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Kazakhstan will get a minesweeper with a fiberglass hull

By the end of 2015, the Kazakhstani Navy will receive a mine defense ship - the first of two 10750E raid minesweepers, which is being built at the Nevsky Shipbuilding Plant. Reports about it Popular mechanics.

Kazakhstan will get a minesweeper with a fiberglass hull

The ship was developed by JSC CMBI Almaz. Its main difference from the previous generation is the use of modern mine control systems, including the latest sonar mine search stations, autonomous and remote-controlled unmanned underwater vehicles.

In the manufacture of monolithic fiberglass hull minesweeper used a modern method of vacuum infusion. Its displacement is 165 tons. Length - 32 meters, width - 7 meters. The maximum speed is 12 knots, and the cruising range is 650 nautical miles.

The ship uses an automated anti-mine action system, which combines all its anti-mine assets into one complex. It is equipped with autonomous underwater vehicles of the “Alister 9” type, capable of operating at a depth of up to 100 meters, as well as remotely controlled unmanned underwater vehicles (TNPA) of the “K-Ster Inspector” with a working depth of immersion to 300 meters and TND-mine-killers “K-Ster” Mine Killer.

The minesweeper’s 30-mm AK-306 artillery system, the KNOR machine-gun and the Igla man-portable air defense systems are part of the minesweeper’s weapons.

The contract for the construction of the minesweeper was signed in 2013 year, and delivery to the customer is scheduled for 3 quarter 2015 of the year. This year, the Kazakh Navy submitted an application for the second minesweeper of the 10750 project to the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation.
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  1. viktorrymar
    viktorrymar 4 September 2014 10: 02
    You see, the Russian brothers, we help you with orders))))
    1. Vladimirets
      Vladimirets 4 September 2014 10: 06
      Quote: viktorrymar
      we help you with orders

      This can not but rejoice, but I do not understand why this ship is for Kazakhstan? request Only if we can be helped. smile
      1. APS
        APS 4 September 2014 10: 28
        Measures to ensure anti-terrorism security and anti-sabotage protection of facilities of special importance, sensitive facilities and military infrastructure facilities ...

        Nazarbayev named the most important points of cooperation between Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan
        Our contacts in matters of energy, oil transportation, and the use of the Caspian as a transport artery for Kazakhstan's access to the Black Sea and Europe are the most important points of bilateral cooperation.

        "In the future, Azerbaijan will become one of the most important transport arteries for Kazakhstan's oil and other products. The construction of a new railway from Turkey through Georgia, Azerbaijan to the Caspian Sea will provide an opportunity for the supply of Caucasian cargo through Kazakhstan to China." This project promises great benefits for both sides ", - stressed the Head of State.
      2. g1v2
        g1v2 4 September 2014 14: 44
        In general, as I look, we and our ally, Kazakhstan, are seriously strengthening our fleets in the Caspian, which means there is some tension there. Iran does not seem to threaten us, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan remain. Azerbaijan did not seem to threaten us, although it is a member of guam, and it is in full swing preparing for a war with Armenia, which is part of the CSTO. I feel that he is being warned against wrong decisions, although the GDP with Aliyev is in normal relations, but I do not see another possible adversary in the Caspian. Although it is possible that this is a warning not to Azerbaijan, but to Turkey from interference in the conflict. In general, this is not casual.
      3. StolzSS
        StolzSS 4 September 2014 17: 04
        Well, that the ship is useful all the more so it is plastic and does not rust)))
      4. andas
        andas 5 September 2014 12: 47
        I agree. what is the use of this boat if the neighboring members of the Collective Security Treaty Organization / CIS / SCO (well, or some other joint bloc). the only Iran, and it is unlikely to bow request
    2. father nikon
      father nikon 4 September 2014 10: 07
      Kazakhstan brother is doing one thing wink
    3. FACKtoREAL
      FACKtoREAL 4 September 2014 10: 18
      brothers-Kazakhs, make an offer to the French on "Mistrals", and we will have them after ... wink drinks
      1. Vladimirets
        Vladimirets 4 September 2014 10: 46
        Quote: FACKtoREAL
        and we have them after you ...

        Take the girls to ride. smile
      2. andas
        andas 5 September 2014 12: 49
        where to use them for us? laughing maybe on the endless sandy sea? so for this case we already have a fleet of camels laughing
    4. Giant thought
      Giant thought 4 September 2014 11: 13
      A very good ship, but let's hope that he will not have to trawl anything in the Caspian.
      1. dauria
        dauria 4 September 2014 11: 25
        Very nice ship

        fiberglass, composites ... it seems that without them it will soon be nowhere. Only how to repair, well, for example, a crack in the hull from an unsuccessful mooring? Or a hole from a shell, how to build up or change the shape of a superstructure? No, I'm for progress ... Just interesting request
        1. Uncle
          Uncle 4 September 2014 13: 18
          Quote: dauria
          No, I'm for progress ... Just interesting request

          In the manufacture of a monolithic fiberglass trawler hull, a modern vacuum infusion method was used
          There is nothing new in this, all yachts are being built. A fiberglass dish will last a long time, the local paint, called gelcoat, is afraid of the sun and salt, I have a yacht, I know by hearsay. For yachtsmen, metal vessels are just the honor; these are AMG5, titanium or fiberglass and metal composites. If the boat was used for landing, that is, the weight would play a role, then I would understand, but to just make the plastic hull of a minesweeper is simply strange. Do not tell me about magnetic mines, demagnetized ship hulls back in the days of WW2.
          1. Kasym
            Kasym 4 September 2014 20: 19
            Fiberglass as a means of magnetic protection of the vessel. I think they heard about magnetic torpedoes and mines (bottom for example).
            We will soon start large-scale oil production (Kashagan) on the shelf of the Caspian Sea. And there are also plans for the development of coastal infrastructure (a lot has already been done). But our Navy is the weakest in the Caspian. So such "vessels" will not be superfluous. hi
  2. Serbor
    Serbor 4 September 2014 10: 09
    And when such minesweepers will appear in service with the Russian Navy. Do we have them? And where? Helping the allies is certainly good, but maybe you first need to satisfy the needs of your fleets?
    1. donavi49
      donavi49 4 September 2014 10: 22
      Such are not soon, for they have absolutely no seaworthiness and there are enough of them of this class, and the very question of whether it is expedient to have separately small minesweepers in the fleets with direct access to the oceans and seas is still standing. And on CFL there is just enough.

      Alexandrite is being built for the Navy, it is also fiberglass, even in the Guinness book, as the largest warship built by the method of vacuum infusion of fiberglass.
      1. Russ69
        Russ69 4 September 2014 10: 26
        Quote: donavi49
        Alexandrite is being built for the Navy

        Recently signed a contract for another 3 pieces ...
    2. surovts.valery
      surovts.valery 4 September 2014 10: 28
      Yes, but not enough. This is a raid minesweeper according to the classification. There is exactly on the Baltic Fleet, not on the TOP, the last EMNIP was written off in 1999, I don't remember about the rest of the fleets, you can see it on the net. And we have a big problem with minesweepers in our fleet: the main backbone is the base 1265, 80s. buildings, the sea is even older - 266M (Sevastopol and Polar) of the 70s. buildings and 266ME (Kamchatka and in the North "V.Pikul" (80-90s). There is also "Humanenko" of a new project in the North and 09266 (with new equipment) in Novorossiysk. or was wrong.
  3. nik6006
    nik6006 4 September 2014 10: 18
    I remember that recently one such boat with a fiberglass hull was simply destroyed by a tank from the shore. I understand the struggle for weight and all, but are you getting too carried away with relief? It is certainly a necessary thing, I don’t argue, and help the Kazakhs for their money, but it’s kind of scary to swim in a plastic trough, even if you have a pair of cords and “30-mm artillery mount“ AK-306 ””. Maybe not right?
    1. winnt
      winnt 4 September 2014 10: 27
      Minesweepers are specially made from non-magnetic materials.

      Minesweeper is a special-purpose ship whose task is to search, detect and destroy sea mines and guide ships (vessels) through minefields. They are the main component of mine-sweeping forces.
    2. donavi49
      donavi49 4 September 2014 10: 30
      Well, what do you want from the Vulture, AMG also burns into the trash. And the days of the battleships have passed. The boat lost turn from 3 or 4 hits, while the second - Kalkan caught his ATGM, but was able to leave, because the move remained. The vulture lost its course, there was a fire that there was nothing to extinguish (and there wasn’t much of a desire), they gave the command to escape, everyone was saved, 2-they were killed during the shelling. The boat burned out for 3-4 hours, abandoned, without a base plate. Not bad at all.

      They used to make wooden stigmas not because there was little metal, but because for the stigma the iron case is huge, just a giant minus. Now it’s not a thing to make wooden stilts, so they switched to composites, everything is fine. And this ship should not fall under enemy fire, and heels 76mm of gifts from Melara or God forbid Exozet / Harpoon will complicate his life to the impossibility at least, if it were made from Titanium.
      1. nik6006
        nik6006 4 September 2014 10: 44
        Yes, thanks, explained. I didn’t think of something. Well, yes, probably now drown any ship like two fingers on asphalt, no matter how armadillo it may be. It is clear that this should be a reasonable compromise between functionality and the ability to defend.
    3. novobranets
      novobranets 4 September 2014 10: 44
      The plastic case is used not to facilitate, but to reduce the strength of electronic and magnetic fields. Minesweepers with a wooden hull are still preserved in the fleet. Or maybe they already wrote off ... for firewood laughing.
  4. Aaron Zawi
    Aaron Zawi 4 September 2014 10: 26
    I generally watch the Caspian actively arming itself. The Russian Navy has recently been building muscles there, and the rest are in the queue.
    1. novobranets
      novobranets 4 September 2014 10: 50
      Quote: Aron Zaavi
      I generally watch the Caspian is actively arming

      I read somewhere that there is a likelihood that the Caspian, with its oil reserves and disputes over the ownership of fields, may become the scene of serious military operations. God forbid, of course. Pah, pah, pah.
    2. Cosmos1987
      Cosmos1987 4 September 2014 11: 28
      It’s also like our Moscow Region wants to get 5 submarines of new project 641 from Russia, the only point is that they are development boats from the end of the 50s, the Zaporizhzhya submarine that we wanted to donate to this project also. Maybe there’s a mistake in the designation of the project, most likely there will be project 636. Who will be chased by these submarines?) If only equipping calibers with long-range missiles in this will already make any sense, these missiles will deliver a warhead to the Black Sea
      1. abc_alex
        abc_alex 4 September 2014 12: 44
        You are confusing. Today in the world there is only 1 operating boat of this project - in Ukraine, and 6 in museums. The rest were cut. Well, maybe the Poles still have ... And Kazakhstan is offered exactly "Zaporozhye". One. As an educational one.
      2. Zymran
        Zymran 4 September 2014 20: 55
        The news link duck, the Defense Ministry of Kazakhstan gave a refutation.
  5. Wiruz
    Wiruz 4 September 2014 10: 26
    It would be better if they took MRK 21632. IMHO
  6. 89067359490
    89067359490 4 September 2014 10: 32
    Why is the fleet building in the Caspian at all? With whom is there to fight then)))
    1. donavi49
      donavi49 4 September 2014 10: 44
      The mistake is that you look at today's situation as stable. They also talked about the Black Sea Fleet years 2-2,5 ago, why is there a fleet? Leave the 1,5 MPC and missile boats, and the BDK, 1135 and Moscow, to stretch to other fleets. And you see how everything turned out.

      In the Caspian, the car of tasks:
      To put pressure on Azerbaijan - so as not to fight the Armenians. Moreover, the fleet, especially with UKKS, is a very strong argument.
      Fend off the remaining partners in their desire to revise the distribution of Caspian resources.
      Iran - today they are also building a fleet in the Caspian, but who knows what will happen tomorrow? Maybe the current line will collapse and the times of Shah will return, when Iran was a puppet of the West? It is possible, because now the warming of Iran and the West, and after it the Maidan will come soon. Or, on the contrary, tough Islamists from the opposite camp will come to ISIS and begin to rule their own ways. Everything is possible.
  7. sazhka4
    sazhka4 4 September 2014 10: 32
    If it was about the lake "Balkhash", then figs with it. But in the Caspian, a crowd of people wants to "take away" and "divide" the shelf. They shouldn't have started it. After all, many may misunderstand. Everyone has no contracts with everyone.
  8. An example
    An example 4 September 2014 10: 45
    Why ship? And why the AK-306 gun?
    In order to fight of course! What a stupid question :)

    And let's see who to fight with. Surely with poachers and trespassers, pirates, etc. I heard that Dagestan poachers have already acquired RPG-7 grenade launchers.
  9. extra
    extra 4 September 2014 11: 01
    12 knots) is not it small?
    1. Bombardier
      Bombardier 4 September 2014 11: 12
      minesweeper, not a frigate! laughing
  10. Iskander 090
    Iskander 090 4 September 2014 11: 50
    this boat is not like dill. and is being built in Russia.
  11. dauria
    dauria 4 September 2014 12: 11
    I wanted to dream up something about the mines of the future in the light of the progress of modern electronics ...
    A carbon fiber flounder is lying in the color of the bottom and is waiting. The sense organs are optical, plus hearing, plus a change in pressure along the body (like the middle line in fish), possibly the sense of smell (there are already electronic analogues of "scent"). Power reserve for a dash to the target, two-component explosive (so as not to detonate simply during bombing). Nearby are little "girlfriends" to protect the flounder from "smart" minesweepers - robots .... Reflexes of a dragonfly plus Einstein's intellect.
    This reptile may even ask a "familiar penguin" to read the name of the ship ...
    Damn, and how to swim here? crying
    1. novobranets
      novobranets 4 September 2014 13: 10
      Your fantasy is not far from reality. Self-transporting mines have long been adopted by the fleet. This baby lies at the bottom and waits for a noise to appear that matches the one it stores in memory. And when this noise appears, she turns on the engine and hurries on a date. love