their design. The manufacturer can install in it various so-called. "Bookmarks". At the same time, it can be said that software on military equipment is open, but this does not negate the possibility of laying secret codes into the program. There are hardware bookmarks that are hidden, are not included in the technical documentation. And on command from the outside, they can disable the equipment in one moment. In particular, this is exactly what happened with the Hawk anti-aircraft missile systems that were once delivered to Iraq. And when hostilities began as part of Operation Storm in the Desert, they were taken out of action by a single command from a satellite in near-earth orbit.

Foreign weapons, as a rule, are significantly more expensive than Russian. Accordingly, the money allocated for the purchase of foreign weapons goes to the development of the military-industrial complex of the exporting country: the French who supply Mistrals, the Italians who sell Iveco equipment ... They use this money to develop their production base, engineering design scientific schools. At the same time, our defense enterprises are idle and simply cannot afford any development. That is, this is a real blow to our military-industrial complex.

Thus, Mr. Medvedev’s statement that we need to consider the possibility of purchasing foreign weapons testifies to one of two things: either he has a malicious intent regarding the defense capability of our country, or this is evidence of his extreme incompetence in military-technical matters politicians. Moreover, he, being the Supreme Commander, clearly should not be a complete amateur.

Currently, the Russian Federation has the main range of technologies necessary for the production of military equipment. And the equipment that we buy from abroad - French, Italian, German - is exported by countries that occupy 6-e, 7-e, 10-e in the ranking of countries - exporters of military equipment. Russia takes, for a moment, second place in the list of exporting countries! That is, our weapons are significantly superior in quality to French, German, and especially Italian, especially by the criterion of "cost-effectiveness". And other states that consider their money (and consider it thoroughly) are purchasing our weapons.

Saudi Arabia gladly buys our BMP-3, which the famous Mr. Popovkin was slinging mud; India purchases our T-90, which also counts the money and which, in its military-technical development, has practically reached Russia, if it has not already surpassed it. On the basis of our T-90 and T-72, the Chinese make their own tank, our 125-mm cannon is adopted. This list can be continued indefinitely. They buy Su-30, Su-27, MiG-29 ... The same Italy cannot imagine such a spectrum of armed equipment in the international arena. Therefore, we should not learn from them some technologies: we have our own technologies.

But even if there is such an interest - to get some new technologies, which is quite normal and natural, you do not need to purchase equipment with thousands of units: in such cases, single samples are purchased, just to study the technology. When in Soviet times they wanted to get technology from Germany or from England or from the USA, we bought 5 copies of the Christie tank, on the basis of which we produced a series of BT-5, BT-2 and BT-7 tanks, which fought in the Great Patriotic War war In England, a six-ton ​​Vickers was purchased in the amount of 9 units, on the basis of which the T-26 tank was made. When we wanted to learn German planes, we bought the units Messerschmitt-2, Messerschmitt-3, Junkers-110 for 109-177. And when we buy thousands of Italian cars Iveco, 4 "Mistral" - this is not getting new technologies, but undermining the defense capability of the Russian Federation and the destruction of the Russian defense industry.
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