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Reports from the militia of New Russia for 2 September 2014 of the year

Yesterday at 9: 41

Photo from the militia

Girl-militia with the call sign "Marta" and her trophy, won in battle with Ukrainian punitive.

Reports from the militia of New Russia for 2 September 2014 of the year

Yesterday at 9: 53
02.09.14. Message from the militia.

"In a battle near the airport of Lugansk, 13 was captured by servicemen from the 80 airborne regiment. The militia headquarters created a technical team to collect armored vehicles and ammunition left by punitive agents from the militia. At least, it took 2 of the day to get the armies from the punitive squadron. the Donetsk airport’s stripping continued throughout the night. According to preliminary data, the 1500 punishers remain in the Yelenovsky Cauldron. ”

Yesterday at 9: 54

Message from Borisych:

"This civilian man suffered burns with white phosphorus at Shakhtersk after shelling of the Ukrainian Armed Forces."

Yesterday at 10: 10

Summary of foreign mercenary casualties

"Total 460 fighters lost foreign mercenaries. The Polish ASBS Othago - 194 person and the American Assademi - 160 person lost the most."

Yesterday at 10: 43

Message from journalists

"During the four months of fighting, the punitive lost 43 thousand 27 people. Of these, 27 people were killed or wounded, 888 were taken prisoner and 1649 deserted or disappeared. The PMC also suffered losses, the DNR operational headquarters reports. Most of all in battles "Right Sector" lost - more than 13 thousand killed and wounded. Most of them were part of the National Guard. 500 members of the PS were captured. The battalions "Donbass", "Aydar", "Azov" and "Kherson" and others. lost killed and 7 people were injured. SBU, encroaching on the freedom of the inhabitants of Donbass, lost 1649 people. 6168 soldiers lost private military The Polish ASBS Othago - 115 people and the American Asademi - 460 people lost the most. The total losses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces amounted to 194 troops, including 160 policemen. Also, 14889 killed US intelligence agencies - the FBI and the CIA - are reported at the militia headquarters. of the month, Kiev lost 120 aircraft and 25 helicopters, as well as six drones.The militia managed to destroy 43 tanks, 827 armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles and BMDs, 37 Gradov, 19 Hurricanes and about 100 units of various artillery, "data from the headquarters of the DPR indicate.

Yesterday at 11: 11

Kharkiv reports

"Hello, I am from Kharkov, my cousin studies in the 4 class - the Russian language was removed from the program! I studied in this school for 11 years, it seems to me that this is brutality, because in our city 99% speak Russian. The children have never spoken on Svidomo Move, they don’t even understand it, and now they will have to study all subjects on this incomprehensible Move. "

Yesterday at 11: 26

Message from the city council of Donetsk

“The night from 1 to September 2 was uneasy. According to reports to the headquarters, the sounds of heavy gunfire were heard from time to time. As of 10: 30 Moscow time, the situation in Donetsk is stable and tense. Public utilities and public transport. The situation with food satisfactory. "

Yesterday at 11: 47

Message from blogger "colonelcassad"

"The boiler near Ilovaisk became the logical result of Semenchenko's violent activities. The punitive battalions on the point of impact, having a great superiority in manpower and equipment, for more than 2 weeks of fighting, first under Ilovaysk and then in Ilovaysk, could not penetrate the defenses of inferior They waited for the forces of the militia. They waited until the Motorola squad arrived, which drove them back along with the well-known “Donbas.” Semenchenko fell into hysterics on Facebook - I’m such a talented commander, and the traitors generals make it difficult to win. I am mediocrity of some generals and betrayal of others, it should be noted that Semenchenko is no better than them, because with proper use of superiority in forces, there were opportunities for success here, but if you look at how Donbass-1 fought, first he stupidly tried to push ahead (first to the suburbs, and then to the railway), and then just as quickly began to flee the city when the militia went on the offensive. What was the tactical genius of Semenchenko? In that the rake of supplies of "voluntary fees" and established "supply" by requisitioning from merchants? That "heroically" cleaned the cities beaten off by army? Or in the "truthful posts" in social networks, where he denounced all those who "prevented him from fighting."

Yesterday at 12: 54

Photo from the militia

Fresh photos from the place of the next defeat of Ukrainian punishers in the Elenovsky boiler.

Yesterday at 12: 57

Message from the militia

"Every day, boilers, demolitions, mountains of burning enemy equipment and mass surrender of dill. This is no longer the Kursk Bulge and not Stalingrad, but the end of some kind of 1944!"

Yesterday at 13: 08

Message from the militia with the words of the blogger "colonelcassad"

"Junta's plane was shot down over Khartsyzsk yesterday. The model is being clarified. He visited Tehmash to destroy the remaining workshops. He fired two rockets, but the militia launched a rocket, the explosion exploded in the sky, and then the plane fell outside the city with a big flame. A training camp for the DPR Militia is actively functioning near Khartsyzsk. Residents who did not want to leave after the bombing and lost their jobs and livelihoods are enrolled in the Militia. About 90% of the remaining men in the city at the moment in the Militia. Russian volunteers are simply units compared with them. Preparations are underway for a counterattack in order to clear out the Ukrainian DRGs near Khartsyzsk and then proceed where the command indicates. "

Yesterday at 13: 12

Message from the Ministry of Health DNI

"Over the past day, several medical facilities were hit by Ukrainian artillery strikes, the forensic medical examination bureau was injured. Kiev blocked the supply of drugs that were budgeted for 2014 a year, but health institutions continue to assist the civilian population and the militia in full. on average, 20 people get to Donetsk hospitals a day. "

Yesterday at 13: 20

Fresh map of a combat situation

Yesterday at 13: 24

Militia headquarters statement

"The militia forces completed the encirclement of the 24 units of the mechanized brigade near the village of Petrovskoye. The enemy grouping consisting of up to ten tanks, twelve armored personnel carriers and two hundred fifty personnel was in the cauldron. At the same time, in the Belorechensk militia units, the 30 grouping was blocked brigades consisting of up to fifteen tanks, twenty guns and mortars of different caliber, thirty infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers, up to five hundred military personnel. However, according to intelligence data, a significant part of the Ukrainian security forces found themselves in the boilers is completely demoralized. In addition, the 24-i from the Yavorov and the Novograd-Volynsky 30-brigade arrived with more than half of them recruited by recruits, the level of losses among which is more than seventy percent. Considering these circumstances, the command of the Army of the Southeast, NOT WISHING FORWARD BLOOD SPROLITIS, is ready to provide a humanitarian corridor for the withdrawal of Ukrainian military personnel Those who made the decision to surrender all weapons and stop participating in the war. "

Yesterday at 13: 50

Commentary from the President of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, Doctor of Military Sciences Konstantin Sivkov

"Based on the analysis of the military-political situation and the nature of the armed struggle, I think the conflict in Ukraine will end within a year," said an RIA expert. News on Tuesday. According to him, the Ukrainian army "will inevitably be defeated": during the armed conflict, they lost a lot of equipment, and the morale of Ukrainian soldiers weakened significantly.

Yesterday at 14: 02

Summary of the Army of the South-East for the night of September 2: fire strikes against enemy clusters, battered "Shakhtersk" battalion, Amvrosiivka cleaned

During the night, the situation has not changed significantly. The ceasefire regime in the humanitarian corridor was respected by the militia forces.

In other sectors, the Army of Novorossia continued to fight the retreating enemy units in battle.

In the Donetsk direction, artillery of the DPR struck fire on the identified positions of artillery and manpower and vehicle assemblies in the areas of Starolasp, Novolasp, Orlovo-Ivanovka, Kamenka, Tonkoe.

As a result of successful actions of the Donbass defenders, Signal has been liberated from the invaders. Divisions of the punitive battalion "Shakhtersk" in the area of ​​n. P. Yasinovataya.

On the Luhansk direction, the enemy continued to retreat from the previously occupied positions.

As a result of fierce fighting under the control of the militia moved n. n. Loose. Enemy losses amounted to 6 tanks, to 4 BMPs and armored personnel carriers, to 6 Ural vehicles, and to 120 people killed and wounded.

Currently, reconnaissance of the settlements of Kruglik and Lutugino is being conducted with a view to the presence of units of the National Guard in them.

During the patrolling of the road section of the Novosvetlovka - Khryaschevatoe road, the Ural vehicle mined by a high-power mine was found and neutralized.

On the Mariupol direction, the main enemy efforts were focused on retaining occupied lines. The occupants continue the construction of fortifications, mining and anti-tank barriers at the entrances to the city.

The total losses of the punishers were: tanks - 8 units, guns and mortars - 6 units, infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers - 14 units, automotive vehicles - 34 units. 320 personnel killed and wounded.

During the stripping n. Amvrosiivka was captured in good condition by an 2 tank, an 3 self-propelled ammunition with ammunition, and an 3 vehicle requiring minor repairs.

Yesterday at 14: 10

Message from journalists

"The number of people who left home as a result of the crisis in Ukraine exceeded 1 million people. These data are cited today by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Of this number, 260 thousand people are internally displaced. More 814 thousand people found refuge in Russia with 1 January 2014 of the year, informs UNHCR with reference to the Russian authorities. "

Yesterday at 14: 55

Message from the militia headquarters

"The National Guard underlines the entry and exit from Mariupol.
The militia patrols found the Ural car mined with a powerful bomb, and the bomb was defused. Anti-tank barriers and minefields are organized by Ukrainian security forces in the vicinity of Mariupol. The national guard takes defensive positions here and tries to keep the occupied lines. On the storming of the city by militia it is not yet. Over the past 24 hours, the militia forces occupied a number of localities, continuing the battles in the Lugansk and Donetsk directions, where they caused serious damage to equipment and personnel of the Ukrainian security forces. In particular, in the Yasinovataya region, the division of the national guard battalion "Shakhtersk" was destroyed. The artillery positions of the National Guard and the Ukrainian Armed Forces of Ukraine in the areas of the villages of Starolasp, Novolasp, Orlovo-Ivanovka, Kamenka, Tonkoe were subjected to fire attack from the army of the DPR. Troops of militias occupied Signal villages in the Donbass and Peremohnoe in the Luhansk area. In the villages of Kruglik and Lutugino there is a sweep from possible units of the National Guard under. "

Yesterday at 15: 24

The head of the Volyn anti-fascists told the Committee of Social Communications of the DPR about what is happening in his region

“People have a negative attitude to mobilization, but a voice against is too timid! Any attempts rigidly suppresses the SBU. Very much turned the brains of the TV. There are no Russian channels, as well as an alternative opinion. On the junta is stronger than the state propaganda, Kiev Patriarchate works. At each “worship” 95% of the sermon - this is the attitude to kill “moskaliv” and “skidnyakiv”, - he said.

He also noted that “the hungry and the poor are happy that in the elections they will give UAH 200 per vote”.

“The lumpenization is complete. It is bitter to look at this wild people, ”he says.
According to him, people in Volyn have humbled themselves and are ready to accept the separation and the creation of independent republics, “if only they did not send more coffins and let them earn at least something.”

He also stressed that after the fall of the junta, he and his organization will reveal their names.

Yesterday at 15: 54

Message from the Deputy Chairman of the NGO "Veche" Vladimir Orlov

"Only got to the Internet, 6 hours ago, together with ANNA-News correspondents came from the Lugansk airport ... Now we can say that Lugansk airport was beaten off from dill, and the punitive squadron of the battalion Aydar was broken in Novosvetlovka.
Novosvetlovka clogged burnt ukropskoy technique. On the sides are carcasses lying punitive. This fate awaits all punitive Kiev junta !!!
Unfortunately, in Lugansk, civilians continue to die from bombs and mines of punishers. Just before our eyes, a bomb killed an entire family ... "

Yesterday at 15: 54

Photo from the militia

The first photos of the cleaned punitive airport of Lugansk.

Yesterday at 16: 00

Overview of the combat situation from a blogger and military analyst "colonelcassad"

"1. The offensive south of Donetsk continues to develop. Since the enemy simply does not have the strength to close the huge hole stretching from Georgievka and Karlovka up to the Sea of ​​Azov, the existing forces were driven to the defense of Mariupol and to the front line west of Donetsk to prevent a dissecting strike through Selidovo to Krasnoarmeysk and Konstantinovka, which can lead to a deep coverage of the grouping besieging Donetsk.

There is simply no cash to close a huge hole in the front, so here the army of New Russia is quietly moving forward, constrained only by the lack of its own forces and the need to maintain control over the territory already captured. In fact, only the weakness of the forces of the army of New Russia make the catastrophe occurring before our eyes stretched in time. Attack here, for example, the mechanized brigades of the Russian army, then using this operational emptiness, they could break into the Dnieper rather painlessly. There is simply nothing to stop them. Nevertheless, it is to be expected that in a few days, the army of New Russia and here will begin to meet some hastily created barriers designed to slow down the development of the disaster. It is also worth expecting this week the entry into the battle from the junta 2-3 reinforced armored groups. The remnants of the junta's troops under Dyakovo and Ilovaiskaya are doomed, very few will be able to reach their troops. Of course, the army of New Russia will continue to collect significant trophies.

Mariupol is now essentially in the operational environment, the morale of those surrounded is low, the distribution of preferences of the population is about 60 on 40 in our favor among the political active, the fragility of hopes for sea supplies showed attacks on border boats in the sea near Mariupol. This suggests that the complete blockade of the city is envisaged by the plan and the capture of Mariupol is among the priority objectives. At the same time, taking advantage of the situation, blocking Mariupol, the army of Novorossiya calmly throws forward its DRGs, which are approaching the approaches to Berdyansk and the territories adjacent to Zaporizhia. In essence, the situation is being examined in order to determine the further directions of development of the offensive - where there is no enemy or he will be weak, both the reinforced DRGs and part of the forces being pulled from the depths will be moved there.

That is, in fact, there is a mirror copy of the punitive tactics, which in the same way in July and the first half of August, searched for holes in the militia’s lines and introduced their mechanized groups and DRGs there. This tactic has already led to a new operational environment for the junta's troops, as a result of which the so-called Volnovakh boiler emerged, with the result that the similarity of the front between Volnovakha and Marinka collapsed again and the enemy now has to either break through again with great losses or saving staff.

In general, the offensive develops here more than successfully, which affects the position of other fronts of New Russia. The defeat of the Southern Front for the junta is equivalent to the defeat of Germany at Stalingrad, the war can still last for quite a long time, but it is clearly seen that the military machine of the junta has cracked and it can no longer achieve a military victory. The turning point has already occurred and the question of the destruction of Novorossiya is no longer worth it.

2. The defeat of the Southern Front forces not only to hastily pull up reserves to the breakthrough zone south of Donetsk, but also to withdraw troops from wedges into the positions of the Novorossia army. The junta has already begun to withdraw troops from the Donetsk airport, which is still partially held, but it will obviously be left for a week, there is no longer any reason to hold this protrusion - as the airport is no longer suitable (both sides have well destroyed it), but as a springboard for attacks on Donetsk, it lost its meaning a week ago, after the collapse of the front south of Donetsk.

Violent resistance only means operational helplessness of the junta in this direction, after all, the storming of Donetsk from the north has choked on the streets of Yasinovataya and north-western suburbs of Donetsk. But there was a moment when the militia was rather pessimistic about the prospects for its reflection. But now the junta’s timid blow at Yasinovatuyu reminded the remnants of its former luxury — it came out weakly and about anything, the army of Novorossia didn’t even need to remove serious forces from the south in order to parry it.

Debloka surrounded by Yelenovka helped the junta to save part of the surrounded troops, but led to losses in the material part and important positions needed for the shelling of Donetsk. The group holding Debaltseve is under serious threat, as the strikes of the Novorossia army in the direction of Svetlodarsk unequivocally indicate an indiscreet intention to surround all the troops of the junta in the area of ​​Debaltseve and Uglegorsk, and not to attack Debaltseve in the forehead. The junta is faced with an unpleasant choice - either voluntarily leave Debaltseve and Uglegorsk and retreat to Svetlodarsk, or persist in defense, risking to get a Debaltsevsky boiler at the exit in a few days. In general, the enemy will gradually be pushed aside from Donetsk and from the north. Tentatively, through the 7-8 days of Donetsk shelling should come to naught and the capital of Novorossia should gradually move to the state of the rear city.

3. The grouping of the army of Novorossiya in the area of ​​Stakhanov and Alchevsk, due to the lack of armored vehicles and artillery, is still on the defensive, undertaking constraining actions and conducting reconnaissance in force with the help of the DRG forces in the direction of Severodonetsk and Slavyanoserbsk. In general, the Alexey Mozgovoy’s Ghost Brigade here maintains the center of the position, thanks to which it is possible to conduct offensive operations near Donetsk and Lugansk.

In this case, in the event of the accumulation of forces in the Gorskoe area (2-3 of the armored group and up to the infantry battalion with the support of the MLRS and barreled artillery), the army of Novorossia could well strike here at Severodonetsk and Lysychansk. Still, it is more likely that until the destruction of the boilers is completed, here the militia will continue strategic defense.

4. To the south of Luhansk, the enemy, under the threat of defeat, began to move away from the Luhansk airport, Lutugino is also in the process of abandoning, in fact, a good wandering cauldron is planned here, which will be extremely difficult to get to his own, since there is nothing special to unlock him from the north ineptly squandered in July and August, and the last combat-ready units were burned in heavy battles under Gryaschevaty and Novosvetlovka. Here, of course, the battles will not stop immediately, but the departure from the airport clearly indicates that it is no longer a question of taking Lugansk, a departure from Khryashchevaty and Novosvetlovka and leaving the airport put an end to the junta’s ambitious plan to surround Lugansk.

The fighting in the village of Lugansk, which the junta partly controls, of course prevents the army of Novorossia from actively pushing those surrounded south of Lugansk and surrounding Happiness, but this is only a slowing down of the trend, but not its change. Having lost air supremacy here and having lost most of the tanks and infantry fighting vehicles on the roads near Lugansk, the junta will have to lead passive defenses north of Lugansk in anticipation of the moment when they are cleared of everyone to the south of Lugansk. They will accumulate forces and will strike through Happiness or bypassing it at Novoidar.
However, due to the organizational weakness of the LC and problems with unity of command (some of the commanders are still fighting by themselves), the offensive is taking place so-so, although the configuration of the front frankly favors the defeat of the junta on the territory of the LC.

5. In general, the military situation for us is now favorable, the inertia of the offensive and the configuration of the front allow us to expect in the coming days new tactical and operational successes, as well as further losses of the junta in people and equipment. In the light of the losses incurred and the new trophies of the militia (plus the work of the "voentorg"), as well as in the light of the influx of volunteers - the ratio of people continues to improve.

Now, against the 29-33 thousand soldiers of New Russia, the junta in the light of the losses can put up no more than 40 soldiers (and not of the best quality). According to technology, the ratio in the best case for the junta is no more than twofold, or even less. Aviation the junta continues to suffer catastrophic losses. In general, during the 2 months of the junta's onset, it lost overwhelming superiority in people and technology, lost dominance in the air, and the militia almost equaled the junta in terms of the number of barrels and rocket artillery.

With current trends, the collapse of the Southern Front and its consequences will lead to the liberation of most of the Donetsk People's Republic and the deployment of hostilities in the Zaporizhia region. That is, we will gradually talk about the transfer of hostilities to the territory of the enemy, which was not originally under the control of the DNR and the LC.

6. Politically, the backstage fuss around the future of Novorossia continues, which is already evident. Yesterday’s rumor that the leadership of Novorossia is ready to agree to a “united Ukraine” says that the “Greater Transnistria” party does not leave any attempts to limit the results of the uprising to the territory of the DPR and the LPR and through the Russian media throws in advance provocative ideas aimed at discrediting the people's leadership republics, which obviously can not go against the mood of the soldiers and residents of New Russia, disposed to secede from Ukraine.

Nevertheless, it is quite obvious that everyone will come to negotiations sooner or later, and here it is critically important that the army of New Russia capture as many cities and districts of the former Ukraine as possible to ensure more convenient positions for negotiations. Frankly, the continuation of the war is advantageous for us, since with the current trends the junta will lose it and lose new territories. Negotiations need while delaying or disrupting. The fact that the junta is not negotiable is our advantage, since it can be used and not given to the junta to get at least some kind of "honorable peace."
Although judging by official and unofficial statements, the adversary begins to increase his understanding that it will not be possible to win the war and that it is necessary to save what can still be saved.

In general, the war will be won by us and New Russia will take place in various borders as a fairly large unrecognized state. So those who have helped our struggle can already feel themselves involved in our common victory, which will certainly be. "

Yesterday at 16: 04

Photo from the militia

Fresh photos from Elenovsky boiler. The boiler is currently being digested successfully and will soon repeat the fate of the Ilovaisky and Amvrosivsky cauldrons.
Troops to collect the material part do not have time to collect trophies and disassemble the burned-out punitive equipment for parts.

Yesterday at 16: 34

Commentary from a military analyst

“At the beginning of last month, the militia was under the leadership of several dozen semi-independent commanders. Now it is already a regular army that won its first“ strategic ”victories. The militia forces“ grew ”in all indicators: number, organization, security, equipment. (VSU + NG + everything, everything, everything.) In short, the "army" of the junta. There is every reason to consider the month of August as the beginning of the ATO ... because the number of the "field" battalions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the military strip has drastically decreased (in the ATO they are not eligible to take part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine) will not be announced martial law). At the beginning of the month, the regular units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were the backbone of the junta and their main striking force. August was the month of the rout of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. I think I’m not mistaken if I say that now in the ATO zone there are no more 10 "capable" battalions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (at the beginning of the month there were almost 30). At the beginning of the month there were several battalions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (Donbass, Shakhtersk, several battalions of NG). Now the bulk of the infantry at the front are the troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (NG, terrbataly, etc. d.) If the trend continues, then September will be the month of the final defeat of the APU. The situation on the fronts for the month has changed dramatically. The initiative, which belonged to the junta in August, completely passed to the BCH. The boiler follows the boiler. Captives are already in the hundreds per day. The prospect of a complete collapse of the front with the subsequent exit of the "partisan" detachments (and not only) into the expanses of the country. "

Yesterday at 16: 35

Report of the Committee of Social Communications of the DPR

"Ukrainian punishers continue shelling peaceful neighborhoods of the cities of the Donetsk People's Republic.

Yesterday around 23: 00 shells fell near the Petrovsky Executive Committee (Petrovsky district of Donetsk). “There is a hit in the roof of the cafe“ Mask ”, also on the street. Petrovsky, 9, 13 there is a sharp smell of gas, you can hear a hiss, ”- according to eyewitnesses.
Also in Petrovsky district, on the street. Novosadovoy (20,22 houses), one shell exploded in a field in front of the houses, the second behind the houses, there are also hits on the Gypsy village.

The shelling of Donetsk from the Volnovakha district continues. Tonight, several volleys were inflicted from the MLRS “Uragan”. So far nothing is known about the destruction. Also at night, Enakievo was shot from howitzers. The Ukrainian militants continue to conduct aimed fire at the Komsomolets Donbassa mine. Mine is almost completely destroyed. Earlier it was reported about the destruction of the home of the disabled, the old men were killed.

Locals from the village of Velikaya Novoselka report that in 11: 00, the Ukrainian military drove all the employees and workers to the celebration.

“Everyone was given Ukrainian symbolism, everyone who refuses to go, will be entered in the lists. Today in the settlement two enterprises were seized by punishers ”, - it is said in the message.

It is worth noting that the RBC news agency today published a report of its correspondent, who witnessed the bombing of the city with phosphorus bombs. An analysis of the places of falling shells clearly shows the direction of the strike - from the position of the Ukrainian troops in the north, west and south of the city. Bombs fall into homes and areas, hospitals, schools, kindergartens, that is, in civilian objects. For three weeks of the stay of the RBC correspondent in the city, shells never hit the military sites of the militias, but dozens of civilians were killed and wounded, according to a report. "

Yesterday at 16: 44

Message from the militia

"The equipment and equipment of the 30 brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are burning on the territory of the plant in Lutugino."

Yesterday at 16: 50

Summary from the headquarters of the MO of the DPR for the past day as of September 2 morning

The past day on the fronts brought the militia several significant tactical victories. The DPR army began storming the positions of the Ukrainian troops occupying the Donetsk airport. During the evening and night, the militia artillery struck, as a result, they retreated from some positions near the airfield. Fully airport is not taken, as the fortifications available there to storm is not easy. It is known that some of the punishers locked in there have surrendered, some continue to resist. However, the airport, as a strategic base for an attack on the capital of the Republic, in view of the defeat of the main positions of the Ukrainian security forces on the approaches to it, can no longer be considered.

In addition, it became known that over the past day, about 300 prisoners (previously captured), as well as 72 wounded and 35 dead, were transferred to representatives of the junta in Donetsk and on the approaches. In the suburbs of Donetsk: Pavlogradskoe village is completely free from punitive; Gorlovka eliminated the last divisions of the occupiers (in the building of the SBU); from Kurakhovo (Mariinsky district) and Marinka itself, the Ukrainian military retreat in battle.

In the morning, the city of Enakievo was subjected to shelling by invaders' artillery, there is destruction, there is no data loss.

In the settlements of Novoamvrosievskoye, Semenovskoye, Mnogopole, Kobzari, Zelenoye, Grabskoe of the Amvrosievsky district there were fights, during which the villages were freed from the punishers.

Near the settlement of Merezhki, on the border of Amvrosiyevsky and Starobeshevsky districts, a Ukrainian attack aircraft SU-27 was shot down.

In the Starobeshevsky district, the stripping operations were completed, liberated from the Kiev occupiers n. Starobeshevo, Maryanovka, Novyi Svet, Styla, Novokaterinovka, Shirokoe, Komsomolskoye. Thus, the Ilovaisky Cauldron was cleaned (with the exception of Mospino), 20 punishers were destroyed during the night; 96 taken prisoner in n. n. Light.
From Telmanovo punitive knocked out. During the stripping operation, 1 BTR, 2 mortar crews and 20 enemy soldiers were destroyed.
In Novosvetlovka (Yasinovatsky district), during the battles, the militia destroyed 5 installations of the MLRS “Grad”, after which the 35 of the Ukrainian military surrendered to weapons.
The village of Blagodatnoe has been liberated in Volnovakha district. In Yelenovka, fierce fighting continues, where the Ukrainian security forces are well entrenched.
In the Konstantinovsky area released n. P. Artyomovka. During the sweeps in the suburbs Khartsyzsk released n. n. Tretyaki.

In the south, the militia forces completely control the Donetsk-Mariupol highway, but the village of Mangush remains occupied by the Ukrainian military. By the way, all the routes that connect Mariupol with other cities are under the complete control of the militia forces, which creates the so-called "Mariupol Cauldron". It is reported that at present only punitive battalions "Azov" and "Shakhtersk" and some fighters of internal troops remain in Mariupol. In general, on the territory of the DPR, the most significant event of the previous day was the incomplete storming of the airport. Ilovaisky boiler finally docked. By the way, the partisans were very well noted during the past 24 hours. In the town of Chuguev, Kharkiv region, the sabotage and reconnaissance militia group destroyed the supply column of the Ukrainian security forces, the losses were not specified.

Total losses:
Civilians: while it is known about the death of one civilian in Donetsk. According to the militia, the dead national guard 57, prisoners - 111, the number of wounded is not yet known. At the same time, the National Security Council knows only about 7 of the dead Ukrainian military, 25 - the wounded. There are no prisoners for the leadership of Ukraine. Destroyed vehicles: MLRS - 6, BTR - 1, guns - 6, cars - 7, aircraft - 1, helicopter - 2. Active offensive actions of the army of the DPR and the LPR continue. In the coming days it is planned to free the city of Mariupol.

Yesterday at 17: 15

Not a festive September 1 in Enakievo

September 1 - Knowledge Day, children go to school, the first bell, music, laughter, fun ... So usually this day passed in many cities and towns of the state of Ukraine. Probably, this was the case for Ukraine and now. New Russia met this day differently.

September 1 is likely to be for a small town of metallurgists and miners not a bright and joyful day, but a day of mourning. Happy shelling village. Yunkom. The private sector suffered, the 90-year-old woman fell victim to the shelling. Two wounded were taken to the city hospital. As it became known today, one of the victims had to amputate the arm.

All day the suburb was subjected to periodic shelling, but the most, as it later turned out, the interesting cannibals were left overnight. In 23: 30 nights pos. Yunkom fired again, and again the victims. The militia, who were close to the shelling zone, rushed to the rescue. According to one of them, he will remember such a night for a long time. “I hear - scream. I run to the sound, and suddenly a man rushes out of the darkness at me, covered in soot, the child is hanging in his arms and dangles. And on top of this soot and soot that covered both, blood flows. A woman ran after them. Long hair, as if electrified, stuck out in all directions ... We put them in the car and sent to the hospital. ”

The fire, which arose after the shelling, continued to extinguish today. Here people once lived ...

In the middle of the night, the city itself came under fire. About 6 mine bombs released "liberators" in the center of the city. Fortunately, then there were no casualties. The first floors of buildings on the street. Tiunova subjected to bombardment, occupied by offices and shops. The houses are old, Stalin-built with a high ground floor. This was probably what saved the residents, because many who did not leave at such a late hour, which happened at half past eleven, slept peacefully in their apartments. One of the charges exploded in the courtyard of the building of the prosecutor's office, a fire broke out.

My beloved, dear city, it hurts me to see you like this ... A splinter has stitched through a gas pipeline. Fragments pierced through the gatehouse located in the courtyard of the church “House of the Gospel”. Taking off from the opposite side, they broke through a concrete fence. Through the shattered door.

And today, on September 2, on 12: 00 of the day, another artillery attack of the punishers claimed the lives of six citizens. Peaceful people who arrived at the city gas station. Where there are no roadblocks, artillery systems, or militia units ...

Two shells fell on the territory of the fleet, the buses carrying people burned down ... Here, thank God, there were no casualties. September came to our city with blood, death and grief. But I really hope that this will not be for long, that the tornado of horror, suffering, pain, which the Kiev authorities raised, will return to where it originated. So be it, I believe!

Igor Korovyakovsky, Enakievo, September 2 2014

Yesterday at 17: 16

Donetsk villages wiped out

Unique shots were taken by the crew of the Tsargrad TV channel in the combat zone near Donetsk. With the help of the UAV, the consequences of the bombardment of Ukrainian punishers were recorded.

Dead village near Donetsk: One woman remained from 1500 residents. Residents of the village of Stepanovka in the Shakhtersky district near Donetsk were forced to leave their homes after a massive shelling of the Ukrainian army. Of the almost one and a half thousand inhabitants, only one elderly couple remained in the village. An elderly woman spoke about the scale of the destruction and the number of victims.

Yesterday at 17: 42

Purgin: DNI does not see itself as the subject of a certain Ukrainian federation

Donetsk People’s Republic does not see itself as part of a federation within Ukraine, First Deputy Prime Minister of the DPR Government Andrey Purgin told reporters in Moscow on Tuesday.

“Immediately I will try to remove political speculations, which are now a huge amount: we must take some basic things, there are several of them. There’s no question of any federation within Ukraine. This is the basic thing we now rely on. Second, we must stop war. And, based on these basic things, we can talk about the rest, "he said.

In particular, Purgin explained, these could be the exchange of hostages and prisoners of war, as well as the non-use of heavy weapons. "We can say that we do not claim the territory of Ukraine - neither Donetsk nor the Lugansk republic. We can say that we will preserve sociocultural and other spaces for Ukrainians. Nevertheless, we are certainly part of the Russian world", - emphasized Purgin.

As clarified earlier by the Prime Minister of the Donetsk People’s Republic, Alexander Zakharchenko, the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics are not seeking for a special status for themselves, but are demanding equal rights from Kiev. According to him, the DPR and the LPR do not want to "remain within Ukraine either geographically or in a political or financial vector, only as equal partners."

Yesterday at 18: 46

The "Vostok" battalion irons the positions of the National Guard

Yesterday at 19: 29

Post Corr. Dmitry Steshin

“Everyone read yesterday about punishers who were flooded in the dungeons of the Donetsk airport. They flooded, they poured concrete inlets. And punitives cried and sank. In real life, ukroartilleriya broke the Oktyabrskaya mine substation. The pumps rose, the groundwater rose so that the bunkers with the Nazis began to sink.” .

Yesterday at 21: 44

Army Southeast Summary for September 2

"The enemy has been knocked out of the Donetsk airport, the militia offensive continues in the LC.

During the day, under the onslaught of the forces of Novorossia, the enemy continued to retreat in all directions. However, the punishers continued to strike at civilian infrastructure and civilians. So, using fascist rocket launchers, shelling of residential areas in the Petrovsky district of Donetsk was fired. According to the city utilities, two buildings were destroyed, the water supply system was damaged. Killed three civilians.

After intense battles, the invaders were driven from the territory of the Donetsk airport. Militia units liberated settlements Rodnikovoye, Styla, Kommunarovka, Andreevka.

In the Luhansk area, as a result of decisive offensive actions of the militias, the Kiev junta troops were driven out of the settlements of Uspenk, Lenin, Belorechensky, Beloye, Gaevo, Sabovka, Sukhdol, Rodakov, Aleksandrovka, Zemlyanoye, Shishkovo, Tsvetnoye Peski, and Merry Tarasivka.

At the same time, according to reports of the commanders of the units, the Ukrainian troops stepped up sabotage and reconnaissance activities in the areas of settlements Kruglik, Volnukhino, Silk Channel, Semeykino. Conducted cleaning settlements Georgievka and Uspenka from the DRG Bandera. During the clashes destroyed 5 fascists.

On the Mariupol direction, the main enemy efforts were focused on retaining occupied lines on the approaches to the city. Fortification equipment positions and mining of key industrial facilities and municipal infrastructure.

Total losses of punitive for the day amounted to 6 tanks, to 12 BMP and BTR, 6 MLRS BM-21 "Grad", 21 car. Killed and wounded before 90 people, 18 invaders taken prisoner. "

Yesterday at 21: 52

Combined summary of the headquarters of the army of the DPR and the LPR about the enemy's losses for the month

"The headquarters of the armies of the Southeast and the Donetsk People's Republic summarized the losses of the junta during the period from August 1 to September 1 2014.

In the course of fierce fighting in the territory of Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics, the militia forces shot down 14 aircraft, 10 unmanned aerial vehicles of the Air Force of Ukraine, destroyed to 187 multiple rocket launchers and field artillery guns, to 220 tanks, over 480 BMP and BTRov. 749 cars.

As a result of artillery strikes, 76 warehouses and storage areas for ammunition, fuel, and various types of materiel were eliminated.

Killed and injured to 3 600 punishers. "

Yesterday at 22: 04

Message from journalists

"The leadership of the people's republics today announced that they would free their territories from the Ukrainian security forces before the New Year. In addition, the Deputy Prime Minister of the DPR, Andrei Purgin, told about the seizure of Kiev. The militia and volunteers do not plan on attacking the capital of Ukraine.
Meanwhile, Mariupol is preparing for defense, but there, according to some sources, 60% of the population are on the side of the militia. Only in a day, the Ukrainian security forces lost more 300 people and 30 units of equipment. Militias and volunteers reported the capture of the village Signal. In the area of ​​Yasinovataya one of the units of the Shakhtersk battalion was destroyed. In the Starobeshevsky District, they were freed from the security forces Starobeshevo, Maryanovka, Novy Svet, Styla, Novoyaterinovka, Shirokoe, Komsomolskoye. Thus, the so-called "ilovaysky cauldron", where the security forces were surrounded, was trimmed with the exception of the city of Mospino. "

Yesterday at 22: 14

Message from Dmitry Steshin

"The secret of immured Donetsk airport.
Yesterday I read in the tape absolutely wild stories of sofa "eyewitnesses" with exuberant imagination. True, I didn’t believe a second stories about the Nazis flooded under the airfield, as in the Berlin metro in 1945. By evening, the sofa experts were unbelted - who drank, who smoked. And now the ukrovsky garrison of the airport was simply flooded with concrete in the dungeons of the witches. They floundered there in concrete, like Turanchox in biomass. In the morning we arrived at the airport to take pictures of the petrified punishers sticking out of stone. So that the whole world sees this psychedelic without chemistry. But we didn’t get to the airport. And where we got to, they told us that a few days ago, ukrovsky gunners gouged the substation and turned off the Oktyabrskaya mine. There were pumps for pumping water. By Sunday, groundwater had risen so much that it began to sink cross wells and tunnels in which the "democrats" are sitting. So blame yourself, have a nice swim. "

Yesterday at 22: 34

Summary report from the 1 Interbrigade of the South-East for September 2

"Traditionally, we analyze the situation in the DPR
Donetsk: the night passed uneasily. Petrovsky (the most severe destruction), Kiev and Leninsky districts (presumably from Volnovakhsky district, using the Uragan MLRS) were subjected to shelling. Fighting continued at the airport (there is information that attempts at force assault were stopped, the punishers are suppressing exclusively by artillery forces). From the airport itself, the punishers no longer shoot, but the junta’s mobile drg still operate, opening mortar fire at residential areas.
The suburbs of Donetsk were also subjected to shelling: Enakievo at night - from howitzers, in the afternoon - from mortars (7 died, 2 civilians were wounded); Mine “Komsomolets Donbas” (almost completely destroyed). In the Mariinsky district there were no battles, released by the settlement of Signal.

Other settlements DNR
- Khartsyzsk: the shelling stopped, the punishers were thrown away. However, the enemy DRGs also operate.
- Volnovakha district: during the battles under n. The village of Yelenovka militia gathered a “bouquet” - “Tulip” and “Hyacinth”. The forces of the punishers, surrounded by Yelenovka, are estimated at 1500 people.
- Amvrosievsky district: when stripping n. Amvrosievka was captured by the 2 tank, the 3 ACS, the 3 car. In the village Vasilyevka - during the night there were fights.
- Starobeshevsky district: punitive positions in n. v. Razdolnoye were attacked by the militia; there were also armed clashes, during which 9 punishers - “300”, 1 - “200”.
- Telmanovsky district: n. n. Telmanovo - freed, militia checkpoints are being installed, stripping operations are under way; this gives the militia access to the transport system, incl. for the attack on Mariupol. Units natsgadov in n. The village of Starolasp (undermined by a motorway) and Novolasp were “processed” by artillery.
- The mining district (Orlov-Ivanovka) and the Artyomovsky district (Kamenka) - small groups of punishers were also cleaned up with artillery of the militia. There is no data loss.
- Yasinovatsky area: in the area n. Yasinovataya and the settlement of Tonenkoe, the units of the Shakhtersk punitive battalion were destroyed.

In general, large-scale combat clashes in the past day is not fixed, except for the fighting for the airport of the capital of the DPR. Basically, measures were taken to suppress the artillery of the junta, including with the use of the MLRS.

Now Lugansk People's Republic
Lugansk again came under fire (eastern neighborhoods). There is still no light, gas and water in the city. In connection with the liberation of the airport from the punishers sitting there, artillery attacks on the city became less and less, but remained (apparently, ukrovermaht is firing from other positions from which it has not yet been knocked out).

Other settlements
- Happiness: during the day there were battles, the movement of the columns of the ukovermht from the direction of New Aydar was noted.
- Lutuginsky district: as a result of fierce fighting, it was finally liberated from the Kiev invaders. Mozhnoe (destroyed 6 tanks, 4 BMP / BTR, 6 a / m "Ural", and before 120 people killed and wounded). In the area of ​​the settlement of Kruglik and Lutugino - intelligence to identify the positions of punishers. In the settlement of Belorechensk, the 30 th OMBR grouping was blocked, consisting of up to 15 tanks, 20 guns and mortars, 30 BMP / BTR, and up to 500 punishers.
- Petrovsky district: in the area of ​​the settlement Petrovskoye is surrounded by units of the 24 th OMBr (up to 10 tanks, 12 BTR / BMP and 250 punishers).
- Slavyanoserbsky district: settlement Merry Mountain is busy finally, the last springboard for a breakthrough to Lugansk is eliminated. Crossing the Seversky Donets (in the area of ​​happiness) on the road Lugansk - Starobelsk under the control of the militia. In the area of ​​settlement Rodakovo, Yuryevka, Belenky, the Cossack artillery units destroyed a column of ukrovermht (there is no exact data on losses).
- Novoaydarsky district: the militia fired at the positions of ukrovermaht in the settlement of Dmitrovka and Alekseevka from artillery.
- Krasnodon district: on the road Novosvetlovka - The Ural mine bomb mined by a land mine was found and deactivated on the gravel road.

Thus, the advance of the army of Novorossia to the position of the junta's troops continues in the Luhansk direction.

On Mariupol punitives are trying to hold their positions and erect fortifications, undermine entrances and exits from the city. The work of the DRG militia continues the "weeding of dill" (n. N. Sakhanka destroyed Ukrainian border guards 1, injured 3).

Now every night "fresh psaki" from the official Kiev.
A citizen Tymchuk, abandoned one-on-one with the onset of the autumn aggravation, declares a possible Russian assault on the territory of the ex-Ukraine from the Sea of ​​Azov. Combat walruses of the GRU General Staff of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, transferred across the coast of Belarus from the Pskov seas, not otherwise.
And finally, the most touching! Svidomye ukroarii, agitated by the first autumn chill in unheated huts, disparagingly state that they don’t need the Donbass: a reverse from Slovakia, suhpayki from America, unpolished Polish outhouses and brothels of Amsterdam for Garny lads - they all have there is. Where there is unwashed Russia and Donetsk Vatniki with their mines and factories - Ukraine is Europe Europa, the work here is not held in high esteem!
In general, the mouthpiece of Goebbel (National Security and Defense Council) claims 15 dead "security forces" and 49 injured. "Terrorists" is destroyed as much as 50! About Russian mercenaries with a Russian accent this time, nothing. By the way, an interesting nuance that characterizes the army of Novorossia and Ukraine: the national chambers, for a salary (!) Drafted from the “cauldrons” or prisons called for, and defenders of Donbass, local residents and volunteers who give their lives for the idea and their land.

Now for losses:
Civilians (killed / wounded) - 7 / 2
NKGD (killed / wounded) - 15 / 49 (NSDC), 320 (?) Killed and wounded (according to the militia)
Equipment: destroyed (6 tanks, 4 BTR / BMP, 6 vehicles), captured (2 tanks, 3 ACS, 3 vehicles, 2 guns).

Thus, the leadership of the so-called. The ATO is seriously preparing not only for the capture of the Mariupol militia, but no less afraid of moving the army of Novorossia towards the Zaporizhia region. This is evidenced by the transfer of equipment from the western parts of Ukraine (for example, 3 trains from Transcarpathia with a total number of 45 platforms with T-64, BTR-70 tanks, trucks, medical and staff equipment were recorded). At the same time, Glavukr continues to tell everyone about his peaceful plan and complain about Russia's aggression. By the way, the words that Ukraine has lost the war and cannot resist the militia are increasingly heard. Well, what tomorrow will bring us - we will see.

Yesterday at 22: 39

Message and photo from Dmitry Babich

So they buried the commander of the Cossack "Wolf hundreds" Evgeny Ponomarev "Dingo". Thanks to everyone who helped make it worthy.

Yesterday at 22: 45

Message from the Hungarian militia of the "Legion of St. Stephen"

"Many volunteer Hungarians fought bravely against Ukrainian punishers! Hungarian militiaman Vladimir Laeshevich Seles died. He died defending LNR residents from punishers. Today he was buried.
We transfer to the National Guard and the Ukrainian military-get ready to pay! We will come to the Carpathians and free our homeland from you! "

Yesterday at 23: 02

Message from Dmitry Dzygovbrodsky:

"Found the body of journalist Andrei Stenin. No wonder the fat nit Anton Gerashchenko so lied - it took Andrei Interior Ministry, it did not take. So Anton Gerashchenko knew that Andrei was already killed.
Eternal memory to Andrei Stenin. The Kingdom of heaven."

Yesterday at 23: 16

Message from the military leader Gennady Dubovy

Call Sign Val. He really did not like to be photographed. He died in early August at the 20 checkpoint near Shakhtersk. At night. Then it could not be reported. In the evening, on the eve of death, I talked with his friend (call sign Acorn). And suddenly Val said: “Listen, I probably need to take a picture too. Otherwise, my relatives won’t believe that I’m fighting.” A few hours later he died. He protected his comrade from the mine with his body (call sign Pomor, he is now in a Donetsk hospital). I knew little of Val. I remember only one thing: he is one of the few fighters who never ducked during a mortar attack. Famous commanders (of course, this is not about Motorola), fighters awarded the St. George Cross, many of the stars of this war are ducking. Val never bowed at enemy shells. He was tall, extremely strict in relationships, closed and very kind at the same time. I noticed that kindness and courage are inseparable. Val knew very well the ancient Roman history. He also knew this statement of the military writer Vegetius: "The one who knows less about joys in life is less afraid of death." The kingdom of heaven, brother.

Today in 0: 10

Evening tour map overview

Today in 0: 30

Overview of the liberation of the Lugansk airport

"On the fifth attempt, the militiamen released the Luhansk airport. At the end, the airport defended about 300 punishers, among whom were many Georgian and Polish mercenaries. According to radio interceptions, they lost 483 people at the airport during the siege. Militias entered the airport at noon. 31 August after a powerful artillery preparation. The mercenaries took refuge in an air-raid shelter built during the Soviet era (as they have done many times before.) After the militia boots appeared on their heads, artillery They opened fire at the airport. They launched 6 ballistic missiles from Tochka U installations deployed in the village of Shchastye. The Grad of the Ukrainian army was attacked constantly at the airport. The militia unit that occupied the airport suffered losses, and the wounded were evacuated on armored vehicles. Unfortunately, on the evening of the same day, a reconnaissance group of the militia was ambushed near the airport. Their armored personnel carriers were shot almost point-blank.
On the night of August 31 on September 1, the mercenaries attempted a breakthrough, but were stopped by heavy machine gun fire. In their ranks began to panic, as evidenced by data of radio intercepts. Realizing the futility of further resistance, surrounded at the airport, the punishers requested the help of international mediators from the Red Cross. The whole day of September 1 was negotiated.
This morning, on September 10, 2, the surviving foreign mercenaries and local punishers, under the cover of the Red Cross, left the Lugansk airport in the Georgievka area, which was agreed with the military command of the LC, which provided a safe corridor. The militia did not open fire. Everyone could visit the airport’s ruins. "

Today in 0: 31

Video from the militia

The militia under the code name "Battle Beavers" fun and with enthusiasm today once again carried out an artillery shelling of Ukrainian positions.

Today in 0: 42

Video from the militia

A convoy of punitive battalions "Donbass", trying to escape from the environment near Ilovaiskaya - video in two parts.

Today in 1: 39

Message from the militia headquarters

"Significant forces of the Ukrainian army and the National Guard are withdrawn from the DPR. So far, we find it difficult to explain the meaning of this maneuver. Perhaps the security forces decided to focus on the defense of Zaporizhzhya and Dnepropetrovsk regions, perhaps they want to regroup and re-equip the units or even see the futility of attacks on the DPR .
Thus, according to intelligence data, the security forces left all roadblocks along the Donetsk-Mariupol highway; they only had fortifications at the entrance to Mariupol. Earlier, the militia knocked out the security forces from Yelenovka, then they left Volnovakha. Also, the security forces left Marinka and Kurakhovo in the south-west of Donetsk. A column of punitive technology retreated through Kurakhovo for twelve hours.
In the Starobeshevsky district, the security forces left Starobeshevo, Maryanovka, Novy Svet, Styl, Novokaterinovki, Shiroky, Komsomolsk. "

Today in 1: 48

Message from bloggers

"According to the residents of the Kiev junta of Slavyansk occupied by the punishers, on September 02, a column with five rocket launchers from the northwestern direction towards Kramatorsk was followed by a column with five rocket launchers, an operational tactical complex (TCB)" Tochka U "- two missiles on each unit and five cars with personnel. "

Today in 1: 57

Message from Tymchuk. He acknowledged the fact of a mass retreat of the Ukrainian army.

"Our troops left a number of settlements. We are retreating ... If our command really withdraws troops only to prevent them from entering the boilers and to regroup."

Today in 4: 03

2 September Seat Briefs

In the thin militia the warehouse with the BP was destroyed, about a quarter of the ukropovsky stuff remained.
During the day, the Nazis fired on Petrovka again, ours gorged the airport a little. Already 2-th day goes Enakievo and suburbs. Makeyevka is relatively calm during the day, in the evening the Cheryomushki area was again fired upon.
In the Shirokino area, ours destroyed one of the strategic facilities (the lighthouse). In Mariupol, a RSZO salvo was produced with an incomplete package in the direction of Mangush.
Snezhnoye, the Khimmash area and the carpool, the smoke station near the carpool was shelled by the fascists.
The Nazis continue to "make legs" in the direction of Zaporozhye, in front of the columns they are driving equipment loaded with loot. Often they go by fields, so yesterday, two dill trucks with junk and drugs were blown up on their own mines in the field.
The units are moving towards Slavyansk from Kramatorsk, military echelons with equipment continue to arrive at Krasny Liman. Also, the transfer comes from Kharkov.
According to unconfirmed reports, the Nazi headquarters moved to Kuibyshev.
The tense situation remains in the Red Guerrilla.
In Kharkiv, according to unconfirmed reports, Aydarovtsy came from Izyum to identify and clean up activists of pro-Russian rallies and rallies against the authorities.

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  1. VICTOR-61
    VICTOR-61 3 September 2014 08: 12
    Well done, militants, you made fascist dill keep it up and beat the bastards - dead militias who have eternal memory
    1. volot-voin
      volot-voin 3 September 2014 08: 14
      Quote: VICTOR-61
      Well done militants you made fascist dill so keep beating and beating reptiles

      I hope the tribunal, the military courts and the lynching courts in Kiev over the junta will follow. They deserved it long ago. It is a pity, as always, the majority will run away.
      Glory to the army of New Russia, to our heroes! Keep it up.
      1. tronin.maxim
        tronin.maxim 3 September 2014 08: 20
        The photo of the miner of the mine was already shaken from what he saw, God forbid!
        1. volot-voin
          volot-voin 3 September 2014 08: 25
          Quote: tronin.maxim
          The photo of the miner of the mine was already shaken from what he saw, God forbid!

          There, in New Russia, unfortunately it is full of such photos, and even worse in reality. I’m not bloodthirsty, but I want the junta from the bottom to be torn apart by the people, so that henceforth it would not be common for anyone to bomb civilians and unleash fratricidal wars. Unfortunately, the main organizers overseas are out of reach.
          1. andj61
            andj61 3 September 2014 08: 40
            How the people suffer - both the houses and the cities and people are destroyed, how many Ukrainians killed because of their scum ambitions! These crimes should not go unpunished!
            And the news is good. With pleasure, plus!
            "Every day, boilers, demolitions, mountains of burning enemy equipment and mass surrender of dill. This is no longer the Kursk Bulge and not Stalingrad, but the end of some kind of 1944!"

            This is similar to the Korsun-Shevchenkovsky massacre in early 1944, when Ukraine was liberated. Even the pictures are similar, adjusted for the time of year and era!
            1. mirag2
              mirag2 3 September 2014 08: 49
              Yes, it cannot be that Ukraine would lose 40 soldiers ...
              The USSR lost 50 (?) In Afghanistan? -And what was going on? It was felt throughout the Union, but in a small ukriya-000, this is somehow a lot, their entire army includes so much, and in the "Crimean" times they hardly could collect 40.
              About 40 are clearly bent.
              1. Egoza
                Egoza 3 September 2014 08: 53
                Quote: mirag2
                Yes, it cannot be that Ukraine would lose 40 soldiers ...

                This including the wounded. But once 300-1, it means that he has already left the army. Hence the digital! hi
              2. Alexander Romanov
                Alexander Romanov 3 September 2014 09: 09
                Quote: mirag2
                b, and in small ukriya-40 000 is somehow a lot,

                How many dead were delivered home? The bulk, just buried in the ground in stakes. They went in and did not go out, officially went missing.
                And then, officially in Ukraine, only 700 soldiers and officers died.
          2. shershen
            shershen 3 September 2014 09: 47
            I think it will be so when the dill understands that their enemies are not in New Russia, but in Kiev, they themselves will tear them out for souvenirs, along with relatives and friends.
          3. Nikolav
            Nikolav 3 September 2014 10: 23
            Yes. Wildly. It all started with tires and cookies on the Maidan. Six months have passed. From overwhelmed to overwhelmed.
      2. aleks 62
        aleks 62 3 September 2014 10: 51
        ..... I read and was saddened .... Question: why and why ??? ...
        Realizing the futility of further resistance, surrounded at the airport, the punitive requested the help of international mediators from the Red Cross. All day September 1 negotiations were held.
        This morning on September 2, the surviving foreign mercenaries and local punishers, under the cover of the Red Cross, left the Lugansk airport in the Georgievka area, which was agreed with the military command of the LPR, which provided a safe corridor. The militias did not open fire. Everyone could visit the ruins of the airport ".....
        ...... These reptiles could not be released ... So I think you can forget about the "humane" court ... hi
      3. bulvas
        bulvas 3 September 2014 11: 19
        I wonder when they are going to liberate Slavyansk?
    2. cheerful
      cheerful 3 September 2014 08: 19
      Why did I read Ukrainian news yesterday before going to bed ... was afraid of the invasion of aliens, defenders of ancient dill request
    3. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 3 September 2014 08: 29
      eh, girls ... you would have to hug the children like that. war of the damn ...
      1. aleks 62
        aleks 62 3 September 2014 10: 55
        ..... Repost to the topic: ..... I want to tell you a story about the Young Self-Defense battalion. This battalion was formed in Lysychansk, Luhansk region. It includes guys and girls from 16 to 18 years old who are fighting against the Ukrainian army. Teens from the cities of Lysychansk and Severodonetsk formed a battalion. One of these teenagers is Yaroslav Voskoenko, I think you've heard about him more than once ...

        And they formed it because they did not take the guys into the militia (they took it only from the age of 18), and they really wanted to defend their hometown! So the guys had an idea to assemble their own battalion, the number of which was 72 people: 24 of them were girls. In the last battles for Lysychansk, unfortunately, many died, and there were only 54 of them left ...

        The battalion showed courage and heroism more than once. When the Ukrainian army came close to Lisichansk, the "Phantom" battalion of Alexei Mozgovoy left the city. And the city remained under the control of only self-defense: 72 teenagers against 2 people of the National Guard ... The National Guard could not take the city, they ironed everything that was: "grads", "tornadoes", mortars, howitzers - they wanted to take the city in 000 hours, but it was not there! The oboronovtsy were able to keep the city under control for two days, in the hope that there would be help from Lugansk ...

        The teenagers were armed with AK assault rifles, TT pistols, 3 machine guns, and 2 SVD sniper rifles. They were able to destroy several dozen national guardsmen and their equipment in two days: 2 infantry fighting vehicles, 1 armored personnel carrier and 2 Grad installations. They stood to death, with machine guns against tanks ... And when they realized that there would be no help, they began to retreat in the direction of Alchevsk. During the retreat, they were covered with "hailstones", 18 people were killed ...

        These teenagers are fighting, and I pray for them every day ... The 30-year-old men who left Donbass should be ashamed! hi
    4. enot73
      enot73 3 September 2014 08: 33
      Quote: VICTOR-61
      Well done, militants, you made fascist dill keep it up and beat the bastards - dead militias who have eternal memory

      It is time for the rest of the South - East to rise and not serve in the troops of the fennel - Donetsk and Lugansk have already done the hardest work for everyone
    5. Giant thought
      Giant thought 3 September 2014 08: 34
      The fascist junta suffers a tactical defeat on all fronts; it would be nice if it went smoothly into a strategic one.
    6. a52333
      a52333 3 September 2014 08: 44
      Quote: VICTOR-61
      VICTOR-61 (1) Today, 08: 12
      Well done opoltsentsy

      Victor, well, my respect.
      Read such an article in three minutes ... And yet time, you need to comprehend such a deep comment.
      Not tired of not reading slogans spew out?
      1. VICTOR-61
        VICTOR-61 3 September 2014 09: 16
        I read a lot of written in other summaries of recent events, then they all put it together in this article, I read the conclusions from 5 am and that on September 4, the AIDAR AZOV DNEPR commanders asked everyone to come to the Maidan 3 rally for disassembly, so it turns out that I quickly read and Donbass airport is captured bastards are gone under the red cross the militia released them like this and if I don’t understand something, I try not to comment
  2. Alex_Popovson
    Alex_Popovson 3 September 2014 08: 13
    I read each bulletin with a sinking heart. I see the suffering of ordinary people, civilians, and I feel ashamed that I am not there and cannot help them.
    1. volot-voin
      volot-voin 3 September 2014 08: 17
      Quote: Alex_Popovson
      and I feel ashamed that I am not there and I can not help them.

      If for example you did not regret 200, 500, 1000 rubles and transferred to the Novorossia aid fund, then you have already helped. Contributed to the victory. Details are on the site.
      Someone should be in the Russian Federation, strengthen our economy and defense power, raise children, earn humanitarian aid to our heroes.
      1. Alex_Popovson
        Alex_Popovson 3 September 2014 08: 25
        Sent five off the first paycheck in a new job. You will not be full of money alone, although every "bit" is important. I listened to an interview with the main one of the Donetsk City Clinical Hospital - hands are sorely lacking; not only are there not enough doctors - there are not enough junior staff. Many nurses have left the city, so even with the banal dressing there are problems.
        I, pah-pah, in the spring I graduate from the institute, and if this mess is going to last there. Just shtamatuhi need, for hlh.
    2. Alan
      Alan 3 September 2014 08: 21
      Quote: Alex_Popovson
      I see the suffering of ordinary people, civilians, and I feel ashamed

      I think this feeling is experienced by many on this resource, as well as a sense of bitterness for the fact that the Slav went to the Slav ...... But I am sure it will be "and there is a holiday on our street."
      1. shershen
        shershen 3 September 2014 09: 59
        And by the way, Russia could organize the sending of volunteers,
        there are surely a lot of those who prefer a man’s death, honorable for a man, from a bullet, rather than shameful from hemorrhoids.
    3. shershen
      shershen 3 September 2014 09: 49
      If you want to help, and remotely possible.
  3. dima-fesko
    dima-fesko 3 September 2014 08: 17
    Good luck (not to mention the militia) of the DPR and LPR armies!
  4. Underwood
    Underwood 3 September 2014 08: 18
    Bayan, of course, but I liked it:
  5. 89067359490
    89067359490 3 September 2014 08: 19
    Fight until victory. And then dill shovels in the teeth and restore everything.
    1. Styx
      Styx 3 September 2014 12: 13
      First, let the destroyed houses be raked and counted the dead, who will be removed from under the rubble of the houses. I’m afraid, however, that after such working hands I won’t stay, but the chambers of mental hospitals will replenish. Well, what can you do ....

      And it seems to me that the figures for dead people will be corrected by the United Nations hundreds of times! crying
  6. father nikon
    father nikon 3 September 2014 08: 19
    Every day, boilers, defeats, mountains of burnt enemy equipment and the massive surrender of dill. This is not the Kursk Bulge or Stalingrad, but some kind of end of 1944!

    Hooray comrades! Only forward, only victory !!!
  7. shishakova
    shishakova 3 September 2014 08: 20
    Scary shots ... Only the girl-militia inspires hope as a symbol of Victory.
    The army of New Russia does not want meaningless victims, and this is reasonable, but where is the mind of those who lead this brutal war -
    you, the aggressors, still do not defeat the Spirit of People’s Freedom.
    Victory to you, dear fellow soldiers! God bless you.
    1. volot-voin
      volot-voin 3 September 2014 09: 01
      Quote: shishakova
      and where is the mind of those who lead this brutal war

      Their mind is overseas.
  8. VICTOR-61
    VICTOR-61 3 September 2014 08: 21
    And here is the news from YouTube of the commander’s speeches Aidar Azov Dnepr September 4, everyone on Maidan 3 will be a showdown with the power of dill good news can start pounding each other they are serious
    1. shershen
      shershen 3 September 2014 09: 52
      Finally it begins to reach that they are specifically kidanuli
  9. Bassoon
    Bassoon 3 September 2014 08: 22
    In Kharkiv, according to unconfirmed reports, Aydarovtsy came from Izyum to identify and clean up activists of pro-Russian rallies and rallies against the authorities.

    They are, of course, heroes against civilians, and the gut is thin against militias, for the conversation with the Benedraites is extremely short - a bullet in the forehead.
    1. aleks 62
      aleks 62 3 September 2014 10: 58
      ...... Yes, it’s not always visible a bullet in the forehead .... And they capture and release along the corridors ... (Lugansk airport) ...
  10. Loner_53
    Loner_53 3 September 2014 08: 22
    The militia does its job and does it well. On the side of the militia is GOD and TRUTH, which means VICTORY! soldier
    It is a pity for innocent civilians killed, GOD give the fascist scum!
  11. Vardan
    Vardan 3 September 2014 08: 24
    Glory to the defenders of New Russia !!!
    The blessed memory of the fallen soldiers and civilians.
    After the war, their names will be called streets, schools, mines, perpetuating their feat for centuries!
    Hang on brothers, the victory is yours, fascism will be defeated!
  12. igordok
    igordok 3 September 2014 08: 25
    And the cool dill soldiers, being in captivity, were able to photograph the documents of the people who captured them. laughing
    1. Bassoon
      Bassoon 3 September 2014 08: 53
      They managed to photograph documents of GRU saboteurs with the call signs Nos, Adler, Agat, Konstantin Valerievich and the Russian subscriber. laughing
    2. DPZ
      DPZ 3 September 2014 10: 42
      and this is direct evidence of how wonderful we treat prisoners!
      1. Styx
        Styx 3 September 2014 12: 37
        yes before the captivity they are presented and the documents appear, even in their hands they allow to hold laughing
        1. igordok
          igordok 3 September 2014 12: 41
          Quote: Styx
          before the captivity they are presented and the documents appear, even in their hands they allow to hold

          Give a picture. laughing
  13. papont64
    papont64 3 September 2014 08: 25
    That's nice, the good news is always good !!!)))
  14. Egoza
    Egoza 3 September 2014 08: 25
    Andrew Vajra

    Do you know what depresses me the most?
    Moral run wild and decay of a significant part of our people.
    Thousands of dead women, old people, children ... Hundreds of brutally tortured captives ... Destroyed villages and cities ...
    At least one bl ... from the so-called Ukrainian intelligentsia expressed at least formal regret about the mass killings of civilians in the Donbass? At least one Galician exclaimed: WHAT ARE WE DOING! THERE ARE LIVING PEOPLE! SUCH AS WE ARE! WHY ARE WE GOING THERE? WHAT ARE WE KILLING CHILDREN FOR THERE FOR? !!!
    No! None of them expressed, not one exclaimed. No pity, no compassion, no remorse ... Only gloating and satisfaction with another's suffering and death.
    Snot and cries are heard only about the poor "fighters" of the ATO, whom the Maidan leaders sent to kill people, poorly equipped with weapons and giving commanders idiots.
    That's what I thought ...
    All this morally wild Maidan Ukraine gave rise to a very terrible EVIL. And he who thinks that this evil will remain in the Donbass, that it will not move to where it was once born in the collective campaign of the brutalized crowds.
    Now there is little space for this evil in the Donbass, its appetite is too great, and most importantly, it doesn’t matter to anybody whose old people, women and children with a crunch and champing to devour. Anyone who hopes that this evil is pro-Ukrainian and will not touch “their own” -. The hall has no "friends". Even those souls that gave birth to him are strangers. And this evil will perish only when it eats the meat and blood of those who continuously generate it with their spiritual miasms.
    No wonder Christianity came up with repentance ... It deprives evil of the energy of human souls. But I doubt that Maidan Ukraine, despite its penchant for Christian rituals, is capable of repentance ... And this means that evil will not calm down until it eats itself ...
    All this is like atonement ...
    1. andj61
      andj61 3 September 2014 08: 51
      Quote: Egoza
      Do you know what depresses me the most?
      Moral run wild and decay of a significant part of our people.
      Thousands of dead women, old people, children ... Hundreds of brutally tortured captives ... Destroyed villages and cities ...
      At least one bl ... from the so-called Ukrainian intelligentsia expressed at least formal regret about the mass killings of civilians in the Donbass?

      I fully support you! But there are normal people! Yesterday in the Rada, the deputy of the Rada E. Bondarenko sharply opposed the actions of the Ukrainian army in the Donbass. They immediately shut up her mouth, not letting them finish, and then the deputies rode around, condemning her! And put on your knees and even shoot!
      True, E. Bondarenko is not Galician at all, but from the Donbass.
      1. doctor
        doctor 3 September 2014 09: 27
        The brave woman. I wish her good luck.
      2. aleks 62
        aleks 62 3 September 2014 11: 01
        .... Who does she represent there ???? The people of Donbas ???? In my opinion, he fulfills the salary of a deputy of a non-existent part of dill ...
        1. Owl27
          Owl27 3 September 2014 11: 12
          She is a member of the "Party of Regions", whoever she is, thanks to her for the courage! Remained a man among the creatures.
    2. Owl27
      Owl27 3 September 2014 09: 55
      Thanks for this repost. How correctly and through suffering the person wrote, everything has been thought about lately, have they really lost everything human there? The ministers of the church are astounding - they openly serve the devil with such ferocity calling for a massacre. The author is right - evil will devour its "children" unfortunately this is inevitable. There are many Christian shrines and artifacts in Ukraine, I will not be surprised that the hunt for them will begin for destruction. Lord give insight!
  15. andrei332809
    andrei332809 3 September 2014 08: 26
    Girl-militia with the call sign "Marta" and her trophy, won in battle with Ukrainian punitive.

    and let someone dare to ask who bought you the rights lol
    1. Bassoon
      Bassoon 3 September 2014 12: 55
      Yes, hardly anyone will ask) Well, maybe the gay men are in Kiev, but you still have to get there.
  16. Nychego
    Nychego 3 September 2014 08: 27
    The deceased is a blessed memory. Alive - new military successes.
  17. Hort
    Hort 3 September 2014 08: 33
    Message from the Hungarian militia of the "Legion of St. Stephen"

    "Many volunteer Hungarians fought bravely against Ukrainian punishers! Hungarian militiaman Vladimir Laeshevich Seles died. He died defending LNR residents from punishers. Today he was buried.
    We transfer to the National Guard and the Ukrainian military-get ready to pay! We will come to the Carpathians and free our homeland from you! "
    to be honest, somewhat alarming. Mindful of the attitude of the Hungarians towards the Russians.

    This morning, September 2, survivors foreign mercenaries and local punitive under the guise of the Red Cross in a column left Lugansk airport in the area of ​​Georgievka,
    they didn’t have to be let out, but to offer local punishers to hand them over as a pass
    1. sazhka4
      sazhka4 3 September 2014 09: 08
      Quote: hort
      to be honest, somewhat alarming. Mindful of the attitude of the Hungarians towards the Russians.

      There are all sorts of Hungarians and Russians. There are enough examples .. But .. If they are already here and now, it says a lot. Russians are not enemies to Hungarians .. By the way, to everyone else .. We just do our job .. The state must be "cherished" and "groomed". And knock on the head, So that OTHER illusions are not there ..
  18. ALABAY45
    ALABAY45 3 September 2014 08: 34
    Only the rows of coffins covered with red-white and star-striped flags can somehow sober up the West ...
  19. The comment was deleted.
  20. Drunya
    Drunya 3 September 2014 08: 39
    How Ukrainian media mocked a dead soldier
    1. Nychego
      Nychego 3 September 2014 09: 17
      How hohlopropagandra mock Russian poems:
  21. jona
    jona 3 September 2014 08: 41
    God help! Beat the fascist reptile to the last, so that they do not dare to raise their heads and cannot even crawl out onto the Magadan!
  22. voveim
    voveim 3 September 2014 08: 43
    The army of New Russia is quietly moving forward, restrained only by the lack of its own forces and the need to ensure control over the already occupied territory. In fact, only the weakness of the forces of the army of New Russia make the catastrophe happening before our eyes stretched out in time.

    That's where there isn’t enough air support and helicopter landing ...
  23. Bassoon
    Bassoon 3 September 2014 08: 46
    Photo correspondent of "Russia Today" Andrei Stenin still died. Confirmed officially ...
  24. viktor52
    viktor52 3 September 2014 08: 47
    WHAT ARE WE DOING! THERE ARE LIVING PEOPLE! SUCH AS WE ARE! WHY ARE WE GOING THERE? WHAT ARE WE KILLING CHILDREN FOR THERE FOR? !!! what are you kidding me I grew up in Ukraine I got an education there I served in Odessa defending the homeland of the BIG LETTER and you think you will never win this, I didn’t understand that we have capital censorship
  25. Drunya
    Drunya 3 September 2014 08: 51
    02.09.2014 News
  26. Barakuda
    Barakuda 3 September 2014 08: 51
    BABA with a capital letter, respect ..
    1. Owl27
      Owl27 3 September 2014 11: 40
      Beautiful, smart, brave ----- WOMAN !!!!!!!!!!
    2. cloud
      cloud 3 September 2014 20: 31
      Lord bless and protect this woman, Alena!
  27. sazhka4
    sazhka4 3 September 2014 08: 53
    Apparently the War is "inherent" in our genes. Historically, and these shots and reports are not scary. In addition to adrenaline and to see the death of the enemy, there are no other desires. Just a wild desire to walk around the Planet .. And really "clean up" once and for all .. And geyrope and fat-bellied Yankees and neutral ... Everyone who wanted to "fight" with the Russians. It cannot be that We must always fight. With someone, against someone, for someone. Let us just LIVE. After all, otherwise there will be no Life on the planet at all ..
    1. Barakuda
      Barakuda 3 September 2014 09: 04
      I do not agree a bit. In the genes laid the WORLD and its protection from evil spirits. And we are constantly taught this to themselves by different Napoleons - Hitlers.
      1. sazhka4
        sazhka4 3 September 2014 09: 12
        I answered this question .. In another thread. I don’t want to repeat myself ..
      2. meronem
        meronem 3 September 2014 12: 32
        Baracuda, how's your health? You wrote earlier that hooked.
  28. viktor52
    viktor52 3 September 2014 08: 54
    banderman death
  29. Axis
    Axis 3 September 2014 08: 57
    Quote: igordok
    And the cool dill soldiers, being in captivity, were able to photograph the documents of the people who captured them. laughing

    Only a crest captured can call home and say: "Lyuba, don't worry, I'm finally in captivity".
  30. Stinger
    Stinger 3 September 2014 08: 59
    A total of 460 fighters were lost by foreign mercenaries. The Polish ASBS Othago - 194 people and the American Asademi - 160 people lost the most.
    It's not fighting in Hollywood!
  31. Tatar-in
    Tatar-in 3 September 2014 09: 00
    Beat reptiles, drive to Lviv ...
  32. Gray 43
    Gray 43 3 September 2014 09: 03
    A good trophy was grabbed by a girl; she will fit in the household as a high-speed tractor, and you can hunt. How many vehicles did the militias burn ?! The annual budget of New Russia can be secured by the delivery of metal.
  33. mamont5
    mamont5 3 September 2014 09: 10
    "This morning on September 2, the surviving foreign mercenaries and local punitive forces, under the cover of the Red Cross, left the Luhansk airport in the Georgievka area, which was agreed with the LPR military command, which provided a safe corridor. The militias did not open fire."

    Here are the bastards of the IWC. How to escort our humanitarian convoy, so the gut is thin, and how to pull Euro-spill from fascist punishers from a mousetrap, they immediately came running.
  34. pravednik
    pravednik 3 September 2014 09: 13
    Crush the guys of these nits. Glory to the defenders of Donbass.
  35. mackonya
    mackonya 3 September 2014 09: 17
    Awareness of the death of photojournalist Andrei Stenin, which many hoped the SBU forces just hoped to hold, makes you wonder how many more innocent people will die in this war, and how many have already died.
  36. gunter_laux
    gunter_laux 3 September 2014 09: 22
    Quote: Fagot
    Photo correspondent of "Russia Today" Andrei Stenin still died. Confirmed officially ...

    Very, very sad, bright memory! Condolences to the family and friends of Andrew!
  37. 33 Watcher
    33 Watcher 3 September 2014 09: 25
    Quote: Alan
    Quote: Alex_Popovson
    I see the suffering of ordinary people, civilians, and I feel ashamed

    I think this feeling is experienced by many on this resource, as well as a sense of bitterness for the fact that the Slav went to the Slav ...... But I am sure it will be "and there is a holiday on our street."

    The bastards have no honor, no race, no nationality! These are cruel, well-armed villains, they came to kill, and they need to be stopped. Not any bitterness, not a bit of regret, all to the grave, all to one and this is true. Only this way, not otherwise! This will be the victory of New Russia, the fairest and greatest since the days of V.O.V.
  38. Rock2
    Rock2 3 September 2014 10: 25
    The reports are encouraging, but still the question of one-man command in Novorossiya has not been resolved. This is bad! It would be good for the relevant authorities to work with these commanders. Otherwise, enemies can take advantage of it. The principle of "divide and rule" has not been canceled. By the way, have you heard anything about Khodokovsky from "Vostok" ?!
  39. ma_shlomha
    ma_shlomha 3 September 2014 11: 09
    Quote: "Realizing the senselessness of further resistance, surrounded at the airport, the punishers requested the help of international mediators from the Red Cross. Negotiations were held all day on September 1."

    This means - there was a radio connection!
    It's time for the militia to acquire electronic warfare equipment.
  40. Dreamcatcher
    Dreamcatcher 3 September 2014 12: 45
    In so many photos, the towers are torn off the tanks. Is that how often BC explodes?
  41. Appius
    Appius 3 September 2014 13: 03
    Eternal memory of the militias who fell for freedom. Victory soon, we must finish off the Kiev junta.
  42. motostrelec
    motostrelec 3 September 2014 13: 08
    All the information provided gives us firm confidence in the ultimate success of the defenders of DONBASS in repelling Nazi-Kiev aggression!
    I mourn the lost Donetsk and Lugansk residents, the fighters of anti-fascist resistance and especially innocent civilians !!!
    September 2 was the Day of the Guard of Russia, which I celebrated as a Day including the guard of NEW RUSSIA!
    A full refueling for your "boxes", a horn on the string of arrows, a tailwind for grenade launchers, an apple for artillerymen and rocket launchers, not scratches for all the soldiers of the Novorossiya army and, of course, VICTORY in your righteous struggle !!!
  43. Czar
    Czar 3 September 2014 14: 46
    At each "divine service" 95% of the sermon is the disposition to kill "willows" and "skhidnyakiv

    How true is the information, maybe someone is more knowledgeable?