Military Review

Reports from the militia of New Russia for 1 September 2014 of the year

Yesterday at 10: 34

Summary of the Army of the Southeast for the night of September 1: Su-27 shot down, battles in the vicinity of Lugansk

During the night of August 31, on September 1, the militia conducted successful combat operations in various directions.

As a result of the shelling of Donetsk, the Ukrainian artillery damaged the gas pipeline and plumbing.

In the Donetsk direction, 330 prisoners who had been captured by the militia were transferred to the Ukrainian side, as well as 72 wounded and 35 dead.

Air defense forces of the DPR Army shot down a Su-27 aircraft that violated the cease-fire agreement.

In the Luhansk direction, the actions of the enemy were defensive in nature.
Fighting continued in the area of ​​the Lugansk airport. 13 was captured by servicemen from the 80 airborne regiment.
The Nazis used cluster munitions prohibited by international conventions in the area of ​​the airport using the MLRS Smerch, Uragan and Tochka-U SECs.
As a result of artillery strikes on punitive positions in the areas of the settlements of Malonikolayevka, Lenino, and Jolly Gora, 1 the Smerch rocket launcher system, up to X-NUMX guns D-6, up to 30 vehicles, a warehouse with ammunition and up to 4 people were destroyed. Damaged 30 helicopter Mi-2 at the field airfield.

In the Mariupol area, the main enemy efforts were still focused on retaining occupied lines on the approaches to the city and their engineering equipment.

The total punitive losses per night were 1 plane, 2 helicopters, 2 tank, up to 6 MLRS, 2 armored personnel carriers, up to 14 guns and mortars, up to 24 units of automotive equipment, 2 warehouses with ammunition. Losses in manpower - up to 100 people killed and wounded. 13 people were captured. "

Yesterday at 10: 40

Message from blogger "colonelcassad"

"Briefly about Donetsk and Lugansk airport.

1. Donetsk has not yet been fully taken, it was fired from artillery in the evening and at night, the junta left part of the airport at the airfield, but it’s not yet possible to fully take the airport, although the tendency is that the junta will leave it as part of the alignment of the front to release the forces necessary for closing the hole in the front south of Donetsk. The airport was of strategic importance as a springboard for the attack on Donetsk. Since now this issue has been removed from the agenda, this position becomes more burdensome. Army of New Russia to the best of forces will speed up the process. If not today, then next week, I think they will be ousted from there (I would like to surround him again, of course, but the main armored groups of the Novorossia army near Donetsk are concentrated south of the city. What was reported prematurely about the capture is a common thing - we often They like to give the planned successes for the final victory. There will be a victory, but a little later, since there are all the prerequisites for it (both the configuration of the front, and the army of Novorossia creating a powerful artillery fist specifically for taking the airport, and the demoralization of the junta's troops).

2. Lugansk airport is still not fully taken, although after a massive artillery preparation, the army of New Russia was able to take up some of the junta’s position in the area of ​​the airport and airfield. Here the object moved to the status of "contested", which, given the difficulties with the transportation of reinforcements and supplies, makes the fall of the airport inevitable. The fact is that the powerful armored group standing at the airport, which broke through there in mid-July, advanced in mid-August to seize Chryaschevaty and Novosvetlovka, where it was completely defeated, losing most of the armored vehicles and a large part of the personnel in heavy fighting. The remains of this armored group were pushed back partly to the airport of Lugansk, partly south of Novosvetlovka. The army of New Russia quite reasonably tries to take advantage of the critical weakening of the forces defending the airport. The development of hostilities for the airport has already forced the junta to abandon its positions near the village of Georgievka, for which in July-August very heavy battles were fought, as well as to withdraw some of the forces from the airport. Officially, they represent it as a tactical retreat, but in essence it is an attempt to avoid immediate defeat. The forces of the army of Novorossia are there, the battle groups that have crushed the junta under Khryaschevaty and Novosvetlovka have enough resources to conduct offensive actions.
The fact that the attack is carried out simultaneously with the attack on the Donetsk airport speaks about the coordination of the actions of the armed forces of New Russia in the DPR and the LPR (and not as before - who is in the forest, who is on firewood) and a unified planning system, for which, apparently, I must say thanks to the coordination headquarters in Krasnodon, which opened after Bezler’s visit to Moscow.

In general, I think in the coming week at least 1 from the airports at 100% will come under the control of the army of Novorossia, and with a favorable course of fighting, both of them at once. With a complete loss of the junta initiative, it will be difficult to retain the airports of Donetsk and Lugansk. In general, our bend, but for now, to celebrate and throw caps into the air, I would wait a bit. Everything has its time, always have time to celebrate another victory.
In the next few days, I would also expect our attacks on Debaltseve, Lutugino and Happiness. This is in addition to the coming big offensive in the DPR. "

Yesterday at 10: 42

Message from the militia

"Total losses of punitive for the night amounted to one aircraft, two helicopters, two tanks, up to six MLRS, two armored personnel carriers, up to fourteen, guns and mortars, up to twenty four units of automotive equipment, two warehouses with ammunition. Losses in manpower - up to 100 people killed and wounded. Thirteen people were captured. "

Yesterday at 11: 09

Message from the militia headquarters

"The army of Novorossia freed Novoamvrosievskoe, Blagodatnoe, Semenovskoe, Artyomovka, Mnogopole, Metalist, Tretyaki, Kobzari, Zelenoye, Shirokoye, Pavlograd and Grabskoye. Under Chuguev RDG, the militias defeated the supply column of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The 1 companies of the punitive battalion of the punitive "Azov". In the area of ​​10: 45, the city of Enakiyev was bombarded with punitive artillery, there are damaged buildings. "

Yesterday at 11: 14

Summary of important combat situations

"Over the past 24 hours there have been significant changes with the configuration of the boilers that the Ukrainian punishers have fallen into. In particular, they practically did not remain surrounded by the Ukrainian security forces near Ilovaisk: some volunteer units broke through to their own. In particular, Lieutenant General Ruslan Homchak broke out. But some of the punitive detachments, which did not manage to escape, surrendered to captivity and today these prisoners were taken to Donetsk. In no settlement of the Starobeshevsky district there are no more soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This information was confirmed to us by residents of Maryanovka, Tarobeshevo, Novy Svet, Styly, Novokaterinovki, Komsomolskogo. At least 170 military bodies were delivered from the last village on Saturday to the regional center in Starobeshevo. As of this morning, in the boiler near Ilovaisky, the Ukrainian military remained only in the Mospino area. near Yelenovka: there are still forces and equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. During the day, clashes with mutual losses went around the settlements of Peremozhnoe, Veselaya Gora, Georgievka, Happiness, Lower Olkhovaya, Belogorovka and Lesnoye. "

Yesterday at 11: 35

Message from journalists

"NATO advisers are blocked in Mariupol. Six NATO officers are located in Mariupol surrounded by anti-fascist soldiers, political analyst Igor Panarin reports. The NATO information unit arrived in Kiev in March 2014 of the year (16 officers of the NATO Cyber ​​Center). It launched active anti-Russian activities. In July 6 officers of the NATO Cybercenter created a stronghold in Mariupol. It was NATO officers who determine the information agenda for the punitive junta. The likelihood of six NATO officers being captured is high. "

Yesterday at 11: 48

Video from the militia

Video from the defeat of the battalion of punitive "Aydar".

Persons with unstable mentality are not recommended to view.

Yesterday at 12: 09

Message from journalists

"It became known from official Ukrainian sources that of the two boats of the Coast Guard of Ukraine, which were liquidated on Sunday near Mariupol, seven border guards were rescued. Two more were missing. The fate of the other sailors is not known at the moment."

Yesterday at 12: 18

Video from the militia

So svidomye jump on Donetsk land.

Yesterday at 12: 43

Quote from the video: "We came to release them, and they show us the fuck and expelled back, calling Bandera, dill and fascists."

Yesterday at 12: 54

Message from Dmitry Steshin

"The militia command has an opinion that the ukroarmia will leave the airport on its own. A bridgehead for storming the Ukrainian Armed Forces is no longer needed."
Children with flowers still went to Donetsk schools. And they didn’t go to 33-th gymnasium - it doesn’t have a roof, three “Grad” fell. Mariupol reports that large hypermarkets are turning off work. The boutiques are already closed. The banks have switched to "working with ATMs".

Yesterday at 12: 56

Video from the militia "Motorola"

Yesterday at 13: 33

Battle map under Mariupol

Reports from the militia of New Russia for 1 September 2014 of the year

Yesterday at 14: 26

Total punitive losses in Donbass from 2 in May to 31 in August 2014 of the year - 43 thousands of 027 people, of whom 27888 people - (killed, wounded), 1649 - prisoners and 13500 deserters and missing

So, the punitive’s losses are 27888 people (killed, wounded), 1649 prisoners: among them
- 7221 extremist "Right Sector", mainly included in the National Guard, as well as losses among the soldiers of the National Guard of Ukraine. On May 29, Major General Sergei Kulchitsky, head of the National Guard’s Combat Training Directorate, was killed under Slavyansk; on July 21, the commander of the national guard battalion of Chernihiv, Colonel Radievsky, was killed in Lisichansk;
- 6168 mercenaries of Kolomoisky (battalions of punitive mercenaries "Dnepr", "Donbass", "Chernigov", "Aydar" and "Azov", "Kherson", etc.). On August 14, adviser to Kolomoisky Y. Piznyak was killed, and on August 15, the commander of the Kievan Rus battalion, Alexander Gumenyuk. On August 18, the commander of the Golden Gate Gate Punitive Battalion, Major Nikolai Shvalya, was seriously wounded. 19 August in Ilovaysk injured the commander of the punitive battalion "Donbass" S. Semenchenko (real name - Grishin). August 25 killed the commander of the punitive battalion "Kherson" Ruslan Storcheus-an active participant in the coup in Kiev in February 2014.
- 115 employees of the Security Service of Ukraine (Sumy Alpha completely destroyed, Kiev, Poltava, Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, Rivne, Lutsk, Volyn, Vinnitsa, Zhytomyr Alpha suffered great losses, etc.)
- 460 foreign mercenaries: Polish PMC "ASBS Othago" lost 194 man, American PMC "Greystone" -80 people., American PMC "Asademi" (before 2009, known as Blackwater) - 160 people.
- Baltic women snipers lost 26 man.
- 1400 military 95 airborne Zhytomyr brigade
- 1590 military 25 airborne Dnipropetrovsk brigade
- 1250 military 79 airborne brigade (Nikolaev)
- 1250 military 24 mechanized brigade (Yavoriv, ​​Lviv region.)
-570 military 80 airborne regiment (Lviv)
- 290 military 3 special forces regiment (Kirovograd)
- 90 military 8 Special Forces Regiment (Khmelnitsky)
-20 military 10 separate detachment of special purpose GUR (Kiev);
- 940 military 93 mechanized brigade (v. Cherkassky, Novomoskovsk district of Dnipropetrovsk region)
- 880 military 72 mechanized brigade (Belaya Tserkov, Kyiv region)
- 1450 military 51 separate guards mechanized brigade (Vladimir Volynsky)
- 890 of 28 servicemen of a separate Guards Mechanized Brigade (Gvardeiskoe Settlement, Odessa Region)
- 220 servicemen of the 128 mountain and infantry brigade (Mukachevo, Transcarpathian region)
- 2470 military 30 mechanized brigade (Novograd, Volyn, Zhytomyr region.)
- 310 Territorial Defense Battalion Service Men
- 450 military 17 tank brigade (Krivoy Rog, Dnipropetrovsk region.)
- 90 military 1 tank brigade (town Goncharny, Chernihiv region.)
- 60 military personnel of the Lugansk border detachment
- 200 servicemen of the Donetsk border guard unit
- 40 military personnel of the 73-th Special Purpose Maritime Center (Ochakov, Nikolaev region).
- 100 military 55 artillery brigade (Zaporozhye)
- 35 troops of the 51st Army Brigade aviation National Guard (Alexandria, Kirovograd region)
- 35 military personnel of the 16 Army Aviation Brigade (Brody, Lviv region)
- 45 military personnel of 831 tactical aviation brigade (Mirgorod, Poltava region)
- 5 military personnel 114 tactical aviation brigade (Ivano-Frankivsk)
-50 military personnel of the 299 th tactical aviation brigade (Nikolaev)
- 9 man from the 25-th transport aviation mill (Melitopol) - crew of the 1-th IL-76
- 5 servicemen from a reconnaissance aircraft AN-30, shot down by 6 June (tentatively Chuguev city, Kharkiv region)
- 25 CIA and FBI officers (13 killed, 12 injured)
- 120 MIA employees (including 5 employees of the former Kiev "Berkut")

Destroyed equipment:
- 2 MIG-29 aircraft
- 1 unidentified aircraft - 30 July
- 2 aircraft AN-26
- 1 reconnaissance aircraft AN-30
- 2 Aircraft - IL 76
- 16 of Su-25 airplanes (+ 1 SU-25 captured on July 7)
- 1 aircraft SU-25 (Poland) - 20 August
- 4 aircraft (SU-25 and SU-24) - Poland 29 August
- 1 aircraft SU 25 - Croatia - 25 August
- 7 Su-24 aircraft
--6 drones
- 20 attack helicopters ("Mi-24", "Mi-17" and "Mi-8")
- 2 Mi-24 attack helicopters (Croatia) - August 20
- 420 tanks T-64 (August 31 6 tanks captured by anti-fascist warriors)
- 7 T-72 tanks
- 19 tanks T-84-U "Oplot"
- 2 tank "Bulat"
- Hummers 5 (1 captured on August 8 with an American)
- Jeep
- 39 Gas-66
- Gazelle
- headquarters machine
- truck crane
- tractor
- 2 ammunition depot
- 4 ZIL 131
- 2 Kraz
- 95 Uralov
- 99 KAMAZ
- 12 UAZ 469
- 9 SAU-Nona
- 4 MSTA-A
- 11 SAC 2C3 Acacia (1 captured on August 18)
- 3 anti-aircraft guns 23-2
- 37 installations MLRS GRAD
- 19 installations MLRS Uragan (4 captured on August 15)
- 61 howitzer D-30
- 40 122 mm mortars
- 233 BMP
- 179 BMD.
- 415 BTR.

Political scientist Igor Panarin

Yesterday at 14: 50

SUMMARY Political Department of the DPR

As of the morning, 1 September.
South direction.
Elenovka - abandoned by Ukrainian troops.
Konstantinovka - abandoned by Ukrainian troops. Found abandoned equipment and ammunition.
Telmanovo - abandoned by Ukrainian troops. In the process of stripping from the Ukrainian military destroyed BTR, 2 mortar calculation and 20 enemy soldiers.
Novoselovka - 35 Ukrainian military surrendered with weapons. Destroyed 5 "grads."
Bright - 96 people surrendered.
Volnovakha - enemy positions are shelled with DND artillery and suffered serious losses.
Andreevka - enemy positions were shelled by artillery, 2 was hit by armored personnel carriers, the enemy suffered significant losses in manpower.

Yesterday at 14: 57

RIA message News

The militia managed to shoot down the Ukrainian fighter Su-27 near the settlement Merezhki. About this RIA Novosti reported in the headquarters of the militia of the Donetsk People's Republic.
“The militiamen claim that the Su-27 aircraft was shot down by air defense forces in the area of ​​the settlement of Merezhki,” the headquarters said.

Yesterday at 15: 38

Message from the militia

The Ukrainian army on the orders of the command left the airport "Lugansk". This was announced by the speaker of the National Security and Defense Council Information and Analytical Center Andrei Lysenko.
"In the Luhansk direction, the Ukrainian military received an order and organized away from the airport" Lugansk "and the village of Georgievka, which is located on the highway Lugansk - Krasny Luch - Snezhnoye," he said at a briefing in Kiev.

The airport in Donetsk, like they took ... 200 surrendered to the Poles, ukry - froze. There are colossal underground communications around the airport, because it was built as an international terminal, a multi-kilometer zone of underground communications, including strategic purpose ... what's the intrigue? Right now, these communications are flooded with water by the forces of the DPR and mine gas is being released, mine gas has been pumped out (methane-air mixture), stripping is being prepared ... only cold weapons are possible.

Lutugino: ukrovoyaki blocked completely in Lutugino, there are fights around.
According to the city of Happiness: the militia is attacking and almost completely took the city into the ring.

Yesterday at 15: 41

Overview of the map of hostilities on 11: 30 MSK

Yesterday at 15: 52

Message from journalists

"About 700 of the Ukrainian military were captured by the militia in the Donetsk region. The head of the Center for the exchange of prisoners, Vladimir Ruban, called the situation a disaster. Earlier, at a meeting with journalists, the representative of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Andrei Lysenko also refused to discuss the situation near Ilovaisk, where several Ukrainian battalions were surrounded. "The situation near Ilovaisk is extremely difficult," he said. - Until the operation on the withdrawal of troops from the encirclement is completed, the details will not be announced. Upon completion of the operation will be made public data on the losses and the reasons for the current situation. Those responsible for this situation will be held accountable. "

Yesterday at 16: 19

Reported from Donetsk

"Infa appeared. Dill was walled up at the airport in Donetsk. They were poured or concreted in an air-raid shelter. They are said to have studied all the entrances by the schemes and were immured. If they do not surrender, they will die."

Yesterday at 16: 37

Trophies of the DPR Army in battles near Amvrosiyivka

Ukrainian Voentorg continues to supply our militias!
Look at what rich trophies went to ours under Amvrosievskaya! This is some kind of supermarket!
Here, ammunition and mortars, and howitzers, and ZUshkam, and even the "Grads"! And the most interesting! At the end of the video (from 13 minutes) show the Hyacinth self-propelled gun, 152-mm.
It turns out that our militia collected the whole "bouquet"?
"Cornflowers" are, "Carnations" are, "Acacia" also exist!
The guys Bezler captured "Tulips". And seemingly, and "Peony" captured. Not enough "Hyacinths". And on you! Dill presented! Our very useful!

Yesterday at 16: 39

Message from the militia

“In Amvrosiyivka, the last center of resistance was put down by two shots of a grenade launcher at the door of the local SBU. Relatives of those tortured in these torture chambers stormed the building, so there are no prisoners.”

Yesterday at 17: 39

A letter from the militia Eugene, the hero Saur-Graves

"I come from Makeyevka. I worked in a mine. Pensioner. I was an artist. I came to the militia in May after the 11 referendum in May.
Why did I come? He came to the militia because he saw a lie that came from Kiev, and not only from Kiev, but from America, from Europe. This made me very angry. I am a believer, and I know that lies ... must be resisted. I do not consider myself a real hero. I know people who are real heroes. They are ashamed to be wounded - they want to go into battle. These people amaze me.

I received a concussion on Saur-Grave, when there was an attack - a tank attack 27 July 2014.
I was at low altitude. There, at Saur-Tomb, one height is large approximately 243 m and there is a small one at 100 meters below. The three of us were in the same trench with commander Plato. In my NP - observation point - only three Ukrainian tanks turned, and all the other tanks - about 30 units - went to great heights. At high altitude, a nearby platoon was holding the defense, commander with the call sign Bear.

I had an anti-tank rifle. We started shooting at the tanks. But the tanks went and went on us. I had one charge. Tanks came closer. There were already a hundred meters. I just relied on God. Shot - hit the tank down - under the tower. The tower spun.
Not far projectile exploded. Twenty-four years old guy - crumbled him hard. But he survived. I had a contusion.
When two shells hit our trench and we expected ukry to enter our trench, my commander Plato was ready to blow himself up and those who would approach him. He asked us - whether it was possible or not - took a grenade in his hand. Took the ring. I do not know. He was calm, and we were all calm. He was ready to complete this case.
But the rest of the tanks retreated. We did not attack us. Nobody got out of the APCs.
Then our small skyscraper tanks began to cut off from a great height. Our platoon thought we were all dead. Then we began to make our way to ours. It took a long time. We do not hear each other - contusion. We went to the lake. There we met ours.

Then we buried our children in the high altitude Saur-Graves. The platoon commander of the Bear, who caused the fire on himself - our cities. He died, and three more militiamen with him. To cause a fire on himself - it was his decision - Bear.
Here to be under the hail is heroism. The guys - Bear - loved. He passed Afghanistan. This was a military man. He pitied people. When, after his death, they asked about the Bear - they turned away - the adult guys - they could not hold back tears ... They worried a lot, of course.

Most interesting is that I met in the militia many young people who had never been in the army and had not fought. Many childhood disabilities. By disability, they could not serve in the army. They did not know the machine gun and never shot. But it takes some time, and all the guys mastered, quickly become experienced fighters.

They, ukry, are afraid of us.
I will say to our peasants who are afraid to fight for their land.
Act according to conscience. Do not be cowards.
I myself want to return to my unit.
My son is fighting there. "

Yesterday at 17: 58

Reports from places

"The night and morning were relatively calm. A UAV was spotted in Dokuchaevsk.
Today at night (more precisely, with 23: 00 MSC), Kiev stopped supplying electricity to the Crimean peninsula, Yalta, Gurzuf, Kerch, partially Simferopol and most of Sevastopol, Pervomaisky district and other Crimean settlements were de-energized. The electricity supply was cut off at the Kherson transmission line, by the morning 6 power supply was almost completely restored, the power supply comes from the Zaporozhye branch. The reasons for such an act by Kiev have not yet been announced, although the payment of electricity by the Crimea is made on time and in full.
Today was supposed to be a holiday for little Novorossiysk - Day of Knowledge. Tens of thousands of children were to go to the schools of New Russia. Kiev fascists spoiled this holiday, and because of the incessant shelling of the cities of Novorossia, the threat of possible terrorist attacks by the Nazis, as well as the incessant databases in the territory of an independent state, the Day of Knowledge was postponed to a later date. 10: 45 (ISC) village Chernovka (suburb of Enakievo), a gas pipeline is broken, there are hits in the residential sector, at least one private house is on fire. "

Yesterday at 18: 00

Message from the militia

"The destruction of the civilian population, mainly the elderly and children - this was already (the favorite tactic of the Nazis of all stripes) in 1941-1945. And after the war, in western Ukraine and the Baltic States. And now the Kiev Nazis decided to repeat history. After the liberation of Ilovaysk from the Ukrainian fascists, unsightly pictures opened before the eyes of the militia: Vostochny microdistrict (closer to Amvrosiyivka) was completely destroyed, the railway station building was damaged, the private sector was badly damaged (most elderly people lived there), the hospital was destroyed. Of the more than seven thousand remaining in Ilovaisk by June of this year, a significant part died under Nazi shelling. Most of those killed are old men, the exact number is still not known. "

Yesterday at 18: 31

Video from the militia

Ilovaisk completely stripped.

Yesterday at 18: 40

Video with a blown up Ukrainian boat

The first naval militia victory. Exclusive video.

Yesterday at 18: 46

Message from bloggers

"The forces of the punishers are blocked completely in Lutugino, battles are being fought around. The army of New Russia is attacking the punishers who sat down in the city of Happiness and almost completely took the city into the ring."

Yesterday at 18: 54

Elite division of New Russia

The Rapid Response Group of the GDI not only successfully fights with the Ukrainian army, but also ensures order in Lugansk itself, does not allow chaos, looting and lawlessness to spread. Only experienced fighters who refuse to drink are accepted. The special forces officer with the call sign "Batman" is commanding the GDH. The story about one of the most capable and well-equipped armed formations in the territory of the Lugansk People's Republic.

Yesterday at 19: 04

UkroSMI report: the Ukrainian army is retreating from Kurakhovo

"The forces of the Ukrainian army are forced to retreat from the village of Kurakhovo in the Maryinsky district of the Donetsk region.
“Our guys retreated from Kurakhov. The separatists run there,” said one of the Donbass battalion fighters.
In this case, eyewitnesses in social networks write that the security forces are removing their roadblocks from Donetsk to Kurakhovo. Perhaps left and Marinka.
It is also reported that military personnel were shot at Kurakhovo, it is known about one killed security official ".

Yesterday at 20: 20

Message press center DNR

"Gorlovka, 1 of September. Water, electricity is already in most areas of Gorlovka. Renovation work is underway. Intercity transport runs normally before lunch, after dinner less active. A big problem with communication: there are only two providers in the city - Spektr and Ditek ". There are several large supermarkets, small shops - not very full of food. The market works. Humanitarian aid is brought and distributed to the city. Hospital number 2 and dentistry are working. Medical schools, unfortunately, are mostly without glass and roofs, requires a fairly extensive and quick repairs - until the autumn rains.
Today at school number 4 passed an exponential line, which was guarded by the militias, right after the line, the children were dismissed home.

Yesterday at 20: 48

Message from Alexander Kots

"After the last battles, 680 Ukrainian military captives were taken prisoner. As the fighting is conducted, the impression is that the army is being prepared for surrender. In general, everything, as we wrote a month and a half ago, predicting that in the southeast the boilers to grind the National Guard and terrbatalya. So that all these Azovs, Dnieper and Donbass did not come to the Maidan sooner or later. They themselves will not disband any more, so they are thrown into the millstones of boilers. They also substitute specifically, telling about corridors that you can drive around in tanks UkrSMI does not pass the conditions Zakharchenko. L for Poroshenko in the United States will raise the issue of recognizing LNR and DNR as terrorist organizations. Either Poroshenko will discuss the introduction of military provisions with the leaders of the BP factions. "

Yesterday at 20: 52

Video from the militia

The battalion "Donbass" was captured. The militia takes the prisoners to the camera and asks them questions.

Yesterday at 21: 23

Summary of the Army of the South-East for September 1: Elenovka area is being cleared, an offensive is under way near Lugansk and Donetsk

During the day, the situation has not changed significantly. The militia forces maintained compliance with the current ceasefire regime.

At Donetsk, the enemy continued the evacuation of personnel, as well as the collection of wounded and killed in the areas of Osykovo, Metalist, Mnogopole, Kuteynikovo, Amvrosiyivka and Saur-Mogila kurgan. For these purposes, 21 vehicles and 42 military personnel were involved.

In the afternoon, the DPR army transferred prisoners to the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Artillery of the DPR army struck a fire attack on a cluster of punitive equipment on the western outskirts of Donetsk in the Georgievka area. Destroyed 2 car "Ural" and an armored personnel carrier. Killed before 5 enemy troops.

As a result of swift actions, the Blagodatnoe, Radchansky and Vakhrushevo passed under the control of the defenders of Donbass. From sabotage and reconnaissance groups cleaned area n. p. Elenovka.

In the Luhansk area, the main efforts of the punishers were focused on holding on. Georgievka (near Lutugino).

LC gunners struck at enemy positions near the village of Lutugino. 1 installation of the BM-21 “Grad” salvo fire system, the BTR and 2 of the Ural vehicle were destroyed. Losses of the enemy in manpower made up to 17 people killed and wounded.

Divisions of the Army of the South-East taken n. p. Malonikolayevka.

On the Mariupol direction, the main efforts of the punitive command were focused on keeping the occupied lines on the approaches to Mariupol and their engineering equipment.

Confirmed information about the destruction of two boats of the State Border Service of Ukraine who committed shelling of Novoazovsk on August 31.

The total losses of the punishers were 1 MLRS Grad, 3 armored personnel carrier, up to 7 units of automotive vehicles. Losses in manpower - up to 40 people killed and wounded. Captured 9 punitive.

Yesterday at 21: 24

Message from the militia

"The army of the Lugansk People's Republic during a fierce battle drove the Ukrainian invaders out of the village of Veselaya Gora. Thus, the last bridgehead of the punishers was eliminated for the attack on Lugansk. near the city of Happiness on the Luhansk-Starobelsk highway. In the city of Happiness there is the Luganskaya TPP - the largest source of electricity in the country. "

Yesterday at 21: 52

UkroSMI reports: ATO forces have lost control over Lutugino, Luhansk region

The ATO security forces are retreating from the city of Lutugino, Lugansk region (in 20 kilometers from Lugansk). This is reported by a volunteer Yuri Kasyanov on his page on Facebook.
"Lugansk. We are retreating. The airport, Lutugino is no longer ours. Long columns of tanks, armored personnel carriers, trucks full of tired, exhausted soldiers pass by us. Black from soot and dust of the face. Gore on the armor ... As they departed, they were constantly bombarded with artillery . A lot of wounded ", - wrote Kasyanov.

Yesterday at 22: 24

01.09.2014. 20: 30 combat map overview:

Yesterday at 22: 28

Message from the militia

“Ukry at roadblocks near Mariupol are now panicking, waiting for an attack. Judging by radio interceptions, they are asking for reinforcements by the“ boxes ”from the airport. It is terrible for svidomitam without armor. did not report. In the area of ​​Artyomovsk, movement towards the front was observed around 40 armored personnel carriers and the Urals with enemy manpower, the militia was already taking countermeasures. "

Yesterday at 22: 38

Message UkroSMI: pos. Novotroitskoye under Volnovakha came under the control of the DPR

“The Novotroitsk village has been captured by the DPR forces. Novotroitskoye is located on the Н20 highway. The road connects Mariupol with Donetsk. Volnovakha itself is located 10 km south of Novotroitsk. It is still under the control of Ukrainian forces.”

Yesterday at 22: 50

Message from the militia

"After the artillery strike of the DPR Army in the area of ​​Nizhnyaya Krynka, we observe a glow, apparently, got into the warehouse of the BP or the fuel and lubricants."

Yesterday at 23: 22

The militia announced the destruction of the bridgehead of the Ukrainian forces near Lugansk

The militia of the Luhansk People’s Republic occupied the village of Veselaya Gora, destroying the last bridgehead for the Ukrainian offensive against Lugansk, a spokesman for the Luhansk region’s militia told Interfax.

He noted that the town of Veselaya Gora of the Slavyanoserbsky district is "a key point, as it allows controlling the crossing of the Seversky Donets near the town of Happiness on the highway Lugansk - Starobelsk".

In the town of Happiness is Luganskaya TPP - the largest source of electricity in the region.

In addition, the daily summary of the militia of the LPR says that the settlements of Blagodatnoe, Radchansky and Vakhrushevo, as well as Yelenovka and Malonikolayevka, came under the control of the Donbass militia.

"LC gunners attacked enemy positions near the village of Lutugino. 1 destroyed the installation of the BM-21 Grad rocket launcher system, the BTR and 2 of the Ural vehicle. The enemy’s losses in manpower made up 17 people killed and wounded" - said in a statement.

Yesterday at 23: 36

Message from journalists

“According to the headquarters of the self-proclaimed republics on the outskirts of Mariupol, over the past 24 hours, two Mi-8 helicopters and the Su-25 attack aircraft were shot down. Lugansk Airport passed control of the Lugansk People’s Republic after several months of combat. white flag. However, there are still a few hundred fighters to defend the air port. "

Yesterday at 23: 43

Photo from Bratislav Zivkovic, the commander of the Serbian Chetniks

"The Serbian Chetnik detachment" Jovan Shevich "continues to successfully fight Ukrainian punishers. The Chetniki use not only modern weapons, but also rare books of the Second World War times, one of which is kept in this photo by Bratislav Zivkovic."

Yesterday at 23: 44

The message of the correspondent "Day-TV Donetsk"

"The point-U, which arrived yesterday in Donetsk, was released from the territory of the occupied Slavyansk, the military said."

Yesterday at 23: 50

Message from're coming out media

"Two more buses with the bodies of the dead soldiers arrived in the Zaporizhia morgue. Today, on September 1, in the Zaporozhye morgue, on Charivnaya Street, two more buses of the soldiers were brought in. The guys died in the battle near Ilovaisk. Many of the dead have documents with them, but forensic bureau workers have not yet dismantled them.
Also, it is still unknown whether the Cossacks are among the 50 who died in the ATO zone, who were brought yesterday, on August 31.
We will note that by the evening in the morgue two more buses are waiting. They have to bring fifty bodies. "

Today in 0: 00

Photo from the militia

Destroyed equipment and ammunition left APU under Elenovka. The militia won again and took rich trophies, among which were serviceable self-propelled guns, as well as self-propelled 240-mm mortar 2C4 Tulip.

Today in 0: 22

Message from the militia

"The militia under Elenovka managed to seize a self-propelled 240-mm mortar 2С4 Tulip. In addition, today it also managed to seize 152-mm. The XIUMXX2 Hyacinth gun.

Today in 0: 25

Message from eyewitnesses:

“Dnepropetrovsk, which has already been dubbed Kalamoysk, is preparing to give a serious rebuff to“ klyatyim Muscovites ”, as picketers with frightened faces told today in the very center of the city on European Square urging people to sign up as partisan groups. There were many organized elderly people who chanted about ukroslavu and heroes. "

Today in 0: 40

Overview of the 1 Inter-Brigade of the South-East for 01.09.2014

The past day on the fronts of Novorossia brought several significant tactical victories to the militia.

Now more about the situation in Donetsk and the DNI.
Today, Donetsk has come under fire from the positions of Ukrainian punishers in the village of Ukraine. Nikolaevka (not far from Slavyansk), 2 ballistic missiles launched at the Tochka U SEC (into the Kuybyshevskoye mine and the Nitrogen mass mine). Artillery shelling is not recorded. Obviously, the “X” hour was the reason for the silence of the junta’s artillery: the assault of the punishers who occupied the Donetsk airport began last night. During the evening and night, the militia artillery struck, as a result, they retreated from some positions near the airfield. Fully airport is not taken, because the fortifications available there are not easy to storm. It is known that some of the punishers locked in there surrendered; part continues to resist. However, the airport, as a strategic base for attacking the DPR capital, due to the defeat of the main positions on the approaches to it, can no longer be considered.
In addition, it became known that over the past day, about 300 prisoners (previously captured), as well as 72 wounded and 35 dead, were transferred to representatives of the junta in Donetsk and on the approaches.
In the suburbs: with. Pavlograd is completely free from punitive; Gorlovka eliminated the last divisions of the occupiers (in the building of the SBU); n Kurakhovo (Mariinsky District) and, possibly, Marinka itself - ukry retreated, battles are being fought.

For other locations:
- n. Enakievo in the morning was shelled by a ukrovermaht, there is destruction, there is no data loss.
- in a number of villages of the Amvrosievsky district (Novoamvrosievskoe, Semenovskoe, Mnogopole, Kobzari, Zelenoye, Grabskoe), battles were fought, during which the villages were freed from the punishers. Near n. The village of Merezhki (border Amvrosiyevsky and Starobeshevsky districts) shot down another flyer ukrolyuftvaffe - SU-27.
- in the Starobeshevsky district, the stripping operations were completed, liberated from the Kiev occupiers n. Starobeshevo, Maryanovka, Novyi Svet, Styla, Novokaterinovka, Shirokoe, Komsomolskoye. Thus, the ilovaysky boiler was cleaned (except for Mospino), 20 punishers were destroyed during the night; 96 taken prisoner in n. n. Light.
- n. n. Telmanovo - punitive knocked out; during the stripping operation, 1 BTR, 2 mortar crews and 20 enemy soldiers were destroyed.
- Yasinovatsky district (n. Novoselovka) - during the battles 5 installations of the Gradz MLRS were destroyed, after which the 35 of the Ukrainian military surrendered with weapons.
- in the Volnovakha district released from. Gracious. In n. p. Elenovka continue fighting, there is enough position ukrovermahta.
- in Konstantinovsky area released n. P. Artyomovka.
- during the sweeps in the suburbs Khartsyzsk released n. n. Tretyaki.
- in Pershotravnevoy area remains nobody Mangush - the militia controls the road to Mariupol, but not the village itself. In general, all the routes connecting Mariupol with other cities in the region are cut off for the punishers. It is reported that at present only punitive battalions "Azov" and "Shakhtersk" and a bit of explosives remain in Mariupol.

In general, on the territory of the DPR, the most significant event of the previous day was the incomplete storming of the airport. Ilovaisky boiler finally docked.

We turn to the Lugansk People's Republic and Lugansk.
The capital of LNR has surpassed its neighbor: the Lugansk airport, which brought so much trouble to the militia and civilians, has been released! “The mouthpiece of Goebbels” - the NSDC - of course, speaks of a planned, brave and organized retreat. In this case, makes comments: first, the airport was fired at by “professional gunners of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation”, judging by the accuracy of the strikes; secondly, the klyatskie Muscovites act in the scorched-earth tactics, delivering “pinpoint missile strikes”. How these three facts get along together is not clear to me personally, because I do not use drugs. As a result, 5 punitive has been eliminated, 13 captured; destroyed 3 car and 2 reinforcement. I suppose such insignificant losses are due to the fact that the majority of the Ukrainian escapes left the airport (a breakthrough to Novosvetlovka and Gryaschevate earlier).

For other locations:
- Lutuginsky district: punitive in n. Lutugino surrounded, fierce fighting. N. p. Orekhovka released. Fighting continued in n. p. Peremozhnoe, Georgievka, Lesnoye. Losses are not specified, but there are on both sides. Similar situation in n. v. Veselaya Gora (Slavyanoserbsky District), Lower Olkhovaya (Stanichno-Lugansky District) and Belogorovka (Popasnyansky District).
- Antritsitovsky district (n. P. Malonikolayevka) as a result of artillery strikes on punitive positions destroyed 1 MLRS "Smerch", 6 D-30, 4 vehicle, warehouse with ammunition; eliminated 30 natsgadov; X-NUMX Mi-2 helicopters damaged at a field airfield ...

Thus, on the fronts of the LC also without significant changes: the advance of the army of Novorossia is carried out at a slow pace, small settlements are gradually released, the punishers are forced out of the occupied territory.

By the way, the partisans were very well noted during the past 24 hours: in n. n. Chuguev (Kharkiv region) DRG militia destroyed the supply column ukrovermaht, the losses are not specified.

Total losses:
Civilians: while it is known about the death of one civilian in Donetsk.
National parks (dead / wounded / prisoners): - 57 /? / 111 (according to the militia), 7 / 25 / 0 (according to the NSDC)
Destroyed vehicles: MLRS - 6, BTR - 1, guns - 6, cars - 7, aircraft - 1, helicopter - 2.

But that's not all - now every night "fresh psaki" from Svidomo.
Citizen Tymchuk, once again escaping from the caring hands of orderlies, broadcasts about two heroic Ukrainian kamikazes who blew themselves up along with the 12 by the Russian military. It is, of course, very poetic, but the question arises: what about the whole horde of hordes that dragged across the border from the militia, wetting the trousers that were treated here with our money, and then let go home with the world, why did not show such brilliant heroism? Or were these two men secretly watered by the Maidan Chaika secret zapadenskie berserks ?!
The Minister of Defense of Ruin is a citizen of Gelete, who claims that Russia can use tactical nuclear weapons against Ukraine, which Moscow has secretly and repeatedly threatened, is not far behind. So I see: the night, the Kremlin, the bloody tyrant Vlad Putish, having drunk on the blood of innocent Lviv babies, wearily unbuttons a jacket, calls citizen Geleteyu on a secret phone and, mysteriously wagging his ... nuclear warhead, threatens him with the second Hiroshima. What an epic canvas, what zaboristaya nonsense!
Well, the very thing from NATO Secretary General Citizen Rasmussen: he said that the parliamentary elections in Great Ukriya would be (attention!) A prelude to the proposal to join the alliance! Bravo, NATO, bravo, Ruin! Kiev already has all and sundry: the IMF, pouring in virtual tranches, which Svidomo return with real money; The EU, breaking the only important for the Ukrainian economy relations with Russia; The United States, by the hands of the oligarchic government, is cleaning up the GTS, and the Ukrainians, all so romantic, are waiting for preludes.

To summarize the past day: active offensive actions of the army of New Russia are continuing. Kiev is trying to bargain in Minsk, but for now these are just words and political dances. I think the next few days we can expect interesting events in Mariupol. In general, we will see.

Today in 1: 48

Report of the Political Department of the DPR

"Ukrainian troops were driven out of the village of Grabovskoye.
The territory adjacent to this village is liberated from the Ukrainian fascists. Residents return to a peaceful life. "

Today in 2: 04

Overview of the map of the fighting in the New Russia 01.09.14 on 22: 00 MSK

Today in 4: 25

Interview with Lugansk militia, 31.08.14

Alexander 23 of the year, he limps on one leg. The limp because of the injury he received near Lugansk. After getting better, she is going to return to her comrades.

- Where did you fight?

“We were in Lugansk, in the Zarya battalion, we fought against the famous Aydar battalion — these are purely mercenaries, with no Ukrainians. Basically, the Turks, Georgians and people from all surrounding countries. There all mercenaries, all terrorists. In the battles I was every day - either reconnaissance or ambush. We left during the day - came at night. We slept on 4 hours, we were very tired, but somehow got used to it, did not lose heart. There were no thoughts, but how to sleep. All on the go did. There, basically the human psyche endures for two or two and a half months, then the psyche begins to break. Permanent bombings, permanent clashes, permanent bodies, the corpses of children, women, all this is worth a lot.

- That is what is shown on TV, that there are exterminating civilians - is it true?

- That's putting it mildly. When we “Aydar” made an ambush in the village with the name of either Verbunka, or Verbovskaya, there we burned 2 of their tank and “Ural” with infantry. We went in, knocked them out. But at night they returned, went into the houses, set up an ambush, and when we heard that they were there, we went back to the village. They let us into the environment and closed. And that's it, the mixing started there. We took out women and children, because we kneaded everything with tanks. This was our last battle, now the Mongoose reconnaissance group does not exist, the commander was killed, and the company was taken to different divisions. Wounded many, so I came home from injury.

- Tell us more about your dead commander.

- Commander "Mongoose", from the Perm Territory. He left a wife and three children. He went there to fight also for civilians, he is generally an honest man, brave. When we went somewhere, he pushed such a speech! So that no one is discouraged, everyone believes. Generally all. Really believed. All thanks to him. Even in a battle, when he was hit by a tank or from an 120 mine, because there was a strong explosion and fragments, he took everything with his body, one and all. And right under my feet I flew in, they were crushed a little. He generally went to this village first. Then, when we learned that there was an ambush, we rushed there to help him. He ordered the removal of civilians, women, children, from houses, because he drove a tank into the central square and began to work out the “Herringbone”. "Herringbone" - this is when the tank is going, followed by the BMP and another tank. They begin to destroy this house and wipe out the face of the earth until the basement collapses, and the Nazi punishers, the black uniform, the red ribbon, the natural Nazis, are already coming back, and here we are. We sat in the garden, and when the tank began to iron this house, they realized that we were there. Our guys began to say goodbye to life, who pulled the grenades. Last attack. Then the Sklar appeared. Sklyar is a man who fought, which the special forces went through, worked as an instructor in the special forces, he is Ukrainian, in general he is well done. He showed where to retreat, where to take the wounded, and he, I and Anton were left to cover. The battle began somewhere in the 11 hours of the day, and we went out already after dark, an hour in 12, it did not darken there for a long time and the battle was hard. We still had a horn and a cartridge in our pocket, there was nothing else. And we somehow made our way, but when they left, there was no commander. We learned later that the commander was killed, the boys were not there either, they were killed.

- How do the locals live in such conditions?

- They are up to an hour in the city, and then everyone hides. The National Guard is very pedantic. They get up in the morning, wash themselves, have breakfast, start bombing in half an hour. As soon as half an hour passes, rest half an hour. Dine after lunch for half an hour of silence. Then they bombed before dinner and after dinner, at night at three o'clock and that was all. According to him you can check the clock.
Lugansk is partially in ruins, every second house is a hole without glasses. There are no shops, lights, connections, nothing. Humanitarian aid helps, but it is not enough, still not enough for people. Our people carry drinking water, because there is no drinking water, no gasoline, nothing. There is not enough medicine.

- Where were the people hiding during the bombings?

- Mostly in the basements, although hiding in the basement of a dwelling house was not an option: a punitive grenade always flew there. National Guard went and cleaned the house. Or, for example, the house starts burning from above, people mostly baked alive and suffocated. And when their bodies were found, it was scary.

- Why do people with all this do not leave there?

- They say: "This is our land, we will not go anywhere from here." They are not guilty that they have such power that their power does not give a damn about people. I understand, they would really beat the soldiers, the warriors, and they would beat the civilians. They want to raze the city to the ground so that nothing is left of it, well, they are doing it already.

- Did you have time to rest?

- Yes, we were allowed to rest. We performed the operation, stole an armored personnel carrier at night. All BTR trophy. Here we are so desperate. There is a famous driver Cook, he is generally a coumache driver. When they relaxed at night, we crawled along the bushes, removed the guards and removed the driver. We started, they did not understand what was going on, we with shouts and whistles "Russia, go ahead!", "Ukraine, go ahead!", "LC, go ahead!" They were in shock, for two minutes they did not open fire on us, did not understand what had happened. And so we got the BTR. We were given a day, more precisely 6 hours of rest. We rested on the beach, they have good beaches, bathed there, as normal people sat, ate barbecue the whole company, took pictures. The camera is also a trophy, because it was a video of the torture of our soldiers. We gave the flash drive, the camera stayed.

- Did you watch the video?

- Yes, they looked, they are very hard on them. Basically, the ears are cut, the throat is cut like a pig. Well, cheeks cut, eyes poke. Mostly these are trying to intimidate. From their side, it’s even meaner that the bodies are then undermined, a grenade is put under the body or something worse.

- That is, it was dangerous to export the bodies, you did not have the opportunity to bury the bodies of your comrades?

- We tried, but if there is a fight ... We left my friend, we started to chop up, we could not. There was a meter before him, but we could not even crawl, because it was this meter that was on high ground, it was perfect to shoot and we were not allowed to just pick it up. And since we are trying to bury all the bodies, it takes 10 minutes. They tried, buried, put marks on a map and wrote on a tree, that, that, that is buried here. Reported to headquarters, when they had already won back, came from headquarters and sent home. We buried even their bodies, because it is not good at all. A man, whatever he may be, deserves to be in the land. Basically, the prisoners were forced to bury, and the prisoners were drug addicts, those who sell drugs from local people. You catch him, he does the chores.

- How would you characterize your opponents?

- Their weapons are very good. One thing they lack is courage. We've got an 20 ambush in here, our intelligence is small. A regiment, a tank regiment fought against us, they had a BMP, we burned it and a tank. Instead, the 2 tank and the BMP with the BTR arrived, after the battle, from our side were the 5 two hundredth and 4 the three hundredth. And from their side we put the 40-45 man, because they lack the courage to break through. My best friend since childhood, Som was not afraid, ran out, gave a RPG-grenade launcher to this BMP, where the full crew was sitting, and we burned him, not even fearing that a BMP was driving a tank, we went to shoot them.

And in that village they did it like this: there is a fire, you run into a house, you knock out the gate, because there is a sweep there is a house. You burst in with a gun, you see a child, you see a woman, you grab them under your arm and pull them out, covering your body. You go to the "Ural", we exported them "Urals". Natsik do not pity anyone, they do not care. We knocked, if we weren't opened, we knocked out the gate, because many were asleep, many were resting. We woke them up because we knew that they would start ironing now. A friend was injured when he covered a woman, and I was dragging a child. A bullet pierced a bulletproof vest and hit the shoulder blade, sticking out from there. This woman began to kiss us there, to thank. When they left the encirclement, one house remained there, and that house was probably burned. There the village was wiped off the face of the earth. The field remains, bricks and iron only. We ran from house to house, and they exploded - they were beaten with a target. Then another village and "Grad" processed, and a mortar. In general, people have no chance to survive, they immediately burn, they suffocate. We were standing on one side of the field, the Nazis on the other, shouting all the time. And we shouted to them that they did not throw a grenade into the basement, because most women die like that. What about them? He threw a grenade and then went on ... When you go in the basement later, who covered the child with their bodies, who else. You see a woman pierced through with fragments, and under her is a child. It's very scary.

My friend Dan in that fight died, he was 22, the wedding was to be soon. Wonderful man. He did not have to go first. I do not know why he went there. We sat behind the house, they began to iron us, and whether it seemed to him that someone was running — either a woman or a child — he jumped out, and there the Kord machine gun was shot. His last words: "I am wounded." Everything. Then we shot this machine gunner, he threw the machine gun and went at us, there all the bones were broken, everything was through, all splattered. These are the consequences of taking drugs. We went into the house, and there were solid syringes, all such rubbish. We went to the houses where they ambushed and found drugs, drugs and syringes, and a lot of them.

- So you want to say that your opponents often take drugs?

- They pumped very well. Because of this, they still somehow stupidly fought, they stupidly went and shot. We had one Italian, a real Italian citizen. The tank gave the fence, a hole remained in the fence, and they went to ours. The Italian came out, he was shot through with a brush, got into the machine's handle, this natsik completely lowered the horn and only hit the handle and the brush. The Nazi was shot, and in his place came a second, equally stoned, just as stupid, and he was also put down.
When we took them prisoner, they immediately said that they didn’t want to fight at all, that they were mercenaries, but they were not paid anything. Ukraine has no money at all, they have nothing to pay. All mercenaries are thrown with money.

And we were not an option to surrender. The National Guard and mercenaries torment for a long time, and people die for a long time. We saw the bodies that were brought to us, they were greatly disfigured, signs of torture - this was done by the famous National Guard, "Aydar", some mercenaries. They are all bloodthirsty. We had a Barbie boy - the call sign was like that because I bought my daughter Barbie for his birthday - they injured him, and when he woke up, they cut off his ears for profit, took it all off on the phone and mocked him for a long time, finally shot him in the heart.

- From the other side were the defectors?

- There were but few. Mostly their conscripts who are fighting for a thousand hryvnia, but reluctantly, do not even shoot. The battle begins, you hear, the conscript yells: “I give up!” They usually left on the left side, they took a white bag or a white rag. We all understood, did not touch, relatives came for them and took them away. And we did not take the mercenaries into captivity, because, despite what they were doing, they tried not to regret, they did not regret anyone.
The guys from Ukraine are fighting with us, such as we are 20-23 of the year, and grandfathers are fighting, retirees mostly. The rest of the men prefer to take everything in an armful and dump in Russia. On the border there are such men who can really go against the tank in hand-to-hand warfare, but they all run to Russia. If they were bolder, I think the war would have ended.
There is no military specialty. Mongol is a cook, Talib is a teacher of geography, there were physical education specialists, Svetly we studied at the institute, just finished and went to war, lawyers, doctors fight, engineers, miners, fishermen. Dedok 75 years fought from Russia, from the Orenburg region, he came there at all under its own power, 7 days on the "Niva". Such grandfathers on our guard were most often guarded while we were sleeping in the barracks, guarded the territory. But, too, in the event of which they went into battle, they were raised in alarm. There were many of them, a whole floor of pensioners, we called them so “pennies”. There is generally very friendly everything, I did not see anyone swearing at someone, all friendly, united.

- Can you say something about phosphorus bombs, about which our media said that they are being used by the Ukrainian army?

- All this is true. And cluster bombs. We slept in this BTR trophy. Well, how - it turns out, all night rolling, hollowing these dill. Then in the morning they figured out that we were standing in the woods and began to work on us with cluster bombs, I saw it myself. It explodes about five to ten meters above the ground and needles fall from it, sometimes balls. A needle pierces a person through, he doesn’t understand what is happening, after 100 needles are stitching him, he runs alive, falls, bleeds out for 20 minutes. Needles rotate and wind everything that is in a person and fly through. This weapon is prohibited, as well as phosphorus. How to identify phosphate weapons? When it explodes, it begins to water all the phosphorus, that phosphorus that does not burn, leaves a white stain on the ground. When you touch it, it starts to eat the skin, that's how we determined it. Well, at night it glows well. Of course, they all use. There was little fire on us, mostly they were beating the city of Lugansk. Not according to our positions, our units were located behind Lugansk, on the front lines. They knew where our parts were. I do not know why they did not dig for us, they hollowed the city from “Grad”, from “Hurricane”. When we sat cleaning our weapons, the steps went over us. The steps are moving away - the rocket starts to accelerate and goes deep into the earth, and a powerful explosion occurs. They still have night vision, thermal imagers, new rifles ...

- What was the most creepy?

- The body. A lot of bodies. You go along the street, a very strong smell of corpses, because many close for the night, go to bed, and next to mine at night it falls and splits the whole house with splinters. They remain in the houses, and there is a lot of smell. Another worst thing was to catch a mine, because they used different mines. For example, 120, it beats very much with splinters. “Grad”, everyone was afraid of him, because it was better to die from a bullet than from a fragment.

The most terrible thing is when the Aydar battalion, before storming the house, throws a grenade into the basement, not knowing who it is and what it is. This is the most terrible thing, and then when we knock out at home, and they retreat, go into the basement and see the bodies of women, children, young men, grandmothers, and grandfathers. Grenade F 1 - frag, kills all the fragments. Another very unpleasant moment was during my first fight. I jumped into the pit and saw a torn female leg.
Then, when we were walking down the street, there was a couple on the road, a guy of years 19 and the same girl. They didn’t manage to escape from the tank, it’s generally impossible to run away from it in a straight line. He gave a large-caliber shot, and they fell. They left an orphan girl, I remember this picture. There terrible things are happening.

I did not expect it at all ... I knew that there was a war, but I did not know that there would be civilians there. On TV, they say that a person is killed on 70 per day, but more people die there! Just do not go to those apartments, houses, where fragments flew. Who is torn there, who has burned down, they are not collected, they remain there. There people cry, men cry many. After the fight you will come, silence at first 20 minutes, then everyone starts to giggle, joke, and then tears begin about those who were killed. I saw for the first time that men are crying, really for real. There the tears are friendly, when you lose a friend, friend, commander, the tears flow very strongly. I'm not afraid that “Aydarovtsy” will find me, I realized that these are not people, I just don’t know what to call them. When women and children are killed, fear is lost, when you see him, he is ready to break off with his bare hands.

Young girls die there, children, a lot of children, a lot. I haven’t been in combat battles before, I haven’t been at all, and when I first had to kill a man, kill this mercenary, my hands shook, I did not eat for two days, it was unpleasant. And when I saw what they were doing, my fear and pity for these people disappeared. Because when the bodies of children, the bodies of women, old people, pensioners are dragged out into the street, when a small child dies, he is about one and a half years old, he does not understand why, why the war. When you pull out these bodies, somehow everything disappears. Immediately all.

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  1. VICTOR-61
    VICTOR-61 2 September 2014 07: 55
    Well done militias crush fascists flesh to Kiev and then they lose, run like cowards
    1. Giant thought
      Giant thought 2 September 2014 08: 03
      Hooray! We are breaking, Ukrainians are bending!
      1. Angro Magno
        Angro Magno 2 September 2014 08: 21
        Nifiga. Do not bend. Brave Ukrainians are now discussing plans to throw tank columns to Moscow. Russia is over again.
        1. andj61
          andj61 2 September 2014 08: 39
          Quote: Angro Magno
          Nifiga. Do not bend. Brave Ukrainians are now discussing plans to throw tank columns to Moscow. Russia is over again.

          The propaganda of ukroSMI is propaganda. And why should they discuss these plans? Without any plans or tank columns, they consider themselves winners. Moreover, victorious relations are adjacent to hysteria from defeat. And how Tymchuk cheats - it’s a pleasure to listen! The verbose clone of Psaki.

          But in fact, you read these reports - and associations immediately come - Stalingrad ...
      2. Ptah
        Ptah 2 September 2014 08: 26
        Quote: Thought Giant
        We are breaking, Ukrainians are bending!

        Are you crazy, Petya? I'll take a look ... fool

        Where is the joy? This is horror and surrealism ... Horror and resentment for lost time ... This resentment and disappointment in "human values" ... This is disappointment and confusion from the upcoming life side by side with those Ukrainianswho like you do not want to believe what they saw ...

        Even Zakharchenko, who understands what happened and what MORE WILL HAPPEN tells the prisoners, but to the LIVING YKP warriors, that they will be fed, allowed to sleep and let go ...

        And you should yell ... "Giant" You? Maybe ... But, alas, not thoughts ... request hi
        1. Hyppopotut
          Hyppopotut 2 September 2014 09: 21
          Airport in Donetsk, like they took ... 200 Poles surrendered,
          460 foreign mercenaries: the Polish PMC ASBS Othago lost 194 people, the American PMC Greystone -80 people, the American PMC Asademi (known until 2009 as Blackwater) - 160 people.
          - Baltic women snipers lost 26 man.

          Neither the USA, nor Poland, nor the Baltic countries declared war on New Russia, therefore they are not prisoners of war. So, by decision of the military field court, they must be shot as mercenaries.
          1. Alexander Romanov
            Alexander Romanov 2 September 2014 09: 24
            Quote: Hyppopotut
            Airport in Donetsk, like they took ... 200 Poles surrendered,
            460 foreign mercenaries: the Polish PMC ASBS Othago lost 194 people, the American PMC Greystone -80 people, the American PMC Asademi (known until 2009 as Blackwater) - 160 people.
            - Baltic women snipers lost 26 man.

            There will be a video, then we'll talk.
            1. BIP PS FSB RF
              BIP PS FSB RF 2 September 2014 09: 41
              An anecdote dug up, well, very much like the truth:
              So the situation is as follows - from Kiev, who has been working and living in Donetsk for five years. Kiev registration. His cell phone rings. Kiev military registration and enlistment office. They say to arrive with two sets of underwear, a spoon, a mug to the military registration and enlistment office. They ask with interest, "Where? When was he called up? What unit? Who is the commander?" He answered "Volunteer. Miners' division. Donetsk People's Republic militia". Pause. And the timid question "When are you going to Kiev?" The man laughed, "We'll figure it out here and go straight to you! I promise to go straight to the recruiting office!"
          2. tolyasik0577
            tolyasik0577 2 September 2014 10: 19
            In no case. These are trophies. Unfortunately, Ukrainian soldiers do not have such value, because the state needs them only as meat, and foreign mercenaries are under the protection of their state, and they can be exchanged for our guys. And at the same time bargain.
    2. Edvagan
      Edvagan 2 September 2014 10: 49
      By the way, the partisans were very well noted during the past 24 hours: in n. n. Chuguev (Kharkiv region) DRG militia destroyed the supply column ukrovermaht, the losses are not specified.
      Just as twenty years ago this was foreseen! Folk art:
      An armored personnel carrier caught fire near the village of Chuguev, well, let it burn, a piece of iron .....
  2. volot-voin
    volot-voin 2 September 2014 07: 57
    Successes and victories to the final and irrevocable New Russian Army of New Russia. Victory with a parade of captive punishers in Kiev, and only so. Not any halfway agreements in Minsk.
  3. DMB87
    DMB87 2 September 2014 08: 01
    Two statements. One from negotiating general Ruban:

    "We have unprepared commanders, we have unprepared rear areas. Such wars lead to the fact that the best Ukrainians, the gene pool of the nation are exterminated. Perhaps we need to think and come to an agreement. Or it is better to lose such a war - we will preserve the gene pool."

    The second from the talking head of the NSDC Lysenko:

    "The plans of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine provide for the creation of a partisan movement, but now this issue is not a priority," Andrey Lysenko, spokesman for the information and analytical center of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine (NSDC), said on the ICTV channel on Monday evening.

    "The partisan movement is in the mobilization plans of the General Staff. There are certain commanders of the partisan detachments, they know their people who will be in these detachments," he said.

    According to him, the partisan movement can be organized where there is a forest zone - in the Chernigov and Zhytomyr regions. "But now the war is going on in the east of Ukraine," Lysenko added.

    Both statements are saturated with "optimism and hopes for a future victory." But obviously not in this war, which is time to end, because the population of Ukraine no longer wants it:

    "The majority of the population of Ukraine, namely 57%, are sure that the so-called" anti-terrorist operation "in Donbass should be stopped immediately. The Ukrainians called the search for compromises and a peaceful solution of the issue an effective measure to resolve the current political situation in the country."
    1. skeptic2999
      skeptic2999 2 September 2014 11: 39
      Such wars lead to the fact that the best Ukrainians, the gene pool of the nation are exterminated. In the plans of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the creation of a partisan movement is provided, but now this issue is not a priority.

      Lost the Svidomo gene pool, ready to shell peaceful cities, mock captive fighters of Novorosia and civilians? God will approve such losses.
      Where will ukropartizans hide? In caches, as in the late 1940s. And with green pieces of paper for which they sold their souls they will warm themselves and light their graves.
  4. Russian jacket
    Russian jacket 2 September 2014 08: 02
    So much for the cause of the latest Gayropaic tantrums ... sorry they don’t understand, the brains of tolerance were completely cramped and softened ....
  5. volot-voin
    volot-voin 2 September 2014 08: 06
    To all Negro mercenaries and other instructors from America by mailbox and parcel to their historical homeland.
  6. Waterfowl
    Waterfowl 2 September 2014 08: 09
    In particular, virtually no one remained surrounded by Ukrainian security officials near Ilovaisk: part of the volunteer detachments broke through to their own. In particular, Lieutenant General Ruslan Khomchak broke out of the battle.

    It’s bad that the general was missed. What, the militia catches them with a net? They break out and find themselves with their own !?
  7. pensioner
    pensioner 2 September 2014 08: 10
    "Cornflowers" are, "Carnations" are, "Acacia" also exist!

    Hyacinth is not enough. Although somewhere once flashed on the video. Just do not understand in what condition: working or not. Does anyone know: does the militia have a working Hyacinth?
    1. andj61
      andj61 2 September 2014 08: 47
      Quote: retired
      Hyacinth is not enough.

      There is a review and a photo there, and it is indicated that a full bouquet was collected, including Hyacinth and even Peony. Excellent review. Plus!
      1. pensioner
        pensioner 2 September 2014 09: 07
        To blame! fool Looked ...
  8. Nychego
    Nychego 2 September 2014 08: 11
    The list of losses ATOshnikov satisfied.
    I consider the prisoners to be unnecessary, they should be sent to clear the rubble in the cities, since they took them prisoner for some kind of horseradish.
  9. vorchyn_ymka
    vorchyn_ymka 2 September 2014 08: 17
    I looked at a wrecked boat and stumbled upon a thought in my head ... where are all the deck superstructures ??? where are they .. the empty deck and not any signs that there was anything at all on it ... supposedly two boats went out to sea and both were hit .. what ?? where is the second vessel ?? that's what should be on the deck .. along the way ukroholopov something came up again
    1. mazhnikof.Niko
      mazhnikof.Niko 2 September 2014 08: 46
      Quote: vorchyn_ymka
      where is the second vessel ??

      "She drowned" (C) V.V. Putin
    2. Ptah
      Ptah 2 September 2014 09: 19
      In order.
      Prior to this, there was one boat on the outer roads of Mariupol. Which is in the picture. Two days before the incident, this one approached him -

      There are two versions.
      1. The shelling of boats of the Ukrainian border service was carried out from the coast near the village of Bezymennoye, while rockets could be fired from tanks.
      A fire broke out on the boat, fuel tanks and ammunition detonated.
      When it became clear that it was impossible to save the ship, the crew decided to leave the boat.
      The crew of the ship consisting of 8 people stayed overboard for about 50 minutes.
      The sailors helped each other, held each other in their arms, despite the fact that they were seriously injured and burned.
      As a result of the shelling, two border guards received burns - one 12% of the body, the second - about 40%.
      Two others have shrapnel wounds to the chest, extremities, face and neck. Three victims were shell-shocked.

      All victims of the helicopter were delivered to Odessa. Their condition is satisfactory.
      At the same time, two sailors were missing - this is the commander of the ship Denis Petukhov and the signalman, senior sailor Bogdan Tishchenko.

      According to the information of the rescued border guards, most likely, the missing were killed - the ship's commander and signalman were in the area of ​​the missiles and took on all the force of the attack.
      It is known that Denis Petukhov arrived in Mariupol from Odessa, and Bogdan Tishchenko - a mariupolets.
    3. Ptah
      Ptah 2 September 2014 09: 22
      Sent by boat from a helicopter ...
      Affiliation which is being ascertained.

      At the 2 minute, smoky traces of the launch of missiles from the suspension of one of them are clearly visible. Following him, an explosion occurred ...
    4. Zuborez
      Zuborez 2 September 2014 13: 20
      Lumel. Amg is an alloy of aluminum with magnesium, so the superstructure can not be looked for, burned out.
  10. Drunya
    Drunya 2 September 2014 08: 17
    01.09.2014 News
  11. surovts.valery
    surovts.valery 2 September 2014 08: 18
    I would also expect our strikes on Debaltsevo, Lutugino and Happiness in the next few days. This is in addition to the upcoming big offensive in the DPR. "

    An excellent review, in what direction will the offensive go, as always a surprise? I think so, where ukrov has the greatest accumulation of forces (coverage).
    1. Waterfowl
      Waterfowl 2 September 2014 08: 33
      I do not expect a big offensive. Not enough personnel. The miners are sitting in their holes, the cowards fled to Russia. The army of New Russia is small and it is too early to expect an offensive from them.
  12. VICTOR-61
    VICTOR-61 2 September 2014 08: 19
    Ukrainians still captured 1 settlement during the offensive - for weeks with a large army and armored and other weapons much larger than the militias, then a small militia freed up to 5-8 settlements in one day - the withdrawal of the Novorossia army conducts smart battle tactics so that dill with its helpers from Washington it’s not long and they will choke in their blood. So you know the mattresses are not there, you have invaded, you will receive in full
  13. DMB-75
    DMB-75 2 September 2014 08: 27
    It’s just wonderful, only a victory over the fascists of Galicia will restore the WORLD in the whole WORLD! For victory!!! good
  14. shishakova
    shishakova 2 September 2014 08: 31
    What a horror - how many victims ...
    The idea of ​​the militia is understandable - for their land, for their people.
    Do Poroshenko have an idea? It seems that he is being served before the USA and Europe, because he owes something to them.
    He is fighting for the preservation of his life and his wealth - is it not absurd ?!
    I wish you success, victories, dear militia! God bless you.
  15. Vitaly Anisimov
    Vitaly Anisimov 2 September 2014 08: 34
    It is a pleasure to read reports from the fronts now: “liberated, seized, destroyed, blocked ones, etc.) But it is still far from complete victory, but most importantly the junta is demoralized and confused specifically ..
  16. SHOCK.
    SHOCK. 2 September 2014 08: 35
    Today I read at the airport in Donetsk.
    about an hour ago

    Donetsk: foreign mercenaries of Kiev - buried alive!

    This is the final two-month battle around the Donetsk airport.

    Donetsk airport freed from punitive Kiev junta. A part of the garrison of ukronazists, fortified at the airport, laid down their arms and, according to an agreement with the defenders of Donbass, left the airport with a white flag.

    But not everyone agreed, and dozens of mercenaries, supposedly from Poland, the Baltic countries and Scandinavia, refused to surrender and took refuge in the bunker of the old airport building - the former Putilovsky bus station.

    These units were particularly cruel in the course of hostilities. On their conscience, forays on the outskirts of Donetsk and indiscriminate fire on residential areas of the capital of Donbass.

    Attempts to negotiate with the mercenaries have failed. From bunkers fire was periodically opened.

    Defenders of Donbass brought sewage to the bunker and flooded the dungeon with hiding punishers. Engineers familiar with the underground communications infrastructure and providing the military with dungeon schemes were called to the airport. As a result, all the entrances were bricked up with concrete.

    I don’t know how much you can believe, but I really want it to be true. Shit to shit, what’s called.
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 2 September 2014 08: 41
      Quote: Sh.O.K.
      I don’t know how much you can believe, but I really want it to be true. Shit to shit, what’s called.

      How much this is exactly so, I think by the evening it will become known.
  17. Funnels
    Funnels 2 September 2014 08: 37
    elections in Great Ukria will (attention!) be a prelude to the proposal to join the alliance! Bravo, NATO, bravo, Ruin! Everyone already has laziness in Kiev: the IMF, pouring in virtual tranches, which Svidomo return with real money; EU, breaking off relations with Russia, which are the only important for the Ukrainian economy; The United States, tidying the GTS with the hands of the oligarchic Maidan government - and Ukrainians, all so romantic, are waiting for preludes.
    Maydauny jumped-no longer a country but some kind of brothel- "have" all as they want, well, nothing, soon the "savior" will come.
  18. zllllo
    zllllo 2 September 2014 08: 38
    Yes, yes, you need to peacefully hang on the pillars of the establishment of Kiev, and hang the frog not by the neck.
  19. Mama_Cholli
    Mama_Cholli 2 September 2014 08: 49
    Good luck in the battles to the militia of New Russia, or rather, not to the militia but to the army !!!
    You can ignore the western howl.
  20. chelovektapok
    chelovektapok 2 September 2014 08: 54
    Nazi vermin goes to mince like beef. The rear pigs are especially touching. "The guerrillas, they say! Kupno GET!" And who is actually interfering? For all its "cheeriness", not one of the hiccups for the fascist durkaine answered the direct question: - WHY NOT IN ATO? They just swear in response. In clean, ironed shirts, without lice all over the body. And this will be the MAIN QUESTION for them, and not from the VSN, but from their returnees. We'll also have to extinguish them from them.
  21. wanderer
    wanderer 2 September 2014 08: 56
    To show these videos on the Kolomoisky television channel ... ... the arrogance would quickly pass from the Nazis.
  22. antiseledka
    antiseledka 2 September 2014 09: 02
    Many thanks to the author for the work!
  23. yulka2980
    yulka2980 2 September 2014 09: 50
    Well done militias! The heroes in Russia have not yet transferred! Rather, our people would have won and this madness of Ukraine would have ended! wassat
  24. Salavatsky Ministry of Emergency Situations
    Why don't I understand what kind of national flag they have? Yellow-blue or blue-yellow?
    1. Zuborez
      Zuborez 2 September 2014 13: 26
      That, yellow-blakitny)).
  25. curl
    curl 2 September 2014 10: 07
    Quote: Sh.O.K.
    Defenders of Donbass brought sewage to the bunker and flooded the dungeon with hiding punishers. Engineers familiar with the underground communications infrastructure and providing the military with dungeon schemes were called to the airport. As a result, all the entrances were bricked up with concrete.

    Well, now there will be a cry in the west about "humanitarian tourists" drowned in shit
  26. Serega125
    Serega125 2 September 2014 10: 25
    How interesting did they manage to destroy 19 T-84s when the Ukrainians had only 10 of them?
  27. sergant6776
    sergant6776 2 September 2014 10: 29
    Quote: Hyppopotut
    Airport in Donetsk, like they took ... 200 Poles surrendered,
    460 foreign mercenaries: the Polish PMC ASBS Othago lost 194 people, the American PMC Greystone -80 people, the American PMC Asademi (known until 2009 as Blackwater) - 160 people.
    - Baltic women snipers lost 26 man.

    Neither the USA, nor Poland, nor the Baltic countries declared war on New Russia, therefore they are not prisoners of war. So, by decision of the military field court, they must be shot as mercenaries.

    It is bad to wish death ... But here for some reason I really want them not to be taken alive ... To let a couple of cripples go home to tell others about their "exploits" and about Russian "hospitality." Stinking creatures ..... I don't know how much this is true, but THEY shouldn't LIVE, DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT
  28. delorian
    delorian 2 September 2014 11: 36
    the total number of destroyed equipment was shocked, but in Ukraine there was still a lot of recovery, a matter of time and money, especially a lot of ammunition, all hope for dill greed (with proper disposal on ammunition, you can earn good money) and record low fighting spirit over the entire existence of the independence
  29. skeptic2999
    skeptic2999 2 September 2014 11: 56
    Quote: Delorian
    the total number of destroyed equipment was shocked, but in Ukraine there was still a lot of recovery, a matter of time and money, especially a lot of ammunition, all hope for dill greed (with proper disposal on ammunition, you can earn good money) and record low fighting spirit over the entire existence of the independence

    Apparently the main thing in this war is not technology. Technique is a business, Svidomites will restore or receive from their masters, militias will wring out the enemy. The main thing in this war is the fighting spirit and power of Truth. Good luck to the forces of Novorosiya, with them God and Truth.
  30. Patriot 1
    Patriot 1 2 September 2014 12: 18
    Poles (and of all the other mercenaries) should be sent home ... by parcels, and all organs should be removed to help the victims in New Russia.
  31. Swed
    Swed 2 September 2014 13: 00
    Such news delights the heart.
    MAXUZZZ 2 September 2014 15: 04
    I smiled at the commentary on the video about trophies at 6.50 that the S-8k’s weren’t charging anywhere, I heard a bike that the Taliban were letting them out of slate, but they could be a great addition to the Su-25 militias in Lugansk or to the shaitan machine, by the way, this is and the performance of the support units of the junta’s troops, there are no airplanes, and the infantry is carrying ammunition indiscriminately
  33. Tyrant
    Tyrant 2 September 2014 15: 38
    Quote: zllllo
    Yes, yes, you need to peacefully hang on the pillars of the establishment of Kiev, and hang the frog not by the neck.

    Exactly. Just hang and crucify. and Lyashka with cancer, in his favorite position. and to all prisoners to promise freedom in exchange for using this pose for his intended purpose (so beloved by him). and let a couple of thousand of these mercenaries force over him. at will - everywhere, so to speak, "where they will push." and put his beloved forks nearby and use in between to clear the "paths" of entry-exit ...
    Please forgive everyone for the cruelty and perversity of the above. he just got it ... crowing cockerel ...
  34. Vladimir-R
    Vladimir-R 2 September 2014 17: 28
    I sincerely do not understand the return of stolen prisoners .. Exchange - yes .. But it’s just humanitarian returns .. somehow I don’t fit in with everything that happens. Yes there are ruins at every step .. who will restore them? ..
  35. cat hippopotamus
    cat hippopotamus 2 September 2014 17: 37
    You look at these prisoners, it seems, people, but to what extent they were brainwashed? And no one shot and as if they came to release, all so white and fluffy. But where did the civilian casualties come from? Well done militias, crush these banderlogs, and who surrendered to restoration work. Let the creatures work, and let Potroshenko send the feeding. Good luck with the militias.
  36. Sedoy_greek
    Sedoy_greek 3 September 2014 01: 53
    And to feed the Poles with apples until the pulse is lost :) Is it more difficult with snipers - maybe stale sprats ???
  37. Egor Kucherenko
    Egor Kucherenko 3 September 2014 19: 50
    Well done militias !!! Down with evil !!!