Strange weapons. The countries of the Hitler coalition

In 1939, fascist Germany launched a terrifying war machine. Nazi leaders forced German scientists to invent incredible weapons. Some ideas were revolutionary. Others are just insane. But all were aimed at devastating the globe in the name of the thousand-year domination of the Third Reich.
- a space bomber that could fly at a speed of 21000 km / h and carry destruction to all major cities;
- the world's first assault rifle, which could shoot a corner;
- a vortex cannon designed to shoot down aircraft by creating a tornado.
This and not only in the film Strange Weapon. The countries of the Hitler coalition.

Strange weapons. The countries of the Hitler coalition
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      July 3 2012
      An entertaining video. The fascists were still those ventures. But whatever one may say, almost all the post-war weapons and equipment were created using German developments.

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