Military Review

Reports from the militia of New Russia for 7 September 2014 of the year

Yesterday at 0: 17

Message from the militia Prokhorov

"It seems that after the defeat of the column ukry left Telmanovo.
Ukry write: "6 September. At 14-00 Telmanovo, Vasilyevka, Starobeshevo, Donetsk all checkpoints - DNR. RNBO says that Telmanovo is under the control of the APU. Where is the disinformation? APU or hid, or they are not. I do not write news, and in fact travel through populated areas. "
In general - the next series of Weddings in Malinovka. "

Yesterday at 0: 21

Photos from eyewitnesses

"The truce is in full swing. Mariupol. The battle began, you can see the glow in the distance and artillery and Gradov volleys are heard. It’s not clear yet who is beating whom. I have windows running around in my house, I live on Kirov.
For 20 minutes, explosions and gunfire are heard. In 23: 25 local time on the eastern outskirts of Mariupol several explosions thundered. 6 explosions sounded about a kilometer from Vostochny microdistrict from Novoazovsk. After that, a few more minutes were machine-gun fire, "- according to eyewitnesses.

Comment from the military leader Alexander Kots:
"There is some kind of hardcore under Mariupol. The Ukrainian side says that they are being fired for no reason at all. The militia is stopping an attempt to break through."

Reports from the militia of New Russia for 7 September 2014 of the year

Yesterday at 0: 26

Photo from the militia

Shyrokyne village, near Mariupol. Destroyed by fire artillery positions and equipment of the battalions of the punishers Azov and Shakhtar.

Yesterday at 0: 44

Message from the militia headquarters

"The Ukrainian troops in the area of ​​punitive operation not only did not stop the fighting, thereby reducing to zero the value of the" truce "concluded yesterday, but they also do not hesitate to use equipment marked with a red cross to transport weapons, in particular artillery."

Photos from eyewitnesses. So the junta today moved its howitzers.

Yesterday at 1: 26

Message from the militia Prokhorov

“Alexander Kots writes: There is now some kind of hardcore under Mariupol. The Ukrainian side says that they are being fired for no reason at all. The militia is stopping an attempt to break through.

Beautifully and accurately sets out - one word, a professional. In general, ukry in their repertoire - tore arrangements - received. Now they will yell, "but we are in stock ?!"

By the way, it is the same now in Popasnaya - a couple of hours ago, a large column of armored vehicles and artillery was brought into the city of dill. Started targeting militia positions in the Pervomaisk region. Received an otvetka, shout now, complain.

Fights go and in Rozovka (about Enakievo). And by the way, Bezler officially declared Ukraine’s violation of the Minsk agreements and the withdrawal from the cease-fire regime. "

Yesterday at 1: 40

Post from Twitter Ukrainian punisher Ruslan (Zampolit of the battalion company of Donbass)

"Our city in Mariupol stands next to the park and two schools. I think this is already overkill. Eastern suburbs, where the Greeks - Sartana is already under the separations.
Even if we were the first to break the truce, what is wrong with that? This is our Ukrainian land, which we want to do! "

We bring this message, so to speak, from the camp of the enemy, so that readers can better understand the situation and the logic of the Ukrainian punishers.

Yesterday at 1: 46

Photo report of Ren TV from Izvarino

"At the checkpoint Donetsk - Izvarino is a huge traffic jam. People are returning home en masse! And we are preparing for tomorrow's solemn event - the new border guards of the checkpoint Izvarino will swear allegiance to New Russia.
This is how the work of the checkpoint Izvarino now looks like. Order, even borders painted. The queue at the border of Russia - Ukraine. All not fit. People believed that the war was over.
In the militia they say, now it is not “Ruin”, now and always it will be LC. Photo: PPC Izvarino.
Cars in line before the checkpoint Donetsk for a few hours has become even more! Already hundreds of counts. I remember this picture in Izvarino 2 a month ago. We are all calm! No shot, no explosion. From Lugansk to Krasnodon and to Izvarino quiet! The guns are silent. Militias rake garbage, restore order. You can sleep. "

Yesterday at 3: 22

Report of the Committee of Social Communications of the DPR


The Ukrainian army, despite the agreements reached yesterday in Minsk, continues shelling the cities of the Donetsk People's Republic. This was reported today by the local residents to the Committee for Social Communications (CSC) of the DPR.

So, around 14: 00, the Leninsky district of the city came under fire.

“There is artillery shelling at Bosse near the military school, 2 explosion from hits of artillery shells,” - said in a statement.

Later, eyewitnesses reported shelling of the Palace of the XXI Congress (Malakhov Street). Information is verified.

In addition, local residents report shelling by Ukrainian militants Gorlovka.


Four residents of Donetsk died from shelling on Saturday night - the first night after the armistice was announced in eastern Ukraine, RIA Novosti reports.

The cease-fire was one of the 14 points of the final protocol of the contact group meeting in Minsk on Friday. The cease-fire regime entered into force on the eve of 19.00 Moscow time. President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko previously announced that he had given the appropriate order to the chief of staff.

"Kiev, Kuibyshev, Petrovsky districts of Donetsk came under fire - 4 civilians died, 10 received fragmental wounds," - said in a statement.

Also in the evening, militiamen who had arrived in the area of ​​the Donetsk airport, which Ukrainian militants continue to control, were fired at 22.30 from BTR and automatic grenade launchers.

"As a result of the shelling, 8 fighters were injured," the report said.

Yesterday at 3: 30

Message from the militia "oleg_melnikov"

"We are trying to exchange a tank for a UAZ! No one agrees, they say that they themselves have a lot of such good from the Ukrainian military. They just said that the militia occupied the Shirokino, Sakhanka and Talakivka settlements near Mariupol, which were previously left by the National Guard."

Yesterday at 3: 48

Overview report from the 1 Interbrigade of the South-East for 6.09.14

26 hours on the fronts of Novorossia is a truce, signed by representatives of the LC, the DPR and the official Kiev on the eve of Minsk. However, the word Bandera is as cheap as their lives in the eyes of the Kiev oligarchs. Therefore, we proceed to the analysis of the operational situation.

Today I want to move away from the traditional scheme of the review and clarify the essential nuance. Talking about the fact that Minsk has become “Donetsk Khasavyurt” is akin to the groans that “put all of them”. No need to escalate the situation and moan about a given victory: the militia are in their positions, not yielding an inch of land to the enemy; boilers, for example, under Debaltseve or at the airport of Donetsk, have not gone away anywhere, and to release from them punishers with equipment and weapons no one is going. Undoubtedly, Kiev is frantically searching for reserves to be sent to the front, both technical, in which the West actively contributes (merging outdated military junk for decent money of their IMF loans), and human. But the time-out is necessary and the militia, and the exchange of prisoners will be, perhaps, the most significant advantage of the cease-fire. Therefore, set aside a panic!

Well, now let's analyze the situation in the DPR and Donetsk.
Donetsk: Ukropovsky truce - a truce: during the night from the airport, where the punitive group was blocked, Kiev, Kuibyshev, Petrovsky areas were attacked (4 civilians died, 10 was injured). Also from the automatic grenade launchers and armored personnel carriers the militia positions were fired (8 people were injured); during the evacuation of the victims, the punitive sniper opened fire. The militia returned fire. This is information from the headquarters of the MO of the DPR; Russian media, in particular Russia 24, do not confirm it.
Suburbs: Artillery and Mortar Attacks Makeevka (area of ​​the mine «88), Enakievo and Gorlovka. In the 23 area: 00 in the village Marinka was heard shooting from automatic weapons.

Other locations:
Debaltsevo - the boiler has not gone anywhere, the fighting continues (I will assume an attempt to break through surrounded by ukvermähmt units under the cover of a truce).
Zhdanovka - also fights, destroyed by the radar (RK "Zoo 1 M") and 60 punitive.
Telmanovo - controversial information: according to one data, an attempt to break through surrounded parts of Ukrovermht was stopped; according to others, the city was occupied by punishers who entered there after the announcement of a truce, there was a battle, during which the armored vehicles of the ukrovermht were destroyed.
Dzerzhinsk - fighting in the city with the use of automatic weapons and "pocket" artillery. Presumably, mortar shelling from the settlement of Mayrosk.
Yasinovatsky district - from the self-propelled guns "Nona" was fired at the village of Yasinovataya. During the battles at the village of Novobakhmutovka, 16 units of Ukrovermacht equipment were destroyed (it is not specified which one). At n.p. Vasilyevka - 4 destroyed tank, 2 armored personnel carriers, 2 cars, up to 40 punishers.
Amvrosievsky District: Amvrosievka was twice fired from artillery and mortars.
Mariinsky district: during the battles near the settlement of Berezovoe, 2 MLRS Grad, 1 BMP, to 20 punishers destroyed. As a result of clashes in the village Kurakhovo destroyed 1RSZO "Hurricane", 2 BMP, 4 car, to 30 natsgadov.
Volnovakha district: the settlement of Volnovakha is considered as one of the possible directions for an attack by the junta's troops after the ceasefire ceases (analysts speak about this, which is confirmed by the movements of ukrovermaht groups recorded on the eve, including personnel and vehicles).

Thus, on the territory of the DPR, the fighting proceeded with almost the same intensity. Ukrovermaht and, in particular, the punitive battalions did not care about the Minsk agreements. The movement of significant groups of Ukrovermaht was fixed (from Slavyansk more than 500 units, including tanks, armored vehicles, cars, as well as personnel). The militia does not open fire first, but naturally gives an answer to the provocations.

Now Lugansk People's Republic.
Lugansk. There were no artillery shelling in the city, repairs are being carried out to restore communications, water and electricity. However, there is information about shootouts from automatic weapons; in particular, in n. Metalist where the small cauldron is still not liquidated.

No detailed information was received for other settlements.
Sverdlovsk - local fights.
Pervomaisk - an attempt to capture the natsgadas (from the village of Zolotoi), which was repulsed by a response attack by the militia’s artillery.
Kirovsky and Popasnyansky districts - from the standpoint of the junta in the area of ​​the settlement of Popasnaya, the city of Kirovsvk was fired, with the artillery fire destroyed the roadblock of the national youths at the settlement of Novotoshkovka and fired at the positions in Popasna.
Slavyanoserbsky district: the convoy of the punitive battalion "Aydar" was defeated near the village of Velesla Gora, the losses of the punitive 35 killed (they recognized 11) and 3 prisoners, the militia 1 is wounded.

Thus, on the territory of the LPR, the situation is, in general, calmer, because the main direction in which the truce stopped the advance of the army of New Russia is Mariupol.

Yesterday, on the eve of the beginning of the cease-fire regime, the militia forces were already fighting in the city and occupied small villages adjacent to the city (Sartana). With the onset of a truce, the use of heavy weapons on both sides was discontinued, but there is information about local clashes. In general, a truce in this direction is to some extent beneficial to the militia — it will allow them to gain a foothold in the occupied positions and tighten up, if necessary, reserves.

Fresh psaki:
The National Security Council proclaims that during the past 24 hours “separatists” attacked the so-called 28 positions. ATO, 10 of them after the announcement of the ceasefire. But a citizen of Tymchuk, having tasted prohibited drugs, fights off the assault of the village. Shyrokyne (taken by the militia a few days ago) and destroys the 3 BMP, 4 tank and up to 20 military personnel of the Armed Forces. A crappy fool from a person, so let this happen without a visa to the EU - you won't be expelled from Amsterdam later!
By the way, not so long ago it was reported about the creation of "ukroyugenda" of teenagers. But the true zapadenskie ukroarrii in Svidomo stupor went further: in the Carpathian region a children's (!) Combat (!!) battalion was created. Parents are ready to send to the front small children (!!!) for the “food in Ukraine”. It is generally beyond! The ancestors of Svidomo beasts were not finished off; they were able to lay low and give fascist offspring. And Bandera slaves now shout, whining, “moskalyaku on Gilyak” and are proud of the title of punisher. And the worst thing is that these creatures bring up in such a spirit their children, with whom we then live next door.

For losses:
Civilians: 4 / 10.
Militias - aware of the wounded 9.
National Guards: according to the militia, 185 killed, unknown about the wounded, 3 prisoners; according to the NSDC - 0 / 0.
Destroyed ukrovskaya vehicles: tanks - 4, BTR / BMP - 5, cars - 6, radar - 1.

Thus, the first days of the truce were "hot." The only positive result is a reduction in the number of attacks on populated areas. Before September 9, an exchange of prisoners is planned according to the “all for all” formula (by the way, the prisoners of the militia are about 200 people, and the punishers - above 1000). After this, it is likely that the so-called. ATO will start on a new (Kiev will tighten the new mobilized, punishers, mercenaries and NATO-military equipment). For the time being, one can expect the same provocations and local battles as before. As they say, we will see.

Yesterday at 7: 48

Summary from the army of New Russia for 6 September

"The Armed Forces of Ukraine were actively regrouping and moving personnel and equipment:
Volnovakhsky district - the movement of the convoy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: mainly buses, several military Gas-66 and off-road vehicles. Personnel - "conscripts." Mariupol - redeployment of equipment from the Vostochny microdistrict towards Novoazovsk.
The district of Gorlovka is “brought in” from the side of Slavyansk: more than 500 units of equipment - KAMAZ, tanks, armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles; volunteer battalions, together with the Ukrainian army, the right sector, the national guard, bring up a bus with volunteers. Debaltsevo district - entered the 32 tank of foreign production Artemevsk - entered the 15 "Shilok", 7 "Points-U", 6 "Gradov", 1 "Smerch", 13 tanks of foreign production. In the direction of Slavyansk-Kramatorsk are 13 tanks of foreign production.
In the direction of Mironovka-Debaltseve there is a column with all types of armored vehicles. "

Yesterday at 7: 51

Message from the militia

"In 2: 01, the battle near Mariupol has fallen.
In the city of Svatovo, mass drunkenness of Ukrainian military continues. According to citizens, part of the Ukrainian military in the number of 80 people deserted home, hiring private owners and taxis with the words "finally demob." No officers, stop bacchanal someone does not dare. According to the Ukrainian warrior, hail placed by Starobelsk deployed on urban neighborhoods. Yesterday, the remnants of the "Aydar" battalion arrived, very angry. Immediately taken away from the townspeople a few cars. Even the elderly did not see such a Makhnovshchina. "

Yesterday at 7: 53

Summary from the militia headquarters

"Volnovakhsky district - the Yelenivka railway station was shelled by punitive workers. The roads were damaged, 2 civilians were injured. The overpass at the intersection of the Donetsk-Mariupol highway and railway was mined.
Mariupol district: n. Sartana - under the control of the militia of the DPR. There is a strengthening of roadblocks, the elimination of snipers APU. In Mariupol itself, there is a redeployment and concentration of the forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. S. Bugas - punitive digging in gardens.
Volodarskoye - residential neighborhoods were subjected to artillery and mortar shelling.
In the LC:
The APUs have blown up 2 road bridges: across the Aydar River in the village of Gayovka and across the Northern Donets near the village of Trekhizbenka.
Blown bridge over Aydar.
R. Gorlovka - the positions of the militia were shelled from the village. Markov Yar.
Kirovsk - came under fire. In this regard, the BCH were forced to "suppress" the firing points of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the district of Popasnaya and the roadblock at Novotoshkovka.
Pervomaisk - an attempt to capture captured by the militias.
rn Happiness - APU fired on militia positions
rn Golden - APU fired on the positions of the militias. "

Yesterday at 10: 33

Message from bloggers

"The leadership of Novorossia is considering the possibility of starting negotiations with the commanders of the Armed Forces of Ukraine units on truce compliance. All agreements that are being reached are temporary. Novorossia’s independence remains on the designated platform. Bezler’s opinion: some Ukro generals can be trusted with them it is necessary to establish a negotiation process, but not with pravosekami and natzgadami. "

Yesterday at 11: 01

Message from the head of the LC of Carpenter

"The LC and the DPR are hoping to complete the exchange of all those held in the coming days. Our main priority is to save the lives of civilians. We need to normalize people's lives, create conditions for returning more than a million refugees to their homes and start the economic revival of our homeland. We need to restore economy, relations with Russia. We also hope in the coming days to complete the exchange of all hostages and held persons. "

Yesterday at 11: 09

Message from the militia

“After the defeat, the ukry columns left Telmanovo. Artillery firing is heard in Donetsk. Black smoke is observed near the airport.”

Yesterday at 11: 20

Message from bloggers

"Boris Filatov, Deputy Governor of the Dnipropetrovsk Region Igor Kolomoisky, said 6 March 2014, the following:

"It is necessary to give the scum any promises, guarantees and make any concessions. ... And hang ...

We will hang them later ... "

Therefore, think for yourself what the price of all these pieces of paper with the signatures of Kuchma’s pensioner is about the decentralization of power and other noodles that the junta is trying to put on the ears of the people of New Russia in despair. "

Yesterday at 11: 48

Message from journalists

"In the village of Novitsa in the Carpathians, the first children's battalion" Falcon "was created, which includes children from 2 to 10 years. Of course, the children do not go to war, they are called to raise the patriotic spirit.
Every day, children sing patriotic songs in the center of the village, and village headman Vladimir Golovchak was the initiator of all this.
According to him, he spread the summons to men, and the children, seeing this, asked him to call them into the army. Now the young fighters of the Sokol battalion are marching through the village and collecting donations to be sent to real soldiers fighting in the east of Ukraine.
Only no one explained to the little activists that those soldiers for whom Sokol is raising money are shooting at peaceful women and children of Donbass. "

Yesterday at 11: 52

Message from Motorola militia

"This is the most senseless and bloody war! In Chechnya, for example, no one just bombed and killed civilians. I was on the Second Chechen campaign: two missions for half a year. Bombing cities blindly is wild. Not in one country of the world there is no such thing .
I believe that for the beginning, you need to free up the territory of the DNI and the LC. If there is a need to continue, I will continue the struggle. I think the other regions of the former Ukraine will adjoin Novorossia, the Ukrainian army is running out of steam. We are always sent to where the "hot." We are now holding the Komsomolsk, in order not to let the Ukramians again seize Starobeshevo. After Miusinsky and Ilovaisk we are bored here. The morale of the unit is very high. In general, it is not customary for us to retreat. Plus - well-established interaction with other units adds chances of success. "

Yesterday at 11: 56

Photos from journalists

"Ukrainian tank with the inscription" On Moscow "flew on a pillar with the inscription" There is no war. "
On the track at the entrance to Mariupol, the tank of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, with an inscription on armor "On Moscow" crashed into a concrete hedgehog, on which it was written "No to war". Video footage of a broken combat vehicle hit the Internet. According to reporters, the tank was not hit, the accident was caused by the driver. "

Yesterday at 12: 16

Summary of the Information Bureau of the Army of the Southeast for the night of September 7:

"Continued violations of the cease-fire by the punishers," distinguished "units of the battalion" Aydar ".

There were cases of violations on the part of individual Ukrainian units of the truce agreements reached at the talks of the contact group in Minsk.

In the Donetsk area, after the declaration of the cease-fire regime, the fascists regroup in order to occupy more profitable areas and borders.

According to intelligence data, on the bridges in the southern and northeastern suburbs of Debaltseve, the work of the engineering units is noted. Trucks arrived to them under heavy guard. Exposed cordon.

According to local residents, punitive agents from the Aydar battalion entered the village of Krasny Partizan, where they gathered old men, women and children to the square and tried to identify those who assisted the army of New Russia. In order to intimidate, they shot at the feet of people. Up to ten civilians were injured. The fascists sought information about the location of the roadblocks of the people's militia units and the possibility of their circumvention. Publicly, at the confluence of a large number of local residents, the wife of one of the militia was raped.

Having found a militia detachment advancing to the aid of civilians, the fascists retreated. When the militia entered the village and began to assist the victims, the punishers struck a fire attack on the village from Grad multiple rocket launchers and direct-fire tanks. Among the militias and civilians there are dead and wounded, the number of which is being specified.

In the DPR at 21.00, a checkpoint of the people's militia units in the Zuevka area was fired from small arms. As a result of the shelling one militiaman was killed.

In 21.45, artillery and mortar shelling of positions of Donbass defenders in the Khanzhenkovo ​​area was carried out.

In 22.50, residential areas of Yenakiyevo were attacked from the Grad jet systems.

In 23.50, the fascists attacked the positions of the people's militia units in Starobeshevo with fire from three infantry fighting vehicles. One militia wounded.

In 00.20, the units of the punitive battalion "Aydar" entered the northern outskirts of the settlement of Makeevka. To negotiate and clarify the situation to them departed with a white flag and white lanterns, denoting a voice.

Seeing this and realizing the intentions of the militias, the fascists began mockingly shooting at their feet and over their heads. After the parliamentarians designated the purpose of their arrival, they were fired upon. As a result, one person died and five militiamen were captured.

On the Luhansk direction, the fascists were in their positions.

According to the information of local residents, which is being checked, the enemy left the settlements of Privetnoye Pan'kovo, Stukalova Balka, Svetloye, Oboznoye and Christ.

Yesterday at 12: 22

Post from blogger

The “Lynx” militiaman is alive. Everyone who followed the events in Novorossia since the defense of Slavyansk is known for the militiaman with the call sign “Lynx.” The first time we saw him when he was helping a downed Ukrainian helicopter pilot.
Then there were more video reports with his participation. But then "Lynx" "disappeared." He disappeared in the sense that the audience did not see him. And the most popular question to Igor Ivanovich, which the readers passed through me, was: "Where is the Lynx?" Igor Ivanovich patiently answered "Alive." There were reports that Bandera killed his mother. I do not know if this is true or not. But today I saw Lynx in this video.
This movie was shot under Starobeshevo. Watch it only with 18 years. Lots of corpses. "

Yesterday at 12: 32

Message from journalists

"The militia of the Luhansk region released from captivity the first two Ukrainian soldiers in the framework of agreements on the transfer of prisoners, reported Ukrainian informative.
Through the checkpoint "Cretaceous", in the former Luhansk region, the militia handed over two ordinary punitive ninth battalion of territorial defense. "

Yesterday at 12: 53
07.09.14. Overview of the combat situation from the blogger "colonelcassad".

"September 6, despite the so-called truce, fighting continued on the territory of Novorossia. The Ukrainian side violated the cease-fire almost immediately after it began. In turn, the militia responded with fire in areas where the truce was violated. Also in the night from 5 to On September 6, Ukrainian columns from three directions entered Telmanovo and captured it, but in the afternoon of September 6 it became known that after part of the Ukrainian technology was destroyed, Ukrainian troops retreated from Telmanovo. E-combat operations were also conducted in the Mariupol region.The Ukrainian Armed Forces carry out engineering work on the equipment of the occupied lines, regroup and tighten reserves to the contact line.


For the first time, the armistice regime was broken on the evening of September 5 in 20: 15, when Ukrainian troops subjected mortar shelling to units of the New Russia Army in Gorlovka and Makeyevka. And in 21: 45, a blow from the Nona self-propelled artillery mount was struck at Makeyevka. In 22: 30 local time, militias from the Donetsk airport were fired from armored personnel carriers and automatic grenade launchers. As a result of the shelling of 8 fighters were injured. During their evacuation, the punitive snipers opened fire.
The first night after the so-called "truce" in Donetsk was not calm. Kiev, Kuibyshev, Petrovsky districts of Donetsk came under fire - 4 civilians were killed, 10 people. received fragmental wounds. The strikes were delivered about three nights from the area of ​​the Donetsk airport (mainly controlled by the Ukrainian army) there were several shots at Donetsk. Responding blows to the airport inflicted and the army of New Russia.
September 6 emergency teams restored the power supply of 50 transformer substations in Donetsk, of which: 24 substations in Kievsky district, 13 - in Petrovsky, 10 substations in Mospino and 3 - in Novorossiysk village. As of 18.30 in Donetsk, the 44 substation was still de-energized.

Yasinovataya was also fired upon by the Ukrainian army from Nona-K.
Dzerzhinsk - in the suburbs of the city, the sounds of a battle were heard (from the direction of Mayorsk), and there were reports of skirmishes inside the city itself.
Received information from Bezler that 32 imported tank went to Debalcevo. 15 "Shilok" went into the tank part of Artemevsk, 7 Points-U, 6 Gradov plus 1 Smerch, accompanied by 13 tanks also imported. Also, a large column of the Ukrainian army was on the section of the road from Myronivka to Debaltseve (all types of armored vehicles, the length of the column 3-4 km).
In Volnovakha and its environs, movements of columns of Ukrainian equipment were recorded. The artillery of the army of Novorossia struck in order to halt the advance of tank columns in the Volnovakhi area.
In Volnovakha area with. Bugas divisions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are digging up in the gardens of the villagers. Also in Volnovakhsky district, the Elenovka railway station was shelled by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Damaged paths, 2 civilians were injured. The overpass at the intersection of the motorway and railway Donetsk-Mariupol is mined.
On September 6, in the morning, the Ukrainian security forces conducted two massive shelling of Amrosiyivka village.
Also on the night from 5 to 6 of September, Ukrainian columns from three directions entered Telmanovo and captured it (taking advantage of the fact that the militia did not expect an attack). But in the afternoon of September 6, it became known that after part of the Ukrainian technology was destroyed, the Ukrainian troops retreated from Telmanovo. Judging by the photographs of the Ukrainian vehicle, shot down near Telmanovo, the assault was carried out using the vehicles that took part in the parade on Independence Day in Kiev (BTR-3E and KRAZ of the National Guard).

Mariupol region: Sartana settlement - under the control of the army of New Russia. There was a strengthening of roadblocks, the elimination of snipers APU. In addition, the Novorossia Army occupied the settlements of Shyrokino, Sakhanka and Talakivka near Mariupol, previously left by Ukrainian security forces.
Volodarskoe (on the eve of the left units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine) - residential areas were subjected to artillery and mortar shelling.
In Mariupol, columns of Ukrainian equipment were actively moving during the day (Ukrainian authorities turned off webcams on the streets of the city). In the Mariupol direction, the Ukrainian security forces attempted to deploy reinforcements. There are a large number of MLRS "Grad" and "Smerch."
Around midnight, active hostilities broke out near Mariupol. The shooting started after the Ukrainian army fired on the positions of the New Russia army and attempted to break through the Ukrainian military. 6 explosions sounded about a kilometer away from the Vostochny microdistrict from Novoazovsk. Later, volleys of artillery and Gradov were heard.
As a result of the fighting in Mariupol, the TNK fuel station was on fire. Closer to 2 hours of the night the battles subsided.

September 6 was recorded the transfer of manpower from the side of Slavyansk, as well as more than 500 units of equipment: KAMAZ, armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles. In the area of ​​Kramatorsk airport, there was an increase in transport flights aviation. In the direction of Slavyansk-Kramatorsk, another 13 tanks of foreign production were discovered.
From the village of Markov Yar, the Ukrainian army, 7 shots were fired from artillery shells against the positions of the army of New Russia. The shots were single, with an interval of 15-20 minutes.
6 September around 15: 30, near Ugledar to the north, possibly in the direction of the settlement of Elizavetovka (there are forest stands), proceeded the column of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in the number of approximately 50-60 units.
There are 30-40 units, several tanks and a lot of Ural trucks. The road is dirt country. Between the mines UD1 and UD3.


In Lugansk, the day was relatively quiet, the streets were quiet. Municipal services are engaged in the restoration of electricity and water in the city.
Local battles broke out in the Sverdlovsk region.
Boiler in the area of ​​settlement Metalist (north of Lugansk) has not yet been eliminated. But, according to the deputy military commander of the city of Happiness Andrei Lebed, the front line now runs in the area of ​​the bridge over the Seversky Donets.
In the area of ​​settlement Happiness-APU struck blows to the positions of the army of New Russia.

Kirovsk - came under fire. In this regard, the BCH were forced to "suppress" the firing points of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the district of Popasnaya and the roadblock at Novotoshkovka.
Also in the area of ​​n. Golden-APU fired on the position of the army of New Russia.
In order to stop the possible advance of the army of Novorossia, the Armed Forces of Ukraine blew up a highway bridge across the Aydar River in the village of Gayovka.

Other events

In the Nikolaev region, measures will be taken to strengthen the administrative buildings of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. District police departments plan to strengthen both personnel and in engineering terms.
In 22-30 (Moscow time), a column of Ukrainian equipment passed through Voznesensk, in the direction of Nikolaev. Basically, tractors, Kungi and fuel trucks (slightly more than 10 units).
In the Zaporozhye region digging trenches. In the Zaporozhye city morgue, the bodies of the Ukrainian military killed in Novorossia continue to flow.
In the 7-00 on the Donetsk highway from the city of Dnepropetrovsk, a column with personnel, without armored vehicles, moved towards Donetsk. Apparently, they brought more food.
In the Kharkiv region, near the village. Serpent in the direction of the zone of the ATO in 18-00 proceeded echelon APU. Reported 25 trucks (Urals and Zils). 5 ambulances with a red cross (Ural). 2 carriage, presumably with people. The 1 SUV is similar to the toyota tundra, 15 BTRs and BMPs.
Fighters arrived at 3-s LAZs (one was signed by the National Guard of Ukraine) arrived at the training base \ shooting range of explosives in the village of Gusinaya Polyana, near the village of Vasyschevo (Kharkiv region).
Buses with broken windows. We camped. Pitched tents. About a company of soldiers in total.
The facts of the camouflaging of military columns of the Ukrainian army under humanitarian columns were also recorded, thereby violating the Geneva Convention.
In general, the first day of the "truce" was not much different from the usual for the "war". "

Yesterday at 13: 27

The shelling of the positions of the DPR army and settlements of the republic by the Ukrainian side continues

Chronological summary of events from the Ministry of Defense of the DPR for 6 September 2014:
14: 30 - the airport area in Donetsk, the positions of the DPR army fired from the CWG and BTR - as a result, one fighter was injured.
16: 10 - 19: 00 - shelling was carried out from certain types of weapons.
17: 15 - 19: 00 - also in the area of ​​the Airport, regular shelling from positions of the DPR army and residential neighborhoods was carried out.
21: 00 - 21: 20 - the Ukrainian army fired at a roadblock in Zuevka - among the militia there are dead and wounded.
21: 45 - Mortar and artillery shelling of the Khanzhonkovo ​​- residential buildings were destroyed, the data on the victims are specified.
22: 50 - Enakievo from Gradov was attacked by punishers, residential buildings were also destroyed.
23: 10 - artillery fire from two tanks and two infantry combat vehicles opened at Starobeshevo.
23: 20 - in Makeyevka, as a result of shelling - 1 killed.

Press Center DNR ©

Yesterday at 13: 35

Message from the press center of the DPR

"September 8 is declared a non-working day. The Presidium of the Supreme Council of the Donetsk People's Republic, and the Decree of the Council of Ministers of the DPR, September 8 2014, is declared a non-working day in connection with the celebration of the Day of Liberation of Donbass from the Nazi invaders."

Yesterday at 13: 55

Message from political analyst Dmitry Dzygovbrodsky

"Dnepropetrovsk: Results" peremogy "near Ilovaisk.
6 hospital on Baikal and 16 hospital on Heroes of Stalingrad.
Places in the Mechnikov Hospital and the Military Hospital simply do not exist. Heavy wounded scored everything.

And Kiev still reports: "only two wounded were killed five."
Svidomie Dnipropetrovsk, roll up in blue-yellow rags and go to the hospital. Look what you have done your criminal Maidan and punitive ATO ".

Yesterday at 14: 01

Photo from the militia

Fresh foty the day before yesterday the defeat of Ukrainian punitive under Mariupol.

Yesterday at 14: 34

Message from the Donetsk militia

"Truce, say? Cease fire?
Yeah, right now. At Yunkom, the feed mill was destroyed by artillery that night. Half of the territory 404, by the way, supplied with food, the Germans built. Not for long tormented old woman, as they say.
By the way, about military field medicine ...
Yesterday, our detained dill came from Rozovka to Enakievo to drink a beer. Chewed by chemistry on the very eyebrows. He began to resist - he got a bullet from his machine gun in his legs. A normal person would scream in pain, and this - at least that. On Monday, there will be results of analyzes, and what they, iodine-deficient, pump up. "

Yesterday at 16: 36

A fresh overview of the map of the fighting

Yesterday at 16: 47

Report by Boris Korchevnikov

"Berdyansk. There is no war. Right Sector, 60 man seized on the street and raped to death by two girls. Their bodies were simply thrown away. The statement of relatives in the police broke. "

Yesterday at 17: 06

Message from journalists

"The remnants of the punitive" Aydar "drunk in Svatovo (LNR). Despite the regrouping and pulling up reserves, the morale of the troops of the Kiev junta continues to deteriorate rapidly. arranged by the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as the surviving Nazis from the Aydar battalion. Bandera are engaged in looting shops and the population, there are numerous cases withdrawal of vehicles from the townspeople. Installations MLRS standing on the outskirts of Svatovo, drunken gunners deployed in the direction of city blocks.
The officers of the Ukrainian army avoided control of the situation and also get drunk, but at the headquarters location.
Around 80 punishers deserted with a weapon in the direction of Kupyansk, hiring a taxi. "

Yesterday at 17: 49

Messages from the militia "oleg_melnikov"

"I wonder if Yanukovych would stand up and the war began in Lviv, would the whole Western world condemn the dictator Yanukovych and help the separatists?"

"Next to the kindergarten №55 in Lugansk entered the ground and the rocket did not blow up with a miracle! Few of the world media will show this."

Yesterday at 18: 14

Message from military analyst "colonelcassad"

“Despite the political truce, the war as such continued, because the logic of the conflict requires its resolution by military means. The inertia of the war caused all new skirmishes, shelling and fighting. At the same time, the junta frankly and publicly demonstrates that it openly uses the" truce "to build forces for the transition to a new offensive. The United States looks at it with approval, since the military solution of the problem of Novorossia and Russia's final defeat in the struggle for Ukraine, in their national interests. Absolutely no difference in what The state will be the junta - while it is in power, it will be used against the Russian Federation.The suffering of the population, the victims among the soldiers and the destruction of infrastructure - from the point of view of the United States are insignificant costs.Therefore, from a military point of view, only the complete destruction of the fascist junta is the best guarantee for ending the war .
The leadership of Novorossia understands this, but cannot do anything - they are dependent on the political line of the curators of Ukrainian politics and on humanitarian supplies.
Hence the stupid statements that "we thought that the junta might be honoring the truce, but it is not honoring - oh, what a bad fascist junta." Of course, this kindergarten seriously discredits both the military and political leadership of the DPR and the Russian policy in Novorossia. The junta caught this moment and used it frankly, but it has one problem - it cannot by force solve the problem of Novorossia, if the star-striped hand of sanctions does not lie on the "red tap of the mentor" and carefully block it, giving the junta the necessary time. But then of course you can launch an offensive, but the risk of getting the junta’s flags over Donetsk and Gorlovka is extremely high, but thousands of new corpses and hundreds of broken tanks and armored personnel carriers with another hysteria that Putin is killing the patriots of Ukraine and Poroshenko with the generals have betrayed everyone .

Since the parties cannot yet decide on the resolution of the crisis, the war continues with its turn, where the resumption of full-scale hostilities looks inevitable, as the US will push the junta to the forceful destruction of Novorossia, and Russia, in turn, will once again fall into all that the same fork of decisions - between the force scenario (the introduction of troops or "impolite merchandisers" is not so important - this is only a method of implementing the decision taken) and the discharge of Novorossia (by ceasing military support, agreeing to a "single Ukraine" and twisting the hands of the field commanders of the army of New Russia, who will begin to ask "unpleasant questions"). The main difficulty of the negotiators is that the standard reaction of the militia to the proposal for a "united pro-Russian Ukraine" - "What kind of Ukraine is in dupu!" For the "united Ukraine" on the part of Russia, only political politicians in Moscow and Surkov's attendants, who broadcast this nonsense to the masses, can fight, the militia there are fighting for something else.

Some still stubbornly can not understand that the war of the junta with Novorossia is only one dimension of conflict, without resolving the contradictions between the US and the Russian Federation, there will not be a full-fledged peace there. Therefore, the Minsk talks and that obscene piece of paper that was signed there, this is just another attempt to jump out of the same unpleasant fork of decisions that you still have to make.

Actually, this is why I am not in a hurry to pour into the crowd with shouts of “Novorossia merged” or read mantras about HSP. The final choice remains to be made, and the current attempts to evade it, only worsen the conditions in which this choice will be made.

New Russia in some form will certainly be. But what it will be will be decided in the coming weeks, when the final choice of Russia in the Ukrainian issue will become clear. "

Yesterday at 18: 19

Photo from the militia

Yesterday at 18: 35

Overview of the combat situation of the militia

“There is no truce. Everything that the junta creates with 19: 00 (IST) on Friday 05.09.2014 of the year completely negates what the Kiev fascists said. In principle, it was clear even before the start of the peace talks in Minsk. The Nazis were actively introducing their units In those settlements where their groups were weakened, the units of the fascists began to appear even where they were not. Some units are provided with weapons of the NATO countries (American weapons). There is a rotation of enemy troops, moreover, the Nazis open fire on the settlements, ak today Kiev fascists was shelled with artillery Spartak.
15: 40 Kiev fascists continue the shelling of Spartacus.
16: 30 Everything, it started ... Around the airport, you can hear tears, you can hear the work of CPVT.
16: 45 At the moment, there is a battle near the airport, our units were forced to respond to the incessant shelling of Spartacus, from Avdiivka. There is also a battle in Mariupol.
16: 55 From the Light Path, the Kiev fascists opened mortar fire in the center of Donetsk.
17: 00. The Oktyabrsky is under fire from the airport area. "

Yesterday at 19: 01

Message from the militia

“According to the commander of the special unit of the MIA of the DPR“ Varyag ”Alexander Matyushin, the sabotage group of punitive agents of the Ukrainian Armed Forces broke into Donetsk. They are now three kilometers from the detachment’s base (Avdotino district). The militias are preparing to repel the attack. The Kyiv fascists opened mortar fire on the center of Donetsk from the Bright Way. The battle is taking place near the airport, our units were forced to respond to incessant shelling of Spartacus. "

Yesterday at 20: 16

Message from journalists

"The Telman parade armored vehicles of the Ukrainian Armed Forces went to the militia. In one day, the town changed hands several times. Even before the armistice was announced, the militia forces managed to discourage heavy military equipment from the Ukrainian military, which went to the 24 August front immediately after the parade in honor of Ukraine's Independence Day According to the militia, a third of these vehicles did not reach the front line. On September 6, the regional center of Telmanovo became the site of a fierce battle, when the Ukrainian military managed to knock out the DPR army from the village for several hours. However, they failed to gain a foothold, and soon the militia again took up their position. On the battlefield, the APU threw a significant amount of equipment, which now belongs to the militia. "

Yesterday at 20: 56

Photo from the militia

Trophy SAU Hyacinth. Now in the service of the militia.

Yesterday at 21: 27

Message from the militia

"19: 20 From the side of Mariupol, the Nazis opened artillery fire from howitzers on Shyrokyne and other adjacent settlements.
19: 35 In Donetsk, in the area of ​​the airport, it’s not calm again, tears are heard. "

Yesterday at 21: 40

Photo from the militia

Two destroyed RZSO "Hurricane" junta in the Mariupol direction. The militia defeated another column of punishers, this time with large-caliber RZSO.

Yesterday at 21: 42

Message from the militia

"The DPR army freed 15 Ukrainian prisoners of war of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the framework of agreements on the exchange of prisoners. Freed punitive warned that the next time there will be no exchange for them, but there will be a" wooden mac. "

Yesterday at 21: 47

Message from journalists

"Telmanovo is again in the hands of the militia. In the vicinity of the Azov district center of Telmanovo, the DPR militiamen seized several vehicles that participated in a military parade in Kiev on Ukraine's Independence Day. As you know, on the night of September 6, Telmanovo was suddenly attacked by punishers who managed to dislodge the militia from the village. However, during the battle, the Hunt members suffered serious losses and failed to gain a foothold. As a result, after a few hours, the Banderi-fascists were forced to leave the regional center and retreat in the direction of Volnovakhi. The spruce trees left a significant amount of equipment to the militia. During the inspection of the trophies, it was found that some of the vehicles moved in ceremonial calculations for Khreshchatyk on August 24. "

Yesterday at 22: 11

From the letter of the militia

"... to conclude a truce with the junta now, when the militia brought down the southern front and gained hundreds of armored vehicles — it is the same that in March 1945 of the year to surrender to Hitler is, excuse me, we must manage. Imagine the complete withdrawal of Soviet troops from the territory Hitler Reich, the adoption of the law on the special status of the occupied territories of the Reich, to ensure monitoring of the OSCE on the Soviet-German border, etc ... "

Yesterday at 22: 13

Letters from the field

In Mariupol on a truce spat. Military operations did not cease in principle. Already many victims among the peaceful. Natsik arrange their firing points in the courtyards of high-rise buildings, using everything that comes to hand, including parked cars, garbage cans, benches, etc.
People really evicted from the upper floors (6-9 floors). They simply expel themselves from their apartments, and nobody cares that people have nowhere to live.
From the side of Mangush, ALL the fields around Mariupol are mined. Those with sunflower, corn and other grains that are NOT cleaned so far, they are mined for 100%, all others are cleaned (this is told by local farmers with tears simply - this is THEIR harvest, this is THEIR labor, and there is no way to remove mines) .
I have already spoken about the BP for the turnaround to the airport, there is one BTR and no more than 10 people with automatic weapons. On the AC-2 in Mariupol, one car with three submachine guns is clearly fumbling around the bus station, in the greenery near the AC-2 there are still about 20 armed men).

I am writing already from Donetsk.
We drove normally.
The first BP is near Mangush, but it is on the highway in the direction of Zaporizhia.
The second power unit is Volodarskoe, there are concrete blocks, a person up to 10 with automatic weapons.
The third BP is the other end of Volodarsky, no more than 6 people (what was visible).
We drove away a little further (turn on the settlement of Topolinoye) there an oil painting - a padded tank, which was loaded onto a tractor, which had a wheel pierced. Judging by the wallowing components and the wonderful forest planting, the tank was hit in this very place (we drove somewhere around 12 Kiev time), and judging by the mats, the military tried to replace the wheel of the tractor.
The main trash was that in 100 meters from this action, people were selling melons and watermelons and didn’t pay enough attention to this fuss with a tank.

Then everything was calm before Volnovakhi.
There, on the part of Donetsk, near the traffic police station of the BP, but not just the BP, and it was built there. According to my feelings and the number of trucks and cranes, they were going to build there at least a wall announced by Yatsenyuk, at the most - the great Chinese one.
Then we arrived at Novotroitskoye. We go into the shop on the highway, and there on the square in 10 square. m. concentrated Nemer Natsik. And everyone takes 5 liters of beer, 1 kg of cookies, a bottle of mineral water, a piece of sausage.
I had difficulty coping with my face, this is where I least expected them. True, they paid for everything themselves, "dyakuyu, shchast", etc. Saleswomen in shock real. The military seized almost everything in the store (the store opens in 9 in the morning, we were near 13-00).
They arrived in Novotroitskoye last night. About 500 people. Steel on the "pasture" - a small field where grazing cows. Next to the cemetery and the gas station "Parallel" (it is on the highway). Natsik in 300 meters from the road on the left side (if you go FROM Donetsk to Marik). Already pitched tents and begin digging. Literally an hour ago, they called that they pulled up even more parts (as many more, that is, under a thousand already). Driving around the village, looking for shops (which are already all closed). Volley fire installations were installed right on the territory of the cemetery. All my relatives and my beloved grandfather are buried there.
The mining of a bridge in Novotroitsky is most likely on 95% bullshit. Nobody has done anything with this bridge before.
While we were in Novotroitsky, black smoke was rising over Dokuchaevsky, really tin.

Elenovka drove quietly. Only a tank ruined in the middle of the road was impressed.
At the BP at the entrance to Donetsk, they stood for half an hour - the militiamen check the documents up to the birth certificate for the child. On the road, a bunch of shells stuck in asphalt.
Products in Donetsk while there. The city is wounded, but he is alive. And the house is very good, no matter what.
There is no truce at the airport either. All day fighting.
There were two loud explosions in the center.
It's quiet now.

Yesterday at 22: 43

Message from the militia

“The Kharkov partisans in the area of ​​the village of Kamenka intercepted a convoy of recruits who were entering the occupied Donetsk city of Slavyansk. Having built a fake checkpoint, the partisans, four of whom were dressed in Ukrainian uniform, confronted the convoy and assembled all the officers at the checkpoint. , they ordered the eldest of them to build recruits, and then announced that they were all free from conscription and offered to those who wanted to join the resistance forces. Of the 84, Nine of them, three of them, natives of Donetsk region, who fled the war to Kharkiv.
The rest chose to return home and wait for a new agenda or charges of desertion. True, twenty people said that they would independently make their way to the Russian border, passing on which they hope to get asylum and sit there until the end of the war. Some even asked the partisans to escort them there, but they said that they were faced with more urgent tasks: you need to drive the cars to a safe place and disassemble them for parts. "

Yesterday at 22: 46

Message from the militia

"Again a concert by request in Mariupol. Dill put Grada in the Old Crimea and Kamensk and from there they hammer in the direction of the East."

Yesterday at 23: 15

Overview of the 1 Interbrigade Army of New Russia

"The past day on the fronts of New Russia were held under the auspices of the so-called" truce ", which is in fact no truce.

Donetsk People's Republic.

Donetsk: mortar shelling was recorded on the outskirts (at night and in the daytime PGT Spartak was fired from the direction of Avdeevka village). By evening, in the area of ​​the airport, battles began with the use of small arms (apparently, the suppression of the blocked parts of the junta, torn at will). There is information about the breakthrough grouping in Donetsk, but the direction of the breakthrough is not specified.

Suburbs: the settlement of Makeyevka came under fire yesterday late at night, 1 civilian was killed. At midnight, punitive units from the Aydar battalion entered the northern outskirts (during the failed 1 negotiations, the militia died, 5 was captured). Also marked mortar and shelling of the residential sector st.Hanzhonkovo.
N.P. Yenakiyevo was shot at by the MLRS “Grad”, residential buildings were destroyed.

Other locations:

Khartsyzsk: the militia checkpoint was shot at Zuevka village (1 militia killed, number of injured not specified).
Telmanovo: ukrovermaht left the village.
Starobeshevo: shelling of militia positions from tanks and infantry fighting vehicles (1 militia wounded).
Debaltseve: on the bridges of the southern and north-eastern suburbs, the work of engineering units and the supply of goods under guard are fixed. Marked Ukrainian armored vehicles (including 32 tank and MLRS). At the entrance to the city put up a punitive point. The city itself is located in a semiring, and perhaps there is a very large boiler that is ripening.

Yasinovatsky area: punitive from the battalion "Aydar" entered the village of Krasny Partizan, where they carried out reprisals against the civilian population (injured before 10 civilians). In an attempt to knock out the natsgadov, they retreated, after which they inflicted a settlement blow from the MLRS "Grad".
There have been several cases of moving large columns of armored vehicles of ukrovermaht (including foreign) in various regions of Novorossia and in the occupied territories (Velikonovoselok area - in the settlement of Krasnaya Polyana, a column of vehicles in 43 units (tanks, self-propelled guns, heavy guns, cars , rocket launchers), going either to Mariupol or Volnovakha; in Artyomovsk - 6 MLRS “Grad” and 1 MLRS “Smerch”, 13 tanks, 7 TRK “Tochka U”, 15 ZSU “Shilka”).

Lugansk People's Republic.

On the Luhansk direction, the front line is almost unchanged: from some villages punitive gone voluntarily, aligning the front line. On the shelling of Lugansk information has been received.

Other locations.

Slavyanoserbsky district: ukrovermaht left n.p. Privetnoe, Pankovo, Stukalova Balka, Svetloye, Oboznoye and Christ.
Marked a mass exodus of national parks from the still occupied large regional centers of the LPR (Markovka, Novopskov, Belovodsk, Novoaydar, Severodonetsk, Starobelsk and Svatovo).

Mariupol again became a “hot spot” of the past day.
In the evening, in the vicinity of Mariupol, shelling was recorded: punitive gunmen fired at the militia positions with howitzers. The militia struck back, artillery duel ensued. Close to midnight, the shooting subsided. This afternoon again received information about the battles in the city. By evening, it became aware of the application of the MLRS "Uragan" in the settlement of Frunze.

Thus, Kuev did not last a day. And if, with the most peaceful truce, local clashes on the fronts cannot be ruled out, then it is extremely difficult to explain the shelling of cities by “provocation of the militia”. However, Svidomo nothing to explain for a long time is not necessary: ​​their cries about terrorists and Russian saboteurs are easily replaced by calls to level the entire Donbass. They have already stopped lying to themselves, that this militia is shelling the cities, and the troops are fighting against terrorism.
The top leadership of the republics made several statements that they would not get off the hands of the provocations by the punishers, and the ukrovermaht would receive a decent "response". It will be a pity if the “hot phase” of the war comes too quickly, disrupting the exchange of prisoners.
In general, the militia today does not report on the destruction of Ukrainian armored vehicles and casualties: on the contrary, today is the first day when it comes exclusively to the dead, wounded and captured militiamen. Officials themselves ukrovermahta call the number of losses of its personnel find it difficult.
For losses:
Civilians (killed / wounded): 1 / 10
Militiamen: (killed / wounded / prisoners): 2 / 1 / 5

Evening psaka today will be one, but unique. Dill such dill - the phase of denial of the obvious has passed, they recognized their squalid ukropsky essence and decided that they too will be proud of it (as they are proud of their ancestors-punishers): the festival “UkrOp” is held in Odessa. As its organizer said, “people with bad nicknames call us dill.” But after all, their nicknames are not good, but we have the best. ” An exhibition of posters entitled “Let's hit UkrOp on the Colorado priests” has been planned (the Lyashkivites didn’t go there anyway ?!).

I want to summarize that the past day was one of the most stupid during the preparation of reports, both in quality and in the amount of incoming information. As expected, the punishers do not waste time in vain and regroup, pulling up reserves (by the way, foreign reserves, foreign-made armored vehicles are seen), and also arrange provocations. The militia with astonishing exposure keep, as far as possible, the cease-fire: apparently, there is a very big interest to endure. By the end of the day, the situation on the front began to heat up again. What tomorrow will bring us - we will see. "

Yesterday at 23: 22

Message from the militia

"Over the last 24 hours, it has been possible to restore about forty substations, to renew the power supply of a number of significant objects for the city, to launch water in many districts of Donetsk.
In 20: 05 The airport (Donetsk) is still restless in the area, there are periodic skirmishes, gaps sound. "

Yesterday at 23: 51

Message from journalists

"Ukraine will impose martial law in the Donbass if a truce is not fulfilled. Ukraine will have to impose martial law in the Donbass if the truce achieved does not give a positive result." The statement was made by the appointed Kiev junta to the post of Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk. measures will be the fact that Ukraine will be transferred "on a war footing."

Commentary from a lawyer: "If the truce fails, Ukraine may be awaited by martial law, a curfew, a ban on meetings, restrictions on the work of television and the Internet."

Today in 0: 15

Message from journalists

"On the mound of Saur-Grave in the east of Donetsk People's Republic, six militiamen were buried. Five of them were identified. They died in the last battle for this height. On August 26, the DPR army regained control over strategic height, from where it was easy to sweep a wide section of the front.
Tomorrow, September 8, official events will be held at the Saur-Grave dedicated to the anniversary of the liberation of Donbass from the Nazi occupation. "

Today in 0: 30

Message from bloggers

"According to independent experts, Ukraine from 2 May to 5 September 2014 lost 65% of its military equipment. This number includes both destroyed (or damaged to the degree of overhaul) and captured by the militia."

Today in 2: 14

Video from the militia

Yesterday, the militia buried their fallen comrades-in-arms at Saur-Tomb.

Today in 2: 21

08.09.14 Photo Report from Gennady Dubovy "Remembering Semenovka"


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  1. master 84
    master 84 8 September 2014 07: 53
    Partisans rule so quietly crush the juntics
    1. portoc65
      portoc65 8 September 2014 08: 00
      Soon it will be loud .... This silence will not last long ..
      1. Момент
        Момент 8 September 2014 08: 05
        Yesterday, 06.09.2014/14/24, the news program "Events" of the Akhmetov TV channel "TRK" Ukraina "amazed me. In addition to the usual streams of lies at 20: 10-XNUMX: XNUMX, there was an interview with the former deputy chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (under Yushchenko). It was said directly that:
        - a respite is needed to strengthen its position and regroup;
        - NATO is expected to provide weapons, including high-precision weapons. As usual, at every truce, all key TV channels show ATO fighters who say, “Truce with these? No way! They always violate everything! We do not heroically shoot, and they are beating at us with all their guns! You can't make a truce. Let us attack! "

        The militia also needs a regrouping. But it’s not for long, who would doubt it. Is it possible to negotiate with the junta.
        1. vladimirZ
          vladimirZ 8 September 2014 08: 44
          From the letter of the militia

          "... to conclude a truce with the junta now, when the militia has brought down the southern front and gained hundreds of armored vehicles, it's like surrendering to Hitler in March 1945 - this, I'm sorry, must be contrived. Imagine a complete withdrawal of Soviet troops from the territory Hitler's Reich, the adoption of a law on the special status of the occupied territories of the Reich, to ensure OSCE monitoring on the Soviet-German border, etc ... "(from the article)

          Here is the most objective assessment of the "truce" situation !!!
          What could be a truce with the Bandera Nazis? This is only a temporary phenomenon used by the junta to save its encircled troops and to tighten reserves to stabilize the front, and to organize a new attack on New Russia.
          Further, there will be only even tougher resistance of the Kiev junta with even more victims for both sides, until the "victorious" end of the Kiev junta or the Victory of Novorossiya.
          Unfortunately, this is a forced peace for the militias of New Russia, on the part of the comprador bureaucratic-oligarchic government of Russia.
          1. Andrey Skokovsky
            Andrey Skokovsky 8 September 2014 16: 28
            Quote: vladimirZ
            From the letter of the militia
            "... to conclude a truce with the junta now, when the militia has brought down the southern front and gained hundreds of armored vehicles, it's like surrendering to Hitler in March 1945 - this, I'm sorry, must be contrived. Imagine a complete withdrawal of Soviet troops from the territory Hitler's Reich, the adoption of a law on the special status of the occupied territories of the Reich, to ensure OSCE monitoring on the Soviet-German border, etc ... "(from the article)

            Here is the most objective assessment of the "truce" situation !!!
            What could be a truce with the Bandera Nazis? This is only a temporary phenomenon used by the junta to save its encircled troops and to tighten reserves to stabilize the front, and to organize a new attack on New Russia.
            Further, there will be only even tougher resistance of the Kiev junta with even more victims for both sides, until the "victorious" end of the Kiev junta or the Victory of Novorossiya.
            Unfortunately, this is a forced peace for the militias of New Russia, on the part of the comprador bureaucratic-oligarchic government of Russia.

            sorry but you write nonsense
            no one talks about the retreat of the BCH from their positions
            no one offers militias to unlock boilers or retreat somewhere
            no one offers BCH to surrender or lay down arms
            moreover, they NEVER do anything of this
            the person who wrote the "militia letter" does not see beyond his trench, unless of course he is really there ...

            Yes, there is a battle in Donbas, but this battle must be continued, but it seems that under shelling Donbas does not see the war that Russia has been waging with the West for decades, and within the framework of this particular big war, the "armistice in Donbas" is needed like air, maybe

            this is the method of ADVOCACY of the countries of Europe and NATO from the political installations of the USA,

            this is the method of LIGHTING the Ukrainian hotbed unleashed by the USA in the war with Russia in the media already in the West,

            this is the method of BURNING or the fashionable legitimization of New Russia in the world political establishment,

            and in the aggregate of Russia's actions, this is the method of PREVENTING WORLD WAR, localization of the conflict only by the territory of Ukraine and this is the most important

            who really does not need a "truce" and, in general, any contacts between the parties in this war are the Kiev invaders and their curators from across the ocean, because in the process the LIES on the basis of which the civil war was unleashed

            criticism of the "truces" is beneficial first of all to the State Department and the junta, and I would not be surprised if paid trolls start working in this direction, moreover, it is very convenient to pull up criticism of the authorities already in Russia to such criticism

            the current trend of our "all-propals" is "Putin merged Novorossiya", so please do not turn into a voluntary troll singing in sync with the 5th column

            .... you can lose the battle, but you can not lose the war.
      2. VICTOR-61
        VICTOR-61 8 September 2014 08: 07
        Yes, dill is already pulling up foreign equipment and the instructors apparently decided to strengthen the dill in arrogant arming with equipment from Europe and the Americans apparently want to go on the offensive again, which is why the armistice of Russia also needs to reinforce the militias
        1. g1v2
          g1v2 8 September 2014 12: 42
          I rummaged through materials on the armies of eastern Europe and the fact that they have in warehouses. So they can’t strengthen everything - the maximum can partially close the loss of equipment. Moreover, the only country that can provide real assistance is Bulgaria, which alone has Su25 and a large number of old tanks such as T55 in storage, but it does not burn with a desire to help dill. So this European aid will not change anything. Of course, they can help with tanks, as many T72 are armed with their local modifications, but for some substantial help they need to give all their tanks, since dill had more paper before the start of the war than all of eastern Europe combined. In general, in order to help the dill, the Poles need to disarm their army units and nothing else. I doubt that at the moment when they expect a possible conflict with the Russian Federation, they will begin to disarm. In general, all that the countries of Eastern Europe can give are a couple of hundreds of T72 and their modifications, a couple of dozens of Mi24 and Mi8, hundreds of 3 BMPs and armored personnel carriers, a couple of hundreds of barrel artillery caliber 122 and 152 mm, a couple of dozen hailstones. This of course looks impressive if all this is immediately transferred to dill, but firstly it will not even cover their losses, and secondly it will be transferred in small portions and for a lot of money, and it will take a long time to agree on each lot. In addition, so far no one has expressed a desire to help dill with technology openly, and it is secretly difficult to make such supplies.
          1. The comment was deleted.
          2. The comment was deleted.
        2. ispaniard
          ispaniard 8 September 2014 15: 07
          For photos of cars with red crosses carrying ZSU-23-2 and howitzers, the author of the article SPECIAL THANKS. It will now be something to poke into the face of familiar Shirin Ukrainians ...

          Troops of the RED CROSS, they are "SHCHIRNY TAMPLIERS".

          Motto-Shooting at me may be likened to a beast because only me is allowed to kill.
      3. Cadet787
        Cadet787 8 September 2014 12: 00
        Information Bureau of the Army of the Southeast on the night of September 8: the enemy is tightening reserves, provocations are expected
        08.09.2014 - 11: 23

        During the night, the situation did not undergo significant changes. Cases of violations by the enemy of the ceasefire were noted.
        In the Donetsk sector, junta troops continue to regroup to occupy more advantageous borders and regions.
        When trying to stop participating in the fratricidal war and escape from the area of ​​the punitive operation through the positions of militias, about thirty people were shot dead in the area of ​​the National Guard under the squad of the National Guard. About forty survivors were arrested and taken to an unknown destination.
        Under the control of the forces of the DPR army, the settlements of Vorovskoye, Shirokoye, Krasnopolie, Telmanovo and Styla passed.
        At 19.20, while leaving the settlement of Telmanovo, the Nazis fired indiscriminately from small arms and armored personnel carriers at civilian facilities and residential buildings. A local resident was injured.
        From 22.00 to 22.30, residential buildings of Donetsk, located on Avtostradnaya Street, were shelled from barrel artillery. According to preliminary data, one person was injured. Destroyed two houses.
        In the Lugansk direction, the enemy is in previously occupied positions and continue to build up the troop group.
        Under the control of the militia, the towns of Smelye and Slavyanoserbsk passed.
        Three soldiers laid down their arms and crossed over to the militia side of the Aidar National Guard Guard battalion. They confirmed the information about the contraction of the reserve junta by the command to continue the punitive operation. According to them, the reason for its beginning may be a massive provocative bombardment of the positions of Ukrainian security officials with supposedly militia artillery. At the same time, Ukrainian artillery will conduct fire on its own.
        In the Mariupol direction, the situation did not undergo significant changes. The main efforts of the enemy were still focused on strengthening their positions.
        Taking into account the ongoing provocations by the Nazis, the command of the armed forces of the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics took measures to bring all commanders of the units the requirement not to respond to enemy provocations and to prevent disruption to the implementation of the agreements reached in the talks of the contact group in Minsk.
    2. Very old
      Very old 8 September 2014 08: 01
      Who can say hello to LYNX?
      LYS. Hold on! Hello to you from all the Urals
    3. Giant thought
      Giant thought 8 September 2014 08: 53
      There is a complete violation of the truce by the junta, and who would doubt it.
      1. Egoza
        Egoza 8 September 2014 09: 24
        Quote: Thought Giant
        There is a complete violation of the truce by the junta, and who would doubt it.

        A third of Ukrainians are against the ATO, two-thirds are for an immediate end to the war

        Most Ukrainians (57%) are sure that the “anti-terrorist operation” in the Donbass should be completed immediately. They called effective search for compromises and a peaceful settlement an effective measure.
        Such data were published by the Ukrainian Institute of Social Research. Yaremenko jointly with the Social Monitoring Center according to the results of the survey “Assessment by the population of the ATO in the Donbass”.
        34% of respondents believe that ATO is worth continuing, and every tenth respondent found it difficult to answer the question.
        The head of the institute’s board, Olga Balakireva, said that the closer the respondents lived to the zone of military conflict, the greater the number of opponents of the “military path” to resolve the problem.
        70% of residents of the eastern regions, who border or are closest to the Donbass, believe that the ATO should stop. And among the respondents in Donetsk and Lugansk regions (cities and towns where the ATO is not carried out), 77% spoke in favor of the immediate completion of hostilities.
        Most supporters of the cessation of the anti-terrorist operation are in the east (in the Donbass itself), as well as in the northern and southern parts of the country.
        In the West and in Kiev, the opposite point of view dominates - ATO is worth continuing.
        Most Ukrainians believe that the confrontation in the east will not be protracted. About 60% are convinced that it will last no more than six months, and 22% think that it will end in 1-2 months.
    4. Kibalchish
      Kibalchish 8 September 2014 09: 13
      In the near future there will be a military offensive by the junta. States need a MILITARY victory. A quiet drain does not suit them.
      1. alien50
        alien50 8 September 2014 16: 45
        x * yaku them on the neck instead of a rope ... and sleep * with a little honey to smear for slippery ....
  2. Balamyt
    Balamyt 8 September 2014 07: 58
    Although you kill me, but I will not believe that the truce will last a long time! The cunning dill of dill is world famous! They regroup, pull up carts, human reserves, arrange several provocations to blame everything on the militias .... And it will all start from the beginning, but also in a more brutal and harsh phase.
    I would not believe them ....
    1. portoc65
      portoc65 8 September 2014 08: 03
      Yes, dill right now, a truce is needed more than the armies of New Russia ... they were well-fed ... only the ideological ones are fed and so along the way it’s not at all like them .. the army is broken .. the mood is slow .... and it will soon become cold fight .. and damp
      1. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov 8 September 2014 08: 17
        Quote: portoc65
        Yes, dill right now, a truce is needed more than the Army of New Russia.

        New Russia has a heap of junta in the cauldrons in the rear, and so the remnants of the units run around. We also have big losses, although they don’t say it, they are a warrior. They stood under Mariupol for a week, there is no strength to storm and the encircled units were milled for two weeks.
        Now it’s a truce, maybe dill will start thinking about the economy, about gas, about money, about winter. To ruin Ukraine from the inside, this will be the case.
        1. portoc65
          portoc65 8 September 2014 08: 27
          Great hope for General Frost .. hold out to the cold weather and there will be easier. Nna cold without a bravo mood you can’t reassert .... That's just Donbas at least somehow restore that people would winter ...
    2. Cosmos1987
      Cosmos1987 8 September 2014 08: 23
      The dilliness of dill

      The cunning of Jews and the brainlessness of ukrov)
      1. andj61
        andj61 8 September 2014 08: 39
        I really liked the phrase about Matt Lee:
        Fresh doggie today from the State Department: the notorious reporter Matt Lee was accused of "succumbing to Russian propaganda." Comrade Major GRU Matvey Lisitsyn, stop trolling the State Department women so frankly, fail the task!

        That's only by age and importance, he is more likely Comrade Colonel!
  3. volot-voin
    volot-voin 8 September 2014 07: 59
    Well, and who benefits from such a truce when ukrov had to squeeze. It was necessary to conclude a truce at least in Kiev. This means that the enemies will get stronger and trample soon again.
  4. fridge
    fridge 8 September 2014 07: 59
    Based on the data on the registry of Ukrainian flight Mi-24, Su-25 and Su-24 blog militarizm, I’ll try to derive a total figure for all flight aircraft of the Ukrainian Air Force, so that there would be an idea of ​​how many flight boards are left in service. Damaged aircraft and under repair are not included in these figures. Briefly, the approximate composition of aircraft in all military structures (Air Force, Navy, Air Force, Neutral, Emergencies Ministry) as of 23.08.2014 is as follows:

    Mi-8T / TV / MT / MTV / PS - no more than 38
    Mi-24P / VP / R - less than 25 (in 1992 there were at least 250 vehicles in service)
    Su-25 / UB / M1 / ​​UBM1 - no more than 9
    Su-27 / UB - 16-17
    Su-24M / MR - 10-11 (this is from 8 regiments that were acquired in March 1992, there were more than 250 aircraft ...)
    Mig-29 / UB / MU1 - less than 20
    L-39S / M1 - about 30
    An-24B / RV - 2-3
    An-26 / B / KPA / Sh - 16-18
    An-30B - 1
    An-32P - 4
    An-72/74 - 2
    Tu-134AK - 2
    IL-76MD - 5 (this is one of more than 200 aircraft that went in March 1992 ...)
    -The side numbers of the sides participating in the ATO in mid-June were ordered to be closed (the case of liquidation of non-military helicopters in May was also noted), so that it would be more difficult for us to understand how many APUs remained. But even in low-quality photographs of aircraft from the ATO zone, spotters recognize and distinguish cars by camouflage spots and other features, so this "trick" will only add work and is unlikely to help hide the number of aircraft in the APU.
  5. Monetniy
    Monetniy 8 September 2014 08: 00
    how did he end up on the wires? so tossed up with an explosion?
    1. Patriot 1
      Patriot 1 8 September 2014 08: 50
      Dill retreat in different ways. Someone runs away, someone leaves, but those who are especially trained and capable fly away .... It's just that not everyone else has a flight. And when you take off, you need to look at the interference (in this case, wires))))
      1. Egoza
        Egoza 8 September 2014 09: 29
        Quote: Patriot 1
        Dill retreat in different ways. Someone runs away, someone leaves, but especially trained and capable - fly away ....

        Where the Ukrainian military "desert"

        This photograph is nothing more than a mobile crematorium. There are three of these machines in the Ukrainian army, and all of them are currently in Slavyansk, where they are loaded up with work. Thus, the Ukrainian government significantly saves the money that it pledged to pay to the families of the victims.

        No wonder the loss of the Ukrainian army according to the militia in August alone is about 5 thousand people, and according to official Kiev data for the entire time of the war, as the representative of the National Intelligence and Defense Research Center Andrei Lysenko officially said on August 28, there are only 765 of them.

        Stanislav Kozban,

    2. Waterfowl
      Waterfowl 8 September 2014 15: 06
      Looks like I jumped a lot - not b.)))))
  6. shishakova
    shishakova 8 September 2014 08: 02
    The war continues. Why it was necessary to gather in Minsk to decide on a ceasefire, when it is obvious that Poroshenko will not give up air strikes. Putin always calculates his steps and knows what he is doing. And we read the Internet and have a poor understanding of what really happens. However, intuition speaks of the victory of New Russia.
    God help you, dear militia.
  7. FC SKIF
    FC SKIF 8 September 2014 08: 04
    These truces only fetter the hands of the militia, and ukraim do not care. Well their forest, these empty pieces of paper
    1. Eragon
      Eragon 8 September 2014 08: 39
      Quote: FC SKIF
      These truces only fetter the hands of the militia, and ukraim do not care. Well their forest, these empty pieces of paper

      I would not argue that a ceasefire is beneficial only to Kiev. New Russia, it is also necessary. Here we also have to regroup, repair the captured equipment, clean the rear (not the boilers, but the rear - there are also enough Ukrov seams). For cities, a truce is uniquely +. In a calm environment, they will repair infrastructure and deliver food and medicine.
      Although, of course, this truce is a filkin letter. It will be violated as soon as it becomes profitable for one of the parties and, of course, under the pretext "they started first."
      PS The Ukropov army is digging in, building fortified areas. Chuyka suggests that soon there will be no frontal impact, but the coverage of these fortified areas with access to the borders of the former regions. And in Mariupol, one should expect landing from the sea.
  8. Finches
    Finches 8 September 2014 08: 10
    A people whose president is a Swiss citizen, a former security guard is appointed as the Minister of Defense, a man with an unconventional sexual orientation rules the Ministry of Internal Affairs, a Baptist leads the parliament, a special service of the country is headed by a special service agent of another country, the Prime Minister is generally nonsense, and the mayor of the capital is Klyuchko! How, tell me, how can this even defeat anyone ???
    People feel sorry for Ukraine, but they themselves are to blame!
  9. vrach
    vrach 8 September 2014 08: 11
    Not but an episode with a tank with the inscription "To Moscow" that crashed into a concrete hedgehog - super. Honestly, God has a sense of humor.
    1. andj61
      andj61 8 September 2014 08: 52
      You read the chronicle of the ceasefire and the impression that this is a chronicle of hostilities: shelling, relocation, preparation of fortifications, tightening reserves.
      This will not last long - and again there will be a full-fledged war!
    2. vtnsk
      vtnsk 8 September 2014 09: 10
      So God is on the side of New Russia !!! good
    3. Gomunkul
      Gomunkul 8 September 2014 11: 00
      crashed into a concrete hedgehog - super
      This is not a hedgehog, this is a breakwater. In this case, it can be renamed to tankol. hi
    4. The comment was deleted.
  10. VICTOR-61
    VICTOR-61 8 September 2014 08: 18
    Well done, militiamen they conquered about 50 settlements in a week and dill in one Slavyansk for 3 months captured planes tornadoes howitzer helicopters and many others with enormous superiority of personnel and military equipment, and then they simply bombed the city from behind bushes like underpants so that mattresses have no chance to win the war against New Russia, and the army of dill warriors of drug addicts will be defeated by a loved one
  11. zao74
    zao74 8 September 2014 08: 20
    The conclusion of a peace treaty is possible only in Kiev ... after its capture.
    1. vtnsk
      vtnsk 8 September 2014 09: 11
      And with whom, and what is there to "negotiate" with? "Capitulation", it is also in Kiev - "capitulation" ... smile
  12. Vitaly Anisimov
    Vitaly Anisimov 8 September 2014 08: 44
    Maybe someone will come in handy .. Technicians have captured a lot and there is a shortage of specialists!
  13. mamont5
    mamont5 8 September 2014 08: 48
    "Therefore, from a military point of view, only the complete destruction of the fascist junta is the best guarantee of ending the war."

    And most likely, only the complete destruction of the US fascist state will put an end to most military conflicts in the world. The US must be destroyed.
  14. Ptah
    Ptah 8 September 2014 08: 53
    On the 6th photo. What is the young man doing there? In white "crosses" and a smart shirt ...
    Came to stumble upon the horrors of war, an unfinished rotosay?
    And before that I was not aware that it came to him kill correct at the expense of his lack of Svidomo ...
    Why not in the army, scumbag?
    Or are you hoping for Russian men? Many of whom have remained at home the same ...

    Shl. I myself have been thinking about a trip to Novorossiya many times. But, looking at such shitty ones, who are the first to appear not on the front line, but on the places of fierce battles in order to capture a "spectacular" frame and "spread it out on the grid" - I'm thinking ...
  15. DMB-75
    DMB-75 8 September 2014 08: 55
    Let's guys wait! good
  16. 2224460
    2224460 8 September 2014 08: 57
    Quote: vrach
    Not but an episode with a tank with the inscription "To Moscow" that crashed into a concrete hedgehog - super. Honestly, God has a sense of humor.

    Not only a sense of humor, but also justice, all that went from Moscow for centuries to such hedgehogs and got stuck.
  17. Nychego
    Nychego 8 September 2014 08: 59
    The Novorossiysk fellows didn’t give a descent to the dill. Paraphrase of the famous statement: the best way to stop shelling is the artillery positions of ukrov occupied by Novorossiysk.
    And let the political pensioners indulge in a truce game. The sense of a truce is only the restoration of communal apartments in cities, the exchange of prisoners, and regrouping.
  18. sichevik
    sichevik 8 September 2014 09: 03
    Pleased with the news that the Lynx is alive, healthy and unharmed. I would like to wish all the Soldiers of New Russia good luck and live to the Victory !!!
  19. serega.fedotov
    serega.fedotov 8 September 2014 09: 07
    Hurray "Lynx" is drawn!
  20. Combitor
    Combitor 8 September 2014 09: 09
    Everything suggests that this "truce" is just a soap bubble that will burst when the junta finishes regrouping and building up forces in Novorossiya. Does anyone really believe that you can talk about peace with the Nazis and Bandera? Did anyone really believe in good-neighborly relations with the Nazi state, based on the ideology of fascism and Bandera? The militias had an advantage, but the "truce" took this advantage away from them. And when the junta violates all the peace agreements (it still does not comply with them) and again starts full-scale hostilities, it will be very difficult to return the lost advantage to the militias.
  21. Monetniy
    Monetniy 8 September 2014 09: 11
    It is a pity that the Tornadoes were not taken alive, they probably cannot be repaired, but they would be very useful
  22. tehnoluks
    tehnoluks 8 September 2014 09: 21
    And who will explain what the phrase "foreign-made tanks" means?
    1. Hort
      Hort 8 September 2014 09: 34
      I’m also interested. They would write a model \ type to make it clearer.
      But I will assume that no one will drive the new dill, so this is either one of the remnants from the time of the Warsaw Bloc or Western equipment of the same years.
  23. Hort
    Hort 8 September 2014 09: 24
    what a truce in a stump ?! Crush them to the end. You need to take Mariupol to your love to cut them off from the sea (there is a cargo coal terminal there, for example). and freaks from all kinds of national battalions and terbats in general should be captured only for interrogations. And then the boshki on a stake in front of the positions of the remaining dill, so that they could see what would happen to them if they did not stop fighting.
  24. Hort
    Hort 8 September 2014 09: 25
    tanks of foreign production. I wonder what are these? To see the photo - you can understand who from Europe delivers weapons to them.
  25. Alexander I
    Alexander I 8 September 2014 09: 32
    Donbass held a referendum. What could be a truce with the Nazis. The enemy must be destroyed in his lair and not to listen to anyone. And then they started talking about the federation. The people of Donbass made their choice a long time ago and someone does not dare to tell him.
  26. The comment was deleted.
  27. Egoza
    Egoza 8 September 2014 09: 35
    Five NATO countries will provide Ukraine with modern weapons, said Advisor to the President of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko. These are the USA, France, Italy, Poland and Norway. Poroshenko said earlier that NATO members are ready to supply precision weapons. It has already become known about Italy’s plans to sell armored vehicles to Kiev, which were previously delivered to Russia. Experts, however, consider such statements a political bluff.

    Here's about "sell". And the NATO countries were not interested in what kind of money Ukraine could buy at least something? because something will come of it.
    1. Russ69
      Russ69 8 September 2014 10: 02
      Quote: Egoza
      Here's about "sell". And the NATO countries were not interested in what kind of money Ukraine could buy at least something?

      Almost all the countries listed by Lutsenko officially denied his words. Help will be, but not a lethal weapon ...
  28. kotev19
    kotev19 8 September 2014 09: 42
    So the war ends - Berlin, May 1945
  29. Edvid
    Edvid 8 September 2014 10: 00
    The tank with the inscription "to Moscow" was hit. You can see how the armor on the right side and a funnel under the rear slopes are torn apart ...
    1. siberalt
      siberalt 8 September 2014 10: 51
      Padded, not padded. Anyway, the fault of the driver. Went in the wrong place, damn it! laughing
  30. pooka
    pooka 8 September 2014 10: 40
    I liked the dill hanging on the wires. Piglet would hang like that.
  31. SU3555
    SU3555 8 September 2014 10: 46
    Let's take a closer look at the signed document in Minsk - the ministers of the DPR and LPR signed on the side of New Russia, and who is on the side of the junta? The second president of Kuchma? Thus, we have a signature on behalf of not having any authority to conclude and sign agreements. Now, if there was the signature of Yatsenyuk or Poroshenko, however, they would never agree to this. And so we have a certificate of honor. It's like signing a sales contract with a person who has nothing to do with the owner, i.e. the contract will be null and void
    1. siberalt
      siberalt 8 September 2014 10: 55
      Kuchma signed the "Second President of Ukraine". Not a former, not a pensioner, but "Second". I wonder if there is such a position in Ukraine?
  32. Curt
    Curt 8 September 2014 10: 54
    What kind of foreign tanks are these? Old leopards can tossed
  33. Mityasha
    Mityasha 8 September 2014 11: 12
    A truce is when the dill and Nazi columns organizedly go beyond the borders of New Russia and wait there ... With homosexuals, oh right-wing cutters and other scum, there’s nothing to talk about, it’s an unorganized biomass that has nothing sacred. SO keep it guys! All the strength and military luck. No pasaran!
    1. pooka
      pooka 8 September 2014 11: 57
      A truce is when pravoseki, natseks and other homosexuals escaped or are killed. No peedaras!
    2. The comment was deleted.
  34. wanderer_032
    wanderer_032 8 September 2014 11: 34
    It is interesting what kind of sound installation is mounted on this destroyed armored personnel carrier?

    1. pooka
      pooka 8 September 2014 11: 58
      This is a military mobile movie theater with 3D sound
      1. wanderer_032
        wanderer_032 8 September 2014 15: 14
        Quote: pooka
        This is a military mobile movie theater with 3D sound

        Not funny. I know what kind of car it is.
        I just wanted to hear the opinions of others.
    2. pomegranate
      pomegranate 8 September 2014 12: 40
      Psychological warfare (syn. Psychological operations) is the psychological impact on the enemy troops and the population with the aim of demoralizing them and inducing them to stop resistance. It can be carried out in preparation for and / or during military operations. In the USSR, the term special propaganda was used in the same sense
  35. upsarin
    upsarin 8 September 2014 12: 10
    Well filkin grammar was needed for Europe more ...

    More precisely, probably for the Russian Federation - it acts as a mediator / peacemaker, showing that the militias are ready to go to peace, the Russian Federation for peace ... But fascist Kiev - no ...

    And now Europe has a problem - it seems to be calling for peace, but at the same time it contributes to further bloodshed, through the supply of weapons, money, etc.

    Everyone understands that this time will be used for regrouping, repair, etc. It is also necessary for the militias, who very much extended the front of the affected junta.

    Chess ... in short ...
  36. The comment was deleted.
  37. Appius
    Appius 8 September 2014 12: 54
    Finish off the Nazis in their den.
  38. padded jacket
    padded jacket 8 September 2014 12: 57
    Six militias buried at Saur Grave *

    Yasinovataya, work of sappers:
  39. padded jacket
    padded jacket 8 September 2014 13: 00
    Anti-aircraft gunners of New Russia:

  40. Walking
    Walking 8 September 2014 13: 08
    Cleansing should be carried out from unexploded ordnance, otherwise civilians and children will be undermined in the future. Although the sappers are probably not enough.
  41. Zomanus
    Zomanus 8 September 2014 13: 53
    Dill will gather, get bored and offensive. Here it is if the intelligence of the army of New Russia is not sleeping, and burn all at once. In general, this truce was used by both parties with almost the same goals. New Russia was building logistics. since the supply routes have been stretched. Dill is just a bunch.
  42. Ze Kot
    Ze Kot 8 September 2014 16: 34
    I also drew attention to "foreign-made tanks" ...

    Lynx hammer! I myself for some time was looking for info about him ... I remember another video where they saved a pilot from a turntable ...

    A tank on a hitch ... But somehow it doesn’t seem like it just flew in ... And there are no tracks and the general condition ...

    Isn't the T-72B3 pictured in the militia?
  43. chelovektapok
    chelovektapok 8 September 2014 17: 33
    It is too early to expect a "ceasefire" from the Banderaites that a horse is born of a pig. Deceitful, vile, cruel geeks of the Slavic kind. And about "Lynx" - good news! Alive and Glory to God. Victories in the war effort!
  44. _my opinion
    _my opinion 8 September 2014 18: 16
    and drew attention to how dill punishments argue? - our land, what we want is what we turn back ...
    sort of pans sought out - they want to kill, they want to shoot the house, they want to break the truce ...
    like they are the law ... that's how lawlessness is going on ... it reminds gangs of the times of the Civil War.
    By the way, where ukrokarateli are already fighting, Ukrainian land is not the land of Novorossia (LPR and DPR), as soon as the Glavukrops moved troops east and created voluntary punitive gangs, unity / indivisibility immediately evaporated like a dream.