"Friendly fire" of Dagestan

"Friendly fire" of DagestanTo date, unlimited and large-scale operations are being conducted in three Caucasian republics aimed at combating terrorist groups. A significant part of the territory of Kabardino-Balkaria, Chechnya and Ingushetia is actually turned into military camps. The locals understand, without unnecessary explanations, that now their life goes according to the legal regime, which serves as an excuse for any human action with a gun in their hands.

It is surprising that a similar regime of a special operation has not been declared in neighboring Dagestan, which simply lives in a constant state of war. Without skirmishes, murders or terrorist attacks a day goes by. Today, Forestry are changing their strategy. In the event that ordinary DPS officers had previously become their main targets, intimidated to such an extent that outside Makhachkala they preferred to travel in cars without identification symbols, and their stationary posts were fixed in the style of medieval citadels, now they can relax sigh. “Forest” are increasingly inclined to personal terror, which is the targeted shooting of FSB employees, special forces, prosecutors, dignitaries and imams, who act as opponents of Wahhabism.

How do security officers respond to this? Countless special operations, the periodic extermination of the amirs and rank-and-file members of the underground, reported daily by the NAK, have little effect on the activity of the "forest" ones. What is amazing in this case, considering the number of law enforcement agencies and their regular number. Only in the republican Ministry of Internal Affairs there are now about 17 thousand people, and, despite the police reform, no one is going to reduce it “because of the difficult operational atmosphere”. Moreover, Dagestan is more immersed in internal confusion, where nobody really is responsible for anything.

In addition to the familiar to all Caucasian republics, the forces of the local Ministry of Internal Affairs, with its OMSNs, riot policemen, SOGs and other special forces, units of the Ministry of Defense internal troops and the forces of the local FSB, which conduct antiterrorist operations, also have two special units in Dagestan. The center of special mission of the FSB (TsSN) and so-called "Detachment-800".

The TsSN is the most closed power unit in the territory of the republic, it has its amazingly equipped base near Makhachkala. His units - the elite, the main part of which consists of the former warriors "Alpha" and "Vympel". The usual number is about 200 people, they are sent to Dagestan for two or three months (local personnel also began to enter its composition soon, but they are few) and are deliberately prepared specifically to fight the armed underground. Now the strike force of the main special operations is made up of strictly warriors of the TsSN, invariably in masks, on armored "Urals" or "Hammers". Subject only to the National Anti-Terrorism Committee, all the acts and movements of the soldiers of the center are kept in the strictest secrecy.

This freemen, certainly, caused envy of local security officers. And about a year ago, the authorities of Dagestan made an attempt to make a subdivision of local subordination similar in rank. Initially, it was planned to legitimize the original personal guards of the President of Dagestan under the name "Detachment-800" (by the number of soldiers). Moscow has rejected such an idea right away. Then the detachment formed from local policemen was dubbed the “mobile detachment of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation”. The truth is that the original name remained in everyday use ... The action of the “Squad-800” did not bring a positive result. During the 10 months of his own existence, he was not fully staffed, and he submits to the Commander-in-Chief of the Interior Ministry troops Nikolai Rogozhkin, however, the rank of the unit is not fully clarified, and the functions are foggy. But the maintenance costs are transparent: a one-year payment fund for the service of contract servicemen is about 300 million rubles, plus an apartment is provided to each soldier.

For Dagestan, the main issue is not even in the number of departments, but in the delimitation of their functions and competence. The obvious leapfrog often leads to sad results. What does the special operation carried out in Kizlyar district testify a month ago.

At dawn 21 in June near the village of Kuznetsovka was found finding a group of militants. The adjacent forest area was cordoned off, a local CTO regime was established. According to the Dagestan Ministry of Internal Affairs, in the valley adjacent to the forest was the main backbone of the “Kizlyar Jamaat”, approximately - 10-14 people. However, the security agency did not indicate that there were also 6 militants in the same place who had moved from the hot Vedeno district of Chechnya for which there was a special operation at that time.

The operation involved more than 2 thousand security officials. In addition to workers from the SOG of the nearby district departments: Tarumovsky, Nogaysky, Babayurt and Kizlyarsky, parts of internal troops, including units from Khankala, units of Detachment-800, and soldiers of the Special Operations Center of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation were delivered to the territory of KTO. The venue of the special operation was taken in several rings of a cordon. For two days, the forest massif was alternately hollowed with artillery and aircraft. At night, each perimeter was blocked by thermal imagers - devices that react to the heat of the human body. Jamaat was cordoned off from all sides. Three days later, the operation ended in complete failure.

Having lost their 2 people killed, the militants were able to break out of the encirclement. The security forces have at least 5 dead Special Forces soldiers and 16 with various injuries. There is information that the deceased special forces came under "friendly" fire. Who will bear the responsibility for the death of the fighters and the worthless millions spent on this special operation is unknown.

All sources in the security agencies in one voice say that "a similar result is logical." There are a lot of divisions in the republic and there is no coordination, all departments work independently. The UFSB does not trust the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the NAK does not trust even the local UFSB, the Ministry of Defense with its numerous parts of contract servicemen conducts its policy. Indecent rivalry creates intrigue. It often happens that they shoot each other. In the settlement of Scarlet Sunrise, riot policemen and Kizlyar SOG (special fire group) 30 mines fired at each other, before they figured out what was happening. Similar cases 10-ki.
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