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Liberals "know everything"

Recently, a fantasy amateur circle called Gruz-200 appeared on one pro-American resource. Headed his liberal activist, human rights activist and blogger "Echo of Moscow" Elena Vasilyeva (there is such, it turns out).

Liberals "know everything"

Here it is (right). Photo taken in Facebook.

And this, by the way, is also Vasilyeva (slightly from a different angle):

So, on their pages in social networks and on the pages of independent media, too overt Vasilieva continually counts KamAZ (sometimes with the use of an untranslatable wordplay). According to activists, hundreds of military bodies are transported to Russia. Quietly.

Speech Vasilyeva supports and official Kiev. However, facts and evidence are not, of course, only an ephemeral barrage of emotions and loud words. For a political marketing strategy, what you need. Just like Uncle Sam taught.

After all, Vasilyeva’s political campaigns of the US Republican Party (1989), business women’s courses (Washington, 1991), and so on, are the marketing and consulting courses KERA (Finland, 1992-93). And this, you understand, obliges.

In her numerous publications, the liberal Vasilieva informs the world not only about KamAZ trucks, but also about "mobile crematoriums", in which they allegedly burn Russian servicemen. In order to cover the traces of their stay in the Donbas.

The Ukrainian press, for its part, cannot rejoice at Vasilyev and relishes her every word. No wonder: after all, she is against Putin and the Russians, and in her comrades she has the unofficial god of Ukraine - the liberal Nemtsov.

Bah, familiar all faces!

As befits a true five-column activist, Vasilyeva struggles with an unknown “putinoid” race, which she sees at every step, empathetically sympathizes with Ukraine, where Krymnash was “illegally squeezed out” for “Russian invasion”. And counts, counts KamAZ ...

The look of the current Russian five-column liberals is extremely miserable, and in some places even hungry

However, judging by the widely presented photographs on the Vasilyeva page on Facebook, the peculiar ringing “Cargo-200” is often in the hands of the most straightforward activist. As they say, comments are superfluous. Enjoy watching:

I am glad that there are bright bands in the biography of Vasilyeva, such as, for example, the multi-year action “Save a child” in the Murmansk region, as well as anti-nuclear and eco-activity. It is very annoying that these good deeds have gone into the background ... Eh! ..
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  1. USSR 1971
    USSR 1971 8 September 2014 09: 18 New
    A bunch of city lunatics. Another rabid monkey in the service of the US State Department.

    There is nothing more to add.
    1. Момент
      Момент 8 September 2014 09: 22 New
      To trust the Ukrainian side, so do not respect yourself.
      Sowing panic is the task. And the people are familiar to the pain, and the traitors are not gone. It is necessary to create conditions for them to leave the choir for free bread and deprive of citizenship.
      1. andj61
        andj61 8 September 2014 10: 01 New
        These are not Russian citizens, but the so-called "citizens of the world," that is, cosmopolitans, agents of Western influence. The West is the source of their comfortable existence, and they themselves are like that - they will sell their mother for money.
        1. insafufa
          insafufa 8 September 2014 12: 40 New
          A bunch of alkanauts judging by their pictures, that's what they drank to a squirrel
    2. Kibalchish
      Kibalchish 8 September 2014 09: 23 New
      Shoot everyone)))
      1. Arberes
        Arberes 8 September 2014 09: 32 New
        Quote: Kibalchish
        Shoot everyone)))

        There, in one of the photos, a babe of not frail size in a yellow T-shirt is standing with a provocative text, you can immediately see from her "inspired" face, that she had a "difficult, hungry" childhood!
        Look how swollen from hunger! Or maybe it's her so from the liberal spirit burst ???
        1. Cetegg
          Cetegg 8 September 2014 12: 24 New
          “Cheating on the Motherland, that is, an act intentionally committed by a citizen of the USSR to the detriment of the sovereignty, territorial integrity or state security and defense of the USSR: switching to the enemy’s side, espionage, issuing state or military secrets to a foreign state, fleeing abroad or refusing to return from abroad in the USSR, rendering assistance to a foreign state in conducting hostile activities against the USSR, as well as a conspiracy to seize power, is punishable by deprivation of liberty for a term of ten to fifteen years with confiscation of property and with reference to a term of two to five years or without reference or the death penalty with confiscation of property ”- article 64 of the Criminal Code of the USSR, according to what article they must be judged! PS And shoot Makarevich with them please! am Well, this is personally a request from me!)
          1. supertiger21
            supertiger21 8 September 2014 16: 54 New
            Quote: Cetegg
            And shoot Makarevich with them, please! Well, this is personally a request from me!)

            It’s not necessary to shoot! Deprive of citizenship and send from the country somewhere, but not to our country! negative
      2. evgenii67
        evgenii67 8 September 2014 11: 28 New
        Here is a new proof, and in the meantime, driving a KAMAZ truck ....
    3. Arberes
      Arberes 8 September 2014 09: 25 New
      Quote: USSR 1971
      There is nothing more to add.

      Nothing, I'll add a few lines in the impromptu now!

      How Vasilyeva you are not brought up!
      And besides excessively well-fed!
      And from your wickedness you are not more beautiful!
      Your place is visible at the pa ... and!
      1. Lukich
        Lukich 8 September 2014 10: 30 New
        Quote: Arberes
        Your place is visible at the pa ... and!

        cargo adviser 200 in dill
      2. GRAMARI111
        8 September 2014 14: 06 New
        one answer to the Yankees - they won’t wait
    4. makst83
      makst83 8 September 2014 09: 33 New
      why "our" liberoids have such vile faces?)
    5. victorsh
      victorsh 8 September 2014 09: 42 New
      In vain. As an additive, in the photo there is not a single woman, one female person.
    6. Very old
      Very old 8 September 2014 09: 46 New
      Noteworthy: PHOTO №1
      Twin sisters
      1. GRAMARI111
        8 September 2014 09: 48 New
        ...... beauties lol repeat wassat
        1. Arberes
          Arberes 8 September 2014 10: 11 New
          Quote: GRAMARI111
          .... beauties

          If this "beauty" at night
          I accidentally dream in a dream!
          Enuresis will provide for a long time
          This girl is "stately" to me!

          Half the trouble if I piss!
          I dry the portcots on the balcony!
          But if I start to stutter ???
          I didn’t give her a damn.
    7. ava09
      ava09 8 September 2014 10: 56 New
      City crazy are not numerous and in the main harmless. These are real enemies, trained and ready to harm Russia to the last. As long as they are paid and they have confidence in their security, they will wage an ideological and information war against us.
    8. GRAMARI111
      8 September 2014 11: 11 New

    9. Giant thought
      Giant thought 8 September 2014 11: 49 New
      In general, it is necessary to institute a criminal case against Vasilyeva for anti-Russian activity, expressed in the dissemination of knowingly false information, discrediting the state authorities of the Russian Federation.
    10. Cadet787
      Cadet787 8 September 2014 12: 17 New
      Quote: USSR 1971
      A bunch of city lunatics. Another rabid monkey in the service of the US State Department.

      There is nothing more to add.

      Who gave these creatures the right to life?
      1. Ayujak
        Ayujak 8 September 2014 15: 59 New
        God. And he did not give such a right. Unfortunately. God knows better.
        1. supertiger21
          supertiger21 8 September 2014 16: 58 New
          Quote: AYUJAK
          God. And he did not give such a right. Unfortunately. God knows better.

          I agree! God decides, not us, to live these people or not to live. Such people are given to us on Earth so that we can verify the right with the false.
    11. SAXA.SHURA
      SAXA.SHURA 26 September 2014 17: 44 New
      This one will achieve with her filthy tongue that she herself will soon be sent with a load of 200 to some sort of garbage dump. There she belongs. That's it.
  2. Alez
    Alez 8 September 2014 09: 20 New
    30 silver coins are relevant among liberals as never before.
  3. Performance
    Performance 8 September 2014 09: 20 New
    "Lovers' circle", like "Lovers of a circle", the concept is discredited, and their work is perceived the same way: "They stole a rainbow from us!"
    1. sergey32
      sergey32 8 September 2014 10: 16 New
      Judging by the amount of booze, they are not lovers of this business, but quite professionals. LTP cries for them.
  4. MSA
    MSA 8 September 2014 09: 21 New
    Traitors were at all times, but now they are acting almost openly.
  5. siberko
    siberko 8 September 2014 09: 21 New
    at stake witch!
  6. Balamyt
    Balamyt 8 September 2014 09: 22 New
    The laurels of the last virgin of Novodvorskaya who died in a Bose do not give them rest ...
    The end is one ...
  7. volot-voin
    volot-voin 8 September 2014 09: 22 New
    Another adder.
  8. Evgen4ik
    Evgen4ik 8 September 2014 09: 24 New
    I will tell you so. This is all bullshit. In each country there are% of people with mental disabilities. Do not pay attention to this, well, or read as a joke.
    1. queen
      queen 8 September 2014 09: 30 New
      Quote: Evgen4ik
      well, or read like a joke

      Only here a certain percentage believes in it, then this is no longer a joke.
  9. Bassoon
    Bassoon 8 September 2014 09: 26 New
    What a disgusting erysipelas (c) Not only Vasilieva, but also her lovers. With regard to such persons, it is necessary to introduce the harshest sentences on the spot without trial or investigation. As for the evidence, it is now the 21st century. The age of the Internet and social networks, so that with their libel they bring themselves under uranium mines.
  10. AlNikolaich
    AlNikolaich 8 September 2014 09: 26 New
    Well, everything is clear here! "Hto pays for the party, that girl and dance!"
    Isn’t it time to do what is right with these corrupt ones?
    Someone does not finish with us ...
  11. queen
    queen 8 September 2014 09: 26 New
    balamut, there’s nothing to add. In the forests of Siberia it belongs.
    1. RU-Officer
      RU-Officer 8 September 2014 14: 52 New
      As Mikhail Nikolayevich Zadornov says: "Such energy would be - but for the benefit of the Motherland!" laughing
  12. 75 hammer
    75 hammer 8 September 2014 09: 26 New
    In fact, when a person fights for human rights, this is cool, but when he stupidly fulfills the headstock allocated by countries that have appropriated "human rights", it's scary !!!
    The United States must be destroyed!
  13. Prussian
    Prussian 8 September 2014 09: 26 New
    It is necessary to pray for our liberals, no one has done more than they did to discredit the liberal idea. A collection of absurd women and nobody who is interested in Russified Jews.
  14. samoletil18
    samoletil18 8 September 2014 09: 28 New
    "... where she went to bed, there is the Motherland!" (from the film "Alexander Nevsky").
  15. shinobi
    shinobi 8 September 2014 09: 29 New
    A lady is promoted. There will be no loud fame for good deeds, no grants. Business, nothing personal. Schushera is near liberal. It’s bad that the article of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation is used very rarely, the poor do not follow the bazaar.
  16. morpogr
    morpogr 8 September 2014 09: 32 New
    This is just a clinic. Just apparently the aggravation occurred in the lady plus menopause and an inferior personal life. And she carried it to politics and to the marginalized. Or maybe there was not enough money and decided to earn 30 pieces of silver.
  17. The comment was deleted.
  18. klavyr
    klavyr 8 September 2014 09: 35 New
    Where so many ur.ods come from request
  19. Nitarius
    Nitarius 8 September 2014 09: 39 New
    but it would not be time for DATA SPECIAL TO SIBERIA FOR FORESTRY!
    where there is no cell-phone connection and WHERE THEY WILL WORK FOR ALL LIFE!
  20. ILYA M
    ILYA M 8 September 2014 09: 40 New
    Well, something the State Department completely blundered. So that such a rabble and political orders ???? !!! Or just grandmother ran out ?! And I think they ran out of personnel in our country !!!!!! And even the youth begins to think, and the generation of "guards" that we raised in the 90s-00s has gone into oblivion.
  21. Bassoon
    Bassoon 8 September 2014 09: 40 New
    I noticed one more detail. The photographs show sows all the time, and sows with brains have always had problems.
    I apologize to the female audience of the site.)
  22. FunkschNNX
    FunkschNNX 8 September 2014 09: 43 New
    And where do they all climb from request
  23. Dragon-y
    Dragon-y 8 September 2014 09: 49 New
    What they pay for - that’s what they do ...
  24. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 8 September 2014 09: 50 New
    Percentage of marginals exists in any society. It is important how society relates to their behavior. If he "doesn’t listen," so let him, if only they do not violate the laws. "If you throw a stone at every barking dog, the caravan will not go far."
  25. mamont5
    mamont5 8 September 2014 09: 51 New
    And why so many pictures of this Mr ... zi sang? I understand that people should know their "heroes" by sight, but two would be quite enough - in front and profile.
  26. Combitor
    Combitor 8 September 2014 09: 53 New
    Great people write memoirs. And scum - notes on Facebook.
  27. maxbrov74
    maxbrov74 8 September 2014 09: 53 New
    What disgusting, vile little people.
  28. pahom54
    pahom54 8 September 2014 09: 56 New
    Heaven was called up by one bitch-psycho-psychic (Novodvorskaya) (rather, on the contrary), so right there a bunch of similar ones like limescale splash ...
    Well, Khuli there is no article in the Criminal Code for such? !!! No - so you need to enter ... And in the Criminal Code, and in such a ...
  29. MSL
    MSL 8 September 2014 10: 02 New
    The photos for the article may have been picked up, but why the gentlemen, clearly expressing their disgust for the country, continue to live happily in it, it is not clear. Why are not such "Vasilievs" being brought to justice.
  30. MaxSanbl4
    MaxSanbl4 8 September 2014 10: 03 New
    It’s time to join the "my shopmate" Novodvorskaya in such a way ...
  31. Stalnov I.P.
    Stalnov I.P. 8 September 2014 10: 12 New
    One little girl died, then the second one appeared, with a bunch of little girls and fagots, you look at their faces, slugs and amoebas, the ciliates of the shoe look beautiful against their background. Even calling them political prostitutes and whores doesn’t raise a hand, these are bitches running after males, and they put it on them ... and do not pay attention.
  32. chunga-changa
    chunga-changa 8 September 2014 10: 18 New
    Why are these Americans all the time scary like that. You don’t look so sick starts. And our peasants rub around them with the same terrible faces that they theoretically produce, even scary to imagine. The hydrocephalus semchenko apparently turned out to be the same.
  33. Lukich
    Lukich 8 September 2014 10: 33 New
    yeah, this and KAMAZ on the go stop.
  34. dmb
    dmb 8 September 2014 10: 41 New
    To administrators one single question? Have any of you ever heard of this elderly "girl." Hardly. So why create an advertisement for her. Moreover, there are hardly any fans on the site. And it is completely incomprehensible how the drunken photos speak of the ideological conviction of liberalism. It is unlikely that they are any different from similar photographs of the most patriotic citizens. I understand that the site has freedom of opinion, but is it really so interesting that the watchdog thinks about the quality of the products found in the garbage dump. Not solid for such a reputable site.
    1. GRAMARI111
      8 September 2014 10: 49 New
      the opinion of "watchdog" - a chronic alcoholic paid by the State Department, is widely circulated by the Ukrainian and Western press. why don't the people know who this madam really is?
    2. aleks_29296
      aleks_29296 8 September 2014 11: 42 New
      dmb Today, 10:41 ↓

      To administrators one single question? Have any of you ever heard of this elderly "girl." Hardly. So why create an advertisement for her.

      This is not an advertisement. The enemy needs to know in person.
      1. dmb
        dmb 8 September 2014 11: 59 New
        "Girl" in order to be known in person, in fact, and broadcasts. She doesn’t give a damn about the opinion of the "advanced user".
  35. ed65b
    ed65b 8 September 2014 10: 47 New
    Some drunkard that is not a photo with a glass laughing
    1. GRAMARI111
      8 September 2014 10: 52 New
      I even imagine what they do every day - they compose fairy tales, spit on the ceiling, wreck at all kinds of stupid conferences, eat, drink and write abstruse reports to the State Department
  36. iwakura
    iwakura 8 September 2014 10: 48 New
    All pictures, solid alcohol libations. Apparently, as 200 grams per chest will take, and on Facebook raves.
  37. Pazifist87
    Pazifist87 8 September 2014 10: 48 New
    On the first screen:

    "Works as a Member of the Bureau ..."

    No comments))))))
  38. Pushkar
    Pushkar 8 September 2014 10: 51 New
    Do not judge strictly. Each drunk earns his own vodka. And what is terrible - the years take their toll. Already, migrant workers ("Ukrainian lads ...") have to go with their vodka and cigarettes ...
  39. Newlod
    Newlod 8 September 2014 11: 04 New
    what are the pigs fattened by the State Department in the photo drinks
    1. Lukich
      Lukich 8 September 2014 12: 12 New
      Quote: Newlod
      what are the pigs fattened by the State Department in the photo

      maybe for slaughter? sacrificial.
  40. Bowless
    Bowless 8 September 2014 11: 09 New
    It would be if conscious citizens at the door of at least food services made signs, we do not serve liberalists and dogs.
    McDonald's, on the contrary, is only a Democrat liberal.
    Zhirik really have to change the name of his den.
  41. Signature
    Signature 8 September 2014 11: 20 New
    Have good deeds faded into the background?
    Do not complain: the farther away from good deeds this madame (in the sense of a very, very big lady), the better for good deeds, and for animals, and for children and, in general, for people.
    That is, for all living things.
  42. Captain45
    Captain45 8 September 2014 11: 56 New
    Comrade President of the Russian Federation, well, on 3, even on the 2 of the month, enter the regime of August 1937 of the year on the territory of Russia! I’m ready to personally take part in the sweep. am Otherwise, we will not see good luck!
    Entangled Russia liberalism threads!
    More terrible NATO liberal appeal!
    Rather, turn the heads of the liberals
    so that the state could live without them!
    1. Pazifist87
      Pazifist87 9 September 2014 10: 17 New
      Dear Captain! Are you sure that you will be in the firing squads? And the dictatorship is so amusing that today you are putting everyone to the wall, and tomorrow you yourself are standing by her, wondering, “For what?”. My personal opinion is that all these liberals are petty mongrels, the wind will blow the other way, and they will howl in a different way, the oaky sneaks from the offs. party wink are no less disgusting. And those and those are essentially the same phenomenon, only their owners are different, well, or sheer schizos like Novodvorskaya.
      Z.Y. And who will you decide to shoot too? Although no, there is always someone who decides everything for you, you do not need to think. You’ll simply be delighted to shoot at first the liberals, then the communists, then the anarchists, then the rastamans, then the homosexuals, then ... but what difference does it make to whom they show you and slap them. After all, they are all enemies of Ray .., pah, hell, Russia, and even the human race in general ...
  43. KOH
    KOH 8 September 2014 12: 26 New
    What I noticed, whoever pours slop on RUSSIA, well, so scary, painted on scary, and not painted, just like in a song ... no
    1. Lukich
      Lukich 8 September 2014 12: 38 New
      Quote: CON
      What he noticed, whoever pours slop on RUSSIA, well, so scary, scary on painted, and not painted, just like in a song ..

      Novodvorskaya introduced such a fashion
  44. Orang
    Orang 8 September 2014 12: 26 New
    In a yellow T-shirt with encrypted text, Novodvorskaya was reincarnated.
  45. Yugra
    Yugra 8 September 2014 13: 09 New
    Let’s throw ourselves at the removal of this creature from this life! How else is the land of geeks like this liberal
  46. 8 September 2014 13: 10 New
    Something begins to nauseate me at the words-SOCIOLOGIST, HUMAN RIGHTS, ECOLOGIST and the like no ! Rotten pulls from here! hi
    1. Orang
      Orang 8 September 2014 18: 00 New
      Something begins to nauseate me at the words-SOCIOLOGIST, HUMAN RELEASER, ECOLOGIST and the like humanitarians no! hi

      Yes, these concepts are misplaced.
  47. SNG01
    SNG01 8 September 2014 13: 10 New
    I look recently all the liberals of the Cossacks mishandled! There is paid propaganda!
    1. Lukich
      Lukich 8 September 2014 13: 32 New
      Quote: SNG01
      There is paid propaganda!

      so they all receive a salary at the sash embassy
  48. atos_kin
    atos_kin 8 September 2014 16: 16 New
    It is good that this Vasilieva has not yet shot a vomit clip about herself as Vasiliev-Serdyukov. Maybe in the world of consumption "Vasiliev" is a virus?
  49. Alfizik
    Alfizik 8 September 2014 16: 23 New
    In the biography of every person there are black and white stripes. Here are just some who rise - overcome the black bars, becoming, for example, Solzhenitsyn, the defenders of their country, while others, such as this Vasilyeva, degrade, despising loved ones, morality and ancestors.
  50. Siberian
    Siberian 8 September 2014 16: 34 New
    Everything is strictly according to Freud - sexual dissatisfaction has a place to express itself in violent public activity. And so in the photo above we see - Holes from the circle (s). Nothing else.