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Upcoming elections in Ukraine and the main favorites

Although it is still far from October, but one can reflect on the topic, especially since the main persons are unlikely to change, unless Lyashko doesn’t kill any Borka to death. We will proceed from the assumption that the elections will take place. Especially since all parties are interested in this.

Upcoming elections in Ukraine and the main favorites

So, what is the balance of power now? There are several groups in the political arena of Ukraine.

1) President Poroshenko with pocket batches Blow, Solidarity, the pro-presidential part of Fatherland led by Yatsenyuk, Turchinov and Avakov. Of course, they are now non-partisan, but, I think, closer to the elections, we may well see their entry into the Poroshenko party, however, if the militia forces are not somewhere in the Khreshchatyk region, which is unlikely. All this fraternity is undoubtedly pro-American, and it expresses its moderate side. That is, these are people with whom, in general, it is possible to conduct a dialogue that is accepted in the world. All of them will go one coalition, which Poroshenko already claims and will certainly fight for the victory, and will try to get more 50%. And according to the Ukrainian tradition already in the first round, so that democracy was indisputable.

In my opinion, Europe is more interested in the victory of these forces than the United States, and first of all Germany. This leaves her with the possibility of diplomatic maneuvers to drag Ukraine under her influence. And this is the way to a peaceful settlement of the crisis in the east of the country, which entails the lifting of sanctions and the restoration of trade and economic ties with Russia, which Germany needs no less than the Russian Federation. In addition, let's not forget that it was these gentlemen who allocated the money, and, as you know, capitalists do not forget debts. This is not Putin, who forgave the debts of the fraternal peoples of North Korea and Cuba (and I fully support him in this decision).

The victory of this team is beneficial and the Russian Federation. It must be admitted that today in Ukraine there is not a single pro-Russian politician who has serious weight and authority among the population. Moreover, this very population is set up sharply negatively in relation to Russia. Therefore, we need to choose the lesser evil. Contacts have already been made with these people, and the dialogue, as we know, is very important. For the thin world is better than a good quarrel.

Thus, if events develop according to this scenario, that is, Poroshenko and his team will form a majority coalition in the Verkhovna Rada, this will be the best possible deal for Russia.

What good Poroshenko? And the fact that he is weak. He is a weak politician, a weak strategist, completely dependent on the opinions of others. But most importantly, he makes mistakes. And any mistakes are our chance to turn the tide in favor of Russia. In addition, the US is clearly draining it, and this is fraught with, because in this case he has nowhere to run and only Mazai (Putin) can save the chocolate hare. This may be a chance to pull Ukraine out of the influence of the West.

2) In second place I would put a person with non-traditional charisma - Lyashko. Now it is clear that this is a clear counterweight to Kolomoisky on the part of Firtash and a number of other oligarchs. Oddly enough, his popularity is off the scale. He has already overtaken Tymoshenko, and on all ratings takes a solid second place. The problem is that the situation in the country is developing in such a way that its support will only increase and increase. And not only due to the non-traditional community of Ukraine. I am afraid that he is quite capable of gaining 25-35% in the elections, being on the crest of a wave of populism. And this extremely shatters the already unstable political situation.

Lyashko - absolutely inconclusive. It is possible that an idiot. If he gets real power, it will become a very big problem for Russia. In other words, this will eliminate the possibility of a peaceful resolution of the crisis and lead to even greater casualties. Lyashko is also not beneficial to continental Europe. For the same reasons. But the United States and Great Britain are only on hand, since they are interested in the hot phase of the conflict going as long as possible. Do not forget also that Lyashko has the National Guard under the 2 battalion, which, however, has already been pretty worn out, unlike Benka’s army.

3) Another character that should not be forgotten is Benya Kolomoisky. His support is the National Guard under battalions and the Right Sector. He leads his game, but, of course, under the strict guidance of the CIA. I cannot say now what his real popularity is among the people, but I am sure that if he sets the task, then in a short time he will overtake even Poroshenko, since all media resources are available for this. Already we can say that in military terms, he is able to compete with the regular army of Ukraine. And this can be very dangerous for Petrus. At the moment, Poroshenko has no leverage on Kolomoisky. Benny became a prince of his own in his land. With its own laws and rules. This is a problem for the authorities, which sooner or later will have to solve this problem. And again, only Putin can help our rabbit in this difficult task. Kolomoisky - manna from heaven for the USA and big problems for Europe and Russia. If he gets power, then the slaughter in the country is just guaranteed. We will see a purely totalitarian state with a dictatorship of money and weapons.

In my opinion, the above are the main contenders for the division of power in Ukraine. You can, of course, run through the rest - the Party of Regions, the Communists, Tymoshenko. But I believe that they are irretrievably thrown to the sidelines. Their time is gone, and you should not seriously put on these horses.

Summarize. Russia is at hand, if the same people remain in power as now. Because they are the least radical of all, which leaves a chance for a favorable development of events. Moreover, as professionals, they are extremely weak, which plays into our hands. A change of power, another Maidan coup and confuse all the cards. And yet it is not known how this all can end. But the United States will suit any alignment. Of course, they are interested in a change of power to a more anti-Russian and aggressive force. But if for some reason this does not succeed, then they will try to squeeze out all the juice from the lame mare.
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  1. master 84
    master 84 4 September 2014 09: 07
    Puppets still fighting incomprehensibly for which all the suicide bombers (HOPE TO FREEZE BEFORE NEW YEAR)
    1. Aryan
      Aryan 4 September 2014 10: 20
      recalls a joke about how Piggy and Stepashka sued the puppeteer for
      that he forgot to take them off when he went to the toilet wassat
    2. 222222
      222222 4 September 2014 10: 38
      "To summarize. Russia plays into its hands if the same people remain in power as they are now." have long arrived from Mars .. I have never seen a living Martian ..
    3. Giant thought
      Giant thought 4 September 2014 11: 34
      The political performance of poor quality in Ukraine continues, so far without intermissions.
    4. 222222
      222222 4 September 2014 13: 58
      "Upcoming elections in Ukraine and the main favorites"
      ..from Olesya Elderberry ...
      "What's the hurry for Obama?
      04.09.2014/XNUMX/XNUMX | Oles Elderberry
      US President Barack Obama advised not to rush to talk about a ceasefire in Donbass. "
      "They say, he still does not really know what Poroshenko and Putin talked about. It is understandable: Obama sits in the White House, throwing his legs on the table (his favorite pose, repeatedly recorded by photographers), watches how the dollar grows stronger while the hryvnia falls and Obama's life is good! Peaceful people, soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and militias of the DPR, the Russian military, who are officially not there, although they are very much there, and employees of European private "security" firms are dying in eastern Ukraine And Obama is good! The American economy started to grow. As soon as the war began in Ukraine, it got out of the crisis. Where should Obama hurry? Europe is in a bad way. Europe succumbed to the US persuasion to impose sanctions on Russia. The sanctions are, however, as dead poultice, in the words of the current Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk.After all, European goods on the Russian market as a result of sanctions are being ousted by Chinese, Vietnamese, Indonesian (workshop of the world, gentlemen, it has long been no longer Europe and Asia!), while Germany, France, Italy, Norway, Poland suffer losses. But why should Obama care? Is Obama the President of France or Ukraine? Obama is the President of the United States. Wall Street put him in this place, having passed him through the procedure of "democratic" elections, and the first black ruler of the United States in history plows for him, excuse his frankness, like a black man on a plantation. (Please do not consider my statement “politically incorrect.” This is a stable winged expression. Besides, the word “negro” was used by Taras Shevchenko himself: “People, not a negro, we sell, for there’s a program at the card…) And you know what I thought? But all of us, citizens of Ukraine, are now "serfs" of this very Obama. Even President Poroshenko, who, after talking with Putin, is OBLIGED to report the results to Obama and ask him what to do next. Here's how it happened. And they waited for Washington "with a new and righteous law."
    5. Gluxar_
      Gluxar_ 4 September 2014 15: 57
      Quote: master 84
      Puppets still fighting incomprehensibly for which all the suicide bombers (HOPE TO FREEZE BEFORE NEW YEAR)

      Article minus, some kind of nonsense in the piggy bank pigs. Lyashko in second place? Where does the data come from?
      The main candidate for dominance in the political life of Ukraine in the near future is Tymoshenko. She alone did not stain herself with blood, having sat quietly in Germany. She is agreeable. It was she who decided the past gas crisis, a new one on the way. Ukrainians themselves are already tired of the war and of the lawlessness that occurs in their cities. So this is in conditions when the economic crisis has not yet arrived and there is a credit boost. What will happen when everything escalates?
      All those involved in the current adventure will be written off and buried in the ground under the guise. And Tymoshenko will appear here, who will agree on gas and push the rolls in front of Obama.
    6. 222222
      222222 4 September 2014 17: 26
      С сайта супер патриотичного ....
      "Six parties are potentially going to the Rada

      04.09 10:15 Catherine 11
      According to a survey by the Kiev International Institute of Sociology and an analysis of electoral sympathies, six parties potentially overcome the passing barrier. 21,5% - Poroshenko Bloc 7,6% - Radical Party 5,6% - Citizenship 4,5% - Strong Ukraine 3,7% - Patriots of Ukraine
      According to a poll by the Kiev International Institute of Sociology and an analysis of electoral sympathies regarding voter turnout in the Verkhovna Rada elections, six parties potentially overcome the passing barrier.

      So, if the parliamentary elections were held at the end of August, then only three political forces would overcome the passing barrier of 5%. Electoral moods are as follows:

      21,5% - Petro Poroshenko Bloc (Yu. Lutsenko, V. Klitschko, O. Bogomolets)

      7,6% - Radical Party (O. Lyashko)

      5,6% - “Citizenship” (A. Gritsenko)

      4,5% - Strong Ukraine (S. Tigipko)

      3,7% - “Patriots of Ukraine” (A. Yatsenyuk, Turchinov)

      However, if those respondents who were not identified, traditionally did not come to the polls and the turnout was about 58%, then the votes would be distributed as follows:

      37,1% - Block P. Poroshenko

      13,1% - Radical Party

      9,7% - “Citizenship”

      7,8% - Strong Ukraine

      6,4% - “Patriots of Ukraine”

      6,1% - All-Ukrainian association "Batkivshchyna" (Y. Tymoshenko) "" "

      ..democracy, having lowered its eyes, cried quietly in the far corner of the eurozone ...
  2. umka_
    umka_ 4 September 2014 09: 07
    Strelkova should be put in the first place.
    1. Evgen4ik
      4 September 2014 09: 10
      I would put Strelkov in the first place after Putin.
  3. Pro100Igor
    Pro100Igor 4 September 2014 09: 10
    There it is !!!
  4. VICTOR-61
    VICTOR-61 4 September 2014 09: 11
    They will not live to see the elections with cold and hunger will bend on the Maidan 3 their place
  5. 2224460
    2224460 4 September 2014 09: 13
    1) President Poroshenko with pocket parties Blow, Solidarity, the pro-presidential part of the Fatherland headed by Yatsenyuk, Turchinov and Avakov. Of course, they are now non-partisan,
    Yeah, and still without a hole in my head.
    1. Evgen4ik
      4 September 2014 09: 16
      Lyashko is a trained minor, he cannot be intimidated by such a caliber (((Here we need a different approach ...
  6. Styx
    Styx 4 September 2014 09: 14
    Hmm, sparse, sparse, in my opinion radish horseradish is not sweeter
  7. andrei332809
    andrei332809 4 September 2014 09: 17
    what "country", such are the representatives. so it is necessary to clone Lyashka up to 400 individuals, that's glad
  8. Lukich
    Lukich 4 September 2014 09: 25
    You can, of course, go over the rest - Party of Regions, Communists, Tymoshenko. But I believe that they are irretrievably thrown to the sidelines. Their time is gone, and do not seriously put on these horses.
    but it seems to me early to put an end to Tymoshenko.
    1. Evgen4ik
      4 September 2014 09: 29
      No, I think it is decommissioned. The Americans crossed it out. Rather, Yatsenyuk has more chances. It seems to me Tymoshenko is simply tired of Ukraine. Now obviously not up to her. But let's see. Just the last scandal in her party suggests that it will be extremely difficult for her to claim something. Even Lyashko is ahead of her, and confidently.
  9. Mercenary
    Mercenary 4 September 2014 09: 31
    Who cares? The Ukrainian people do not care deeply, and six amers will win out of the proposed options ... That’s independence in Ukrainian.
    1. Evgen4ik
      4 September 2014 09: 33
      Well, nobody forced us to send us as Ambassador Zurabov. It was necessary to conduct work, prepare loyal cadres, raise them. You can only learn from the USA.
  10. kr33sania
    kr33sania 4 September 2014 09: 32
    Are they still going to hold elections? The guys are very self-confident ...
  11. surovts.valery
    surovts.valery 4 September 2014 09: 34
    "Elections, elections - candidates n ... ry". A pile of shit there, that's when it decays, prepreet over the winter, then you can put it on fertilizer.
  12. Standard Oil
    Standard Oil 4 September 2014 09: 35
    Those. it turns out that Russia has a choice between: American puppets, American puppets and the puppets of America's sixes, did I understand correctly? And what should suit me here? Again, I went over some kind of perestroika conformism, "let's sit down, let's talk ... maybe we can come to a decision." ... We would like to, they would have come long ago. As if after the victory of Poroshenko's party, they will become smaller puppets of the United States than they are now. But I like Lyashko, he is honest, that on his mind is the language, such people are the least dangerous and the easiest Kolomoisky, the same US puppet, only sly-ass ...
  13. Evgen4ik
    4 September 2014 09: 41
    Quote: Standard Oil
    Those. it turns out that Russia has a choice between: American puppets, American puppets and America’s six puppets, I understand correctly?

    Essentially so. We do not have our own personnel. There was an attempt to pull out Dobkin, but she failed miserably. It is in our interests only the coming to power of the least radical American puppets.
    1. Standard Oil
      Standard Oil 4 September 2014 09: 48
      “Cadres decide everything,” and then what should I think about the competent authorities of Russia, or rather even incompetent bodies? America acts under our very noses as at home, and we cannot even do anything.
      1. Evgen4ik
        4 September 2014 10: 03
        In general, it is. BUT! It must be understood that Russia is still very weak both militarily and economically in comparison with the West. From this and caution. In addition, there is a clear dominance in the power of the liberals, and this is not good. Truly patriotic people are in the minority.
        1. Standard Oil
          Standard Oil 4 September 2014 10: 15
          Yes, I would agree with all this, but as always I look back and see the example of the USSR, well, roughly speaking, the Civil War is over, the USSR was formed in 1922, well, take 1923 for completeness., On the other hand, we take the collapse of the USSR in 1991, well, even in 1992, we look how much passed until 2014-1992 = 22 years, we are looking at the USSR 1923 + 22 = 1945, what happened there by 1945? The USSR defeated Nazism and has already turned into a superpower, having carried out industrialization, devastation, etc. Let's return to the sad present, What happened in these 22 years? Nothing good, I keep hearing: "Russia is STILL weak ...", but wait, how long will the "weak" position last? Another year, two, twenty-two, or two hundred and twenty years? no excuse, no longer ...
          1. Evgen4ik
            4 September 2014 10: 26
            I agree. but again there is one BUT! Stalin managed to strip the top of power from the national predecessors. And this radically changed the situation. That is, patriots who were focused on the development of their country stood at the helm. Which had nowhere to run. At that time there was no such thing as an omnipotent dollar. We had a very competitive model of the economy. So fundamentally, in my opinion at that time, the USSR had more favorable conditions for forced recovery. And now we cannot even sell oil for rubles and are shaking that we will be disconnected from loans.
            1. Standard Oil
              Standard Oil 4 September 2014 11: 34
              Well, as they say, “A good life is not given for nothing.” At least, I think the entire adequate part of the Russian people, in the light of current events, has understood how the West really treats Russia and what it really wants from it. And how the West speaks to a weakened Russia . The lesson will be. Already getting the third in a row and hopefully the last. How much more Fate will Russia be favorable?
              1. Evgen4ik
                4 September 2014 14: 06
                You just have to let England sink to the bottom and calm down. Not only in Russia, but also in the world.
  14. 41 REGION
    41 REGION 4 September 2014 09: 45
    Something here is one extreme: either the war 3,14 gift, then the fascist Jew wanted, well, and the chocolate pig? request a madhouse on the road? request
  15. victorrat
    victorrat 4 September 2014 09: 47
    What is written is clear to everyone. But this is a possible option. So let's say one of. And what will really be? But will there be these elections for which there is no money? And where will the army of New Russia reach by this time? But will Tyagniboki shout: Fatherland is in danger and will recruit all women (men = it will not remain anymore) to defend Kiev)))
    1. Evgen4ik
      4 September 2014 09: 52
      Do not overestimate Tyagnibok. Elections will be. This is in the interests of Russia. If they do not take place, the whole world will flood with foam. As for the militia, they will not be in Kiev. And who said that elections should be throughout? It is enough to hold a cabal and everyone will recognize him.
  16. Naum
    Naum 4 September 2014 09: 56
    All these rats of the outskirts are worthy of each other. We must act on the cynical but effective principle of "divide and rule!" Let them devour each other and the strongest will remain, with whom we will do something further. I repeat once more: the former Ukraine must go through its own way of the cross through Ruina-2 (the first devastation was there in the middle of the 17th century) to the end. Rough up everything that is supposed to and in the end want to reassess worldview values. Decide whether they are nicer to Bandera with Shukhevych and Judas Mazepa or Kobzar with Khmelnitsky, ambitious Catholic Poland or lonely Orthodox Russia. Together with the blood, tears and snot of the current "Ukrainian community", all the nationalist foam will subside and there will remain that which has always constituted the basis of Little Russia - Orthodoxy and Russian indianism.
  17. iramix
    iramix 4 September 2014 10: 01
    it’s too early for a woman with a scythe to throw off accounts yet she will throw something else
  18. Vlad83
    Vlad83 4 September 2014 10: 02
    Vote - do not vote, anyway you will get Maidan. ))) I think winter will be eventful in Kiev. Hello everybody!
  19. bistrov.
    bistrov. 4 September 2014 10: 11
    Indeed, the Ukrainian people can be manipulated as desired. Recently, I witnessed how women, ordinary urban and rural inhabitants, discussed and scolded Putin, accusing him of all the troubles in Ukraine: he does not supply gas, he seized Crimea, unleashed a war, kills Ukrainian people. guys and destroys Ukrainian cities, and does not buy Ukrainian products, dooming people to unemployment. And at the same time, not a word about today's Ukrainian fascist government. Many, of course, did not vote, boycotted the presidential elections, but there were many who voted for Poroshenko. What made them do this? They did not understand that he was the same oligarch, like all the former "hetmans" (upon assuming the presidency, the president of Ukraine is handed a mace-symbol of the hetman power) and his "rule" will not bring any relief to the common people? For me, this is a mystery. Therefore, I will not be surprised that perhaps the majority will vote for the party of today's power - "solidarity" (named by analogy with the Baltic and Polish "sayudis"?) In any case, there is no one to blame the Ukrainians in their life today except themselves Probably such is the Ukrainian mentality of a downtrodden selyuk who can't see beyond his nose because of his fence and a house with a backyard and pigs.
  20. sever.56
    sever.56 4 September 2014 11: 04
    No need to discount snake! She will also give a surprise at the election.
  21. Altona
    Altona 4 September 2014 11: 08
    And this is the main thing for Europe ... laughing
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 4 September 2014 11: 17
      Quote: Altona
      And this is the main thing for Europe.

      I wonder what hole they are going to shove this MEMBER into.
      1. Altona
        Altona 4 September 2014 11: 24
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        I wonder what hole they are going to shove this MEMBER into.

        Well, if the President of the Parliamentary Assembly spoke, then apparently in the future composition of the Verkhovna Rada, but there is someone and where ...))
  22. marder4
    marder4 4 September 2014 11: 08
    interesting material, but to discount Yulenka prematurely ...
  23. Roman75
    Roman75 4 September 2014 11: 11
    The best scenario for us is for Benya, Lyashko or Yulia to overthrow the pastry chef. The Americans will not help him: they are betting on the strong. And we will return the legally elected (and recognized by all the so-called "world community") Petya to Kiev on our armor - at his request. The outskirts (most of it) will be under our control. Let Psaki try to say that Poroshenko is an impostor. He's their ... kin son! This will be a trick cleaner than an American "gift" of $ 5 billion for the purchase of Crimea!
    1. Evgen4ik
      4 September 2014 11: 16
      No, it will be a collapse. Then the war between Russia and Ukraine will begin, and this is a disaster. We just have to take time and that’s it. Ukraine will cover itself. Now, if Benya, Lyashko and Yulya shoot each other out of nuclear weapons, this is normal for us)
      1. Roman75
        Roman75 4 September 2014 11: 27
        It hardly starts. After Novorossiya ukram will have nothing to fight with. But, of course, we sacrifice our guys for the sake of these idiots ... How can you not remember the Chinese "bonmo": sit on the river bank and wait - and it will carry the corpses of your enemies past you.
        1. Evgen4ik
          4 September 2014 11: 35
          You do not take into account the Romanian and Polish meat, as well as various kinds of interested organizations. I won’t be surprised if Ukrainians soon call ISIS for help.
          1. Roman75
            Roman75 4 September 2014 12: 02
            Yes, the situation is still the same. It’s just a shame that such a vast territory, most likely, will be a NATO bridgehead. Back in the late 1990s, I read Brzezinski's The Great Chessboard. This is still not a manilovism, but a program of action. As far as I remember the book, Georgia and Ukraine by 2010 should have been admitted to the EU (Brzezik decided this for Brussels) and in parallel to NATO. There was the thought that separately Russia and Ukraine are major regional powers, but, having united, they automatically turn into a second superpower. And now the first superpower is not very punctual, clumsy, with breaks, but follows the intended path.
            1. Evgen4ik
              4 September 2014 14: 11
              I think that Russia can become a superpower without Ukraine. By the way, if Ukraine loses access to the sea, then in my opinion it automatically loses its attractiveness as a geostrategic point. We need only its military neutrality. I am even for if Ukraine joins the EU. This will be the beginning of the end of the 4th Reich. Germany will not pull as many freebies. And the collapse of the European Union is very important to us. That is, we have in this situation absolutely all the trump cards, a huge number of options that will suit us. You just have to sit and wait. And do not let yourself be pulled into a meat grinder.
  24. delorian
    delorian 4 September 2014 11: 19
    In no case should Tymoshenko be written off - this one with a scythe will definitely come back !!!
    1. Evgen4ik
      4 September 2014 11: 23
      In my opinion, the scenario of her return can only be if Russia is interested in this. Do not forget that we got along well with her. That's just the people are already a little tired of her. Very much. Besides, I don’t think that someone serious is behind her. Neither Europe nor the United States is betting on it. The oligarchs, too (I don’t know only about Akhmetov).
  25. Cristall
    Cristall 4 September 2014 12: 09
    it is strange that in Ros. The media actively put Lyashko in 2nd place, while Poroshenko’s party is also put forward for 1.
    That those that others crap in full and the waves of mobilization lowered Poroshenko’s rating ... and prices too
    I will vote traditionally for Tigibko. This is a compromise for me.
  26. Signature
    Signature 4 September 2014 12: 13
    Favorites, programs ...
    Whoever more generously "supports" the creative enthusiasm of the "red deer" of the Ukrainian media will become the owner and push around of "Ukrainian Darling".
  27. MstislavHrabr
    MstislavHrabr 4 September 2014 12: 27
    According to the logic of the development of revolutions, the most "rabid" must win ... It is thanks to this that the prospect of a victory for New Russia will appear, and not a military victory, but a victory in the minds of the bulk of Ukrainians ...
    In general, soon joint exercises ukrov with NATO. During which, almost certainly, a situation will occur as a result of which a NATO base will appear in Ukraine ... Today's truce only strengthens the borders, which can no longer be changed ... Unfortunately, the USA has the maneuver for maneuver, and we only respond to new challenges. Do not give initiative ...
  28. Princely
    Princely 4 September 2014 14: 17
    Typical standard nonsense and "SIXTH COLUMN" deception
  29. Signaller
    Signaller 4 September 2014 19: 59
    Article TitleUpcoming elections in Ukraine and the main favorites
    I personally have a feeling that the title is a little bit wrong - " LAST elections in Ukraine "So it will be more accurate.
  30. goose
    goose 5 September 2014 14: 55
    Quote: bistrov.
    Indeed, the Ukrainian people can be manipulated as you like. I have recently witnessed as ordinary women in the towns and villages, they discussed and scolded Putin, accusing him of all the troubles in Ukraine: he doesn’t give gas, he captured Crimea, and he unleashed a war, kills Ukrainian guys and destroys Ukrainian cities, and does not buy Ukrainian products, condemning people to unemployment. And while not a word addressed to today's Ukrainian fascist authorities.

    Here it is sneaky consciousness since the time of corvée: they scolded the next gentleman, but you can’t do your own, what if he suddenly exalts and makes him a manager?