Russian and Chinese elites are preparing for a nuclear apocalypse, or a natural disaster?

While most people are told that everything is normal, humanity is on the right path to progress, a number of governments and the rich people of the planet are building underground shelters "just in case." The authorities of the Russian Federation did not remain aloof from this process.

History with underground structures that were supposed to cover the political, military elite in case of a nuclear war, or powerful air strikes with conventional ammunition, has a long history. Back in 30, in the USSR, under the capital, they began to build a whole system of underground structures, including bunkers (one of which was located next to Moscow State University), underground roads and railway lines, and the Moscow Metro was also part of the overall system. This system is called "Metro-2". According to it, the Soviet elite had to be evacuated from the city limits in a matter of minutes, in case the war began. In the future, this system of structures was improved; at present, some of the structures are abandoned, and the rest are not accurate. Depth - 50-200 meters. Similar structures exist near Pyongyang, Beijing, Washington.

Russian and Chinese elites are preparing for a nuclear apocalypse, or a natural disaster?

Another object that was built later and apparently still exists - this is the Beloretsk-16 object (previously - Ufa-105), or the Closed administrative-territorial unit (CATF) of Mezhgorye in the Ural Mountains. Three decades, since 70-ies, under the mountain Yamantau (the name comes from the head. Yaman tau - “bad, evil mountain”), the construction of a secret “city” has been going on. This is a mountain range in Bashkortostan, the two main mountains: the Bolshaya Yamantau (1640 meters, this is the highest point of the Southern Urals) and the Small Yamantau (1510 meters). It is located on the territory of the South Ural Reserve.

According to the voiced information, the underground city (it is also called the “Putin's bunker”) can provide an autonomous existence, for several months, 30 thousand people, according to other information 300 thousand. From Magnitogorsk to the object, there are auto and railway lines. It is believed that the object was completed in 2003-2004 and conserved after that. There is an opinion that V. Putin visited him, and the cover story was a visit to the Abzakovo ski resort, located in 60 km from the mountain. So, after the completion of construction, Vladimir Putin lost interest in Abzakovo, in 2005, 2007 and 2009 Putin visited the Chelyabinsk region, but did not stop at the Abzakovo ski resort. The new president, Dmitry Medvedev, who visited Magnitogorsk in 2011 in March, refused to visit Abzakovo, preferring to him another ski resort “Bannoye”.

The purpose of the underground object is unknown, there are different versions:

- was originally built as a refuge for the Soviet, then the Russian elite, in case of nuclear war;

- one of the secret objects of the system of the Strategic Missile Forces, part of the Perimeter system (known in the West as the “Dead Hand”);

- the reserve capital of the Russian Federation in the event of a catastrophe of global significance, various scenarios (catastrophic floods, changing the position of the earth's axis, global cooling, world war, etc.), which are regularly voiced by the media.

What are the Chinese preparing for?

The Russian elite are not alone in their fears; in the People's Republic of China, with the 1999-2001 years, a large-scale program for the construction of underground structures is being implemented, according to official legend from “earthquakes”. Although it is clear that the Chinese elite thus increases the country's resilience before a nuclear strike. So only in Beijing for 2009 was built about 15 seismic shelters, which are designed for 200 thousand people, a whole underground city was built in Nanking, capable of receiving 6-7 thousand people, up to 17 hectares, it can autonomously exist one month. Such works are carried out throughout China, in all provinces and large cities: in Jeonju, Sichuan province, 35 shelters are being built at the same time, they can accommodate up to 1,1 million people. They must complete this year.

In addition, the Chinese military carried out titanic efforts to strengthen the defenses of the powers, the project was unofficially called “The Great Underground Wall of China”. According to the Chinese media, a huge network of underground tunnels is being built - in the Hebei region in the north of the PRC. Tens of thousands of Chinese soldiers were mobilized to the construction site of the century, which has been going on since 1995. Since that time, builders have been able to create a number of deep and extensive underground tunnels. It is planned to hide and intercept Continental ballistic missiles of China, which are part of the nuclear powers of the state, in underground shelters. These ICBMs belong to the Second Artillery Division of the PLA (People’s Liberation Army of China) and are an important part of China’s nuclear arsenal.

According to information received by the Chinese media, the tunnels are at a depth of several hundred meters and stretch for kilometers. The Chinese military eventually plan to create an interconnected network of tunnels, the total length of the entire system should be more than 5 thousands of kilometers. Since the length of this titanic structure approximately coincides with the ancient fortification - the Great Wall of China and it was called the "Underground Great Wall of China".

Experts believe that the military point of view, a network of underground tunnels will increase the chances of preserving at least part of the nuclear potential of the Middle Kingdom, if the enemy can first strike with nuclear weapons. The survivors in the underground tunnels of ICBMs and the units serving them will be able to launch a nuclear missile strike against the enemy. The Chinese elite, to all appearances, deliberately leaks information about the existence of such projects in China, this is part of the strategy of "deterrence", allows to keep potential enemies from the temptation to start a nuclear Apocalypse first. A similar principle of "guaranteed mutual destruction" at the time of the so-called. The cold war was used in relations between the Soviet Union and the United States.

But the scale of construction is striking, apparently, the Chinese elite has significant information, since it took such a costly step. And this fact can not be bothered. So Beijing is worried about the ability of the US Navy and Air Force to strike with high-precision weapons on the objects of the PRC economy that they have built over the years of reforms. More than 80% of Chinese modern enterprises, personifying the economic miracle of China, are located in the coastal zone, coastal provinces, that is, they are very vulnerable to a strike from the sea. Therefore, Beijing is trying to empower its Navy so that they can better protect the coast.

Another major project of the Middle Kingdom - the construction of "ghost towns". In China, there are cities in which virtually no population: billions of dollars spent on the construction of huge complexes, which consist of office skyscrapers, government buildings, residential buildings, they are all connected to each other by a network of empty roads, and some ghost towns are located in the most inhospitable places of the PRC (one of the cities in inner Mongolia). Cities create the feeling of an already past Apocalypse, of giant movie sets abandoned by people. According to one version, this "insurance" in case of death of the coastal provinces in the case of a natural, or man-made Apocalypse.

Increased construction of private shelters. Project "New Eden"

In recent years, the fashion for the construction of individual and collective bunkers and underground shelters has swept the United States, Europe, Asia and Russia. So, the American company Northwest Shelter Systems in May of this year reported an increase in orders for 50% compared to the last 2010 year. At the same time, she, like other well-known American company - Vivos (the minimum cost of the simplest shelter from this company is about 25 thousand dollars), and there are Russian customers. One of the famous Russian companies that build underground shelters in the Russian Federation is “Spetsgeoproekt”. The cost of bunkers and underground shelters for Moscow mini-oligarchs and medium-sized Russian officials ordering them is from 120 thousand dollars (typical project "Alpha" on 35 square meters.).

Some large oligarchs are building shelters abroad, so billionaire Elena Baturina, the wife of the former ex-mayor of the Russian capital, Yuri Luzhkov, bought for 2008 £ million the largest private house in London - the Whitanhurst mansion for 50. Currently, under this building a real underground complex is being built, in which there is a cinema hall, a swimming pool and parking for an 24 car. Roman Abramovich, apparently, is preparing to survive a global cataclysm in the oceans. In the 2007, Abramovich bought a US submarine “Phoenix 100” in the USA for 1000 million, she is able to survive a global nuclear war under water. This submarine with a length of 65 meters is capable of diving to a depth of 350 meters, and also has a reserve of autonomy for the crew for a month. According to one version, it is believed that the true owners of the flotilla of yachts and submarines, which Abramovich bought, are the first persons of the Russian Federation and members of the British royal family.

There is information that in the event of a global catastrophe of a natural character, Altai will become one of the most unaffected regions of the planet. Apparently, this information was not the last when choosing a place for the construction of a new residence of the "Kremlin". In the Altai Republic, since 2007, in the Ongudai district, the Altai Compound facility, which is officially owned by Gazprom Neft, is being built. The cost of building this residence is about 3 billion rubles. An 21-kilometer highway with tunnels is being built from the Chuy tract to this estate, only the cost of its first stage is about 1 billion rubles. An interesting fact is that V. Putin has visited Altai annually since 2005-2006 every year, this republic and other representatives of the Russian elite have chosen - Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, State Duma Speaker Boris Gryzlov, Transport Minister Igor Levitin, Anatoly Chubais, German Gref and many others. The protection of the "Altai Compound" is carried out by the soldiers of the private army of "Gazprom" and the Emergencies Ministry.

According to some data, the project “New Eden” is being carried out on the territory of Altai and partially in Tuva, in which not only the Russian political and business elite, but also foreign corporations participate. A whole system is being built of residences, underground shelters, bunkers, warehouses, mini-power stations, which is intended for the residence of several tens of thousands of people from the “elite” and attendants. By the way, the Altai Republic has become a favorite place for the construction of underground bunkers, shelters. By the 2015 year, Altai (“New Eden”) is planned, along with the Black Sea coast of the Krasnodar Territory and the Moscow Region, to be one of the centers of the country where the political and economic elite can live temporarily or permanently, along with their families, attendants and guards. In addition, the "New Eden" plan to create an innovative research center, which will include research organizations, as well as schools and universities for elite children.

D. Medvedev has already voiced the information that Moscow, as a control center, is very outdated and management structures will derive from it. The city has a bad environmental situation, is very overloaded, vulnerable to man-made and nuclear catastrophe.

An interesting fact is that if the Chinese elite is preparing the survival of a part of the people, then the Russian elite creates comfortable conditions for survival in the new world only for their loved ones.

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