Angara: Triumph or Oblivion. 6 part

"Angara" against the "fifth column"

On July 9, 2014, a significant event took place, which will be a landmark not only for the Fatherland, but also for the entire global space. For the first time in the world, the modular rocket, the Angara, was launched from the Plesetsk cosmodrome. It seemed that not only in the run-up to the launch, but months and even years before this event, all those involved in this project should embrace the thrill of creativity, the euphoria of enthusiasm. Still would! All of them have contributed.

Now let us go down from space to earth and find out who and how made a “contribution”. Let's start with a shocking statement:

“I have been engaged in“ Angaroy ”for a long time, since the beginning of my activity as the head of the cosmodrome, then the commander. Personally, my belief that this rocket for the East is a dead-end rocket, it will not give us the opportunity to develop. We will then have to invest a lot of money again and build something else next to it. I believe that Angara is a dead-end solution for the subsequent development of our country in this area. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare a convincing program for the report to the president, no matter how difficult and unpleasant it is, because they were convinced of something else. But we will not spend money in vain and wait for something, we need to take an ACTIVE POSITION. ”

Wow! Aerobatics, bravo, the Anglo-Saxons! Centuries ago, they learned a lesson, which is to say, the most important thing is who said it! And this was not said by some “sick” blogger, but by a serviceman, “a sovereign person” - the head of Roscosmos, Oleg Ostapenko. Let us and we will use the "methodology" of the Anglo-Saxons and we will not "comprehend" what he said, but we will comprehend who "he" is and where they took this "handsome."

We will not go into his biography, there is nothing interesting there, a typical martinet career. Interesting things started in 2007, when Ostapenko became the head of the Plesetsk cosmodrome in the Arkhangelsk region and, most importantly, under what circumstances.

In order to clarify these circumstances, you need to ask yourself a question: why did the former head of the cosmodrome Anatoly Bashlakov not please the authorities? First of all, he did not “like” the Americans, who accused him of corruption. A strange thing, a military official, a corrupt official, and on such an important secret object that sits on their “hook” is a treasure trove for them. Why is it "merge"? The fact is that in Plesetsk, as in other regions of the former USSR, there is a program to eliminate weapons mass destruction and demilitarization of defense industries, commonly known as Nunn-Lugar. The scale of this program amazes even the tempted. As of October, only 2012’s thousands of nuclear missiles were destroyed by the 2,5, as well as 33 nuclear submarines, 155 bombers, 498 mine launchers — you can’t list them all. Also striking is the scale of financing and its constant companion - corruption. Suffice it to say that from 8,79 billions of dollars allocated by the US Congress over the same period, a significant portion of the funds was "legally" spent on orders to US contractors and consultants. Well, it is no secret that overseas "benefactors" during the inspections could have access to secret information.

It was under this “American rink” that the poor fellow Bashlakov got, and what a “coincidence,” the monstrous and at the same time strange death of a conscript soldier. Feels like style. Here, of course, it’s not necessary to hang a nimbus with Bashlakov’s wings, but there’s no doubt about how they can “work professionally” with officials. Well, after the congressmen screamed about the money of American taxpayers, it became clear that in order to calm them down, Bashlakova had to be replaced by the “right” person. Such was the "hero of our play."

There is no doubt that the new chief began to coexist "peacefully" with his American colleagues. And here "the card and flooded him!" Such a career could envy Potemkin and Witte.

From 30 June 2008 of the year (in a year!) - Commander of the Space Forces of Russia. From November 8 2011 - Commander of the Aerospace Defense Forces. From November 9 2012 - Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation. From October 10 2013 - Head of the Federal Space Agency.

Come up with such a "Stirlitz" no literary imagination is not enough! How can you engage in “Angara” and not “believe” in it, and even develop an “active position” on this matter!

Now we’ll listen to another, no less “authoritative expert”, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Cosmonautics named after Tsiolkovsky Andrey Ionin: “... Everyone understood that the universal solution (this is about the module. - Note by the author) is not Ideally, it is impossible to make a light rocket, medium and heavy, on the basis of a single decision. The unified approach to the creation of "Angara" was a compromise aimed at reducing prices: the price of development, manufacture and development of products. But a paradox happened: the rocket turned out to be more expensive than the Proton. Because the technical solutions used in the process of creating a rocket were not properly tested in terms of cost. The RD-191 engine made as a result for Angara was expensive and not as effective as its constructive predecessor RD-180. ”

Shock! Just "goosebumps"! Does he understand what he is carrying? How can you compare a serial rocket with a “boxed” one, where each unit, including the engine, is repeatedly redone? The same "Proton" during the serial tune-up fell in value more than three times. I'm not saying that the heptyl “Proton” cannot be compared with the “Angar” in principle! And what was the “guilty” modular concept of production “before him” and why does it not allow making rockets of different classes? An elementary example of a module is a brick. From it you can safely build a one-, nine-and sixteen-storey house. It's all about the properties of the module. If it is too small - the house will be expensive, if the module is too large, then the house will also be expensive, because its thick five-meter walls will look like a fortress facade. Or, in principle, a house cannot be built if the brick is rotten, like the brains of this unfortunate academician. So why didn’t he like the hangars module? Nobody is going to make a “Volcano” out of it, or vice versa - to shoot down fighters with this module. This is fundamentally possible, but expensive.

Then let Mr. Ionin turn his brain on and at least decide for himself: is the modular concept acceptable to him in principle or not? If not, then why, from the “Falken-Hevi”, made according to the modular concept, does his eyes roll over from bliss? This is reminiscent of cheap prostitution, Russian academics generally unnatural. Now I dare to quote the "thoughts" of this "handsome":

“The Falken family of rockets is created on the basis of a production model new to rocket production, ensuring its price competitiveness. All previous missiles - Russian, American, Chinese - were made on the basis of the production model that was laid down by Korolev and von Brown in the 50s of the last century. This model is based on a narrow specialization of manufacturers. This made it possible to solve problems in the shortest possible time, while each was engaged in his own narrow piece. But the flip side of narrow specialization is a unique production and the highest price. Mask later 50 years came to the problem differently (Elon Musk - the owner of SpaceX. - Approx. Aut.), Abandoning the narrow specialization. He said that he would do everything possible on his own, and followed the path of maximum narrowing of cooperation. Therefore, its rockets are cheaper than others. And it is impossible to compete with Mask in the framework of the old production model ... Russia needs to rebuild the rocket and space industry, taking into account the Mask experience. Because he modernized the production process to the same extent as Henry Ford, who offered the pipeline. Without making your pipeline, we will not be able to compete with him. "

Everything - upside down! Superficial "academic mind" Ionina hears a jingle ... but she cannot get to the bottom of the subject. You, the reader, must have noticed the contradiction in the quote. Any production worker will say that low cost is a direct consequence of just specialization. I will have the courage to read this “expert” a primitive educational program with illustrative examples.

The conveyor of Henry Ford, which the author of the quotation hopes for, is nothing more than a continuous method of production. The essence of the flow method is the mass production of the constituent elements (parts) of the final product, which are produced in a specialized way. A specialized method always implies the minimization of costs for the production of parts. Costs are mainly of four types: energy, human, material and production and technology. For example, a capitalist needs to start a metal part in mass production. The lathe, producing the same operations with a blank, needs not multi-profile, but specialized, which means it will be less mass, simpler and cheaper. This means that in production and in operation the machine will be low-energy. To turner less spent time and chips, the blanks will be delivered special, that is, the maximum fit for the future part. The turner himself, performing the same type of work, without being distracted by other operations, will work productively. The monotonous work of a narrow profile does not need high qualification, as well as a high salary. If the order quantity for a part is large, then the capitalist can go further - to refuse from expensive turning production, and to re-equip the workshop for stamping or casting, and so on.

What does the bourgeois do when it receives an order from Elon Musk? That's right, it bends the price, because it is unprofitable for it to produce a small batch of parts. Why doesn't Musk order a large lot? Obviously, fears that it will be in the scrap metal. And now let us ask ourselves the key question: why does Musk try to produce the part himself, if the costs are no less, or even more than that of a specialized enterprise? There can be only one answer - Elon Musk is trying to keep as much working capital as possible within the corporation. Imagine, he made an order, and then threw it. A lot of money was irretrievably gone, and I paid the salary to the workers, bought kerosene ... You can understand him, but most importantly, he understands that his “strategy” is pure palliative, it can temporarily ease the situation, and then collapse.

In the twenties of the nineteenth century, Russian landlords acted this way. After selling the crop in the market, the money was retained, not letting it go. And so that the “serf corporation” should not depend on the industrialists, they would set up a village blacksmith, weaver, cooper and so on. As a result, the industry, not having a sales market, was at the level of handicrafts, the village fell to the level of subsistence farming, and landlords with working capital enjoyed themselves at balls. I remind you that in England, France and other European countries, the industrial revolution was in full swing, and we got so degraded that after 30 years, English and French officers, going to the Crimean War, took with them furniture, wives, dogs and favorite prostitutes . For the West, it was a colonial war, and they did not see the difference between Russia and, say, India.

I will give an example from the present. Enterprise “A” constantly leases dump trucks from a specialized motor transport enterprise “B”. After some time, the firm "A" decided to abandon the services of the firm "B" and acquired three new dump trucks. At first glance, the right thing, production assets have increased, working capital has increased, irrevocably no need to transfer money to the company "B". But it turned out differently: through 5 years, firm “A” put all the dump trucks into scrap metal, while the twenty-year-old dump trucks of “B” were operated. It turned out this way because the firm "B", having 100 units of equipment, could afford to have a repair base, stands, a diagnostic center, an extensive staff of specialized mechanics and much more. For obvious reasons, the firm "A" could not have it all.

Now let's answer the question: why did von Braun’s “moon” rocket turn out to be prohibitively expensive? The answer can be only one - all components were not produced by the flow method. There was no point for the contractor to restructure production to the flow method, knowing that Saturn does not have any serial prospects. Moreover, NASA knew perfectly well that this rocket would not have a “follower”, so the number of components was ordered without warranty, that the contractor would do something similar in the future. And if we take into account the fact that the contractor did not do “something like that” before that, you can imagine what price he wore. Let me remind you that the "Saturn" was not as a serial follower, and serial predecessor. I wrote above that the lunar astronauts had previously “trained” on the aerosine “Titans”. So it’s not necessary for Jonin to question von Braun’s managerial abilities and for Korolev. Let it be better to question your own mind and decency.

"Angara" screaming SOS! "

Now we need to think: what in reality can the “fifth column” do with “Angara”? True, it has already done quite a bit, at least 7 has delayed the project for years, introduced to the masses the following way of thinking that Angara is outdated, unprofitable and unpromising. But this is not enough for them, because time will put everything in its place, because the Angara physically already exists even in the form of the South Korean Naro-1 rocket.

The answer suggests itself unequivocally: try to minimize the financing of the project. This, in turn, will affect the number and cost of launches. You understand that mass character is the trump card of the "Angara" and, knocking this trump card away from her, you can slowly bury the project. You can still deprive the Angar of the cosmodrome, because it is obvious that no matter how beautiful the plane is, but without a normal aerodrome with the appropriate infrastructure, it is nothing.

This is why Ionin "thinks" about:

"Angar" must be brought, although it is clear that this rocket does not have a market fate. You can not throw a project, because it simply demoralizes the industry. Therefore, the rocket should be completed and used on Plesetsk for launching military and dual-use vehicles. Let it cost about $ 130 million, let’s launch it 3 once a year. And we will have a guarantee of starting sovereignty, a new rocket, and everything is fine. There is no need to build another launch facility for Angara on the East. It will be money thrown away, because it will not care at all in the market ”.

Further, I quoted above, there are “arguments”, what kind of Mask is “clever” and how we need to level it.

This is what is called “for them” to retreat to the positions prepared in advance and to conduct aimed fire from these positions. But Dmitry Payson, Director of Development of the Skolkovo Space Cluster, turned out to be a “marketer” to the bone. He wants to restructure the Eastern for another project and that “Russia should support competition among manufacturers of rocket technology. Many in the same industry are convinced that competition is necessary. " Of course, Pyson sings the praises of Elon Mask and his technological "masterpiece."

I will quote his statement without comments, everything is said above, and I bring it to your court, so that you can estimate what rubbish is going on in his head:

“Buying in the store those parts and components that are there, minimizing out some mechanical work, doing everything inside the large workshop, not laying on heavy, expensive, very efficient engines, but making the engines much simpler, cheaper, but putting more of them on a rocket, using a number of such technological features and tricks, Mask did manage to build a cheap rocket. ”

Well done, do not say anything! But for some reason, these "good people" do not crawl out of the studios of "Echo of Moscow" and "Rain"! Interestingly, Venediktov, Sobchak and others find them themselves to get a "consultation", or someone "whispers" to them? And these are people of the highest official and academic degrees! If I go down at least half a step below - I’ll charge in my eyes, you can't pick up any format! These "specialists" decorated themselves with all sorts of regalia, as the natives decorate themselves with feathers and beads. It is bad that these "amulets" do not save them from idiocy and dishonesty.

How is it? We, having an unsurpassed rocket in all respects, can lose it. The fact that she physically exists does not mean anything. “Buran” and “Energy also existed - and where are they now? The West with its “star wars” elegantly “threw up” Gorbachev's combiner, like a poker boob. We all witnessed the "cutting" of the country, national wealth, nuclear submarines, spaceships ...

Maybe enough? I appeal to the “mighty of this world”: how will you, in the “other world,” look into the eyes of Korolyov, Tsiolkovsky, Zander? If you are not indifferent to the fate of the Fatherland, make an effort to neutralize these bad people! Save the "Angara"!

Do you think the bluff with Falken impresses anyone except our fifth column oligophrenics? Here the answer is unequivocal - no one. One must look not at what they state, but what they do. And they are doing something that again extends the contract with Roscosmos for the period from June 2016 of the year to June of 2017 of the year under the program of manned flights, despite all the sanctions. But the Congress does not want to allocate money for its manned flight program. According to the head of NASA, Charles Bolden, in order to ensure a manned flight on an American ship, it is necessary for Congress to allow 821 to allocate a million dollars requested by the president. But “non-patriotic” congressmen, more than half of the requested money, namely 424 million, are allocated to Roskosmos for the renewal of the contract. The question is - where to hurry? Until the end of the term of the previous agreement - the whole 2 of the year. And I remind you that SpaceX is planning the launch of a manned spacecraft through 2 of the year.

It’s just that parliamentarians are well aware that it’s not through 2, not through 3, and they will not have a manned ship for more years. Maybe Charles Bolton understands them more, he, as the head of NASA, concluded a contract with Elon Musk and paid him 1,6 a billion dollars? Bolton, with uncharacteristic pessimism for Americans, said that even after 3 of the year, that is, in the 2017 of the year, he questioned the manned American flight. In simple words, Bolton needs to take a contract with Musk and go with him to ... bushes. We, in turn, would provide the NASA chief with scientific dissertations of all kinds of ionics there.

We need to learn one simple truth: Americans cannot work without oversaturated financing. With “ordinary” cash infusions, they will construct cosmic “Potemkin villages”.

The expression, “the need for invention is cunning” is not about them. “Exemplary” financing was in the 60s, when a “lunar” rocket was built, the scale of cash infusions and why everything is so expensive - it was said above. The most important thing is that they would have failed to implement the “moon” program with less money.

Today is a case in point. Americans are treading water with smaller projects, and no “marketing moves” by Elon Musk will save them. In order to make a new technological breakthrough, America first of all needs to realize a financial breakthrough, and this is unlikely to succeed. What exactly she will do is to at least pat the nerves of our “Angara” ...
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  1. +22
    9 September 2014 10: 05
    Only when Shoigu took up the Angara did she fly. If the government has an understanding, no Ionin will be able to bring it (power) to the goal. But if the authorities have neither thoughts nor aspirations - then at least the count on their head is comfortable for them - the cart will still remain there. So let's see what the fifth and sixth columns can do with Russia. The main thing is that the people of Russia understand what the Sobchaks and Venediktovs are with the Shendorovichs. bully
    1. +6
      9 September 2014 10: 38
      The main thing is that the people of Russia understand what the Sobchaks and Venediktovs are with the Shendorovichs.

      I think people already understood this. There is no one to disperse this gang. Or there was no team.
    2. +3
      9 September 2014 10: 44
      Shoigu is not eternal, Putin is already old. And these "akademiks" are quite successful and deliberately grow up a shift for themselves, create "schools" and fill the lower floors with followers, through all this a normal person can no longer break through. In 37, the same husk was cleaned out of industry and by the time of the war everything began to get better with production. Now the war is in full swing, but our horse is not lying around. I think the outcome of the war will not be what everyone thinks.
  2. +8
    9 September 2014 10: 28
    Something I didn’t like at all that, according to the author, people paid for from the USA are sitting at the helm of our cosmonautics, slowing down development by all means. Where is the FSB looking? If a person managing a project whose responsibilities include developing this project has the audacity to criticize this project and recommend closing it, then ... why is such a manager needed? One criticism and populism, no suggestions on how to do better or change for the better.
    How can it be generally recommended to throw out only a rocket that has been born, only from the thought "because it will not work on the market all the same." Someone has calculated the economic benefit already ??? And the political one?
    Enrages such an attitude ...
    1. +1
      9 September 2014 22: 19
      Where is the FSB looking?
      And where does the SBU look in Ukraine? There, the whole floor was given to the CIA ...
      And Putin after the Crimea as a substitute ...
  3. +3
    9 September 2014 10: 54
    For some reason, this does not surprise me at all. Well, a colony is not supposed to have its own technological production. They know how to reconfigure their brains. Krajina example. Well, our government is a colonial administration. Will the statesmen have enough strength to defend the interests of Russia? Or will the personal profit-above-all system prevail? In reality, the rocket and space industry is the last bastion of the greatness of our ancestors. And the problems that have appeared in it in the past few years confirm that the "partners" will not put up with this. Moreover, they win with our own hands. Yes. Loot wins Good.
  4. -2
    9 September 2014 10: 56
    Russia needs to rebuild the rocket and space industry based on the experience of Musk. Because he modernized the production process to the same extent as Henry Ford, who proposed the conveyor. Without making our conveyor, we will not be able to compete with it.

    And what is wrong?

    Elon Musk, founder of the renowned aerospace company SpaceX and author of some futuristic ideas, is certainly someone who can "look" into the future for a while. And just recently, he published a video that demonstrates a method of interacting with three-dimensional models, implemented on the basis of high technologies, which in the future, no doubt, will become the basis for systems for designing parts and assemblies of missiles, machines and other mechanisms. What Elon Musk is showing us is not yet fully ready for practical use, but it is a demonstration that will be widely used by engineers in five to ten years.

    Users of computer-aided design (CAD) systems have long been able to manage and edit various objects in three dimensions, but so far all this has been done on flat two-dimensional displays using the keyboard, a traditional mouse, or, at best, using special three-dimensional manipulators. All this leads to some limitations of functionality and related inconveniences.

    But, now there is a fairly wide range of three-dimensional controllers, such as Microsoft Kinect, and other similar devices that can use the cameras and infrared rays to track the movements and gestures of human hands in their immediate vicinity. And Elon Musk clearly demonstrates that such devices are the missing link in modern computer-aided design technologies.

    By combining the functions of XNUMXD design software with the capabilities of the Leap Motion device, which has recently appeared on the market, you can use intuitive simple gestures to control the transformations of parts in XNUMXD space. And if you add soundtrack, a XNUMXD display, or a virtual reality device like the Oculus Rift to all this, you can realize the high-tech "miracles" of design that Tony Stark showed us in the movie "Iron Man".

    Of course, existing methods for tracking gestures and movements do not yet have the accuracy sufficient for the operation of software tools in CAD systems that operate in hundredths and thousandths of a millimeter. However, Elon Musk is confident that in the near future software developers will successfully cope with this problem, allowing engineers and designers to manipulate three-dimensional objects with the required level of accuracy using natural gestures.
  5. +11
    9 September 2014 11: 06
    And in the meantime:
    Spacecraft nuclear engine
    "At the JSC Machine-Building Plant in Elektrostal, near Moscow, specialists assembled the first fuel element (TVEL) of a standard design for a space nuclear electric propulsion system (NPP). This was reported by the press service of the State Corporation Rosatom. The chief designer of the reactor plant is JSC NIKIET. The work is being carried out within the framework of the project “Creation of a transport and energy module based on a megawatt-class nuclear power plant.” According to Yuri Dragunov, director and general designer of NIKIET, according to the plan, the nuclear power plant should be ready in 2018, writes Lenta. , in terms of the scope of work of ROSATOM, everything is going according to plan, in accordance with the roadmap, "Dragunov said. It is planned to use the nuclear power plant for long-distance space flights and long-term work in orbit. In particular, the creation of this installation will dramatically reduce the time period, necessary for the Martian expedition. The NPP project was approved in 2009 by the Commission on modernization and technological development of the Russian economy under the President of Russia. The preliminary design was completed by 2012. This is a leap into the future. This engine will allow us to land first on Mars, and return back. This is a leap already in the 22nd century, a breakaway from everyone else. Today Russia is trying to dominate the space industry, new spaceports and rockets are being built. I hope we will be able to return the greatness of the once former Soviet cosmonautics "
    Work is on
    1. +2
      9 September 2014 13: 09
      In short, the payload for a heavy Angara has already appeared. That’s Putin lashing the builders of the cosmodrome even for a lag of 1-2 months.
    2. 0
      9 September 2014 19: 25
      Quote: bmv04636
      Spacecraft nuclear engine

      this is not a nuclear engine, nuclear is RD-0410
  6. +1
    9 September 2014 12: 16
    And now let us ask ourselves a key question: why does Musk try to produce the part himself, if the costs are not less, or even more than that of a specialized enterprise?

    Elon Musk explained why his company is not like NASA. SpaceX almost does not use outsourcing in the main areas: engines, ship's hull and rockets, as well as avionics, are produced by it independently. NASA, in the midst of the era of shuttles, on the contrary, gave the bulk of the work to private producers, who, firstly, were not interested in reducing the cost of their part of the contract, and secondly, even having discovered one or another innovative solution, could not on the design of the spacecraft as a whole - after all, the decisive word has always remained with NASA conservatives. Partly the almost complete absence of outsourcing is determined, according to Mr. Mask, and the general situation in rocket science: "There is no Foxconn (a Chinese manufacturer of electronic components) in the rocket business." If we compare the situation with Apple, which also costs a lot without outsourcing in the design of its technology, then at least the apple-growers could give the production to the side — there was someone. But in rocket science there are no companies ready to take on such tasks.

    Another problem is the close connection of civilian rocket technologies with technologies for the production of intercontinental ballistic missiles, which makes international cooperation impossible, especially with China, Elon Musk concluded.

    There can only be one answer - Elon Musk can count his money. Why should he give expensive small-scale production to the side, when you can save on this?
  7. +2
    9 September 2014 13: 07
    Our trouble is that we love to suck on the opinions of various "ionins" and let off steam in reflection. Publish less such articles and more comparative analyzes with foreign counterparts.
  8. +7
    9 September 2014 13: 19
    Quote: rotor
    And recently, he published a video that demonstrates the method of interaction with three-dimensional models, implemented on the basis of high technologies, which in the future, without a doubt, will become the basis of the design system for parts and assemblies of rockets, machines and other mechanisms.

    I apologize, but in this video, apart from pouting cheeks with a well-combed uncle, there is nothing useful.
    Turning your hands around a three-dimensional model of an engine is not a design or engineering - it is a performance. Real nodes are not designed using the method of pulling metabolols, but based on technological and material science algorithms. That is why a modern CAD system costs hundreds and thousands of times more than a program that can turn a three-dimensional model so beautifully through the "kinetics interface". :)

    The only thing that, in my opinion, will actually advance in design from what is shown in the video - the technology of three-dimensional "printing" through layer-by-layer sintering of metal powders with a laser.

    Quote: rotor
    NASA, in the midst of the era of shuttles, on the contrary, gave the bulk of the work to private producers, who, firstly, were not interested in reducing the cost of their part of the contract, and secondly, even having discovered one or another innovative solution, could not on the design of the spacecraft as a whole - after all, the decisive word has always remained with NASA conservatives. Partly the almost complete absence of outsourcing is determined, according to Mr. Mask, and the general situation in rocket science: "There is no Foxconn (a Chinese manufacturer of electronic components) in the rocket business." If we compare the situation with Apple, which also costs a lot without outsourcing in the design of its technology, then at least the apple-growers could give the production to the side — there was someone. But in rocket science there are no companies ready to take on such tasks.

    For starters, to argue that Apple "dispenses with outsourcing in designing its technology" is a big twist against the truth. In their products, as a rule, there are no original developments "in metal" at all. The era when Apple pushed the original engineering solutions faded into oblivion even before Jobs returned to leadership. Today Apple focuses on marketing and software, and uses third-party components and manufacturing. Including Foxconn.

    And then it should be recalled that the effectiveness of the "I do everything myself" concept is confirmed only in case of piece production, in which the components are made in a single copy. Here, yes, you can create a kind of production that will become more efficient than the system of subcontractors. In our military-industrial complex there is an example of the same solution: when the Invincible was given the task of creating a missile system in the shortest possible time, he created the "most expensive garage in Europe" - his own rocket plant, equipping it with everything, including the LSI production line.

    The browser system error and you have that you confuse the process create rockets and its production. NASA was required to make the Shuttles in series. And fast. Moreover, the program was not planned to be curtailed; it was seen as promising.

    And this is how Elon Musk will wave his arms when NASA says to him: "Ok. We like your rocket. Now, come on, make us 12 pieces this year, 24 next and 36 next year ..." :)
    1. 0
      9 September 2014 13: 46
      it is not construction or design - it is a spectacle.

      Elon Musk presented his vision of designing and constructing the future. It is implemented using gesture-driven software associated with a 3d printer.

      “I believe that we are on the verge of a breakthrough in development and production, thanks to which it will be possible to take some idea from your brain, transfer it to a 3d object using simple manipulations and then take this object and print it,” he says.

      In conclusion, Musk shows how SpaceX uses the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. It allows you to edit the digital model of the engine in virtual space.
    2. 0
      9 September 2014 14: 12
      Today Apple focuses on marketing and software, and it uses third-party components and production.

      Apple, for example, in the central processor Apple A6 did not use a ready-made processor design, but developed its own.
  9. 0
    9 September 2014 13: 41
    God forbid salute the Angara and after all, the "caste of the untouchables" will not take anyone for the udder. Take off the rocket from the start. table and go to the mattress maker. They PROMISE to make a manned rocket. Idiocy.
  10. 0
    9 September 2014 13: 53
    The thoughts expressed in the article directly correlate with the statement, a couple of years ago, of Israel’s intelligence chief: Russia will soon lose the space industry. And, it seems, at the very top of the Russian leadership, there are such performers. Emergency missile launches confirm this.
  11. The comment was deleted.
  12. +2
    9 September 2014 14: 05
    It seems to me that Ostapenko criticized the Angara for the fact that it would not work out as an extra-heavy carrier. Namely, this is necessary for a breakthrough.
  13. +2
    9 September 2014 14: 09
    Quote: Author
    From the Plesetsk Cosmodrome the world's first launched modular rocket - "Angara".

    Some kind of spiteful statement ..
    1.Yes RN "Angara started for the FIRST time in the WORLD, as before RN R-7, Saturn, Shuttle
    2 Angara-1.2PP - "normal" 2-stage launch vehicle
    3. R-7, in which the engines of the central block and side blocks almost identical.
    4. Is the Delta IV Heavy not modular?

    Number of launches (all Del from "medium") 25 (Heavy: 8, Heavy: 21.12.2004/XNUMX/XNUMX)

    Modularity ... this is not only the unification of costs from the required payload, but also transport (logistics) and industrial (technology) restrictions.
    [i] Analysis of the railway overall limitations showed that for a missile block with a diameter of 4.1 m the length cannot be more than 24 m. This is about the Victoria-K LV. [/ i]

    Quote: Author
    The "hangar" must be brought up, although it is clear that this missile does not have a market fate.

    There are so many people (and not all of them: 5th column and
    Quote: Author
    our oligophrenic
    as stated by the author, as many opinions

    1. "Proton" and "Zenith" with approximately the same efficiency of launching the mass of PN into orbit - 3,1% to the launch mass of the rocket. The Soyuz rocket family, where this indicator 2,6-2,7%, depending on version.
    the planned, that is, not yet implemented, indicator for the Angara rocket is known - 2,8%
    Efficiency in comparison with "Soyuz" (more than 50 years) TENTH SHARES%

    And the high-latitude location of the main cosmodrome for the rocket - Plesetsk in the Arkhangelsk region - only exacerbates this problem.
    [i] in order to launch from the equator 1 kg of payload per GO, approximately 175-180 kg is required — the total weight of the LV, fuel, and oxidizer. From Cape Canaveral - already 230 kg, from Baikonur - 350 kg, and from Plesetsk - it is necessary to spend 700 kg of launch vehicle weight [/I]
    2. New SC: project "Baiterek" - SC for "Angara". The project is estimated at 1,6 billion dollars.
    3. universal missile module (URM) ....
    and after all, ORIGINALLY in 1994, the Angara launch vehicle looked in the figures and models in accordance with the first drawing on the left.

    [i] At 1 step, applied heavy missile block like Block A from the Energia launch vehicle. To him hanging fuel tanks are attached to the sides. The total mass of the first stage is 500, ...)
    then there was a "sharp" turn.
    But this is the same finance ..
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. Tyumen
      9 September 2014 16: 08
      Expanded. Competently. Thank you.
      1. +1
        9 September 2014 22: 15
        Quote: Tyumen
        Thank you.

        and you. wink hi
        in general, if interested, and in the author's DISCLAIMER about the "miracle" of the Angara, information for thought.
        1. The potential of the Union (P-7) is still not exhausted. As an example
        - "Soyuz FG" (new nozzle heads) gave an increase in PN of 200-300kg
        -Soyuz-2 "gave" even greater growth, in particular
        The 2.1 transition from the Ukrainian analogue su to the digital Russian one allowed to significantly increase the accuracy of launch, stability and controllability of the rocket, the new head streamlined around BIG Volume PN, modernized RD-108A LRE. (1 and 2 steps) gave an increase in 300kg
        Soyuz-2.1b RD-0124 at the 3 stage and kerosene RG-1 instead of T-1 kerosene - about 400kg more
        “Soyuz-2.1в” 1 stage of NK-33-1 instead of RD-108А, Tyga is TWO times larger, which allowed the use of light class LVs
        And ALL this is at the existing starting positions, starting tables, without significant investment (as for a hangar), "a bit of cables" and add and all
        What about logistics? and the vehicle, the MIK, is all the same, having the EXPLAINED available.
        and also in "stock": construction materials, new 3-component railway

        and the efficiency of the "Soyuz" is the same as that of the Angara, with two times less cost.
        This is real savings and real work, millions can’t be communized there, you won’t get cut (as in the creation of the Hangar)

        2. The need for superheavy RN is unlikely to arise - miniaturization is in full swing
        3.URM is the same kind of fiction
        Universal Missile Module (“URM”) - launcher first stage unitwhich, thanks to embedded in it design decisions It can also be used as a side accelerator as part of the starting system.
        that is, it has an EXTRA (2,4,6 lateral steps) margin of safety, i.e. WEIGHT of the construction, i.e. containers that drags into space, just like that.
        After all, now all rockets have CARRYING tanks (as in a car carrying body), respectively, the strength characteristics must satisfy the thrust without side blocks, with 2, with 4, with 6 side blocks. And also "stand" on the supporting heels on the joint venture (on the table), "withstanding" the weight with 2, with 4, with 6 and without blocks.
  14. frcdkfl047
    9 September 2014 14: 29
    All our problems stem from the existing economic system! Well, given the type of capitalism, our country cannot have either independent thinking or an independent and advanced economy, not cosmonautics! Everyone at the top is used to selling and stealing, but they have learned to work both themselves and the people! They don't have enough money for everything! (naturally there is). We need to change not the ruling elite, but the entire economic model of our state! In no case should you follow in the footsteps of the "developed" West! Give us a new socialist Russia!
    1. 0
      9 September 2014 15: 51
      Reasonable, Kamrad!
    2. Tyumen
      9 September 2014 16: 15
      Do you not think that the people are already saturated with the spirit of capitalism? Today we have a civil society from nowhere, where everyone is for himself. Because now who is at the helm, managers, lawyers, economists. A working person is considered * sucker *, who could not saddle this life. As they say - * who studied what * .This is far from the USSR.
      1. -1
        9 September 2014 19: 30
        Quote: Tyumen
        Do you not think that the people are already saturated with the spirit of capitalism?

        and until 1917 he was saturated with it and nothing
  15. 0
    9 September 2014 14: 36
    Space Exploration and Technologies (SpaceX), an American businessman Elon Musk, plans to build the world's first commercial spaceport near the city of Brownsville in southern Texas, according to a statement from the state governor's press office, Rick Perry.

    The documents filed by the company with the US Federal Aviation Administration indicate that it is planned to launch about 12 launch vehicles per year from the site, which will be located off the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, ITAR-TASS reports.
    1. Sheremetev
      9 September 2014 14: 49
      It is necessary to admire less beautiful pictures and listen to tales of different "masks", but to watch and analyze the facts. When the article was already in moderation, "Folken-24.08.14" exploded on 9. As SpaceX said, the accident was caused by an "engine anomaly" (???). Or maybe the reason is different, that these engines are too much and they are of lousy quality?
      1. +1
        9 September 2014 15: 03
        On August 23, a Falcon 9R launch vehicle prototype exploded during testing.

        Falcon 9 itself flies successfully.

        But in recent years, GKNPTs im. Khrunicheva did not particularly shine and often became a defendant in the sad news.

        It is this enterprise that is responsible for the construction of Proton-M missiles and Breeze-M booster blocks, which have become the causes of the most high-profile and severe accidents of recent times. The salary policy of the enterprise has also been criticized many times. The incomes of engineers and workers of the filet factory are often several times lower than the average for Moscow. Frequent accidents of launch vehicles and the following emergency commissions, which necessarily followed, led to a reduction in launches, as a result of which the enterprise lost a significant share of additional income. In early August, the American company ILS, which is the operator of commercial launches at Proton-M, reported a quarter reduction in staff. Currently, ILS expects 3-4 orders per year instead of 7-8, as before. To top it all off, some employees of the enterprise became involved in the strange case of sabotage initiated by the Investigative Committee after another accident.

        He is glad that the Angara successfully flew and the December launch of Angara-A5 is planned.
      2. -1
        9 September 2014 15: 19
        But such quarrelsome articles upset. I would like a more calm and serious analysis.
        1. +1
          9 September 2014 15: 57
          But such quarrelsome articles upset. I would like a more calm and serious analysis.
          This is written by an anonymous author who presented a cartoon in evidence of his point of view, which has a rather distant relationship to the topic under discussion.
          Can you conceptually refute the author's position? And why "advertising" stuffing?
        2. Tyumen
          9 September 2014 16: 19
          Yes, not quarrelsome, but emotional. But the main message is clear, I think you agree?
      3. newt2009
        9 September 2014 16: 44
        The so-called "Grasshopper" exploded
        Here it is on the video:

        By the way, it takes off and lands on one engine.
        As for the Falcon 9 carrier - the last launch was 07.09.2014/XNUMX/XNUMX - it flies successfully. I already provided a link to the video.
        1. 0
          9 September 2014 19: 39
          Actually a fantastic pepelats, only people in black are missing :)))

          And so, it is obvious that private space exploration is a path to the future, incl. space will soon be even more garbage for less money ...
      4. +3
        9 September 2014 18: 55
        Sergey, thanks for the series of articles! Everything is interesting and informative! hi
      5. 0
        15 September 2014 01: 54
        Regarding Ionin, Pipes and Mask, I agree, Musk is a magician, and Ionin and Pipes are paid singers and nothing more.

        First about the important, and then on the rocket:

        The launch of Angara-2014 (A-5) is scheduled for December 5, it is obvious that after the launch of A-1 of one automated workstation, proceed to launch five at once, the decision is incorrect and the hasty launch of A-5 is possible for the failure and further closure of the project after an accident, Obviously, the second launch should be the Angara-3 with three modules, but apparently the decision to launch the Angara-5 was based on an ultimatum for launching a rocket that could replace Proton-M, which is probably why the reorganization at the Khrunichev Center has already begun (September 2014) ( where the Angara is created), as an advance preparation for the quick elimination of the project after an unsuccessful launch. Let's eat up that I'm wrong.

        Now for the rocket itself:

        What is most important in the hangar is the use of the RD-191 engine, because this is the pinnacle of rocket propulsion today, and this engine is not used anywhere except the Angara. By and large, it doesn’t matter what the rocket will be called, the main thing is that the RD-191 finds application, which means it will develop further. Yes, there are engines of the same class, RD-180 and RD-170, but these are even more expensive and heavy engines, since the masses of these engines are 2 and 4 times respectively greater than RD-191, their transportation and work with them is complicated, of course it is necessary to maintain the backlog of these engines, and to preserve the production of the RD-180 for heavy missiles, future heavy missiles.
        What is Rocket Technology - this is a constant search for new solutions, which means constant experiments, for example, if you wanted to create returnable URMs, you will agree that experimenting with this Angara is easier and cheaper than with Zeniths. It is also obvious that mass production of the RD-191 is easier than the RD-180/170, and therefore reduce the price.

        As we see, the creators of the Angara guessed that the current economic situation is reminiscent of the beginning of the 90s and it seems that the times of austerity in the missile industry will soon come again, so throwing the Angara and switching to some other project is a stop in the development of the industry for years.
  16. 0
    9 September 2014 19: 44
    Bravus! Ama, for the business in space, a dictatorship is necessary, not prayer!
  17. 0
    9 September 2014 19: 47
    Maybe not a lot of the topic, I read the article, but I did not read the original one. It’s just interesting for psaki, there’s no contagious dibilism ..
    The Russian Ministry of Defense has denied reports of the explosion of a military satellite of the Russian Federation over the United States. the corresponding statement was made by the official representative of the department, Major General Igor Konashenkov, ITAR-TASS reports.

    “One can only guess in what state the representatives of the so-called American meteorite community should be, who identified the Russian military satellite in the observed luminous phenomenon at a height of several kilometers,” Konashenkov said.

    According to him, “the Russian space group functions in a normal mode and is constantly monitored by means of objective control of outer space of the aerospace defense [aerospace defense] troops.”

    Earlier, Interfax, citing American media reported that the Russian military satellite reconnaissance satellite Cosmos-2495, launched into orbit in May, exploded on September 2 in the sky over the states of Colorado and Wyoming. This is allegedly evidenced by more than 30 messages from people who observed a ball of fire.
    <Back to heading
  18. mango68
    10 September 2014 10: 46
    A. Bashlakov from the post of the head of the cosmodrome was appointed by the decree of the President in 2007 as the head of the Main Directorate of educational work of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. In the period of timelessness, before Ostapenko fully settled in Plesetsk, acting was K. Chmarov ("Kitty"). At this time, a story happened with the mockery of the soldiers, he fell under the "distribution" and was fired from the RF Armed Forces. He became the minister for the construction of the Vostochny cosmodrome, now the head of a Coordination Council for the construction of the Vostochny cosmodrome (in general, some kind of dregs). Bashlakov in 2010 (under Serdyukov) was fired from the Armed Forces, put on trial and imprisoned for 7 years for the bribery that happened to him, being the head of the Plesetsk cosmodrome.
    Ostapenko is a vivid example of the fact that for "thermonuclear" career growth it is necessary to be a pest in the army (and also in the civil service). In principle, the current head of the cosmodrome is one of the same.
    The main obstacle for Angara today is specific personalities.